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PAK Women vs AUS Women, 2nd ODI at Brisbane, PAK-W in AUS, Jan 18 2023 - Match Result

2nd ODI, Brisbane, January 18, 2023, Pakistan Women tour of Australia
(19.2/50 ov, T:126) 129/0

AUS Women won by 10 wickets (with 184 balls remaining)

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Scorecard summary
Pakistan Women 125/10(43 overs)
24 (38)
3/32 (8)
Australia Women 129/0(19.2 overs)
57* (55)
0/26 (5)

A masterclass from Australia who lead the ODI series 2-0 with one match to play. The two sides head to North Sydney Oval on Saturday for the third ODI before the three-match T20I series starts next week. It will be another big challenge for Pakistan on Saturday. Hopefully they can find something. Hope you can join us then.

Darcie Brown is Player of the Match for her 3 for 32: "Obviously it's nice to get a few poles but most of all just happy to get a very convincing win today. I keep it pretty simple. I tried to keep my hand behind the ball as much as I could unlike I did last game so that's probably all that changed. It didn't swing as much. I felt like I had a bit more control this game. There wasn't as many clouds overhead and it was nice and hot which is not too bad."

Steve: "I believe this is the first ODI where Meg Lannning wasn't required to bat. " It was.

2.48pm Australia win by 10 wickets with more than 30 overs to spare. A thoroughly dominant display from Australia. Pakistan never stood a chance. Australia's bowlers were ruthless before Phoebe Litchfield and Beth Mooney stamped their authority with twin half-centuries at better than a run-a-ball to put the chase to bed in 19.2 overs. Litchfield has taken to international cricket like a duck to water while Mooney did what Mooney does. Pakistan are on a steep learning curve on this tour.

Sadia Iqbal to Litchfield, FOUR runs

drilled through cover! It was at a catchable height but in the gap! Too powerful as she skipped out to thump it on the up and deliver the winning blow

Sadia Iqbal to Litchfield, no run

shorter on off, no turn, she's back to force to mid off

One run to win.

end of over 195 runs
AUS-W: 125/0CRR: 6.57 RRR: 0.03
Phoebe Litchfield63 (59b 9x4)
Beth Mooney57 (55b 6x4)
Omaima Sohail 1-0-5-0
Nida Dar 4-0-32-0
Omaima Sohail to Litchfield, 1 run

short and wide, she cuts to deep cover-point, Litchfield pushes for the second and the winning run but it's not on and Mooney wisely sent her back

Omaima Sohail to Mooney, 1 run

74kph, short outside off, she cuts to deep cover-point

Omaima Sohail to Mooney, no run

shorter on leg, she pulls straight to short fine

Omaima Sohail to Litchfield, 1 run

67kph, tossed up outside off, she reverse sweeps with great skill but picks out short third, they get a single on the ricochet

Omaima Sohail to Mooney, 1 run

short and very wide, 79kph, cut with ease to deep point

Omaima Sohail to Litchfield, 1 run

short wide offbreak, she waits and cuts to deep point

Omaima Sohail into the attack. Around the wicket

end of over 1810 runs
AUS-W: 120/0CRR: 6.66 RRR: 0.18
Beth Mooney55 (52b 6x4)
Phoebe Litchfield60 (56b 9x4)
Nida Dar 4-0-32-0
Kainat Imtiaz 3-0-24-0

Umanga: "Can't see Australia loosing the upcoming t20 world cup barring a miracle from other team, they look super strong in both the formats with other teams looking far away now. Ruthless Stuff. "

Nida Dar to Mooney, FOUR runs

drilled through cover! Straight through the fielder. Tossed up on off, she shuffles out and thumps a drive along the ground straight to cover who fails to get down to block it and it runs to the rope

Nida Dar to Mooney, no run

Mooney is taken on the pad but it pitched outside leg with Dar bowling off spin from over the wicket. There's an appeal turned down but Dar somehow convinces Bismah to call for a review. Ball tracking had it pitching nearly a foot outside leg. Not sure why Pakistan even appealed

Nida Dar to Litchfield, 1 run

shorter length, she's back to cut to deep point

Nida Dar to Litchfield, no run

sits back and guides to short third

Nida Dar to Litchfield, FOUR runs

skips down and lofts straight down the ground! Risky shot against the turn across with long on and long off back but she threads it between them with a wonderful shot

Nida Dar to Mooney, 1 run

shorter length, she propped forward and then pushed back to cut to deep point

end of over 179 runs
AUS-W: 110/0CRR: 6.47 RRR: 0.48
Phoebe Litchfield55 (53b 8x4)
Beth Mooney50 (49b 5x4)
Kainat Imtiaz 3-0-24-0
Nida Dar 3-0-22-0

Santo: "Its as if they've replaced a more aggressive rachel haynes and 18 more years of splendor career ! Phew what factory is this australia have!!! Phoebe litchfield a talent to watch..."

Kainat Imtiaz to Litchfield, no run

play and miss trying to square drive on the up. Was beaten on the inside edge

Kainat Imtiaz to Mooney, 1 run

93kph, good length, on off, she defends with soft hands to the gap at cover and picks up another half-century! Off just 49 balls

Kainat Imtiaz to Litchfield, 1 run

back of a length on leg, she's back to tuck it behind square

Kainat Imtiaz to Litchfield, 2 runs

clever scoop over the keeper for a couple. Got down early to a length ball and helped it with ease fine but there's not enough pace to carry it to the rope

Sharat Verma : "After Tahila McGrath, Alana King another future star in Phoebe Litchfield is born. She is definitely going to serve Australian women's cricket for long time."

Kainat Imtiaz to Mooney, 1 run

97kph, full, fourth stump, she drives with ease to deep cover

Kainat Imtiaz to Mooney, FOUR runs

cut neatly behind point and through the gap! Back of a length and fractionally wide, she leans back and places it beautifully through the gap and it runs away

Match details
Allan Border Field, Brisbane
TossPakistan Women, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultAustralia Women led the 3-match series 2-0
Match numberWODI no. 1310
Match days18 January 2023 - day (50-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsAustralia Women 2, Pakistan Women 0
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