Ambati Rayudu was reported for a suspect action during the first ODI between Australia and India in Sydney on Saturday. The part-time offspinner now has to get his action tested within 14 days, but can continue bowling in international cricket until the results are known.

Rayudu is primarily a batsman - India's No. 4, although there is some debate around that. Nevertheless, Virat Kohli used him for a couple of overs in the middle of the innings and when they went for 13 runs, he was taken off.

Rayudu has only ever bowled in nine of his 46 innings in ODIs but India turned to him after leaving Kedar Jadhav, who has been their favoured part-time bowling option in recent times, out of the XI.

The ICC allows bowlers to flex their elbows only up to 15 degrees. If, on testing, Rayudu's is shown to flex beyond that, he will be suspended from bowling in international cricket until he can get his action rectified.