Adam Gilchrist took four catches and made one stumping despite suffering a blow to the hand © Getty Images

Adam Gilchrist is expected to play in Friday's ODI against Sri Lanka despite initial concerns he might have broken his thumb during Sunday's win over India in Adelaide. Gilchrist still managed five dismissals in the victory and Australia's physio Alex Kountouris was confident the injury was nothing that would keep him off the field.

"Adam did receive a knock on the hand while wicketkeeping last night and while it was quite sore at the time he is expected to be fully fit to take part in Friday's CB Series match against Sri Lanka," Kountouris said. "No medical investigation has been undertaken and at this stage there is no plan to do so over the course of the week."

The problem occurred when Gilchrist was standing up to the stumps to Stuart Clark and tried to glove a leg-side wide. He appeared to be in pain following the blow but he went on to achieve a stumping and pouch three catches after the incident.

Australia's coach Tim Nielsen, a former wicketkeeper for South Australia, said Gilchrist was "a bit sore" following the win but his ability to complete his duties meant he was unlikely to miss the next match in Melbourne. "He didn't seem to favour it too much," Nielsen said. "He got hit right on the drumstick when it happened which can be a bit fleshy and get a bit bruised. Unless it's pretty much chopped off he'll be right."