USA news March 25, 2009

Lockerbie: Americans understand how big cricket is

Cricinfo staff

Don Lockerbie, the newly instated chief executive of the USA Cricket Association (USACA), has set his sights high for American cricket and fully expects to be watching the USA take on Australia in the 2015 World Cup.

Lockerbie, a sports and events organiser, describes himself as "an athlete's administrator" and plans on travelling the country to meet players, coaches, administrators and other key personel within the first 100 days of his administration, in order to ascertain the best way for USA cricket to move forward. "I will be doing a lot of listening," he told

His first plan, he says, is "to listen and learn and meet the best and brightest in US cricket. The clock is ticking and we want to do it correctly." USA cricket, and in particular the USACA, has been beset by crises and conflict for years.

The appointment of a chief executive was a key stipulation of the ICC in order for the USA to receive their grants, and it is now hoped that Lockerbie can inspire a new era for what is potentially a vast market.

Though he acknowledged the traditional heart of cricket - he "respects the tradition, virtues and sanctity of Test matches" - he is understandably keen to exploit the financial pot of Twenty20. And although immigrants make up a large percentage of the cricket-playing population in the USA, Lockerbie insists that Americans do understand how big cricket is outside their country.

"They have grandparents who have played it. Immigrants have brought food, culture, dance and music to this country. The forefathers of this country played the game."