The ICC has declared India seamer Snehal Pradhan's action to be illegal after conducting an independent test and the player has been suspended from bowling in international cricket. Pradhan will now have to "undergo remedial work and further testing" before she can bowl again.

"A comprehensive analysis revealed that her action exceeded the 15-degree level of tolerance permitted under the relevant regulations," the ICC said in a statement. The test was conducted by professor Bruce Elliot, a member of the ICC's panel of human movement specialists, at the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health in Perth on July 20.

Elliot's analyis showed that the amount of elbow extension in Pradhan's action for all deliveries was above the 15-degree level of tolerance, with the mean elbow extension "two degrees above the threshold for all delivery types". She does however have the right to appeal the conclusions of the test to the Bowling Review Group. Should she decide to do so, she must notify the ICC of her intentions in writing within 14 days of receiving the report.

If she does not choose to appeal, she can apply for re-assessment of her bowling action after she has modified it. Pradhan's action had been reported by umpires Jeff Evans and Graham Lloyd on the completion of an ODI between England and India on June 30 in Derby.