Women's cricket news September 27, 2009

PCB organises coaching for women in off season

Cricinfo staff

The Pakistan board has plans to keep women players occupied with training during the off season after failing in its efforts to organise tours ahead of the World Twenty20 next May. Shireen Javed, the women's wing head, also secured contracts for the national players with Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited through which they will receive Rs10,000 a month.

"The girls have been sitting idle for so long now," Shireen told the Dawn. "This inactivity is not good for them at all, so I am going to have them attached to a coach in the cities where they are located. There are so many coaches employed by the PCB who can be utilised in providing quality coaching to our girls. That way they can practice as frequently as three or four times a week while the coaches can assess them properly and also send me regular reports about their progress."

Shireen said she was trying to get the players employed by organisations so that they could be free to play cricket. "I'm glad to report that they are getting Rs10,000 a month and are to be excused for national duty. I'm also going to approach Pakistan International Airlines and the Railways to hire our cricketers in their sports departments."

She said there were attempts at organising a tour to South Africa and when they declined since they were hosting West Indies, she looked for opportunities in Malaysia. "When we planned a tri-nation tournament at a neutral venue such as Malaysia with Sri Lanka and perhaps the hosts, too, we were informed by Sri Lanka that they were running short of funds to travel."

Javed Miandad, the director of the PCB who will approve Shireen's coaching plans, will be taking the players to China in October for a promotional tour. Miandad said the best way to serve women's cricket was to set up an independent board. "Right now they are dependant on the PCB for just about everything." Miandad said. "Having an independent body would enable them to have a free hand. They can have their provincial associations too and their own sponsors and funds as well. My own take on the matter is that women's cricket cannot flourish under the PCB's thumb."

Shireen said she had discussed independent association options with Miandad but they did not look workable.