Constitution review hits the buffers September 29, 2007

USACA accused of stalling once again

Cricinfo staff

It is emerging that the review of the USA Cricket Association's constitution, which is the first and most important step towards the USA being readmitted to the international arena, is not going according to plan.

The entire review has been shrouded in mystery since it was agreed on in June, but it now seems that there have been setbacks.

Cricinfo has learned that the USACA executive has raised objections to the findings of the review committee and has, according to one source, deliberately hampered the process.

In June, the various factions battling for control of US cricket met in Washington with representatives of the West Indies Cricket Board, who had been asked by the ICC to broker a solution, The result of that meeting was a joint media release by those involved in which they outlined the procedure for the coming months, culminating in fresh elections before November 30.

At that meeting it was agreed that the draft constitution would be circulated by August 31 but that date has come and gone. The next stages of the review are, therefore, all likely to be delayed.

It is reported that the delays have come, once more, from the USACA executive. "[They are] effectively stalling the process and stymieing the efforts of those who had worked assiduously to move us closer to once again enjoying the status of associate member of the ICC," said the source. A number of those close to the review are believed to be angry with the conduct of the executive.

As has been the case for several years, the USACA has been almost silent throughout; it has not even officially acknowledged its own suspension by the ICC and stakeholders have been kept entirely in the dark.

Understandably, there are murmurings of discontent emerging among those who have gone along with the review and calls for the USACA to be cast aside and for new groups to take charge.

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  • Tunaari on October 3, 2007, 6:33 GMT

    I don't think anything solid is going to come out from USACA. Its high time now to ditch USACA and make one Professional Cricketing Organization. We can also have the fate of USACA be given in the hands of all the current leagues in USA. They can vote yes and no to keep USACA alive. ICC and everyone keeps eying USA as a good money maker for cricket. I ICC spends some major cash for US cricket and also organize some major cricketing events in USA to get the interests of US public going. Nov 30 is close by we will all see the constitution and elections just a week before that date.

  • Yogesh on October 1, 2007, 16:28 GMT

    Like I said earlier, Time has come to break away from USACA. ICCdoes not have any interest in USA Cricket and they do not have guts to speak up in this matter. I will ask respected Sir Julien Hunte, as he is well aware of permenant fixtures of USACA, Mr. Dainty and Mr. Masood, to come forward and let people know what he can do. I still respect him very much when I met him in 1999 when he came to help USAC resolve the crisis. If you can not do anything, then be honest and let people know what you think of these guys. Its high time that ICC with WICB show some courage and annonce that USACA is not recognized entity and they will not deal with USACA anymore regarding cricket in USA. Let us unite together and form a new group who cares for cricket not the power and politics of cricket. We have to make some secrifices but we will be better of in the future for our young cricketers. Time to show some courage, let USACA know that we do not want to be part of an organization run by crooks.

  • Yogesh on October 1, 2007, 16:16 GMT

    What is new? Are we surprised? Will USACA Executives change their attitude? Answer is resounding NO NO NO and NO. We all have kept silence because Mr. John Arron and all Council of League Presidents agreed to give this one a last ditch effort to resolve with WICB assistance. But it has been six months since I gethered all concerned Cricketers, which included more then 25 league Presidents and others, in a conference call in March. Friends time has come to take some drastic action to remove these USACA Executives and only way we can do that is leave USACA for good. We have many good dedicated administrators who can run a cricketing body independent of USACA and for that matter independent of ICC. If ICC cannot act in positive manner and do anything to current USACA Executives, then let them deal with each other. At the moment ICC is not doing anything for the real cricketers in USA and specially the Under 19 players. Nothing will happen with current USACA and ICC. Time to move on.

  • Wayne on October 1, 2007, 14:54 GMT

    This type of cloak and dagger to hold power is systematic within USACA. Example, recently a new Southeast regional director was appointed after the previous one who did nothing for the region or youth development was promoted(ps- he loves to tour for free and is currently in India). The new SER man in charge has done nothing so far logistically for the upcoming National U19. He has spent more time interfering with the team selection and undermining the coach and Manager. You may see his son on the final list of players(nice kid but does not play cricket). I hope everyone brings their own lunch and drinks to Fl. this weekend. House cleaning from the top to bottom is urgently needed.

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