If tweets were runs, you surely could.

If only the authorities recognised it as an official form of cricket.

And others of its kind.

Brutal modesty.

We won't volunteer in the hunt for this bowler.

John Maynard Keynes would have approved. In the long run, we shall score the runs.

When faced with a uphill task, who better than moms and grand-moms to the rescue?

Or that favourite kid cousin of yours.

Would 1009 still be the record?

Wait, how does that add up? You still can't score exactly 1009.

Only if administrators had come up with an over-the-top reaction to Bodyline.

A superhero. And such an obvious one too.

Is there a better combination to get a huge score?

Among the evil plans of batsmen to take over the game.

A choice of flat deck and a selection of Indian bowlers. These guys would love it.

I could score a 1009 runs if I have to face Indian bowlers. #1009tales
- Tariq Asif

That's a lot of work for us, like scoring 1009.

Leave those kids alone.

Somewhere in the world, a complex supercomputer is tracking to crack this one.

May the Force be with you.

I could score a 1009 if Obi-wan Kenobi were my coach #1009tales
- Sachin Menon

Collusion or utter incompetence?

I could score a 1009 if Sander Helberg were bowling. #1009tales
- Jasper Helberg

Reality check.

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