1st SF (D/N), Kolkata, Mar 13 1996, Wills World Cup
(34.1/50 ov, target 252)120/8
Sri Lanka won by default
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Scorecard summary
Sri Lanka251/8(50 overs)
India120/8(34.1 overs)
Match details
Eden Gardens, Kolkata
TossIndia, elected to field first
SeriesWills World Cup
Player Of The Match
Aravinda de Silva
Aravinda de Silva
Series resultSri Lanka advanced
Match numberODI no. 1081
Match days - daynight match (50-over match)
South Africa Image
Cyril Mitchley
New Zealand Image
Steve Dunne
TV Umpire
Pakistan Image
Mahboob Shah
Match Referee
West Indies Image
Clive Lloyd