England v India, Group E, Durban September 19, 2007

Yuvraj was spurred by Flintoff

Cricinfo staff

Yuvraj Singh: "It's a horrible feeling and Stuart is one of their main bowlers so, I feel sorry for him" © Getty Images

Yuvraj Singh said after his unbelievable six sixes in an over that he was motivated in part by comments Andrew Flintoff had made just before the penultimate over. Without revealing what passed between them, he said that "oppositions do have words with each other; it's part of the game. Outside we're good friends, but in the game, it's competitive. I just wanted to give it back with the bat."

There can never have been a more eloquent bat than Yuvraj's. It certainly drew admiration from the defeated England captain, Paul Collingwood. "The best striking I've ever seen," he declared.

Yuvraj's own captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, mentioned that he had recently been asked whether Yuvraj was in the team solely for his bowling. "I don't think I have to answer that question now."

When asked how it felt to have emulated Garry Sobers, Yuvraj modestly played down the comparison. "A lot of people tell me I bat like him [Garry Sobers], but I'm not even halfway there. But it's a great feeling when people tell you that."

He also claimed that the fifth six was a mishit. "The first one was the longest one. Second one was, I think, square; third one was long-off; fourth was over point; fifth was a mishit over midwicket and sixth was again to long-on."

Though he could barely suppress a smile for more than a moment, Yuvraj was acutely aware of what Stuart Broad would now be going through. "I was the one who got hit for five sixes in the Oval game [against England exactly a fortnight ago]. It's a horrible feeling and Stuart is one of their main bowlers so, I feel sorry for him. He had a horrible day. It can happen to anyone."

He said it was only after the fifth six sailed over the rope that he thought about all six. "After the fourth six I thought, if I use the crease much better, I'm sure I can hit one more. After the fifth I thought, 'Obviously, I have to go for the sixth.' It's a great feeling."