The first ball of the fourth day ensured an exciting start as Brett Lee almost trapped Zaheer Khan lbw © Getty Images
Exciting start of the day
Brett Lee swung the first ball of the fourth day into Zaheer Khan and hit him on the pads. Lee turned around, spread his arms, splayed his legs and roared an appeal. Meanwhile, the ball had bounced towards third man and Anil Kumble had set off from the non-striker's end for a leg bye. Zaheer, however, was only interested in whether Asad Rauf's finger would stay down and Kumble had to hurry back from half-way down the pitch.
Rehearsal of the day
Lee beat Zaheer several times outside the off stump and in the 108th over Zaheer lost his patience and aimed a wild hit down the ground. He didn't connect and when Lee went up to the batsman to have a word, Zaheer shadow-practiced the shot as if to say I'll do it again. The next ball, however, was defended solidly off the front foot.
Record of the day
Lee's no-ball in the 110th over was the 46th extra of the innings. The most Australia had ever conceded against India was 45 in the second innings in Mumbai in 1986. A short while later Mitchell Johnson's bouncer hit Ishant Sharma on the shoulder and went towards the fine leg boundary to take the tally past 50. Brad Haddin played a crucial part in the tally as he conceded 23 byes.
Tense moment of the day
Batsmen get nervous in their 90s so it's quite understandable that Zaheer was feeling jittery on 49. He dropped the first ball towards point and wanted to get the milestone out of the way. Kumble, however, saw Ponting react quickly and sent Zaheer back. Johnson swung two out of the next three balls past the outside edge. Zaheer took a breather, walked a few paces towards square leg, and seemed to ask umpire Rauf how many balls were left in the over. Rauf said two and Zaheer tucked the next one off his pads to reach his half-century.
Waft of the day
Judging by how he played his first delivery, you wouldn't have thought Matthew Hayden was on a pair. He reached out for a full and wide delivery from Zaheer and got beaten on the drive by the movement away from him. Later in over, Hayden offered no shot to one that cut back in and thudded into his ribs. He finally got off the pair on his seventh delivery by driving Zaheer to cover where Gautam Gambhir fumbled the ball.
Rude awakening of the day
Hayden was batting on 13 when a full delivery from Zaheer swung into him late and hit the pad as he tried to play the ball on the leg side. Despite Zaheer's confident appeal, Hayden immediately turned his back on both the bowler and the umpire, not wanting to see at the decision. The terrific roar from the crowd, however, made him realise it was time to turn around and head towards the dressing room.
Contrast of the day
In Australia's first innings, Ricky Ponting had hit the first delivery he faced from Harbhajan for four. Mahendra Singh Dhoni had fielders crowding the bat for the rematch. Harbhajan bounded in with a slip, silly point, short leg and leg slip and delivered the ball on middle and leg. Ponting moved forward and there was a loud appeal after the ball went straight to Virender Sehwag at leg slip. Rudi Koertzen, however, correctly decided that it had come off the pad.
Long wait of the day
Simon Katich had clung to the crease like a barnacle would to a rock. He blocked, nudged and pushed and scored at a strike-rate of below 20 for the majority of his innings. He hit his first boundary off his 97th delivery in the last over before tea, cutting Zaheer to the third man boundary.
Suspense of the day
How bad is Kumble's shoulder injury? Will he take the field? Will he bowl? Will he retire? These were the questions everyone was asking on the fourth day. After scoring 5 off 33 balls, Kumble did take the field when Australia's second innings began. He came out only after Ponting's wicket in the 23rd over and finally brought himself on to bowl in the 54th over of the innings during the final session.