Tino Best's preferred reading matter is of course…

… his own autobiography.

He's also partial to an empty glass and an unopened bottle of wine, it seems.

But who are we to judge? People relax and indulge themselves in all sorts of different ways.

A poor return - but then it was also a poor investment.

Sticking with dietary matters, last time around, Ravi Bopara was attempting to introduce Chris Gayle to the concept of "brunch". Did he make any headway?

Still not quite got it.

Gayle also saw fit to treat us to this photo.

We don't have much to say about that, but felt like we should share it.

We're similarly lost for words with this one.

Meanwhile, TMS' Charles Dagnall is lost for letters.

By this point you're probably wondering why there hasn't yet been anything from column regular, Kevin Pietersen.

Fear not! Despite his growing fear of social media…

… he's been as noisy as ever, sharing nuggets of wisdom such as this.

The strength of the immune system is apparently measured in hours.

Such an explicit renunciation of anger invites an easy follow-up for an irreverent social media column that can scour his tweets for examples of just that emotion.

Never let it be said that we have a fear of making obvious jokes.

Watch that immune system, Kev. Maybe reserve your ill temper for issues of greater significance than teenagers' sartorial idiosyncrasies.

Issues such as differences of opinion on the merits of Wayne Rooney as a footballer, for example.

If there's one thing all sports stars agree on, it's that it's for some reason impossible for a human being to perceive flaws in someone else without having first mastered the activity in question themselves. Let's say a fireman for some reason added fuel to a fire rather than extinguishing it. By Pietersen's reasoning, only fellow firefighters would be qualified to take issue with that.

Returning to more familiar ground, we all know by now that selfies should always be taken in-flight.

But sometimes the excitement gets to a man and he just can't wait.

Then again, it can sometimes be a long wait.

That's right - cricketers are now so adept at air-travel selfies, they're taking them in their sleep.

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