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McDermott steps down as Australia bowling coach

ESPNcricinfo staff

Craig McDermott has decided to step down from his post as Australia bowling coach. McDermott, who has been in the role for a year, said in a Cricket Australia release that his decision was prompted by the team's busy schedule in coming months.

"It has been a very difficult decision to leave my position as the bowling coach of the Australian cricket team, a job I have thoroughly enjoyed since beginning 12 months ago," McDermott said. "However the team's schedule is a particularly busy one and after looking at the upcoming touring demands, I felt this to be the right decision from a personal and professional point of view.

"It has been a great honour to work with our most exciting bowlers over this period. The progression of particular players and the improvement of depth in Australian bowling stocks has been the result of much hard work from both sides and is something I am particularly proud of."

McDermott did not rule out working with the national team in the future and said he will continue to work with bowlers at Australia's Centre of Excellence. "While I have agreed to provide input through Cricket Australia's Centre of Excellence, I am looking to continue my coaching career in a context that allows me further flexibility and will be looking to explore a range of options. I am certainly not ruling out being involved with the Australian cricket team in the future should that fit within the team's requirements."

In the year since McDermott took the job, promising young fast-bowling prospects James Pattinson and Pat Cummins have come into national contention, and McDermott is widely accepted to have a played a vital role in their emergence. Australia coach Mickey Arthur said considering the fine job McDermott had done, he would not be easy to replace. "Without doubt he will be very difficult to replace. As the Australian public and cricket world has seen, Craig has taken our fast bowlers to another level.

"However we completely understand and respect Craig's decision. The international schedule is a particularly busy one and family must always come first."

In the next year, apart from the World Twenty and the Champions Trophy, Australia have away series against England, Pakistan and India, and host South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies, culminating in the 2013 Ashes.

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  • Adrian on May 14, 2012, 10:18 GMT

    I'd resign too if I was told Mitchell Johnson was selected.

  • Andrew on May 13, 2012, 23:26 GMT

    @Behind_the_bowlers_arm - re: part time, that's what I reckon too. I would of thought it would be easy to have someone tour with the squad & report back to Billy. Thought there could be a better fit with more exposure to the current test team. @RightArmEverything - agreed, Hilfy did a lot of state work, Siddle improved his fitness, Starc has (briefly) worked with Akram. That being said, I think where McDermott really excelled was with Patto & Siddle. There seemed to be a "Victorian" method of back of a length bowling (worked domestically), that needed to be completely overhauled for International cricket.

  • Leanne on May 13, 2012, 13:03 GMT

    Well, if the bowling coach can't hack the schedule, what's it like for the players? I don't see them quitting after a year. And it's not like he didn't know what the schedule would be. Pretty lame, Billy. And a great shame to boot. He did some fantastic work.

  • Dummy4 on May 13, 2012, 10:27 GMT

    @hhillbumper Thanks, but we've been able to bowl out Sri Lanka for nearly a year now. Better still, how to do it twice in a row.

  • Terry on May 13, 2012, 5:37 GMT

    Really hhillbumper? Then why have you employed David Saker & Troy Cooley? I'd presume Saker will be one of the ones considered if he was interested in coming home. My view is that bowlers should take more responsibility for their own performance including analysis of opposition batsmen & bowling strategies and the bowling coach position could be more of a part time role maybe pre-tour rather than have to follow the team around for weeks & months on end.

  • Matthew on May 13, 2012, 4:01 GMT

    While McDermott has obviously been a positive influence on the Aussie fast bowlers, I think some posters here are over-reacting. Surely Australia's bowlers themselves should get some of the credit for their improvement? Hilfenhaus obviously did a lot of work to improve his bowling for Tasmania before getting selected again, before he even started working with McDermott. And surely there's no reason why international cricketers aren't capable of applying what they've learned from McDermott to the post-McDermott performances?

  • stuart on May 12, 2012, 20:29 GMT

    We have some good bowling coaches if you want.Only fair given the next round of bowling lessons you will get from England.

  • Rohanj on May 12, 2012, 8:46 GMT

    Very disappointing Billy, and I don't believe the reason given is genuine at all. But well done anyway, lets hope whoever replaces you can do just as good a job. I agree with some posters though, CA should be doing everything they can to get Wasim Akram. What an absolute gun this gentleman of the game would be for Australian cricket. It'd be goodnight England and India for sure!

  • Srinivas on May 12, 2012, 6:22 GMT

    Looks like CA have just handed over the tour schedule to McDermott

  • Robert on May 12, 2012, 2:18 GMT

    Such a shame. If possible CA should do what ever they can to get Wasim Akram.

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