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SF vs Texas, 7th Match at Morrisville, MLC, Jul 10 2024 - Full Scorecard

7th Match, Morrisville, July 10, 2024, Major League Cricket
(12.5/20 ov, T:128) 128/3

Texas won by 7 wickets (with 43 balls remaining)

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SF Innings
Texas Innings
Match Flow
San Francisco Unicorns  (20 ovs maximum)
c du Plessis b Zia-ul-Haq104-11250.00
b Zia-ul-Haq117-10157.14
c Savage b Naveen-ul-Haq3315-23220.00
c †Conway b Bravo1712-11141.66
c Naveen-ul-Haq b Bravo12-0050.00
lbw b Mohammad Mohsin34-0075.00
c Hardie b Mohammad Mohsin1922-1186.36
b Mohammad Mohsin01-000.00
c Hardie b Santner1320-1065.00
not out 513-0038.46
lbw b Mohammad Mohsin67-0085.71
Extras(lb 2, w 7)9
TOTAL17.5 Ov (RR: 7.12)127
Fall of wickets: 1-11 (Finn Allen, 0.4 ov), 2-29 (Jake Fraser-McGurk, 2.5 ov), 3-66 (Matthew Short, 5.3 ov), 4-75 (Josh Inglis, 6.3 ov), 5-76 (Sanjay Krishnamurthi, 6.5 ov), 6-81 (Corey Anderson, 7.5 ov), 7-81 (Liam Plunkett, 7.6 ov), 8-108 (Haris Rauf, 13.4 ov), 9-119 (Hassan Khan, 15.5 ov), 10-127 (Abrar Ahmed, 17.5 ov) • DRS
0.4 to FH Allen, Oh, can you believe it? Finn Allen can't! Such a soft dismissal. A low full-toss on the pads, he can't time his flick and gets the outer part of the blade giving a regulation catch to a jubilant Faf du Plessis at mid-off, elation for Zia-ul-Haq who is very lucky here, got away with another loosener, Allen got only himself to blame, got a bit carried away and just went through the motions. 11/1
2.5 to J Fraser-McGurk, He is expensive but picking wickets! Gobsmacked him with a cunning off-cutter and strangles him with the lack of pace, Fraser-Mcgurk wanted to pick the bones out of that and went early through his attempted hoik, off the thigh and onto the stumps, he is livid with himself, two big wickets for Zia!. 29/2
5.3 to MW Short, Once again a SFU batter gets out on a harmless delivery! It was a full wide delivery just outside the tramline, he tries to batter it over deep point but can't clear the fence, couldn't generate much power and Savage does the rest, hangs onto a good catch close to the rope. Tidy effort. 66/3
13.4 to Haris Rauf, Floated up on middle and he takes the bait! Prances down the track and goes for an almighty heave, that stayed up for an eternity in the sky, plenty of elevation but just not enough distance. Two fielders were converging at cow corner, Hardie made the ground quickly and took a fabulous catch.. 108/8
6.3 to JP Inglis, D. Bravo foxes him with a mystery slow looping full ball on sixth stump line luring him to throw his hands at it, he lost his shape while trying to pummel that over cover, hands a simple catch to Naveen who manages to pouch it comfortably on this occasion at short third, Inglis didn't read him at all and the outside edge carried to the fielder who didn't have to move much, the run-rate is good but SFU has lost wickets in clumps and need some resurrecting.. 75/4
6.5 to SP Krishnamurthi, Appeal for caught behind, Conway seem convinced and Marais Erasmus raises the finger in agreement, full buffet of his tricks and gets gets better of the youngster who can't time his cut well enough, ball scratches his outside edge and Conway hang on to a good catch, Krishnamurthi looks crestfallen, looked promising and got a start but has to go back in the hut. SFU in a pickle! Bravo aging like a fine wine, makes bowling and taking wickets so easy, that's the value of experience. 76/5
7.5 to CJ Anderson, Inverses his stance and he has missed the straighter one, oh, Anderson, what have you done? Wanted to put pressure back on the bowler and got rapped high on the thigh, the appeal is pretty strong and umpire raised the dreaded finger. He has definitely going to review that, key wicket. Ultra-edge confirms there is no bat involved, Anderson knows he is in trouble, it was a low full toss, impact in line, wickets hitting, red is the code, this is turning from bad to worse! Perhaps, he could have taken some more time and then tried all the shots in his armoury. Captain departs, missed a full-toss out of all the deliveries. SFU. 81/6
7.6 to LE Plunkett, Carnage out there! Mohsin is on a hattrick! Unfurls a gorgeous googly and befuddles him with his accuracy, don't know what's the rush, Plunkett tried to swing him out of the park and got a thick inside edge that made mess of his stumps, SFU shooting themselves in the foot, bowlers on the crease now. This is a sorry locking scorecard. SFU are in danger of getting bowled out well before the 20th over, batting in absolute doldrums. 81/7
15.5 to Hassan Khan, Not getting it far enough and has to go...Touch short on middle and off, takes a step back and goes for a powerful pull but finds the only man perched on the rope at deep midwicket who reverse cups it over his head, Hassan Khan's resistance melts away finally, there were still a few overs to go so an untimely wicket. Hardie with another clean catch, got a safe pair of hands.. 119/9
17.5 to Abrar Ahmed, Went too far across his stumps to attempt another pull towards fine leg, missed it and it looks pretty adjacent. Takes the review hoping against hope. Looks like a top-spinner, pitching outside off, impact in line and would have crashed middle stump. Only thing that could have saved him was height but it wasn't pitched short and Mohsin completes a marvelous outing with the ball, picks up his fourth - he is an adroit spinner who rarely gives anything away and has remarkable control on his googly. 127/10
Texas Super Kings  (T: 128 runs from 20 ovs)
retired hurt 3219-50168.42
c Short b Plunkett3417-14200.00
c Allen b Hassan Khan3423-32147.82
c Couch b Hassan Khan99-10100.00
not out 45-0080.00
not out 94-01225.00
Extras(lb 2, w 4)6
TOTAL12.5 Ov (RR: 9.97)128/3
Fall of wickets: 1-61 (Faf du Plessis, 4.5 ov), 1-92* (Devon Conway, retired hurt), 2-115 (Joshua Tromp, 11.1 ov), 3-116 (Aaron Hardie, 11.3 ov) • DRS
4.5 to F du Plessis, Oh, that's a soft dismissal, that got stuck in the surface, a short off-cutter, he goes for the pull and gives a simple catch to short at midwicket who lunged forward and made no mistake. That is a huge wicket but the damage has already been done.. 61/1
11.1 to J Tromp, Round the wicket, length on middle, tries to smash Hassan into the stands over long-on, it was slower, didn't get all of it and found Couch who pouched it perfectly into his big bucket hands. Something to rejoice for SFU. 115/2
11.3 to AM Hardie, Hassan Khan bags his second as TSK lose another while attempting to seal off the game quickly. Beautifully tossed up fuller and spinning away outside off, gave him extra air and his eyes lit up, went hard but didn't get the middle, hits lower on his bat and he knew he mistimed it completely, Allen with a safe catch at long-off. 116/3
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  • San Francisco Unicorns innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 74 runs, 3 wickets)
  • San Francisco Unicorns: 50 runs in 4.1 overs (25 balls), Extras 3
  • Over 7.5: Review by San Francisco Unicorns (Batting), Decision Challenged - Wicket, Umpire - VP Mallela, Batter - CJ Anderson (Struck down)
  • Strategic Timeout: San Francisco Unicorns - 90/7 in 9.0 overs (Hassan Khan 9, Haris Rauf 1)
  • San Francisco Unicorns: 100 runs in 12.1 overs (73 balls), Extras 6
  • San Francisco Unicorns: 100 runs in 12.2 overs (74 balls), Extras 6
  • Strategic Timeout: San Francisco Unicorns - 119/9 in 15.5 overs (BL Couch 4)
  • Over 16.2: Review by Texas Super Kings (Bowling), Decision Challenged - Wicket, Umpire - M Erasmus, Batter - BL Couch (Struck down)
  • Innings Break: San Francisco Unicorns - 127/10 in 17.5 overs (BL Couch 5)
  • Over 17.5: Review by San Francisco Unicorns (Batting), Decision Challenged - Wicket, Umpire - VP Mallela, Batter - Abrar Ahmed (Struck down)
  • Texas Super Kings innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 67 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Texas Super Kings: 50 runs in 4.2 overs (26 balls), Extras 2
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 26 balls (DP Conway 25, F du Plessis 28, Ex 2)
  • Strategic Timeout: Texas Super Kings - 92/1 in 8.5 overs (AM Hardie 20)
  • DP Conway retired hurt at 92/1 (32, 8.5 overs)
  • Texas Super Kings: 100 runs in 9.6 overs (60 balls), Extras 6
Church Street Park, Morrisville
TossTexas Super Kings, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Match days10 July 2024 - day (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsTexas Super Kings 2, San Francisco Unicorns 0
Win Probability
TSK 100%
100%50%100%SF InningsTSK Innings

Over 13 • TSK 128/3

Texas won by 7 wickets (with 43 balls remaining)
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