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PCB to honour Ajmal - Ashraf

ESPNcricinfo staff

Saeed Ajmal, the Pakistan offspinner, will receive an award from the PCB following the World Twenty20, for being the 'No. 1 bowler in the world', board chief Zaka Ashraf has said. The announcement comes in the wake of Ajmal not being on ICC's shortlist for Test Player of the Year.

"Saeed Ajmal, we still say you're the No. 1 bowler in the world and the PCB recognises you, and whether someone gives you the prize, that is immaterial, we don't care," Ashraf said. "We congratulate you and when you come back home [after the World T20] we will give you a prize for being the No. 1 bowler in the world. The PCB is with you."

Ajmal was on the longlist for the ICC award, which will be announced at a function in Colombo on September 15, but did not make the shortlist that included South Africa's Hashim Amla and Vernon Philander, Australia's Michael Clarke and Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara. Subsequently, the PCB had lodged a protest with the ICC regarding his omission, but the ICC had said it could not revise the list as it had been put together by an independent jury. That prompted talk of a possible boycott of the awards function by Pakistan.

While the boycott wasn't a certainty, Ashraf said, he was hoping for a last-minute revision. "There is some error, I think the ICC should try to rectify it. At least his name should have been on the shortlist," Ashraf said. "I'm still hopeful the ICC will make a positive move by trying to rectify it.

"The PCB hasn't decided as yet to boycott [the awards ceremony], that will be an extreme step. But we are under extreme pressure. There have been demonstrations in Pakistan, people have come out in support of Saeed Ajmal; there was a big demonstration held in front of the PCB office. We've conveyed that to the ICC. It has [even] been taken up in the parliament in Pakistan, there's a big debate going on."

Ajmal had taken 72 Test wickets between August 4, 2011, and August 6, 2012, (the qualifying period for the award). He climbed to No. 3 in the Test bowlers' rankings and, last week, took the No. 1 spot in the ODI rankings.

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  • Dummy4 on September 12, 2012, 13:36 GMT

    thank god pakistan board didnt fight for not nominating mohamed amir, asif, salman butt

  • Kamran on September 12, 2012, 13:04 GMT

    By the comments of most people here, it seems they don't understand what the PCB is really trying to do. I can understand that the silly actions of past Boards makes it difficult to take anything this Boards says or does seriously. But this isn't about self-created awards or glorifying a cricketer. It's about recognizing a player who they, as well as an entire nation, genuinely feel is a legitimate candidate for the top award. It's also a symbolic gesture to show their displeasure with ICC, and to show they will not continue to be ignored like this. And whether anyone agrees or not, Saeed Ajmal indeed is the best bowler of the past year with 120 wickets in all formats. It's not the opinion of one person or one institution or one nation... it's a matter of facts and statistics.

  • sonnet on September 12, 2012, 12:22 GMT

    Thanx pcb for doing it...coz it done by indian cricket council in sort icc

  • Dummy4 on September 12, 2012, 9:32 GMT

    Ajmal is the best, he is an artisian, he is the best there r only two others in the histroy of off-spin including Saqlain Mushtaq and Murli. If somebody derves a place in the top rankings its no other bowler than Ajmal. there r greats including Sachin and no body can take that place, the ICC should take that into considerations. Ajmal go ahead u r the real champion.....keep it up.

  • Chithsabesh on September 12, 2012, 4:31 GMT

    @Haqparast mate we arent like England and Australia.South Africa never really had a problem against spin.Ajmal is great against England. The worlds worst players of spin.Against South Africa well it will be a different story..

  • Dummy4 on September 12, 2012, 3:58 GMT

    PCB is awarding Ajmal who is still the best spinner in the world... every country has a right to recognise and award their player..... i am fail to understand why people from other countries has any thing to do with this..... THIS OUR AWARD , AJMAL IS OUR PLAYER ... We will do what ever we want.. You go award your flat track over rated bullies.

  • Rajesh on September 12, 2012, 3:58 GMT

    COLOUMB'S LAW: Ajmal is directly proportional to mendis and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between Warne and murali..

  • Dummy4 on September 12, 2012, 3:05 GMT

    @Mr.Infinity My neighbors kid gave his dad a best dad in the world mug but I have appealed the decision since I can produce statistics that I took my kid to the Zoo twice and he didn't even do it once! They refused to overturn the decision saying that the kid is an "independent jury" so I have unilaterally awarded myself the title of best dad in the universe and am boycotting the neighbors kids birthday party.

  • Muhammad Talha on September 12, 2012, 1:44 GMT

    so many ajmal's haters :) may be u guys didnt like the way he made tendulya and other greats his bunny..i guess thats the reason why u hate him so much..i mean come on keep aside the jealousy and take it simply as a game and art in which ajmal has mastered..there is no harm in accepting him as a spin maestro of a type which the world has never seen before.

  • Formanite on September 11, 2012, 18:12 GMT

    @LIFE-OF_JOY :: for ur info Ajmal's figure in the 2011 WC SF against ind were " 10-0-44-2",,he took 2 wkts of sachin and bhajji and was hit only 2 4s (1 of the edge),,he foxed Sachin with his magical deliveries in that match,,,go and watch highlights of his bowling in that match..and he went for 17 and not 20+in that last over against Huss in SF of 2010.....1 failure doesn't make him a bad bowler,,he's been improving since then unlike ur indian bowlers(fast)who tend to go down with the passage of time...

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