Player of the Match
Player of the Match
233dThe Bulletin by Alex Malcolm

Cummins, Warner lead NSW to final

New South Wales stormed into the finals after thumping Tasmania on the back of Patrick Cummins' four wickets and David Warner's unbeaten 70 off 49 balls

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The Blues are going to the Champions League for the second time. They claimed the first Champions League in 2009 in India. They get another chance after reaching the Big Bash final. They have bashed the Tigers tonight. Warner's 49-ball 70 has seen the small total of 103 run down with 25 balls to spare. Warner was belligerent. Although he may not be Man-of-the-Match given at Cummins took 4 for 16 earlier. Cummins is Man-of-the-Match. The Blues head to Adelaide full of confidence for the final. Join us Saturday for the Big Bash final. This is Alex Malcolm saying goodnight from Bellerive.

Krejza to Warner, SIX runs, Boom! Game over! Knee high full toss is launched out of th ground over square leg!
Krejza to Warner, 2 runs, Warner backs away and slips as he tries to carve inside out over point, he sliced it over short third man for two
Krejza to Warner, FOUR runs, This is clubbed like a tracer bullet through midwicket for four! That was long hop and it was punished.
Krejza to Warner, 2 runs, shorter length, Warner cuts up and over cover towards the rope and its reeled in by Bailey to save two
Krejza to Jaques, 1 run, tossed up outside off, Jaques drives hard to long off

12 | 5 Runs | NSW: 92/1 (12 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 7.66, RRR: 2.40)

  • David Warner56 (45b)
  • Phil Jaques16 (17b)
  • Rhett Lockyear4-0-12-0

Lockyear's four overs cost just 12 and he should have claimed Jaques.

Lockyear to Warner, no run, wider and flatter, Warner carves it straight to cover-point who is now on the circle