Brett Lee: "It was an emotional hour and a half there. I remember in the nets prior to going out in the middle, we had two wickets in hand chasing 107, and I was getting throwdowns from the coach and I could not hit the ball. I kept getting bowled and the guys at the top of the net were looking at me and going, 'Oh god, this is going to last about 10 balls.' But then I started to hit a few out of the middle, and when you've got a guy like Shane Warne with you at the crease, he hates losing whatever the situation, he hates anyone overpowering him. The Aussie culture is to never ever give up - Steve Waugh instilled that in us as young players. And though it's history now that we fell two runs short, that moment was one of my favourite in Test cricket, and even in my whole life. It was cricket played in the right spirit, and it's a memory I'll always treasure." Photograph by Getty Images