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How the final over of madness in Mackay played out

Jhulan Goswami, Beth Mooney, Nicola Carey and a whole heap of drama

Beth Mooney and Nicola Carey embrace after an extraordinary finish, Australia Women vs India Women, 2nd ODI, Mackay, September 24, 2021

Beth Mooney and Nicola Carey embrace after an extraordinary finish  •  Albert Perez/Getty Images

One of the greatest ODIs played in Australia came down to an extraordinary final over with the experienced Jhulan Goswami went up against Beth Mooney, who had produced a masterful century after the home side had been in early trouble, and Nicola Carey. Here's how the drama unfolded
Australia need 13 off the last over. 12 for a Super Over! What a game this has been. Long discussion between India's think tank. Who will bowl? It's Goswami. Plenty of time being taken to set the field
49.1 Goswami to Mooney, 3 runs
Full toss, swung off the pads through midwicket and Mooney makes it back for the second...AND THERE'S AN OVERTHROW. But it means Mooney is off strike
49.2 Goswami to Carey, 2 runs
Full outside leg stump, heaved into the leg side and there's another misfield which allows the second
8 off 4 balls. Probably still need a boundary
49.3 Goswami to Carey, (no ball)
Oh dear! That's a beamer which has clattered straight into Carey's helmet. Of course it's a no-ball. Main thing is Carey okay? Seems like but that was a horrendous blow
Goswami apologised straight away. That slipped out with the damp ball. Carey gets the concussion check and a new helmet. Free hit coming up
49.3 Goswami to Carey, 1 bye
They steal a bye! Was very well bowled, full outside leg, Carey didn't connect but Mooney was alert
6 off 3 balls
49.4 Goswami to Mooney, 1 leg bye
Moves right across outside off, tries to scoop but it's only single towards short fine leg
5 off 2 balls. 4 for a Super Over
49.5 Goswami to Carey, 2 runs
Full outside off, dragged down towards long-on, they get back for the second! Oh boy
3 to win, 2 for the Super Over. Mooney has faced one ball in this over
49.6 Goswami to Carey, (no ball)
Full toss, caught at midwicket! But they are going to check for the height. What drama. India are celebrating. It's VERY close. What will the third umpire decide? It could easily be called no-ball this. There's some rocking and rolling here. They are still looking at this. Crazy end to the game. IT'S A NO-BALL!!!
Free hit Did the batters make the run? Umpires confirming how many needed to win. Two runs to win. Can only be run out.
49.6 Goswami to Carey, 2 runs
Full and straight, clipped into midwicket and Mooney makes it back for the second. An extraordinary victory for Australia to keep the streak alive.