6th Match (N), Hamilton, Feb 18 2018, Trans-Tasman Twenty20 Tri-Series
(20 ov, target 195)192/4
England won by 2 runs
player of the match
end of over 209 runs
NZ: 192/4CRR: 9.60 
Colin de Grandhomme8 (5)
Mark Chapman37 (30)
Tom Curran3-0-32-1
Chris Jordan4-0-42-0

10.30pm: That's that for tonight. Stick around, though, and we'll likely have further reaction on the site... Gnasher's match report should be up shortly and he'll be heading to NZ next, so look out for him if you're in Hamilton. From us, for now, it's cheerio until Wednesday's final. Bye!

10.25pm: England's captain Eoin Morgan is named Man of the Match: [How's that feel?] "Not that good to be honest, we don't go through, 174 was what we were trying to defend. Given the start they got off to, with dew around and the ball skidding on, it was quite difficult. We needed to play our best game to get into the final and we haven't been there in this series, too slow to start. [Munro?] He's difficult to bowl to with dew around, they got on top of us. Groundman's done a fantastic job on the wicket for us to entertain the crowd. We know what it's like to play here but we need to up our skill level, which we did today but it wasn't enough."

New Zealand's Kane Williamson: "We wanted to win, England played very well but there's a good spirit in the camp and we're into the final. There were a few moments there, the way their left-handers played with the ball turning into the bat, we thought it would be a challenge, using the change of pace from the seamers. [Guptill?] Someone had to try and gets us close and Munners at the top of the order got us off to a brilliant start. Very mature knock, to get so close, one hit away. But credit to England for the way they played. [Final against Aus?] Small boundaries, good pitch, I'm sure there'll be plenty of runs."

10.20pm: What an odd finish... The crowd, obviously, wanted New Zealand to win and there was a groan when De Grandhomme found the fielder. But really, it was job done by the start of the 18th over, when they reached the mark needed to keep their net run rate above England's. Curran and Jordan (no-balls side) closed out pretty well for a victory that at least ends a run of four defeats in a row for England, but there's little consolation in their consolation win. For New Zealand, it's back to Eden Park for another sixy match-up against the Aussies.

Curran to Grandhomme, 1 run

pitched up, De Grandhomme clears the front leg... but can only drive along the ground to long-off! England win by two runs but it is New Zealand that go through to the tri-series final

Boundary needed off the last! Unless he bowls a wide...

Curran to Chapman, 1 bye

well bowled, full and wide and Chapman misses, they scamper through with Buttler unable to take it cleanly

Five off two now

Curran to Chapman, FOUR runs

full toss on the pads, Chapman scoots across... and heaves it way through backward square! Just what NZ needed, Curran chastises himself for giving up a boundary

Curran to Grandhomme, 1 run

gets it up on the crease, wide of the stumps at 138kph, driven for one more to deep extra cover

Curran to Chapman, 1 run

full outside off, misses the yorker but Chapman can't get under it

"Why do we keep picking Jordan? He's just cannon fodder, especially in the powerplay." Did you see those yorkers, Jess? All 15 of them...

Curran to Grandhomme, 1 run

wide full toss, possible a slower ball, mishit through cover

Curran will bowl the final over, needs to defend 12 for a consolation England win

end of over 199 runs
NZ: 183/4CRR: 9.63 • RRR: 12.00 • Need 12 runs from 6b
Mark Chapman32 (27)
Colin de Grandhomme5 (2)
Chris Jordan4-0-42-0
Tom Curran2-0-24-1
Jordan to Chapman, no run

he finishes with another off-stump yorker that Chapman can only dig out - feels like he's bowled about a dozen of those this over

Jordan to Chapman, no run

fires another one through to the keeper, wide yorker, dot ball

Jordan to Chapman, (no ball)

bowled 'em, full and straight! Chapman jumps across to scoop and misses... but hold on, Jordan has overstepped, this will be called a no-ball! Perfect ball to hit the base of off stump, but there was no boot behind the line, so Chapman is reprieved!

Jordan to Chapman, no run

another super yorker, 143kph and all he can do is block it back to the bowler

Jordan to Chapman, no run

spears in the yorker, good ball, Chapman digs it out

Still a free hit coming up, then

Jordan to Chapman, 1 wide

full again, very wide... not quite a no-ball, but definitely wide, Buttler did well to grab it

Jordan to Grandhomme, (no ball) 1 run

full toss, 144kph outside off, swing and a miss from De Grandhomme, Buttler can only parry it with his pads - that's a no-ball on height

Jordan to Grandhomme, FOUR runs

full, up towards the blockhole... and De Grandhomme edges between his legs for four!

GDH: "On this pitch, pathetic batting performance from England. They should all be send home." Although they might still win the match...

Jordan to Chapman, 1 run

fired in full and Chapman drills the single that takes New Zealand into the tri-series final. Job done... although there's still a game to win

Jordan... Can he take six wickets in the over?