West Indies cricket July 31, 2008

Gayle 'in discussions' with WICB

Cricinfo staff

Reconsidering resignation? Chris Gayle is in talks with the West Indian board © AFP

Chris Gayle has confirmed that he handed in his resignation as captain last week but says he is currently in discussions with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

"We are currently in discussions with a view at arriving at a mutually beneficial agreement," Gayle told the Jamaica Gleaner at a sponsor's event. "Until then, I cannot say much. In fact, whether or not I am captain, my focus now is on the upcoming Canada and Pakistan tours, where I hope to perform well and help the team to victory."

Gayle had reportedly sent his resignation letter to Donald Peters, the WICB chief executive, in the past few days. He had recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the selection committee. "Based on the selection committee, there are some things I don't have much control over at this point in time, regardless [of whether] I'm the captain or not," Gayle had said.

Gayle has had strained relations with the WICB. In June last year he criticised the board over its arrangements for the ODI series in England and its initial decision to veto his appointment as one-day captain.

Gayle's had mixed results as captain, winning two Tests out of five and seven ODIs out of 17. He led West Indies to two ODI series wins, including an away victory against England last year, and against the touring Sri Lankans recently.

He presided over a surprise win in the first Test against South Africa in Johannesburg but his side went on to lose the next two games and the series. His other Test win came against Sri Lanka in Port-of-Spain to level the two-match series. However, injuries have interrupted his tenure and he has struggled to stay fit for an entire tour.

Peters, meanwhile, has been put on administrative leave by the WICB.

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  • paul on August 7, 2008, 22:34 GMT

    Chris Gayle is a lot smarter than we give him credit for,knowing that we would be calling his place in the side into question,as a result of his inept ,irresponsible batting for the last three years.He decided to create a distraction,if the WICB had an iota of guts ,they would have offered him the option of jumping before being pushed.

  • Len on August 6, 2008, 18:07 GMT

    The fact that such a hopelessly moderate player like Gayle with an average of under 40 after 70 odd Tests can dictate to the selectors who they should pick, indicates just how insipid the WIndies cricket board is. As long as they keep their precious power, they do not care to what depths WIndies cricket plunge, and as such, the blame in my opinion stands four squarely with them for letting players behave in anyway they like around the test team.

  • Sean on August 5, 2008, 16:53 GMT

    If West Indies are to move forward, why is it do they have to beseech a below mediocre performer like Chris Gayle to stay as captain.Chris Gayle is one of the most inconsistent openers in world cricket today, and if he remains as captain I will bet all the money in the world his average will never reach 40 at this point of his career.I f Gayle chooses to resign as captain its his decision. I see this as an oppurtunity for some young west indian to join the team and build a name for himself and west indies cricket.Rather than invest money on Mr. Gayle, why dont they invest on a younger cricketer who is still at the age where he can be groomed for improvement and as he improves ,other youngsters like himself and eventually West indies cricket will be on the rise again.The great soccer team FC Barcelona recently released top class players in an attempt to remain a powerhouse in the Spanish League.The road to success is bigger than any player.

  • sony on August 1, 2008, 19:02 GMT

    The captain for the team should be someone who is reliable whether in bowling or batting-most of the members of this team could not even walk into a west indies A team in our good past(THIS INCLUDES GAYLE).I believe his reliability for some time now is lacking.He needs to go back to domestic competition and play for his place on the team-captaincy should not be in his book at this time.He is the only west indies captain that cannot defend his side with the bat when necessary.

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