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North West African Championships no more

Tony Munro

Tony Munro
At least four African countries are set to lose their annual international competition following the apparent demise of the North-West African Championships (NWAC).
Nigerian Cricket Federation President, Kwesi Sagoe, has advised CricInfo the event is "highly unlikely" to be held in 2010 due to issues obtaining sponsorship as a result of the state of his country's economy. It will be the second year in a row it has not been held.
There is a possibility Nigeria and/or Ghana will be included in one of the lower divisions of the global World Cricket League, however that option is not open to Sierra Leone, Gambia, Mali and Morocco.
The latter four can compete in the regional Africa Division Three event bi-annually, and depending on results play in Division Two the following year.
The NWAC was a successor to the old West African Cricket Conference which had been held since 1960.
ICC Africa Development Officer, Cassim Suliman said his office would consider providing financial support if approached.