2nd ODI (D/N), Ranchi, October 09, 2022, South Africa tour of India
(45.5/50 ov, T:279) 282/3

India won by 7 wickets (with 25 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
113* (111)
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So the caravan moves to Delhi for the decider. For now, that's all from our side. See you soon.

Shreyas Iyer, the Player of the Match: I am ecstatic, to be honest. When I went in to bat, I spoke to Ishan and he was in the mindset to take on the bowlers. So we decided to play the ball on merit and see how it goes. Tomorrow is a travel day and then day after another match. Motivated for that, let's see what's in store for me and the team. I am not someone who changes according to the bowler. I am someone who changes on the instinct. It's not something I try in nets first, I change it in the match itself.

Shikhar Dhawan: The toss worked perfectly, I am glad. Thanks to Keshav that he chose to bat (laughs). I must say that Ishan and Shreyas, the way they created that partnership was great to watch. The ball was coming on nicely but it was keeping low. So our plan was to take on the bowlers in the first ten overs. But once the dew came into the picture, it was skidding on. So the back-foot shots were easy to execute. I am very pleased with the bowlers, especially Shahbaz, the way he bowled in the first ten overs and got us the breakthrough.

Keshav Maharaj: I think we didn't expect the dew to play such a big part, that's why we opted to bat after we won the toss. But credit to Shreyas and Sanju. We expected it to get slower and lower but after 20 overs the pitch got better.

Rahul : "The batsmen played well, but th game was won by the bowlers. Anyone else think Siraj should be MoM"

Gavin: "Consistency…not a word that can be used when it comes to SA cricket. Just putting together 2 games back to back that look similar would go a long way! So sad!"

Vinay: "Lungi ngidi is the difference between both teams. His variations might have been successful in todays's slow pitch. Unfortunate for SA that they dropped him for Nortje. Nortje dint bowl according to the pitch"

Mustafa Moudi : "India lost the last match due to poor selection. Firstly, they lacked 6th bowling option. Secondly, They were a Batsman short as Thakur was their No. 7. And lastly, their Top 6 was Full of Openers, you can consider them as Middle Order Batsmen but never a Finisher. But today they solved all those issues in the Team Selection and as a result ended up on the winning side!!"

Amrit: "Not sure if Malan hit 70. I know you'll correct in the commentary and my comment will never publish." --- Thanks for pointing out.

Sowmya : "Shreyas Iyer played the situation very well. He was wiser, allowed Ishan to shift gears, ensured the strike was rotated while capitalizing on the loose balls. Deserves to be MOM! "

Ishan Kishan: Unfortunate that I missed on the hundred but happy that my team won the game. It was not easy for a new batsman to score the runs. It was a matter of putting the pressure on the other team also, that we are ready to put away if they missed their mark. I was looking to pull whenever the ball was near my chest but didn't premeditate.

9.00pm An emphatic win for India as they level the series 1-1. Earlier, their bowlers pulled things back in the last ten overs of the first innings after 70s from Hendricks and Markram. Dhawan and Gill fell early in the chase but Kishan and Iyer steadied the innings before Kishan went on the aggressive. He was unlucky to miss out on his maiden ODI hundred by seven runs. But Iyer didn't miss the chance despite struggling with what looked like cramps. He stayed unbeaten on 113 off 111 balls, with Sanju Samson also chipping in with an unbeaten 30 off 36.

Nortje to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR runs

And here are the winning runs. Full outside off, Iyer opens the face of the bat to steer it between backward point and short third for four

Nortje to Samson, 1 run

short of length at the stumps, pulled towards deep-backward square leg

Nortje to Samson, no run

full around off, punched towards mid-off

Nortje to Samson, no run

almost into the blockhole. Samson jams his bat at it

Nortje to Samson, FOUR runs

short of length outside off, Samson stands back and dabs it fine for four

end of over 454 runs
IND: 273/3CRR: 6.06 RRR: 1.20 • Need 6 runs from 30b
Sanju Samson25 (32b 1x6)
Shreyas Iyer109 (110b 14x4)
Wayne Parnell 8-0-44-1
Anrich Nortje 8-0-51-0
Parnell to Samson, 1 run

length ball around off, looks to flick it towards midwicket but gets an inside edge onto the pads. Samson picks up a single as the ball goes towards point

Parnell to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run

length but straying down the leg side. Flicked towards deep-backward square leg

Parnell to Samson, 1 run

fuller than good length around off. Pushed back towards the bowler who casually throws it at the stumps. A direct hit but Samson was back in comfortably and Samson picks up an overthrow off the deflection

Parnell to Samson, no run

length ball around off, flicked in front of square leg but a diving stop there keeps it to a dot

Parnell to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run

length ball on the stumps, flicked towards square leg

Parnell to Shreyas Iyer, no run

length outside off, punched towards covers

Parnell. Around the wicket

end of over 446 runs
IND: 269/3CRR: 6.11 RRR: 1.66 • Need 10 runs from 36b
Shreyas Iyer107 (107b 14x4)
Sanju Samson23 (29b 1x6)
Anrich Nortje 8-0-51-0
Kagiso Rabada 10-1-59-1

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Nortje to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run

short of length outside off, steered towards deep backward point

Nortje to Shreyas Iyer, 2 runs

short at the batter. Swivelled towards deep backward square leg

Nortje to Samson, 1 run

short of length outside off. A slower one from Nortje. Samson waits for it before dabbing it towards deep third. A sliding stop there stops the boundary

Nortje to Samson, no run

length ball around middle, flicked towards short midwicket

Nortje to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run

full around off, driven towards sweeper cover

Nortje to Samson, 1 run

short of length outside off, cuts it to the right of the point fielder. Sweeper keeps it to one

end of over 4314 runs
IND: 263/3CRR: 6.11 RRR: 2.28 • Need 16 runs from 42b
Sanju Samson21 (26b 1x6)
Shreyas Iyer103 (104b 14x4)
Kagiso Rabada 10-1-59-1
Keshav Maharaj 7-0-45-0
Rabada to Samson, 1 run

length outside off, dabbed behind point

Rabada to Samson, SIX runs

into the stands! Short of length outside off, was a legcutter. Samson transfers the weight back and launches it over long-on

Rabada to Samson, no run

short of length on the stumps, defended back

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