1st Test, Dubai (DSC), Oct 22 - 26 2014, Australia tour of United Arab Emirates
454 & 286/2d
(91.1 ov, target 438)303 & 216
Pakistan won by 221 runs
player of the match
Younis Khan

That's all we've got for you. Do stick around for the post-match quotes, analyses and videos that are bound to pour in on the site. And there's a second Test to play too, at Abu Dhabi on Thursday. So do join us then. For now, this is Alagappan Muthu, and Vekat Raghav saying sayonara

"Really required win for us. We were really struggling in the last two series. Will really give a lot of confidence to the youngsters who've just joined us," Misbah-ul-Haq. "We were determined after the one-day series loss. One bad innings and we lost the match in Sri Lanka. We really did well in every department in this Test and that really helped us put Australia under pressure. These bowlers are young at international level, but they have a lot of experience in first-class level. They know how to bowl longer spells and build pressure. Their temperement was wonderful. They got confidence from the four-day game win. And conditions suited them too. Really important to consolidate. We haven't won a series against Australia in so long. Big incentive for us, all the guys are determined to do well against them and we need to play disciplined cricket. Stick to basics, focus and we can do anything"

Younis Khan is the Man of the Match " Thank you to my followers for the support. Fans back home, media, family, friends, trainer, Grant Flower [batting coach] for working with me. I came here a week earlier. [Laughs when asked there was no contribution by the board] Board wanted and I wanted to play. There was a situation when I didn't want to play. My family motivated me. They said there maybe records created. I am thankful to them. I wanted to come back after the results in ODI's and T20. I worked with Grant Flower for week. We tried out a lot of different things. I got hit in ribs and shoulder. I was ready for them. They bowled well on the first day but we stuck around, giving belief to the team to play well. Looking at the way Shehzad, Yasir Shah, Zulfiqar Babar, Misbah, Shafiq and Sarfaraz played it's very important. This win will take us a long way"

"No doubt Pakistan deserve a lot of credit. Beat us in all three facets. Batmen batted us out, spinners had us in trouble. We have a couple of days to turn it around," says Michael Clarke, "Want to use our bat a little more. We knew spin would play a lot, but a lot of us gout out to balls that didn't spin. So we want to get into the right positions [when we're batting against spin]. Smith and Johnson fought as hard as they could. Again, Pakistan deserve credit. Younis showed how to play spin and reverse swing. Any time you make 400-450, that helps the bowlers put pressure on the opposition. Our bowlers had to work hard on a flat wicket on day one. We can turn it around, definitely. We've got the talent, the attitude and I'm sure you will see a different team in the next Test"

Satish chavan: "whenever Johnson plays a test match he makes sure that his name is in the match summary (recent years)"

Talal Dar: "We lost 13 consecutive Test matches against them. Now we have won two in a row. Only 11 more to go."

3.39 pm Pakistan get together in a huddle, it's broken only so they can shake hands with the opposition players. Younis Khan gets a stump, Yasir Shah gets a stump on debut, Misbah looks like its just another day in the office. But no, this is Pakistan 1-0 up in a two-match series.

Massab: "Now I can study in peace." Not waiting for the presentation?

zohaib: "Can't stop tears from my eyes after long time unbelievable victory.Lovely boys congrats"

Babar to Siddle, OUT

wait, what happened there? Umpire Erasmus did not move, then he did as if he was stepping away to ensure he doesn't get in line with a throw, if it comes. And then raises the finger. Siddle wants a review, but it comes back against him. Siddle jumped down the track to defend, and manages to get just a little inside edge onto pad and straight into the hands of silly point. Five-for for Babar and he deserved it, after a few drops off his bowling

Peter Siddle c Azhar Ali b Zulfiqar Babar 15 (66m 48b 1x4 0x6) SR: 31.25
end of over 91Maiden
AUS: 216/9CRR: 2.37 
Steve O'Keefe0 (6)
Peter Siddle15 (47)
Yasir Shah25-6-50-4
Zulfiqar Babar31-7-74-4
Yasir Shah to O'Keefe, no run

good length ball on middle, O"Keefe's played out the over quite confidently

Yasir Shah to O'Keefe, no run

looped up outside off, O'Keefe pads up to inspire a few muted appeals

Yasir Shah to O'Keefe, no run

tossed up slower and a little wider outside off, O'Keefe doesn't play at it

Younis has spotted something and conveys it to his young bowler

Yasir Shah to O'Keefe, no run

nicely tossed up and drifting in on middle, O'Keefe keeps it out

Yasir Shah to O'Keefe, no run

nicely tossed up just outside off, O'Keefe is forward to defend again

Yasir Shah to O'Keefe, no run

tossed up on middle, O'Keefe lunges forward to block.

Asjad Mir: "Let the race for a fifer between Yasir and Zulfikar begin, well played Australia! Congratulations Pakistan!"

end of over 903 runs
AUS: 216/9CRR: 2.40 
Peter Siddle15 (47)
Steve O'Keefe0 (0)
Zulfiqar Babar31-7-74-4
Yasir Shah24-5-50-4

Mushtaq Ahmed in the Pakistan dressing room could not believe that call. Had his hands in his head, completely unable to reconcile with that ball tracker

Babar to Siddle, no run

good length ball, which Siddle chooses to play back, and defends. Bit of turn away from the bat there.

Babar to Siddle, (no ball)

gets down the track to defend a tossed up delivery on off stump, Zulfi has overstepped though which means he has to bowl this again

Babar to Siddle, no run

goes back to a good length on middle and leg, defended

Babar to Siddle, 2 runs

driven quite smartly through the covers to [pick up a couple

Babar to Siddle, no run

gets down the track to the pitch of a flighted ball and drives to short cover

Babar to Siddle, no run

oh, have they got it here? Misbah has gone for the review after a flighted arm ball hits Siddle on the front pad! Hits in front of off stump as he was bringing his bat down at an angle. Another Australian batsman playing for the turn and he might rue it too. The crowd's clapping already. They know this is done and dusted, or they want it to be. Helooooo! It pitched in line, hit in line, but it was only clipping leg stump, so umpire's call it shall remain! Not out

Babar to Siddle, no run

loads of flight on this one just outside off, punched away to point

saa: "Whatever might be the game's result, Australia and South Africa are two countries which are fighting hard for test cricket's survival by pushing its boundaries with never-say-die spirit in games like these. Its very difficult not to be jealous of them(me being an Indian) when our matches don't last for even 3 days with no contest whatsoever. Long live 5-day matches!!! On a non-cricketing note, this is my 213889 comment, but without any luck(I think you can see what I did there ;) )"

end of over 892 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 213/9CRR: 2.39 
Peter Siddle13 (40)
Yasir Shah24-5-50-4
Rahat Ali13-4-36-0
Yasir Shah to Johnson, OUT

Sarfraz is ecstatic! Pakistan are ecstatic! Has Mitch been stumped? The third umpire has been called in. This was tossed up outside off, lures the batsman forward but he plays inside the line. Lunged way too far forward, and his back foot seems to be on the line. Tries to drag it back, but has be managed to do so before the bails completely come off. Touch and go... as touch and go as it can be.. Umpire Llong has a tough call to make. And he clicks the red button! Mitch has been sent packing, the Australian dressing room is none too pleased.

Mitchell Johnson st †Sarfaraz Ahmed b Yasir Shah 61 (161m 127b 6x4 1x6) SR: 48.03
Yasir Shah to Johnson, no run

that's the way, comes down the track to a flighted delivery outside off and defends

Yasir Shah to Johnson, no run

goes back to a good length ball on off stump and blocks. Better to go forward to that though

Yasir Shah to Johnson, no run

huge appeal! Johnson's shouldered arms! Misbah has been convinced to go for a review. Some questions regarding the height here, which is why it was originally given not out. Still not the best decision to leave that ball. Impact was umpire's call, it clips the middle bail too, which remains umpire's call. Not out then

Yasir Shah to Johnson, 2 runs

a little more bounce again from Yasir, the batsman is rooted to his crease as he defends with soft hands. Good job too because it falls short and wide of the lone slip

Yasir Shah to Johnson, no run

he keeps pulling out these rippers! Hits the rough at a decent length and it cuts back in quite quickly at Johnson and finds him a little slow pulling out that flick of his