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West Indies in New Zealand 2008-09

West Indies must move on indiscipline

A few incidents on the tour of New Zealand imply that some players are prone to flashes of rage, outbursts that can affect their own performance and reflect poorly on them and the team

West Indies in New Zealand 2008-09

Time for Marshall to be a 'big man'

Xavier has the makings of the star player West Indies cricket sorely needs but it comes with a volatile temperament not uncommon to those blessed with a touch of genius

New Zealand v West Indies, 2nd Test, Napier

Don't get carried away

As humbling as it may be to acknowledge a drawn two-Test series with a team ranked just below them, it's more than West Indies managed for some time

West Indies in New Zealand 2008-09

Different backgrounds, common debut

Brendan Nash and Lionel Baker were chosen for their debuts in the first Test of the series against New Zealand, after being picked for the ODIs in Toronto and Abu Dhabi. This shows that regardless of the sudden allure of the Twenty20 format, Test cricket

West Indies in New Zealand 2008-09

Return to 'dark' Dunedin

Whether by means fair, foul or extraordinary, you expect something unusual to transpire over the next few days in Dunedin

West Indies in New Zealand 2008-09

A time to step forward

The contest that starts in Dunedin on Thursday appears of little relevance to world cricket, but not to the teams involved

The enemy within

New Zealand cricket has been reduced to its present low state chiefly by a lack of cohesion