USACA once again an Associate member April 1, 2008

USA Cricket Association back in ICC fold

Cricinfo staff

The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) has been re-recognised as an Associate member of the ICC following their suspension in March 2007.

The USACA held their elections at the weekend when Gladstone Dainty - despite facing strong criticism over the past few years - was re-elected president, beating off the favourite, Ram Varadarajan, who was widely tipped for the post. The elections were a last-gasp effort for American cricket; without a formal constitution in place, the ICC would have had no other choice than to continue their suspension. With that particular condition met, the ICC's president, Ray Mali, was pleased to welcome the board back as an Associate member.

"We congratulate all elected representatives to the USACA Executive, Board and Regional Administrations and hope that this newly elected group of people, with a new constitution to operate within, can now truly represent a fresh start for cricket in the United States," Mali said. "We are grateful to the West Indies Cricket Board and its representatives, especially past and current presidents Ken Gordon and Dr Julian Hunte, for all their work on this matter, together with USA cricket's stakeholders, over the past 12 months."

Following USACA's suspension in March 2007 the WICB - headed by its president, Ken Gordon - was asked to intervene between the two fractious parties: Dainty's association and the regional league presidents who opposed him. For now at least, the infighting has quietened down.

"And we are also grateful for the work of Chris Dehring, who played a significant role in finding a solution to the process as an independent third party," Mali added. "Everyone at the ICC now trusts that, following these processes, those now charged with the important responsibility to govern for the good of the game in the USA will be able to do so with distinction as a team.

"The ICC now looks forward to the USA's involvement in all our international cricket activities and also playing a role in supporting the further development of the game there alongside our ICC Development Program and its Americas Regional office."

This development, however encouraging on the surface, is only the start. Opposition to Dainty remains fierce, with US cricketers and leagues threatening to break away from the USACA and form their own tournaments.

Nevertheless, it is welcome news for American cricket - regardless of the infighting which will doubtless persist - as it provides the USA with much-needed money from the ICC. And now that they are recognised, it paves the way for their national side to participate in Division 5 of the World Cricket League which begins in Jersey in May (they were relegated from Division 3 last year) and begin the long road to qualify for the 2011 World Cup.

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  • Michael on April 4, 2008, 1:32 GMT

    As one of a tiny group of US Born cricket nutters, I am thrilled with this news. One of my strongest wishes is to see this wonderful game played in my wonderful country.

  • mushtaq on April 2, 2008, 15:01 GMT

    It is heartening to note that ICC has returned its prodigal child USACA to its fold. USACA should use this opportunity to correct its damaged image and display the decorum needed to develop the game in the USA. It is time to substitute selfless dedication instead of personal grandiloquence in discharging the mandate of the electorate.The electorate has removed the executives who surrounded the president who it retained. That is intriguing. The head of any organisation has a critical impact on its culture. He has the responsibility to lead it on the righteous path. USACA should apply the modern management techniques of accountability & transparency instead of the old business administration principles of secrecy and confidentiality to gloss over inequities. Waiting to hear of the new executives plans, programmes, policies and procedures for the future. That information will enable the stakeholders to decide if they should be optimistic about the future of USA cricket

  • Narsima on April 2, 2008, 2:27 GMT

    Cricket and baseball are similar. I played cricket for college and university. I also played baseball once in US. I could play very well. I guess Americans will do very well if they start the game in schools and colleges. Play grounds are plenty here and there will not be any problem for America. Let us go America.

  • Sean on April 2, 2008, 1:19 GMT

    How the hell Dainty got re-elected is beyond me - I guess the East Coast came through for him again! Unbelievable - at least some of his cronies are gon and we have an accountable treasurer now - What are the odds he can find where all the missing money went that Dainty presided over?

  • Garnet on April 2, 2008, 0:14 GMT

    Why has the ICC not take such a hard stand against Zimbabwe. The ICC would like the people to believe they are responsible however cricket is more than a game in most of the world. IF the ICC would stand against Zimbabwe they would have more respect. Taking a stance against the USA is a cheap shot. Take a stance where it really counts......Zimbabwe. The only reason the the ICC wants the USA is because the BIG money potential in the USA.

    The ICC needs to look at itself if they want other to follow then and respect them. In the mean time to each it own.


  • Yogesh on April 1, 2008, 22:18 GMT

    Congratulations to all the elected members of USACA. We all hope that our re-entry in ICC is the sign of new begining. I am sure all stakeholders who faught for cricketers right will support the new Executive body. It is time to move forward and work togeteher for the betterment of cricket in USA. Let us send our ideas and proposal to our new USACA board through our regional organizations and keep an open line of communications. Again I pledge my support to new USACA Board and lets us work together to move forward.

  • Nicholas on April 1, 2008, 20:33 GMT

    It great that the US have sorted out some of their internal squaballs, to be allowed back into the ICC fold. With the ammount of people in USA they ought to be able to become a force in the Associate Members group. They just need to encourage the participation of the school kids and college students to take up the game. The baseball players i'm sure would love the game.

  • Kawal on April 1, 2008, 17:47 GMT

    How fitting that this news about U.S. Cricket comes on ALL FOOLS day, April 1.

    I wish the USACA success and hope that they put in the necessary discipline in building a much need foundation that is necessary for the promoting and nurturing of this wonderful game in the United States. Only with that dedication can the U.S. Cricket ascend to the other level.


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