3rd Test, Perth, Jan 13 - 15 2012, India tour of Australia
(63.2 ov)161 & 171
Australia won by an innings and 37 runs
Player Of The Match

Stunning performance from Australia, shocking performance from India. The match didn't even last half the distance, Australia win with two days and nearly two sessions to spare. If this doesn't prompt changes, not sure what will. And to think the series started with the two teams apparently evenly matched.

Here's Chris Gayle joking tweet: "I'm waiting on clearance from bcci to play in the 4th test against Australia!Fingers cross,I will get a crack at swing swung 4 prank! LOL"

Prashant Kumar: "Only person Australia weren't able to crack was Umesh Yadav - 2 not out innings and 5 wickets. Not too dissimilar from the stats in England last year: England's average 59.76, India's 25.55"

Jokes apart, it was another top-class display from the Aussie quicks, and David Warner played an innings that Mickey Arthur rated among the top he has ever seen.

Out stats editor Rajesh tweets: "Australia's ave runs per wicket in this series: 47.08; India's 22.90. "

Post-match presentation

Dhoni: "We didn't perform well up till now. Warner played really well, in that one session he took the game away from us. The failure in the batting definitely hurt us." Dhoni backs the seniors by saying "Class is always there, they have the experience, its just in two back-to-back series that we have failed."

"What has happened, the last couple of series, we have not adapted well to the conditions quickly enough. Winning in Adelaide is the only motivation we have now, the bowlers have shown they can take wickets, we need to put the runs on the board."

David Warner is the Man of the Match: "I was playing my natural game. I see myself as a batsman and look to score runs whenever I can. At the end of the day, in Test cricket most of the fielders are behind the wicket. So there will be a lot of scoring opportunities in front of the wicket. It's fantastic to bring up 200 with Cowan, we have found something there, we hope to continue it." The NBA could approach me after cricket, he jokes about his leap celebrating his hundred.

Michael Clarke: "A great feeling. A wonderful job from Warner, and Cowan deserves praise too." Lauds that 200 run stand. "Hobart was quite a tough wicket for the batters, the work we have put in, you can see the effects on our individual batters." Praises the bowling unit as well.

"I thought our selectors from the past also did their best,

the new coach, new selectors have brought new enthusiasm to the group which is exciting, the team has grown since the time I took over as captain, Ricky has helped a lot with his experience. We are going to have a few beers tonight. We want to win this series 4-0."

Clarke to Tom Moody: "I'm stoked, the boys are really happy. The bowling deserves credit, for getting out such an amazing batting line-up. Warner- it's like opening the batting with Gilly, he can hit it both side, I love his enthusiasm, he's a great asset for Australia, and he has a bright future. Our batting needs to work hard, our fielding is improving. Games like this are a reward for the hard work we put in."

Think Clarke's popularity is going to increase in Australia after this emphatic series win?

Dhoni to Dinesh Chopra: "We need to put runs on the board, getting out below 200, there's not much for the bowlers, in this Test we should have scored more runs. Virat batted really well, Dravid supported him, overall though we flopped. Australia's bowled kept on hitting the right areas, they kept building the pressure, it was a waiting game. It was a difficult wicket, there was something in it for the bowlers, Warner apart the batsmen struggled. [Changes?] We'll have to wait and watch, the last series we played overseas we didn't win a game, we want to win at Adelaide."

David Warner: "That's how I approach the game, credit to our bowlers as well. I wouldn't think any match is too easy. They keep nicking a lot, if we keep the ball outside off.. The 50 runs probably cost India as well after I got dropped. Our bowlers yesterday afternoon put in a great effort, and we could finish it off after lunch today."

Ian Chappell lays into India's selection committee, saying they have not been brave enough, and calling them short-sighted. He says there needs to be changes there.

Dan Brettig's match report will be updated here very shortly. And do check out all the analysis from our guys at ground. Calls for changes were loud enough before this match, and will be deafening before Adelaide. See you then!

Siddle to Kohli, OUT

Australia complete the demolition job, Virat Kohli nicks it through to the keeper, an innings and 37 runs, a little more than seven sessions to complete the rout, 3-0 and the series is in the pocket, and in some style too

Virat Kohli c †Haddin b Siddle 75 (191m 136b 9x4 0x6) SR: 55.14

The crowd giving Hilfenhaus a warn round of applause as he heads towards the boundary

Siddle to Kohli, no run

length ball around off stump, defended off the front foot towards cover

end of over 63Wicket maiden
INDIA: 171/9CRR: 2.71 
Umesh Yadav0 (1)
Virat Kohli75 (134)
Ben Hilfenhaus 18-6-54-4
Peter Siddle 15-5-43-2
Hilfenhaus to Yadav, no run

full and on the leg stump, Umesh manages to defend it towards mid-on

Five slips in place!

RoflIndian is back: "Lunch over. Now for the lynch."

Hilfenhaus to Sharma, OUT

three in the over for Hilfenhaus, this is ending in a hurry, another short ball, targetting Ishant's penchant to stand tall and defend these short deliveries, the short leg was placed just for this, Ishant duly obliges by providing the catch, extra bounce means the ball hits him high on the bat nine down now

Ishant Sharma c Cowan b Hilfenhaus 0 (1m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Hilfenhaus to Sharma, no run

a bouncer down the leg side, Ishant lets it go

Hilfenhaus to Sharma, no run

so close to a hat-trick, in the channel outside off, Ishant somehow restrains himself from poking at it

Hilfenhaus to Khan, OUT

a snorter first up, there's no time for any entertaining Zaheer swipes, he's gone for a golden duck, a bouncer just outside off, rears up on Zaheer, gloved through, Haddin dives to his right to try take that, he can't, Clarke is terrific at slip and he shows that again, he isn't distracted by Haddin's movement or the glove, jumps and hangs on to an overhead catch, Hilfenhaus is on a hat-trick

Zaheer Khan c Clarke b Hilfenhaus 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Zaheer Khan comes in.

Hilfenhaus to Vinay, OUT

Hilf gets his second wicket, Australia are three away from 3-0, short of length ball, once again an Indian batsman hangs his bat outside off, gets the edge, the ball flies to Clarke at first slip, Vinay is gone

Vinay Kumar c Clarke b Hilfenhaus 6 (25m 20b 1x4 0x6) SR: 30
end of over 626 runs
INDIA: 171/6CRR: 2.75 
Virat Kohli75 (134)
Vinay Kumar6 (19)
Peter Siddle 15-5-43-2
Ben Hilfenhaus 17-5-54-1
Siddle to Kohli, no run

full and outside off, that is left to the keeper

Siddle to Kohli, FOUR runs

overpitched and on the pads, Kohli dismisses that towards the midwicket boundary

Brad: "The Hilf wasn't off his peak, being the gentamanley and attractive superpower of swing bowling that he is he decided to step back and let the others show their inferior talents because he's a team player. A true champion"

Siddle to Kohli, 2 runs

short of length ball on the pads, Kohli clips it towards midwicket and immmediately calls for two

Siddle to Kohli, no run

closer to the off stump, goes straight on this time, Kohli lets this one go as well

Siddle to Kohli, no run

too far outside off, Haddin has to dive to his right to collect that

Siddle to Kohli, no run

length ball on middle and off, Siddle defends down the track

end of over 61Maiden
INDIA: 165/6CRR: 2.70 
Vinay Kumar6 (19)
Virat Kohli69 (128)
Ben Hilfenhaus 17-5-54-1
Peter Siddle 14-5-37-2
Hilfenhaus to Vinay, no run

short of a length and way outside off, easy leave

Hilfenhaus to Vinay, no run

slants it down the leg side, left alone

Hilfenhaus to Vinay, no run

swings away after pitching outside off, Vinay shoulders arms

Hilfenhaus to Vinay, no run

fuller on middle stump, defended down the track

Ravi: "It is easy to stick to the old saw about India's away batting weaknesses. But I wonder if the present decline is due to ignoring the signs from England that the old greats are not as sharp as they used to be. Probably time to bet upon the likes of Kohli, Sharma, Pujara and co."

Hilfenhaus to Vinay, no run

that one is left alone, a short one slipping down leg

Hilfenhaus to Vinay, no run

shortish ball angling down the leg side, Vinay ducks under that bouncer

1.05pm Close to the re-start now.

The Indian media reporting that this could be Laxman's last Test.

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