Major League Cricket boss unhappy March 22, 2006

Cameron demands explanation from ICC

Cricinfo staff

Bernard Cameron, the head of Major League Cricket, the organisation that recently wrote to the ICC asking to take control of US cricket, has reacted with frustration to the decision of the ICC executive to again recognise the USA Cricket Association as the body responsible for running the game in the country.

"We are not so much disappointed with the literal decision of the ICC - they have made similar bizarre decisions in the past - but more so with the fact that astute business professionals can actually look at the logical facts and material evidence that they themselves based there previous 2005 decisions on whereas USACA is concerned and then commits such an questionably suspicious about face," Cameron told Cricinfo. "It's almost like getting pardon from the governor after committing murder in a re-election year."

MLC has made a number of appointments recently, seemingly designed to establish itself as a credible force inside the US at a time the USACA has been engaged in a virtual civil war.

Cameron made clear his feelings in a letter to Matthew Kennedy, the ICC's Development Manager, referring to the USACA as "a business that has failed in every respect." He added: "The American public in general - including politicians, cricketers, potential commercial partners, journalists and general supporters of the game who have come to question USACA's status though now (somewhat) solidified by ICC's decision - has the right to a full transparent understanding as to how the ICC arrived at such a decision."

One of the major criticisms of the USACA is its lack of transparency and its failure to answer questions about its conduct. Cricinfo asked for a comment regarding its readmission to the international fold, but no response was received.