2nd T20I (N), Dubai (DSC), Nov 27 2015, England tour of United Arab Emirates
(20 ov, target 173)169/8
England won by 3 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 207 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 169/8CRR: 8.44 
Anwar Ali3 (4)
Sohail Tanvir6 (3)
Chris Woakes 4-0-40-2
David Willey 4-0-43-0

England win by three runs and clinch the series with a match to spare. They celebrate, but there's no doubt some relief in there, too. It did not look like Pakistan would get anywhere near this close after England's spinners had tried down the middle overs. Then, however, Afridi had an eight-ball blitz and the last two overs were full of mayhem and madness. Wonderful entertainment for the full house. But, in the end, Chris Woakes just managed to hold his nerve having been taken apart from Afridi (but also removing him, it was that sort of day).

david: "What a thriller! Well done, England. Heartfelt commiserations to Pakistan" Well said, David. rakthim: "Sigh of relief for the English. But whattta match..."

Right, I'm off for a lie down. You'll be able to read George Dobell's report of all the fun here. We will be back for the final match in Sharjah on Monday which completes this tour and series. For now, though, from Andrew McGlashan it's goodbye

Woakes to Anwar Ali, no run

swing and a miss! England hold on for the series. It was actually a length ball outside off, Anwar had a mighty heave but couldn't make contact.

Last ball of a bonkers match (unless we get a Super Over)

Woakes to Tanvir, 1 run

on leg stump, he swings hard but he picks out long leg! Oh, boy, it was there to hit...picked out Plunkett on the boundary

Five to win. Four for a Super Over. Hypocaust: "This has been glorious, ridiculous entertainment. A perfect T20 match."

Woakes to Anwar Ali, 1 run

full outside off, well bowled, Anwar can only drill it down the ground to long off

mohsin: "getting to see everything. now one handed shot. super over is on the way boys"

Woakes to Tanvir, 1 run

full outside off, driven to mid-off who is on the edge of the circle

Seven off four needed! Fielders going everywhere

Woakes to Tanvir, FOUR runs

on the pads, poor delivery, it's one-handed swing over square leg and it dribbles into the rope

Sohail Tanvir can hit a long ball...

Hamzah: "My family has gone mad....this game has been epic! Edge of the seat stuff!!"

Woakes is on a hat-trick. What a ridiculous game

Woakes to Sarfaraz, OUT

first strike to Woakes! Sarfraz trying his favourite sweep, it was full outside off, he's right across the crease and basically hits it straight into his stumps.

Sarfaraz Ahmed b Woakes 19 (28m 13b 1x4 0x6) SR: 146.15

Here's the equation: 11 needed off 6 balls. Who has got the nerve? A tie means a Super Over we are told. Woakes to bowl...

end of over 1914 runs
PAK: 162/7CRR: 8.52 RRR: 11.00
Sarfaraz Ahmed19 (12)
Anwar Ali2 (2)
David Willey 4-0-43-0
Chris Woakes 3-0-33-1
Willey to Sarfaraz, 1 run

full and straight, crunched down to long off so he'll have strike for the final over

Willey to Anwar Ali, 1 run

another low full toss, driven down the ground to long off...sensible cricket

Calm heads and this is Pakistan's game now

Willey to Sarfaraz, 1 run

driven very sweetly through the off side

Willey to Sarfaraz, 6 runs

oh boy! Massive bonus for Pakistan. Willey got a good yorker in, was squeezed through the leg side, the throw came in and struck the diving batsman the rebounded away to the boundary. What. A. Moment

Willey to Sarfaraz, FOUR runs

goes across the crease at a full toss and swings it behind square on the leg side...Pakistan still have a terrific chance

Willey to Anwar Ali, 1 run

down the pitch and pings this straight but mid-off is able to get around

Woakes will have to bowl the last over. For now it's Willey