ICC awaits resolution of dispute October 17, 2005

USA funding remains suspended

The ICC has confirmed that funding to the USA Cricket Association remains suspended, despite the short-term truce between the USACA and the Council of League Presidents.

The two parties have been battling for control inside the USA, and this has ended up in the courts. Earlier this month, an interim deal was announced to enable the USACA to administer the game pending the next court appearance on November 7. Critics of the USACA were quick to point out that this compromise gave all effective power to the current board controlled by Gladstone Dainty.

There had been talk that the deal might persuade the ICC to release funding which has been suspended since June when it tired of the endless infighting. But the ICC has made it clear that money will only become available when a clear and undisputed body which can run cricket emerges.

The interim executive is set to meet on October 29 - nine days before the court sits - and Cricinfo understands that a number of potentially contentious issues have been tabled. These include: -

  • Approving or rejecting the ProCricket agreement with Kal Patel signed by on behalf of the USACA by Dainty

  • A request to formally invite Gary Hopkins to discuss a written contract/arrangement

  • Appointing a two-person delegation to explore cooperative arrangements with Major League Cricket

  • Eliminating the notorious "background check" process for disqualifying candidates which has been at the centre of the current row

  • Putting in place "conflict of interest rules" to make sure that no board or executive member could serve on selection committees or act as team officers

    One source close to the situation said the proposer of these items knew that the split of the board in Dainty's favour made it almost impossible for any of these motions to succeed.

    Given that the USACA and CLP have told stakeholders nothing of their activities in recent months - a situation partly arising through a court gagging order, but one which appears to suit both parties - it seems unlikely that anything public will emerge until November 7.

    Martin Williamson is managing editor of Cricinfo

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