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Somerset vs Surrey, 9th Match at London, County DIV1, Apr 12 2024 - Full Scorecard

9th Match, The Oval, April 12 - 15, 2024, County Championship Division One
285 & 351
(T:209) 428 & 123/5

Match drawn

Somerset 1st Innings
Surrey 1st Innings
Somerset 2nd Innings
Surrey 2nd Innings
Match Flow
Somerset 1st Innings 
run out (Clark)871381789163.04
c Sibley b Clark1091020111.11
lbw b Clark10013318216075.18
c Overton b Steel1037431027.02
c †Foakes b Atkinson1370033.33
c †Foakes b Atkinson312300025.00
c Overton b Steel50791023363.29
c Overton b Atkinson014000.00
b Steel0210000.00
c †Foakes b Steel1235331034.28
not out 1020511050.00
Extras(b 1, lb 1)2
TOTAL78.1 Ov (RR: 3.64)285
Fall of wickets: 1-18 (Sean Dickson, 3.3 ov), 2-196 (Matt Renshaw, 45.1 ov), 3-198 (Tom Lammonby, 48.1 ov), 4-199 (Tom Banton, 49.2 ov), 5-211 (Lewis Goldsworthy, 54.3 ov), 6-211 (James Rew, 55.5 ov), 7-211 (Kasey Aldridge, 55.6 ov), 8-216 (Craig Overton, 58.2 ov), 9-236 (Migael Pretorius, 66.6 ov), 10-285 (Lewis Gregory, 78.1 ov)
3.3 to SR Dickson, an outrageous grab in the cordon! Dickson edges to second slip where Overton fumbles the chance, but the ball skews away low to his left, bangs into the top of Sibley's foot at first slip, and he has the presence of mind to grab it just before it deflects into the ground. Surrey make an early breakthrough. 18/1
48.1 to TA Lammonby, around the wicket, struck in front of off stump on the back pad and Lammonby has to go! Looked plumb, full and straight, and he falls from exactly 100. 198/3
49.2 to T Banton, Banton goes cheaply! Atkinson hits a length and gets the ball to shape back off the seam. It takes the inside edge as Banton prods forwards, and Foakes takes an excellent catch, low to his left. 199/4
55.5 to JEK Rew, two plays-and-misses in a row, then an outside edge through to the keeper! A touch wider from Atkinson, inviting the drive, but Rew could only nick it through. 211/6
55.6 to KL Aldridge, two in two! Atkinson drops short and Alridge isn't expecting it. He gets into an awkward position, looking to fend it off, and the ball balloons up for a simple catch. 211/7
54.3 to LP Goldsworthy, beauty! Steel carries on where he left off at Old Trafford, getting a legbreak to drift in, turn away and take the outside edge of the bat. Good low catch from Overton at slip. 211/5
58.2 to C Overton, does him in the flight! Drifts in, spins away just a touch and sneaks past the bat as Overton looks to work the legbreak through mid-on. Crashes into the top of middle-and-off and Somerset are eight down. 216/8
66.6 to M Pretorius, dragged down, but Pretorius edges behind! Drops short and Pretorius clears the front leg looking to muscle the ball back over the bowler's head, but he can only get a thin edge through to the keeper. 236/9
78.1 to L Gregory, tossed up, wide outside off stump. Gregory throws the kitchen sink at it but can only edge to slip, and his fun is over. Surrey finally take the 10th wicket and will be delighted with their comeback from 196 for 1. 285/10
Surrey 1st Innings 
c †Rew b Shoaib Bashir751411969053.19
b Goldsworthy10021524917046.51
c sub b Aldridge1118322061.11
b Overton5177807266.23
lbw b Gregory571241498045.96
lbw b Aldridge620241030.00
c Lammonby b Aldridge43931415046.23
c †Rew b Aldridge1334452038.23
b Aldridge3553793166.03
c Aldridge b Pretorius1537412040.54
not out 37120042.85
Extras(lb 5, nb 14)19
TOTAL135.2 Ov (RR: 3.16)428
Fall of wickets: 1-167 (Rory Burns, 51.1 ov), 2-192 (Ollie Pope, 58.6 ov), 3-214 (Dom Sibley, 65.3 ov), 4-272 (Jamie Smith, 82.2 ov), 5-291 (Dan Lawrence, 87.5 ov), 6-339 (Ben Foakes, 104.3 ov), 7-365 (Jordan Clark, 116.1 ov), 8-378 (Cameron Steel, 122.5 ov), 9-418 (Gus Atkinson, 132.5 ov), 10-428 (Jamie Overton, 135.2 ov)
82.2 to JL Smith, Off stump out of the ground! A ball after bringing up a classy half-century, Smith is on his way. Bit of nip in from Overton, but it's the lower bounce that does for Smith, who ends up hunched over his bat as Overton wheels away celebrating. 272/4
104.3 to BT Foakes, . 339/6
132.5 to AAP Atkinson, . 418/9
51.1 to RJ Burns, Somerset finally get through! Shoaib Bashir strikes against his former county, drifting one in from around the wicket which was a touch too full to cut. Burns goes it at it hard but can only edge into the keeper's gloves. 167/1
58.6 to OJ Pope, Ollie Pope what have you done?! Aldridge bangs one in short and Pope hooks casually into deep backward square, where sub fielder Alfie Ogborne trots across to take an excellently judged catch.. 192/2
87.5 to DW Lawrence, A second wicket with the new ball! Aldridge comes wider on the crease and arrows one into Lawrence. The right-hander's on an off stump guard and doesn't really get forward. Struck in front of middle and leg, and probably hitting a good deal of leg stump.. 291/5
116.1 to J Clark, . 365/7
122.5 to CT Steel, . 378/8
135.2 to J Overton, . 428/10
65.3 to DP Sibley, Goldsworthy gets Sibley with his third ball of the innings! An incredibly fortuitous dismissal; looped full and straight, Sibley tries to heave it up and over down the ground, but can only edge into his front boot. The ball spins back onto the stumps with enough force to knock off the bails. 214/3
Somerset 2nd Innings 
lbw b Lawrence1631522051.61
c †Foakes b Lawrence026000.00
lbw b Steel51851065060.00
c †Foakes b Atkinson581311645144.27
c Lawrence b Steel1135441031.42
c Overton b Lawrence2248484045.83
c Atkinson b Steel801882566042.55
c †Foakes b Roach42951054044.21
not out 521201568043.33
c Sibley b Steel1780014.28
lbw b Steel2770028.57
Extras(b 5, lb 9, nb 2)16
TOTAL124.4 Ov (RR: 2.81)351
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Sean Dickson, 1.2 ov), 2-43 (Matt Renshaw, 11.3 ov), 3-101 (Tom Lammonby, 28.4 ov), 4-121 (Tom Banton, 40.1 ov), 5-152 (James Rew, 53.6 ov), 6-162 (Lewis Goldsworthy, 56.3 ov), 7-256 (Kasey Aldridge, 84.5 ov), 8-345 (Lewis Gregory, 120.4 ov), 9-349 (Migael Pretorius, 122.3 ov), 10-351 (Shoaib Bashir, 124.4 ov)
1.2 to SR Dickson, . 0/1
11.3 to MT Renshaw, . 43/2
53.6 to JEK Rew, . 152/5
84.5 to KL Aldridge, Roach breaks through! Beautiful ball, angling in, pitching on a good length aiming towards the top of off stump. Aldridge tries to defend but can only feather it through to Foakes. Roach has his first wicket of the season. 256/7
56.3 to LP Goldsworthy, . 162/6
28.4 to TA Lammonby, . 101/3
40.1 to T Banton, . 121/4
120.4 to L Gregory, gone! Gregory's 187-ball rearguard comes to an end. Steel, around the wicket, hangs one wide outside off stump which Gregory back-cuts straight to backward point. Is there still just about time for Surrey to force a result?. 345/8
122.3 to M Pretorius, Pretorius has a swipe at one outside off stump, and skies it up miles up in the air... Sibley takes it at short cover, falling onto his back. 349/9
124.4 to Shoaib Bashir, Steel has five-for! Full and straight, drifting in towards leg stump. Slides into Bashir's shin and up goes the finger! Will Surrey have a dart at chasing 10+ an over?!. 351/10
Surrey 2nd Innings (T: 209 runs)
c Renshaw b Gregory45253923180.00
not out 53346850155.88
b Aldridge117601157.14
c & b Aldridge3580060.00
c Goldsworthy b Aldridge044000.00
c & b Gregory44500100.00
not out 3550060.00
Extras(lb 2, w 2)4
TOTAL14 Ov (RR: 8.78)123/5
Fall of wickets: 1-90 (Jamie Smith, 8.1 ov), 2-103 (Ollie Pope, 9.4 ov), 3-112 (Jamie Overton, 11.1 ov), 4-112 (Rory Burns, 11.5 ov), 5-118 (Dom Sibley, 12.4 ov)
8.1 to JL Smith, brilliant catch at long-on! Matt Renshaw, take a bow. In the slot, Smith looks to swipe over the leg side but it makes a horrible sound off the toe of the bat, and Renshaw races in off the rope then swoops low to take a superb low catch in the deep. 90/1
12.4 to DP Sibley, back-of-a-length ball at the right hip, Sibley shapes to muscle it over the leg side... but it loops straight up, and Gregory takes the catch off his own bowling. 118/5
9.4 to OJ Pope, knocks him over! Pope's stay only lasts seven balls. Clears the front leg, looking to slash him away through the off side, but Aldridge keeps the stumps in play and this crashes into the top of leg. 103/2
11.1 to J Overton, cross-batted hoick, high but not very long... and Aldridge gets underneath it running back over his left shoulder! Somerset have stopped the bleeding in the last three overs. 112/3
11.5 to RJ Burns, holes out to deep backward square! Strange innings from Burns who didn't seem sure whether he was teeing off or knocking it about. Back of a length, on the hip, and picks out the man on the rope. 112/4
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Fri, 12 Apr - day 1 - Surrey 1st innings 42/0 (Rory Burns 13*, Dom Sibley 29*, 15 ov)
Sat, 13 Apr - day 2 - Surrey 1st innings 358/6 (Cameron Steel 35*, Jordan Clark 7*, 111 ov)
Sun, 14 Apr - day 3 - Somerset 2nd innings 204/6 (Lewis Gregory 23*, Kasey Aldridge 20*, 69 ov)
Mon, 15 Apr - day 4 - Surrey 2nd innings 123/5 (14 ov) - end of match
Day 4
  • Surrey 2nd innings
  • Batting and Bowling points: Surrey 6, Somerset 3
Kennington Oval, London
TossSurrey, elected to field first
Hours of play (local time)11.00 start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days12,13,14,15 April 2024 - day (4-day match)
Match Referee
PointsSomerset 11, Surrey 14