35th Match, Group 1 (N), Abu Dhabi, Nov 4 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(20 ov, target 190)169/8
Sri Lanka won by 20 runs
Player Of The Match
68 (41)
end of over 2013 runs
WI: 169/8CRR: 8.45 
Shimron Hetmyer81 (54)
Akeal Hosein1 (1)
Dushmantha Chameera 4-0-41-1
Chamika Karunaratne 4-0-43-2

10.06pm: Well that's that from this day of double headers from us. A sobering sort of day, when you think that a dynasty has run its course in T20I cricket. West Indies were a magnificent team. And despite how they've gone in this tournament, they still have the ability to beat any side, on any day. But their title defence is over. But a rousing finish for Sri Lanka, who are full of exciting potential. For now, this is Saurabh Somani, signing off on behalf of Peter Della Penna too.

Dasun Shanaka: Overall it's a very good victory. These youngsters have been working hard, so I'm really happy. The batsmen were brilliant and the bowling was also brilliant throughout the tournament. (On Asalanka and Nissanka) I knew that they have the potential. They worked really hard for this. They have a long career ahead and a lot of good cricket to come. Anywhere they go, they'll have a special place in the team. I think the team is going in the right direction at the moment. The fans have been supporting us very well, lose or win, so we should thank every fan over here and all over the world. (On Hasaranga) He's a gem. He's a superstar in the making. Lot of cricket to be played, we have to protect him as well. As a captain, I back him in every situation.

Kieron Pollard: I think we were below par. In a crucial match like this, you don't want to see those things (for fielding). Our bowlers did okay, they got 189 but it was a very good batting track. The way Sri Lanka played, they didn't bat us out of the game but played very smartly. Only 3 sixes but 17 fours, so they didn't give us chances. Ran a lot of twos. Hetmyer batted brilliantly at the end, that's what we know he can do as an individual. Come in early, knock the ball around and explode at the end. That's what we want to see from him, a bit more consistency. Him and Pooran, we know we have these guys. I think cricket smarts is something that has plagued us. We have spoken time and time again especially from a batting perspective what we need to do as individuals and we have not done well. A couple of young guys are putting up their hands but the experienced guys, myself included, have not done well. We are not going to hide from the fact that it's been disappointing for us. I'm sure all the guys are hurting in that dressing room. It's something we didn't see coming but we have to face reality.

Charith Asalanka is the Player of the Match: Always glad to have a half-century and a match-winning knock for my country. Before this World Cup I hadn't played a lot of T20 cricket. I asked senior players questions and wanted to get better and better by the day. I want to say, I was waiting for five years and I worked hard to come to the national side. This is my pay-off time. I just want to carry on, work hard and win more matches for my country.

Gautam Shenoy: "The shot off the last ball summed up the tournament for WI. Couldn't get out of their own way.."

SudarshanaB: "Had SL could hold those crunch moments against SA, even against Eng, they would have been in contest for SF berth against Aussies. Those fine margins. But absolutely brilliant effort from young SL team."

9.48pm: West Indies' title defence has formally ended. They lose by 20 runs, but they were behind the game for large parts of their chase. Hetmyer's blows at the end only narrowed the margin. Bit of a sad end to a great dynasty of talent, don't know how many of them we'll see again in a World Cup. On the other hand, what a win for Sri Lanka's young guns. The batting was fearless and power-packed, the bowling was on target with great plans, the fielding was consistently outstanding. One team has the feel of an ageing band breaking up, the other one has the feel of a new bass guitarist and lead singer discovered, and with full of exciting possibilities ahead.

Chameera to Hetmyer, 1 run

full ball blasts a drive back, that catches Akeal on the boot and goes towards mid-on - and that's that.

For those talking up Fabian Allen - a) you're right, he's a great talent. But b) he was in the squad and got injured. Akeal is his replacement.

Chameera to Hetmyer, FOUR runs

and another yorker, that Hetmyer is a bit late to get bat down on, and gets an inside edge that runs past the stumps and the keeper for a boundary

Chameera to Hetmyer, no run

and another yorker outside off, that Hetmyer can only squirt back towards the bowler off the bottom edge as he's looking to slog

Chameera to Hetmyer, SIX runs

connects with this one, full and wide outside off and it's launched over extra cover. Stayed in his crease, and transferred weight back and forward to nail that shot

Chameera to Hetmyer, no run

yorker outside off, he can only steer it away towards point

Chameera to Hetmyer, 2 runs

full ball outside off, he's going for it hard, but losing his timing, thumps it to deep midwicket for two runs

Gowtham: "Disappointing to see WI bow out, but they have been rigid with their tactics and strategy. Holder and Chase should have been in the lineup right from the beginning. The first loss really set, unfortunately, the descending tone."

end of over 1918 runs
WI: 156/8CRR: 8.21 RRR: 34.00 • Need 34 runs from 6b
Shimron Hetmyer68 (48)
Akeal Hosein1 (1)
Chamika Karunaratne 4-0-43-2
Dushmantha Chameera 3-0-28-1
C Karunaratne to Hetmyer, 1 bye

backing away to try and hack that into the legside but can't connect. Full pace delivery going away from him. They still manage to steal the bye so Hetmyer will have the strike last over

C Karunaratne to Hetmyer, no run

short ball, he gets a bottom edge on the pull and it rolls down the pitch. Hetmyer is furious with himself, swings the bat in anger

C Karunaratne to Hetmyer, FOUR runs

full toss outside off, and he's thrown his bat at that really hard, beats extra cover and gets a boundary this time. Finishing with a flourish, is Hetmyer.

C Karunaratne to Hetmyer, SIX runs

swatted straight back now. Too short, goes back and smashes the slower ball across the line with a horizontal bat, straight back over the bowler's head

C Karunaratne to Hetmyer, SIX runs

clears a leaping long-on. Full on the stumps, goes deep in his crease and absolutely crunches a lofted on-drive. Avishka there times his jump well but the ball just eludes his fingertips

C Karunaratne to Hetmyer, 1 wide

too far down legside and it's a wide

C Karunaratne to Hetmyer, no run

fuller on the stumps, drilled to long-on. Doesn't take the single

Deluxshan: "With that wicket Hasaranga is the leading wicket taker in a single T20 WC, overtaking fellow Srilankan Ajantha Mendis (15 in 2012)" - Indeed. And you don't have to believe me or Deluxshan, you can Ask Cricinfo.

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