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India (W) vs Australia(W), 1st T20I at Navi Mumbai, Dec 09 2022, Australia Women tour of India

1st T20I (N), DY Patil, December 09, 2022, Australia Women tour of India
(18.1/20 ov, T:173) 173/1

Australia(W) won by 9 wickets (with 11 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
89* (57)
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Scores: Sudeep Poojar | Comms: Ashish Pant
Scorecard summary
India Women 172/5(20 overs)
Australia Women 173/1(18.1 overs)
89* (57)
1/33 (3)

Australia are yet to lose a match in any format this year, and they are just showing why. They weren't at the top of their game, at least in the death overs with the ball but Mooney and McGrath made it up with the bat. India will need to work on their weaknesses and come back stronger. There, however, isn't a huge turnaround time. The two teams will meet again on Sunday, and we will be there, bringing you the full coverage as always. Till then, this is Ashish, signing off on behalf of behalf of Srinidhi and Sudeep. Goodnight!

Rafi: "Australia had their calculation dead on. By not taking any risky shot they have easily navigated the chase. A very well done performance. India need to find something special to stop them in future. "

Australia captain, Alyssa Healy : [Captaincy] It was not easy when we were out in the field, but great to get the result. I thought they were a bit below par. We knew if we batted well, we could get over the line. We didn't finish well with the ball, but we knew we were in the game. We just need to tidy up in the death overs and in the field. We have a few new personnel there. We just need to tighten things up going forward.

Beth Mooney is the Player of the Match: I love pulling the Australian shirt on. Fortunate to come up against India, who are an incredible opposition. Played a couple of nice shots and got the team over the line. The wicket was beautiful, a fast outfield, and the crowd was great.

India captain Harmanpreet Kaur first up: I think 172 was enough. It was a decent total, we were in the game till the 13th over. We created chances, but the fielding was not up to the mark. In night games, it is tough to judge the ball. Radha is one of our best fielders. Dew played a role. The bowlers tried their best. If we have to win, we have to take those chances.

Presentation time

Tahlia McGrath: Nice to start off with a win. India is a special place to travel, and the crowd was great as well. It starts with training. We work very hard and strive to be better every game. We try and stay ahead of the pack, and that keeps us in good stead ahead of the WC. The Indian batters batted really well, but you got value for your shots here. Moons was outstanding here, and Midge was great.

10.01pm Mooney is the No.1 T20 batter in the world, and she showed just why! That was a batting clinic from her. She started slowly, rotated the strike but made sure the run rate never got out of hand. Whenever the required rate started creeping up, she found the boundaries, and found them with minimum of fuss. She relied on her placement and timing and smashed 89* off 57 balls. She was very well supported by Tahlia McGrath, who scored 40 off 29 balls. The two added an unbeaten 100-run stand for the second wicket to take their side home. Both batters got a life quite early and the duo made sure to cash in. The India bowlers were erratic at times but the fielding was all over the place to put it mildly. There were drop catches, misfields in heaps. The dew did not help too.

Sharma to McGrath, 2 runs

That's that! Australia win by nine wickets and take a 1-0 lead. They have chased down a 173-run target with utmost ease. On a length on leg stump and she works it behind square. McGrath calls Mooney for a second and makes it. Chasing masterclass from Mooney and Australia!

Deepti back. Australia need two to win.

end of over 185 runs
AUS-W: 171/1CRR: 9.50 RRR: 1.00 • Need 2 from 12b
Tahlia McGrath38 (28b 4x4 1x6)
Beth Mooney89 (57b 16x4)
Anjali Sarvani 4-0-27-0
Meghna Singh 2-0-27-0
K Anjali Sarvani to McGrath, 1 run

short and very wide once more. She gets an under-edge on that cut to find short third, They pinch a single again.

K Anjali Sarvani to Mooney, 1 run

fuller on middle and leg, the slower one again. She dances down and pushes it to long off

K Anjali Sarvani to McGrath, 1 run

slower leg-cutter outside off, she cuts to deep cover

K Anjali Sarvani to McGrath, no run

short of a length slower ball outside off. Was the leg-cutter. McGrath is across again, but can't get that hoick in place this time around. Mistimes to square leg.

Rafi: "India need learn from this game and take the positives. It is very poor defending but Australia are a good side with all the players just coming off WBBL. "

K Anjali Sarvani to Mooney, 1 leg bye

On a length down leg, she looks to work it away but is rapped on the pads as the ball rolls away to the on side

K Anjali Sarvani to McGrath, 1 run

short of a length and wide. She mistimes her cut to point and sets off. There is a shy at the non-striker's end, but the fielder misses. Think McGrath would have made it.

Anjali Sarvani back into the attack

end of over 1719 runs
AUS-W: 166/1CRR: 9.76 RRR: 2.33 • Need 7 from 18b
Beth Mooney88 (55b 16x4)
Tahlia McGrath35 (24b 4x4 1x6)
Meghna Singh 2-0-27-0
Renuka Singh 4-0-33-0
Meghna Singh to Mooney, FOUR runs

Are you kidding me, how's that gone for a boundary! Mooney is timing these so well. Back of a length outside off, she opens the face of the bat, and just places it to the right of Deepti at short third and there is stopping the ball once it beats the fielders.

Umanga: "This Australia batting is something else they bat so deep..India were never going to win it they needed wickets constantly."

Meghna Singh to Mooney, FOUR runs

A push, that's a mere push, but look at the timing! Back of a length around middle and leg, but Mooney is deep in her crease and works it to the right of short fine leg.

Meghna Singh to McGrath, 1 run

slower short ball around middle. McGrath loses her shape in going for the pull. Miscues it to deep midwicket.

Meghna Singh to McGrath, FOUR runs

back of a length outside off, she gives herself room and McGrath capitalizes. Cuts it up and over point for a four.

Meghna Singh to McGrath, SIX runs

Oh, what a shot! There was risk, but McGrath took it up and got the reward. Length on off, she shuffles across and hoicks it over deep square leg for a massive six.

Ninad: "Never understood Indian Women Strategy of dropping Sneh Rana. She is a match winner and better player than Radha Yadav any given day. "

Meghna Singh to McGrath, no run

Length ball just outside off, around the fifth stump. McGrath defends it back to the bowler.

Meghna Singh from over the wicket

end of over 1611 runs
AUS-W: 147/1CRR: 9.18 RRR: 6.50 • Need 26 from 24b
Beth Mooney80 (53b 14x4)
Tahlia McGrath24 (20b 3x4)
Renuka Singh 4-0-33-0
Devika Vaidya 3-0-33-1
Renuka Singh to Mooney, FOUR runs

That's just reckless bowling! Low full toss outside off, Mooney in the mood she is in, won't miss out on these. Gets the timing on spot to place it to the deep cover fence.

Renuka Singh to Mooney, 2 runs

loops it up outside off, Mooney is outside her off stump again and even though the bowler spots it, the batter has enough time to drive across the turf placing it wide of long off

Renuka Singh to McGrath, 1 run

Angles this on a length around off, McGrath prods forward and pushes to wide long off

Renuka Singh to Mooney, 1 run

short and wide and Renuka is lucky that Mooney's cut was well intercepted by Meghna at short third diving to her left.

Renuka Singh to McGrath, 1 run

Full again well outside off, she digs it to deep cover

Renuka Singh to McGrath, 2 runs

Length ball outside off, she drives though covers for a couple of runs.

Renuka comes into the attack

end of over 1518 runs
AUS-W: 136/1CRR: 9.06 RRR: 7.40 • Need 37 from 30b
Beth Mooney73 (50b 13x4)
Tahlia McGrath20 (17b 3x4)
Devika Vaidya 3-0-33-1
Radha Yadav 3-0-28-0
Vaidya to Mooney, FOUR runs

This is a batting spectacle from Mooney. The cover fielder was just placed deep. So what does Mooney do. Opens the face of the bat just a little bit to drive the full-length ball wide of that fielder. 18 off that over.

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
BL Mooney
89 runs (57)
16 fours0 six
Productive shot
cover drive
21 runs
4 fours0 six
TM McGrath
40 runs (29)
4 fours1 six
Productive shot
cover drive
14 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
EA Perry
A Sutherland
Match details
Dr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
TossAustralia Women, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultAustralia Women led the 5-match series 1-0
Match numberWT20I no. 1312
Match days9 December 2022 - night (20-over match)
WT20I debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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