Caribbean T20 2010 August 4, 2010

'T&T still best Twenty20 side in Caribbean' - Bravo

Cricinfo staff

Dwayne Bravo, the West Indies allrounder, has said Trinidad & Tobago are still the region's best Twenty20 team despite crashing out in the semi-finals of the recent Caribbean T20. T&T, who thrilled audiences with their run to the Champions League final in 2009, were favourites to win the domestic Twenty20 competition but fell five runs short against Guyana despite a 20-ball 55 from Bravo.

"It was unfortunate that we did not go on to win," Bravo told the Trinidad Express. "In a tournament like this, you are going to have a bad game. Our bad game was against Guyana and they went on to win but I still honestly believe that Trinidad and Tobago is the best (T20 team) in the Caribbean."

T&T, who took out their frustration at missing out on a lucrative Champions League spot through a ten-wicket thrashing of Jamaica in the third-place play-off, had reached the semi-finals after winning all three league matches. "Our preparation was spot on and until we lost in the semis we played good cricket," Bravo said. "We were consistent and we were winning our games by large margins. I can't point fingers at this moment but I thought we had a good tournament."

Though his home team won't be in South Africa for the Champions League, Bravo is likely to be involved in the tournament, representing either IPL finalists Mumbai Indians or Australian Big Bash winners Victoria.

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  • shahab on August 11, 2010, 4:42 GMT

    i think the t&t cricketers on the whole has grown selfish with fame and can they still be the best when they're simply not the CHAMPS?i think Mr. Bravo n Co needs to realize its not always about them.Guyana won it,dont call it luck,cuz wen the t&t won,no1 said it was luck. We guyanese supported the trinis all the way in the champions league,we even wore red,white n black on the finals day. So all u trinis,plz stop being jealous that guyana has won.You should be humble and give guyana its due respect.....and for those "set" of trinis and to u Mr. Bravo,if u think ur team is still the best,think again cuz u guys never beat guyana in any of the 2020 tornaments in the back off. further more,u trini cricketers should start being commited to WI team than to ur national team alone,it is evident that u guys dont play for WI the way that yall play for trini...oh yea..jst to let bravo know...who're the main men in WI team post lara? tiger,gayle,sars,sammy etc,not much trinis.

  • Dummy4 on August 11, 2010, 0:57 GMT

    Which Stanford finals Trinidad beat Guyana in Chunnie?lol lol far as I can remember is that the won the first Stanford competition, lost in the semi to Jamaica in the second one when Trinidad went on to beat Jamaica. Then Guyana trash them again in ah charity match for Haiti and in recently completed WICB T/20 competition once more Guyana came out on top. So just ask someone to wake you up please

  • Dummy4 on August 10, 2010, 17:02 GMT

    i really dont see what is the problem with bravo said apparently the truth offends some of us. yes Guyana won this tournament but that doesnt mean they were the best....Trinidad & Tobago are the best and most consistent team in the region especially in this form of the game.What i can say is that alot of islanders and even some TnT ppl are jus plain sour and dislike us yes us Trinidad n Tobago but that's ok i want all who commenting here to save this as a favorite and come back and read it after the tournament in south Africa finish and see if bravo wasn't jus stating the obvious. if for some miracle Guyana proves him and by extension me wrong i will be happy for them.

  • Dummy4 on August 10, 2010, 16:56 GMT

    Bravo made a comment, and almost everyone is on his back, i am sure if someone from another island said the same thing about their team the reactions would be totally different. U people need to get over ur hatred for T&T and just relax, seriously. I am not saying that we deserved to win the tournament, but please don't act as if Guyana played like a champion team that obliterated everything in their path with breath taking cricket, They did not, they were pretty ordinary with a lot of luck. Only foo is worth mentioning.

  • Andre on August 10, 2010, 11:49 GMT

    @Metman, I have never said T&T deserved to go to SA, neither have I said Guyana doesn't deserve to win. All teams went into this competition knowing the stakes and outcomes. Luck is a part of such games, but Guyana deserved their success. What I don't agree with is taking away just dues to other performers. #1 is better than the rest so Barath tops the batting, but all countries had good performers. Having 4 bowlers in the top 10 means T&T had the most effective bowling attack, assuming all 4 play in the same match. Barbados scored their 180 against CCC, who promptly tied it. I agree Ramdin is not deserving of his spot but I'm waiting for someone, anyone to name the replacement, not to keep him in the team but because the other WK are under-performing as well.

  • trevon on August 9, 2010, 16:26 GMT

    @jamol ... its like this.... Bolt vs Tyson Gay.... as long as they r in a race together (both Fit) Bolt will win!... and has win... wen bolt is out. Gay wins.... Gay cant say he's the best in the world and whenever he races Bolt he Loses. and u AGAIN u happen to have a "bad" race against him? come on its rediculous....

  • Dummy4 on August 9, 2010, 15:10 GMT

    @Metman u seem to have a personal problem with trini's don't know what we did to u, but lets put all the passion a side for a minute, and use some logic. Guyana were VERY LUCKY to win the tournament, in the match against T&T, T&T played sloppy field cricket, we dropped 5 catches, missed run outs, and bravo still almost brought it home in the end, in the match against Barbados they were LUCKY again, with that drop catch and some sloppy cricket at times from Barbados. in all honesty if it wasn't for foo, guy would not have been in the tournament long enough to have won. T&T had one bad game, and unfortunately it was against Guyana in the semi's. Being the best doesn't mean that u would never loose, it just means that the amount of times u win would greatly out way ur losses. Bravo was not being full of himself, he was just being honest. Apparently almost everybody on this page likes to be lied too.

  • Michael on August 9, 2010, 13:28 GMT

    @Convertorboy!are you for real?Ramdin is the present keeper for the WI,LOOK AT HIS RUNS ,and you telling me find a replacement???????.For the last 6 or so series,for the WI, in both forms of the game,in front and behind the stumps, and the just concluded T20 series for TT,HE HAS BEEN A MISERABLE FAILURE,and you telling me find a replacement?Did someone write that script for you,?Are you visibly impaired? Can you read what you write?If not someone needs to tell you that of the 6 keepers that YOU mentioned,5 performed better than he did ,and that anyone of them could replace him.Once again mediocrity seems to be the hallmark of you trinis when it comes to cricket,or you all have a problem with numbers.Look !you dont highlight 6 keepers with their runs and then tell me the one with the least amount is the BEST! I would suggest that you Bravo and ALL you trinis that think TT is still the BEST to check the Oxford Students Dictionary and/or Maths for Primary School.

  • Michael on August 9, 2010, 12:42 GMT

    @Convertorboy!Look big man,from the time I was going to school,the no.1 position in class was ALWAYS better than the no.3 position,even with the new maths the youngsters are doing now,no.1 IS still better than no.3.You trinis are always highlighting your mediocre cricketers,now you want to tell big intelligent people that although you didnt even make it to the finals,that you at 3 is better than 2 and 1.You brought YOUR stats to make a case why your 3rd place team should be going to SA,now I will bring MY stats to show you why you are at 3.Bdos had the highest total,Guyana the most runs per over throughout an innings,Foo,the highest av,,and the best strike rate after Cornwall.Bdos,the batsman with the most 50s in<5 inning.Most wickets 10 and over,Guyana had 2, Jca 1,Bdos 1.Best bowling figures (top3) ,Jca had1,Bdos 2.Best av. 4 or more matches Bishoo,Santokie,Nurse.Bravo,your main bowler is losing his sting,S.Ganga is losing everything,and Mohammed , D.Ganga has beens,used to be"s.

  • Andre on August 9, 2010, 1:45 GMT

    @Metman Read the statistics for the tournament runs Barath-1, DJBravo-5. T&T, Jam, Guy had 2 players each in top 10, 3 form Bar, 1 CCC. T&T had 4 bowlers in top 10, Bar 3, Guy 2 Jam 1. Why does "T&T lacked another quality pacer" confuse you? Rampaul was never mentioned before, I just highlighted Cooper and Stewart failed. As for Ramdin, show me the replacement. Fletcher scored 56 runs, Baugh - 68, J Charles - 70, Mentore - 63, Ramdin - 31, Morris - 49. Walton not in list? Why can't we help these and other WKs in the WI with training?

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