Australia's vice-captain David Warner is seen reacting ferociously to a remark by Quinton de Kock and needing to be dragged away by the wicketkeeper Tim Paine in fresh CCTV footage that has created a more complete picture of the stairwell confrontation that resulted in both men being fined by the ICC for bringing the game into disrepute.

In a video obtained by ESPNcricinfo, Warner and de Kock, alongside Paine and Aiden Markram, are seen trailing most of the Australian team as they walk the path between the players' race and the shared stairwell to the two dressing rooms. Initially Warner is seen talking in a more normal fashion, before his body language changes abruptly and he turns on his heels to confront de Kock, before swiftly being pulled away by Paine.

Other Australian players follow Warner and de Kock towards the stairwell, before the umpires Kumar Dharmasena and S Ravi also walk in to address the commotion they can hear in front of them, before returning to the umpires' room.

The footage was not part of the video originally leaked on the fifth morning of the Durban Test, which showed a clearly angry Warner continuing to try to talk to de Kock as he moves up the stairwell and being restrained by Paine, Usman Khawaja and the captain Steven Smith, before the South African captain Faf du Plessis also appears. The footage corresponds closely with Paine's version of events.

"I don't know what would have happened to be honest, but he was certainly extremely fired up and he had every right to be," Paine had said when asked what might have happened if he had not been there to get between Warner and de Kock. "I think at the time when it was actually said, I think I was probably the only person that heard it.

"Usman had gone a bit further ahead and I was about to walk around them both, I just thought they were still going on just from the general chatter that was on the ground and as I went past de Kock he said what he said and luckily I suppose I was there in between.

"Once he got off his chest what he wanted to say, once he sat down, there was no issue. He is not the sort of bloke who will whinge about being sledged, I've hear blokes say a lot of things on the cricket field that don't bother him, I have never seen him react like he reacted when we were coming off the field. People have said if he gives it he is going to have to take it, all that sort of rubbish, which is fine on the field but when you are bringing people's families or wives into it, it's unacceptable."