Pakistan news August 2, 2011

I went from hero to zero - Afridi

ESPNcricinfo staff

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has claimed that he was not part of the selection meetings for the final two one-dayers against West Indies in May earlier this year, despite being captain. A series of sharp comments made to the Pakistani media over the past couple of days seems to dispel any possibility of a reconciliation - speculation about which increased following the death of his father last month - with the cricket establishment.

On his return from the Caribbean, Afridi hinted at differences with coach Waqar Younis that sparked off a controversy leading to Afridi's removal as limited-overs captain and a legal battle with the Pakistan board.

Waqar's tour report of that series confirmed Afridi had walked out of a meeting over differences relating to selection. Pakistan lost the final two ODIs and PCB chief Ijaz Butt defended the decision to remove Afridi saying he wasn't "captaincy material" in an interview last month.

"I did not take part in the selection meeting on the eve of the last two matches," Afridi told reporters in Karachi on Monday. "The team was selected by coach Waqar Younis and Intikhab Alam and I had no input in the selection of the playing eleven.

"Everybody knows through the manager's report that I wasn't involved in selection because I walked away from the meeting. The chairman's comments were really disappointing because the remarks he made don't suit his stature. I was a hero for them after the World Cup and suddenly I became zero."

Afridi said his dispute with the PCB, which ended when he agreed to plead guilty of misconduct and paid a fine of 4.5 million rupees in exchange for permission to play domestic Twenty20 cricket in England, affected the team's momentum. "I made many plans for the team," Afridi said. "Misbah-ul-Haq, Mohammad Hafeez and myself were involved in devising many strategies but it was ruined because of what happened afterwards."

Afridi, who retired "conditionally" from international cricket after his removal as captain, said he would not go back on his decision as long as the present regime of the PCB remained in power. "I cannot play with people who conspired against me and worked against the team, they have their personal interests paramount to them and they are only damaging the team.

"I have always maintained that playing for Pakistan is my priority, I would always prefer representing my country over any offer from anywhere in the world," he said.

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  • uzma on August 5, 2011, 18:13 GMT

    lala the box office super star inshalla u will be back soon

  • uzma on August 5, 2011, 18:03 GMT

    u will alwayz be my hero cant wait to see ya on saturday playing for hampshire t20 quarter finals

  • Dummy4 on August 5, 2011, 10:03 GMT

    LALA will Always Rock.. Inshallah

  • Rash on August 4, 2011, 9:32 GMT

    PCB cannot ignore the contributions of Afridi to Pak cricket. A Captain should always be involved in the team selection and selection process should be managed cordially and in agreement with the Captain and the Coach. Club cricket has better ethics that PCB. The Board needs a revamp and teh Chairman should not be a dummy like teh one we have. Wake up before its too late !!

  • Mohd on August 4, 2011, 9:20 GMT rocks and still a HERO in the eye of true cricket will make come back as a cpatain sooner or later...but PCB policy is doing harm to the cricket and to Pakstan cricket at to see you back on field..RAMAZAN MUBARAK TO ALL!!!

  • Mohammed on August 4, 2011, 4:16 GMT

    PCB is a waste i should say, and what the hell is waqar doing to his country, most of all if any PCB member is reading pls note down, as of now AFRIDI is a very important asset to Pakistan Cricket, so pls quit this personal things and have him back, u have earned the hatred of millions of fans PCB, remember that

  • Abdul on August 4, 2011, 3:19 GMT

    What happen to IMRAN NAZIR, if he has given much chances as IMran Farhat surely IMRAN NAZIR will permanently book the place in pakistan side. PLease give him a chance 3-4 series. Surely he will prove

  • Dummy4 on August 3, 2011, 23:12 GMT

    Afridi OWNS pakistans cricket team, the fans love him and the players listen to his every command, we need to sort this problem out quick, whilst were stalling, india are the number 1 team in the world, we need to find some one as good as Mohammed Amir and Asif and we need a knew Opener to bat with Mohammed Hafeez, (rameez Raja) jnr, Boom boom will be back sooon

  • Hammad on August 3, 2011, 21:48 GMT

    The prevailing Board of Pakistan is a curse for the whole nation specially for the players fom Karachi and players like Razzaq, Rana and Yousaf... The just want to make a team from Punjab including Misbah, The Akmals and some junior... What a crap... :@@

  • Dummy4 on August 3, 2011, 20:33 GMT

    no shahid afridi......u HAVE won the hearts ofmillion abt what u have done in WC2011............and U maintained the team really realy well..................................the selection IMRAn FARHAT is again picked why dont PCB give chance to AZHAR MEHMOOD,ABDUL RAZZAQ,IMRAN NAZIR.....................why alwayz those are given chances who dont take full advantage of being selected...................................

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