Sanath Jayasuriya scored 30 runs off the 10th over of Chris Harris on Tuesday to beat his own record for the most number of runs scored in an over in Limited Overs International (LOI) cricket.

Jayasuriya's sequence in the over was 666642. He had previously scored 29 runs in an over off Aamer Sohail during his famous knock at Singapore in 1995-96, with a further run coming from a wide to bring the total cost of the over to 30. Therefore Harris equals the record of having bowled the most expensive one-day international over, with all runs coming from the bat this time.

The record was nearly beaten two days later when Shahid Afridi hit 26 off five balls after Imran Nzir took a single from the first ball of Bradburn's over.

The following table shows the list of batsmen scoring 25 runs or more in an over in LOI cricket with details wherever available.

R  Batsmen                 Bowler              Ground       Season     Details
30 ST Jayasuriya (SL)      CZ Harris (NZ)      Sharjah      2000-01    666642
29 ST Jayasuriya (SL)      Aamer Sohail (Pak)  Singapore    1995-96  wide4066661
28 Shahid Afridi (Pak)     ST Jayasuriya (SL)  Nairobi      1996/97    662644
27 Shahid Afridi 26/
Imran  Nazir 1 (Pak)       GE Bradburn (NZ)    Sharjah      2000-01    164646
27 Moin Khan 22/
Rameez Raja 5 (Pak)     IR Bishop (WI)      Sharjah      1995-96    441666
27 Saleem Malik 22/
Asif Mujtaba 5 (Pak)    M Muralitharan (SL) Colombo      1994-95
27 MS Atapattu /
ST Jayasuriya (SL)      Akram Khan (Ban)    Colombo      1997-98    166446
26 RW Marsh                BL Cairns           Adelaide     1980/81
26 BL Cairns (NZ)          V John (SL)         Colombo      1983-84    3x6,2x4
26 MD Crowe 8 /
RJ Hadlee 18 (NZ)       GA Gooch (Eng)      Manchester   1986
26 MW Gatting (Eng)        RJ Shastri (Ind)    Jullundur    1981-82    4x6
26 IT Botham (Eng)         SP Davis (Aus)      Perth        1986-87    442466
26 Saeed Anwar (Pak)       A Kumble (Ind)      Madras       1996-97    226664
26 AP Kuiper (SA)          CJ McDermott (Aus)  Centurion    1993-94    2042666
26 Z Khan 25 /             HK Olonga (Zim)     Jodhpur      2000/01   11666wide6
AB Agarkar (Ind)