New Zealand v Bangladesh, only Test, Hamilton, 4th day February 18, 2010

Jamie Siddons blasts 'terrible batting'

Andrew Fernando

Jamie Siddons, the Bangladesh coach, was critical of his team's performance after the top order collapsed once again, on the fourth evening in Hamilton to leave the hosts in sight of victory. "The game got away from us in the 25 or so overs of terrible batting. Our aim was to get through today and regroup for tomorrow. I'm not sure what went wrong, whether the boys felt the pressure of the big occasion or if they thought they could go out and actually get the runs but it was certainly not in the plan, the way Tamim played," Siddons said.

He was however quick to defend the Bangladesh opener's aggressive approach. "That's just the way he plays. He bats in the same way as a Sehwag. We all loved it when he got 68 in the first innings and 150 odd against India. But the other boys have to realise that just like it's not all about [Mohammad] Ashraful, it's not all about Tamim. They have to stand up and perform."

Siddons hinted that the Bangladesh cricket establishment's patience for Ashraful may have reached its end. "[He] had a terrible tour and he kept making the same bad decisions. We might have to reassess Ashraful when we get back," Siddons said.

Siddons also tried to remain upbeat about the looming final day of the match. "We have three guys there who are all capable of making Test centuries and we need at least two of those guys to make big scores for us to have a chance.

"We have to keep picking ourselves up after games like this. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is a young team and that's part of the reason we keep failing under pressure. I think our opponents know that and believe that they have what it takes to get the better of us," Siddons said.

Tim McIntosh, who top-scored with 89 for the hosts, felt that the disappointment of missing a hundred was compensated by the fact that his knock had put his side on course for a win. "It was a bit disappointing not to get to three figures but I am happy to have contributed," McIntosh said.

McIntosh had a strange day, being involved in three run outs, the last of which claimed his own wicket. "You think it might come back to you when you have been involved in all three. But I think it's just part of the game and it's unfortunate that it seemed to happen today. I don't know if you can directly blame anyone for it. They were all pretty good calls and they were all good, direct hit throws as well." McIntosh said.

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  • Mehdi on February 19, 2010, 19:50 GMT

    Dear MT2010 you are a Bangladeshi Fan ?. it doesn't look so or your ideas were totally disaster. Your idea of playing with A team of other Test national counties were very nice!!! Then it is better to play Hockey. And 28-30 age players will come from where? it is better to play you and me for Bangladesh Test team because i am 28. Remember Cricket is a Mind Game. it takes time to be mature in your batting and bowling. Current Bangladesh problem is they can not handle pressure because they are very very young Team but they start to believe in themselves and now they do a fight in each games . Under Sakib's Captaincy How Bangladesh is performing see the statistics if you really understand international cricket?

  • Mahamudul on February 19, 2010, 16:28 GMT

    You people are playing test Cricket for last 75 years and we are playing it for last 10 years.I do believe we need to improve ourselves and we are doing it.Let us play more 2/3 years. We will prove why we are known as Tiger.

  • M on February 19, 2010, 6:32 GMT

    hasasin, lets be practical .. Bangladesh has yet to produce a (consistent) player like sehwag or dhoni .. and india has many many cricket icons (how can you miss the name of S.Ganguly or Anil Kumble or Laxman?) Have you ever heard about Azharuddin, Dilip Vengsarkar or Viswanath ? And there are many many more .. at this stage, it is ridiculous for us to compare ourselves with any major test playing nations. We (bangladesh) need more practice games .. let these players play practice matches for next 3 years .. and if they can last for that period and play good cricket consistently then one day Bangladesh will become a good team. We have seen what happened to Ashraful already ... let's see how long Tamim Iqbal last. We need a batsman who can last on the crease for a longer period, not a hard hitter, depending on luck, in a test match. And yes, Bangladesh benefitted from Dalmia and his associates ..

  • Prince on February 19, 2010, 5:06 GMT

    OK,both Jamie & Gary compared Tamim's batting style to Virender Sehwag.My mistake.I still can't believe how such respected people can think so.Sehwag can't be termed as flashy;you don't average 53 in test cricket with flashy cricket.Just looking at the shot Tamim Iqbal played in the 2nd innings,& his reaction "This is how I play" without any hint of shame tells you so much about him & Bangladesh cricket.

  • Adam on February 19, 2010, 4:57 GMT

    I am tired of hearing " Bangladesh should not be playing Test Cricket, because they are not worthy". Let me tell you guys, there are only a few nations in this planet who play test cricket and apart from India , nowhere else it is the most popular game. Why in India? Because Indians are not good at any other sports, just watch Olympic and check their medal record. Bangladesh has the best Under 23 team in the world. Look at players of other country and they look like Tamim Iqbal's Father. Do not overrate cricket because it is not really that popular. If Americans, Russians, Chinese, German's played cricket, do you think India would have a chance to win anything? LOL. ICC is lucky to have a country like Bangladesh who has cricket crazy fans. Bangladesh playing test cricket is good for cricket, not necessarily for Bangladesh. As far as those snobbish cricket fans, TAKE A HIKE.

  • hasan on February 19, 2010, 3:39 GMT

    @ soilder... i m sry u have very week knowledge in cricket and its history... bangladesh isnt playing for last 15 years.. they got test status on 10th nov. 2000... its nt 10 yet... and india playing since 1932... 25 june... india playing from 75 years of cricket... they jst have tendulkar dravid kapil gavaskar... as the real icons... can u even say any other name who is so hit dominant on test cricket frm india... over da last 75 yrs... i dnt stil see sehwag gambhir or dhoni on dat spot yet... so dear soilder if it took 75 years to produce 4 icons frm india.. u cant demand bangladesh to produce atleast 2 icons in jst 9 years... well no offence to indian team.. they r great team.. bt they need to show respect to all other teams.. whom they r playing wid... and abt granting test status.. it never comes wid one man decissions.. its voted before he makes a decission.. so majority accepted. then bangladesh got test status... majority are nt fools sitting in icc council.

  • Hasan on February 19, 2010, 2:10 GMT

    well played tigerz!shakib had a good knock!

  • M on February 19, 2010, 2:02 GMT

    I am from Bangladesh and I definitely love my country and my team, but I admit that Bangladesh has not done enough in last 10 years to prove it's improvement in Test matches. It is true that Rome wasn't built in one day but there has to be a reasonable improvement. I think Bangladesh team needs to play more 5 day matches against "A" team of major test playing nations. We need more 5 day matches in domestic league, more investment on school level cricket and we need players who learns as they play more cricket. Instead of seeing one or two great innings from players who are 20/21, we need to see more players in the team who are 28-30 and have played consistently for the last 5/6 years. Also, it was partially Dalmia's fault to give bangladesh a go ahead signal to play test cricket because he needed some vote to win the ICC presidency at that time.

  • Dummy4 on February 19, 2010, 1:50 GMT

    I think Indian supporters should never take such comparison like Tamim with shewag.Its normal.Because they can never forget the memory of world cup (bangladesh vs India) .The Indian cricket heroes !! what happened after the world cup? with whom they compared with their indian heroes at that time?

  • Dummy4 on February 19, 2010, 1:43 GMT

    lol, it's funny how some people consider Sehwag to be a "god-like" batsmen. He is indeed good, but certainly nothing close to being deemed as god-like. I agree, Tamim Iqbal's inning could be compared to sehwag, but comparing Tamim as a player himself to sehwag, is wrong. Sehwag is indeed miles ahead and better than Tamim Iqbal.

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