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Australia vs England, 1st Test at Brisbane, , Nov 21 2013 - Ball by Ball Commentary

1st Test, Brisbane, November 21 - 24, 2013, England tour of Australia
295 & 401/7d
(T:561) 136 & 179

Australia won by 381 runs

Player Of The Match
64, 4/61, 39* & 5/42
ENG 2nd Innings
Full commentary

6.05pm: This match has provided a banquet of talking points, a smorgasboard of Ashes chatter that should provide us with plenty to chew through before the second Test, which begins in Adelaide on December 4. Why not start yourself off with David Hopps' report as an amuse-bouche, then ready yourself for reaction, opinion and analysis on the site throughout the day. There might even be some fun to be had in our Ashes Banter Funhouse (just don't go tweeting Swanny). From Gnasher and myself, it's so long, farewell - let's do it all again in a couple of weeks. This series could be a ripper. Ta ra

5.55pm: Mark Nicholas is handling the post-match interviews...

England captain Alastair Cook: "It's been a tough couple of days for us. We got ourselves intro a really good position, credit to how Haddin and Johnson played but we thought we had done well. Got off to a poor start with the bat and it ran away from us. Australia put us under pressure. Johnson bowled well, that's something we need to work on ahead of Adelaide. We've played him well in the past and that's something we'll have to look to do in the next game. When you only bat for 50 overs, the bowlers need time to rest in these conditions; we didn't do that and they suffered a bit. It's going to hurt us but there are plenty of characters in this side and we are going to fight back."

Australia's Michael Clarke is greeted by rapturous applause from the stands: "Fantastic start, there were some fantastic individual perfofmances, Mitchell Johnson in particular. The Brisbane crowd have been great, all the boys are grateful and I really hope this bodes well for the summer. England will come back, it's only one Test but I'm really pleased. We didn't start too well with the bat but credit to the boys for coming back. England have shown they are a quality team and we have to do it again in the next match."

Mitchell Johnson was Man of the Match, I think, though Channel 9 cut off their broadcast.

5.45pm: Australia have wrapped up a crushing defeat, despite the rain, despite their shaky start on Thursday, despite a run of seven defeats in nine Tests. This has been a hugely impressive display and looks to have posted a significant marker for the series; England have been battered and bruised in body and mind, suffering the sixth-heaviest defeat, in terms of runs, in their history. Australia's fortress remains intact, Alastair Cook's men the latest to be chewed up in the Gabbatoir, and the Ashes have been ignited. Australia have won only their second Test in 2013 and in doing so, inflicted England's first defeat in 14 Tests - that last occasion, in Ahmedabad 12 months ago, led to a history-making revival but they look to have an even more ferocious challenge on their hands this time. Mitchell Johnson, with nine wickets and 103 runs in the match, has been resurrected in almost as spectacular fashion as Australia's fortunes compared to six months ago... Adelaide, dear reader, can't come soon enough.

Johnson to Anderson, OUT

Anderson fends at another brute of a ball from Johnson, it goes straight up in the air and it is the bowler, fittingly, who jogs underneath to complete the dismissal and ensure that Australia win the match by 381 runs, giving them a 1-0 lead in the series

James Anderson c & b Johnson 2 (8b 0x4 0x6 21m) SR: 25
end of over 814 runs
ENG: 179/9CRR: 2.20 
Joe Root26 (86b 4x4)
James Anderson2 (7b)
Ryan Harris 19-4-49-2
Mitchell Johnson 21-7-42-4

"Presumably Johnson and Anderson are having another philosophical discussion on the subject of 'chirping'," comments Alan Thomasson. Apparently it was Clarke who was most animated, some 'fresh' language used, or so I hear

Harris to Root, no run

goes for the stay-right-where-you-are bouncer, Root ducks obligingly

Harris to Root, FOUR runs

full and straight and clipped smartly in front of square for a boundary - that, ladies and gentlemen, takes England below the margin of defeat on this ground 11 years ago

Harris to Root, no run

good length, outside off, comes forward to defend

Harris to Root, no run

gets on the front foot, bat next to pad and opens the face, squirts the ball through gully but declines the run

Harris to Root, no run

straighter line, Root squares up in defence

Harris to Root, no run

length ball around the line of off stump, gets in line and defends with a straight bat

The new ball is available and Australia duly take it... Root is on strike, though

end of over 802 runs
ENG: 175/9CRR: 2.18 
James Anderson2 (7b)
Joe Root22 (80b 3x4)
Mitchell Johnson 21-7-42-4
Ryan Harris 18-4-45-2
Johnson to Anderson, 2 runs

good length, on the stumps, solid connection this time from Anderson, who punches a couple through mid-on

Johnson to Anderson, no run

goes over the wicket now, length ball that fizzes through as Anderson swings hard and misses

Johnson to Anderson, no run

back-of-a-length, at the body and jabbed safely down into the leg side

Johnson to Anderson, no run

dug in again, Anderson can smell burning leather as another bumper rears past his nose

Johnson to Anderson, no run

that's an absolute ripsnorter of a bouncer, ripe to banjax better batsmen than Jimmy, who does well not to get a glove on it

Johnson to Anderson, no run

short and at the body, 90mph bumper that Anderson manages to jerk off his hips, to short backward square leg

Guess who's back, back again? Yep, it's MJ, with Anderson on strike ... and there's a bit of a delay, some "polite discussions" between the batsmen and the Australia players, the umpires get involved. Clarke looks vexed, though I'm not sure why

end of over 79Maiden
ENG: 173/9CRR: 2.18 
Joe Root22 (80b 3x4)
James Anderson0 (1b)
Ryan Harris 18-4-45-2
Nathan Lyon 20-6-46-2

Tim is not satisfied: "Poor work from Lyon but also from Warner. Why not just lob the ball easily to Lyon. Firing in a bounce throw to the bowlers end is not the way to do it when a guy is stranded in the middle of the pitch."

Harris to Root, no run

Root duly leaves again, another good length ball in the channel

Harris to Root, no run

this is even wider, Root's not going to play at that but Australia probably aren't too fussed as long as he stays at that end

Harris to Root, no run

Harris thunders through, line and length outside off, another textbook leave

Harris to Root, no run

keeps plugging away on a good length outside off, nothing doing

Harris to Root, no run

fullish length in corridor outside off, left alone

Harris to Root, no run
end of over 781 run
ENG: 173/9CRR: 2.21 
Joe Root22 (74b 3x4)
James Anderson0 (1b)
Nathan Lyon 20-6-46-2
Ryan Harris 17-3-45-2
Lyon to Root, 1 run

Root nurdles the ball to backward square, straight to Warner and takes on the arm, reckless but who cares at this stage. The throw is good, Lyon breaks the stumps and that's it... or is it? Maybe not, because it appears Lyon might have broken the bails just before catching the ball. His elbow disturbed middle stump and, after a wee deliberation, third umpire Marais Erasmus decides it should be not out. So Root, who would have been run out by yards and was about halfway to the pavilion, keeps the strike after all

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