2nd Test, Mirpur, May 6 - 9 2015, Pakistan tour of Bangladesh
557/8d & 195/6d
(target 550)203 & 221
Pakistan won by 328 runs
Player Of The Match
226 & 25
Player Of The Series
334 runs

The trophy has been presented to Misbah. Time for the celebrations. So, Pakistan sign off with a massive win. While they brace themselves for an immense, nervy occasion, Bangladesh will look to iron out the creases before the Indian challenge. Do watch out for analyses from Isam and Umar. Many thanks for tuning in over the last four days. Until next time, goodbye and good luck.

Azhar Ali, Man of the Match and Man of the Series: It is a very good combined effort from the team. We all played really well. The coach and management has backed our abilities and we got the result. Getting centuries is satisfactory. We look up to Younis Khan and senior players and look to score big. In the past few months, we have been doing well in Tests. We did well against Australia. All credit should go to the team.

Misbah-ul-Haq: It is a much-needed win for us. The team showed great character. After losing the toss, the first session was important for us. The way Younis Khan and Azhar Ali batted was the base for our victory. There was more bounce here than Khulna, our bowlers enjoyed bowling on this wicket. Yasir Shah bowled really well. I am not part of the T20 and ODI side, but I wish my team a good series against Zimbabwe. It is really really good to see cricket come back in Pakistan. Everybody should congratulate Bangladesh the way they played. The first Test draw was a victory for them. We were disappointed by the last Test. The way we won this match we were satisfied. It was a much-needed win for us.

Mushfiqur Rahim: It was disappointing. We bowled some no balls and we were also one bowler down. Nothing went right for us in the first day. Pakistan are ranked No.3 in Tests and they came back hard. We did not plan well and execute well and that is why we lost the game. We have been playing consistently and we will have to learn quickly. Tamim has had a great series and Imrul too. Mominul as always gets 50-plus runs. The bowlers will have to be aggressive and keep us in the game for five days. If you want to win and if you want to compete in Tests, you will have to take 20 wickets. We need to plan better and we will look to do that against India.

Presentation time:

2:06pm:The players shake hands. Waqar Younis is pleased. After being whitewashed in the limited-overs leg, Pakistan have rebounded strongly to wrap up the Test series 1-0 with a 328-run victory.

Imran Khan bowled with verve and triggered a Bangladesh slide on the fourth morning. Yasir Shah ripped a few and exploited the rough to trouble the hosts further. Save for Mominul's fifty and late blows from Shuvagata Hom, Bangladesh offered only flimsy resistance before Pakistan cleaned up the innings with more than four sessions to spare.

Salman Zafar: "Stats: Pakistan's largest victory margins in terms of runs: 356 against Australia at Abu Dhabi in 2014, 341 runs against India at Karachi in 2006, 328 runs against Bangladesh at Mir Pur in 2015, 301 runs against Sri Lanka at Colombo in 1994, 299 runs against New Zealand at Auckland in 2001. "

samran_mirza: "''another series in the Account of MISBAH !''"

Junaid to Shuvagata Hom, OUT

Pakistan take the series 1-0 with a massive win! Shahadat will not come out to bat again. Timber. Junaid hurls in a yorker at 139.4ks, Hom backs away, looks to slash it away but can't do so. This slides under the bat and rattles the middle stump

Shuvagata Hom b Junaid Khan 39 (79m 55b 6x4 0x6) SR: 70.9
Junaid to Shahid, 1 run

he makes room, Junaid follows the batsman. Shahid manages an inside edge onto the pad, the ball rolls to off and they sneak a single

Junaid to Shahid, no run

swing and a miss to a 117.5ks back-of-a-length ball outside off. Beaten for the change of pace

Junaid to Shahid, FOUR runs

banged in short and outside leg, following Shahid. He was cramped for room. Yet, he slogs it away to the deep midwicket boundary

Junaid to Shahid, FOUR runs

length on off, Shahid backs away and smears it over mid-off

end of over 564 runs
BAN: 212/8CRR: 3.78 
Shuvagata Hom39 (54)
Mohammad Shahid5 (10)
Yasir Shah 21-3-73-4
Junaid Khan 10-1-36-0
Yasir Shah to Shuvagata Hom, no run

slid through quick, pushed back to the bowler

Yasir Shah to Shuvagata Hom, no run

flat and quick, catches the batsman on the pad. But this was snaking down leg

Yasir Shah to Shuvagata Hom, no run

Sarfraz fluffs a stumping chance. This was full and outside off, Hom nips down the track and misses the big slog. Sarfraz is beaten as the ball bounces in front of him but Younis at first slip stretches to his left and has the ball covered

Yasir Shah to Shuvagata Hom, no run

pushed through on off, defended

Yasir Shah to Shuvagata Hom, 2 runs

full and outside off, he sinks to one knee and slog-sweeps it in the air. Asad Shafiq runs to cow corner from deep midwicket but the ball lands just wide of him

Yasir Shah to Shuvagata Hom, 2 runs

flighted and full on off, Hom shuffles across and paddles it fine on the leg side. He comes back for the second

end of over 557 runs
BAN: 208/8CRR: 3.78 
Mohammad Shahid5 (10)
Shuvagata Hom35 (48)
Junaid Khan 10-1-36-0
Yasir Shah 20-3-69-4
Junaid to Shahid, no run

shortish and outside leg, blocked to leg

Junaid to Shuvagata Hom, 1 run

yorker tails in on middle, jabbed to midwicket, the fielder lets it through him

This had actually grazed leg, but the bails refused to get dislodged.

Junaid to Shuvagata Hom, no run

Junaid hurls in a yorker, following Hom, who was stepping away. Misses the leg stump by a whisker

Junaid to Shuvagata Hom, no run

fractionally back of a length and swerves in, Hom makes room now but can't lash it through the covers. Gets an inside edge onto the pad

Junaid to Shahid, 1 run

short on leg, Shahid backs away and hacks it to mid-on off the inside half of the bat. The fielder fails to effect a direct hit

Junaid to Shahid, no run

short on middle and leg, blocked back

Junaid to Shahid, (no ball)

134.3ks, Junaid spills this down leg. He has overstepped to boot. Shahid does not meet with the glance. The keeper is beaten as well

Can Junaid wrap the game? Round the stumps

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