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How Mustafizur Rahman and Kartik Tyagi won it for Royals in the last two overs

Kings needed eight from 12 balls. Mustafizur conceded only four in the 19th over and Tyagi just one in the 20th

Kartik Tyagi wheels away, Punjab Kings vs Rajasthan Royals, IPL 2021, Dubai, September 21, 2021

Kartik Tyagi took two wickets in the last over  •  BCCI

In a stunning turn of events on Tuesday night in Dubai, Rajasthan Royals quicks Mustafizur Rahman and Kartik Tyagi scripted a come-from-behind win against Punjab Kings. Chasing 186, Kings needed just eight runs from the last two overs with eight wickets in hand. Mustafizur conceded just four in the penultimate over before Tyagi bowled five dot balls and took two wickets in the last over. Here's how it unfolded:
18.1: Mustafizur to Pooran, no run. Back of a length, wider outside off. Pooran throws his bat at it to cut behind square. Misses out
18.2: Mustafizur to Pooran, no run. Wide yorker. Delivers it from wide of the crease. Pooran bends his knee to drive low through cover point. But no connection
18.3: Mustafizur to Pooran, 1 run. Slashed to third man who is very very fine. Wide yorker attempted, and he gets enough in the bat to get an edge. Mustafizur bowling wide of the crease again. But it's a fair ball, not a no-ball
18.4: Mustafizur to Markram, 1 run. Just past Samson! Back of a length outside leg stump. Slower ball too. Markram backs away to cut but takes an edge going across. Samson jumps to his right to take a catch, but all he can do is glove the dropped chance. However, Sakariya at short third man moves to his left to stop the four, saving his side three runs for sure
18.5: Mustafizur to Pooran, 1 run. Low yorker outside off stump. Drilled to long on for one
18.6: Mustafizur to Markram, 1 run. Full ball outside leg stump. Played inside out to deep extra cover for one
19.1: Kartik Tyagi to Markram, no run. Full toss just outside off. Driven towards the off side but can't beat the fielder at cover
19.2: Kartik Tyagi to Markram, 1 run. Full on off. Goes for the extravagant slog through midwicket, but inside edge takes it to deep backward square leg
19.3: Kartik Tyagi to Pooran, OUT. the keeper! Overpitched just outside off. Pooran opens the bat's face to run it down to third man. But all he has done is poked it straight to Samson. Kings need 3 off 3. And it's a new batter facing the next delivery
19.4: Kartik Tyagi to Hooda, no run. Full and wide outside off stump. Beyond the tramline too. But the umpire says its a legal ball since Hooda had walked across to the off side
19.5: Kartik Tyagi to Hooda, OUT. Make that three in 1! Tyagi takes another wicket. Full and wide outside off stump. Looks to drive away from his body, and it takes an edge to Samson. The new batter will face the last ball
19.6: Kartik Tyagi to Allen, no run. Kartik Tyagi, you hero! From being a teenager who won games of cricket at the U-19 World Cup in 2020, he has done a near impossible on the IPL field today. Full, wide, and Allen can't connect with the drive. Through to Samson and Royals win by two runs after bowling five dot balls in the final over A whirlwind experience, repaying the faith his captain has shown tonight