How did Bumrah only get one wicket?

Jasprit Bumrah was a constant threat to Australia's batsmen on the third day in Perth and it was something of a mystery how he ended with just one wicket to show for his efforts. "Not my luckiest day," he said after play, "but one day you maybe cash in." India will hope he cashes in on the fourth morning to keep them with a chaseable total. Here's a look back at the problems he caused

1.6 Bumrah to Harris, no run, that's a ripper which angles in towards off stump then straightens to beat the outside edge

3.1 Bumrah to Harris, no run, beaten by a cracker! This is an incredible delivery. Around the wicket, angled in it hit the seam and took off, miles past the edge and Pant had to climb high to take it

3.4 Bumrah to Harris, no run, beats the edge again! 144kph, good length, angled in, nipping away, he presses forward to defend and it blows by the edge at high speed.

7.5 Bumrah to Harris, no run, he gets hit flush on the badge of the helmet! He's knocked over backwards. He's OK. he's bounced back up. What a brute of a ball. Short, lifting, it following him, he ducked late and it hit the helmet flush. It ricocheted away to point

Marcus Harris went through a concussion test and had a new helmet brought out after the blow, but was able to continue... his opening partner wouldn't be so fortunate a little later when Aaron Finch was forced to retire hurt after a blow on the hand from Mohammed Shami

9.1 Bumrah to Harris, no run, 140kph beats him again, this pitched on middle and nipped across him, he pushed forward and it swerved past the edge

11.1 Bumrah to Harris, no run, 137kph, beats him again! Wow. Shorter length, pitching leg stump, it climbed up and across him as he tried to defend, it flew to Pant

11.4 Bumrah to Harris, no run, 142kph, gets a bottom edge that rolls to second. It was a good length outside off, he prodded at it and runs off the bottom of the bat to Rahul

Bumrah finished his first spell with figures of 6-4-7-0 with Australia's batsmen breathing a sigh of relief. But when he returned a short while later, it only took him two balls to strike

17.2 Bumrah to Harris, OUT, left alone and he's bowled! Good length from round the wicket, Harris thought this would shape away (or he just got it badly wrong) lifts the bat out of the line and off stump is clipped

17.4 Bumrah to Marsh, no run, don't think he had a clue there! A full delivery, just outside off, Marsh is shuffling all over the crease, starts to leave, then starts to play, then eventually leaves it alone

17.6 Bumrah to Marsh, no run, pads up to this one but it's too high for lbw, and may have pitched outside leg...a short of a length delivery. Marsh all over the shop

23.1 Bumrah to Khawaja, no run, what a ripper, there's no playing that, good length from round the wicket, leaps as it straightens and beats the outside edge

23.5 Bumrah to Khawaja, no run, beats the edge again, Khawaja just pushing away from his body, another one which nips off the seam

Bumrah took another break with his tally at 10-4-21-1 before returning for a final push late in the day on a pitch doing plenty

34.2 Bumrah to Head, no run, 132kph, leaps off a length and beats the edge! Goodness. This is unplayable. Angled in, climbing away. Past the edge

34.4 Bumrah to Head, no run, 136kph, another play and miss trying to force square off the back foot, it bounces over the edge and swings after it passes

34.6 Bumrah to Head, no run, 139kph another freakish off cutter beats the edge! This hit a crack and shot sharply away from the bat! Wow.

36.4 Bumrah to Khawaja, no run, 139kph beats the edge again. Angled in, just nipping away, he's forced to defend and it nips past the edge once more. Amazing bowling

38.6 Bumrah to Head, no run, 140kph, flash and miss away from his body. Back of a length, it nips away, he tries to force off the back foot and it beats the edge and flies through to Pant

The end of the day read 13-5-25-1 for Bumrah. On another day he'd have had five. Will tomorrow be that day?