India v New Zealand, 4th ODI, Bangalore

3.2 Ashwin to BB McCullum, OUT, big, big wicket! McCullum was looking very good here. He tried to go over short midwicket here, but got too close to this full delivery, thus not getting enough elevation. Ashwin is jubilant

37.1 Ashwin to Taylor, OUT, plumb lbw first ball! A nothing shot really! Moves too far across, and also seems to have told himself to not play the forceful shot first ball. And the bat face closes too early, missing the ball, and he is caught dead in plumb. Tame end to what was shaping up to be an important innings of struggle followed by flourish

49.3 Nehra to Franklin, SIX, What a shot! He has hit a short delivery over long-off for a six! Can he get to a hundred here? It has been a gem so far. Franklin makes room again, Nehra goes short, Franklin goes down the ground anyway. What timing. It clears long-off

33.2 Southee to Sharma, OUT, the crowd is stunned into silence! Slower ball, Sharma saw it early, and looked to go over mid-off, but ended up smashing it straight down his throat. Vettori did well to hold onto it because it was hit very hard at it. Just couldn't get the elevation there

38.5 Mills to Pathan, SIX, can the auto-rickshaw drivers on the Cubbon Road return the ball please? That's a beastly hit, saw the slower ball early, perhaps he was expecting it, and just monstered it over cow corner. Onto the roof