Match Day

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Bhatti bowls Canada to tense victory

Canada put recent poor form behind them with a close-fought 25-run with over Kenya on the last day of their Intercontinental Cup clash at Maple Leaf CC in Ontario

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All eyes on Tikolo

Steve Tikolo, who has dominated Kenyan cricket for more than a decade, will be the key figure on the final day of Kenya's Intercontinental Cup tie with Canada at Maple Leaf Cricket Club. At the close of the third day, Kenya were 45 for 2 in pursuit of 2

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Qaiser Ali leads Canada's about turn

Canada turned the opening day of their Intercontinental Cup tie against Kenya at Maple Leaf Cricket Club on its head with a remarkable bowling performance in the last hour

Kenya 4th innings Partnerships

1st8KO OtienoBJ Patel
2nd13BJ PatelAO Suji
3rd75SO TikoloAO Suji
4th18HS ModiAO Suji
5th59HS ModiCO Obuya
6th16CO ObuyaT Mishra
7th39TM OdoyoCO Obuya
8th2CO ObuyaNN Odhiambo
9th17PJ OngondoCO Obuya
10th18CO ObuyaHA Varaiya