February 6, 2006

King of Pathans

Shahid Afridi reigns supreme in Peshawar

Shahid Afridi reigns supreme in Peshawar. An example of the region’s love for its star, was when half the Arbab Niaz stadium vacated after the very first ball of the match! Why? Simply because Afridi was dismissed by a little known Zimbabwean bowler Matambandzo in 1997. They chanted "try ball, try ball", in a hope that Afridi would be called back.

Pathans dominate 70 percent of all public transport in Pakistan. It is a very common sight that their trucks, buses, rickshaws and taxis adorn the picture of their beloved cricketer. "Afridi Afridi hai, us jaisa koi nahi, jaisa zalim batsman woh hai aur koi nahi (Afridi is Afridi. There is no one like him and no one can be as cruel a batsman as he is)," said Amanullah Zai, a taxi driver.