At Durban, December 2 (day/night). Pakistan won by six wickets. Toss: Sri Lanka.

Ranatunga played superbly for an unbeaten 101 from 108 deliveries, striking eight fours; surprisingly, it was his maiden century in 152 one-day games for Sri Lanka, though he had reached 50 on 29 previous occasions. But it could not keep Pakistan at bay, with Aamir Sohail (whose hundred, by comparison, was his third in 63 limited-overs internationals) and Salim Malik in equally commanding form. Malik, however, had a crucial let-off before reaching double figures. Third umpire Barry Lambson was asked to establish whether he had been stumped by acting-keeper Gurusinha off Kalpage, but the camera's view had been obscured and the batsman had the benefit of the doubt.

Man of the Match: A. Ranatunga.