South Africa February 14, 2007

I'm embarrassed, are you?

Well done to South Africa

Well done to South Africa. They have outbatted, outbowled, outfielded, and out-committed Pakistan. Having said that, the way Pakistan have played most of this series it wouldn't have taken much to do so. The fact that South Africa have been exceptional has added to Pakistan's embarrassment. Indeed, the last two games have been a complete shambles.

Pakistan give the impression of a team without spirit, strategy, or spine. They are going backwards in all departments. This is as dejected as I've ever felt before a World Cup campaign and I've been lucky enough to witness all of them. Pakistan's progress from the last World Cup looks at the moment to be precisely zero. In a month's time, in different conditions, it might be a different story. That would be typical of Pakistan and they certainly have the players to turn it around. But when the failures are so abject and so persistent I worry about the leadership.

Bob and Inzy need to invigorate their troops, inspire them to greater heights, make them fight for every moment of their existence. The current Pakistan team looks lethargic, uninspired, and unwilling to fight. Worst of all the whole show looks unprofessional. If day in day out I was letting down 160 million people at home and many millions more abroad, I'd be embarrassed. Indeed, my shame might drive me to fight for those millions of people rooting for me.

Where is the shame? We need to know it's there, because I tell you boys there's plenty of embarrassment out there. Pakistan were once famous for being cornered tigers but they are now frightened rabbits. Where is the shame boys? Where is the pride? You might carry it in your hearts but you also need to wear it on your sleeves.

Pakistan fans are often criticised for being fickle, but the reality is--and it's obvious reading comments on this blog--that success in cricket really matters to Pakistanis everywhere. We need to know and see that it also matters to the players, captain, and coach. When this World Cup becomes history it will be the performances of the players and the achievements of the captain and coach that will be remembered. The failings--and they are genuine failings--of the administrators will be barely considered.

The bottom line is that the squad and management must succeed despite the crazy way the country's cricket is run. They might not owe it to their cricket board but they certainly owe it to their many millions of die-hard supporters. Let's hope we see a different Pakistan and different leadership in a month's time.

Pakistan's equipment went missing recently but nobody told us that they'd lost their heart as well.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here

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  • Ahmed Ismail on March 6, 2007, 6:48 GMT

    well it is said right if pakistan wants to win this world cup it is damn sure they have to have team spirit on their side they need to inprove their feilding and batting we dont need55\4 we dont want 392 runs tobe on us inorder to win WC they need determination and spirt

  • Sarim Ali Toronto on February 24, 2007, 21:13 GMT

    I think that there is no point of being embarrased south africa is an amazing team with brillian batting bowling and fielding. but all pakistan has right now is 1 bowler-asif, and just 2 batsmen- yousuf and younus. Our coach and captain are doing absoloutly nothing there ruining everything BOB WOOLMER IS THE WORST COACH THT IVE SEEN. pakistan has had many many legends but they go out and get a coach tht probably doesnt even know how to spell cricket.Javed miandad was a great coach and they took him out beacuse their stupid well done pcb for putting us in a crisis. The players dont even understand half of the things the coach says. AND OUR CAPTAIN ONLY SCORES IN 1 GAME OUT OF 10 AND STILL PEOPLE ARE CRAZY ABOUT HIM I JUSS DONT GET IT. HE DID NOTHING IN THE BALL TAMPERING SITUATION. ill be surprised to see pakistan make the semifinals,

  • Nabeel on February 24, 2007, 5:13 GMT

    I agree to that Kamran.

  • Faraz, California USA on February 21, 2007, 16:34 GMT

    May Allah save Pakistan, its people and specially its cricket...Amen

  • nasar freed on February 21, 2007, 13:03 GMT

    Pakistan need to come up with a new strategy, they still play under oldskool tactics even though the game of cricket has changed. When batting, they never get off to a good start, which makes life harder for the middle order, who seem comtempt with just taking singles here n there and not going after the bowling (jus incase of further loss of wickets). As a result no one punishes the lesser bowlers in the middle of the inning. Towards the end, if wickets are in hand they hit out, which sometimes pays off, but sometimes doesnt. Therefore you never end up with a decent enough total for the opposition. Thats why pakistan are struggling....!!!!! To overcome this first pakistan need to get off to a good start, so ... One of their main batsmen needs to open, inzy is my preference. Along with yasir hammeed. Then you can have younas khan, mohd yousaf and shoaib malik come in (these three run quick between the wickets) so stragtegy should be, keep the scoreboard ticking with quick singles and boundaries (remeber they should punish the lessor bowlers, not just milk them. Then once a decent platform is made, you can have your allrounders(hitters.. afridi's, razaks, azhar's etc...) come out and paste the bowling. This way pakistan will always have a decent score posted for the opposition.

    Another factor people are always overlooking is PAKISTANS FIELDING, its a disgrace. Other good fielding teams, save atleast 50 runs in the field.... pakistan, normally give away 50 runs. They need to stop giving away easy singles, make it harder for batsmen to score, get the bastmen playing risky shots. This all could be achieved, if the fielding improved dramatically. I do suggest that specialist fielding coaches are brought into pakistan, not for the current team, cos theres not much you can do to them now, but for the domestic level. These upcoming future of pakistani cricket need to be taught, whilse they are young... this way when they mke it to the senior team. They will have good fielding skills... so i hope for the future of pakistani cricket FIELDING is given as much importance as bowling and batting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mustafa Khalid on February 21, 2007, 10:33 GMT

    The last line was exactly what was in my mind...the problem with our team is exactly what it was last year...the team is not going for form but for experience...but i still have high hopes from this team...and i like all other Pakistanis am praying for success in the windies...

  • Imran on February 21, 2007, 8:01 GMT

    Rana is a big burden on the team. Now as he has been selected in the team I want him to play against the big teams and not the minnows and get more beating. In this world cup, Pakistan chances are not very high so atleast after the worldcup Rana not being seen in the team will be a blessing.

  • Jawad Ahmed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on February 21, 2007, 6:59 GMT

    I've referred to Qasim Saeed and not Qaiser Saeed.

  • Jawad Ahmed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on February 21, 2007, 6:41 GMT

    I 100% agree with Qaiser Saeed. Religion (Islam) is the most valuable asset we Muslims have got, other all issues are trivial against it.

  • Rehan Qureshi on February 21, 2007, 5:09 GMT

    WoW ... more than 700 posts ... havent seen that before ... you really said what all of us wanted to say! "Pakistan's equipment went missing recently but nobody told us that they'd lost their heart as well."

  • Ahmed Ismail on March 6, 2007, 6:48 GMT

    well it is said right if pakistan wants to win this world cup it is damn sure they have to have team spirit on their side they need to inprove their feilding and batting we dont need55\4 we dont want 392 runs tobe on us inorder to win WC they need determination and spirt

  • Sarim Ali Toronto on February 24, 2007, 21:13 GMT

    I think that there is no point of being embarrased south africa is an amazing team with brillian batting bowling and fielding. but all pakistan has right now is 1 bowler-asif, and just 2 batsmen- yousuf and younus. Our coach and captain are doing absoloutly nothing there ruining everything BOB WOOLMER IS THE WORST COACH THT IVE SEEN. pakistan has had many many legends but they go out and get a coach tht probably doesnt even know how to spell cricket.Javed miandad was a great coach and they took him out beacuse their stupid well done pcb for putting us in a crisis. The players dont even understand half of the things the coach says. AND OUR CAPTAIN ONLY SCORES IN 1 GAME OUT OF 10 AND STILL PEOPLE ARE CRAZY ABOUT HIM I JUSS DONT GET IT. HE DID NOTHING IN THE BALL TAMPERING SITUATION. ill be surprised to see pakistan make the semifinals,

  • Nabeel on February 24, 2007, 5:13 GMT

    I agree to that Kamran.

  • Faraz, California USA on February 21, 2007, 16:34 GMT

    May Allah save Pakistan, its people and specially its cricket...Amen

  • nasar freed on February 21, 2007, 13:03 GMT

    Pakistan need to come up with a new strategy, they still play under oldskool tactics even though the game of cricket has changed. When batting, they never get off to a good start, which makes life harder for the middle order, who seem comtempt with just taking singles here n there and not going after the bowling (jus incase of further loss of wickets). As a result no one punishes the lesser bowlers in the middle of the inning. Towards the end, if wickets are in hand they hit out, which sometimes pays off, but sometimes doesnt. Therefore you never end up with a decent enough total for the opposition. Thats why pakistan are struggling....!!!!! To overcome this first pakistan need to get off to a good start, so ... One of their main batsmen needs to open, inzy is my preference. Along with yasir hammeed. Then you can have younas khan, mohd yousaf and shoaib malik come in (these three run quick between the wickets) so stragtegy should be, keep the scoreboard ticking with quick singles and boundaries (remeber they should punish the lessor bowlers, not just milk them. Then once a decent platform is made, you can have your allrounders(hitters.. afridi's, razaks, azhar's etc...) come out and paste the bowling. This way pakistan will always have a decent score posted for the opposition.

    Another factor people are always overlooking is PAKISTANS FIELDING, its a disgrace. Other good fielding teams, save atleast 50 runs in the field.... pakistan, normally give away 50 runs. They need to stop giving away easy singles, make it harder for batsmen to score, get the bastmen playing risky shots. This all could be achieved, if the fielding improved dramatically. I do suggest that specialist fielding coaches are brought into pakistan, not for the current team, cos theres not much you can do to them now, but for the domestic level. These upcoming future of pakistani cricket need to be taught, whilse they are young... this way when they mke it to the senior team. They will have good fielding skills... so i hope for the future of pakistani cricket FIELDING is given as much importance as bowling and batting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mustafa Khalid on February 21, 2007, 10:33 GMT

    The last line was exactly what was in my mind...the problem with our team is exactly what it was last year...the team is not going for form but for experience...but i still have high hopes from this team...and i like all other Pakistanis am praying for success in the windies...

  • Imran on February 21, 2007, 8:01 GMT

    Rana is a big burden on the team. Now as he has been selected in the team I want him to play against the big teams and not the minnows and get more beating. In this world cup, Pakistan chances are not very high so atleast after the worldcup Rana not being seen in the team will be a blessing.

  • Jawad Ahmed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on February 21, 2007, 6:59 GMT

    I've referred to Qasim Saeed and not Qaiser Saeed.

  • Jawad Ahmed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on February 21, 2007, 6:41 GMT

    I 100% agree with Qaiser Saeed. Religion (Islam) is the most valuable asset we Muslims have got, other all issues are trivial against it.

  • Rehan Qureshi on February 21, 2007, 5:09 GMT

    WoW ... more than 700 posts ... havent seen that before ... you really said what all of us wanted to say! "Pakistan's equipment went missing recently but nobody told us that they'd lost their heart as well."

  • Sitarah Anjum from London on February 19, 2007, 19:52 GMT

    I have been reading comments on this site for a long time. I thought now it's the time I should also participate in it. I am a passionate supporter of Pak cricket since the age of 12.Since moving to UK I was not able to watch live matches regularly due to my studies and then work but now I have got my habit back and I try to watch live matches, highlights or even watch score online. I am the one used to wake up by 2 in the morning to watch Pak play during the famous 1992 world cup. I can not forget the amazing semi-final victory and the way Izamam played. I must say he won my heart over that 33 balls 67 runs innings and he continued the same form in the final and many more games later on. I’m really disappointed at the consistency of Pakistan team’s failure. They do win the matches when play well but against who? What is the ratio of wins against good teams like Aus and SA? For how long we would hear the excuses that Pakistan can not play on bouncy and pace wicket? This is true that the politics has ruined the spirit of cricket in Pak. So much talent has already been wasted and I agree with so many other people’s comments and observation that when players develop any technical faults or make mistakes repeatedly it should be rectified soon but who has to correct them, is this coach, captain or player himself. We as viewers as well as cricket commentators can pinpoint their mistakes and technical faults by watching them play on tv. Mr. Woolmer is more busy with his laptop than doing his job which is off course working on every player and helping him perform up to his full potential.

    Inzamam no doubt has been an exceptionally talented cricketer but why does it always happen that when a senior cricketer is given the leadership he become stubborn, thick headed and selfish. Now look at the ball tempering issue. Everybody asked Inzi to take field but he refused to do so because he thought he was bigger than the management and PCB. Did PCB take any disciplinary action his stubbornness at all? We could have registered our protest in a better way as well as won the match but common sense was missing that day! There are so many other issues that are becoming more and more serious with every passing day including fitness, drug awareness, etc. I was really exited about Pakistan’s chances in the WC but with problems like injuries, dope test and poor form of players I think they do not have chance to qualify to the semi finals unless the players can do some miracles on the given day in the big games. A captain should be given some power and choice but not all of it when it comes to selection of players. What is the criteria of selection currently, I have no idea, is it form of the player, fitness, experience or is it simply connections that play part in selection. If a player is liked by captain or superiors he can get in the team otherwise not! We know corruptions prevail in every department in Pak but I think the whole PCB including team management, captain, coach and players are responsible for the current situation. Nobody is doing anything. All they remember is make money, take salary and go home, relax and forget what other people, fans are shouting and moaning about. I would say for God’s sake play for Pakistan and do not play with Pakistan. If Inzamam does not want to play at position 3 or 4 then it’s better to drop him from the team altogether and give the leadership to either Afridi or Younas and play Asim Kamal or Yasir Hameed in the middle order. We need Imran Khan’s character in our team and not a puppet who can just stand lethargically in the ground and watch like a helpless loser. Those who are not 100% committed and do not perform like Rana, Kamran etc must sit outside and play some domestic cricket to regain their form and confidence. Opening pair is making same mistake again and again. They play silly shots, chase a ball that is going outside the off stump and give away their wickets. Why can they not play using their brains? Why do they not pick the balls and play according to its merits. I am a lady watching cricket for so long and at least I have this much common sense that if I am playing against Pollock or Ntini then I have to chose only bad and lose balls to play big shots rather than trying to hit every ball and give cheap wickets and put unnecessary pressure on the middle order within 15 overs. These types of ballers make very few mistakes and do not give easy runs away! Can somebody tell our openers how to open the batting and play fast but safe and give at least 50 runs without losing a wicket and then shift the burden to middle order!!!! If Pakistan played the first 20 overs safely in WC without making silly mistakes then they can make respectable total otherwise they can not even lose with respect!! We do not expect them to win every game but we expect genuine efforts and fight from every guy in the team and do not let the whole nation down and feel us embarrassed. Kamran you are embarrassed but I am actually fed up and sick and tired of this drama and policts that has overshadowed the game of cricket. People are expected to improve as time passes but we are going behind! Why are Imran Khan, Waseem Akram and Waqar Younas not asked to coach the team and rescue them from these problems? I think ego, nepotism, corruption, lack of commitment all we have in our team is this or may be more.

    Inzamam if you want to retire with respect then for God’s sake play at no 3 or 4 and face the challenge. Do not hide in the dressing room and stop exposing young and inexperienced players to face the new ball and lose their confidence before they could polish themselves. Look at Imran he batted at no 3 in all the crucial matches of 1992 WC. Be a man!!!!! He retired with dignity and respect and we still miss him for his great leadership and mental toughness. Now it’s your turn to overcome your lack of confidence and ego. Good luck to Pakistan for the WC. We can only pray so we are……………..

  • Ashamed Muslim- USA on February 19, 2007, 17:05 GMT

    Why I am ashamed beacuse they have let me down infront of other people. I had a pride that we are tigers and we never loose without fighting. My team has made millions by cashing their value. I never saw a drop of tears in those dry eyes while loosing against SA. It was another day which ended with money in their pocket. Our team is sacred of hot weather in Srilanka, Seam bowling in UK, bouncy track in south africa, slow pitches in India, fast track in australia, lack of fit bowlers, shortage of wicket-keeper, shortage of batsman, shortage of brave-hearted player. We won WC92 by sheer luck and overall quality of other teams. Remember Hockey, We were campions of WC, Campions trophy, Olympics when other teams were sleeping but once they start playing we start loosing everything. Imagine how other teams have imporved thier game day by day and how we start declining day by day. Inzi has taught by Woolmer and CO to present a new excuse after every loss. After reaching pakistan, Inzi told news reporter that we lost against the fitness not against South Africa. HAHAHHAHAH So South Africa has reached number one position by winning against Pakistan? I can think that they are in state of denial and they are mentally ready to milk the last time Pakitani people by making some more money to get another plot/house and then GO TO HELL. Salim altaf has already oredered to close the national academy to stop the training the new generation. DNA has already been enjoying the status of a minister and BOSS of cricket. Inzi we would like you the best of best.

  • pendoo on February 19, 2007, 15:29 GMT

    BUS!!!BUSS!! I cant take it anymore. All this frustration is not going to help, except maybe self-healing. Because our comments eventualy reach the RECYCLE BIN, just press DEL. One good thing came out this SA beating that Pakistan got, beating is not the correct work, Pakistan actually got RAPED, with the whole world watching, I can actually hear Inzy running around saying "are logo Mayya lut gai". The good thing that came out of this is that OUR expectations of the Pakistan team are now exactly what they should be. Pak is a third class team, as some one said, they belong in the league with Bangladesh, Kenya, Zimbabwe.. (feel free to put in you local teams). But back to EXPECTATIONS, so now I expect the absolute worst outing from Pakistan, and now it is not going to hurt, because now I expect it. So PEOPLE, if anything, please say THANKs to INZY and the PCB for getting us prepared for the coming defeat which we are going to get, thanks for getting our expectation down to below zero level, maybe (east Pakistan) Bangldesh should play for us, at least they put up a fight.

  • DizZy on February 19, 2007, 10:28 GMT

    I think INZI and co. shud make onething VERY clear in their minds ...


    "Allah isnt the GOD of Muslims alone.. He is a GOD of every Nation.. regardless of wether they believe in HIM or not ..."

    So, just for change, INZI and Co. shud start doing things THEMSELVES rather than puting the pressure on GOD ALMIGHTY evrytime...

  • Qasim Saeed on February 19, 2007, 6:14 GMT

    Its really sad to see so many Pakistani Muslims insulting or belittling religion. Five prayers a day can work wonders for your information. If Saeed, Inzamam, Mushtaq, Saqlain, especially Yousuf have grown a beard and have taken to religion, they are to be admired rather than insulted for doing so. They may still have many flaws in them as a person but they are certainly not linked to Islam or their turning to it.

    Unfortunately we are so brain washed by the western media and engrossed in our worldly pursuits that we really don’t give jack about religion and feel it is our right to humiliate any one making an attempt to turn to religion. I would vouch any day for a religious losing non English speaking Pakistani team than a winning drinking, partying, English speaking Pakistani team because these players are going to be heroes to my children and I would not want them to follow in their footsteps.

    It is also a shame that many muslims choose to mock about acts like drinking water while sitting or growing a beard as these are Sunnah and such comments are actually insulting to the Sunnah which are acts performed by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

    Let us not forget that all these players had it made and they had no reason to turn to religion as we would see it. That they did is a blessing for them and I hope all of us are also blessed with this passé thing called Eeman.

  • Jawad Ahmed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on February 18, 2007, 7:29 GMT

    I was so dejected after watching the last match that i was not even feeling like writing here. Can someone tell me that does Rana have a big big "PAAWA" somewhere in the selection committee, or with our President or else?

    After watching their penultimate drubbing by South Africa, i still had a hope that they will bounce back as they are a spirited bunch. Spirited bunch my a..

    Pakistan's biggest problem has been batting and they cannot bat against swinging ball. No one of them. Remember their previous outing in South Africa,,same result. They fell just like nine pins against swinging ball. Shame on them. Let them play with Bangladesh only and let them (Bangladesh) make as many histories as they like by beating us as they did in 1999.

    Watched Imran the other day on GEO, he was again making mockery of our domestic cricket as he always had and u know what he is right. He said that we were the one who began attacking the bowling in the first 15 overs and now we are the biggest failure in this part. By the way if we have to attack only we can open the innings by AbdurRazak and Imran Nazir. Let Shahid Afridi play at no. 7. I know this will sound ridiculous to many but why not this be one of many experiments they did already for the opening pair.

  • Abdullah, Abu Dhabi, UAE on February 18, 2007, 7:03 GMT

    Come on folks, give them a break. And maybe teach our players to not be so stupid as to go hitting bats at spectators! Frankly, I am disappointed with the lot. Yet I hope this trip down shame-lane will open their brains a bit and maybe we can see something in the WC. However if they are as "morfiated" as this then too, then I think I'll get my nationality changed and become Hawaiian. They dont play cricket, I've heard.

  • Taimur Huk on February 17, 2007, 21:33 GMT

    havent posted in this blog for a long time...i'm going here after some while. speaking of our national team, i'm very dissapointed in them for their performance in south africa. they didn't even try in the last 2 matches. i was very confident about our team after they beat s. africa by 100 and something runs, but they went back to their old ways and. how they do in the wc, only Allah's knows. but what i know is that there are 4 weeks till the WC, and our team better use this time wisely otherwise we our doomed. the team needs to have a professional attitude towards cricket; go to the gym daily and train, and eat the right kind of food, NOT spicy pakistani food, sleep at the right time. the reason they lost the series to s. africa is because the s. african players were wayyyy more fit than ours and in the end, they were the ones who won the series and we were the ones who got our sorry, tired asses handed back to us!

  • Puneet Miskeen on February 17, 2007, 12:08 GMT

    Very interesting article Mr.Abbasi.

    The other day I had this friend of mine call me up to discuss about the Pak batting line up. And trust me we were terrified !! Akmal and Nazir followed by Younis and Yousuf. Inzy at 5 , Afridi , Malik , Razzaq and then Azhar Mahmood. NOW THAT IS WHAT WE CALL AN EXPLOSIVE BATTING LINE UP !! Dont know what is the case with the bowling line up , but if u can get Shoaib , Gul and Asif fit for all the matches , trust me Pak is one of the front runners for the trophy. Their mercurial ways notwithstanding. And dont fret so much about the lack of spine shown by the team. We Indians were no good either during our series against the Proteans.

  • Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on February 17, 2007, 8:45 GMT

    Inzi explanied that we lost to badly, because of poor attach. What a shame Inzi.... is it that with your fat body, now your brain has also become 'SLOW'?

    We lost the last two ODIs only and only due to our poor batters, including Inzi himself. How can you expect any bowlers to defent scores of 107 and 149 ?

    For GOD's sake Inzi, be a man and own the problem atleast.

  • Zeeshan Ahmed on February 17, 2007, 8:08 GMT

    Well! here I am again.

    Some ppl have mentioned the fact that 1992 WC was won by the one point we gained due to rain. This is true but you have to be lucky to win anything. We were lucky on that day & then the fighting spirit and leadership were in charge of the team.

    Even if we win today, we have to be lucky but we have to perform & know how to perform in different playing conditions. This is the way it happens all the time. You give 100% of your talent & skills and leave the rest to Allah (Muslims only). However in tough conditions you try & give 200% of your efforts. Result is not in your powers.

    When we see the attitude of pakistan team,we see that even a club cricketer knows how to get Inzi out LBW or catch in slips. Same is true with most of other players in the team. We have seen them play for years & years but they have never been able to convert their weaknesses into strengths by changing their technique or approach. They are too predictable with their batting, movement in the crease, shot selection & other technical things. Someone should work on this in order to perform well in different playing conditions.

    After all its not DEFEAT that matters to pakistani supporters, its the WAY THEY ARE DEFEATED that metters. If they lose a match fighting like a man, nobody cares as we saw in test matches. Everyone praised their efforts even after losing. It seems like lots of things are on their minds when playing. Players should only be playing & playing & playing.

    Regarding Imran Nazir, lots of criticism is done on his selction. Though I am not a fan of him, mainly due to lack of consistency & shot selection, most of pl will agree that 2nd ODI was won due to the start & theme set by him. I think he should play alongwith a regular opener.

    In the end something about a new turn around regarding Bob & Dawn thing, I think this is not going to do any good to the cricket. I have already made my point in earlier comment that coach MUST be replaced before world cup if we want to do different in West Indies. Bob is no more with the team as he know his job is over with them. We need someone who could charge them up at this time & Bob & Inzi a "happily married couple" can't do this.

  • Faraz (the first Faraz on all of Kamran's blogs) on February 17, 2007, 3:54 GMT

    Kamran: 700 comments and still agony and pain.....and I can honestly relate to it, having spent my early mornings here (ET time zone), missed school, worst of all skipped exams, arrived late for work..all in vain..all done to just to catch a glimpse of Pakistan repeat the performance of 2nd ODI vs SA; but it was'nt to be. I can curse so many Pakistan team players and mgmt here, but I would like for all of us to cheer up and hope for the best as Javed (from Montreal) puts is so calmly. We know they are able to show heart, they were known as Cornered Tigers and something tells me...there is a different story written down the line....InshaAllah victory will be ours.

    Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paendabad !

  • mkq on February 16, 2007, 23:21 GMT

    yes i am 100%agree with you.bob did't use that words.even he fight or had argument with shoib because he want pakistan win there and i think being a true coach he did a good thing and if akhter relize his mistake then he should help bob to shout the bad mouth of this stupid people and let them prepare for wc.please all the fans 4get it all and pray for them to win wc goodluck bakistan

  • Arsalan Butt on February 16, 2007, 22:06 GMT

    Players don't win matches, wills do. It all boils down to the fact that who wants it most and who can put in more than a 100%. For something like a World Cup, you would have to want it so bad that it should be apparent in players’ body language. The passion and determination of ’92 team is nothing but missing in ’07 team. No one can forget ho Inzi got in the limelight by being a key figure in critical matches/victories. Where’s that passion Inzi? Where’s that desire to outdo yourself every time you are on the crease? You chewed gum and walked at the same pace that you do now. Heck, your expressions are even same. But you don’t raise the same hell for bowlers anymore! Tactfully, you have been average at best through out your captaincy but still people admired you. You are the captain of the national team. Your represent your country. So stop being biased and straighten your head. Else, you and your team will have to come back from West Indies in the same manner that you did from the last world cup (every body going to different airports, etc).

    One could argue that Pakistan might have been better off by sending last year Under-19 world cup wining team rather than the current one. The passion, the desire the will to win was apparent in their eyes.

    Whatever bureaucracy the team is being played into has diminished the spirit of Pakistani cricket.

  • shahid, USA on February 16, 2007, 22:00 GMT

    although i am heartbroken, i just can't give up on pakistan...i think we will be just fine in the WC because there are som many pakistan fans and if everyone is praying for them Allah will surely guide them. There will be time when afridi will be on fire again and the team spirit will be high. it just takes a few games and i believe the group we are in should give us the confidence and the warming up that we will need to play the likes of SA, AUS, INDIA, NZ, and SL in the super 8s. I believe in Pakistan and they will not dissapoint us in the WC..INSHALLAH

  • Imran on February 16, 2007, 21:58 GMT

    I delayed my response because i was mad like most of the fans in here and responding earlier wouldn't reflect my overall thoughts. Yes pakistan under perform in this tournament and only few glimpses were shown of a talented team. regardless of this performance and lets be optimistic that we will do good in the world cup as we have a history of coming back strong after loosing a series. lets hope that will happen in the world cup, i doubt we will win the worldcup but we should fight hard.

  • Mashood Yunus on February 16, 2007, 21:56 GMT

    I strongly disagree with you Br Kamran. this is when our team needs support not such articles and comments from many of you. cricket is a game and kindly leave it at that. Imran khan can just sit out and make comments, like many others including people on this board. this team has been written off before and they have come back to respond. they will again if Allah wills but kindly do not make it an issue of life and death. Allah sent us to this world for far bigger things and I find it hard to answer questions about "just" cricket on day of judgement :) let us learn to move on...

  • Shoaib Nursumar on February 16, 2007, 21:22 GMT

    People who keep on reffering Pakistan team as "sleeping tigers", ability to bounce back, On their day they are unbeatable. Well it is sad that these days are rare but long lived for us. Even if Pakistan win the World Cup, I am not willing to give up on this defeat. The Pakistan Cricket team does not belong to Dr Nasim Ashraf, Saleem Altaf or Wasim Bari. The first and foremost is to get rid of Wasim Bari. I think I have the right to question all these hidious series of events that have occured since the Oval test match. I just wonder how the players are feeling and what are they doing at the current point in time. Are they on a break and resting at home after such a long series? Do they deserve any rest, I mean wat did they do apart from standing for 8 hours in a garden? I work everyday for 9 hours and then go home and study for 4 hours to give my exams. AND GUESS WHAT? I am also away from my family and friends (in Canada). I think according to PCB they'll advise me to get hospitalized for complete bed rest.

  • fayZuNn on February 16, 2007, 20:36 GMT

    To start off with... how can you actaully say all thiz knowing really well that the pakistan team was missing one of its biggest ace bowlers...Shoaib Akhtar and Umar Gul....agreed that Pakistan did play bad.. but a team which knows that even posting a reasonable target around 260 or 270 might not be defendable when their bowling departement is probably weaker than the Bangladesh team itself(excluding Mohammad Asif that is....he will probably take all the 10 wickets if given a chance to play against them). To sum it all up, i will not say the strategy pakistan had in mind was a good one but they could have "certainly" come up with a much better and brighter one.

  • Shoaib Nursumar on February 16, 2007, 19:17 GMT

    Please Please Please give a copy of this Blog and comments to each and every member of PCB and Pakistan Cricket Board. Make sure they read this, that means a lot to me and will curb down 2% of my anger. I know once these lazy ....... read this, they'll feel one of the following; 1.Its just the aftermath of a series loss and will be forgotten and over with soon. 2. These people don't understand what they are saying as they are not playing cricket.

    Believe me if I had the Powers in my hand, the story would be completely different. The truth is that we have made cricket look sooo complicated by repeatedly stating words like strategy, planning, inconsistent and so on, that it feels like some extra ordinarily difficult task. I understand cricket from top to bottom (many other die hard fans also do) and it is not as complicated as it is being made to look. At the end of the day cricket is the only sport that is keeping the spirit of sports alive in Pakistan. Please don't kill it. No extraordinary Coach or management can do any good. At the end of the day it is Skill and attitude of players that counts.

  • Asif Sarfaz on February 16, 2007, 19:10 GMT

    I agree with Khurram Dawood!

    We need steel and determination at the top level so it can stem down to the players!

    That is a dream line-up for our board level, I must say!

    Although I live in England, I am a Pakistan Fan!

    By the time Hafeez got out (after six balls) I was supporting South Africa!

    I tell you the reason! The reason is so our boys can wake and smell the hot chai, and realise that they have the support of not only the home nation, but all Pakistan cricket fans around the world!

    We have not got a recognised football team or great tennis player, so the team should recognise this is our national sport and pull there socks up and do something about it!

    After all Pakistanis take great pride when the team wins!

    I believe our cricket team is the Brazil of cricket, we have so many talented youngters in our country that after a little coaching can play for the national team!

    Mohammed Asif is the best and most consistent player that we have and because I am a Sialkoti, I am a fan of Shoaib Malik, who again done good for the team with the bat!

    I hope for the country and the people of Pakistan and all Pakistanis around the world that our country can do well at the World Cup, so it can be recognised as a sporting nation and not related to current affairs that are shown in the news!

    Please Pakistan Please!

  • Sajjadullah Baig on February 16, 2007, 18:26 GMT

    I don't think the situation is that embressing, Pakistan has never played well against South Africa and Australia. Pakistan had lost the same way last time as well. Some time the Pakistanis expect a bit too much from their team, its time people accepted that they are not as good as the Australians or the South Africans are. Besides with the atmosphere in the team, its pretty obvious the players are not very confident. Being religious and showing ones religious tendencies may be a good thing but to expect that just prayers will take one to victory is a bit naive, and this I am afraid is the status and mind set within the team. Inzaman is not a very confident and responsible cricketer to be honest and may be he is not as good as he used to be some five or six years back. Inzi should open the batting if he does well the batting to follow will certainly do. Besides its no use comming at 40 for 4 and scoring a duck or comming at 180 for 3 and scoring a fifty. World cup will be played in a different country under different condition but I am not confident Pakistan will do much better.

  • Sheheryar Khan on February 16, 2007, 18:18 GMT

    Well whats done is done! The tour of SA had a promising start and ended in shambles for Pak. But Mr Abbasi please dont be ashamed. This is what Pak cricket is all about. Why should cricket be spared from all the corruption and nepotism and of course the total ineffeciency of the people in charge. Pak cricket has always been and still is being run by jokers. All one can hope is for Pak to have a few freak days like the one in the 2nd ODI against SA. Then we might be able to see our team in the semis! **Laughs** I say just enjoy the game for the great game that it is ... and dont worry about Pak too much. Anythign can happen in cricket BUT the selected 15 sure dont seem to have it in them to lift the cup. I hope they prove me wrong.

  • talha tariq on February 16, 2007, 17:57 GMT

    my name is talha and i am a pakistani.i have always supported pakistan.i think that we have all the talent and the strength but since 1992 we have always suffered in one part of our cricket and that is poor administration which basically include poor selection and see that all the good and talented players have been thrown out and have not been given a chance at all.they include gifted and potential players like yasir arafat and a few others. i dont understand why do they persist with aging players like rana naveed ul hassan and shahid nazir.they have done nothing at all. pakistan will suffer badly by palying them in the world cup.more over there are players like akthar ayub and other youngsters who have shown their potentaIL IN UNDER 19 WORLD CUP.THEY MUST BE GIVEN A CHANCE AND MUST BE PLAYED INSTEAD OF THE AGEING PLAYERS LIKE RANA.UNLESS OUR BAD ADMINISTRATION IS NOT TACKLED,W E WILL ALWAYS STRUGGLE

  • Kapil on February 16, 2007, 17:43 GMT

    Sad to see Pakistan cricket in the trough. Miss giants like Javd Miyandad, Imran Khan and Zaheer Abbas. Inspite of all this have to admit, as an Indian, after India, Pakistan is my favourite team. Hope it pulls up it's socks.

  • Shoaib Nursumar. on February 16, 2007, 17:38 GMT

    Hats off to Kamran Bhai for such a wonderful blog and all the comments. Every single comment posted above makes me feel it has come from my heart. I have been having this feeling of "somthing is really fishy with Pakistan Cricket" since the tour to England, it is difficult for me to believe that our team has become a bunch of frightened rabbits. I just cannot stand any more poltics in cricket, someone has to take a major step and get into the issue. I believe millions of fans are also to blame to have treated players as superstars (Shoaib Akhter especially). Each and every player should take pride in playing for Palistan. Its time these players understand how lucky they are to be a part of pakistan cricket team (dream of every single Pakitani). I am just out of words to express my feelings. My request to General Musharaff (Sir, you have the power, please do something, I can't take this shit any more). Those of you who don't know who Saleem Altaf is? Watch his video on Waqar Younis issue on Youtube. (This will give a great picture on what's wrong with Pakistan Cricket).

  • nazim on February 16, 2007, 17:01 GMT

    Woolmer has been a failure and caused too many controversies, never hav i witnessed so many in pak cricket in such a short period of time. He has failed to mould many hugely talented players into fine openers, Butt, Hameed, Farhat, Nazir, Tuafeeq all of talenbt but no discipline, this should come from the coach yet we see the players making same mistakes over and over again. Many pak fans forgert out players lack hunger and fight and are not mentally strong enough to battle against teams like Safrica and Auss. Its all good and well beating lesser teams but just look at the averages and records of the players against top teams. Yousaf stands head and shoulders above the rest. What has inzy batting at 6 achieved for Pak? Any brave captain would open the batting ir atleast bat in the top 3 to lead from the team and use the most of his abilities. All other captains have done what is best for them, Dravid a middle order bat has even opened for india, Lara has opened for windies, Ponting has batted in the top 3, Flemming has even opened and batted where it suited his team. Freddy has even come in at 3 when england needed him to. Im a massive inzy fan but if we have to look back at his career i would say wasted talent becuase he should b up there with ponting, sachin and lara interms of ODI hundreds, he only has 9, which is a shock and is due to him batting so low down. Inzy needs to take responsibilty and be counted, he needs to push younis in the middle order, where he will do a great job with his style of play and put himself at number 3. Its all good and well having natural talent, but as the loss to Safrica has shown pak players imply bottle it in tough situations and this needs to change if we are to dominate the world of cricket and even win world cups. Hopefully for the sake of pak cricket, after the world cup we should get rid of excess baggage and start a fresh and intill different ethos in our team, starting with p45's to inzy and woolmer and the sending of Rana to the retirement home, where he belongs.

  • zazz on February 16, 2007, 16:23 GMT

    Obviously everyone wishes to win. But loss also has purpose and that is to learn. It is never to do BLUNDERS after making mistakes. What captain and management have done is simply repetition of mistakes and blunders (and then different excuses). They have been selecting continuously out of form bowlers and batsmen despite availability of better players. It looks the team selection is difficult, because selectors and captain seem to be taking into consideration all retired players and all those who have yet to start first-class cricket. :)

  • Sadiq Memon on February 16, 2007, 16:21 GMT

    Reading these comments, I remembered the time around the World Cup of 1999. As you may remember, we had an opener by the name of Wajahatullah Wasti who for some insane reasons played around that time. After watching his dismal performance (I think it was two 0's and a few less then 10 runs) one of my friend commented that he should be selected for the opener's slot as he can also score a 0! I guess the situation is not much different here either. But the thing to remember is Pakistan has always struggled against Aus, SA, WI, and even Eng abroad. We tend to forget that despite all the talented teams we had in past (barring the competitive tours to WI in '88, Eng in '87,'92 & 99, Aus '90, and to a certain extent SA '97) we have been beaten quite convincingly in all forms of the game. Judging the test series from this point of view, I think it was an admirable effort as we almost pulled out a series win despite having only two strike bowlers. The one day series is a different story but being Pakistani supporters, one must expect these displays from the team. Ofcourse there will be stupid decisions by the captain & coach (Playing Rana or Inzi at 6 or 7, or Akmal opening), ofcourse there will be shoddy fielding and even pathetic batting and some ridiculous bowling (Rana takes the lead here as usual) so to try and analyze why we lost is a waste of time. It is just second nature to us Pakistanis. One big win for our boys gives them a license to play mohalla cricket for atleast 5 games. The only consolotion is that deep down in our hearts, we all know that the same team (as in ODI 3&4) with the same batting order can win not only one match but an entire tournament if they decide to put their heart to it. The irony is, if that were the case we would all be praising the genius of Inzi and Bob for opening with Akmal or persisting with Rana or Inzi at 6. I guess the only silver lining on these dark clouds hanging over the affairs of Pakistan cricket is that every time Pakistan plays, the anticipation of brilliant performance coupled with a fear of abject surrender gives me a thrill that can not be matched by anything else I do or witness. That for me is the fate of the Pakistani supporter like me! We got to remember that according to former England Allrounder Derek Pringle, Pakistan is an "INSHAALLAH" team and I tend to agree with him. So InshaAllah we will win, if not oh well maybe next time InshaAllah.

  • Khurram Dawood on February 16, 2007, 15:51 GMT

    I hope Pakistan will click in WC and win.

    But after WC i want inzi and bob gone.

    We want Waqar/Wasim as bowling coach. Javed as Bating coach and Imran Khan as Chairman.

    The fighting spirt imran bring in team is gone. Thx to Inzi who never says YES WE WILL WIN. He says SA is good team i hope we can beat them etc.

  • Syed Akif SHoaib on February 16, 2007, 15:49 GMT

    Wheres imrAn khan when his country needs him =(

  • TK on February 16, 2007, 15:44 GMT

    Finally the time has come for DNA & BW (Dr. Nasim Ashraf &Bob Woolmer) to realize that the strategies and policies they adopted did not work. Since they failed. They should step aside and let someone else lead. Pakistan needs a dynamic risk taking coach/PCB Head to transform inform young talent into a winning combination.

  • Bohurupi Boadder on February 16, 2007, 15:43 GMT

    In 1992 WC, Pakistan was not an extraordinary team. The only exception was the inclusion of the stalwarts like Miandad, Imran, Wasim and the budding Inzamam. Veterns like Saeed Anwar and Waqar were left out of the team due to various reasons. Despite this weak composure, Pakistan showed a brilliant display of cricket, and above all, a fighting spirit that is conspicuously lacking in present day Pakistan cricket. Imran was the man who shares most of the credit for that purpose. As a captain, he was probably never martched by anyone in Pakistan cricket, particularly in post Imran era. The current team, as Dr.Abbasi rightly pointed out, looks very lethergic and appears lack lustre. It is now imperative that the Pakistani Board replace the present captain by a someone who has the ability of playing more agressive and retains a fighting spirit in the game. Inzi certainly is not the right choice! Otherwise, forget about this world cup!!!

  • Owais on February 16, 2007, 15:37 GMT

    This is with reference to Peiter - You mention SA defeated 92 champs, while conveniently ignoring the fact that it all happened because of that stupid rain curtailment rule !!! Pakistan earned a point while facing England, at the right side of that lop sided rule but lost 2 points against SA on the same token. So please shut up. Having said that, I would say, if Pakistan does not win, my next favourite team is indeed SA as they have been amongst the best teams but with this "choking" tendency. I want them to succeed if Pakistan does not.

  • Asad Bangash - Toronto on February 16, 2007, 15:32 GMT

    Australia lost by 10 wickets too, i dont feel that bad now :)

  • asad khan on February 16, 2007, 15:25 GMT

    I think people in Pakistan should kidnap, Inzi, rana, hafeez, kaneria and kamran akmal and release them after the world cup. Inzi and woolmer have hijacked pakistan cricket.

  • Zubair on February 16, 2007, 15:07 GMT

    the latest news is that Shoaib is demanding an apology from woolmer and inzi...I think inzamam and woolmer should simply be sacked first...and then the apology should also be made to shoaib...shoaib deserves to captain and coach this side...

  • FK on February 16, 2007, 15:04 GMT

    Whilst i agree with many posts I have to say that I am somewhat perplexed by some points made about lack of talent and heart. Clearly Pakistan have not had the best of time in SA but it is ridiculous to suggest that all is lost and they do not know how to fight. Using Australia as an example they thrashed England 5-0 but are currently struggling to win a game, not because of they are not showing 'fight' but because they are mentally and physically exhausted. I think it is the same with Pakistan; they have had a tough tour in which they have played well in patches with limited resources but must now just want to finish the tour and head home before starting preparations for the WC.

    I think this Pakistan team has more destructive power than any other looking at the likes of Nazir, Afridi, Yousuf, Razzaq and even Akmal down the order. Given some luck they could go all the way at the world cup, and I find it particularly ironic that many people on this board refer to 'the great team of 92' because that team only won the world cup after being saved in a crucial game by the rain against England and getting a point in a game they were on the brink of losing.

    I really believe that the key for performing well in the WC for Pak will be how they play in the first 30 to 35 overs. If they can get to that stage with 6 wickets in hand then the destructive power of Afridi and Razzaq comes into its own. Afridi has not been in the best of touch for a while but I think that with him you have to play to his strengths and his most consistent performances have come when the team has set a platform and he has complete license to hit out in the last ten overs or so. It is a similar situation with Razzaq but to a lesser extent. I think it is paramount that Younis, Yousuf, and Inzi (who looks in terrible touch) set that platform in each game, (one or even two of these has to get a big score in every game). They have to bat with brains and know each others strengths and bat accordingly. They did this in the 2nd ODI against SA recently and it paid dividends.

    As far as the bowling is concerned We have to wait and see on that front given the injury (shady!!) concerns surrounding Shoaib, Gul and Asif. If those three play and they will a couple of easier games to begin with to get in the swing and gain some match fitness then the bowling loooks strong. I am not so keen on Kaneria - not because i do not think he has a role in the ODI team - but more because he has not played a lot of ODI's and I fear he might strive too hard and conced a few too many.

  • ahmed on February 16, 2007, 14:57 GMT

    It is high time for the President of the country to step in and ask Dr. Nasim Ashraf not to be with the team all the time. There seems to be lot of pressure on the team and most of the players are on the defensive. In order to motivate them they should have a new manager and coach. I am writing this from experience, whenever and whereever there are un-professional and self-centered management involved in any form of business or sporting event,if they advising and criticizing every move the players make, the team are bound to fail. The winning formula is A) Keep it simple B) Retain experience C) Train and support Excess criticiam is harmful, players lack confidence. If the current system continues it isarecipe for failure. Just see the body language of the players.

  • mo on February 16, 2007, 14:52 GMT

    Basically pakistan are rubbish. The coach is rubbish. The players are rubbish(for example rana naveed). I mean he looks older than 40, he gets smashed all over the place and still gets picked every single time. Paksitan have gto some serious thinking to do before the world cup, not that there is much time.

  • Zeeshan Ahmed on February 16, 2007, 14:42 GMT

    I agree with most of above mentioned comments, everyone says Inzi & Woolmer should do something to lift the morale of this rampage team. Well! I doubt they can do this. We have seen this happen in 1992 world cup when against all odds and all expectations, pakistan team went on to win it. But most of you will agree that it was caused by three major things. 1- The leadership of Imran Khan. 2- Motivation by young as well as senior players. 3- Leading from front by the captain. Only one thing is enough to prove my point. Imran khan batting at No.3 in the finals. Such was the quality of the man that he forsaw what was going to happen if he continued with routine line-up. He led from the front and absorbed all the pressure, until it was time to attack. This was the theme we missed in next world cup when we had an embarrasing defeat in the finals.

    There is not much difference in the team at that time & today, but to lift a team's morale team leader must perform. Every other team plays around the captain. Inzi's performace in this series is no issue as it was expected. What worries me is that he does not have the confidence & will to turn it around. On the field, he is a mere spectator. Bob's situation is not much differnt too.

    Being ashamed is no justice to ourselves. we give lots of our time and energy to watching the game & most of the times we end up like this.

    SOLUTION. I think PCB should be sacked at first. then the appointment of new coach and captain "before the world cup" is the only way to lift the morale of this team.

    There is no point in continuing with this setup knowing the outcome in WC-07. At least this will give us some face saving options even if we do not do well.


  • Raj on February 16, 2007, 14:31 GMT

    I don't see much surprise over here, the only thing which i am feeling good and proud of being Indian is the constructive and positive comments sent by the follow Indians towards the Pakistani team, this shows the character of the young generation of India no wonder India is doing well in all the facets inspite of population,corruption and millions of socio economic problems.

  • Zohaib on February 16, 2007, 14:27 GMT

    I would also like to say that Mohammed's comments about the lack of defined roles is spot on! Infact one of the reasons Pakistan has never had a complete bowling attack in the recent past is due to this problem. I remember a time when people said if Akhtar Shabbir and Gul play together that would be a dream combination, they played, they failed and then the dream combination became, Akhtar Rana and Shabbir (whilst Guk was injured). They too failed as a unit and along came Asif and the dream combination became Akhtar Asif and Rana (remember that everyone? how many of u said that if those 3 were playin we wud beat England with ease, and wht happened in the odi series, with all our fire power we drew the series). Now the dream combination is Akhtar Asif and Gul and let me warn u even if they play together, it wont work because one of them wud get hammered. All our bowlers go for all out attack, going for wickets, and one of the bowlers wud get hammered and the dream combination wud change into something else. South African Australians bowl well in tandem because they know what their role in the bowling dept. is unlike our team which as sad as i am to say this wud not be blowing other team to shreds with the Akhtar Asif and Gul combo.

  • Pak Fan on February 16, 2007, 14:26 GMT

    I think this is a clear demostration of lack of consistency and strategy by the team management.

    Examples : 1. Farhat and Hafeez been opener / in the squad for good pas 8-10 months, but come the WC squat Farhat is out and Imran Nazir who has not even been named for past 1-1.5 years gets in. Wonder what sort of pre-WC preparation was that ? Okay Farhat has defect, but if that is the case he should have been dropped long ago.

    2. Yasir Hameed gets recalled, scores with double digit every time he played, but he is not choosen, Nazir is prefered..but Nazir not been in the ODI squad for a while.

    3. Kamra Akmal ? Consistently been inconsistent and no back up wicket taker named nor tried during the SA tour ?

    I know what will happen after the W.C : Coach, captain and sn players will get sacked, and then its here we go again until the next WC... just like the previous WC.

    Bob W is probably the only guy benefited with the huge salary PCB paid.

    Why doesn't anyone think of making use of Wasim Akram's experience ? He should be some where in team management / coaching.

  • Zohaib on February 16, 2007, 13:46 GMT

    This is my first time writing on this blog though i've been reading it for a while now, i thought this to be the best moment to start and apparently i'm not alone as this post has gotten over 600 comments so far! My post deals not only with the SA-Pak series but with WC selections as well, hope that isnt a problem.

    1.First Mr.Abbasi i would like for u to do an article on the decline of Abdul Razzaq, I was watching the tied match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the night before the 5th ODI and Razzaq as everyone suely must remember was amazing, when i saw him the next day live, the difference in his run-up was incredible, he just jogs to the crease now it seems. In that match he was running in and bending his back which he seems to have forgotten now.(no wonder his pace has decreased)

    2.I would like you to contact Bob Woolmer (he has a blog on this website so u being a writer here surely wud be able to make contact with him)and let him know of the public's opinion of Shoaib Malik because its abundantly clear to everyone but the team management that he is best suited for number 3. I mean i read on cricinfo that the year he was number 3, he had the highest batting average in that position for the year, even beating out ponting. Perhaps Woolmer and Inzi weren't aware of that fact when they decided to slip him down the order and replace him with a man who at that time had only one century against the legendary Hong Kong team (he has two now). I admit Younis Khan is technically correct, atleast better than most in terms of technique but so is Hafeez and in the end its about the runs you score. I'm a big believer of going with the stats, and his average doesnt exactly boast that he's one of the best one day batsmen out there. The same goes for Hafeez, looks good enough (better than other potential openers) but doesnt score, so there's no point in keeping him on the team. Younis Khan did bat at 6 when Malik came at 3 and i remember there was a lot of fuss from the so called experts to bring him to number 3 because of his better technique and due to that public pressure i suspect he was promoted up the order because i see no otehr reason for a team to suddenly drop a batsman who is in good form down the order. Maybe if there is enough pressure from the public, they will promote him again.

    3. The only reason Imran Nazir was taken to South Africa was due to the strong opinion of the public, sure he performed well in the Twenty20, tournament in Pakistan, but the board has never selected a player on the basis of Twenty20 performance alone. His domestic form was good but there were other batsmen, who have scored more runs, in the same year so it had to be public pressure. I'm sorry to say but his selection in the world cup is absolutely shocking, I mea they have selected him on the basis of one 50! Yasir Hameed (though personally i dont like his batting) shud have been taken because he makes more runs than the other two openers. Salman Butt has been dealt with unjustly in my opinion.

    3.Rana has to be the most hated person in the country rite now :). Well the problem is clearly that he has lost his swing, as the line he is bowling is fine if he swings it back into the left hander or away from the right hander but due to the fact that its not swinging, it becomes a bad line. His length has been on the shorter side for a long time now and that's why he is not the same bowler as he once was. I cannot understand if the fans see this clear as day why the coach and captain dont see it and if they do, how come they aren't fixing it or get an experienced player who has gone through the same problem ( i think this is the most important thing, the person who is appointed for sucha task shud be one who has gone thru the same problem)to fix it?

    4. Who decided Rao shud be selected ahead of Azhar and Sami? I mean he hasn't played for so long, if they were going to pick him, shudnt they have given him some games in the series, and Sami i thought looked a changed man in the test series and in the single odi he did play, he batted with determination, the bowling was seriously below par but u cant judge a bowlr from one match. The same goes for Azhar, they took him to SA ( I presume to prove if he is worthy of selection) he bowled in two matches and then they decided he isnt good enough. Well i dont understand why they took him in the first place if they dint want him in the World Cup. They gave him 3 odi's to prove his case, he bowled in 2 of those, one being a very short spell as our total was very low and the other was a decent spell. They would argue that they cant select him on the basis of one performance but they did the same with Imran Nazir. Though i think the Rao spot should have gone to Sami and if Rao really was the better seamer in their opinin, then they shud have given him a few games, rather than a single odi.

    5.Danish Kaneria gets selected for the most important odi tournament on the basis of....not sure. Perhaps because he attacks and is a leg spinner. Both are valid points and i too believe that if there is an attacking leg spinner u shud always play him because in theory he can win u matches. Ah but when u actually look at his odi record u realize, he's a Younis Khan meaning that he is a leg spinner, he attacks he shud get lots of wickets but the fact is he doesnt get many of those (12 wickets in 16 matches at an avg of 49 proves that) just like Younish Khan shud make runs being technically correct and all, though the fact remains that he doesnt.There's also the matter of Danish not playing an odi since forever. I think his last match was against England when they came to Pakistan, one cant select players out of the blue. If they wanted to select him, it wud have been decided after the Test series because that was the last time he played. If it was decided then, wudnt it have been better to play him in the odi series, so that he has some match practice before going to the World Cup? Instead they played Abdur Rehman who bowled decently in the Pak-WI series to warrant an inclusion. He bowled an expensive spell in the Twenty20 and another expensive (but short) spell in a match where eeryone got hammered and they decided to dump him? One bad performance thats it? Rana has not been performing ever since he came back from injury in England, but for Rehman the criteria is a Twenty20 match and a match where even Asif got hit! Its absolutely idiotic to play Abdur Rehman ahead of Danish in the odi series and without giving Rehman a proper run, replacing him with Danish.

    6. No backup keeper for Kamran Akmal? Forget his current poor form for a moment. Lets say he was keeping like Boucher and batting like Gilchrist, even then a backup wud be sensible as if he got injured, who wud keep instead of him, Younis Khan? Im sure hez not practicing his keeping skills these days so Pakistan will have a real problem. I remember the last time when Taufeeq Umer had to keep wickets.

    6. The last two odis were in shambles. Im not worried that because of that Pakistan wudnt have momentum or anything because evryone knows how they r, awesome one day, clueless the next. However what bugs me apart from the whole no fighting spirit thing was that it seemed to me that they didn't know wht to do. Malik and Inzi to me seem the only one who know how to consolidate when therez a batting collapse, the rest just decide that we are going to block as many balls as possible, even the loose ones and that's that, or they go the Afridi appraoch and decide they r going to blast their way out of trouble. Both ways r wrong and that is why im worried. Given the mercurial nature of Pakistan it is quite possible that this situation never occurs in the World Cup but lets suppose it does, if its the semi-final, Pakistan are 5 down for 100 in 25 overs, would 80 more runs in the next 25 overs make a lot of difference? A collapse can occur from time to time, Pakistan needs to make sure that 2 of the batsmen at 6,7 and 8 know how to consolidate while one of them being able to whack it all over the park at the death. If they bring Younis at 6 Kamran at 7 and Razzaq at 8, i believe they can do that. Though a Bevan or a Hussey effort doesnt come naturally, it needs to be taught and i hope that Pakistan doesnt just pin all its hope on Yousuf and Inzi playing the middle over every time because they r human, they can get out as well so teaching Kamran and Razzaq quick singles and preserving ur wicket while not totally going into ur shell (The problem with Razzaq)wud be a wise move because we are all kidding ourselves if we believe that 2 or 3 batsmen will be bringing us the Cup.

  • Akber on February 16, 2007, 13:44 GMT

    Afridi and Shoaib are number 8 and 9 on top-10 ODI all-rounders. Check it out.

    Afridi is worth every minute of an ODI - just his presence is enough to motivate his team and strike fear into the other team - bowlers go wide, batsmen go nuts and what his next ball will be.

    His sheer unpredictability is an asset in an ODI - no score is high enough, no batsmen is safe from his medium-paced googlies. Yes, he is unpredictable as a batsman, but he is much much more than a batsman.

    If Pak want fire and want to win, make Afridi the ODI captain - he will be similar to Imran Khan, and he has the required seniority among the players, and the status to look the PCB in the eye. He will not win all matches for Pak, but he will win some that matter.

  • AR on February 16, 2007, 13:25 GMT

    For all those who claim that we are hypocrites for speaking out now, and then praising Pakistan if they win the WC. That's a load of bull. You admonish the bad and your praise the good, that's how this world works. So therefore, us being critical now is consistent with us being praiseful later. Regardless, its not the players we are criticising per se, meaning its not the players skill. We all know that most of the players are very well skilled. However, if they do win the WC, I will be praising them for finding spirit. Some us standby Pakistan regardless of antics and malaise, and some of us want to slash and burn right now. Neither will bring change because in the end its the players that need to own up to their actions, feel some self-respect.

    Whoever said that this half-strength australian team did the same as a half-strength pakistan team is making a very simplistic analysis. First of all, we are missing basically 50% of our pace bowling. Actually at this point, we should all just drop our expectation of Shoaib Akhtar to actually play cricket (I know I did some time ago), but for the same of inclusiveness I will say that. But where was our weakness? Besdies Rana, our bowling was mostly decent. It was our batting that really failed us these last 2 matches. So the comparison is not fair.

    Again, back to mentality. You think Australia will take these losses, and write em off? No way man, they are gonna be ANGRY and ASHAMED, because like I said the are WINNERS. Until the players on the team act with a postive WINNING attitude, I don't expect them to win.

  • Zohaib Asif on February 16, 2007, 13:09 GMT

    Hey Guys!!! common ,,,,no need to feel so bad about it ...No doubt that our team is performing badly but i think this the time they need our support...its very easy to cheerup ur team when it is winning but at this time they need us..Take some lessons from english fans ,,they kept supporting English team even during worst of the times,,english team paid them back in such a fantastic way,,,,Also guys dont forget that our team is from US..Our nation or other S.Asian nations as whole are missing predictibility and consistency,,,,,What we are asking from our team is not possible unless we as a nation improve ...Give it a thought... Cheers and keep supporting Team Pakistan,,

  • andrew on February 16, 2007, 12:59 GMT

    if I was a Pakistan suppoter I would be feeling about as depressed and dejected as I was feeling with England's performance (or lack of!) three weeks ago. england are not suddenly world beaters of course, but just a win or two can change the whole picture very quickly. pakistan have very good players, and a lack of expectation before the world cup, if harnessed properly, could have them all wanting prove everybody wrong. I still think they will be dangerous opposition.

  • Fahad Qureshi(USA) on February 16, 2007, 12:02 GMT

    We all know that Pakistani team will suck in this world cup.Since the last World cup we have come a long way could not even produce an opening pair so let hope the next world cup would be dfferent.On the captancy of Inzi he is not a leader he is a great batsmen no dout but he doesent have a sharp mind. Well i have no hope for this team at all. Well done PCB another world cup another lose probly after this world cup Mohd hafeez ,inzamam ,razaq and some other will be drop and blame for the lose and bob will eventually leave so im just telling all you people whats in the future of pakistan cricket ...

  • KKKhanNN on February 16, 2007, 11:55 GMT

    most of the people who have said theyv lost faith in pakistan and that pakistan are going down hill are FAKEE SUPPORTERS, you lot are a disgrace to pakistan. for godsake, dont associate yourself with pakistan, you fakes. support some other team if your going to slag off pakistan, especially you kamran, you fake. i dam well know pakistan are going to perform in the world cup so all u so-called 'pakistan supporters' stop claiming your embarassed of pakistans performances. the only true embrassment in this is that you lot just havent got the true passion for pakistan cricket. you lot would get a grip of yourselves and have faith in pakistan if you lot were true pakistan supporters. dam theres so many fakeeee pakistan supporters on this website. PAKISTANN ZINDABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDD!

  • Pieter on February 16, 2007, 11:40 GMT

    The thing is SA beat the WI in the Windies. Teams like SA and AUS can play one day cricket on most pitches. Pak has no chance of winning the World Cup. Even with their eyes open against Pollock. India, sorry you are as poor as Pakistan. How can sides who can not give any opposition to SA or Aus be worldchampions? It will be a joke if they should win. SA beat the 1992 world champs as well. No exscuses we are a better one day side and history proves it.

  • Faisal Riaz on February 16, 2007, 11:34 GMT

    man u guys really dont like inzy do u??? how can any1 even blame the guy hes done everything a captian possible can to try and sort this team out but nothing has worked not his fault, there have been so many openers tried by him who score a hundered in thier first match and then neva pass 20, s, malik was batting at number 3 which was inzy's choice but the whole world was asking why is younis batting at number 6 hes so good blah blah blah, and now that hes batting at number 3 the whole world is saying why is s.malik batting at number 6 blah blah blah u can only bat 1 guy at number 3 idiots!!!!if inzi comes in at 4 then the all of u'z start saying oh why is yousaf batting at number 5, inzi is not wasim akram and imran khan so stop expecting him to be like them, one of the biggest reasons for that is he doesnt have greats all around him like imran and wasim did, they had the luxury of wasim himself and imran himself also waqar saeed, inzi, mushy, saqlain, (what happened to him btw) salim malik, ijaz ahmed, amer sohail, inzi has rana naveed rao iftikhar, razzaq, and ppl like these even then this team has done well enough not great but well enough, and we pakistani's have a habbit of critising out legends and when they go remembering how good they were. ohh and the world cup best of luck to all of us its gona be a rocky time

  • AJ on February 16, 2007, 11:15 GMT

    look guys, just calm down. everything about the west indies will be different. (yes even rana!) the first game against WI is huge and we have got the team to destroy them. then all you guys will be back on the bandwagon, and then with the return of afridi, shoaib and gul we will be a force. right now pak team needs a bit of luck, with the drugs and the injuries, and if all that clears up pakistan (provided they win that first game) will get to the semis. Lets stop all this moaning and get behind the boys. Yes inzi aint a good captain, and our fielding is poor , but the pak first eleven on paper for the WI conditions is good enough. (even hafeez akmal and a.razzaq the flat track bullies will come to the party) the series just gone was disappointing but you have to remember that SA massacred Eng, Ind, SL WI and even beat the aussies in SA in one days. i have one message for you guys, GET BEHIND THE BOYS, and you will see a good performance in the WI

  • Faisal Riaz on February 16, 2007, 11:05 GMT

    australia jus lost to new zealand by 10 wickets that makes me feel better about pakistan loss , its not jus us who are getting hammered!!! oh and pakistan lets jus pretend it never happened eh!!

  • WALEED on February 16, 2007, 11:05 GMT

    mr kamran,i love ur blogs but no disrespect this article of urs has dishearted the paki fans........thats not what we need b4 the worldcup ........plz write an article in which we can cheer up ....... 1 series lead to nothing at all n by the way shohaib n gul were also not there so this doesnt blame the team for not having the key bowlers.......hope ive said enough?

  • Khan on February 16, 2007, 10:44 GMT

    I think more worrying than this defeat is the world cup selection. Why are we selecting players like rana naveed.....imran nazir........for example who have under achieved. Rana naveed shouldnt be allowed to bowl ever again hes a disgrace. Woolmer and Inzi have failed in this respect. Yasir hameed wouldve been a better selection that either hafeez or nazir. Inzi has gotta show some guts. Move up the order. Maybe Younis khan should open, Yousaf @ 3 and inzi @ 4. The big guns need to be up at the top. Not languish at 5 and 6. Leadership comes from the front not sitting back and hoping for the best and when everyone else has failed.

  • H.Malik on February 16, 2007, 10:39 GMT

    Reading all above still do not make me understand WHY all of you guys are so statistic driven or so passionate about this group of "LAMBBOYS YOYOs".Yes that is exactly this YOYO team . We last saw them reach its highest point in 1992 and ever since it is on its downward travel and have not reached its rock bottom yet so WHY WORRY and WHY show such emotions for a YOYO , I am sure none of you did that when you had one in your hand ! SO GUYS Forget about emotions , enjoy their work as they do like any YOYO will do for you . Its after all just a game of 11 YoYo out there, no matter if they are on Falt beds or bouncy tracks , the opposite is a BD Sheep or a SA Lion, " the YOYO TEAM OF LAMBBOYS " will be the YOYO allways . SO WHY WORRY AT ALL FOR THE SAKE OF A YOYO GAME PLAYED BY HIGHLY PAID YOYOS

  • Najam on February 16, 2007, 10:27 GMT

    I am not embarrased. Look at the performance of Aussie, today again they loss without fighting with ten wickets against weaker team (NZ weaker than SA). But i really feel embarrasing with these type of supporter. who can only criticize nothing else. Hopless people are criticizing the team. I thinsk its the time to back them up not these type of word that pakistan can beat only Zim or Should withdraw its name from WC. I really feel embarasement that PAkistani team have this type of supporter... shame on all of these type of supporter......

    Best of Luck Pakistan Team,, Wish you all the best.. I know you can do,, you can win,, you have won many times and again you can do it.... Do it for your country...

    Regards Najam

  • nasar on February 16, 2007, 10:22 GMT

    Please Please Please , is there anyone out there who is reading these comments can go forward them to the necessary people concerned. If things aren't put right asap, you could all kiss the world cup good bye (as far as pakistan is concerned). How many times have we witnessed that the pakistani players tend to get themselves out, rather then being bowled out with good bowling?????? if my team was playing against the pakistan team, i wud just tell them to ball straight, not look for wicket taking deliveries because the pakistani batsmen will get themselves out. Then we have the problems of the openers, since the departure of aamir sohail and then saeed anwar, pakistan have never found any decent openers. How long has this been ??????????? thats because they keep on going back to previous unsuccessful openers, who manage to score 50 once in a blue moon. When's the last time you seen a pakistani opener score 100??? only kamran akmal, who needs to go back to cricket school and learn how to keep wickets, at times it was his fault wh pakistan lost alot of games crucial games. So what if he played a match winning innings against india to save pakistan, does that mean we have to keep him in the team fo past merits, wot kind of policy is that ??????? he aint even batting any good, basically just a waste of space. Does the austalian team give this many chances to any of their players ?????? thats why they are the best. What i would like to see is younas khan captain, plus come in as opener.. (hes more or less done that anyway, since our openers dont last more then 2 overs b4 giving theie wickets away). Then mohd yousaf 3 and inzy 4... why is inzy coming so late down the order???????? we need our best batsmen to come up the order, atleast that will give us a better platform to go on make scores and not get bowled for under 150 etc etc ...........

  • kaliem on February 16, 2007, 10:16 GMT

    Injuries, poor form and badluck can get 10 wicket defeat for Aussies, why Inzi eleven being criticized too much ? Three main strikers are injured, captain is out of form so do allrounders, we shouldnt expect too much then ... just hope and pray if things get going in Inzi's favor...

  • danish abbasi on February 16, 2007, 10:10 GMT


    Pakistan team once again collapsed against proteas in their final encounter of five one-day series. The way they have played the whole series in terms of their game plan you can expect from them any big surprise in world cup. Cricket as every one knows is the game of strategy, nerves and whole team effort if you want to get positive results every time. Winning and losing is the part of game but the thing which matters is whether you were competitive enough on a given day or give a tough response to winning side. I was a die-hard fan of Pakistani cricket from the times of Great Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and brilliant Javed Miandad. But this present outfit has already disappointed every one by its defensive approach, capitulated under pressure, dying shoulders and playing like a team for whom Pride of the country has no importance at all. I agree to this contention that their progress from the last world cup until now has gone from bad to worst in every department of game. The Reasons are numerous but I will discuss few of them: 1: Decision of appointing inzi as a captain of the side has paid no dividends to the team. He is the brilliant batsman but he lacks all the characteristics of a successful captain. Defensive in his approach, capitulates under pressure, failed to regroup the unit during critical times, laid back attitude and most importantly has given preference to the policy of pick and choose irrespective of fact that whether a player deserves the place in the side or not. 2: Selection Criteria of the captain and coach was another reason for the sides going backwards in every department. They relied too much on experiments and the consequence was that the balance of side was badly disturbed. Team failed to find the openers of side due to the reason that one youngster was not given adequate amount of opportunity to establish himself in international arena. Backs up players were not prepared in order to cope with immediate injury to any key players or a loss of form. Young players should have been given a chance to prove their mettle in international arena. 3: Players sense of complacency has also played its part in inconsistent performance of the team. Because senior players like Younis, Razzaq and Kamran Akmal knows this fact that selection committee will never drop them because they do not have any alternative to replace them. I always believe that team like Australia’ s one reason of success is their rotation policy. They are keep giving their new players proper chances in every game this makes them always prepared to play for their national side. Secondly hunger to learn is not there in the side and that can only come once cricket board will start showing door to the out of form players 4: Players unwillingness to fight till the last ball of game the moment another team attacks them they start crumbling under pressure. That is where role of captain is very crucial he is the one who has to motivate this spirit of playing for the pride of your country. But inzi really lacks in this department, as well he seems to rely more on divine help rather than individual efforts in every game. 5: Performance of bob is also not exceptional for the last three years. Batsmen keep committing same mistakes time and again I am not sure what bob advises them once our batsmen plays a rash stroke off side off stump and comes back to the hut. Bob should have developed this side into strong contenders for the world cup but unfortunately he failed to achieve the desired results with this team for which he was appointed. I am not a strong advocate of Pakistani team winning the world cup by analyzing their present performance. Inzi is at the twilight of his career now the time has arrived where he has to choose respectable exit for him so that nation can remember him for his substantial contributions towards the side. It would require a gem of an effort for this side to maintain consistent enough performance in a single trophy and then to clinch a world cup trophy.

  • Hassan Maulana on February 16, 2007, 9:51 GMT

    Pakistan must be the unluckiest team in the world because of the two faced nature of its supporters.Well its now the time for the Jekyll and Hyde personalities to pillage Pakistan. Pakistan had just finished an exhausting three test series against SA and must have been stretched near breaking point. Have you forgotten the lung busting heroics of Asif and Kaneria?. Pakistan made SA sweat for their victories.Why was no credit given Kamran? For all you pessimists out there instead of lampooning the team atleast pray for their success in the World Cup. I have no qualms about this team doing very well in the WC 07.They have all the ammunition just need to sort out a few problems. After all Pakistan is a team that thrives on chaos.GO PAKISTAN GO!!You team have made us proud in the past. You have my support all the way.Inshallah bring us the cup!.

  • Girish Noshikunte on February 16, 2007, 9:17 GMT

    I am an Indian, but I dont like to see lose so badly..I would love to see Pakistan lose against India, but feel good when it defeats other countries..strange as it may seem..thats the fact...I think a strong Pakistan team is invaluable for the future of cricket...India and Pakistan have some of the most amazing cricketing talents and its a pity when this amazing natural talent is put to waste by indiscipline, lack of teamwork and mostly can hire the best of coaches from all over the world..but there is no substitute for playing with passion and as a team...that is something no coach can ever instill a 100 %

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on February 16, 2007, 8:59 GMT

    Kamran Abbassi; 600 plus posts in this thread to cheer you up, is it not enough? You should realize that Pakistan in SA without Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Gul, Kaneria and Afridi is not a balanced side and if they loose in SA never mind. Now, look at Australia without Ponting, McGrath, Lee, and Clarke, what happened in New Zealand last night?

    New Zealand made them look like Ireland and Shane Bond made Australia's situation even worse by taking 5 for 23. And, they bowled out Australia not only for 149 BUT they sealed their first ever ten-wicket victory over Australia. No one is gonna check whether Ponting or McGrath were there or not? The highly over rated, highest ODI average player Mike Hussey never scores in any crunch situations, he is only good when the others have laid a good platform. He is not gonna perform in the Caribbean too. I am not in to betting but, I can bet for my hat, and mark my word that neither Australia nor South Africa will be in the WC finals.

  • Mohsin Malik - San Francisco Bay Area on February 16, 2007, 8:40 GMT

    Race to the Cricket World Cup is truly on:

    There is a lot happening right now in the cricket world all around. Hold your breaths together and keep all your fingers crossed for there is hope in despair.

    PCB needs to act fearlessly and in a manner commensurate with the need of the hour as no one is bigger than the game including Inzimam. Lately, his antiques have brought more disappointments for the team than laurels.

    Remember that he is approaching thirty seven and at this tender age, he is already a liability in the ODI format of the game. This level of handicap would be unacceptable to most other coaches but for strange reasons, Bob Woolmer has not come out in the open and made it public. Time is ripe for him to express his inner thoughts in the true spirit of the game. Later on, Bob can thrw additional light on Inzi’s leadership role and demeanor exhibited as such on the field.

    As an interim head of PCB, Dr. Nasim Ahsraf should put his foot down and call the shots in this regard. This would calm the nerves of the team supporters, a great deal.

    Right now, there is more turbulence in sight before the team sets its course back on track.

    Meanwhile, let’s turn our sights elsewhere and take some deep relaxing breaths to calm the nerves.

    England winning three ODIs in a row against Australia has set them on a path spiraling down.

    New Zealand has just inflicted the heaviest one day defeat and although the Aussies rested five key players, it’s not a good omen for team Australia. All of a sudden, they have picked up losing habits which is a little odd.

    No surprises, if South Africa dethrone Australia as the leading ODI nation pretty soon.

    What a turn around! Team Australia takes another plunge against New Zealand and loose by ten wickets, the biggest margin of defeat for Australia in ODIs.

    Could this spell out more trouble for Australia going into the Cricket World Cup. It has opened up whole new possibilities with SA and SL being firm contenders. Even England and India would fancy their chances.

    Pak supporters would have to wait a bit longer though, as so many variables will weigh in before team supporters could heave a sigh of relief. They still could be the surprise pick of the tournament but we will have to wait and see.

    There are different kind of fire works expected off the field and prior to the World Cup. Right now, there is a lot happening within the Pak camp!

    Keep all your fingers crossed.

    The race to the world cup is truly on!

    Mohsin Malik San Francisco Bay Area

  • Shahab Shahid Randhawa on February 16, 2007, 8:26 GMT


    Pakistan is going to win world cup 2007 and then all of you will start praising Pakistan.Stop that hypocrisy.

  • haroon (south africa) on February 16, 2007, 8:24 GMT

    NEWSFLASH ......

    A half strength Australian team has done exactly with a half strength Pakistan team did ......... does this mean that the full strength australian team are gonna become whipping boys at the world cup..... i think not....

    so theres hope after all.

    oh and some of the posts on this blog site the shift in religious and spiritual behaviour of the players as a reason for there poor form, well pakistan players have always been poor fielders and highly unpredictable with form, so that argument is rubbish, and good for the players that have found religion, its more important then anything else in the world

    pakistan to win the world cup, is still a possibility, but like i said earlier leave rana and akmal at home

  • Arif Rashid on February 16, 2007, 8:06 GMT

    In response to: "Aamir at February 16, 2007 12:23 AM"

    Look Aamir, what what happens if Australia lose another match in the Chappel-Hadlee series, sure they will be positive, but they will still be FURIOUS. You know why? Because they are winners. And to be a winner, you need to demand winning, nothing less, and never get complacent with whatever level you are at. It's that simple for winning teams. To have high standards of play you need to demand high standards from the outset. It's quite obvious that Pakistan lacked this. To be successful in anything, that is the formula. I am not gonna tell someone how to bat and bowl but I can tell them how to win.

    Mentality is everything and we have lacked it. I am not saying its the players' faults, but alot of them have either never had this mentality(Shoaib Akhtar, Shahid Afridi's actions reflect this in some matches, they are ok with superficial success) or lost it through the tumult that has been Pakistan cricket.

    Luckily, we have have world cup coming, a chance for a team to really decide to fight, the best time to say "Well shit this is a time to WIN!!" Will it happen? I dunno, it's up to individual players to demand of themselves high results, and only then the team can prosper.

    "Cornered Tigers" we may not be this time around, because I look at the 92 team and I see some players with some self-respect, that would not personal and collective defeat. I don't see that same attitude with the current players. However, like I said, its times like these where you can either get angry and say no more, I will not accept tolerance of this, or you can just sink even further. Sadly, if we don't find that spirit, we will be at a greater low after the world cup then even after the previous world cup.

    We talk about players, but we never talk about spirit. We should never keep players who don't have the spirit. Shoaib Akhtar is one of them. Shahid Afridi is another. Sure I love Shahid Afridi's batting, but if he is ok with swinging his bat and making 15, I hate Shahid Afridi.

    This high standard setting thing is a matter of self-respect, I cannot instill it in the players, but hopefully the magnitude of the world cup can.

  • Ali Asim on February 16, 2007, 8:02 GMT

    Pakistani team at present is a bunch of ill tempered, lethargic individuals. Their progress since the last world cup is precisely zero. I cant understand despite repeaed failures why they dont learn from their mistakes. Imran Farhat, Razzaq, Afridi, Imran Nazir are no more youngsters but their zest for pride and victory is completely lost. They dont want to learn from the mistakes. Please throw them out and bring players like Asim Kamal. One last word for our big fat failure Inzamam. Imran and Miandad were great players because they used to face oppostion eye to eye and you are trying to hide form oppostion by playing at no. 6. They were class apart and you are way behind them.

  • khurram on February 16, 2007, 7:53 GMT

    Post game ceremony at World Cup 2007

    Inzi’s list of excuses for losses (select one or two or all)

    It was our bowlers fault Our fast bowlers did not follow Mushy’s advice to bowl spin Opposition bowlers cheated, they were bowling in our wickets Opposition bowlers cheated, they kept on bowling outside our off-stump Opposition fielders cheated, you are not suppose to catch anything which is flying more than one feet away from your hand It was cloudy It was too sunny Wind was blowing too hard Too many clouds overhead My bat had a hole in it Ball was too small Crowd was making too much noise

    Man! It would be so much fun to watch Inzi’s interviews at the world cup in the post game ceremonies

  • Kashif Aziz on February 16, 2007, 7:41 GMT

    This is really a BIG shame for pakistan cricket board, team, captain and coach. I think Inzamam should have resigned immediately after this humiliating defeat. We now he is old, often injured and out of form. so why play a player who is burden to the team? just because he is captain... i think it was the great captain in 92 who won the worldcup otherwise the team wasnt ful of greats. now is the time to take bold decision not after losing the world cup as we did in 2003. we must learn from our mistakes. this is one thing we havent been doing for many many years...

  • Mabsoos Ahmad on February 16, 2007, 7:39 GMT

    Kamran Bhai,

    You may be embarassed with the results in SA both in tests as well as ODIs, but frankly speaking you can think or expect too much. In cricket anybody can be beaten on the given day. New Zealand has beaten Australia by 10 wickets and it is the first time in history that the Aus has suffered such a humiliation. Do you think so???

    I am not embarassed at all. It is better that it has not happened in WC and I firmly hope that they are still the contender of lifting the WC. Now this team has awaken and they will do extra ordinary provided that they learn from the mistake. For example, it is the batting which let us down and despite Shoaib Malick playing well, he wasted by sending down as low as number seven position. You know this kind of decision costs game. This team is still not learing but I think Bob and Inzy may think four times to sort the problems in the batting order. Top order is failing but they do not have courage to send SM up and this is a defensive attitude. Inzy has so much talent and a powerful striker of ball. He has failed why he was not tried to go up the order and destroy the bowling. It was only possible by Imran Khan. Inzy does not believe in himself as to how much talent he is having and he has not utilized the same. He should open the inning if the opener is failing. Use the powerplay ??? How it sounds??? Do Inzy has courage??? No, because he is a defensive captain and Cricket is all about LUCK, LABOUR AND CHANCE. Inzy simply does not have these THREE.

    Still I beleive BLESSING IN DISGUISE and they will over come the memory of the SA defeat.

  • Imran Qureshi on February 16, 2007, 7:31 GMT

    For what its worth Pak are not going to win a WC with the current batting arrangement. I am a firm beleiver that your best batsmen (and there are diff ways to define what is best) should bat at 4. For a while now I have beleived that man is Shoaib Malik. Inzi seems out of sorts, and Yousuf as good as he can be, really dosn't anchor well in ODI's. Other notes: - batting will prolly click in WI due to conditions - Afridi will continue to blow hot and cold; therefore usual formula applies if he fails play around him, does well then its a bonus -It dosnt matter how well Asif plays, without one of Shoaib, Gul or Rana of 2005 we won't make it past the group stages

    Imran in Edmonton

  • Farhan Khan from Houston, USA on February 16, 2007, 7:19 GMT

    Enough said guys.. hush now!! That's my team.. My Paki pride.. did you all forget what "Loyality" stands for? I am not the worshipper of a rising sun... are you? then for God's sake quit demoralizing their already injured self-esteem, confidence and hope. Can I call any one of you from a group of fans who would watch the Pakis playing and feel from inside as he was a part of the game at the moment? Did you ever feel yourself starting your run-up with Shoaib, Asif, Gul, Rana, Sami, Afridi or Razzaq and gather your strength, focused your eyes on the weakness of the opponent's batsman and bowled your heart out? I have done it always, I will do it again since I consider my self the 12th man who participates in the game with his moral support, emotional expressions and spiritual connection with God praying silently on every move and strategy of our team against the opponents. Guys! time is up for trying new talents, he should be selected they should be chosen... why so and so was left out? The teams has become Jamati or "Tableghi" and Inzi is tired, idiot or should retire!! blah blah!! Did anyone know Inzi? and his abilities prior to WC 1992? He took a stand and played an important role in winning the cup. I am itchy, sad and furious as well but I am not hopless. I have faith in my "Jawaans" I focus on positives of my team and believe that Afrdi, Razzaq, Malik and Nazir will repeat their rock hard innings again. Hafeez and Kamran will add to the attack as well. I believe Yousaf will provide his stubborn stand, Younas his aggressive technique and Inzi his charismatic leadership in a style. Paki pace attack will find its incision and depth. Guys ! I know their hearts cry out as well on every loss. If thats all the available talent we had so be it! GO! GO! Pakis and grab the cup thats waiting for you in carribean.. Good Luck Chills .

  • Salman Hasan on February 16, 2007, 7:18 GMT

    Sad and actually surprising as well. Probably most of the comments have talked about what I’m going to write but still. How an international outfit, with so many resources at its disposal can do so badly? What are they doing? Inzi looks tired, lethargic and almost uninterested, and I wonder what Bob W. is doing? After the last game vs. SA, in some part in a subtle way, losing the equipment was blamed. Now I seriously wonder how any analytical equipment could have helped. First I guess they need to get the basics right and then focus on analysis of the other team. There has almost been no progress at all. The same story repeats again and again. All other teams are progressing. With all due respect to Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, they seem to be doing something, making an effort. Zimbabwe took an year off from Test cricket to focus on their One-Day game. We also need to do something at least so that the people at least feel someone is making an effort. Inzi needs to get batting again. If he is so tired then he should give up the captaincy and let someone else do it, so he can make some runs. It was shameful the way he was batting in the 4th game. A senior batsman should keep the strike to himself and not give it to the bowler on the first ball. I wonder what Inzi was thinking. There is absolutely no planning. No bowlers, no backup wicket-keepers, no leadership, nothing at all. This is sad.

  • Humayun on February 16, 2007, 7:13 GMT

    Why should'nt the Pakistan Cricket team reflect the society it represents- indiscipline, poor planning, lack of application and absence of a visionary leader. Individual brilliance and institutional bankruptcy! Any chance of skipping the World Cup altogether?

  • Concerned Kiwi on February 16, 2007, 7:10 GMT

    Kamran I don't have a kiwi blog to express this at, so allow me to voice my concern here: It really has to be said that New Zealand's World Cup preparation is suffering due to a lack of decent competition from their opponents in the Chappell Hadlee series.

  • M. Ali on February 16, 2007, 6:27 GMT

    I hope all of them fail the dope that we may send an entirely different team to the WC.

  • Faisal on February 16, 2007, 6:10 GMT

    Does Inzi think that he will wash what he did in last world cup by scoring big this time? I have my doubts. He is neither a good captain, nor a better fielder and no more a good batsman.

    Pakistan are going to play with 10 players in almost every match.

  • Sohaib Ahmed on February 16, 2007, 5:57 GMT

    If this series has taught me anything, it's not to rely on this bunch of amateurs anymore. Pakistan were in almost the same situation (in terms of match performance) prior to the 2003 (i'd rather forget it) world cup.But I was pretty hopeful then. At least we had stalwarts in our team like wasim, waqar, saeed anwar, shoaib akhtar and so on. But whenever My mind goes back to THAT outing in 2003 WC, I shudder to think what this outfit is going to do.:(

  • zidane on February 16, 2007, 5:55 GMT

    Im not sure if pakistan or India will win the world cup but its good to see lots of indians consoling there neighbours. Keep up the good work folks. Support each other i hope v can see a india pakistan final , never know

  • Usman on February 16, 2007, 5:49 GMT

    Pakistan might play better in west indies b/c the pitches are some what similar to Pakistan, but the point is not that, if u want to have a good team then it should win in all situations and under all circumstances, if not win at least show some character and guts. But Pakistan in SA did neither. About Pakistan turning it around, it would be difficult as we do not have a captain good enough to utilize the bowling attack, hence all depends on the batting where we have only 3 let's see what happens, don't worry miracles do happen, but even for them to happen you have to try to make them happen.

  • Rashid on February 16, 2007, 5:46 GMT

    Why Waqar is out as a bowling coach? Why we have so bad medical team? Why Shoib Akthar ? I can see how he will ruin Asif's carrier. Who will help us to find Young pace bowlers?.Yes Imran/Waqar are the best to do that. For batting we need two or three specialist to train promising young batsman. Yes this world cup we can forget. And be prepare for Australia tour. I am Afraid we might loose Asif because of Shoib's bad influence. I still wonder what were the medical team doing when Asif had no clue what he was taking? Finally, medical team is has to change. There achievement should get grade `F`.No more excuse for our medical team and who appointed them?they are 40% guilty of our team's failure.

  • Mohammed on February 16, 2007, 5:32 GMT

    After reading through most of the 600 odd comments posted before mine, I think that enough has been already been said about the performances of the players. Personally, it’s too late in the World Cup preparation process to be singling out individual faults. I agree that the team is not perfect; but then again, I don't believe any such team exists. Despite its relatively poor performance in South Africa, this same team has reaped much success in the past two years. And while it is easy to call for replacing the "weak links" in the team, I think such a corrective strategy is not only deconstructive but also ignores more systemic problems with the team.

    The Pakistan team has long been hailed as the most "volatile" and also one of the most "talented" teams in modern cricket. Although both titles may be true, in the recent past, they have simply been euphemisms for "under-performing." In 1999, however, these same terms signaled that the Pakistan team was the one to watch out for, the team that could never be written off. What then is the difference between the 1999 and 2007 world cup teams? I think the difference boils down to a lack of clear roles.

    For that, both the players and the coach are to blame. Take the last game for example: Pakistan's top order collapsed and left Shoaib Malik to muster a decent score while batting with the tail. At 7 or 8 down, we have Rana Naveed, who walks in and attempts to hook a short ball with a handful of overs to spare; not surprising he gets out. I would argue that under similar circumstances, players in the 1999 Pakistan WC squad would have looked to give as much strike as possible to the more accomplished batsman at the other end. I don't know if Rana had direct orders to hit out or if it was simply a rush of blood. In either case, Rana simply lost sight of the role that he should have played at that stage. Similarly, Pakistan's top order has tried to implement the Australian tactic of counter attack when down and often failed miserably. While critics may be quick to point to the players’ lack of skill, I will argue that in such circumstances the top order players have simply lost sight of their roles. In the 1999 group stage match against Australia, Pakistan suffered a few early blows; instead of attempting to counter attack, they consolidated and then used a steadied platform to launch a late stage assault. Pakistan's long line of big hitters is best suited to the middle over consolidation and late stage blitzkriegs. Aside from a couple of batsmen, our batting line-up is not technically suited to maintaining a constantly high run rate. This latter Australia-like game plan, requires judicious batsmen who are more careful with their shot selection and more adept with their execution. The glaring technical deficiencies in our batsmen suggest that Pakistan as a unit is not optimized for Australia's strategy; I say we should just stick to what we do best.

    The high persistence of all-rounders also attests to this lack of roles argument. The Pakistan squad contains a plethora of all-rounder, namely Abdul Razzaq, Azhar Mahmood, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Mohammed Hafeez, and perhaps Rana. Thats half the team! In the 1999 WC squad, Pakistan played with two main all-rounder (Afridi excluded), Abdul Razzaq and Azhar Mahmood. Both players knew their roles very well: bolster the middle to late batting order and maintain a tight, but threatening line and length during the middle overs. Today, Pakistan plays all-rounder with the hope that they will compensate for the failures of their specialist players. More often than not, this simply results in situations where Rana Naveed is batting at 100/8 and is trying to play the role of a middle order batsman. Similarly, middle-of-the-innings all-rounders are expected to bowl an attacking line, take wickets, and stem the flow of runs. You may argue that I have merely described the role of a bowler; rather, I would claim that like batsmen, bowlers have specialties as well. Some are "attackers," bowlers who are constantly at the batsmen and testing their abilities, bowlers like Lee, Murali, Ntini. Then there are those that suffocate the batsmen with pressure and force them to make the mistake, bowlers like McGrath, Pollock, Vaas. The Pakistani bowlers, Asif apart, in an attempt to straddle both roles, transform into the third type of bowler, the one that hemorrhages runs. Rana and Sami are two examples that come to mind.

    What happens when you place a group of players, with unclear roles, in an environment in which they need to adapt? Utter chaos. You have tail enders believing that they can execute strokes like top order batsmen. You have bowlers that look to compete on speed rather than the number of wickets they can take. Most importantly, you have players who no longer know how they are evaluated for their place in the team. One major innings there, one strong bowling performance there, and players feel they have cemented their place in an underperforming unit.

    So what is the solution? In the short term, provide every player with hard performance targets, against which they will be assessed for a place in the squad. Batsmen, should be required to score "X number of runs in Y games;" if they fail, they are out. Having a transparent system will also allow the fans to evaluate the team on an objective basis. Then perhaps, instead of calling for players to be dropped one month before the WC, we can evaluate what our best options.

  • Yasir on February 16, 2007, 5:30 GMT

    Well Kamran, you talked of being ashamed, Let me tell you, they are not ashamed at all. I am really a big fan of Razzaq. But now i feel ashamed on how much effort he does put while bowling (or lack of effort i should say).

    Plus there is no accountability for anyone what so ever. I just read the announcement of S.A team and it looked so satisfactory, I quote it below

    Mickey Arthur, the coach of S.A, said: "The squad selected gives us all comfort in the belief that the goals set in preparation for the World Cup have been achieved. The squad going to the Caribbean have proven their ability to take on the best and our performance at the Champions Trophy and our recent victories against India and Pakistan are an indication of the work put in by everyone."

    Can any of our responsible member of board or players or staff say that they are satisfied with the work they have done for the preparation of World cup. Surely they cant. Everybody, everywhere (TV shows, ex-players, newspapers, articles on internet like you) is talking of shortcoming that board has shown and without accountability or credibility of what selectors have done through this period. They all are working for themselves.


  • Hasan Rizvi on February 16, 2007, 5:28 GMT

    Hey Mr. A. Kamran don't tell us that they are just cricketers ,take it easy, it's only a game,etc.these are highly paid professionals who by any standards let alone pakistani standards are making a lot of money,it is their responsibility and liability to perform or atleast show the right spirit and passion, would you keep the doctor who gave you a wrong injection or a lawyer who made you lose a case that you could have easily won? if your highly paid professional is not performing well and is not taking his job seriously while eagerly swallowing all the money you show him wouldn't you be miffed as well? so let these underperformers and irresponsible guys know that we are ticked off at them,shape up or ship out! I also have one other suggestions no long beards allowed , by all means kkep one if you want and pray as much as you want but keep it private and personal as it is supposed to be and leave Allah out of cricket,enough already!!

  • Aamir Yunus on February 16, 2007, 5:27 GMT

    Australia is champ no more. SA is num 1 team in the world and getting defeated by the best team in their backyard is acceptable, considering so many injuries. We should be careful of using Asif, Gul and Shoaib and use them in critcal matches. All we need to do is win SL, WI, NZ, IND and we are in semis. After that, it is all luck and anything can happen.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Robert on February 16, 2007, 5:25 GMT

    A poor all round performance from Pakistan. Sure, but lets look at the bigger picture than just the results - although as mentioned most people only care about the results.

    Pakistan were without a full strength bowling attack. I don't think any country can afford to lose 3 front line bowlers and then still cause the other team as many problems. Just look how Australia have struggled, and they haven't lost as many as Pakistan did.

    With the current tour line-up's it doesn't surprise me that by the end of a season the players are tired and simply put, just fed up. I can't begin to think how spending that many months a year away from home - no matter how fun the job. Added to this there have many non-cricket related problems to just put that extra burden down.

    In the ODI series they were playing the worlds 2nd ranked team. And should NZ beat AUS, then they will be the 1st. Although you should never put a hiding down to having played a "better" side, it is always a mountain to climb.

    Yeah, one should always wear your heart on your sleave. But this is always a lot easier when in your own backyard. But this is one area that we know the Pakistani players should have done better.

    Internal politcs. Well since "the best hundred that he never got" Inzi has been, well... pathetic. In fact even in that test match he was off the pitch half the time. With so much unrest in the board. With players lashing out at the coach. With poor selection policies... Hell, I'm not surprised they underperformed. Then again, with the makeup of the team in the final weeks, it really doesn't surprise when looking at the final outcome. Infact, the way in which Pakistan did win in Durban is the only really shocking thing.

    But the easiest point to make here was that every side has to put up with similar problems. NZ and England too have suffered injuries. SA have their quota system. WI too have internal problems. Zim... well the less said the better! Pakistan seem to have failed to weather the storm at all. When you think of it like that, then I would put them as no hopers for the world cup. A pity really as the more possible winners in a tournament the higher the quality of the tournament.

  • Mohammad Athar Hameed on February 16, 2007, 5:12 GMT

    I think WI is very beautiful place to visit. So, they should drop all the players who has visited WI before. They should select new player, who hasn't visited WI. They should select Fasail Iqbal For World Cup. Its his right to go to WI. Actually he should be leading the pakistan team because last year he has visited England and SA even he doesn't know why he was selected for the team. So selector should remember that he has experience visitor and nephew of the great and the most important last year he has hit two fours in England and one in SA.

    What else you want!!!

    Athar, Melbourne, Australia

  • saad on February 16, 2007, 5:07 GMT

    I couldn't help agreeing with ALI, about the debacle following the 2003 WC, the purge of deserving and world class players, committed by out prennially inept and idiotic board. The one person who should have been retained but was let go due to General Tauqir Zia's following the orders from the top of implementing moderate enlightenment hogwash, was the great Saeed Anwar. Imagine had he still been in the side, our batting problems, particularly at the start of the innings would have been a lot less acute then they are now. Anwar was a class act and a lot more effective then Inzi against the best in the World. His stats against the Australians and South Africans proves that. While Inzi had scores of 6, 0,0,4,3 in the last world cup, Anwar was our highest scorer with a classy century against the Indians.

    Anwar should have been kept and Inzy's lazy behind should have been let go.

  • Iqbal on February 16, 2007, 4:55 GMT

    Kamran, I agree with you. Since 1992, Pakistan is not able to have a captain, who is a leader in its own. I have been following Pak's cricket since last 19 years atleast. Since 1992, lot of players in team do not have proper formal education. This has terrifically hampered them to generate a leader or a good captain. There have been good players, but no one to utilsze them properly. This has caused a bit of mess and former educated players have either taken politics or commentary as their next career move. This lead to a mess in managment and everyone is boss in the managment. I really feel sorry for the state in cricket, because I love Pak cricket very much.Nothing is lost at the moment. They need a good player, who has some kind of formal education and lead the team in future. Otherwise it will be again hopeless. As I see these days their cricket, Inzi is leading a groups of his favourite players. A really sad story!. So it is difficult to say what is wrong with selection. Now one thing they can do is that management should talk to each player especially batsman to pull up their socks and start performing. Inzi should come up the order. They should ask openers to adjust their temperament for 1-10 overs before play their shots. Keep faith in them and encourge them now. No choice mates!

  • Moblicous on February 16, 2007, 4:48 GMT

    Disappointed? certainly, embarassaed? a little, hopeful for WC? certainly.Let me ask you few question Mr.Abbasi.

    1) When was the last time Any team has won the ODI series against SA in SA?

    2) Where is the WC being played?

    3) What is our ODI record on the flat pitches?

    I have all the faith in our team and I think our team will come out strong in the WC and if our bowlers(Asif, Shoaib and Gul) get fit just intime before the WC, we can get any team in the WC. I have faith in my team.

    I request you and Mr.Samiuddin to get your dictionaries out and ready and pull out all the words of praise ready because you guys will need it for our boys in Green.

    Mark my words, you'll see a different Pakistan side in the WC and than you'll find it embarassing for writing such derogatory remarks for one of the most sensational team of the WC.

  • WhyNot WhatIf on February 16, 2007, 4:44 GMT

    So now should Australia be embarassed as they are bowled out for 148 against NLand and after losing 3 straight to a very pedestrain English team???

  • salman on February 16, 2007, 4:40 GMT

    first our opner needs to be malik and afridi. If afridi is not an opner then he shouldnt play. thats the only safe place for him because he can hit and there will be no fielder out side. then comes yunis khan to take us to 100 slowly. then moyo to take us farther with a 5.00 rate to 200 and later with help from inzy they can get into a good position. then should come kamran to take us far as he can.(maybe 20 runs) then should come razzaq because he can play fast or play so to benefit the team if one player doesnt do their work. then naved,shoib,shabbir,asif. naved because he is needed on some pitches like the england ones. I am in big favor of bringing Saqlain Mushtaq back to replace naveds medium bowling because saqlain would be a bigger threat than warne, kumble, maybe murlitharan. because he was the fastest player to reach 100 wickets and 200 wickets. He took 65 wickets in 1996 and then in 97 he took 69 no one has ever taken that many wickets in a year. he was with wasim akram and waqar when he did it so he practilcay took wickets they could not take. but then because of one bad match the killed his career as a pro pakistani player.

    shoib is a great player with a lot of problems but problems that can be fixed and a bowler like that is needed in our team to help ASIF who is going to be the next McGrath.

    thats just me you but we have the ever so loyal PCB making all the decisions. Also our players should get paid more a lot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Obaid Beg on February 16, 2007, 4:30 GMT

    It is really shameful the way PCB is approaching all this. Unfortunately, all the cricket greats have been shut out from the selection process, instead, below average selectors and management officials have been elected, not selected to add salt to the wounds. Why not again ask our past heroes ( Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbass, Majid Khan, Wasim Akram ans few others) to take over the reins and select best players from the pool of younsters. Unforttunately, Pakistan batting standard is close to a good school batting line-up in Pakistan, atleast from my days in school. We all pray that Pakistan qualify the first round matches in the world cup. I do not understand why some younger players were not included in home series and for England and SA tours, instead of the same underperforming veterans. We really need a SHAKE-UP and a WAKE-UP call. May be try Shahid Afridi as Captain and Opener?. IA Pakistan will perform to our expectations. Best Wishes, Obaid Beg, Maryland, USA

  • RASHID on February 16, 2007, 4:27 GMT

    INZI INZI INZI He is the problem for Pakistan Cricket every where. WHEN BOARD SELECTS TEAM INZI wants his group in the team. When playing match INZI don't know the concept of POWER PLAYS. When reading pitch INZI Doesn't know what to do? When match is going on INZI doesn't know who should play at which place? EVEN INZI doesn't know where he should bat? Look at average of Hafiz, Kamran WHO WILL FAVOUR BOTH OF THEM BEFORE INZI? Which captain comes at No.6?


  • Ashaq on February 16, 2007, 4:10 GMT

    Kamran I am definitely embarassed. Not at the performance of the Team but at the Anti-islamic rhetoric of some of the posters. It seems that most of these people are our brethren in U.S.A. and Canada.

    These are people who are so keen to show that they are westernised. That any semblance of Islam or display of the Islamic faith they find embarrasing. All I can say to them is shame on you.

  • julian highfield on February 16, 2007, 4:01 GMT

    Hang your heads in SHAME Inzi & Team ; Bob Woolmer is a very good but TOOTHLESS coach who has no control over the team ; esp in the light of the happenings and how he has been treated by our Bollywood fast bowler . I cringe with shame and disgust whenever cricket is discussed among officer workers ( Australians / Indians etc.. Why ???? when you are paid so much and adored by fans at home and abroad can you not have pride in your national colours . Even after 30 years I am still proud to say I am a Pakistani by birth. I always remember the words of a very famous West Indian crickter & captian's words " The Only Country WE Are Scared Of Is Pakistan " becaues you never know when they will beat you .

  • Syed (Miami, FL) on February 16, 2007, 3:54 GMT

    You are spot on, on your comments sir. This Pakistani team, far from being looking like a cornered tiger is behaving like a dog with his tail between the leg, and there is no more shame than this comparison. The Pakistani fans have a right to get pissed off at these cricketers. There is absolutely no pride in wearing the country color, just a bunch of pathetic morons going about their days. One could understand failures here and there but a consistent failure is a freaking disease with this Pakistani team. Out of 4, they showed up for one match. I say in country of 150MM+ people, these freaking selectors can't pick 11 solid players, how fucking pathetic.

  • Abdul on February 16, 2007, 3:53 GMT

    I object to Hamid's notion of bringing in a foreign coach... Woolmer is the best.. and he may be inline to take duncan fletcher's role of coaching england.. and his record is immaculate.. lets not forget we came miles closer than india to beating sth africa in the test series and by the 2nd one dayer we looked poised to make a competition there as well..

    The coach can teach.. if u want to learn.. If u've followed woolmer's blogs and articles u would have seen he has worked hard to get close to players.. he knows them intimately.. but u can only lead a horse to water.. u can't make it drink.. and there in lies our problem... shoaib & afridi as good for pak as they are bad.. they disrespect their leaders and don't follow team plans.. they play for themselves.. look at those that have been listening to woolmer.. Mohd. Yousuf, Mohd. Asif, Shoaib Malik.. Woolmer wants more of these guys.. but politics and our board doesn't give him the flexibility to keep such players in the side..

    Our Boys have access to some of the greatest technologies and techniques in woolmer.. & barring this series they looked a different side.. very clinical very fiesty.. but as u saw england go down to aust in the ashes, when ur confidence is low... it just plummets.. until the team regroups and then stages a comeback..

    I also don't like this mushtaq ahmed business.. he was a CRAP fielder.. an O K bowler.. with a big wrong'un.. needed to spin his leggie a bit better though.. and now we are mixing religion with cricket.. ok tab and lick something else mate.

    A spin bowler coaching a team with just the one spinner and 5 pacemen doesn't make any sense.. If waqar took unrequested leave he should have been reprimanded, or fined or warned.. but just being left out to dry.. seriously.. grow up pakistan...

    lets just hope like england, paki's can regroup in time for the critical games in the world cup.

    I am paki today and still will continue to support my team even if they get knocked out of the WC '07

  • gohar ayub on February 16, 2007, 3:38 GMT

    Actually, we are fielding a 20-20 team for the world cup. All the opening players, most of the all rounders and the wicket keeper; they cannot score more than 20 runs :)

    We wont even discuss our favorite province and players origins here as people are becoming sensitive to it now.

    BTW, the two international empires from pakistan.I wonder what criteria was used to select them ... hmmmmmm.

  • mostakim morad on February 16, 2007, 3:32 GMT

    the problem of pak is their stupid rubbish batting order. they should send imran and younis first then yousuf inzamam youhana malik. because when inzamam come to bat at #6 or 5 he is taking too much pressure and load and his old shouldier is now tired amd unable. then send others with the sisuation of the game. and then pakistan must get rid of naveed and sami they sould tool shabbir ahmed even he is out of match practice he could at least maintain a good line. and pakistan must need asif shoaib and gul fit to do well in this wc atleast after secound round

    they should nt play at first round so they could fit for the super 8 if they all fit i am preety sure that pakistan will atleast able to reach semi. i hope all of these three will fit for the key game then they will have confident and could do well.if razzaq dont do well then they could replace him with hafeez. he bowled well and i think he will bat wellin the wi pitch. and after the wc they should banned sami naveed hafeez razzaq imran farhat banned from test and salman butt asim kamal fawad alam anwar ali jamshed ahmed and sarfraz ahmed in. and jamshed under 19 w.kep.too. ind inzamam has to get rid of this defensive mind. to win the game u need confident and u have to be aggressive.leader has to be spiritual. he has no quality of a leader.

  • Asad Bangash - Toronto on February 16, 2007, 2:50 GMT

    Maybe this was a strategy by pakistan to make other teams feel that we are down and out and would take us lightly...shushhhh dont tell anyone.

    Pakistan the winners of WC 2007 !!

  • Tariq Javed on February 16, 2007, 2:41 GMT

    Bunch of impotents................Who are not playing for pride or win but just for money....

  • Hamid on February 16, 2007, 2:40 GMT

    Their performances do break our heart but what hurts more is when they come home and give all sorts of excuses for their poor performance. Which is why they never learn from their mistakes. I am waiting for some wonderful articles hypothesizing the cause of our loss from "the Coach". Wish they would realize that no one cares about their theories, people only look at their performances. Mr.Woolmer should be told that only acceptable response would be on the field, in the form of runs and wickets, not in words. I am more embarassed by the fact that how easily did we allow a foreign coach to take us for a ride and also keep thanking him. I thought we had some pride, some character.

  • Ali on February 16, 2007, 2:18 GMT

    Pakistani team - consists of individuals with thier own agendas. The only team members I can think about are Rashid Latif, Saeed Anwar, Wasim Akram and Imran Khan. Time to get rid of all the 11, they are worthless, have too many inconsistencies and attitude problem.

    Pakistan made a HUGE mistake by bringing in Inzamam ul Haq after he was kicked out in 2003. Rashid Latif was and still is the best choice for the captain's job.

  • Rauf on February 16, 2007, 2:11 GMT

    The shame of it all..............! Every Pakistani supporter feels hopeless. My friends there is no tomorrow! Our 'cricketers' can now only save PCB some $s. Remember the equipment they lost in S.A (worth around $20,000)? I suggest they cancell participation in the forthcoming WC and PCB will be many $s ahead and me, you and others above will be saved the shame. The team won't make it past Bangladesh (no disrespect to Bangladesh)!

  • Usman on February 16, 2007, 2:09 GMT

    I agree with you. Its really a shame. This team is completely clueless like its captain. Inzmam is the most defensive and dum captain i have ever seen. Without thinking he just get the power plays out of the way the first 20 overs. No matter even if the other team is going is 10 runs per over! He is finished. How can he inspire a depleted team. The same story is going to repeat itself like 2003. Worldcup after a disastrous South African series. Samething happened last time in South Africa. We won the second match scoring 300+ but easily lost the other 4. I think there is nothing much wrong with the team. Its just the captain and the coach who do not know what they are doing. Rao Iftikhar comes into the squad from God knows where when they wre playing Azhar Mehmood in SA. Samething with Kaneria. Pakistan do not need any spinner in the team unless he is the class of Saqlain in the one day team. If Pakistan needs a wicket taking bowler he has to be express bowler who can get them wickets at the top and in the middle. Unfortunately there is nobody left like that after Shoib Akhtar. They shouldve tried some other bowlers in the series against the westindies. Now there will be a major rebuild again after the worldcup. We will have either Javed Miandad or Mushtaq Mohammad as coach again and the history is going to repeat itself. Its really a sad situation for Pakistan cricket. The team is marred by injuries and worst management. The future does not look too good unless there is a miracle. My suggestion is after the worldcup, Wasim Akram should be made the coach of the team, Younis Khan Captain. Inzmam should retire right away. After saying all this, i cant help to say that you never know with this pakistan team. They might go from zero to hero in West Indies. I say it because those pitches are in favor of this team which has no batsman from 1-11 technically good enough to play the moving ball. But they are more than capable of destroying any attack on flat pitches!!!

  • HardBall on February 16, 2007, 1:56 GMT

    The only hope World Cup timing brings for Pakistan is that Inzimam MIGHT retire! That big slugger ought to be out to repair Pakistan cricket. He is an impediment to any improvement and all the PCB system is compatible with his so called bearish trends!

  • SadPaki on February 16, 2007, 1:56 GMT

    Based on an earlier comment, I too am embarrassed at work like no other. Sadly there are no other Pak cricket followers here, but plenty of every other nation - Its gonna be a bad few weeks!! The line I have been using with the English contingent, is that Pakistan have been in a dreamy lull ever since the '92 WC win - a bit like England after Ashes '05. They feel they could win every WC as they did in ‘92. Lets be honest, we had a bad 92 for the first half. We lost to the unknown SA team, India as ever, out for 74 vs England and started with a 10 wicket defeat against a weakening Windies side (albeit with a rookie Lara). We won more matches in ’99 - which till the gamblers took over and lost us vs Bengali’s and Aussie’s in the final, was going great guns. (’99 also launched WC cricket on web big time as a fair few of you will recall - some great days!!). I think we should forget aspirations ’07 WC (aside from an Afridi/Razzle 50 in 11 balls against Ire/Zim) and start the build up to 2011 now. So for this cup, I’m going to try learn Bengali and Tamil and hope for a (non-Indian) Asian winner!

  • Imran Iqbal on February 16, 2007, 1:40 GMT

    Guys enough of frustration.. Let's have a prank now.. This year's WC winner........ "England"... Believe or not the stage has been set for them..Especially if they meet Pak in final coz Bob is gonna take good care of them....(future planning)!!!

  • Khurram Jahangir on February 16, 2007, 1:26 GMT

    For every pakistani cricketer that you think is shaming the country...i can name 500 other pakistani's who have done other words...let it would you like the rest of pakistan coming to your job and telling you how to do your work???

  • PCB Patron on February 16, 2007, 1:22 GMT

    Official Announcement from PCB,,, smiles.

    mei kya nava nava aya ai soniya koi nava chan tay nai chuRan lugya achha chalo mitti pao koi hor gul karo

  • PCB on February 16, 2007, 1:13 GMT

    Pendoo bhai, not gonna happen but good comments though nonetheless. We only promote talent from our favorite province. Your name needs to end in Dar, Butt, Akamal etc to be qualified to play cricket,,, hehehe.

  • Mohammad Athar Hameed on February 16, 2007, 0:58 GMT

    Who is mr Salim Altaf, He has sacked Waqar younis. Waqar is going to coach New South Wales next year. The boss of New South Wales cricket has said that Waqar is best bowling coach in the world. Waqar has proved that he is very good coach in the last series against WI in Pakistan. Same Rana Naveed was playing differently under Waqar. He used reverse swing very well against WI. I just can't understand the management of PCB.After last WC they changed whole team and now same thing will happened after the world Cup. Actually they should changed the management of PCB. Athar, Melbourne, Australia

  • I M Kakaezai on February 16, 2007, 0:55 GMT

    Pakistan's performance in South Africa left more than a lot to be desired. It showed a lack of cricketing abilities as well as poor leadership and extremely poor management. There did not appear to be any method to the madness they were commiting on the cricket field. Players not in the squad of 30 played in SA while those not in SA for the ODIs stand selected for the WC. Where is the foresight, the forethought the planning the organosation the thought process the intellect that goes into the preparations for a world event ? On organisation, management and planning alone Pakistan would stand extremely exposed in the WC. The talents of our players not withstanding why does the PCB not reaslise that it is a vastly different ball game now than it was even ten years ago. Now we need to plan organise manage teams and then execute well considered game plans keeping the opposition's strengths and weaknesses in mind. Is it too much for the team's management to do so despite being paid what would certainly be called a King's ransom anywhere else in the world. Or is it that our player's ( with limited formal education) just cannot comprehend the new technicalities of the game ! How can we explain the inabilities of our players to overcome their weaknesses despite everyone pointing them out? Our openers will continue to fish outside the off stump no matter what anyone may say and our master blasters will continue to blast without any regard to the the requirements of the moment. Bob Woolmer and Inzi need to educate the team to the intricacies of making a game plan for every match. Every player has to be given a role to perform. Every player of the opposition is to be analysed and a plan be made how to bowl to him and how to get him out. These plans have then to be implemented on ground. The team has to be physically fit ( the eras of the likes of Ranatungas and Inzis are sadly over now ), keen hungry and determined to win. This must show and be demonstrated. Look at the Australian , the SA and other teams. They make a show of their desires and then go to achieve them. Our body language needs to get a boost. Finally, it is leadership that will matter in the end. Remember Imran Khan's batting position in the 1992 WC final. He batted at no 3 when the chips were down. Inzi can take on and best any current bowler in the world. Let him stand up and be counted in this WC. Let him prove himself to be equal to the task. Let him go out in a display of brilliance and top class leadership. Let him win the wqorld cup as his final act of service to his country. Let him do what he is really capable of.

  • Aamir on February 16, 2007, 0:23 GMT

    P.S Kamran Abbasi You should be embarrassed 'cuz its easy for guys like you to degrade your own team, so what if they lost, so what if they did'nt performed 100%, how many times have you done your job 100% my friend 'cuz its very easy to critisize but its hard to exercise, guys like you sit on the benches are shameless comentators, can't play a ball yourself but comment on other how to play it. Everybody raises our team to sky heights when they win but when they lose guys like you start commenting about it negatively rather than telling your team ok it was not good but we know you can do better its the same team who took the shit out of england few months back if u notice c'mmon guys grow up start thinking positive, people comment on how much inzi is educated let me tell u fellas he has scored more runs & gave this team more victories then more times than of the moaning guys could even would have had chance to hold a cricket bat. World cup is coming just a head & look at the moral of the people always down same like in 92 before they went in the WC there were guys like you who were joking of Pakistan team even in the semi final & story after that every body knows i really don't think you are not that stupid as your comments are. Be Positive & give positive remarks.

  • Mohammed on February 16, 2007, 0:20 GMT

    I agree that in ODI Pakistan's performance has been downhill recently and lacks heart. However, I think ODI cricket and the world cup is over-emphasized as the barometer for success. Test cricket is really what its about as the true test of cricketing skills: most ex-crickets and intellects of the game would say the same. Pakistan showed great fight in the SA test series given all the injuries they faced. Bob and Inzy have done a great job in the test match area during their tenure (other than the failing in England recently) as evidenced by a ranking of #3 in the world.

  • calgary highlander on February 16, 2007, 0:15 GMT

    Zubair i think u missed something in that interviw.

    Q) Inzamam aap ki team ki performance kay baray mein kia khiaal hai aap ka?

    A)Bismillah irahman irahim. Nahi dekhein aisa tu nahi..nahi dekhein...haan ..bus...


  • Saad on February 15, 2007, 23:54 GMT

    enough said guys!!!!! I am disappointed too.....but it was this very environment that existed before the last world cup and look what happened. I believe that the millions of loving and cheering fans are as much part of the team as the players.....I can see all your enthusiasm....we need to do something!!!! instead of criticising and pointing fingers lets make most of what we have.....lets get behind our team and support them unconditionally....take out a advertisement in the paper or television.....get behind the boys and boost their spirits......if they are demoralised we need to help them out......we must show them our support so that they leave the country on a HIGH!!!! honestly if we can show some form of support they will most definitely perform better!!!!!


  • Usman from CA on February 15, 2007, 23:29 GMT

    Well this blog is getting longer and longer. Any I know we all are hurt and disappointed by the performance of Pakistan team and Management. I noticed that most of teh people have question over Razzaq and Rana, well i agree with Rana but Razaq well he can't win us matches all the time, if our opner and middle order has decided to just not play any more what can he do he is a sloger and he is forced to alter his game every time and play under extreme pressure so offcourse his performance will suffer , because if does play his normal game then we all we say his not being a team player and not playing according to the situation. if you look at the 2005-2006 matches it's because of him so many matches we won, i agree that his bowling is lacking sting he use to have , but trust me guys we need him in the world cup sqad. Now let's talk about the SA tour , wel in my eyes we needed this tur but when we realised that we did not have players we should not have gone ther, with every one on the injured list or out of form this was boud to happen and on top of it, Inzi has gone crazy with his captioncy , he thinks he is Imran Khan, i give a lot of respect that he is our no1 batsman but he has gone crazy about islam and his tactics and to top that our wonderfull PCB is not ready to miss any chance to srew up every thing. I still think we need to fire every one from top to bottom in PCB and make Imran Khan the head of PCB and I gurantee you he will lite up fire under every player and wate them up and put a lively sprit in them and we will make it to semifinal atleast. As soon as this Pakistan team lands in Pakistan they should not be sheltered instead should be put infront of public and ask some serious questions like Fakhir did on his show to PCB and Waqar Younas and we should make every one realise that if they can't play aor are not motivated to play they do not belong in the team, they do not own cricket and they have to answer to millions of Pakistanies who have so much love and prase of the game and respect to the national heroes. On the harsh side after looking at this SA series I even think that we should withdraw our name from the WC because it will be humiliating and embarrasing to send this quality team. I mean what I don't get it why so many experiments why did we send Azhar to SA if we are not ready to take him to WC, this SA trip should be all the players that needs to go to WC but no our PCB has no clue what to do and who to pick. Rana is not in form and as much i want him to be in the team he shuld not be in the WC squad, same goes for Akmal,

  • zeee on February 15, 2007, 22:57 GMT

    We should know the difference b/w game and religion, I’m not saying that to follow religion is bad thing but we should separate cricket and religion. I don’t think GOD will help Pakistan if all players become so called MULLAH then we wish that GOD will help us. If we really want to successful we need to change our structure, we need to make bouncy pitches other wise we will produce better result when we visit to India or Sri Lanka because of this when Pakistan and India play in there home ground they become SHER but when they go out to Australia or SA, they become BILLY (To chal ma ayia). We need to find also new players doesn’t matter where they r from and which religion they follow. I felt our players r very lazy and I don’t see any player really fit. Pakistan might do better in WI World cup because WI pitches are just like South Asian pitches but still we need to change our structure better and find new player rather then wish if GOD help us. (kup tak hum Allah per takia kar ka bhata rahen ga…)

  • aamer javed on February 15, 2007, 22:31 GMT

    kamran hashmi-- thanks for the comparison and showing whats what.. people have said soo many things here so i dont feel like say much.. but.. i have already given hope for Pakistan.. they are not going beyond super 8. Just show some fight--oops sorry they are not taught how to do so... all they are taught are how to dream of the WORLD CUP when you have zero chance of winning it..

    anyways i dont think i would have younis open. i would definitely experiment with it and see if it works,, and if it does then STICK WITH IT UNTIL HE GETS THE HE** OUT OF THE TEAM.. Shoaib MALIK definitely is the top 3rd batsman in pak team right now. along with mohammad yousif and younis khan..

  • asim on February 15, 2007, 22:18 GMT

    hahahaha, that second game was amazing ....... because imran nazir didnt get out early and inzimam did not need to do a lot of as captain,if you see him during a match you will see that he is pretty idle as a captain i guess it'd make sense if he shows some spirit when hes out there !!!! according to my dad he really isnt a captain and at first i did not agree but i guess its pretty obvious now, though the pakistani side changes a lot of captains and they are now sticking with one I cannot say its the best idea, it wouldnt be smart to make someone else captain just before the world cup either, its a little confusing and mainly frustrating because pakistan does great against every other team but when it comes to south africa and austrailia (more organized and consistent teams) you can clearly see that our side lacks a good captain, idont know who would be a good candidate for pakistan after the world cup but younis khan doesnt seem like a bad choice ? ?

  • Gugu on February 15, 2007, 22:10 GMT

    In simple, we are a pathetic team! I have never seen captain like Inzi who comes with things like 'I feel dishearten when we lose, I am disappointed and then I find difficult to speak with boys in dressing room'. What kind of motivator are you? He also says, 'form of all-rounders like Azhar and Razzaq is a worry'. Now you bring Azhar after long gap, he takes a wicket of first bowl he balls (I agree of a wide ball off batsmen bad short) and scores 27 not out in a rain affected match (in which he has hit a six and couple of fours) and you reach this judgement about his form. Compare now this with Rana's performance in last many matches bowling at at least 7 runs per over and Razzaq whose bowling was dead long before but you take them to World Cup. Razzaq is playing on reputation (I know even I will pick him) and Rana because he is Woolmer's favorite. If Azhar is not the bowler he used to be and he is bowling bad then too he is not bowling worse than Rana. Yasir Hameed in dumped without playing because Hafeez can bowl a few off spin overs. But can't open! This is like mid 90s ridiculed English team strategy of every player bowling 4 overs for some 30 runs and scoring 15 runs. Everyone knows their record of that time. Wasim Bari must leaves his job. Wasim Akram has a point. When you do a job for long time you stop seeing things in it. It's time for him to go. Had they been sensible and handled Waqar issue with some respect for great man, the bowlers form has not reached where it is. It's a shame.

  • Alex Farooque on February 15, 2007, 21:42 GMT

    Lethargy is the word. Inzi lacks the inspiration on field. He bats whatever number it doesn't matter. Because he is a really good batsman so he can deliver wherever he wants but does it do good to the team? Can't Pakistan do a self-exile Zimbabwe Style from the world cup. At least I can root for England to win the cup. And I'd love to see Pakistan to lift it but my second choice is England. At least they have spirit despite the fact they suck. Pakistan doesn't wanna play anymore. They are just getting their monies from the match fees and such but it is not any genius guess that they don't like cricket anymore.

  • Saiful Ansari, Leesburg VA, USA on February 15, 2007, 21:26 GMT

    Kamran Pakistan is a emotional Nation and hundreds of comments on your blog are a testament to the humiliation felt by supporters of Pakistan team at home and overseas for being let down. It is not about victory or defeat. It is about the manner in which Pakistan Team tamely lost the last two ODI's against South Africa by 10 and 9 wickets respectively. To them it seemed as if South Africa was playing a non-test playing Nation. There was simply no fighting spirit, no game plan, no leadership on or off the field and the body language of Pakistan players led by their captain Inzy (the burly) was clearly one of total surrender.

    Pollock is a good bowler and South Africa outplayed Pakistan in the ODI Series in Batting, Bowling and fielding, though Pakistan got one back thrashing the South Africans with their swashbuckling style of street cricket. One has to wonder if the Pakistan Batsmen had played a little more responsibly targeting the minimum run average for each ground and if they were playing with the full strength of their (fit) main strike bowlers, how different would be the outcome of this series? In the worst case scenario, it would be a very close series with the possibility of Pakistan edging South Africa. One must also give credit to Pakistan for playing in South Africa were not many visitors have the fortune of beating the home team. Playing the series with injuries, constantly shuttling replacements from Pakistan, and changing batting orders took its toll on the morale of the team. The great Inzy himself along with Yunus Khan and towards the end even Yusuf paled in to insignificance as the tough series came to a disappointing end for the Pakistan fans. The supporters of the Pakistan team should also give credit to South Africa for playing better cricket and winning both the Test and ODI Series against Pakistan.

    If the Pakistan fans evaluate the series, they can be comforted by the convincing way in which the under manned (injury ridden) Pakistan squad battled back and defeated South Africa in One Test match and One ODI match. The ODI game that was washed out could have gone any way. Pakistan batting first in that match had posted a reasonable score to defend. On the surface, the performnce of the stars and the side kicks in Pakistan side, lacked depth in most of the series and they played far below their statistical promise (level) in most of the matches. But a deeper examination will show that the Pakistan Players also displayed fighting qualities, especially in the close games.

    The series in South Africa cannot be the bench mark of this Pakistan Team and how it might perform in the Carribean during the World Cup?

    In the Carrabean, the pitches are far different from South Africa and though in the Champions Trophy recently held in India, the Asian Teams did not make the last four, the very same teams India, Pakistan and Sri lanka (along with the hosts West Indies)are being widely considered as the leading contenders for the World Cup.

    Pakistan remains a hot favorite for the World Cup, provided the selected players stay healthy and the ones on injury list can be declared fit before the competition. In a months time, the last two defeats in South Africa will be history. If Inzi can lead the team from the front, show some sense of leadership, aggression and motivate his players, Pakistan in the worst case scenario will be inolved in close games and the fans won't be dissapointed.

    I believe Pakistan is a very capable cricket side and can surge back at any given moment to surprise us all, get back to the winning way and at a stroke wipe out any cause for shame it gave to its millions of proud supporters in the recent series in South Africa.

    Pakistan's Cricket team is like a swinging pendulam (from mediocrity to greatness and back)and the fans and the opponents can not rule them out till the dust settles down.

    The fans should stay right behind the team, safe in the conclusion that the team like the Country is never predictable, and one day the team is full of cornered tigers and another day as Kamran pointed out "frightened Rabbits" or tamed cats.

  • abbas 4rm middlesbrough on February 15, 2007, 21:21 GMT

    aslam people wel zain my friend i would hate to disagree with you but unforunatley on this occasion i am. the reason is that at the moment the pakistan team aint playing with any method at all. its either hit a quik 20 or 30 or go out within 10 bowlers. ameen imran nazir my brother wat is he playing at, in the last game they already had scored 10 runs of the over, 2 balls b4 he was dropped & what does he go an do hits the ball a million miles in the air and back you go son. INZAMAM UL HAQ my brother if he wasnt the captain he would of been long gone on current form agian he is renoud for playing under pressure but apart from the cape town innings he has done **** all. this could be a very sad way to end his carrer but we live in hope and pray he and the team get it right in the world cup. when a world cup comes along you know you aint gona get another chance until 4 yrs time so that is motivation enough to go and perform let alone your playing for you country and 160 million people back home as well as million around the world. going on to the squad honestly i would not be surprised if elemnts of money under the table are going with the current selection as well as match fixing. the main two bowlers asif and shoaib run the risk of a lifetime ban of the drugs scandal which experts say they will test postive less hope not. i avnt seen the structure of the domestic campaign but wer are the players like sarfraz ahmed, anwar ali, akhtar ayub, fawad alam, jamshed ali, mansoor amjad and co gona get a chance to perform. we here all this shit that thers no talent from pakistan thas all crap. pakistan av won the las two u 19 world cups man so take a good long look at yourself if you are saying thers no talent. the lads above maybe young but being young meself i know they would play without fear and go out there and perfrom but im not a selector. les cut the long story short i hope pakistan win the cup (dont we all) but frankly theyve got no chance.


  • sq on February 15, 2007, 21:13 GMT

    Pakistan will win the World Cup. I said it first. Wait and watch.

  • Muhammad on February 15, 2007, 21:05 GMT

    Please! One bad series and you forget how Pakistan has played for the last 2-3 years? Give me a break. We fought really hard in the tests, and in the ODI's, we didn't have any bowling attack except for Asif. Abdul Razzaq kind of provided good support but what can he do if there is no main strike bowler providing support. Inzi is in form as well and so are Yousuf and Younis. Watch, my Pakistan will go to the Semi-finals at least. Go INZI! GO PAKISTAN!

  • Rayhan on February 15, 2007, 21:02 GMT

    Oh , I am not embarassed. We have always been like this against SA and Aus at their turfs, so there was nothing new here. I know we believed we had the potential team to turn it around, but we had Waqar aand Wasim once, and did we ever win a test series?? What's concerning is the attitude of the team; their body language suggested they had already lost the match, well into the first five overs. Now for the post mortem,

    Hafeez - Shouldn't be played. He is good enough, but we have better options. So when we have no one, he can be used. Imran Nazir - Lacks the technique for these pitches, bowling. He was dropped, received a benefit of doubt for a LBB (which the replays showed he was out), and still got out. Means he was out three times in 22 runs! Butt is much better and responsible. Rana - We all like to see hardworking individuals....but that alone is not enough. Agree with a post above, Sami is better, even with the bat and fielding. Rao - Sami is still better, At best Rao is average, atleast Sami has it in him and can win matches hope it come out more often! Farhat - Good riddance ...hopefully for ever. Azhar Mahmood - You are unlucky boy, should've been born elsewhere. If Abdul Razzak can play, so can you. AR has been a major disappointment, doesn't even look like he's trying. His bowling is very very average, fielding is pathetic, and batting is good, but only when it comes off! But please don't drop him, just make him perform to his potential. Azhar is a better player than Rao and Rana (his bowling couldn't be worse), and his batting is better that Hafeez, Farhat...he needs to be in the team most of the times. Give him confidence, and the guy can deliver....most of you may know, he has 3 test hundreds against South Africa...I believe Rameez had two test centuries overall!!

    We fans like to see flashing blades; Afridi's, Nazir'shence we see them. But they click once in a few matches. Whatever happened to 2 -3 good scores in every 5-6 matches, consistent, 4-5 an over, not letting a wicket fall, Shoaib Malik like....Yasir Hameed anyone? He has maturity, and he can play, may not be like Nazir, but hey, a score of 57 in atleast 5 innings!! He and Butt are the guys. And please Asim Kamal fans, the guy is good, but only in tests. Bring back Waqar as well, as a coach. Rest Akmal for a few games. DO NOT drop him please. AND HAVE SEPARATE TEAMS FOR TESTS AND ONE DAYERS PLEASE.........

  • Hassan on February 15, 2007, 20:54 GMT

    To, Muneeb, M Tariq Alavi, Waqar Ahmad, and others who criticized my comments about tableeghi jamaat, and some pointed to Muhammad Yusuf records:

    1. Cricket is not religion, people should play on basis of merit and talent, not who is tableeghi or not. If being good muslim meant that a person would be excellent crickter, then prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would have been one.

    2. Tableeghi jamaat is not standard of islam, Quran and Sunnah is standard of islam, if they follow Quran and Sunnah in all matters, good for them.

    3. If some tableeghis play good cricket, they are more than welcome to be in team, but they should not make the team management like tableeghi muqallid (blind follower) environment.

  • ali talib on February 15, 2007, 20:44 GMT

    i am confused where to start from..being a hardcore lover of de game always loved watchin playin even supporting de game..n then being a patriotic pakistani i wud go against all my lykes , my heart and everything to be behind my team pakistan cheering em all de way..rite now we are down n out as all de comments above suggest..a team wid no motivation even de inspiration leader aint a inspiration nemore... all de fire is no where to b seen..badly humiliated in SA..i ask myself..where do we stand..if i think lyk one of de barmy army guyz i wud say..go pakistan go..and being realistic i think we dont need to go to WINDIES..BUT abbasi sb i think wait for de miracles..i know am soundin lil stupid but de lykes of nazir's,razzaq's maliks n akmal's wud b de real heroes dis tym..i may hav crakced a joke but its nto de case..

  • Faisal Taquie on February 15, 2007, 20:37 GMT

    To pendoo: I agree with your comments about getting educated and sincere people running cricket in Pakistan. However, I am a bit offended by your comment that the PCB should look at other provinces BESIDES PUNJAB. I don't want to start a whole sensitive debate here and I am neither Punjabi nor do I reside in Punjab. However, if there is one instituion in Pakistan that is above any ethnic and national geographic prejudices, it is sport and specifically crikcet. If you are good enough, you will make it. If you ain't, then someone else will! Currently, we have players represented from all parts of Pakistan except Baluchistan because there is no one coming out from Quetta teams with good performances in domestic circuit. Bottom line, don't stir up controversy by making such ill informed and prejudice filled statements. I can bet there is no one in the team because of his geographic or ethnic background. They are there because of their current or "past" performances.

  • M.S. Moorad on February 15, 2007, 20:26 GMT

    Embarassment is an understatement. Heart-breaking is what it is. I am an African/Pakistani die-hard fan of cricket. I have always admired Pakistani cricket because they play with heart. There is no team in the world that can turn a losing game into a win like Pakistan. However, cricket is not a game where one can rely solely on last minute antics to win the game. It may work once in a while but Pakistan need to look up 'strategy' and 'planning' in the dictionary. I can go on about who should open the batting, where Inzi should bat and why Pakistan shouldn't play cricket anymore but it will only be another blog entry that a few people may agree with. Pakistan should statrt with the basics. Think, why is it that our players are the only ones getting injured so frequently? Why can't our wicketkeeper catch? Fast bowling is not a technique that can only be achieved through 'eating meat'. Fitness is the key, or at least a start. It is hard enough to win a game with fit Pakistani players. You get a circus when they are unfit, as we did in South Africa. Another important point, new players need to be exposed to the game BEFORE the world cup so they are moulded into the greats of tomorrow. Pakistan is a relatively large country in terms of cricketing talent. Look for it. Pakistanis (cricketers, selectors, general public) must also get over their insignificant lifestyle of leaving everything to Allah almighty and blaming him for failures. Allah helps those who helps themselves. Cliche maybe, but I don't see anybody helping themselves. Asking for a victory everytime is too much. I'm just asking for competition.

  • sohrab on February 15, 2007, 20:21 GMT

    Guys i think we're all wasting our time. All this 'criticism' will obviously be taken by the PCB and management and players as 'when we win a match they worship us, when we lose same thing over and over again'. the thing is...we the people have very high ideals. let us not expect victory 10 times out of a 100...let us expect it once in a blue moon from now onwards. the difference between pakistan versus australia & SA is our pride in bits and pieces cricketers, stupidity, lack of creativity, and most of all..lack of mental resolve and professionalism. players may be changed but who will change these all too common traits?

  • Abdul Qadir on February 15, 2007, 20:17 GMT

    Are these guys (pakistani players) professionals, that's all I want to know...

  • Dawar, LA USA on February 15, 2007, 20:12 GMT

    Good One Amir,

    You said above:

    may ask Mushtaq Ahmed, how much money you need to fullfill your need? you dont have any respect for yourself? How shamelessly you have accepted this position of Bowling Coach? May Allah show you the right path(Ameen).

    Dawar USA, LA

  • zaheer muhammad on February 15, 2007, 20:09 GMT

    salam guys one thing i just dont understad, why people critisized shoib malik for.he clearly the only yuongster who show improvement in last few years and always wants to build partnership,if inzi use him at no 3 spot and let yusof come on 4 and himself come at 5 let yuonis open we have no problem scoring some runs.they send out form+lesser talent to face new balls .what happen next they lose early wickets after wasting few power play overs and put our main batsman on tons of pressure.our main players have to take responsiablity.stop sending kamran in front of inzi, if yuo have ellephant(ican not call him tiger) in yuor house why yuo send rabit to defend yuo.

  • cb fry on February 15, 2007, 20:08 GMT

    it is quite apparent that most pakistan fans are slightly unhinged.

    sure they played really badly in the last odi series, but trust me it will have little relevance come march 13. there are some real nutters on this blog.

    let's deal in facts: pakistan under inzy has been fairly successful, not amazing granted. won series against nz, lanka, england, india and windies since 2003. also been fairly good in odis, enough to be ranked no3.

    so all those guys calling inzy and pakistan gutless and useless, you are basically mad and have got a serial victim complex. there must be something in the pakistani psyche that leads to these crazy swings in emotions. and you are guilty of it too kamran sahib. let's be rational. the world cup is a long tournament, it's about playing the best cricket at the later stages, about peaking at the right time, about building momentum, about holding your nerve. what's past has little relevance.

  • Syed Zaffar on February 15, 2007, 19:53 GMT

    Predictions for next two years:1) Pak will lose in quartefinals 2) They will continue to play the old, failed hands insread of giving chance to budding potentials 3) Wasim Bari/Saleem Altaf will continue to give excuses to save their jobs 4)Wrong coach will be selected 5) wrong PCB President will continue to travel on tax-payers money 6) the Pak team members will keep behaving immaturely and irresponsibly 7) Shoaib Akhtar will never listen to sane advice(its his end anyway) 8)One ridiculous captain will replace another ridiculous captain 9) Pkaistan will beat Bangladesh, Kenya, Holland 10) will draw with S/Lanka, WI & India (I think) 11) will NEVER beat Austarlia, SA & England 12)Under 19 potentail palyers will continue to be ignored as they do not have right connections 13) Asim Kamal, Yasir Arafat, Zulqarnain, will only be remembered in history books(as someone who should have played but never did) 14) Razzaq,Rana Naveed, Kamran Akmal, Azhar Mehmood,Sami & YounisKhan will play till they are 100 years old 15) You (Pakistan) the nation will keep suffering & writing & suffering 16)WE WILL NEVER NEVER WIN ANYTHING PRESTIGIOUS 17)and yet some one will become very rich because he scores double-hundreds agaist China, Ireland, Canada, Bangladesh, Kenya, Holland, or some other new country who is going to beat us very easily.18) I have another 100 predictions about this team & organisation but I am sure you all know these!!

  • thesman on February 15, 2007, 19:52 GMT

    I'm optimistic about the WC

    But you know what would make me really optimistic? If Salman Butt managed to squiggle his way onto the team sheet...

    Perhaps its time to start a kidnap Mohammad Hafeez campaign (just until he's replaced of course)

  • Razi on February 15, 2007, 19:52 GMT

    It seems like there is heart until there is politics. The very kind of politics that has plagued Pakistan itself; bitter, egotistical, full of cronyism and completely nonconstructive. This board needs to be run by cricketers and managers elected by the cricketing community by a proper charter. But, somehow, I feel like this is not going to happen anytime soon, we are big cricket fans, but bigger fans of status-quo.

  • Raf Khan on February 15, 2007, 19:47 GMT

    when the world cup starts you will see a fit , revitalised and fired up pakistan side

  • Suleiman on February 15, 2007, 19:47 GMT

    Pakistan will win WC but inzi has to go as captain. bring in younis. inzi tryin 2 ruin asifs career. i dont like shoaib but he has to play if were gona win. nazir has to play with akmal opener. inzi has to come 5 minimum. razzaq rana he 2 perform 2. afridi is class matchwinner. asif can b player of the tournament if hes used correctly. young batsmen hve no technique, theyre hit and miss players. but PAKISTAN WILL WIN WC!! yeehH

  • Zed Fazel on February 15, 2007, 19:38 GMT

    Outbatted? Yes, outbowled? Yes,outfielded? yes,outcommitted? yes. Why waste so many words.Simply put it "outbrained". Pakistan team looked like a timid flock of sheep with a clueless shepherd.(exception: the two Mohameds:Yusuf & Asif). But you have to understand. How can they concentrate on cricket when they had to spend time on their hairstyles. The flaws are mind-boggling. Talent? You must be joking!! Talent is an ability to adapt quickly to any conditions and pitches and turn it to the team's advantage. Favourism: Most likely. Otherwise how can Naveed Hassan keep on playing while likes of Yasser Arafat and others overlooked. Coaching? I think Bob should look elsewhere. In two years he has not been able to find a stable opening pair and honed Pakistan's various weaknesses. If after two years, Pakistan still relies in batting on Younis,Yousuf and Inzamam, then what has the coach produced. Pakistan produced all the past 'greats' without a coach. Captain: Clueless and uninspiring. The best person suited is Mohammed Yusuf who plays with intelligence.And atleast the post match presentation speeches will be polished. But who wants cleverness!!! Injuries: Yes, but then why not fall back on the pool.Why Samiullah Khan,Anwar Ali and others not tried. Crisis produce heroes.Who knows a gem is hidden somewhere - recall the advent of Tauseef Ahmed and Waqar Younis. Alas, the computer trotting coach is unable to see as it may not fit his IT language. Surely the desperation has reached a stage when to my amazement, Ramiz Raja refers to Mohamed Sami as a very good bowler. Sychophancy?: Oh come on....Mushtaq Ahmed becomes a bowling coach to train a group of fast mediums.Can you beat that. And to top it all, cricket run by an Ad-Hoc body answerable to to no one! That's the icing on the cake.

  • Yousafzai on February 15, 2007, 19:35 GMT

    In our quest to see Pakistan cricket succeed lets refrain from bashing and bad mouthing the religion or tabligh. Allah helps those who help themselves. Hard work and perseverance rewards itself.

    On the team, I am as disappointed as all of you. This is not the first or last. We have failed in all departments. We have failed to plan and execute. We have failed to recruit and nourish. Nepotism never pays and we don't lean from our mistakes. Pakistan team with out Shoaib Akhtar or a genuine fast bowler of his caliber is no team.

    How do you expect the team to perform when they don't have a leader to look upto. Inzi may have been better left as a batsman and Younas the same. They have no leadership qualities. A cheerleader does not necessarily make a good captain.

    Coach is a failure. Let alone other things he has even failed to give us a good start. I would have done better. Management has been a waste from the start. We are a reflection of your leaders, be it a president, manager, or captain. Having said that, I am still a diehard fan of Pakistan cricket. Go Pakistan!

  • fawad83 on February 15, 2007, 19:34 GMT

    pendoo, you are trying not to sound political or prejudice but that is exactly what you sound like. I'm sure if the PCB discovers a true batting or bowling gem they will include him or atleast give him a chance.

  • Nadeem Saif on February 15, 2007, 19:31 GMT

    Hitorically Pakistan has never done well against SA or Australia and this used to be the case against West Indies untill their bowling attack lost its sting in late 80's. Our team is going through a crisis due to lack of fitness and talent. You can not blame captain or coach only. They have tried every possible combination for openers but the truth is that Pakistanis can not play good seam and swing bowling and even our "star" performers are no exception. As for bowling, we do not have a bowling attack that can intimidate any cricket playing nation. Shoaib and Asif got together in one match, Inzamam played one god innings and we had a different result in second test against SA. Same captain and same coach and we were on top of the world. Yousuf and Younis performed in one ODI and we defeated SA by 141 runs. Everyone remembers last summer in England when Pakistan had lost two tests because of poor bowling though Yousuf and Younis were still piling on runs. And as soon as Asif returned, we almost won the test, had there not been the ball tempering incidence. Captain and coach remain the same but results are different when players perform. Australia or SA are not winning teams because they have good captain or coach. They are winning because they have good in form players. Its not because of Smith, its because of Pollock, Ntini, Kallis and cameos from other supporting players that result in what we consider as a winning combination. Just look at Australia in the final of tri nation series. Shane Warne is no longer available for ODIs, McGrath was not bowling at his best and result was a loss in best of three finals. The indomitable Australians suffered humiliating defeat against the very nation they had thrashed a few days ago. A few days before the start of ODI series, on a TV program some of the big guns of the old days were criticizing the captain, coach and selection committee and giving all sorts of suggestions of trying players like Imran Nazir, Danish Kaneria, Azhar Mehmood, Shabbeer Ahmed, Abdur Rehman etc. etc. AT that time I thought those were crazy suggestions as Inzamam can not try all these new players in the upcoming one day series. But Inzamam actually tried all of them. No one was left behind and no one performed either. Problem is that Pakistan has a serious dirth of talent and form these days. If you look at all the options you will realize there is not much to pick between them. Everyone knows that the best bowling combination that Pakistan has comprise of Shoaib, Asif, Shabeer and Umar Gul. But when will they be together playing for Pakistan, only God knows. We don't have any world class off spinner. We don't have any all rounder that could be compared to Kallis, Pollock, Flintoff or Symonds. Kamran Akmal was our best choice for wicket keeper but he is going through a bad phase both with bat and gloves. Until Our match winning players are fully fit and out of controversies and some of our star and supporting player get into a good form, Not even Clive LLoyd and Imran Khan can make this team win.

  • Qasim Raza on February 15, 2007, 19:31 GMT

    For those that showed some spirit throughout the tour. Yousef Youhana, Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik, Mohammed Asif, Danish. Younis didnt perhaps perform as well as others, but he tried his best. Same with Rana. He looks like hes giving his heart out, but sometimes u gotta tell a player "umm..yeaaa...your hearts not doin enough boy..take a hike!" Indeed rana should take a hike, because his bowling doesnt seem to have that magical effect it once possesed. Inzi obv knew shoaib malik's talent, but as usual would save the best for last, which doesnt work in cricket. Malik probably begged inzi on countless occasions saying "O Inzi bhai, please let me bat ahead of these inexperianced youngsters, for i shall destroy the enemy with might!". And Inzi would reply. "Shoaib, you are a talented young man, you can lift the team single handedly.thats why Iam saving you for last" which obviously didnt make sense. However I did sense alot of character and soul in Malik. Particularly in the last ODI, when he denied singles so Asif wouldnt be on strike. Everytime he'd play a good shot he would look behind and wave to Inzi, just as a pupil would seek approval of his teacher on an assignment.

  • k. on February 15, 2007, 19:12 GMT

    To A remani who seems to have his facts confused...we thrashed england in one dayers when they came here...and beat australia 3-2 ...and the 2 games they won were lucky!!!

    grow up all you "haters" of south africa...since we came back into one day cricket we have the best record....and right now we have a better side than australia...never-the-less this hapless pakistan team !!

    Sorry , it's not in my nature to be nasty , but what a bunch of sore losers!!

  • pendoo on February 15, 2007, 18:43 GMT

    aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, WHERE DO I START? Just when I thought I could relax, Kamran, you pull me back in with your articles that touch the nerve (dukhti rug). Your articles, i will say for the most part (97%) good and hit the spot, and force all of us Pakistan cricket lovers to display there frustration your blog. I can go on and on about the Pakistan team, most of the comments already stated in your comment section, so no point in stating it again, ALTHOUGH, one question, all these folks commenting in your article, does it go anywhere, does it ever go to PCB, president Musharraf, I will not say Inzy, because he cant read. Two things I will say, the PCB has to find, educated and intellectual leaders to lead the organization, cricket level has increased, it is not muhalla cricket anymore, education is required for the idiots like Inzy to make education forget it, it is not going to work. Without trying to sound political and prejudice, PCB might want to look for players in other provinces BESIDES PUNJAB, this might help.

  • Zain on February 15, 2007, 18:31 GMT

    Kamran, I would not be so depressed due to the following reasons:

    1, World cup will be played in Westindies and not South Africa where the conditions are very similar to the ones we have in the subcontinet.

    2, Pakistan's major strike bowlers will be fit. Kaneria can be Pakistan's main weapon if Inzamam and Woolmer can repose faith in him like Imran did with Abdul Qadir.

    3, Pakistan middle order power house will be batting in conditons much to their liking unlike in South Africa where the wickets are hard and bouncy.

    4, The main bowlers in the westindies will be spinners or medium pacers who bowl at a tight line due to the slow nature of wickets.

    Having said all this i think all the above mentioned 4 points apply to all three major South Asian teams.

    Watch out for SriLanka as they seem the most balanced South Asian side who seem to be peaking at the right moment.

  • Farooq J. Choudhry on February 15, 2007, 18:19 GMT

    There is no disgrace in losing however the way Pakistan collapse time after time has made what should be pleasurable activity intense heartbreak and torture. I have been a Pakistan fan for 20 years. In them days we only had a couple of world class players and there was much less talent than there is now but on the other hand Imran and Miandad ensured that there was a good spirit and instilled a will to fight unlike the present day when there is plenty of talent but no fight, grit or discipline. I want Pakistan to perform consistently and not constantly embarass their country.

  • Kamran Hashmi on February 15, 2007, 18:19 GMT


    Let me show you an insight into the cricket statistics we should know. Since 2002, The best No. 3 batsman is no doubt Ponting. Here is his stats batting at No. 3 position. M I NO RUNS HS HS2 HS3 AVG 100s 50s 0s Career 269 263 31 9856 164 145 141* 42.48 22 58 16 At No.3 since 2002 114 112 12 4551 164 141* 140* 45.51 13 28 4

    Lets see what we have in our pack. We Pakistanis usually misunderstands alot of stuff. And here is another one. We say that Younis is the Best No. 3 ODI player we have. Here is his record. Looks like we misunderstand his Test performance for ODI. Nodoubt he is great No. 3 in Tests but he has never shown any good show in ODIs. Records show it.

    Mat I NO Runs HS1 HS2 HS3 Ave 100 50 0

    Career 148 143 18 3951 144 101 93 31.60 2 26 12 At No.3 since 2002 26 26 2 657 101 93 71* 27.37 1 5 3

    Our best player at No. 3 is no other than M Yousuf who has a great average of 55 since 2000. I think being the best player for pakistan he opts No. 4 as his slot.

    Mat I NO Runs HS1 HS2 HS3 Ave 100 50 0

    Career 233 220 32 7853 141* 129 125 41.77 12 52 15 At No.3 since 2000 43 43 7 1988 141* 125 106 55.22 5 13 1

    Then we have the most talented youngster in the squad who has performed reasonably well here. In my opinion he is the ultimate choice at No. 3 position. He was going in great touch during the 2005 and early 2006 but sadly was dropped to give way to Younis. I bet if he was given a chance he would have become the solution for long time but alas it could not happened.

    Mat I NO Runs HS1 HS2 HS3 Ave 100 50 0

    Career 134 118 16 3432 143 118 115 33.64 5 20 9 At No.3 since 2002 28 28 1 1177 143 118 95 43.59 2 9 1

    NOw let me present another piece of record. During the last two and half years, who are the best batsmen we have had. Lets see for yourself.

    Check out for the batsmen records from cricinfo stats site.( I have cut only Pakistanis) Top Pakistani batsmen In 2003:

    Name Mat I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St Team

    Yousuf 33 31 4 1168 106 43.25 79.07 1 11 3 - PAK Yasir Hameed 19 19 1 898 127* 49.88 68.91 2 7 2 - PAK Younis Khan 26 25 4 685 70* 32.61 71.87 - 5 16 - PAK Shoaib Malik 27 24 2 620 82* 28.18 92.95 - 3 6 - PAK Abdul Razzaq 30 26 8 600 76* 33.33 103.62 - 2 6 - PAK

    Top Pakistani batsmen In 2004:

    Name Mat I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St Team

    Inzamam-ul-Haq 26 22 1 911 123 43.38 82.96 2 6 4 - PAK Shoaib Malik 27 27 3 895 143 37.29 81.80 2 6 12 - PAK Yasir Hameed 25 25 0 773 102 30.92 67.56 1 2 7 - PAK Yousuf 27 25 4 768 107* 36.57 79.25 1 4 8 - PAK

    Top Pakistani batsmen In 2005:

    Name Mat I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St Team Mohammad Yousuf 26 25 2 885 105 38.47 81.56 1 8 3 - ASIA-XI/PAK Inzamam-ul-Haq 23 22 6 874 81* 54.62 89.91 - 9 6 - PAK/ASIA-XI Shahid Afridi 25 24 1 640 102 27.82 157.63 1 2 10 - PAK/ASIA-XI/ICC-XI Shoaib Malik 22 20 2 610 75 33.88 76.25 - 7 6 - PAK

    Top Pakistani batsmen in 2006:

    Name Mat I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St Team

    Shoaib Malik 22 22 3 638 108 33.57 78.18 1 3 10 - PAK Mohammad Yousuf 21 19 3 627 83* 39.18 63.39 - 5 5 - PAK Younis Khan 20 20 4 615 101 38.43 70.36 1 4 4 - PAK Inzamam-ul-Haq 19 16 3 450 79 34.61 74.75 - 1 5 - PAK Kamran Akmal 23 20 3 340 56 20.00 75.22 - 1 22 3 PAK

    My point is why we have so inefficient top order that Shoaib Malik, who is not even considered as a complete batsman holds the responsibility of making runs whether he is playing at 3, 5,6,7,8. And still many people dont recognize his efforts and even fails to remember the great run chases he made possible for Pakistan coming at No. 3. How ironical?

    I would like Younis to Open and Malik at No. 3. I think we have a team capable of winning the World Cup only if we utilize these players well and make a planning instead of being fools of ourselves.

    Hope for some swing of luck..........

  • A Kamran on February 15, 2007, 17:50 GMT


    There is no need for histrionic statements and articles using words such as shame, pride etc. Pakistan did not play well. So what? It happens. The players who are already feeling bad and low do not need to be stoned. These are the same players (give or take a couple) who came from behind in India and after losing first two ODI's, won four in a row in India. Not to mention squaring the test series during the same tour. They thrashed England to new lows, who were ( in their minds) at the top of the world after winning The Ashes. Srilanka, WI tour? Remember anyone, or do we just have room for encoding memories of abject failures in our hippocampii. Look at Australia, the supposed "juggernauts" of cricket, kicked in the rump by the-what most thought-down and out Pommies.

    Please do not confuse the so called National Pride with a sport, played by professionals. And furthermore DO NOT burden the players with the effeminate cries of "shaming" the country. And if you must, look around and you might find some thing more suitable to go with the word shame. It is a game and let it just be that. In times like this the players do not need chastising, they probably have seen the scorer's sheets as well. Don't use players as a vent for your own frustrations and problems. Stay away from umbrella generalising. Simply do not be the judge as no one has asked you to be. If their game is not upto the standards that YOU have set for them (I wonder if the players might have asked you all....), watch Khabarnama or persue other avenues of finding pleasure and escape.

    Good Luck to Cricket Pakistan in their forthcoming event (but that is also just a cricket tournament).

    A Kamran

  • Shaiq on February 15, 2007, 17:44 GMT

    Dear Readers and Writers, I am very pleased to see the responses and comments and the fact there are people who are so concerned about Pakistani Cricket. Yes indeed we lost to a team that was thrashed by India in India and by Australia in Australia and the same Indian few months later failed miserably in SA and Australia conceded a most humiliating defeat in ODI cricket history when they lost after making the 400 plus runs. If you look closely then you will notice that almost all the big teams are unbeatable in their own grounds Australia has never won a Test series in India and India has never won a series in Australia. It’s when you win on a foreign soil then you are in top form. We Pakistani are very special as we pull wonders with no weapons, we have the least robust cricketing structure yet we are always on top of the list. Cricket requires immense concentration and focus and that can be only achieved through discipline, and that is exactly what we lacks not only in our cricketers but as a nation too. We have some of the best talent in world but we can only perform consistently if we develop discipline. Australia is winning not because of the great talent they have but because of the great discipline they have. In short do not read too much from this defeat, South Africa is not that great as they appear on their grounds.

  • Yogi Bear on February 15, 2007, 17:43 GMT

    I think i have finally hit the nail on the head. I think the old addage comes to the fore again. MATCH FIING COMES TO MIND..... Surely no team can perform this badly for a series........... except for the 3rd odi, which leads me to belive that bets must have been put on the final outcome of the series..... Oh how disgruntled am i. Cricket was a passion for me, especially my beloved country, Pakistan, now i am even more upset with the resurgance of England, i am suicidal, you may find me hanging from chelsea bridge........ By the way i will be supporting Bermuda in the forthcoming world cup........

  • Faisal Memon on February 15, 2007, 17:30 GMT

    Embarrassed! Ashamed! Why? So what if sub-continent teams can’t play on bouncy pitches, that offer plenty of lateral movement for swing/seam bowlers. So what if first India, then Pakistan lost a series in South Africa, even if the score lines read 4-0 and 3-1 with each defeat by huge margins. If the tables were turned, the same would happen. Now, I know there are those that will say that South Africa wins ODI matches on the sub-continent; but that’s only because the sub-continental cricket boards produce pitches that will offer a fair competitive match, not ones that merely take advantage of the oppositions’ weakness. ODI pitches produced on the sub-continent are generally flat, where the batsman from any country can play their shots at will and are not hampered by excessive movement from spin or fast bowlers. Generally the bowlers from both sides have to work hard. This produces high scoring and entertaining matches: like the West Indies vs. India series just completed and the India vs. Sri Lanka series currently being played. If the pitches were produced to suit spin bowling, like the one produced during the Australia vs. Sri Lanka match during the champions’ trophy that took place in Colombo the results would be similar to those in the current Pakistan vs. South Africa series. In that match the Australians (who then were being compared to the great West Indies team) were completely destroyed by a group of part-time spinners. Now here is a counter: South Africa comes to have a series in Pakistan in October, and Pakistan serves up spinner’s pitches similar to the ones that Pakistan produced against England on their 2000 tour. So what is the issue? Pakistan will not have a WORLD CUP, the most important series in ODI cricket, in conditions that suit them; where batsmen can play shots at will, where spinners get assistance from the pitch, and where quick bowlers have the luxury of going for runs to pick up wickets but have to vary their deliveries to be successful (something the Naved and Abdul Razzaq are better at doing that swinging the bowl). Whereas South Africa on the other hand have no clue how they will cope under those conditions. They lost to the only match against West Indies that offered such conditions to them in the last few months. So, how do you come up with the abilities of these two teams in the next world cup based on this series? Frankly, I felt almost disgusted at the way both the India and Pakistan series were organized. Each series had 3 day/night matches, knowing that the bowl offers an almost unfair amount of lateral movement; something that every South African bowler knows how to use. Clearly, the series was organized to allow South Africa the highest chance of success. I’m not making an excuse here; I don’t think I need to. I look at the fixtures list for Pakistan until March 2012. And we are having exactly two tours of sub-continental conditions: New Zealand, and Australia. And I’m now thinking to myself, who really cares if your players can play on pitches that offer swing/seam movement; it’s not like they are going to be facing them that often. South Africa needed to produce pitches that allowed for a fair match; but they choose to produce pitches that will allow them to win. The only consequence of this series is that I will not watch any more series from a sub-continent nation to South Africa; when more people eventually realize the same thing I have, they will choose to do the same. The result, South African cricket looses out on an audience. So in my opinion it’s the South African board that needs to do some thinking, not sub-continent teams.

  • Syed on February 15, 2007, 17:30 GMT

    I have Australia as my backup in case Pakistan implodes in the World Cup. I always liked Australia because they always work with a plan and then implement it. They are the most disciplined unit from top (board) to the bottom. They always have good backups for their quicks. Right now they have Johnson and Clark working with Lee.

    What has Pakistan done? Their frontline bowlers are either injured or suspended. Their backups are Sami (ave neering 50), Shahid Nazir and Rana (certainly not test class). C'MON GIVE ME A BREAK. Who are you kidding. Is anybody scared of them? Can they dismiss anybody? How long are they going to be played? Why can't we atleast try Niazi, Abdul Rauf, Asad Ali or Muhammad Irshad? I am sure they would not be worse then the 'tried and tested'.

    Everybody is involved in this mess, Nasim Ashraf, Wasim Bari, Bob Woolmer, and Inzamam. Lot of people did not like Amir Sohail when he took over after the last World Cup, but atleast he tried and gave chance to different players. Right now we are just continuing with the same 'quicks' again and again and I am really not surprised that we are failing.

    I hope the Pakistan wins the WC but doesn't look good.



  • Raja Shehzad Zaman on February 15, 2007, 17:28 GMT

    I'm not all that embarassed to be honest. It is typical Pakistan cricket mantra, or Pakistan cricket at it best, if i may say. Here are some things i'm embarassed and surprised about: 1) A talented fast bowler, a legend, Waqar Younis wants to help our bolwing, we have about 5-6 fast bowlers and what do we do....try to lean towards Mushtaq Ahmad as bowling coach!!!!! WHAT???Is he going to tell the pacers how to bowl a googlie or a flipper!!!! 2) Azhar Mahood rushed back into the side after 2 years (finally a rigth move), just to play 3 games and not included in the world cup squad. He should have been picked over Rao. This worl cup will all be about all-rounders, and i am talking about genuine all-rounders, not Afridi like, so called match winners, who play once in a blue moon. 3)Openning Dilemma. I mean should i bang my head against the wall or what!!! I have always thought of Imran Nazir to be an excellent opener, he spends almost 2 years in wilderness and is rushed back just before the world cup. I think that's where that word called "PLANNING" comes into play. why didn't they give him a prolonged run before the world cup?? Isn't it stupid to toy around with bunch of them and then pick someone who has not even been the part of the team for a while (Although i still believe him to be the best choice). 4) The match winner Afridi, honestly he might win a game or 2 for us this world cup, i hope he does, but he is sort of a liability. His bowling and fielding is good but his batting is well under par. And if im not mistaken, Rana has done better in that department recently. So if you are looking for a true all-rounder, why not Azhar Mahmood, way more reliable in batting, can bowl, can hit them, then why not him??? Again, if we had planned, there would have been other candidates for all-rounder spots. But i guess 'PLANNING' is not part of Pakistan cricket's preparations for th World Cup.

    FINAL ANALYSIS: Being a Pakistani, I hope and pray they win, but its one of those situations where your heart says "yes", but your head says "no". keeping in mind the talent we have, and the unpredictable nature of our team, we might be able to put up a show. Mainly, it would come down to Shoaib, Asif, and Gul being able to play together. That would be a great boost to our chances of progressing in the world cup. All rounders will be key. Day in and day out, it makes me wonder how these Cricket Officials can make such silly blunders, and be naive enough to repeat them over and over again, and stupid enough to not aknowledge that they made a blunder and need to improve..I AM EMBARASSED FOR THAT. Thanks, Raja Zaman.

  • Mike Rosario Sr on February 15, 2007, 17:25 GMT

    Gents : Lets be realistic , Pakistan team has never performed outside of the subcontinent. They are a bunch of pampered losers. As for Inzi and Bob , they are dumb fucks . They are so dumb , guys like Shoaib Malik and Kamran Akkmal will never have to fear anything about what they do. They are excellent ass kissers .They actually have not accomplished anything , since the time Woolmer took over. It is the same damn outfit..that got thrashed in Australia a few years ago. Not one single improvemnet since Bob got here . And Inzi are such a coward ...what a shame. Nothing is right about this team.



  • Amir California on February 15, 2007, 17:20 GMT

    Our national team has once again let down 1 billion muslims in the world. They have played the role of agents of enemy. They have clearly displayed that muslims are not capable of wining anything even a game. They have showed us their - Love of money - Love of position - Love of foreign tour - Love of Aqrabaparwari They have followed our national leaders by sticking to their position. I am not sure how they can sleep at night by earning their bread and butter without delivering anything and without contributing anything. They have destroyed and shattered our dream of winning WC2007.I salute Mohd Asif on his courage and fighting spirit. I am ashamed of Akmal, Rana, Farhat, Hafeez,Razzaq, Malik and Mushtaq. I may ask Mushtaq Ahmed, how much money you need to fullfill your need? you dont have any respect for yourself? How shamelessly you have accepted this position of Bowling Coach? May Allah show you the right path(Ameen).

  • nabeel adeel on February 15, 2007, 17:14 GMT

    hi everyone Pakistan has certainly been beaten in all departments of the game by South africa.i myself am very disappointed and dejected by the performance of the team and especially the captain.Inzi was never a great stratergist but the thing in his favor was that he used to score runs and lead from the front.The way he perfromed in south africa was pathetic.I would even say that the 92 he made was just in a situation where he was hitting with the last batsman and it came off.The pitches in windies are dry and low so although this performance was vv bad and the team's confidence would be low,we can expect them to fare better in windies.What is rana doing in the world cup team is beyond my understanding.The main components in the bowling attack have to come back into the team if we are to have any chances of making the semis.

  • M. Khan on February 15, 2007, 17:11 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi, the keyword in your post was "unprofessional." The fighting spirit, the cornered tiger reference you mentioned was associated with Pak teams of bygone era. This bunch or rather the bunch for the last 15 years has been just highly paid professionals acting in an amateur way. I suggest changing Pak cricketers to being amateurs!!! Yes, if they are going to act as amateurs then why pay them huge salaries. They are so comfortable knowing that they don't need to put in 100% and they will still be highly paid and their places in the team will not be threatened - look at the examples of consistently failing cricketers being persisted wth. Since the board is run by amateurs - yes, Dr. Ashraf has no idea of what he is managing. I believe if Ashraf is capable of running the board then thousands if not hundreds of thousands of fans of Pak Cricket are equally if not better qualified to run Pak Cricket - oh wait! I forgot the only qualification needed to run Pak Cricket - knowing the Supremo General!

    The teams of the past performed better cuz they felt an obligation to their fans and had pride in playing for their country. Most of this bunch are selfish, spoiled and highly paid brats - who are - mind you - talented and they take advantage using their talents. And, not take advantage of their talents on the field but rather off the field and make the most of their celebrity status.

    Performance of Pak team in 2007 WC - like that of the WC of 2003 will be a roll of the dice. The team looks good on paper and "could" give run for their moeny to any team in the world only "if" they "feel" like it. Now read the last sentence and you will get the point - that this team is a bunch of highly paid amateurs!

    Now to the selection - selectors have not learned a thing from the immediate past. Selecting Shoaib, Umar and Naved is a big mistake because of varying reasons. We should have given a chance to players like Fawad Alam who have a passion for the game instead of people like Afridi, Imran Nazir, Razzaq, Hafeez and Akmal who don't seem passionate enough and thankful enough to work hard on improving their game and correcting their mistakes. In my opinion - Pakistan's performance approaching the WC and preparations are the worst of all the teams. Pak was the only team which asked for an extension for announcing their team - granted that the players are injured but you can't ask for the rules to be changed for you. This happened because we have the mentality and attitude that rules are their to be bent. Case in point - overturning bans on Shoaib and Asif - also, PCB never penalized Afridi on their own after the pitch scuffing incident and I am sure they will not penalize after the waving of the bat at the spectator incident.

  • Shahid on February 15, 2007, 17:10 GMT

    i have written on this blog time and again to plz make Inzi open the inning or 1 down. we cannot afford to have him down the order. Thats one big change that needs to be made and we will see one hell of a difference. As far as the bowlers are concerned i think the inclusion of Danish Kaneria will make a major difference. Coming back to your point Kamran, here is a funny thing. My colleague who is an American and hardly knows anything about cricket and he was watching the last two games with me and he said " i dont see Pakistan showing any fight in the game". My point is that its so obvious to tell that they were just in a rush to get back home. Also our the laid back attitude of our captain doesnt help it. We just wait for the things to start happening in order to spur us on. i think what every individual needs to look at is the badge on their shirts and it should be enough to spur them on. One can only hope and pray for a turnaround and we all know when its a Pakistani cricket turnaround its always remarkable. Nahin na umeed Iqbal apni kasht e veran se Zara nam ho to yeh mati bari zarghaiz hai saki.

  • Mohammad Padela on February 15, 2007, 17:02 GMT

    hello every one, I thought Pakistan Team will perform better than India in South Africa.The main reasons why pakistan lost were some of the players were not in form,some of them were injured and the captaincy wasnt that good by inzi.Also the selection of playing 11 in each match wasnt selected according to the conditions.Some of the players were also not selected in the squad.Players like Rana Naved played all 5 matches.Kamran Akmal was continuously made to open in the first 4 matches even though he failed to score runs.Pakistan team totally depends on the middle order.If younis, yousuf and inzi fail to make score the whole team collapses.In bowling they are totally depended on Asif.In the end he looked a bit tired and he was being expensive but pakistan can not afford to rest Asif unlike australia who can rest players like Mcgrath and Pointing.Overall what I like to say is pakistan team fully depended on 3 or 4 players.

  • Kashif Mufti on February 15, 2007, 16:57 GMT

    I certainly agree with you Kamran and i have some stats for you regarding poor selection of the team and shambolick captency of INZI THE GREAT, first let us talk about what was the main reason of pakistani teams defeat in SA, top of the list is failure of our openners so take a look at Imran Farhat's and Mohammed Hafees's previous record,Farhat has played 27 test matches and in 51 innings he has averige of 33 with the help of 2 hundreds and 11 fifties and if you exclude his home series then he had played 15 tests away and his averige is 26 with the help of 5 fifties 2 against Srilanka and 1 respectively against England,New Zealand and South Africa . Now come to Mohammed Hafeez he has scored at 35.28 in 19 innings of 10 test matches with 2 hundreds and 3 fifties to his name but unfortunately his away averige is 27 in 7 innings of 4 test matches only 1 fifty against England at Oval,none of them have scored a hundred playing away from the home now take a look at Taufiq Umer's figures he has played 25 matches and his averege is almost 40 in 46 innings with 4 hundreds and 9 fifties to his name and most importantly his away averege is almost 46 in 19 innings of 11 test matches with the help of 2 hundreds and 3 fifties and i am feeling shame for INZI THE GREAT and for the SELECTORS that his averege is 70 against SA in SA 2 matches 4 innings 280 runs 39 & 39 at Durbin and 135 & 67 at Cape Town , i wonder what kept him out of the side and what stood in between in his selection? even Mohammed Waseem and Salman Butt has far better figures than Imran Farhat and Mohammed Hafeez both of them having only one shot in their books square cut wich mostly goes in hands rather than going in gaps no straight drives no cover drives no pulls no hooks no glance what kind of Openners they are? A player who can not able to play with straight bat i don't consider him Openner because this is the basic of test cricket,Farhat and Hafeez has only one plus point that they are very good 'YES SAYERS' which INZI THE GREAT likes too much he is not only the captain of side he is trying to become CALIPH of the side shame for him and for the selectors , a question always raises in my mind that is there any check n balance for the selectors or not? seems there is nothing like that, Taufiq Umer has a hundred to his name playing against SA in SA and our 3 great players like INZI ,Yousaf and Younis has none ,how funny it is that they are playing and Taufiq Umer is praying for his chance, funny,very funny, is'nt it? if some one asked me to select the batting order, i can pick it up by closing my eyes on meritt that it must be like that 1-Taufiq Umer 2-Mohammed Wasim or Salman Butt or Yasir Hameed 3-Younis Khan 4-Mohammed Yousaf 5-INZI THE GREAT 6-Asim kamal Asim Kamal i guess is the only player in the history of cricket not getting a game after making 8 fifties in his career of 20 innings, 5 times he crossed the figure of 50 in his 11 innings while playing away from home which means a fifty in every game playing away and still waiting for his chance ,Astonishing selectors are seems to be BLIND

  • WhyNot WhatIf on February 15, 2007, 16:55 GMT

    Kamaran Sahib: I think everyone knows this but there is no harm in reiterating ...Forget about stats and planning when it comes to Pakistan Cricket team .....

    Have every one forgotten 1992 WC when no body gave Pakistan a chance (Saeed Anwar was dropped, Waqar Younis was injured, a guy called Iqbal Sikander was picked who just played in that WC and never played again; what about getting all out for 71 against England as well); Still we ended up winning the WC and that too in Australia.

    Remember 1987 WC when Pakistan were the clear favorites and yet they fell to then lowly rated Australian team... Also remember 1996 when they were co-favorites yet ended up losing in quarterfinals...

    Remember 1999 where again nobody gave them a chance and they reached the finals and also beat Australia in the round matches ...

    Being an optimist ... I still has hope in this team .. I think they will do fine in West Indies ... Likes of Afridi, Nazir, Yousuf, Inzi will kick the A.... of likes of Ntini, Pollock, Kallis, etc etc who will be nothing more than pedestrain bowlers on Windian pitches .... If you don't believe me, just look at the score card of 2nd 1-day where the pitch was flat ... Look what happened to Ntini and company....

    Kudos to the ever inconsistent Pakistan.. They spice up things .. not like some other mechanical teams .... and who knows they can surprise all by wining the WC ... Paki fans ... Just relax and listen to Nusrat Fateh Al's Qawwalis ...

    My 2 cents ...

    WhyNot WhatIf

  • feroz karmally on February 15, 2007, 16:47 GMT

    I think a lot of the team looks mentally unstable, or a little slow. Look at their fielding, they dont even want to bend down. And they are stubborn and want to do things their own way. Definitely a lack of discipline. What is with Mohd. Asif? A right hand bowler trying to bat left handed. He looks like anyone right handed trying to play left handed, totally unnatural. Is this his attempt at becoming ambidextrous or is he just kidding us. My favorite team is now England, they have heart.

  • Waqar Ahmed on February 15, 2007, 16:46 GMT

    I don't want to repeat the same names which have been mentioned again and again. Those who blame "Tableeghi" jamaat for all the failures should open their eyes and see the performance of Mohammad Yousaf. Rest blame the Selection committie for not trying new players and repeating their mistake, instead of learning from them.

  • Ali Asim on February 15, 2007, 16:41 GMT

    Have you ever driven a Ferrarri? I have. Its a God damn awsome ride. But even that sweet ride depends on the combination of its components under the hood. If you put that ride under the supervision of an amteur mechanic, he will ruin it. He will tore it apart as he wouldnt know what the heck he's doing. Similarly I rate our beloved (or hated these days..EH) Pkaistan cricket team in the same ranks as a Ferrarri. But again its been a victim of a compound wound. First, we have a bunch of egoistic maniacs running the show in PCB. Second, we have a severe leadership problem. I rate Inzi as one of the best batsmen in the world. He has given so much to us that it will be harsh and unfair to call him names. But having said that I still believe that he is not the leadership material. He is only good at what he does best, which is batting ofcoarse, but his leadership faliures are affecting his batting and that has created a huge dilemma for all of us. And third, someone said it perfectly before me in this blog that our selectors are an insane bunch. I mean committing a mistake is something but repeating it over and over again is just plain and simple bull crap. Droping a player from the squad isnt the end of the road for him, do they even know the term "resting" a player? They simply wasted the talents like Akmal, Razzaq, Butt, Farhat, and so on. Purely because they did'nt rest them when they needed it, and dropped them when they simply went dry on the fuel and spirit. And on top of that they always bring new, or rested, talent back in when the situation becomes a pressure cooker. The only way to introduce a rested player back in the playing 11 is when the conditions are friendly, like a home seires or something. I predict they will ruin Nazir as well. He should have been brought back way earlier when Farhat and Hafiz(parchi) went low on fuel. Or they could have brought back Butt because I believe Butt is better suited on fast pitches (quoting his record in Austrlia). But again it could all have happened if and "IF" we had sane people running the show in PCB. So again as I said, its a compound wound that needs an urgent surgery to change it all around and I think its not possible before this world cup.

  • rehan on February 15, 2007, 16:38 GMT

    Lack of spirit and rotating the same tried and tested players is not going to get the team far. They badly need a couple of young new finds. Inzi himself was a new comer who stole the show at 92 world cup. He needs to make one or two inspirational selections for the WC. Imran Khan watched Waqar Yunis bowling on TV in a domestic game and turned up at the stadium and the legend was born. Wasim had hardly any first class experience when he was picked for the test team. They were calls made by people who recgnized and nourished talent. Inzi needs to get out of his comfort zone and place his trust in a couple of exciting new players. Rana and Rao Iftikar should be dropped out of the World Cup squad ( and maybe Hafeez) Fawad Alam who walked away with all the awards at the 20-20 tournament and has a healthy first class record and a couple of youngsters like him should be included. Surely they can do better than the players who seemed to have been worked out and seem deflated. And above all for any chance of making the last eight Inzi needs to bat at 4 or 5. He needs to set an example. Otherwise he should drop himself out of the team.

  • SHAKEEL IDREES on February 15, 2007, 16:38 GMT

    Just saw comments about Younus Khan - future captain of Pak cricket. Please dont think of that. His body language doesnt even justify his stay in the team - of course he manages a good average. That's enough. keep him so. He needs the power of all his here n there to make a four. Just count his sixes during his carrier and the dances he work out snobbishly. Shame to see him playing and thinking one day he will will lead pak side!

  • Arshad Saeed Khan on February 15, 2007, 16:37 GMT

    Like all Pakistanis, I am also extremely disappointed with the performance of our team in S.A. I am an ardent lover of cricket and watch all matches live, be they of any team. I think the main reason of our team's poor performance is our captain Inzi. He is one of the greats in cricket but certainly no good a captain. To be a captain of a team requires so many traits and qualities and I am afraid our Inzi does not have any of these qualities. A captain is like a leader who rules a country. A good ruler can transform a country to a path of glory while a poor leader can ruin and destroy a country. Unfortunately, our captain Inzi is neither aggressive nor talented in quick decision making. He can neither correctly assess a pitch before a match nor can read a opponent player's weakness and employ strategy accordingly. He even lacks the will to adapt himself according to the situation and seldom is willing to change the field or bowling attack when the going is not in our favour. I recall that Miandad was a master in this field. He knew the weaknesses of each player and used to employ field and bowling tactics accordingly. I think he was the most shrewd captain I have watched in cricket. In today's modern cricket, Flemmings of New Zealand is the best captain. To cut short, I think the remedy lies in changing the captain. We should look for an aggressive and shrewd captain like Miandad. But at this late stage there is no time for experimentation. This should have been thought and planned much before. So all the best for our team in the World Cup 2007. Arshad Saeed Khan, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  • Rupesh on February 15, 2007, 16:34 GMT

    Positive step is including danish and second should be replace younus khan as captain , he is more agressive (more word is not required) God only knows why Rana is in team?? No backup of kamran akmal. Shoib idea what he is made of...always injured. Yusuf & Asif is too good ...but alone. Inzi ...please done think of god sooo much...its inside you ...inside everyones need to talk much ....and show some agression.... and Just remove politics from PCB...

  • Faraz, California USA on February 15, 2007, 16:31 GMT

    Cricket should be banned in Pakistan right now!


    I think the LADIES team should be sent to WC..they will do better than these gutless, shameless players.

  • Simon on February 15, 2007, 16:23 GMT

    Cheer up all you Pakistan supporters, you could be Kiwis! :-( Sure it's been a rough tour of SA, but they're absolute class at the moment, but you have some magnificent cricketers that any nation would be proud of. If they can stand up and be counted then they COULD win the World Cup - Good luck! (unless you end up against NZ in the finals, then I will have to cheer for them of course! :-)

  • ammar ahmad on February 15, 2007, 16:23 GMT

    I'm simply supporting England or SL this world cup. We don't have a chance nor our leadership is talented enough. Inzi can't lead a demoralized side cos' he himself is clueless!!!

  • Rayo from Kentucky on February 15, 2007, 16:20 GMT

    Has anyone stopped to consider that the cupboard probably is bare? I had hoped and wished (like you all) that the team would come good but mercurial flashes of brilliance just won't cut it even over a short term. We have to face the fact that the team is not consistently good, that we don't have a legendary player with the talent as well as the gumption to stick it out and make a go of it. Yes, leadership counts too in rallying the players to give their best. Take Michael Vaughn's example. England wants a half-fit Vaughn so that he can use his tactical genius as well as his charisma to exhort his guys to give their best. We no longer have Imran in the team, and what's worse, cannot call upon him to guide, urge and bully the rest of the guys into doing what's absolutely necessary to win. But again, if the talent's lacking then there is nothing more to be said. It is said that bowlers win matches, and we have two who could do that (if they are healthy and match fit) but you cannot expect them to consistenly do that, match after match. We have one excellent batsman in Mohammed Yousuf but even he cannot be expected to shoulder the effort of the lion's share of the runs on a consistent basis. The system really needs to look deeper at talent other than the provisional 30 that were picked. Without that, we will still be a bits and pieces team, firing occasionally and sputtering the rest of the time.

  • Amer Malik on February 15, 2007, 16:20 GMT

    Hi Kamaran, I was reporting with you during the course of the summer, just for the two tests and one days that were played in London, unfortunately for me it's just like watching a glorified club side full of Primadonnas with the exception's of Mohammed Yousaf and Mohammed Asif.We can't bat , we can't bowl and we definetly can't field. I may be the only one , but I will not blame bob Woolmer for all of this, its the individuals who go out onto the turf, they are the men with the power and control to peform to a standard that they should be.

    A few suggestions as to improve.

    Drop Rana, Akmal, Razzaq, Hafeez and Nazir, there are so many guy's waiting out in the wings who are willing to give 100% worth of committment to the cause.

    Start Addressing the problem with the dry dusty low wickets prepared in Pakistan, how can you expect to compete in conditions completely alien to you.They must be simulated at home.

    Fast bowlers? Aren't Pakistan supposed to have a plethora of them? I was there recently and met a young gentleman by the name of Kashif Dawood,whom was playing for ZTBL, he was playing against Habib Bank, which included at least 10 people of whom had represented the National side, this guy was second change bowler in both innings , picking up 6 and 4 wickets respectively in each innings, these including Younis Khan, Afridi, Farhat, and Azhar Mahmood, not only was this kid quick , he was accurate, ask Azhar , he will tell you, he was bowled by a beauty, but in my mind I felt sorry for him, because his captain Iftikar Anjum Rao was using him very unwisely , as to so , that he would not threaten his place in the National side, this is the problem all over Pakistan, there are many Kashif dawoods, and they will all get overlooked by petty rivalries and jealousy. We need to look at the root of the problems before Pakistan can emaulate the side of the early nineties and late eighties, who were on par with the West Indies at the time.

  • Gaurav - London on February 15, 2007, 16:20 GMT

    I agree about the comments and sentiments of most of the readers here. Pakistani team is just crap. you've got talented individuals but not team players. They are like 11 individuals who are pushing a car in the direction of their own liking and expecting it to reach its destination. They need a driver like Imran Khan who can guide this "car" towards the right direction.

  • Ithsham Yousaf on February 15, 2007, 16:19 GMT

    i love it how everyones jumping the bandwagon when Pakistan wins but as soon as a bad slide starts everyone is on their back calling for players to be dropped and new ones to be selected. Some ask for the coach to be fired and Inzi to be replaced. Everyone suffers in SA, its nothing new, just wait for our boys to bring their game at the world cup salams peace

  • Fareed Nasir on February 15, 2007, 16:19 GMT

    I am shocked, what has happened to this team. Over a period of few months they have gone from the team with the greatest fighting spirit to a team with none. I dont know what has invoked this and maybe Inzimam and Woolmer have nothing to do with it. But the burden of reversing this and thus the responsibility falls on them by default. Looking at the body language there is some serious problem going on in the background. I hope it is nothing to do with team selection in past few months. We have to remember there is a fine line between leadership and dictatorship. I have written before to me this team looks scared and frightened and not complacent. Is the dressing room atmosphere becoming too stifling? Or is it the fact they are unsure how they will be able to keep their place in team. There is no consistency in selection process and that can invoke fear. The blunders in selection are so many that I wont even start going in to them unless I want this comment to turn into a full fledged Theses in Man-mismanagement. However glaring examples are Kamran Akmal what more does he have to do get dropped???Shoot someone. Yasir Hameed, asked to play up the order to protect Inzi lowerd down on bouncy tracks and then dropped without even being cosidered for the world cup. Persistence with rana, Surely there has to be a better bowler in domestic cricket. For a change someone not from tableeghi Jamat perhaps. Why was Abdur rehman first tried at home, where he did well and then dropped and then picked and now dropped again, And lo and behold Kaneria Walks in ( He is a good bowler but certainly he is out of touch as he was previously discarded from one day team). Where is our selection policy, is it performance or does Inzi do a Istighara every night before match to choose the eleven. Damage is not limited to players, Waqar having done a good job was booted out unceremoniously and in walks Mushtaq. How, Why can someone understand the logic. All said and done one thing is certain, with his current form and fitness this is going to be the last tournament for Inzi. He has to make his mind now as to how he will like to be rememered. A great batsman, unselfish and despite all odds a fair and inspirational leader who put his ego behind, admitted his mistakes and made the team fight. Or another great Batsman who was kicked out of team and someone who did more damage than good to team due to his personal quest for power, ego and favouritism. Woolmer will find job elsewhere , He and Pakistan will forget each other very soon. The youger players will get other chances. For two players however this is going to be do or die. Inzimam and shoaib. Nation needs you, can you forget your differences and make history rather than be history.

  • Fahad Qureshi on February 15, 2007, 16:17 GMT

    This team did not show character. Ok. This team did not go down fighting. Ok. But there are couple of positives to be noted for the WorldCup. 1. The 4th and 5th ODI were played on seaming tracks. True, we are not the best players on seaming wickets, but its going to be a different ball-game in WestIndies where the tracks are flatter. 2. After playing SA on their seaming home turfs, batting at WestIndies should be easier. 3. I would want my openers to either be technically sound, or be aggressive and take on the opposition. Imran Nazir seems to be doing a much better job than his predecessors. 4. For the WC, we should have Afridi and Gul back in the team, which should make a difference.

    WC is going to be a different ball-game, and we do have the quality to fight back and make an impact on this WC. A quick fire innings by Afridi, a nicely crafted ton by Youhana, a 5 wicket hall by Asif, couple of run-outs by Malik will have everybody on this forum praising the Pakistani team, including you Kamran!

  • Syed Wajahat Ali (Calgary) on February 15, 2007, 16:17 GMT

    What everyone seems to forget is that the Pakistan of 92 were led by man who was arguably the best Captain to have led a side in the history of Cricket. His tenacity, tactical brilliance, personality and above all sheer will power were what translated into successful team performances. How a captain conducts himself is how the team emulates. In every sphere of life Imran Khan has shown us his unlimited hunger for success and the ability to never, no matter what the odds, quit. Inzi, is great man and his greatest strength is to remain calm in the most violent of storms, but overall he is not even a shadow of what Imran Khan was as a leader. Whenever I see Inzi on the field I get the feeling he is struggling and always waiting for things to happen. The greatest strength of a brilliant leader is his ability and willingness to take 'CALCULATED' risks, Inzi in my opinion is just too risk averse. However, that is now water under the bridge, what do we do from here onwards upto the world cup? How can we bring this team around? Well the answer only lies with Inzi and Bob, they may have to re-evaluate their whole strategy for the Carribean and make use of the available resources. Kamran, Inzi being at the twilight of his career I hope we can start a blog for the future of Pakistani cricket, Younis Khan, in my humble opinion is not fit to be Captain. Mr. Dummy Captain would not be the ideal choice I personally think Shoaib Malik should be groomed for that role.

  • Cric Fan on February 15, 2007, 16:14 GMT

    One Piece of advice for worldcup. Cricket has evolved to a strategy game, SA and Australia are on the top cause they analyze their opponents before the game and have a game plan for bowling i.e whats the batsman week areas and bowl there- nowhere else. Similarly for batsman analyze the opponent bowlers- how to tackle individual bowler.

    Pakistan lacks strategy in both these areas. Get some guys who know cricket and ask them to analyze each opponent before the game and stick with the plan when bowling and batting. No more gut playing. And there is no excuse for no balls like Rana is doing- this is pathetic, he should not be allowed to bowl ever. Inzi days are over- he is dragging the team to nowhere- as he is clueless himself. Listen to his interviews before or after the game - the guy is simply idiot.

  • Fakhr Masood,. Huntsville ALABAMA USA on February 15, 2007, 16:10 GMT

    Great article by Kamran. I could not write any better. Pakistan is not really a good team because most of batsmen do not have good techniques and they lack total commitment and mental application. Pakistan will be better off to produce an other team with better mechanics,fitness and heart. These guys do their best and we need to support them but the fact is that we are up to the standard of the few of the better teams. Inzi and company need to keep playing until we can come with the alternate and then hopefully the rebuilding process will begin. The fielding is the most important part of this sport and we are ages behind in that department. Let us first start from fielding and then work our way from there. In case you dn't believe me take a look at the hook shots that our top six players play and see for yourself if they belong to the group of elite teams. Their foot work, timing and over all technique in playing most of the shots is not up to the par. Yousaf may be an exception but his credentials prove that he is better than others anyway. Even he sometimes lays lazy shots like he goes to sleep or loses his focus. We need more Yousaf. I think Malik is an other asset because he is well worth his weight in fielding alone. He is also a fine bat. He may be the next captain of Pakistan team.

    Fakhar Masood USA

  • Yasir Hameed on February 15, 2007, 16:07 GMT

    i dont understand why Rana Naveed selected?

  • Imran Eba on February 15, 2007, 16:03 GMT

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...playing 3 tests and 5 ODIs in SA before a World Cup campaign in the WI was always a receipe for disaster. The only thing we could have accomplished is broken player and shattered confidence - mission accomplished.

  • Hamza Shinwari on February 15, 2007, 16:02 GMT

    Having meted out my frustration here, I do want to say that lets support our team and give them a chance. Perhaps because that is the only thing that we can do now....but nevertheless we know that the talent is there, it just needs to click and click TOGETHER. I SINCERELY pray that Akhtar and Asif are cleared for playing in the World Cup, these two and Gul can really chance the course of a game.

    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD and PAKISTANI TEAM, well... zindabad......


  • Nasir Jan on February 15, 2007, 16:01 GMT

    Inzy needs to lead from the front - he always appears as if he is on drugs when he gives an interview - cant someone teach him to up his standard of english as well as cricket, after all he is representing 160 million pakistanis

  • Zulfiqar Ali Kazmi from Atlanta, GA USA. on February 15, 2007, 15:59 GMT

    Like everyone else I too am pretty disillusioned by the performance of Pakistan team. I thought of writing my heart out, but saw that most of you guys have already said what I intended. All I would say that if a team can score 351 in one match, win by over 140 runs and then lose so miserably the next three matches (I'm saying three because I believe that Pakistan actually lost the third ODI although records say differently) then the problem is not with individual players but with the organization of the team. Yes Inzamam should lead from the front and bat up the order, and although like Sarfraz Nawaz I'm almost positive that Shoaib and Asif – especially Shoaib – won't play the World Cup still if they miraculously do and Inzamam is able to manage the team well then we might stand a chance of doing better in the world cup than expected.

  • Shakeel Idrees on February 15, 2007, 15:57 GMT

    Well comments are comments whatever you may say. I agree to all of the above. BUT the most important thing is the heavy schedule that is given tothem without considering the physical xconditions of our players. I expected Asif tofell down on the pitch any time - the way he was mis used. Take pitty on them and let them rest also. However, a nutritionist must be with them and must look after their diet. I saw Abdul Razzak almostr moaning less crying on the pitch. Someone should please take care of their resting also. AND if they are so week let the new blood take care of it. ATLEAST THEY MIGHT LOOSE IN A MUCH BETTER WAY. THANK YOU.

  • AA on February 15, 2007, 15:55 GMT

    Surprised Pak only picked nine batsmen in the squad of 15. The way batting has been, all eleven positions should be filled with batsmen!!! If any thing happens to any of the nine batsmen, they will have to be replaced by a bowler further weakening our batting line up. Very poor strategy from our selectors. I'm afraid this world cup is not going to be much different than 2003. Looking forward to Pakistan team being thrashed in WC and the blame game to follow.....ha ha!!!!!!!!

  • Muneeb Zaidi on February 15, 2007, 15:51 GMT

    This series has made me very very happy. This has proved, what I have been saying over and over again for the last 4-5 years. We Pakistanis should give cricket a break as it is no longer our game we, should submit our team as waterboys to the international cricketing tournaments and wait for a time till the other teams start to play poor cricket only then we can enter the compition again. Because in this era our board, management, officials and boys none of them is at the international level.

  • Ahmad Zubairi on February 15, 2007, 15:51 GMT

    Rahat good to see a sensible post people in our country just reacr hot and cold like our team.Kamran says pakistan never been so down before world cup he has short memory in 1992 Waqar got injured before world cup saeed anwar was not there Imran was 39 we had inexperienced bowling like waseem haider, iqbal sikander, batsmen like young inexperienced inzi, aamir sohail,we were playing in austarlia of all the places, we lost first game by nine wickets, next game we were bowled out for 74 REMEMBER we won.In 1983 Imran was injured we went with two fast bowlers most people dont even remember RAshid Khan, Tahir Naqqash.We got to semis. In this world cup every team will end up losing some games.It may be a blessing in disguise that we lost this series.The biggest problem in this series was chaotic, uncertain dressing room with people coming and going hopefully that wont happen in world cup Support the team Ahmad

  • YS on February 15, 2007, 15:51 GMT

    Yes, it has been a very dissappointing series for Pakistan. However, I think one change will make the team capable of having a good chance in the WI. Bring back Waqar and that'll do it. Why? The pitches in the WI, unlike SA will suit our batsmen and they can become the flat track bullies that they are smashing everyone out of sight. But we need our bowlers up to the task. And the only person able to get that out of them (even Rana, remember the WI series?) is Waqar. If Inzi wants, we'll pay for Mushtaq to be with the team so he can get the free trip that he wants. But please, for the sake of the team, bring back Waqar and we will have a good chance. Just to remind everyone, the best team before the tournament starts rarely wins the Cup. The exceptions are of course the 2003 and the 1979 World Cups where the best team actually won. So, whoever wins it needs some luck and if we do have luck on our side and Waqar to train the bowlers, there is no reason we can't win with this same team.

  • Ali on February 15, 2007, 15:50 GMT

    Why would I want to spend $250.00 to watch pakistan get schooled at the world cup? I rather donate my money to the hockey program in pakistan?

  • Paki Fan on February 15, 2007, 15:49 GMT

    Have to be realistic, at the rate the Pak Team is going... scotland, ireland are also better competitors right now. The problem is based on the fact that religion has become more important than the importance of playing as a team. You have players who look down upon another who is not religious enough. Take Kaneria, be may be a hindu, but he gives the Pak team the best chance to fight from a spin department, so what if cannot bat... Forget all the crap about being too who is religious and who isn't, concentrate on getting results. Mix talents and you get results

  • Ateeq Bajwa on February 15, 2007, 15:48 GMT

    whats new same old story bouncy wickets and pakistani batting flop.Is it some thing new to worry no not at all.Can soem one tell me whats wrong with YASIR HAMEED why he didnt get any ODI and not inculded in WC sqaud in last four odi innings he scored 41,57,71 and 41 and whats the scores Hafeez scored what did razzaq done and whats wrong with selection commitee who selected Rana ok he was performing good forlast few yrs but his time is up.In this ODI series MALIK is only batsman who played with common sense he showed that you can score runs againest SA if u play on merit.As pakistani fan i wish we lift the world cup again but we have to show ome guts in WC.

  • Mahaboob on February 15, 2007, 15:47 GMT

    I agree to what Kamran has said,

    The performance what the pakstani players are showing are not good, they should think about the whole pakistan and aslo about the fans of from abroad.

    I think that this team should need another Imran and Wasim to make the team more stronger.

    The present team is really good in all aspects but why are they not preforming, this is where bob and inzy responsibility plugs in.

    So please make the pakisten will win the world cup or atleast it reachess the semi finals

  • Noman on February 15, 2007, 15:44 GMT

    Pakistan's ODI team is suffering for almost an year now because of their inability to take crucial wickets. The victory in second ODI against SA was their first in more than an year, batting second. In that time several games were lost, even when defending sizeable 280+ totals.

    A team can't consistently win ODIs, if it doesn't know how to compete with 230-250 on the board. Because of this poor experience in recent games, they give up entirely when defending totals like 140-180. I think, this is where most of the chagrin from the fans is coming up, that is, not the loss but the manner in which Pakistan fought (or not) against the opposition.

    Part of the problem is this mentality of sticking to a formula of containment. That is, the team management would rather pick batsmen who can bowl 6-7 overs for 25-30 runs (no wicket) rather than wicket-takers who may end up with 4-50.

    Granted, a big part of this bowling strategy is rather forced on the team management with Shoaib Akhtar and Umar Gul, not able to play, doping issue that can come up again, or the surprisingly ineffective Rana Naved (a bowler with the fourth or fifth best strike rate in ODI history) in past games.

    Inclusion of Kaneria is a step in the right direction.

    If Gul, Asif and Kaneria can bowl together with Afridi's leg-spin (fairly competent in South Africa) and if Rana Naved can find half-a-form, Pakistan can do well in West Indies.

    Batting wise, Inzamam needs more runs and I think the selectors should have picked Salman Butt who is in good form recently and who has in the past, played long ODI innings during Pakistan victories.

    So best of luck to the team and supporters. I hope that they go with the mentality of getting opposition out, not giving up whenver their batsmen don't score 270+ and that at least two of the pacers (Gul, Akhtar and Asif) play. I hope Akmal comes lower down the order (he should consider himself very lucky to be in the team) and that the batsmen set their goal to always play 50 overs no matter what they score. I also hope that us fans, keep the expectations in check, which looking at the posts above seems achievable :)

    Go Pakistan!!

  • S. Malik on February 15, 2007, 15:43 GMT

    If this is the team which will be playing in world cup, I will not be surprise if the are beaten by either Ireland or Zimbabwe in their group round and not even make to super eight. The other thing I could not understand is if they were thinking about including Kaneria in the team why was he sent back from South Africa and not given a chance to play there in ODI. I am not how these selector and Inzi and Woolmer thinks.

  • Adeel on February 15, 2007, 15:43 GMT

    I agree with M.S Parvez about the inclusion of Danesh Kaneria because if we look at any of the world cup in 1992 Mushtaq Ahmed was they key player, then in other world cups Shane Warne was the key player to help Austrailia to win the world cup...

    Not sure if anyone has paid attention to the current cricket team, it has only couple of players from Karachi/Sindh, looks like PCB doesn't like players from KARACHI anymore of find people like Faisal Iqbal (who is a purchee player) However, if you look at Pakistani Cricket History, Karachi has always produced good batsmen i.e. Javed Miandad, Saeed Anwar, Basit Ali, Rashid Latif, Moin Khan and more. PCB and Selectors can still find key players from Karachi from under19 or Karachi domestic cricket team. If we look at the recent domestic cricket we have plenty of names from all over the country who are deserved to be in the team but who can advise PCB to look over there. Inzy can only dream to win the WC with this current team, and only some miracle can do that not these players like Rana, Hafeez and so on (purchee players) PCB likes to Joke around so they let Waqar go to Autrailia to get more money and train Aussies so they can learn from the best and use Waqar’s techniques on Pakistani team not only that instead of hiring Wasim/Imran they hired Mushtaq Ahmed as bowling coach, who knows nothing about fast bowling where we are lacking big time.

  • Hamza Ali Khan Shinwari on February 15, 2007, 15:41 GMT

    AoA Kamran. What can we do and say? I am sick and tired of hoping and wishing that the team can atleast try to be consistent. For God's sake, what kind of a third rate team would yield only 13 runs to Pollock's WHOLE spell of ten overs!! It is NOT so much the quality of his bowling (I ACKNOWLEDGE and SALUTE his talent and quality) rather than the incompetancy and poor shot selection of our batsmen. When teams like Australia lose early wickets, they still keep the board ticking since that is so important to atleast put some pressure on the opposition. However Pakistani batsmen JUST STOP playing.

    Also I FAIL to understand that why dont our batsmen play ball to ball or over to over? They MUST play every ball to its merit, how the hell can Imran Nazir attack every ball that Pollock bowls. I hope they realize that seasonsed international players are bowling to them. They play like idiots and real morons, that give no deliberate thought to their game. Facial expression wise, they look distracted while on the field. I am SAD, ANGRY AND PAINFULLY DISAPPOINTED to see the state of affairs just before the world cup. There is no unity, no apparent closely-knit structure or feeling of determination and motivation to fight as one group. Only ALLAH can help them, but for that too, they must help themselves first.

    Having said this, I do think that the way Kamran Akmal got out yesterday was due to SHEER brilliant fielding and no such class of the bowler. If only, our team could try to field somewhere on this level, we would be way ahead as one or two wickets are definitely ''fielding wickets'' in an innings. Also a drastic improvement in the field could save us twenty to thirty runs. Even in a LOW-scoring innings such as the one yesterday from Pak, SA saved ATLEAST four to six boundaries. Can we ever get to this level?

    **Zarak khan: thanks man you have summed up all the frustration expertly.

    The team can only make to to the semis or finals with Gul, Akhtar and Asif. Without them, currently our pace attack is toothless. I am eagerly awaiting though, the end of inzy era and hoping that Younis Khan as captain instills in the team the spirit to fight and gel together. I am also keeping my fingers crossed to see the likes of youngsters like Anwar Ali Khan and Akhtar Ayub making it to the team in the near future. Pakistan has been known for its rich supply in fast bowling. The realization that today that is the department looking most rusty, is horrifying and painfully disturbing to say the least.

    All the best people and pray a little for the team, it might go a long way:)

    Allah Hafiz, Hamza, Oxford.

  • Giovanni Torre on February 15, 2007, 15:39 GMT

    Rana played very well in Australia but is totally out of form and must be dropped. Where is Salman Butt? Afridi must be included when available and should bat at six or seven. Inzamam needs to bat at four. Sami should return. Using Afridi as a ten-over bowler frees up space for another batsman. Pakistan will rise again.

  • Need More Practice on February 15, 2007, 15:35 GMT

    The TEAM has more Ranked players but few In-Form and more In-Injury players. Keep all your nerves cool, they will unite together. Stop blamming Inzi or Bob, they will learn from these mistakes and they also wishes to win the WorldCup. World Cup 2007 is our, SAY INSHA ALLAH....

  • Shariq on February 15, 2007, 15:35 GMT

    Going to the World Cup with just 3 batsmen is way beyond my comprehension. (No, Hafeez and Nazir do not count as batsmen). No side in the world plays 4-5 allrounders in a match apart from Pakistan. As optimistic as one can be, the truth of the matter is, Pakistan are no-hopers for this world cup especially because Inzi at the helm is hopeless. He doesnt know captaincy and even if the opposing team is 40-5 he tries to contain runs. Even the Irish captain will do a better job. So dear people, pray that Pakistan reaches the Super 8 stage cause i fear embarrasment at the hands of Zimbabwe too!!!

  • Md. Hasanuzzaman on February 15, 2007, 15:34 GMT

    No, I do not agree with you Mr. Kamran Abbasi. If you could pardon Kamran Akmal (after second test)others should be forgiven!! Had Inzamam batted at No. 11, Malik could have get the chance to utilize few more overs as Inzamam is a better batsman than Mohammad Asif. As a captain Inzamam gets zero in the last match (I do not want to analyze other match) only because he took second power play meaning he does not know mathematics and was not aware of situation. With south Africa batting with 5 runs an over for first 10 overs, how do you expect they need to bat 50 overs to get that total of 150+. It was lack of spirit. They should have played without 2nd power play taken. Similar thing happened in one match against England last year. You should be calculative and act according to the situation. Bob wolmer also responsible for those mistakes.

    I do not know what Pakistan would do in the world cup but there is a possibility that would miss the cut for super eight.

  • Abhishek.R on February 15, 2007, 15:32 GMT

    I am an Indian, and a diehard fan of Indian cricket. However, almost always, the travails of Pakistan have shone as brighter instances to good cricket than India has, honestly. But then, the recent form of Pakistan, has completely intrigued me. Pakistan, falling for a mere 153 runs? Like an elephant being disturbed by an ant, something has come over this Pakistan team. Their bowling has come down, the batting has decreased, and suddenly, they look like a group of individuals, rather than the pulsating team they were, just a year ago. What has happened Pakistan? What has happened to Younis Khan? The person who tormented Indians, at home, away. Or what happened to Mohammed Yusuf, the batsmen who demolished batting records last season? Inzaman-Ul-Haq and his performances have made outcries of Pakistanis all over the world. Indeed, Pakistan need to pull up their socks, to be a real competitor for this cup of glory, where teams, are suddenly making a late surge. Come on Pakistan, become the threatening force you were, just months ago. Jai Pakistan! Jai Hind!

  • Nadeem Sharifuddin on February 15, 2007, 15:31 GMT

    I am not embarrassed. Because I was predicting 0-3 test defeat and 1-4 ODI defeat.

    If we analyse whole series , then pakistan did accedingly well in the series, except last two matches.

    We expect Pakistan to become australia and beat SA in SA with fast bowling that is not realisitic.

    Look , our all fast bowlers were injured during whole series.

    Look at Australia; Lee, McGrath, Bracken, Clark, M Johnson , there were all fit during Ashes thats why they easily won ashes.

    Our bowlers were not fit thats why we lost the series, but Pakistan showed fight to win a ODI and a Test.

    I am glad with Pakistan performance, if you are not then you need to revisit last tour of pakistan to sa.


  • remove Inzi on February 15, 2007, 15:28 GMT

    as a pakistani first of i would like to congratulate south africa, and lets face it allah was south africa in this series.

    lets hop this series will hopefully bring major changes in captaincy, coaching and management.

    after we are knocked out of this upcoming world cup, lets hope inzi retires and woolmer is sacked, we gotta focus more on fitness and youth.

    ps i believe if all the pakistani team becomes extra religious we would have a better chance.

  • Ali Mian on February 15, 2007, 15:26 GMT

    I'm not going to be overtly critical here but am going to realistically present the facts here. Pakistan as a nation has nothing much to offer in terms of quality entertainment. The film industry is hopeless, the music industry churns out repetitive nonesense and the quality of its dramas has receded as well. You can now had its cricket to that hopeless list. Yes it was gut wrenching and sickening to see Pakistan play the way they did. I mean if they were going lose then lose with dignity. Go down fighting, show some spirit and resistance. Yes it is easy to blame this series defeat on anumber of factors, poor planing, poor team selection, poor captaincy, poor anagement etc. The fact is, Pakistan cricket has a history of turbulence and inconsistency. Nothing is going to change that now or in the future. Yes it's true Pakistani teams of the past also had an inconsistency about them, but they also showed graet fight and determination. Especially Imran Khans era. He backed his team and led from the front even if he did not get on with some players. He fought for what was right and never backed down. Inzy, whilst one of the graetest batsmen ever, lacks self belief, determination and the will to win and fight. I believe what Pakistani cricket needs now is the support of great players like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Miandad to come together and lend their support to the team and prep them for the World Cup. I believe PCB should approach them personally and plead for their help for one last time. Otherwise, it's all downhill from here.

  • Raghava Ramesh on February 15, 2007, 15:23 GMT

    Having following this team from erstwhile and seeing all the matches which Pakistan played in SA, I certainly feel that they lacked the killer instinct and the fighting spirit.

    Also, they depend a lot on certain individuals who always cannot perfom at all times. Sometimes its Younis, Sometimes, Inzy and now its the turn of Md. Yousuf.

    Now, in order to perform well in the World Cup... .there should certainly be a remarkable turnaround. Turnaround in the sense.....not changing the leadership or the coach who were wondrous gentlemen, but all the players should realize their value in the team and be committed and given respective roles and responsibilities to carry out. May be some Pschology lessons might help !!!!!


    Raghava Ramesh, Hyderabad, India

  • Wali on February 15, 2007, 15:22 GMT

    Relax guys! The pitches of WI's and SA are waaaaaay different. Plenty of matches in the WC to get in groove. This is the same team you were talking boostly before the SA series.

    We will do just fine. Im hopeful that we will get into the Semi-finals of the WC and hope not to get SA or Aus in the Semi-finals.

  • Mian Gul Muhammed on February 15, 2007, 15:21 GMT

    Dear All I have read most of the comments here and i know the same individuals did not find any thing wrong with this team, coah, captian when Pakistan defeated SA in the 2nd ODI. Since Pakistan won comrihensivley, every boady was pleased and all of you including Kamran jumped in and started prasisng every individual, coach, planing, captaincy. There were no problems at that stage. Come on guys lets be realistic, we all know that these guys are not very professional bcaz thats our culture. Professionalism comes with education. We knew series against SA was always going to be tough and non availability of players like: Shoiab, Umer and Shabbir was even unfortunate. If we had our full strength team, in my humble opinion the result of this series would have been absolutetly different and u will all agree to dat. Three to 4 weeks from here are not going to change any thing in terms of planing, coaching etc. I have full faith on these bunch of idiots and I am really convinced Pakistan will get to the Semi Finals at least. After that its not only your performance, its your luck as well that counts. Some times regardless how hard you try, you do not suceed. Its like English team where every one was so crtical about the entire affir, coach was rubbish , players were criticised etc. but as long as Eng won odis the same shit coach is a genius. Waht has changed.

    Let us pray, have confidence and boost their morale rather than being critical about every thing these guys do.

  • Rizwan Bukhari on February 15, 2007, 15:17 GMT

    It was a shame to watch our Players (Pakistani Players) play like Kids. SA out classed them in all the departments. Especially last two games, where SA players butchered the bowlers and completed games in under 20 and 30 overs.

    A performance like that is shamable. As Kamran Mentioned, No spine, No guts, No Spirit. With less than a month for the World Cup, and injured players, Pakistan stand no chance, what so ever.

    If we want to suceed, we need to get the fire back in our souls, along Spirit and belief that we can "Play" the game.....

  • kims boy sad very on February 15, 2007, 15:15 GMT

    i heat pakistan cricket them very much.wining or losing not a big deal but fight is everything which i did't c at alllllllllllll.shame shame shame on sleepy defencive inzy (ghgay)cow inzy.i am agree inzy was a big player even i can say he is better then lara and tendulkar because inzy give us wc.and lara and 10dulkar faild to do.but that was past now there is no more place for inzy in the team lookat his last 1 year parformance.king of fifties he don't have even a single fity.try to understand he is too old for modern cricket just kick him out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.when you kick waseem,waqar they both were better then inzy.just give chance to other youngsters.please no place for rana n akmaljust through them out.pcb(under control of thief dogs)did't learn any thing from sa tour yet again they put all injured player for wc.y u waisting hameed butt kamal hyder ,niazy,shhid yousafbz khan.please if we are going only for lose in windies its better to give chace to young blood.our presant team is better then 1992 team but we do't have leader like 1992 which is the only thing we will miss and we did it in 1999(most strong team in history of pakistan)good player cannot be a good captain specialy when he is batting at no.6 good luck pakistan no problem 4 me i am cazy fan of cricket i can watch and enjoy fighting cricket like auuies an sa or some part of pak

  • Qasim Zaidi on February 15, 2007, 15:14 GMT

    embarrassed as hell!! i'll celebrate the day annually when i see the back of inzimam. im happy to see the world cup around the corner not becuz pakistan has the chances of lifting it up but its the event after which some major filth in the shape of inzimam, razzaq & kamran akmal will be removed from pakistan cricket for good & will be a dream come true for me...these 3 players r a blight on pakistan cricket.

  • Aditya on February 15, 2007, 15:12 GMT

    Kamran, chill out's not so easy to win in South Africa. First of all, I think what Pakistan need now is a break...they've been playing too much cricket. They need to take a good look at themselves and plan properly so that they can get rejuvenated before the world cup.

  • Rehan Qureshi on February 15, 2007, 15:10 GMT

    I have seen previously some articles of BoB Woolmer here on Cricinfo meaning Cricinfo must have some contacts with him. Can you make him read what you have written and probably translate it into Urdu so that our players can also read it? Such a performance right before world cup reminds me of 2003 which took me so long to forget!

  • Shehzad Khan on February 15, 2007, 15:09 GMT

    The not only seem to lack spirit, strategy and spine, the lack pride as well.

    I saw bowlers smiling shamelessly after being hit for 4s yesterday. The way Shoaib Malik exposed the tail to all the south african fast bowlers time and again until all of them got out. It showed that the team had already lost the battle. He didnt try to play the full 50 overs by protecting the tail. Instead, he exposed them repeatedly by taking singles on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd ball. I didnt expect it from Shoaib, he used to be the fighter. What has happened to the team. The way Rao Iftikhar gave a second run to AB & Kalis after a little puch towards mid wicket.... and the story goes on. The way Razzaq, Rana and Shoaib kept on feeding no balls and wides. It seems they have lost their self esteem and pride at all. They no longer understand that they are representing their country. I WAS ASHAMED looking at them...........

  • Abbas Qureshi on February 15, 2007, 15:08 GMT

    I think every other team is suffering the same kind of lethargy right now and why blame Pak? I am confident we will do well. Indians are stugling against SL, Aus lost to Eng, NL and WI are not doing too well. SA won in conditions familiar to them. We'll get back at them. Watch this space.

  • Indian fan on February 15, 2007, 15:07 GMT

    I dont understand, why you guys have to use indian cricket statistics to prove pakistan performance? Don't you know South asian team struggles on bouncy pitches with so much less time and practice to adjust? and don't you know pakistan is one hell of inconsistent side? one day it can be beaten by kenya and next day it can beat Aus. The problem with pakistan ( i think ) is lack of preparation. Since my childhood, I have seen them playing with passion and inherent talent ( same goes for india, except not much passion earlier) but you have to practice lot too. it can bridge the gap between poor and decent performance. how come australia and south africa are doing well against spin bowling recently? "practice". pakistan does better then india because of their bowling otherwise batting is nearly same, but in future india will surely do better because BCCI (even though having own problems)is heading in right direction with country cricket and we have a better national selector, while I can not say same for PCB.

  • Ali on February 15, 2007, 15:07 GMT

    Remove Inzman as captain, Bob as coach, and make Shoaib as captain, Imraan as coach, before world cup, result if you dont do it now: PCB will loose ICC membership result if you do it : Pak team will qualify for super 8

  • AnonymousIndian on February 15, 2007, 15:04 GMT

    The easiest & most obvious thought is to curse & kick your team..but it is not so bad as it looks. Really. It is obvious that your team has a bunch of serious talent as any of the top teams. I agree with many people here who believe the problem lies with the leadership (read Inzi..though he is a teriffic batsman on his day) & prima donnas like Shoaib. Get rid of them..pull up underperformers like Younis, Akmal & Afridi & put your faith in team players like Younus & Asif. I really think this is the world cup for one of the Asian, Pakistan or SL. Lets pray for WC2007 coming to Asia!

  • shahid on February 15, 2007, 15:00 GMT

    the reason why pakistan used to be cornered tigers was because in 1992 their captain was the tiger himself. He used to lead from the front. even he was prepared to come at no3 to take all the pressure. Compare to Imran in 1992, what Inzi does, he hides himself down the order so that he does not have to face the new ball. He is also scared against quick and agressive bowling with the new ball. Just see how he was dismissed in the last one day game. If our captain could not lead from the front then he should not be expecting anyting from his team mates as well. You can not expect anything from your team mates which you can't do yourself. Right now he is a useless person, not good enough to be in the side.

  • Yogi Bear on February 15, 2007, 14:57 GMT

    This is a reply to bob Woolmer blog........ "Now, enjoy the fruits of your inferiority complex and your love for any and all things gora...Next coach of Pakistan team ought to be a janitor of some small county ground" I thought the current coach was the janitor from Warwickshire....... I am totally appauled the performance of the Pakistani so called team. What infuriates me the most is all these tabliquees who think that they can right the wrong within the team and PCB. Sport and religion should not be mixed. I was amazed to hear Inzi post match interview after the drubbing yesterday, when he started off by the usual " Thanks to Allah..... but wot has he got to thankful about after such a shambolic, spineless performance in the last 2 days. Now if Allah was helping him there, what would have become of the results if Allah had not hepled him. I appreciate the blessing but there is a time and place for these quotes. I say bring back some sort of credit to Pakistan cricket by getting rid of all these maulvi's who run the team and board and bring back people with heart and passion for the game........... Please please help me out here as i have spent a fortune in getting tickets and accomodation for the world cup, but it will all be in veil as i cant see us qualifying for the semi's with this captain of ours. Inzi was a great batsmen for Pakistan, but he is too thick to be a captain, and i think he should stand aside as he has not performed in the odi's or the test matches recently.

  • Yazi on February 15, 2007, 14:55 GMT

    4 years ago Pakistan was knocked out of World Cup in first round, and heading back to World Cup Pakistan still looks a bunch of sorry group of people. 4 years have past and PCB, Coach, Captain & team really don't have anything to show for. Still undecided on Openers, Bowlers with injury every other game, and batting line up that is as consistant as Club level team. Don't get hopes too high, and with about 4 weeks to go before World Cup, there can be new off field drama or two in Pakistani Cricket.

    Thanks & good luck!

  • Syam on February 15, 2007, 14:55 GMT

    For a change here is somebody from South India commenting on Pak team. I tend to agree with Rahat Malik above. I can understand the disappointment, but dont write the Pak team off. India also had an embarassing series defeat in SA but has since defeated WI and SL back home. SA is a place where even Australia has failed. WI and SA are as different as pitches can get. Opening bowlers are not going to pose as many problems in WI. Due to the slow nature of the surfaces in WI it will be the middle overs which is going to be crucial. Teams which have good spinners/slow bowlers and with batsman better equipped at handling them will be the force to reckon with there I feel. Prior to last WC India had an embarassing series against NZ and still managed to reach the finals. May be it is Paks turn this year.

  • SYED mOHSIN on February 15, 2007, 14:54 GMT

    RAHAT MALIK, is hte only person who is making sense here. I 'd like Pakistan to lose a ODI series 3-1 against SA in SA than winning a 3-0 against WI in Pak.

    Rememer our result is just one match away from what Aus did last year, they lost too. India lost 4-0. SA is a bully at home, very hard to beat. Bu ti think Pakistan will do just fine. Kamran with so much experience, you should know better. The title of your article could have had been a little more polite. I think there is something wrong with Pakistani DR's...Doctors should talk or do anything about cricket, they suck at it.

  • Raj Kumar Bansal on February 15, 2007, 14:54 GMT

    Being an Indian, still I have started following your column quite often. I also enjoy seeing SA-PAK matches because they are more interesting than others and at a time when we return from office.

    I do not think that PAK supporters need to be disappointed. I get a feeling that this WC will see an Sub continent winner and I would put my money on Pak. Simply because Pakis have this great history of doing the unthinkable. In 1992, Pak was nearly out of WC till the rained match against Eng gave them a lifeline and they never looked back.

    Inzy is an inspirational leader who leads by example. You have great allrounders in Abdul Razzaq, Azhar Mahmood, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik and Big three (Younis, Yousuf and Inzy). Asif is the best fast bowler in the world perhaps and with Shoaib, Sami and others - you have a great team.

    My best wishes to your team and don't despair.

    regards raj kumar

  • Zubair on February 15, 2007, 14:53 GMT

    Interview with Inzamam in Urdu:

    Q) Inzamam aap ki team ki performance kay baray mein kia khiaal hai aap ka?

    A)Nahi dekhein aisa tu nahi..nahi dekhein...haan ..bus...

    Q)Inzamam aap nay performance kay baray mein kuch bataya hi nahi?

    A)Nahi dekhein....batsmen ney runs nahi banai...mein nay bola tha un ko keh runs jitnay kum banao gay jaldi match khatam ho ga aur garam garam bryani khanay ko milay gi..nahi dekhein nahi dekhein na

    Q)Inzamam aap apni performance kay baray mei kia kehtay hain?

    A)Nahi dekhein....meri performance tu achi hai..mein nay 43 not out banay thay 4th match mein..apni average south africa kay sath achi karnay kai liay...nahi dekhein ki mujhay fikar hai magar apni ziada

    Q)Aap nay kia lesson learn kia hai is series say? A)Nahi dekhein...lesson tu kuch nahi bus lassun khai hain kafi..

    Q)Aaap ki world cup ki kia strategy hai?

    A)Nahi dekhein ..dekhein strategy kuch aisi hai keh kamran akmal opening karay ga...mein 9 down aoon ga..matlab 11th position par...kion keh pir mein collapse say apni team ko bacha sakta hun...jab last wicket reh jai gi pir mein aa kar team ko bachaon ga...definately...

    Q)Aaap ki team ka sab say acha player kon hai? A)Nahi dekhein...bowling mein rana naveed ki bari umda performance rahi hai...aur batting mein meri performance kafi achi hai...

    Q)Inzamam aap ko sab say tough match konsa ho ga world cup ka?

    A)Nahi dekhein...dekhein waisay tu sab hi achi teams hain aur saray hi tough hain..magar Ìreland ka match tough ho ga...definately...kion keh hum new commers ko international status daitay hain..nahi dekhein pir mera bank balance bhi tu bharta hai..

    Q) Aaap ko yeh series haar kar koi sharam ati hai? A)Nahi Dekhein....

    Q)Aaap ko sharam nahi ati??

    A)Nahi dekhein meray kehnay ka yeh matlab nahi tha...sharam tu PCB ko ani chahiyay na...mujh jaisay banday ko captain bana dia hai...

    Q)Aaap PCB say panga lay rahay hain??

    A)Nahi dekhein ab aap sawaal poochna band karein..mujhay ab bhook lag rahi hai aur neend aa rrahi hai

    Q)Aap ki world cup ki tiari kaisai ho gi pir?

    A)Nahi dekhein jitni neend karun ga aur khana khaon ga utni ziada energy ayy gi...sari team ka training schedule yeh hai world cup say pehlay...yes definately...jii...thanks every much..

  • Pritam Castelino on February 15, 2007, 14:53 GMT

    First of all I am an Indian and think that apart from Australia only the Pakistani and Indian teams are capable of lifting the WC. The Asian fans are fanatics they are the same people who worship the cricketers when they perform and condemn them when they fail. India too faced a similar situation just a while ago while in SA and the fans naturally reacted the same way as you all do at the moment but today after winning the WI series and doing well against SL everything is forgotten. I feel Pak will do very well at the WC. Just give them some more time. With such experienced and senior players like Inzy, MY,YK, & Afridi there is no way you can write them off. Pls dont forget that Pak is without the country's top bowlers, Shoib and Asif. Saber ka phal hamesha mitha hota hai. PLS HAVE PATIENCE

  • zain on February 15, 2007, 14:50 GMT

    arent we getting carried away over here yes inzy did not get the selection right but lets face it the intention was right a in form navedul hassan is arguably one of the best death bowlers in cricket and there is only one way to gain ur form and that is playing in the middle if he had been successful we would have been all praising inzamam and woolmer for putting faith in naved ul hassan as for razzaq i am shocked to hear some of the comments ppl have to make the guy has been an exceptional one day player for us for more then a decade yeah he had a bad series but cmon that does not mean he is worthless we need motivation we need courage but that will not be acheived by ripping apart ur key performers every time they loose some form have some faith ppl

  • Sam on February 15, 2007, 14:49 GMT

    I totally agree with Kamran. Inzy's judgments were on their worst level he should not captain the side in world cup where team are looking to take slightest opportunity form the opposition our captain wakes up when the game is already over there is no PLAN B ever in his mind.

    I also feel that there are personal favors being made in world cup team selection when you see performances of Rana, Kamran Akmal and Razzak; there is no reason they should be in team. Look at India they gave chance to youngsters and it worked for them. I want to be positive but only positive I found this time around is that I will not be spending $200 to order World Cup pay-per-view.

  • Mohsin on February 15, 2007, 14:48 GMT

    Being Pakistan, whats the odds that on the 13th it'll all be totally different, the proper quicks will be back, and they'll go on and win it. :D

  • SAMI SYED from Toronto on February 15, 2007, 14:48 GMT

    PAKISTAN is a bewildered team. I have been dissappointed by the results but I haven't lost heart. I HAVE HOPE and as Martin Luther King said "I HAVE A DREAM!!!"


    I hope... that Shoaib Akhter, Mohammad Asif and Umar Gul can be bowling together and stay fit through the world cup.

    I hope... that our openers are either of Mohammad Hafeez, Yasir Hameed and Imran Nazeer and they can atleast stay on for the first 10 overs. Actually I don't care who the openers are as long as they give atleast a 50 run stand.

    I hope... that Inzamam and Mohammad Yousuf can bring that old passion and guard for the team and be match winners with the bat. I HOPE THEY BRING THAT DESIRE AND PASSION instead of being soft and soft spoken religious man. WE need AUTHORITY!!!

    I hope... that Younis Khan keeps his batting form and more importantly his fielding and doesn't choke like he did in the Champion's trophy.

    I hope... that Kamran Akmal finds his keeping and batting form so he has nothing to be criticized for. I hope he can just average 30 runs per innings and 1 dropped chance for every two matches. I hope that's not asking for too much.

    I hope... oh how I dearly hope that Abdul Razzaq finds his flare and MOJO for the world cup. He can be lethal but hasn't been for more than a year. I hope that when he bowls that he can contain the bowlers and offer support.

    I hope... and I know that SHAHID AFRIDI will come through for us with his bowling and batting. I like him even more so for bowling since his SA tour. I hope that he turns the last corner and races Pakistan to the finish with his bat.

    I hope... that RANA doesn't play, after seeing his last 3 matches and his economy we cannot afford him even if he has a great strike rate (in the past). I RATHER HAVE SAMI, at least he brings his heart. And HEART is what we are missing.

    I hope... that SHOAIB MALIK plays the way he did at #3 when he was averaging over 50 runs. These days he looks settled into the side. That's not good, I want him fighting for his spot.

    I hope... YOUNIS KHAN can open, in reality he is opening because he comes in the first over.

    I hope... our dream line-up looks like this: (This list is in order of batting #) 1. Imran Nazir 2. Younis Khan 3. Shoaib Malik 4. Mohammad Yousuf 5.Inzamam-ul-Haq 6. Shahid Afridi 7. Abdul Razzaq 8. Kamran Akmal 9. Shoaib Akhter 10. Umar Gul 11. Mohammad Asif. ( HOW DIFFICULT WAS THAT???) INFACT IDEAL!!!!

    I hope... that Pakistan shows passion in the field, passion in their spirit and passion for their country.

    I hope... that PAKISTAN fight, fight for their country and fight for their supporters.

    I have a DREAM... this is my dream and my hope is ALIVE. No one should lose hope, for hope is the only motivation.

    Lastly... I HOPE... if Pakistan fail in their aspirations, then we should REPLACE THE PCB (Political Contraversial Bullshit) board with a true body that actually cares about the sport and country rather than their posts and positions!!!


  • Rodzilla1010 on February 15, 2007, 14:40 GMT

    Kamran, I am emabarressed, but not because of my team, but because of people like you. Who just use/abuse media to get some attention. I have agreed with you on the light you shed on PCB's mis-mgt but c'mon its not so bad. YOu are talking like Pakistan has hit rock bottom.

    One word RELAX.

    We are #3 in both versions for a reason. We have won matches. And by the way I am proud of the way Pakistan fought in the test series with the limited resources.

    YOu have to keep in mind that good teams dont lose home series. Look at all top 4 teams in the world. Aus, Pak, Eng and SA..they wont let each other win away.

    So now its ot time to critisize, its time to oray for our team, our critisim will only discourage our players.


  • Ahmed Siddiqui on February 15, 2007, 14:40 GMT

    Embarrassed? hun maybe this word is not enough to our hurt feelings.

    Can I ask a question to President of Pakistan what he is doing? He is also responsible for this shame because he is the Patron in Chief of Pakistan Cricket.

    We don’t have leader a strong leader with in Team and nor in the PCB I don’t understand why we have PCB Chairman or President to just to give comments and rules Cricket but he don’t know much about cricket.

    I think as many senior players said. When you come on this level you don’t need a Coach. In my thinking If you have Batting Coach. Bowling Coach and then a nice man who is very brilliant in the planning of Cricket to show the way to Team how to win and make some good future planning for team. It can be Manager or you can call him what ever.

    From last three years Bob and Inzy are saying we are making planning to long terms or until World Cup to make a good combination. But as you said where is good team after all that experiments?

    On the Top of this Inzi comments is more shame full. What he said that we play to much in short time and many of our Players have injuries to to it. OH Boy come on Look the other team they play more cricket then Pakistan in same period or from before it if you cant handle just three Test and 5 ODI in that time you team is not a sports team. If Inzi feel that we play to much and we need rest I think we have to pull out our Team from World Cup and give them good rest.

    If our Team play like this I don’t think we will go to even super 8. but as Minadad said I also PRAY for them.

    Ahmed Siddiqui Ex Vice President Japan Cricket Association

  • Zubair on February 15, 2007, 14:39 GMT

    Inzamamul Haq will be writing the the following in his column: "Boys did not do well...yes definately.......we need to play hard cricket...yes definately..yes definately boys cant do well...yes definately....I am leading the boys from the back...yes definately....i want to thank the south african crowd for abusing afridi...thanks "EVERY" much....batsmen need to play better...but I am there as captain so dont count me as a batsmen..yes definately.....Match had to get over soon so I could have my bryani and potatoes...yes definately dont call me "aloo"...I am leading the team....first of all credit goes to south africa...very good team... thanks every much...thats all english I have learned so far in the many years I have travelled to English speaking goes to me...I will be trying to repeat the same performances...And yes I will again select the same team and open the bowling with Rana Naveed in the world cup...reason?? ..yes definately credit goes to rana as he has been crediting my bank account with cash definately...close to retiring need more credit definately....feel scared of Shoaib definately as he takes the limelight when he bowls and the crowd cant see me playing with my beard and making constipated faces..yes goes to the boys....definately boys will repeat solid performances in the world cup...yes definately"

  • Shokaib on February 15, 2007, 14:38 GMT

    Pakistan team need a new captain maybe younis khan because inzamam gives up evrytime bhai and the fielding is embarrassing and what happened to bowling they nearly losing evry match by 10 wickets and the first 15 overs shows how pakistans batting is going to be once they lose a wicket get ready for a collapse InshAllah they will show gd form come this world cup but will this WADA leave shoaib akhtar and asif alone GHRRRR

  • Numaan on February 15, 2007, 14:36 GMT

    I can't wait for the world cup to be over, hopefully by then Inzi will have been kicked out of the side for good along with a few others and Pakistan can start from scratch with younger players

  • Muhammad B. Siddiqui on February 15, 2007, 14:35 GMT

    I Missing Link? you have good bowlers, good batting lineup, good all rounder. Whats missing? I guess its the captain who needs to put it all together. If I am ever allowed a change, I would go two step ahead and give captain ship to the only Tiger, who may not perform everytime but who has spirit and brain of Imran Khan, and every world cup Winner Imran Khan needs a strategist like Javed Miandad. So my call.

    CAPTAIN = Shahid Afridi. W. Captain = Younus Khan.

    Afridi has nerves and attitude of Imran khan that can lead the time to success. with Street intelligence of Younus they can still win the worldcup.

    Good Luck Guys Anyways. regardless of shamefull defeat and performance We are such a die-hard fan that we will still see the world cup regardless of hopeless hearts we have for the team right now due to their own hopeless interest in the Game.

    Go Get It Pakistan.

  • Faisal Ali on February 15, 2007, 14:32 GMT

    why hasnt jamshed and anwar ali been given a chance the only 2 positives 2 come out of south afridi and nazir we have woeful back up bowling attack after shoaib Asif and Gul thats why i feel we neede these 2 youngsters who really impressed me in the under 19 world cup as a paring of potentially the next wasim and waqar any1 else agree with me? p.s will be glad when bob goes after world cup we need a leader Imran Khan your Country Needs You! Pakistan Zindahbad

  • Malik on February 15, 2007, 14:31 GMT

    Reading some of the comments here, from Kamran Abassi and the rest, I'm not sure who I should be more surprised of, the performance of Pakistan team or fellow concerned supporters! Are we really surprised at the ineptness of Inzi’s troops? Do you remember how they crumbled at home against arch rivals India and lost last four ODIs after winning the final Test match and the first ODI? Especially the way they lost, without any semblance of fight? How about the English tour? And let’s not forget the Champions’ Trophy. Oh, but I almost left out the biggest embarrassment of all, one that showed how strong their will is…we were more concerned with showing the world we have pride, in completely the wrong fashion…win the game first and then lodge a complaint, plain and simple, have it both ways…in the end, you lost it both ways… and the saga continues.

    About this series and World Cup prospect, how many times do we need to commit the same catastrophic mistakes before we learn that if you play with fire, you WILL BURN? Mental toughness comes from attitude…one that believes that he can succeed. Look at Shawn Pollock…with medium pace, and average movement, he is able to keep straps on world class batsmen. Do you think he has a strategy or does he just try to bowl between the stumps and luck favors him? Do you recall the Man with the Golden Arm? Point is, it’s more than just skill, its Determination, DESIRE, Dedication, and perhaps most of all, Practice.

    Lastly, I wish there was some level of professionalism among the hierarchy of PCB…things don’t just happen, there has to be qualification, principles, accountability, consistency, and pride. Not sure PCB displays much of this. I guess all that’s left for now is to pray…and yes, on their day, they have the talent to decimate any team in the world, just look at the second ODI… can they hold it together for an entire tournament…that is ALWAYS the question!!

  • Dr. Rashid Ali on February 15, 2007, 14:30 GMT

    Well in a different blogg, I did say leave all of them to enjoy Tikka Kebabs, bacause that is all what they can do. Disgraceful, was the way some of them fared, almost shameless.

    I think even at my age I can play better than some of them, at least cant do any worse.

    On the serious note......

    Cricket is a game of mental fitness too....and most of them lookd like the beleagured and battered army on the retreat. If that is the case then should we not adopt a policy of keeping the players fresh by almost having two squads, and adopt a policy of rotation!!!

    Dr. Rashid Ali

  • Hamid on February 15, 2007, 14:30 GMT

    On a lighter side.....What a beautiful Valentine's day gift for S.A.

  • Naveed on February 15, 2007, 14:23 GMT

    Why the hell is Yasir Hameed not in the world cup squad??!?

  • nasser on February 15, 2007, 14:21 GMT

    It's a surprise to me why Inzy still captain and even selected in the team now. He is not motivated and definately not capable of motivating others. his whole demeanour is negative, and he certainly isn't a strategist, or a communicator! he is a liability in the field and a disaster running whilst batting. he needs to score a minimum of 50-60 runs to counter the problems he brings to the team. get rid of him now and we still have a chance to redeem the national embarrassment of the south african series!! Nasser

  • olmert on February 15, 2007, 14:17 GMT

    Inzi fired and mustaq ahmad captain!!! bound to happen...can someone answer please , what is mustaq's role with the pakistan team??? is he a coach , a player , a manager , or inzi's friend looking for a job! dropping Waqar was a big mistake, if PCB cant see that...we cant do anything... it is about time a fielding coach is hired to teach players how to catch and field! as much as i want Pakistan to win to the world cup...the current form says otherwise

  • Shahzad on February 15, 2007, 14:16 GMT

    I would agree to one comment by Yasir from Canada, who mentioned that previous three-four tours of Pakistan team to South Africa were not different any more from this one. If we consider the test matches, I would say this tour was even better than the previous couple tours in South Africa. Therefore, to blame only to Inzi and Woolmer is not fair, PCB system is the most resposible for these failures. Look at the quality of pithches in Pakistan, remind yourself when Indian team was touring Pakistan, how was the quality of wickets in test matches. Now we should think extreme positively for the biggest event of cricket though selection committee has played gambol on couple players especially when Yasir Hameed was ignored and two technically poors, Imran Nazir and M. Hafeez was selected. I would say if it is possible to find the way to replace one of these two with Yasir would be thought.

  • Syed A. Rizvi on February 15, 2007, 14:11 GMT

    I disagree with you Kamran. We have always been like this. I think this is intentional since anything after this is going to be a success. If we make it to super 8, the whole nation will rejoice. Beating Zimbabwe is going to warrant a national holiday. But I'm optimistic that we will loose against Zimbabwe and then we can all watch the real world cup relaxed and without any anxiety. I do want to comment on the Cornered Tigers of 92 though. They were a similar bunch till the game against Australia if you all remember. Getting out for 69 against England! Losing to WI, India. That's when Imran founded the cornered tigers Philosophy. May this time someone in the camp can convince the team that it is jihad against the rest of the world and if we defeat each team, we would be defeating evil. Or may be they need to fight against the evil in themselves!

  • T on February 15, 2007, 14:07 GMT

    I agree with you. Its not that we lost the series, it is the way we've played that bothers me. Winning or lossing is part of the game but effort and determination is the key to be a successful player. On a side note, if Rana is unable to bowl on a helpful South African track why are we taking him to the West Indies?

  • faisal on February 15, 2007, 14:07 GMT

    I think there is ONLY ONE issue and that is Leadership.....i conclude that Inzmam is a match winning batsman but NOT a match wining captain!!!

  • Asif Khan on February 15, 2007, 14:06 GMT

    I have been a die hard supporter of Pakistan team, no matter since more than 25 years. This is first time when i felt really cheated by any PAK cricket Team Captain who despite having no leadership skills have now started to sideline deserving cricketors. Asim Kamal, Azhar Mehmood, Danish Kaneria, Rao Iftikhat, to name a few who should have fully particpated in the recently concluded ODI series.

    The only criteria to find a way in Pak team currently seems to be having a close friendship with Inzi. Further, the way Inzi has sheilded himself by batting at No.6/7 is mind boggling. If he is so frightened to face a semi-new ball he should retire rather than sending cowardly signals to the oppositions. With INZI in charge I dont think we have any chance of progressing beyond Super 8 in the WC. When I compare the current team who give up so easily with the Imran Khan's cornered tigers of 92 it really hurts.How we have regressed over a period of time, nowadays, no one seems to have the courage or will to fight barring a few. No Imrans,wasims Waqars, miandads, saeed anwars around to fight it out and carry PAK flag.

    At times I felt like I would have fought harder than our meek, brainless, irresponsible batsmen in the SA series despite lacking skills of playing at the highest level. They just don’t seem to realise that when they wear Pak Colors they are carrying the hopes of 160 Millions who expect them to fight every inch of the way. ALAS! we dont realistically expect them to make us proud in the WC barring a miracle unless INZI is removed and someone else is made in charge who would make Pak team rise from the Ashes like a phoenix.

    However, I hope against hope that our team will get rid of these LUSER MENTALITY overnight and fight hard in the WC like IMRAN'S CORNERED TIGERS OF 92 and make us all proud.

  • A Rehmani on February 15, 2007, 14:05 GMT

    Got my pay TV to watch cricket series between Pakistan & SA, I live in Australia. First I had to put up with cocky SA commentry team. They will not talk about the trashing SA coped from Australia Last Summer. They were badly beaten in both the test & limited over. Al of a sudden SA beat Pak and India, they talk about being the world beaters. Look at the last English team visited SA, beat them comprehensively in both form of cricket. Let talk about pakistan, again & again you see the flops are playing, flops are leading and flops are administering the game. Wasim Barin the Chief selector is Flop of all time. Intikab Alam was Dud, a flop. If you look at closely the Pakistani team and the follow up players to replace aging old mothers like Inzi & Co, these follow up players can not make the grade cricket in Sydney. I played grade cricket in Australia and some of my team member in Pakistan Club cricket played for Pakistan. Comparison is so wide and so unpropotioned. Pakistani team has proven to be so gutless at time, you wonder if these people were to line up and fight for the country in a real war, will they be able stand at all. They are the most spineless bunch under pressure, I have not seen a team that drops its bundle so quick.

    Last match analysis: M Hafeez: if he let 5 wide out swinging bowls to go through to the keeper, why will you pick a good length delivery to drive. It was the perfect pitched delivery he picked to drive. Made no contribution to the game. I Nazir : dropped at fine leg, he could have put that ball in to the crowed, had played the shot with full thrust. He got the life, he never made the enemy to pay for their sin. Every time I saw England made mistake and dropped an Aussie batsman, he scored and scored to make sure oposition, talked about it in the dressing room. It demoralises the opposition. Nazir got out in the same over, that lifted the Pollak. Younis Khan: Plays a front foot defensive shot with such high elbow, that he quite clearly loosing the ball direct. Younis wants play the defensive push with power, but that has got an element of risk, & in both last 2 matches he paid for it. Kamran Akmal: One batsman who should be batting No:6 or 7. Low n confidence, limited shots and very week out side the of Stump. team like SA does not count Hafiz, Kamran, & Imran Ferhat. Mohammad Yousuf: Often looking like he has done too much work and need rest, Lazy in the field, and pretty lazy foot work. SA did not bowl to his strength, only bowled off to middle and got him trapped. Inzi: If he fails in the World Cup as batsman, its time to retire, Does not bowl and can not field. Look so out of touch, it is hard to beleieve this guy has such a massive record. Malik: Very limited options, limited shot selection, unprofessonal, could not lead a tail ender to servive, keep exposing him to the bowler. The rest is just got no idea how to bat, when the top order is so bad, what do you expect from the tail, bowling, sub standard. Its time to sack the entire team along with selector and coach, bad news, you got no one to eplace.

  • nasir on February 15, 2007, 14:05 GMT

    Pakistan will never learn from their mistakes. As a nation we never have, so how do you expect matric fail and egoistic players and administrators to figure out a winning strategy.

    We are as someone described "a hit and miss team" and thats the way we have been since the beginning of time. We ever dominated World Cricket and never will unless we are transformed as a nation.

    We go a full circle in cricket every four years and yet learn nothing reflecting the state of our nation's state of affairs which go a bigger circle of about 8-10 years.

    The team is performing badly because they are not a unit. Whether there is internal strife, or there is bad blookd between the team management and administrators, I don't know but unless someone figures it out we are going no where.

    Naseem Ashraf has been nothing but a disaster. He seems to know as much about running a Cricket Board as I do about neuro-surgery.

    Some players of the team need to disappear like the equipment. Nazir, Rana, Akmal, Hafeez and Razzaq can fall off the plane for all I care. I sure would want someone to explain how Rana has been selected. I am sure there are many players who can leak over 8 runs an over in Pakistani cricket. Nazir was and is a one inning wonder. Thats the reason he did not play for over 2 years. One inning and 4 failures got him a seat on the plane to the WC yet players like Yasir Hameed who has an excellent record in the last 4 one-days gets to stay home. Yet Hafeez with an average of 19 is going to the World Cup. How pathetic.

    Razzaq looks a spent force. Why not infuse some young blood like Yasir Arafat into the team. Why leave out Abdul Rahman. Surely he was better than Rana. We have not left handers in our batting line-up. How do we expect to mix things up.

    All teams have to do is put the ball in the right places and we will self-destruct. Look at Sought Africa. They learnt so quickly after the second one-dayer and the results were there to see.

    If I were the captain I'd have played Yasir Hammed, Abdul Rahman and Azhar Mahmood in the last one-day to give them a chance to show what the selectors missed, at least have some fire in the belly.

    I am sure we have a good crop of young fast bowlers in the country. Why not select them to unfise some freshness rather than pick a broken Akhte and Gul.

    The World Cup is a long excercise and only the physically best team will win it. There is no point in having the fastest bowlers and meanest hitters if they are too injured to perform.

    The again over the years we have learnt to put up with it. I hope Pakistan makes it to the semi-finals. Once there, we can dream again. The only chance of that happening is if we win our opening game. So Good Luck boys, u really need it.

  • Moaz Afzal on February 15, 2007, 14:04 GMT

    The “commit mistake and forget about it” tragedy has afflicted our cricket since time immemorial. In my point of view, if an individual can not analyze his/her mistakes then he/she deserves to be hailed as worst than an animal. It is probably the animals from whom one can expect such blemishes as they are not blessed with the same kind of observational & mental skills as humans are. Applying this criteria to distinguish animals from humans to our cricket team enables one to see where the problems stem from. How often have we seen our batsman faltering and falling to the same mistakes. How often have we seen Imran Nazir getting out to a pull shot? How often have we seen Inzamam shuffling across the stumps and getting out LBW? How often have we seen Younis Khan slashing at a delivery outside off stump and getting depending upon the movement, bowled or caught in the slips? How often have we seen Yousaf getting caught by keeper while trying to run the ball down to third man? How often have we seen Shahid Khan Afridi attempting shots which would make Don Bradman’s soul cry? How often have we seen Abdur Razzaq not playing on the front foot and getting bowled through the gate? If every instance is recorded for these respective batsmen committing the aforementioned mistakes, a 60GB hard drive might run out of space.

    On a similar note, how often have we seen our bowlers bleeding runs? How often have we seen Rana Naveed -Ul- Hassan bowling repeated no bowls and being raped by the opposing batsmen (an economy rate of 5.56 bears a testimony to my comments). How often have we seen Abdur Razzaq bowling first change and being hit for a boundary in his very first over? How often have we seen Shoaib Akhtar breaking down before an important match or series? How often have we seen Muhammad Sami shaking his head while walking back to his bowling mark? (might be good as at least it makes his brain shake a bit which otherwise is never used).

    Likewise, how often have we seen our fielders missing an important run-out? How often have we seen our fielders drop important catches? It would probably create enough information that would satiate Wikipedia’s thirst for knowledge.

    Under extreme exasperation have I passed such comments. The nations which we are competing against do not select cricketers on talent alone but on a combination of talent and cricketing sense. At the international arena its not about running in and bowling with all your might but is about assessing the weaknesses of the opposing player and then bowl accordingly. But again to assess the weaknesses of others one needs to be adept at assessing his/her own. When our players fail at this, how can we expect them to analyze others. As put perfectly in the words of Great Khan, “a successful individual is not the one who does not make mistakes but one who makes mistakes and learns from them”

    I hope that the team performs well in the world cup but I know they wont.

  • Yusud on February 15, 2007, 14:03 GMT

    When the team is down is when they need their fans to support them the most. How can we say they do not put in their best or they or professionals? They just do not play well on bouncy tracks because we have different tracks in Pakistan. The '92 team started the WC like wounded tigers. England has just had a Cinderella run against Australia. Tables can be turned in a jiffy. These are the glorius uncertainties of cricket.

  • Asif Khan on February 15, 2007, 14:02 GMT

    I have been a die hard supporter of Pakistan team, no matter since more than 25 years. This is first time when i felt really cheated by any PAK cricket Team Captain who despite having no leadership skills have now started to sideline deserving cricketors. Asim Kamal, Azhar Mehmood, Danish Kaneria, Rao Iftikhat, to name a few who should have fully particpated in the recently concluded ODI series.

    The only criteria to find a way in Pak team currently seems to be having a close friendship with Inzi. Further, the way Inzi has sheilded himself by batting at No.6/7 is mind boggling. If he is so frightened to face a semi-new ball he should retire rather than sending cowardly signals to the oppositions. With INZI in charge I dont think we have any chance of progressing beyond Super 8 in the WC. When I compare the current team who give up so easily with the Imran Khan's cornered tigers of 92 it really hurts.How we have regressed over time, nowadays, no one seems to have the courage or will to fight barring a few.

    At times I felt like I would have fought harder than our meek, brainless, irresponsible batsmen in the SA series despite lacking skills of playing at the highest level. They just don’t seem to realise that when they wear Pak Colors they are carrying the hopes of 160 Millions who expect them to fight every inch of the way. ALAS! we dont realistically expect them to make us proud in the WC barring a miracle unless INZI is removed and someone else is made in charge who would make Pak team rise from the Ashes like a phoenix.

    However, I hope against hope that our team will get rid of these LUSER MENTALITY overnight and fight hard in the WC like IMRAN'S CORNERED TIGERS OF 92 and make us all proud.

  • zaman on February 15, 2007, 13:59 GMT

    it si really embrassing/hurting for me to watch cricket match!TOP TO BOTTOM are to coach and captain,they are not deserve to hold this position at all, MANAGEMENT:they does not know who is hundred persion fit who is not,one thing still i strugling to find out reason why asim kamal not in the pakistan team.why woolmer and inzy try to establish opener partnership with allrounder,inspite of so many special opener in the team,it is posible for hafiz to face pollock in the opening spell!!!!!!!!???????INZy!!it wuold be wise thing for him if he retire after world cup,tooooooooo many thing i can write but it wuold be foolish!where is the all great cricketer,call them to help pakistan from their own experience.and please god do ehasan on ehasan malik,and time to say good bye to inzy and woolmer

  • Talal Hasan on February 15, 2007, 13:59 GMT

    I think first of all we should be a bit more philosphical about the situation. I guess that is quite a difficult idea for us passionate pakistani fan to comprehend.Howvever at the end of the day Pakistan were throughly outplayed by the South Africans.

    They wanted to win the series a lot more than Pakistan. I don;t think South Africa will win the world cup because i believe their attack to is too one dimensional. More astute captains will pick up on this and will have better plans against Pollock and co.

    Pakistan have seem to struggle against new zealand, south africa, england and Australia in their away series. Pakistan did not win a series in each of these countries which is quite worrying. I don;'t believe it is because of a lack quality I think it is mainly due to a lack of concentration and focus.

    Now the world cup is looking omnious for Pakistan. Especially with the amount of injured players that we are taking to the world cup.

    The only hope and faith that i have is that the top 8 teams can beat each other on their day. England proved that in Australia. So i think we will hopefully see an new world champions.

    p.s. Countries underestimate Pakistan at their peril

  • Ayub Khan on February 15, 2007, 13:58 GMT

    I agree with some of the neutral contributors, no need to panic just yet… This is nothing new, in fact it wouldn’t be Pakistan if they planned properly, had the right Captain and dropped poorly performing players…and that sort of thing.

    Some things that do cause me immense concern are:

    •Increasing influence of the Tableeghi league. Why to they have to highjack Pakistan Cricket? They have already deprived Pakistan of the services of one of our greatest Opening batsman, I mean Saeed Anwar of course.

    •Mushtaq’s presence is not really relevant for our (fast?) bowlers- there was nothing wrong with Waqar, what would the Indians do to have him coaching team

    •Azhar Mahmood given just 2 games to prove himself, when Rana has been struggling since England tour (and I am being generous)- good old fashioned nepotism wins every time.

    However, there is some hope, the Caribbean has been a happy ODI hunting ground for Pak in recent times and with the side below, we have more than a half a chance

  • Pasha on February 15, 2007, 13:56 GMT

    Stop whining everyone! and give the injury ravaged squad a brake. South africa was a better team than us during this series and they won. It'll be better in jamaica.

  • Adel on February 15, 2007, 13:56 GMT

    As the pakistan team is famous for being unpredictable and performing well in one match and failing in another is a on going strategy for our team . As the world cup is on the head ,they should forget about the South african series and look forward to the world cup and even though they can not win it but they can show the spirit in them selves and be energetic to face the hard time .............................

  • Ahmed Faraz on February 15, 2007, 13:55 GMT

    Good comments every one --------------- All I am going to say is what kind of coach is Bob, who could not figure out Openers, if he had tried, he could have polished atleast 3.

    Another thing I don't understand why Kamran Akmal again and again?

    Where is Salman Butt?


    Other thing I don't understand is we never used to have injuries problem when Wasim and Waqar were playing, is there some thing wrong with our trainers too? I think Azhar should have been picked up for World Cup.

  • asad khan on February 15, 2007, 13:54 GMT

    What is going on with pakistan team selection. How come someone choose hafeez who avg 18 and leave yasir hameed who avg 39. Screw inzi woolmer and PCB.

  • M husen on February 15, 2007, 13:52 GMT

    The entire Muslim world is suffering of late. Looking around there is nothing good or positive or pleasing happening in the Islamic world, only death, doom & gloom. One would expect the Pakistan cricket team to relieve some of the misery, if only temporarily, but no they themselves have become victims of this malaise surrounding the Islamic world at the moment. May Allah help us all on our journey & give peace in our heart - Amin.

  • F. R on February 15, 2007, 13:47 GMT

    I agree with Mr. Abbasi. It was an embarassing performance by Pakistan right from 20-20 to last one day match with the exception of second one-day.

    There seems to be no planning, no fighting spirit at all. A captain has to lead from front and batting at number 6 by Inzamam at this situation.???? I think its time for Inzamam to retire... Pakistan management is trying to win matches with bits and pieces and that doesnt happen in every match. They have to have proper openers, proper opening bowlers and 1-2 all-rounders. I dont think Pakistan will pass super 8 stage.

  • Adeel on February 15, 2007, 13:47 GMT

    Guys, Cool down. Its not the first time that Pakistan lost to SA in this fashion. I remember few years earlier,i stopped taking intrest when its Pak Vs SA. There was some psychological thing going in the minds of our players that whenever they see the opponent is SA, they become harmless sheep and SA bowlers have them struggle for some 30-40 overs (thats usually the size of their innings) and then their batsmen show how to bat against a undisciplined bowling line up. The difference is just disceiplined. nothing more. Make Pollock, Ntini astray with their disciplined lines and you will see same SA routed out. Who is Andrew Hall? an exceptional swing bowler?


    And i cant see them getting this MOJO in the worldcup. Pakistan not even in the Semis. Still i wish somehow they make it big. Lets hope for a miracle.

  • Mansoor - Dubai on February 15, 2007, 13:46 GMT

    Read all comments and agreed with the views. Basically INZI has started MAZHABI(religiouse) inclination in the team and based on that he tries to mould the selection process and promote players who are dear to him. Why saqlain or azhar mahemood are out of the team for many years (don’t know saqlain is retired or still avail) . I can not understand why a back up wicket keeper is not selected in WC squadron who will be the next choice in case karman akmal injures him self.

    People in PCB favours their relatives and dears country’s pride has no meaning to them , They purposefully forced miandad to take retirement and took waqar /wasim out of the team after their last world cup which lead them to announce pre-mature retirement both could have played 1-2 yrs more. Lets pray for MIRACLE else go fishing.

  • Arslan Shaukat on February 15, 2007, 13:45 GMT

    Sending in Kamran Akmal to bat ahead of Inzi & Yousaf is like sending in a Lamb to protect a Lion. It was absolutely preposterous. It also reflects the mindset of the captain, who through this decision is telling or rather admitting that he is afraid and thus does not fancy facing the new ball. I wonder how affect this realization of your best batsman being afraid and scared of facing the music had on the morale & spirit of other team members and specially batsmen.

    I was absolutely disgusted at the gutless manner in which the whole bating line-up capitulated without any signs of a fight. In the last two one dayers, Pakistani bating line-up batted as if there were daemons on the pitch, yet the South-Africans batted as if they were playing on a sub-continent pitch. Playing for your country, representing the aspirations of an entire nation and wearing the colors of your national Flag is suppose to be an honor, and yet the individual as well as collective performance of the eleven gentlemen representing Pakistan were devoid of honor, pride or dignity.

  • Cor on February 15, 2007, 13:43 GMT

    Reading through all these posting actually opened my eyes. I was always under the impression that South African spectators are very hard on their sportsmen, but this really takes the cake!! I always have and will continue to hold PAK cricket in high esteem. Watching Pak play cricket is like watching the French play RUGBY: " The day that the team gets of, you see some absolute great sport, however, the day the wheels comes of, it takes the spare wheel with..."

    Thanks Pakistan for the tour, it was a great summer of cricket, and wish you all the best for the World Cup in West Indies!!

    Viva la SA!!!

  • Shoaib on February 15, 2007, 13:40 GMT


    Well the performance comes with attitude.

    Pakistani team thinks that they are real genius and no one can teach them. To them public is public, they forget that they are amonsgt 16 million PK people.

    A good example is:

    Once, in a TV talk show some one questioned the performance of PK against AUS in 99 worldcup from Wasim Akram. He replied, " When you play some one wins and some one has to lose". The guy replied but you are paid to play good cricket and Wasim answered "no", we are paid to play cricket.

    So funny, here in Aus if Martin can walk off even after scoring and averaging 40, then why not people averaging less than 35 should be laid off from PK team.

    Does any one has suggestion how to stop watching crapy cricket.

  • AMIN S. on February 15, 2007, 13:39 GMT

    I fully agreed to the comments posted by Umer. Good Job. INZI Saheb please pay attention to Umer Bhai's comments: We really do not need RANA. If you do not like any one else please try Sami Niazi or Yasir Arafat I am sure they are better than RANA Saheb. Religion is the most essential part of our life and we all should follow and perform our religious duty honestly but please treat religion and sports separately and do not choose players and officials on religion basis. The inclusion of Mushtaq as assistant coach is the clear example. We definitely need a good bowling coach. See how our bowler performed when Waqar was the bowling coach in the WI home series and how they perform in SA without a bowling coach. I hope you understand.

  • Farrukh Jilani on February 15, 2007, 13:38 GMT

    I totally agree. I must say this is the worst I have seen of Pakistan Cricket Team. I was a big fan of Younis Khan but even his attitude seem to be on the low side. I personally believe something is missing in this team. They need to regroup or else they should back off from going to the World Cup. Pakistan have been playing quite a boring cricket for a year now. Windies, Aus, Sri Lanka, India and even England played some exciting cricket but Pakistan is missing that professinalism they had under Imran Khan's time

  • Waseem on February 15, 2007, 13:38 GMT

    Pakistan need to get a coach that says to them, "Im the coach, i pick the team, if u donat listen to what i say ill throw u out." This is exactly what imran khan did when pakistan won the 1992 world cup. Waqar younis didnt listen, got thrown out, and pakistan still won the world cup.

  • Amir on February 15, 2007, 13:35 GMT

    Well what can one say? Pakistan on paper the middle order is out of this world. Youins, Yousuf and Inzi. Asif is the only bowler showing some fight. I just pray that akter and gul are fit in time for the world cup. it hurts 2 see pakistan play like this. but having said that we need a bit of luck if the players who are out are fit and the openers can put up a fight we could go far and if we play like we did in the sec odi agaisnt SA and take into account the pitches will be like home inshalla we will be ok. we need to get behinde the boys

    Pakistan ZindaBad!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr Sadia Malick on February 15, 2007, 13:34 GMT

    Kamran I agree with every thing you have said but after following the Pakistan Cricket team for many years,I can safely say that , going to the extremes of poor performances have always helped them ,well historically so.That is why they are known to be the most unpredictable team in the world.Ofcourse I am upset at their recent performance but secretly I am hoping that this will make them perform very well at the world cup.I have lived to tell this tale many a times!!Good luck team

  • Shehzad Mirza on February 15, 2007, 13:34 GMT

    Embarrassed is an understatement. I watched us die playing SAF. Die seems like a harsh term to use but to me it was as though they curled up into a ball on the grass and hid their head. I can accept that SAF are a quality side, i can accept that Pakistan are notoriously bad in SAF but to not even dig deep and fight? That is heartbreaking. I along with millions of others am sure that they would do anything just to play for their team once! Then to be in a position where you are playing for them and give only a half hearted commitment is just plain wrong. Inzy stand up for yourself bro!! Lead from the front like all captians should! Respect will be given. Your players will follow like they do when Inzy gets a big score its like a wave for all our players. I'm going to the West Indies to watch the World cup and i was left devastated watching Pakistan's last two ODI's performance in SAF. I will pray and i ask everyone else who supports Paks to do the same thing. What else is left? All i ask as well as any other supporter is that we fight! Fight for a chance! Represent urselves. Make ur supporters proud! I mean i'll still be standing there in my teams shirt in the West Indies regardless but i'm sure me along with others would rather be applauding a good effort as opposed to crying for none given.

  • Aamir Khan on February 15, 2007, 13:33 GMT

    This is not the fault of the players as they were not told by the PCB that it’s honor to play for the National team and any one not keeping the honor should be rejected for good. Now the players has this dilemma that if they don’t perform but if they are friends with Inzi then nothing will come between them for playing the national team. Now we need to also look at the selection committee as Wasim Bari has been there for a while and his team pickup the players where coach has to only select players out of them. He is continue to select his favorite players and not giving chances to our young talent. India try to give chances to all new emerging bowlers and players but Pakistan is stuck on same old players for years who has not performed but continue to get chances. Look at Asim Kamal he is a kid with talent but never got many chances. Team will take him along but keep trying the favorite players. We should just hang Wasim and his team for wasting a wonderful talent we have in the country. Not saying that Pakistan team can’t win the World cup as they still are better then most of the team at given time, but they need to move up Yosuf, Younis and Inzi at #3, #4 & #5 to have a realistic chance and have Shoib Malik open with who ever and I think Imran Nazir will still do the job or try Afridi again as he can set the tone of the game!

  • Miten on February 15, 2007, 13:32 GMT

    Pakistan depends on the heroics of a few individuals to succeed at the international level. When those players are out of form and the in-form players are injured then the results are obvious. Pakistan, like the Indian team, lack the depth of QUALITY players who can be brought in as replacements when the side is hit with injuries or out-of-form players. Now combine this with the fact that they played a full strength South African side with some world class players in form and a butt-whuppin was always on the cards. As for the World Cup, Gul and Asif opening the bowling will be a handful especially with their persistent line, length and swing. Rest assured that Pakistan will fight and fight well and don't forget, the West Indian pitches will suit their style of play. It would be foolish to count them out.

  • Awad on February 15, 2007, 13:32 GMT

    Hi everyone! I am a big fan of Kamran. I agree with him totally. The entire Pakistan scenario is embarassing. Pakistan needs a specialist opening pair. You have fiddled around a bit too much. Imran Nazir looks good but Akmal is too shoddy with the bat and gloves. And it would not be bad idea if Inzy steps down. I mean, he is a liability in the field and is always hesitant about the quick single. Younis looks the man who would invigorate Pakistan. The team is great, these boys can whip anyone. They need a leader and Younis is the answer. All the Best Pakis..

  • F.Maza on February 15, 2007, 13:30 GMT

    First of all.. I would like to start by saying that Pakistan need to get their act together in all departments in order to perform. They have the potential to turn any team around in the world.. But they should stop the politics in the PCB. Now reflecting upon the team i strongly think they should keep and their best players and those who perform into sight.. And work on those who are performing poor, The Australian cricket team does this very well that’s why they are the best in the world. Shoaib Akhtar should be back the team needs him and his a dominating bowler. Our batting still needs improvement. If these are all met then there’s a chance to take the World-Cup

  • Steve Miranda on February 15, 2007, 13:29 GMT

    Firstly, I would like to thank all my Indian friends on this post who are still supporting Pakistan regardless of what was the outcome of this SA Series. You guys are the best. I pray that any Asia team wins this Cup. I also feel South Africa have really done well and am sure they are going to give a run for other teams. I feel SA is the only other team that can beat the on behalf of ASIA and SOUTH AFRICA..Good Luck and God Bless.....

  • AMIN S. on February 15, 2007, 13:29 GMT

    YES, AGREED. I think they should play a team like Bangladesh or Zimbabwe and won those matches before the world cup to gain some winning confidence. If they go to WC in this condition, it will be miserable. Not giving any chance to Yasir in SA ODI series was not fair. Need solid opening pair who can defend and built a partnership which you cannot expect from Imran Nazir. He should bat in the middle order. Good move to bring in Kaneria. Can anybody tell why only PCB is so much after doing the dop test of his players and then make it public and put them and the team under shame and pressure. Why any ohter team do not do those test. I think none of the team did those test before the Championship trophy which we did and ban our 2 most valuable players and tell the world what we did? and now again going to do it immediately after their return from SA Tour. What is the problem of PCB? Whose idea is behind this? and even if someone has the problem in test result why we have to make public instead of resolving the matter internally? PCB please stop doing this. Our team and players are already suffering do not hurt them more and avoid tours like SA just before the WC to demolish team's confidence. Thanks AMIN

  • java on February 15, 2007, 13:28 GMT

    I think pakistan have so many injured and out of form player. It is very hard for them to win world cup. Let's hope if they can win. Inzmam have to show some special leadership skills.

  • vineet kaimal on February 15, 2007, 13:27 GMT

    i a big fan of paki bowling n their unpredictibility but as kamran mentions that pak was once famous for being cornered tigers it was also to do with the kind of personalities htat where present during those times (IMRAN,JAVED,WASIM) those personalities r missing some players like hameed,nazir inspite of there abilities dont hav the mental makeup to be successful n i feel only pak hav the ability to trouble the aussie batting on a gud pitch IF shoaib,asif, gul r all fit as for guys like rana he sudnt be allowed to even carry drinks it is such a shame for pak which has produced so many gr8 bowlers to actually think of playin rana. i dont feel tht pak will hav a gud world cup like india also there players lack motivation all these subcontinent players r over feed over pampered people

  • Zohaib Ahmed on February 15, 2007, 13:26 GMT

    Don't worry guys ... I'm as much Dissapointed as u all r .... But reality is that we r pakistani we should back our country .... Lets hope Pakistani players do well in world cup .... Other wise Kick all to their Home !!!

  • Naveed on February 15, 2007, 13:23 GMT

    I have the answer.

    Bring Imran Khan to do everything. He can be the selector, the PCB chairman, captain, opening bowler and batsman and all our problems will be solved


  • Naz on February 15, 2007, 13:21 GMT

    You guys think you have it bad.....I am a South African who supports the Pakistani team.

    After telling everyone here about how the new Paki team was going to come to SA and at least challenge the SA team.....the performances are very disappointing. You cannot come to SA with one seamer (Aasif). Danish's inclusion in the World cup squad is a very positive move, but I am afraid without decent, fit seamers I can't see Pakistan getting past Super 8.

    Also too much dependance on Younis, Yousuf and Inzi, who are great players, but cannot carry a consistently failing opening pair. Shoaib Malik did well in SA, but Inzi had a bad one day series which he needs to turn around if Pakistan are to have a chance in the World Cup.

  • MISSING BAGGAGE on February 15, 2007, 13:21 GMT

    if you dont understand why they are losing let me explain it to you.

    BOWLING... there are FIFTY OVERS IN A ODI. asif covers 10... if you cant play for 40 overs and the batting knows that there is soooo much pressure. YOU CAN CRY INJURY THIS INJURY THAT ALL YOU WANT, BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS IF YOU WANT TO WIN IN 3 WEEKS FROM NOW YOU NEEEEEEED SHOAIB AKHTAR. pakistan is lacking opening bowling and spirit. he has both. also , SAMI has spirit in ODI and he has pace too we need both. AFRIDI's return will be huge and we must open with NAZIR/AFRIDI and keep shoaib malik kamran akmal and abdul razzaq as the firepower at teh bottom. this is how you will bring the spirit and passion back.. IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS IDEA THINK TWICE MY FRIEND THINK TWICE

  • MUSTAFA MIR........Toronto Canada on February 15, 2007, 13:20 GMT

    One must read the comments of USMAN of LONDON for some reasons i want to beleive USMAN someone tell me,,DOES INZAMAM LOOK LIKE A CRICKET PLAYER ???

  • Aman Singh on February 15, 2007, 13:18 GMT

    Well I agree with Kamran, this has been heartbreaking and to make it worst the "surprise of the life" for Danish Kaneria expresses it all. He certainly had not given up his HOPE for the WC, but had realistically not even expected to experience it so soon. Fielding continous to get worst and the Bowling coach requirement was never felt so despartely, when Vicki was around. Having Mushtaq Ahmed as the assistant coach is beyond even my grand mother (who knows the least about cricket....she strongly thinks that Nathan Bracknan is a girl playing with bunch of guys!) Before the WC, the Vice Captain Mr. Younis Khan, certainly seemed much more concerned about his wedding with the mujra dancer who he had met at a hotel and broke off his 7 years of engagement in a respectable family from Karachi, NOW doesnt seem to be the right candidate for the captain atleast for the ODIs. His level of concentration and lack of involvement was quite evident on this tour. I remain his fan, BUT ONLY as a Test Player, but what I thought as a NICE Character is also dissolved with his behaviour over the past year or so. Having said that, ASIM KAMAL or even Misbah ul Haq should have been considered. With the ALL Rounders like Razzaq and Azhar on this tour, I think that young Yasir Arafat would have been a better prospect. Anyways, there is a lot said by us all......lets pray for the best and this seems that PRAYERS seem to be the only thing that could assist in having some respectable performace. Totally agree with Kamran! Well done bud!

  • Danish Khan on February 15, 2007, 13:15 GMT

    Jiggie jiggie hoo haa...I'm sorry, is this cricket we're talking about? Heheh, well to be honest I am embarrased, I was pretty sad as well, but I am still not losing hope and hoping for the best!! And yes, a motivating factor for the whole team should be the fact that it is for the millions and millions of Pakistani fans they are playing for and not a lousy board!

    To all the Aussie and South African supporters on this blog who write off Pakistan: Aussies, worry about New Zealand, and ponder on the points as to how did England beat you? And to the Proteas, what have you guys ever won? You guys will most definately reach the second round but we'll wait and see what happens beyond that, and to George; Younis will feed Pollock some, Yousaf will milk Pollock, Inzi will wash Pollock and Afridi will slaughter Pollock...OH! And with eyes closed!

  • Fahad on February 15, 2007, 13:15 GMT

    Strange things are happening to Pakistan cricket team. Look at the procession of replacements sent to SA. All of them (except Azhar Mahmood) broke down soon after their first outing. Even though Shabbir announced in Pakistan he's not fit yet he was called in. Shoaib's performance against a lowly-ranked local team was judged to be enough to ensure a place in the national squad. Something adious is cooking up. Call it player power, Inzi's bullheadedness or PCB's spinelessness, the result is the tailspin our cricket team has found itself in lately.

  • zahid mohammad on February 15, 2007, 13:09 GMT

    hi i dont no what is going on with pakistan team every world cup new story and more drama why wasnt kneria wasnt picked for this 1 day series and imran nazir is uselesss no point could have gone witrh misbah, or yasir hameed and bowling wise if sohiab, gul , dont play and the way inzamam looks it doesnt look like tehy are intrested in playing even though SA prepaired dogy test match wickes and then prepeairng batting tracks which the team couldnt cope with itand the bounce and its time for wolmer to go and g o and get tom moody ,rhodes,and wasim or waqar for bowling to have them as pakistani coach and feilding it doesnt matter how much i cost the board waiste so much money having these sill confrences

  • Tii on February 15, 2007, 13:07 GMT

    Though I am an Indian but I have been an avid follower of pakistan cricket,all thanks to the 1992 World Cup Finals and those two deliveries by Wasim Akram.Imran Khan,Sarfaraz Nawaz,Abdul Qadir ,the two W's etc are the ones who epitomises Pakistan Cricket..Great at their skill and enigmatic characters.The bits and pieces players in this team are ruining everything.Bring on the best in the respective skills and this team as known all over the world can beat anyyone.

  • Qurtabah on February 15, 2007, 13:06 GMT

    yes my brothers. I can see a wave of disapointment in every comment but the thing is if Pakistan have lost the match, take it as a part of game. They tried their best but you know south africa is a proffesional side. Your comments makes me think that pakistan never won a single match in cricket and they should stop playing cricket. Brothers we can give comments very easily sitting in our homes but think if we are dissapointed, our team is disapointed aswell they hav done what they could but they lost, now they need our support we should say to them don't worry try again and you will be successful and instead we are giving comments that make them even more disapointed. Yes, Kamran Abbasi we should be embarrassed but on our comments and on your comments we lost our hopes by just one loss we forgot all those wins by just one loss.

  • danish on February 15, 2007, 13:05 GMT

    lets blame it on the absence of "cha cha cricket"

  • AJM on February 15, 2007, 13:05 GMT

    Boot the idiot Woolmer out the door, don’t pay him a single penny since he did not deliver what he was hired to do. Have all the cronies of PCB such as pathetic Saleem Altaf, Waseem Bari answer directly to the Pakistani people, have Inzimam retire before the World Cup, appoint Mohammad Yousuf captain, have Yonus Khan learn manners and Shahid Afridi cricket. Appoint Dr. Shah of AO clinic as the Manager and get one of the old greats like Intikhab Alam, Javed Miandad, Haroon Rashid, Waqar Yonis coach. That’s the only chance we got before the World Cup if we are looking at anything for Pakistani cricket team during the event.

    AND one more thing, to Mr. Yusuf K. Pathan – Mumbai, please give me a break and look at the records of Pakistan vs India and you will find out what’s the truth, and please stop dreaming, neither India is US and Pakistan is Mexico, you really wants to enjoy some thing than go to and please watch, you may learn some thing and might also enjoy.

  • Maqsood Raja on February 15, 2007, 13:00 GMT

    Assalam alaikum everyone... I would say that despite having talent, team spirit and commitment is completely missing. Inzamam may be a very good batsman/person but do the managers/coaches not see him 'walk' the runs. For heavens sake run means run! Specially our senior players not only back the other sides fielder rather than themselves, they blatantly show it on the field. What impression does that give to the junior players and to the nation as a whole. This is a national side.. Their fitness should be perfect ... yet they fall on the field like nine pins. Its a shame and a disgrace. I say send them to the military academy for some good old 'ragra'.

  • zahid on February 15, 2007, 12:59 GMT

    Wasim Bari, saleem Altaf & Iqbal Qasim must go.. It is a shame people like them, who done zero for pakistan cricket team became the main person. I blame these 3 stooges. when will they resign before world cup or after the world cup? All pakistan nation is waiting for their decsion. WE don't need these 3.

  • ashraf on February 15, 2007, 12:58 GMT

    think pakistan team should withdraw from worldcup 2007.This will at least let us enjoy the world cup without constant heart aches by watching our team loose.We loose all the fun and action by supporting our team and have to suffer when they loose.Only miracles can save the team now.Will support Kenya from today.

  • basit on February 15, 2007, 12:58 GMT


    Well our side again has shown the full package of how unpredictable they are, but the things which remained predictable and consisitent were the dropped catches of kamran akmal, Rana Naveeds centuries(goes for a 100 runs per 10 overs) and lack of spirit on the field.

  • Malik Saeed on February 15, 2007, 12:58 GMT

    I don't know where to start kamran. The "real" captains lead from the front in all the departments of the game. Inzi is back to his old overweight self on the eve of another world cup.....shades of the last world cup. He cannot field, every bowler / team have figured him out in his batting flaws; he stands in the first slip massaging his beard downwards and strategy he has none while setting up a batting order or setting a field. I know PCB knows all this but they don't want to rock the boat even if it is sinking fast. All this talk of the West Indian pitches behaving like sub-continental pitches and our batting line-up thriving could only end up being wishfull thinking. Most Islands have built fresh facilities with new pitches and grounds for this world cup. Pakistan is ill-prepared for this although I too have a forlorn hope like you Kamran that our technically deficient openers, our much vaunted middle order where Inzi has delivered nothing lately and the injured corps of fast bowlers might still conjure up performances surprising all and sundry. Malik Saeed, Toronto Canada

  • Keith on February 15, 2007, 12:55 GMT

    To the person who goes by the name of FASAL SHAH or stated that all south africans are racists. You are unbeleivably naive to think that all south africans are racists. Because of your comment would it be fair of me to say that all pakistani's are racists? i think not. if your team performs poorly don't bring politics and your own racist beliefs into it. Most people here are understandably upset by their team's performance but none of them have called all of south africans racists. it is people like yourself that create a bad name for your fellow innocent countrymen who just love their cricket. i support south africa 1st and pakistan 2nd. I beleive that your viewpoints are laughable and that most people here find your arrogance reprehensible. in fact the pakistan cricket team and country are better off with no support from people like yourself. my email address is for anybody that wishes to engage in meaningful chats about cricket in general.

  • WMiller on February 15, 2007, 12:52 GMT

    It starts at the top. The fact that the PCB continues to allow drugs cheats to participate, married to the performance of the team would make it embarrassing.

  • Vikram on February 15, 2007, 12:51 GMT

    It is often suggested in my friends' circle that the only team that can beat Australia in a final (since we can assume Australia will be there) is Pakistan. Pakistan is always the most 'talented' team around and maddeningly inconsistent. They can win or lose from anywhere anytime - there is no point predicting based on form or leadership (except when Imran Khan was around).

    This is why they can win or lose the WC and it would not matter what they did or how they did it the day before. In India at least, the system matters in as much as it is always a drag.

    This is why I would expect Pakistani fans to not indulge in a long-term analysis of their cricket. E g Jus' enjoy every toe-crunching Akhtar yorker and sigh at his indiscretion with drugs, and then wait for the next game.

  • cricbuf on February 15, 2007, 12:51 GMT

    Im an Indian. Followed Pakistan teams SA tour, whenever I could..for all the bull**** that Pak Team is getting..I thought they performed much better than India; despite the atleast u guys have a better than India...need to beat only 6 other teams for the world cup...and ofcourse hope your coach and captain use their brains for those 6 games...sins will all but be washed.

  • anirudh on February 15, 2007, 12:49 GMT

    Its funny, but nice, to see us Indians on this board having more faith in the Pakistan cricket team than the Pakistani supporters. I guess being harsh on one's own country is a south asian trait.

    On an unrelated topic:

    Suleiman of London says "look at ours we have beaten u at every fink over the past years and we will keep doin so...."

    Any idea what could he be referring to? :)

  • Imran Iqbal on February 15, 2007, 12:48 GMT

    I migrated to Canada 6 years ago and did not get much chance to watch Pak team playing even though I have been following their wins/losses online. After pause of 6 long years, I bought package of online hi-lights thinking Pakistan team must have matured into a professional team but I am sorry to say I don't even want to watch their performance in last two outings. I don't care how talented they are unless they can exhibit some amount of professionalism. The way they lose, gives an impression that SA/ Aussies are supernatural, at least to Pakistan team!!!!

  • Fahad Memon on February 15, 2007, 12:46 GMT

    Agreed Kamran, that our team does not know how to show any character. More over they forgot how to fight. i am wondering about Pakistan team they will they go to super 8 or super 6 in WC.

  • Hassan on February 15, 2007, 12:44 GMT

    This is in response to the Rana bashing that has been going on in this thread. I would like to remind you people that Rana, along with omer gul, was one of the few top performers in the home series with west indies. and rana, i believe, is the only person in our team who has shown the character, passion and determination that has been talked about in the article. We shouldn't write off people because of a bad series, careufl.

  • Salman Qayyum on February 15, 2007, 12:40 GMT

    reading all above comments ..i am loving it..lolz it seems like that players like nazir,akmal,rezzaq,naved,hafeeze and specially the Big Inzi dont want 2 play, as if their loving wives or gfs waiting for them to come home ASAP. Without spirit, reminds me when i used to go school in morning without any will and rushed back home without waisting time. Becharae Chalay huaay kartooos...if u observe closely u wuld see that they have got punishment on the ground. they dont enjoy cricket at all. Reminds me working on shift as a part time in factories when i had no intrest to stay there.

    Rezzaq : He needs some choclate milk or (majoon machli) so he can run a little bit

    Inzimam = Please PCB let him sleep. instead of drinks break have a bed 4 him

    Akmal = hmmm the kind og guy who would ask for brad(roti) after eating 2 large size piza. uske demagh mein gusa hua hai k u cant fill ur stomach only with pizza

    Naved= he is too late now,should have had 5 kids and 1 grand son

    Those who r getting offended because of indian,ausi etc hmm we did well yaar compae to indians, they did not even won one odi agianst SA cheeere yaaar :)

  • IndianDesi on February 15, 2007, 12:39 GMT

    When the team is at the lowest ebb the only thing that should propel them is that they can go only upwards from there. Pakistan is too much relied on fortunes of Mohammed Yousuf. He is the Sachin of yore, the team will never support your heroics. You keep on accumulating runs and the whole team will visit the crease to see you batting. Afridi is one shock wonder in batting though his bowling may have earned him place. If he hits his luck against inconsequential team then his gas tank would be empty sooner. Inzamam showed how to play with tailenders around in one match and then forgot it in the very next. Younis Khan I dont know what has struck him. He is in a land of his own. Kamran Akmal does not even find place as wicketkeeper now. And why are bowlers getting injured so quickly??? Pakistan has so many good bowlers in the past, what is wrong with employing their services as bowling coach? Why have you lost the hunger? If politics is dominating cricket, do a Sourav episode soon. Drop from captaincy and team at the same time. Get fresh look with fresh people. It is probably time to change the coach, and many others. This WC will see a whole generation of cricketers exiting from the cricket scene. This one specially for Suleman from London, if your film industry is so prospering then why are your A-grade heroines desparate for C-grade movies in Bollywood (Meera rings a bell? Somi Ali? oh she was bashed by Salmaan uh oh) .This was not suppose to be comparision between countries peabrains.

  • ATI LATI on February 15, 2007, 12:38 GMT

    Rana naved needs to retire from crickkkket man. wat da heck da guy is rubbish even i could hav dun betta then him lol. chuk off fat inzy get sum yung blud in innnit. get da team togetha then we can kikkkk sum asssssssssssssssssssss.

  • Savo on February 15, 2007, 12:32 GMT

    Bobs legacy at the end of the world cup will be: "one of the best coaches in cricket couldnt turn pakistan around".

    Wake up Inzi.

  • adam on February 15, 2007, 12:30 GMT

    dear kamran theres no doubt that pakistan were outclasses by the south africans in every aspect of the game...and i feel utterly embaressed...the team for the world cup doesnt cheer me up too much either..rana?? akmal as the lone keeper and kineria whoz cant field to save his life... shoaib tooo has a huge cloud over with his injuries the doping issue and the fact that hes got no heart (like many others in the team)....but hes a gr8 asset because of his abilities...i guess u never know with minute they are down and out and the next they look like nothing can stop them... west indies will be really tough...but those pitches will suit our kind of dashing batsmen and the part time spinners.....soo we shouldnt lose hope...the openers are kind of an issue...i mean younis khan is usually in to bat within the first two overs most of the time...why cant he open the innings...with one of the younger guys....dravid did that when indias opening slot was in strife...worked pretty well...least there some chance we can get off to a wicketless start...and we have asif...the lone ranger..who would bowl 50 overs on the trot if he was allowed to...soo dont lose hope....the fact of the matter is no matter how bad the team plays...and no matter what the players do...i still love them...and i hope they learn from their mistakes and play like champs come march....

  • nikhil purohit from navimumbai on February 15, 2007, 12:27 GMT

    i'm frm ndia.. iknow xctly what must be going on in the pak team's mindset.. coz it happenes more then a billon times wid india hahahhhh ...just abit of presure gets to dem a change in attitude shall help pakistan tremendously...they shud blieve they can win ,they shud feel dat frm within..they shud want to win..a few gud games shall help them alot mind u dev gotworld class players ..but those fools shud take the responsibility their selves..

  • M.S.Parvez on February 15, 2007, 12:23 GMT

    Hi everyone We will always be a hit and miss nation. Palnning for future and analysing ourselves is not a done thing in our Pakistan. In all the doom and gloom of a South African Safari will rise a more focused and determined World Cup performance by the Pakistani boys. Absolutely no need to change the management of the team. All-rounders have a role in one-day cricket but having four of them among 11 is way over the top. The inclusion of 'Nani' Danish is the first positive and bold step towards the World Cup. Good luck boys.

  • narender on February 15, 2007, 12:22 GMT

    yeh to hona hi tha!!!!!!!!!!! india Pakistan bhai-bhai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy on February 15, 2007, 12:20 GMT

    Hey i think all the Pakistani fans should now support Australia. They certainly have the best chance to win the world cup and they certainly will not dissapoint their fans again. As far as the Pakistani team is concerned, lets forget about them, and their policies and politics. As a team we have no heart and our soul has gone missing. I am not one to abandon a sinking ship, but the time has come. Inzi and the boys are no longer willing to work for their success. Only Allah can save them now.

  • Rahat Malik on February 15, 2007, 12:18 GMT

    I think people should calm down and not jump to conclusions. Let me ease your mind with a few interesting factors:

    * Pakistan have been historically weak against South Africa in ODI's. Played 47, won 14, lost 32. 1 NR. I mean, even when we won it in 92, we lost to them! And then when we reached the final in 99, we still lost to them on the way! Forget the Aussies, South Africa are our real bogey team!

    *Pakistan struggle on bouncy wickets. Unfortunately, I'd be here all day if I put down some stats to go with this, but ask yourself, how come we've never won a series in Australia or South Africa?!... Answer: Bouncy Wickets.

    *Rana Naved Ul Hasan's inclusion.

    *Abdul Rehman's exclusion.

    *The pitches in West Indies are a home away from home. Our batsmen will have no such problems on them from medium pacers like Pollock. In fact, Imran Nazir and co will prosper. Got no footwork? Don't worry, you'll fit in just fine in the Windies. Just ask Shiv Chanderpaul!

    *These massive defeats are just what Pak needed. A wake up call. The more embarrassing, the better. They need a return to the form which saw them come from two down to win the series in India 4-2. After than series win, I'm sure Mr Abbassi's (and most of the people on here) opinions were the complete opposite. Don't lose faith after one series loss.

    *India, with their Tendulkars and Dravids, just lost their ODI series with South Africa 4-0. At least Pakistan managed to win one.

    *(Insha'Allah) Shoaib will be back for the WC. As will Gul. Two of our best ODI bowlers. Gul is better than Asif in ODI's. Only marginally though.

    *Danish will be at home on the Windie wickets, and could play a role similar to what Mushtaq did in '92. Even more likely seeing that 'Mushie' is the bowling coach. (And yes, I didn't approve of Waqar resigning, but what can you do?)

    *The best player of Woolmers reign, Shoaib Malik, is showing the sort of form which gave him an average of 40.23 during 2005/2006 season, including three scores of 90+ v the old enemy. Malik is a key man in pressure situations.

    *As '92 proved, Pakistan only really play well when they need to. Imran was not only referring to Pakistan's fighting spirit when mentioning the oft repeated 'Cornered Tigers' analogy, but he was also referring to the inbuilt "can't be arsed" attitude of most Pakistani cricketers.

    Well, those are my two paisa's, and granted, they aren't two, but you get my point I hope?!

    This is a time for optimism!


  • Mohammad Athar Hameed on February 15, 2007, 12:18 GMT

    I think no one lestening us. They don't care about the feeling of 160 million people. Pakistani Players are not professional and good thinker. Actually no one in the team who can help Inzy to make decision. if you are hoping that inzamam will make good decision" you are living in fool paradise" He doesn't know the meaning of LEADERSHIP . He is LEADER just because he is senior palyer not because he is good LEADER.

    Athar, Melbourne, Australia

  • usman london on February 15, 2007, 12:17 GMT

    I having read all the post on here and can only boil our rubbish performances down to attitude.

    Most of you guys are talking of watching games on T.V or at best going to matches and seeing our players underperform. My friends and I have seen what the Pakistani players are all about as we have met them on many occasions during the tour of England.

    During the warm up games, we managed to meet most of the players. And so help me god I was embarressed. All of them act like children and are over arrogant. They talk to you like you are s**t. Our coaches spent most time watching the players train and shake there heads in dis belief. Farhat and Butt where more concerned with talking to young girls then practising. Younis Khan ignored our calls for autographs and just sat with a young girl of about 17 and laughed at us. Mohammed Asif cant talk without swearing. Inzi and Yousuf would not even sign a autograph. Afridi kept signing autographs but wasn’t to concerned with training. Akmal looked like a man short of confidence but was the ONLY player with any professionalism. The rest where a joke.

    We spoke at length with Murray Steven our pysio after he spent most of the afternoon working on Danish and Asif. This is what he said. 'these guys don’t understand that hard work brings success'

    Not 1 of these guys where fit. Not 1 was humble. Not 1 was a proffesional.

    There attitude stinks and they have no shame nor are they frightend of failure.

    We only met one person who was of Asian origin and was a class above them all. He was Owais Shah. To bad he was english

  • Positve Momentum on February 15, 2007, 12:17 GMT

    The best thing about South African tour is that it's finally over. While it's natural to disect the going-ons of the last couple of months and call for the heads of Inzamam, Woolmer and the rest, that is precisely what we have no time for, nor will it do absolutely an iota of good at this stage. Forgive? Maybe not. But forget? Yes, at least for the meanwhile.

    What we, and indeed the team, needs right now is to put the last campaign (more like lack of it) out of our minds. Come on, the only reason we're even reading and writing on this blog is because we KNOW they're better than this.

    It's too late to learn the basics of batting, bowling and fielding. Inspiration, motivation and the faith of an entire nation is all that can help them (and us) come March.

  • Osama on February 15, 2007, 12:15 GMT

    what i find odd is that certain people think that Pakistan were on to in PE prior to the rain disruption... [i really don't think +-250 is a good score].

    I am sure SA would have scord 250+ in 40 overs in PE

  • Zafar Cheema on February 15, 2007, 12:14 GMT

    I totally agree with you I think this is all due to the poor performance of openor I dont understand why our batting pillars i.e yousaf,inzi and younas are affraid to open the batting like tendulkar,flaming,lara,ganguly etc they all are a middle order batsmsn but when the team required they go to openan an innings so know that we do not a good openor so its ridicoulous to blame on the selection of openor I think we have given a fair chance to all available openors in pakistn like taufeeq umar , salman but,imran farahat,imran nazir,hafeez,kamram akmal etc but now we should realize that they are not capabale to handle an international bowler so the our top guns should go and take the charge .

  • adnan on February 15, 2007, 12:12 GMT

    what do u expect from a failed state. how the hell we r going to have the best team in the world or have pcb run in a good way when the country isnt even run ligitimately musharaf just puts his friends anywhere he desires and pathetic pakistani losers just sit there and watch it happens i was stupid enough to get excited that sum1 as stupid as fat inzi can actualy lead the teamt to win the cup. tell inzi to stop acting being all relgious and cover up everything by saying bismillah at the ceremony and still shake hands with women when receiving trophy. Aloo is pathtic and should be kicked out of the team.

  • Addy on February 15, 2007, 12:08 GMT

    Wow. Kamran. The last line said it all. great observations covered in a line

  • Adil Hamid on February 15, 2007, 12:04 GMT

    oh yes me too, but still a little hope that may be may be something better will happend in the world cup. I mean no Bouncy Pitches no great deal of swing.

  • Alex butt on February 15, 2007, 12:02 GMT

    Well, going through most of the comments I feel that these are the remarks of a few very disppointed and dejected pakistani fans who aree rightly let down by present showings of their team. However, I am not too embarassed by my team's performance. There are several reasons for that. One is the fact that I dont personally have the same expectations from this team as I used to have. This is obviously based on Pakistan's recent performances since last world cup. I never expect them to win against better oppositions like SA or aussies because I know that they are not well equipped at all. Except our bowling which when fit and firing is as good as any we have plenty of problems in the ground. Except Yousaf we havn't got any classy batsman. Inzi is too old, younis is patchy and rest are not worth mentioning. The biggest problem however is that unfortunately just like our country we dont have any leadership in our cricket team as well. I dont know who thought Inzi would be a good captain and decided to give him the band. His general body language, his attitude, planning, selection of players have been so horrendously mediocre and below par that I wont even make him my street team's captain. Winning the toss and then batting in Englansd's champion's trophy semi final against west Indies is just an example.Somehow, I feel that he is being spoon fed by Bob Woolmer. He hasn't got any insight or understanding of managing a team no matter how gifted it is. I am pretty sure if he had been the captain of present aussie side they would have been the loser on most occasions. What pakistan is winning at all these days is purely because of individual brilliance and there is no room for effective planning and strategy. Anyway coming back to the point, I still dont think Pakistan side is too bad. They have never performed well in SA or on bouncy tracks. They played quite well in test matches anywyas against same SA side so there is still reason forhope. I think,If they get the form at the right time in world cup i.e in super eight stage, they can still win the WC. They certainly have the talent and I hope they get the desire as well when asked. The key however for pakistani fans is to keep your expectations from Inzi's men and Inzi himself quite limited and enjoy what is there on offer. Chill my countrymen. Just chill.

  • Mateen on February 15, 2007, 12:02 GMT

    Only one good thing came out after yesterday's match that we supporters dont have to suffer any more embarassment for next four weeks atleast. Good job we have teams like bangladesh( i think they are better then our batesmen at the moment), kenya otherwise we would have been at the bottom. Whats wrong with their heads, havn't they realised that percentage shots (like hook shots) dont always come off especially if you keep hitting them to the fielders and in the air. If i was doing half as bad job as them at my workplace i would have been fired by now.

  • Owais on February 15, 2007, 12:01 GMT

    Pakistan and cricket should not be mentioned in the same sentence; unless its to make a crude joke or to signify loss or heart and will.

    Our showing in SA was beyond expectation.... no words to describe our lack of will to fight. The fight begins at the top;always. Inzi is in a slum, our bowling is ridiculous... Rana is the best batsman on the other team and our openners are there to give every slip fielder and WC a good practice.Get a proper bowling coach; Waqar, Wasim bhai, my watchman.... whatever. But get on with it, learn to bowl, learn to bat and most of all learn to fight!!!

    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD! Zinda, my team... ZINDA!

  • A. Q. Khan on February 15, 2007, 12:01 GMT

    Pathetic Rana is played again and again and selected for the World Cup (is he related to Inzamam? Why was Azhar Mahmood invited to South Africa and dumped again? This Lahore/Multan Mafia has got to be stopped. Get rid of Inzamam and the coach ASAP. We are the worst fielding side in the world, anyone unable to field to world statndard should not be selected to represent Pakistan.

  • Shahid Qadri on February 15, 2007, 12:01 GMT

    Actually I'm releived by the performance of our team. Atleast we can now relax without any worries and tensions regarding our chances in the world cup. Ever since the inaugural cup in 1975, we have been cited as one of the favourites, and we sincerely believed that we could pull it off (like wqe did in 1992). Now we know we dont stand a chance, therfore just relax and look forward to watching entertaining cricket from other teams.

  • fayaz wani on February 15, 2007, 12:00 GMT

    I think Pakistan cricket board management has got no planning and take strange decisions. Danish Kaneria was ignored for ODI games and suddenly he has been recalled for World Cup. Abdul Rehman, who was groomed for world cup has been ignored. Similarly, during past four years, Pakistan management, coach and captain did not fix the problem of openers, by sticking with a single pair and giving them enough chance. Except Mohammad Asif, Pakistan has no strike bowler in its camp. He cannot bowl 50 overs. So instead of reposing faith in Ranas, Samis, Pakistan cricket board should have given the young bowlers, who won the juniors world cup for Pakistan, chance to play in South Afria. At least two bowlers of junior team, if coached, would have become world class bowlers by now. But alas lack of planning has forced Pakistan to select Ranas in their world cup. What can u expect of a bowler, who bowls lose and short-pitch bowls.

  • AbH on February 15, 2007, 11:59 GMT

    Could everyone please stop bitching and start showing some support for the team???

  • Adnan Razaq on February 15, 2007, 11:58 GMT

    Well It is a sorrow sight to say something about our cricket team. I am really nowhere to tell where should I start from? They have let down the whole nation but if you look at their faces they feel no shame. They might have lost all the games but with some pride and justice to the game. They claim themselves as WORLD no 3 team. Is this a justify position for them to be at # 3. Certainly Not!. No Leadership,no descipline, no unity and no strategy. They have hired a foreign coach and paying him a lot but not a single positive result. Unable to correct batsmen techniques, unable to produce quality openers. To win at home and in subcontinent pitches is not an achievement. If you just look at the senior players they r blaming the junior for the poor show, but just asked them how much they contributed in a team fighting. Captain is of such caliber that he is bending down and letting the junior players to fight front. How stupid and mean. If he is so coward that he should certainly step down as a captain. We need a man who is brave and with some hearts to show. I dont reckon them as a team who could give some results. They always embarass.

  • Ali Hasnain on February 15, 2007, 11:53 GMT

    General Tauqir Zia,Mr.Sheheryar and now Dr.Ashraf,These Three STOOGES have destroyed our cricket,younis khan as vice captain is joke of the century,why is Muhammad Yousuf being prepared for captaincy?Andheer Nagri Chaupat Raj. Shoaib wins you a test,bowls his heart out,injured himself in the process,and he has a supposed "Attitude"problem,who r Saleem Altaf and company fooling?They just don't want capable players in the team so they can challange their mishandling...

  • Abdul Salaam on February 15, 2007, 11:52 GMT

    As long as Rana Naveed is in the team they are not going to win any match. Bring in Sami instead and let Afridi open the innings. Inzy is looking very tired God help him.

  • Qasim Hussain on February 15, 2007, 11:51 GMT

    I use to comment on every topic in this blog before I realised that Pakistani Cricket fans don't know themselves of what they want!!

    Most of the people's opinion here doesn't last long either. They make these rational, emotional and most of the times extremelly unlogical comments.

    I remember before the series, there was a topic about the team going to SA. 90% of the people wanted Rana Naved to play instead of Umar Gul, they wanted Imran Nazir to play instead of Farhat and they wanted Malik out of the team because he apperantly is "bits and pieces". Some even wanted Sami to be in the playing 11.

    We have all seen what Rana Naved is capable of. The worst ODI figures for a Pakistani bowler in history and suddenly Asif, Akhtar and Gul become a dream combination for the same fans.

    They all wanted Nazir in the team and now suddenly he is too rashional to be in the team. They all thought Malik not playing would be a blessing and he ends up being one of the more consistent batsman in the ODI series again.

    Pakistan cricket fans like the team hope too much. They hope that the team will win, they hope that Rana will perform, they hope that one day, maybe one day Sami will perform, they hope for a half decent opener in Farhat/Butt as S. Anwar.

    The sad truth of the matter is, maybe Pakistani cricketers are not as talented as the world thinks they are!! If they were:-

    We would have atleast one decent opener. We would have a sound one down batsman (please check Younis Khan's figures at one down before mentioning his name). We would have a genuine allrounder who performs and not confused batsmen who can bowl or bowlers who can bat. We also would have a reliable wicket keeper who can bat.

    I would just like to say, the fan themselves are as unconsistant as our team and do not judge the team on the basis of these performances without the key players and right batting combination.

    If Akhtar, Asif and Gul play, Pakistan would be a allot better team then the one now but I still wouldn't expect allot from them as they still won't get the team selection and batting order right.

    Openers Should be Nazir/Hameed and Afridi. I chose Afridi because lets admit it, our specialist are playing 21 balls and getting out on 1 or 7 balls and getting out on 0, so we might aswell take a chance and let Afridi open as we know if he play plays 21 balls, it will be 30+ runs he will be getting out on and not 1!! I chose Nazir/Hameed over Hafeez because his every innings has been worst then the last one, he some how manages to perform worst in every innings, besides either Malik or Hafeez should be in the team, not both and Malik is a better option.

    One down clearly should be Malik, the best performer at 3 in recent years. He times his innings to perfection according to the situation. Can be defencive when required and display sudden burst of explosivness in his batting.

    Four Five and Six should be given to Yousuf and Inzi, Younis not any lower batting position no matter what!

    We know that no matter how bad Razzak and Akmal will perform, they will be in the team so 7 and 8 should be their position and not any higher.

    Three pace bowlers are to be Akhtar, Asif and Gul. Allah help us all if any one of them does not play!!

    I don't care about any back up bowlers because it will be either Rana or Sami and we all know if they are to be selected as back up to the three seamers, then they will bowl 6 overs between them, go for 9+ runs each and field at fine leg or something and be just a name on the team sheet!!

    Feel sad for Rao Iftikhar Anjum because he atleast bowls his line and lenght unlike Rana or Sami.

    World Cup 2007, won't be expecting much from the team no matter who plays or who doesn't!

  • ehtisham on February 15, 2007, 11:51 GMT

    Welllllllll guysss!

    i have read almost all the comments. More than 90% of us are disappointed and hurt, no doubt about that. i agree with you kamran mostly, i also agree with Mr. Yahsir khan from torontoo but read mr najam's comment please please. u all ppl. We as pakistanis always should take postives out of thing i tell all of you how passionate i am about pakistan cricket team, for example if only 1 run has left to win against paskistan & 8 or 9 wickets in hand, my heart still says pak will win, a miracle will happen. That's the way i think. i always take positives in every loss. Here one person has written, i am not disappointed but hurt as paksitan did'nt have any fight. i 100% agree with him. As, Paksitan team has been now selected, so whatever the performance of rana, razzaq & akmal etc., we have to cope with it. So now at this bad time, pakistan team needs full back up n support by all of us. So pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee don't let down the morale of pakistan team as world cup is very near. i tell you surely, this team inshallah qualify for semis at least. One thing always remember, all teams including austrailia had suffered in SFrican condtions recently. SA has been winning every OdI series at their own homeyard since jan 2006. VERY VERY BEST OF LUCK INZI AND CO. FOR WORLD CUP

    Syed ehtisham Lahore

  • adeel khan on February 15, 2007, 11:50 GMT

    well, losing to SA has become " recuring" matter, so it doesnt hurt much , what hurts is the way , lossing it before getting onto the field. Thou I still back my country n always will , but come on guyz gimmi sumthing to cheer about , atleast commited will to successd .

  • inqlabi on February 15, 2007, 11:49 GMT

    world cup team should be reconsiderd . i want selectors to be bold.Salman butt, Yasir hameed and Asim kamal deserve to be in world cup team then inzi , shoab malik and hafeez . And as far as bowlers are concerned Rana Naveed must be banned in pakistan cricket.

  • Asif Laldin on February 15, 2007, 11:49 GMT

    Pakistan haven't been playing well over the last couple of games and we can't say that it's because they are missing some key players even though that is a main part, the team needs to play with intensity, heart and courage, we saw them in the 2nd Odi play an amazing game and we know that they are caplable of doing so i know that they have it in them, they need encouragement and the openers need to be experinced in playing swing! sure they have screwed up this time guys but we still have to got to believe and give them our full support i belive they can come back into world cricekt

  • khansahab on February 15, 2007, 11:48 GMT

    This thrashing was expected because wrong decisions were made. It is not excuse that cricket is a game and that winning and losing is part of it. When you have the talent to tumble a team like SA or even Australia for that matter, you cannot put that above mentioned maxim has an excuse. Someone with a good cricketing brain like Imran Khan wouldn’t put up with that loser approach. If we see immature and stubborn players in the team who can’t adapt to a situation and who are not willing to learn from their mistakes, we will have to expect these results. I am still shocked at people who support the inclusion of our country’s “specialist openers” in the team. People who support their inclusion are just as stubborn as these openers themselves. It’s time we adopt one voice and one strategy. Dispense with the ill-fated specialist openers and open with specialist batsmen like Mohammad Yousuf or Asim Kamal. If newbie players don’t perform, sack them immediately. If experienced players underperform for a reasonable amount of time, sack them. (Razzaq shouldn’t have been played in this series). Look at context and select players on the basis of that. Did anyone in their right mind reasonably think that Nazir or Hafeez could score well in South Africa? Do they have the temperament, the wisdom, the training? I don’t want to talk about politics but a couple of months ago I mentioned that there isn’t any discrimination or bias as far as selecting people from a certain province is concerned. But now I am beginning to see the other side of the coin, especially considering our WC squad. If we saw Asim Kamal, the brilliant Fawad Alam and Anwar Ali in the playing XI in SA, I daresay it would have been a different story. Heck, even the failed opener Yasir Hameed in place of Mohammad Hafeez could have been more effective. I hope that Wasim Bari and his cronies resign soon. Our cricket fans don’t mind attacking and stoning our cricketers, I would suggest them to attack the selectors as a change. This is a sensitive issue. It’s about having the judicious approach to get the balance right. Get the balance right between playing in form newbies and failed youngsters (Nazir/Hafeez). Get the balance right between how long we have to keep up with someone experienced like Razzaq or get someone like Azhar Mahmood in the team, who currently can bat and bowl better than Razzaq. Get the balance right between current form and experience. Experience is no good when it doesn’t spark up and demonstrate its efficacy. I don’t think action should be taken against Inzamam. The selectors are more culpable. And please stop blaming Woolmer, it’s not his fault if paindu Hafeez and Nazir don’t understand his language. I’m not saying that Hafeez and Nazir (or Butt, Farhat) don’t have the talent. All I’m saying is that there isn’t the right environment for them to nurture their talent because the think-tank of the team is inept itself. The whole idea of “go out play your natural game, play with your heart and passion inshallah you’ll make a century” is flawed. How much more proof do we need? I request all my friends here to adopt one voice, one strategy and voice out seditious opinions regarding Wasim Bari and co. because they are the real culprits. In the end I would like to mention some of the things that have been correctly put by fans on this blog. Firstly, Pakistani team is not showing the spirit. They are getting complacent. 2. Mr Euceph Ahmed said that Pakistan does not play for pride and only plays for pride when playing against India, which is true as well. Strangely, observing the body language of the players shows that Asim Kamal and Danish Kaneria seem to be the only players who look tenacious and who seem to be playing for pride and giving their 100% in every match. 3. Performance related pay schemes should be implemented. I reckon there is some presence of this scheme in every Cricket Board. But in PCB’s case, this has to become more prevalent. They should have some sort of reform in the pay scheme. We will see more players “playing for pride” then. Considering most of our players come from small towns/ villages in Punjab, they are satisfied with the money they get in the match fee. Hence that extra spark to perform extraordinarily is missing. In Pakistan, money buys everything. Let’s “buy” our talented cricketers and tempt them with greater monetary rewards for good performance.

  • omer on February 15, 2007, 11:46 GMT

    kamran please tell me one thing which i have been asking every one but still i am unable to find any single answer........


    please i realy wana know this as this question has started to haunt me now....

  • AZIZ AHMED on February 15, 2007, 11:45 GMT

    EMBARASSED !!!! Being a cricket lover iwas very dissapointed the way Pak played against SA a world class team who can beat australia any time any where but frankly speaking our boys have totally failed.They sp.akmal rana hafeez and above all inzi sholud not accompany the team to the w.cup as they are good for nothing.and plz dont waste time energy and funds on S.AKHTER who was backed by the so called cricketer wasim akram.Waqar should be reinstaed immeadietly as bowling coach in place of the molvi mushtaq ahmed he might be a good player but certatinly not a coach.We just cant depend on YOUNIS YOUSUF AND M.ASIF we need 11 players in the filed.Pakistan can make it to the last eight coz of three teams besides w.indies u all know which are the teams.

  • Aman Khan on February 15, 2007, 11:45 GMT

    PAKISTAN OBITUARY: its safe to say Pakistan has ensured that every Pakistani including "Chahcha Cricket" have no hope for the World Cup.... 7 or 8 Players were dropped after 2003 World cup but i guess this time only 2-3 might see the 2011 campaign. How lackluster it was, no will to fight, Even People Like Shoaib Malik who had got in never try to protect the tail(Let asif face 4 balls from Ntini over) it was Spineless, they have forgotten the Value of Playing for Pakistan!!! The country which has given them everything and more!!! Ask a poor street vendor in a small town of Kohat what has he got from the country? he still has not lost hope because he Believe in You(The Pakistani team). even he would know what wrong with Rana Naveed's bowling! How can such a person play professional cricket with no Mental capacity to understand his mistake... Shameful! they are a disgrace... The problem starts with Adhocism and people who have not got a clue about Cricket!!! well Done Dr. Ashraf. You have destroyed in 6 months the planning of 3.5 years. We are still experimenting while our so called world class experienced players hides between Youngsters who are fed to the Dogs when sent upfront in the batting order... look at ricky ponting, look at Kallis, look at Vaughan, look at Fleming... the Examples are Endless!!! Leader lead from the Front!!! not hide behind thier Soldiers... Its All about Passion. you could see it in Imran Khan eyes yesterday on TV, He is so dissapointed and so helpless as no one is willing to listen to him!!! he could motivate the present bunch and make them World beaters, Such was the Charisma of the man!!! he would go in as No. 3 to solve the problem. Miandad would fight until his last breath, never say Die!!! where is that Hunger. winning the worldcup is the ultimate aim of players!!! our players aim is whether by hook or crook be just part of the team. People complain Wasim and Waqar make negatives comments about Pakistan cricket in International media, Do you blame them for being treated like Convicts by the PCB... People like Mushtaq Ahmed who has nothing to offer are kept with the team just because they are best Friend of the captain... I can go on and on but and still the list of problems will be endless... Finally i have decided to Enjoy the cup for the love of the game and not as a Pakistani!!! maybe and just maybe i will be able to enjoy it.... It hurts and its very painful!!! being a pakistani in Dubai with Indians, Srilankan, Australians and Englishmen... It HURTS!!!

  • Wasim Ahmed on February 15, 2007, 11:43 GMT

    Hi Dears, Is there anyone who could tell me why Wasim Bari doing this very serious job for a long time with unprofessional approach, he is totally unprofessional for this job, you can very easily judge Mr. Bari's abilities by the selection of Hafeez and Imran Farhat ahead of brilliant Yasir Hameed. That day will be most happiest when Mr. Bari will leave this job or sack and I definitely thanks Almighty Allaah. I don’t know why they did silly thing with Waqar Younis, when he started showing his result in bowlers and every one easily could see Waqar’s effects on bowlers in the shape of excellent bowling of Umer Gul to one of the greatest batsman ever seen in the history of cricket and you can easily see deference of Rana Naveed’s bowling way he is doing in SA and bowled at home against WI. Why Mustaque Ahmed hared head of Waqar when he was effecting. I don’t think that Pakistan can win World Cup or even qualify for the Semi Final or further of Supper Eight. I will be really shack if Pakistan able to qualify. Afridi is only guy who showed aggressions always tough he does not perform good every time but his body language show us aggressions in the other hand you look at Razzaq no aggressions, spirits and his body language unprofessional approach. I don’t know why is he not improving yourself like a true all rounder. Look a Kallis whom call all rounder every time 110% gives with bowling, batting and fielding. He bowled last match at the speed of 148kps which Razzaq only can think to bowl this speed because way he is working unprofessionally. I wish that Pakistan cricket act like other teams. Amin

  • Rashid Zaman on February 15, 2007, 11:42 GMT

    I agree with Rohan, well said!

  • SHAFIQ-PAKISTAN WILL WIN THE WC07 on February 15, 2007, 11:42 GMT

    Thanks for support and very good comments by Indian fans! Yes, we are hurt coz 1) Though in 93, we were bowled out on 43, but still we believed that at 21/3, we haven't dropped LARA, we could have won that match----wasim took life out of Richardson--- 2- We are not used to be beaten by such a huge margin 3- This team under inzi, woolmer partnership has played so fantastically utiizing mimimum resources, and fighting injuries, scandals that this loss so near to WC (probably WC irrelevant) hurt all of us alot 3- We all wanted RANA & KAMRAN in the WC, we all know GUL & Shoaib may not be there---still we wanted some rest to both so they can come back strongly----but why they were persisted.....(RAO impressed wonderfully i nlast match). But why don't we feel 1- This team played only 3 days badly, 1 day acceptablly and 1 day like heaven-----while they almost brought the Test seeies victory. 2. Razzaq, Malik, Afridi,Inzi, Younis were back from injuries etc, and they got goo practice for World cup---they will bring the cup to pakistan! 3. World cup is in West indies , not in South Africa---WI , where pak won last ODI series comprehensively...

    3. This team was in SA, the worst host---well---we have to adopt but again our players are also polite like us, may feel a bot mentally tired at the end of tour (ofcourse have to improve)..


    I am proud of our great cricket team who still performs well under worst circumstances--

    Beleieve in yourselves. (Inzi has improved the fielding)

    This world cup is of Pakistan. Pakistan zinda bad

  • Suleiman on February 15, 2007, 11:40 GMT

    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!! Y r u embarresed r u the ones playing on the field with all your main bowlers injured or the one with the back problem we lost but us tru pakistani's r keepin are heads up n this world cup inshallah would be ours

  • abz on February 15, 2007, 11:39 GMT

    what we are missing is a true leader like Imran Khan. His Charisma, Character and vision to lead was a joy to watch. None of the players have motivation to play like professionals. Until we highlight this at the top level we will continue to see bad performance by the fairness we have great talent in the team that needs a positive change NOW!

  • Haseeb Ahsen on February 15, 2007, 11:34 GMT

    Hi Kamran, well dear on some reasons u r right but on some reasons i dont think u r and i m telling u one thing Pakistan will do really good in World Cup. beause there will be different ball game but i just feel that inzamam is too defensive nowadays that he doesn't want come to the crease and this will hurt if he will not come out from a defensice shell. I think bob and inzy tried many openers but fail to get one for me I think Inzamam should open the innings with Nazir or Hafeez because he is not able to fit to play in middle overs as younis at 3 yousuf at 4 and malik at 5 will bat in the middle order and then Razzaq at 6 Akmal at 7 then bowlers will follow like Gul, shoaib, Keneria and then only left hander of the squad Mr.Asif at 11. Well for me Pakistan Cricket board is playing too bad then team as they haven't select any left hander to disturb the opposite bowling attack and feel sorry for Imran FArhat as he is unlucky dont know what are the reasons behind that a person who is attacking in test cricket and doing good at ok leavel suddenly droped from one day squad. well although i know there are lots of liabilities in team like Razzaq and Rana, but hope that they will do in world cup as true heroes. Insha Allah Pakistan will rocks in world Cup

  • omer on February 15, 2007, 11:33 GMT

    cm on guyz.. y r we crying over performance of bunch of losers calles team pakistan ???????????????

    just get over cricket people. n switch to football. pakistam beat singapor by 3-2 cheers :)...

    pakistani players are shameless losers who dun hav ne pride ov country left in them.


  • Adnan on February 15, 2007, 11:30 GMT

    No doubt in my mind the last 2 ODI's were the most dismal performances a Pakistani side has ever played in. Pakistan is pretty much in the same situation it was 4 years ago prior to the WC03- they got a drubbing by SA.

    Reading dozens of comments from sooo many demoralized fans, i want to offer a little comforting words- Pakistan has hit ROCK BOTTOM and there is only one way to go from here!! LOL I'm sure our players have gotten a wake up call and they'll try their best at the WC, so keep your expectations low and spirits High! Cheers.

  • Abul Hasan on February 15, 2007, 11:30 GMT

    High time the people realize that Inzamam may be an exceptional batsman but he is way past his prime. A Captain should lead from the front, he comes at number 6. Besides he is the worst Caption on the International scene. His inane utterings (except for Thanks to God) are an indication of his mental capabilities. . He seems to have the IQ of a fish (a mentally retarded one). Beside his bringing in his cronies like the Tableeghi Mushtaq as well as keeping his undeserving friends has demoralized the team. But he should not be the only one to blame. The selectors and management have shown themselves to be equally incompetent. However nothing can be done about them as Emperor Mushraff has appointed the undeserving Nasim who being a political appointee without any accountability does not give a damn.

  • Kamil Shaikh on February 15, 2007, 11:30 GMT

    Needless to say, I am just as disappointed as every pakistani cricket fan reading this. I feel I must add my two cents, to get it out of my system. The pakistani team has grossly underperformed during this tour. The have cause a 100 million hearts to shatter. There is a utter lack of discipline in all forms of the game - batting, bowling and feilding. There is no passion to fight, let alone win. A lot of you guys failed to mention the problems behind the scene - so to speak. Our board (its not ours - it belongs to a few good men - Waseem bari, Our beloved president, Saleem altaf 'the management committee') They, i dont know why, feel that this board is theirs - PCB, a public entity, belongs to the people of Pakistan - not you fine gentlemen - its not for you to display your egos by doing as you please. There is a lot more at stake. A full shake up of this 'management committee' is much needed - but will unfortunately never happen. Inzi has also decided to play god, with woolmer acting as robin. Can someone please tell them, what their job is? For those of you like me, who would like to remember some of the good times - when men for playing for our country, not boys. Go to the wonderful site, YouTube - type "Pakistan Cricket" - thers about a million or so clips to watch - when our pace attack was Shoaib, Wasim, Waqar, Imran... Don't lose faith, we need everyones support for the world cup!

  • H.Malik on February 15, 2007, 11:26 GMT

    Come on Guys , The team is not a fully functional "YOYO" so what else can be expected from it , Enjoy this "YoYo" as yo used to do in your childhood ! Live with the excitments of seeing it at its peak ( like the 1992 saga ) and then see & praise it at its rock bottom too , Do not burnt your blood or have nightmares & loose your sleep for such a bunch of "Lamb Boy YoYo" .

  • Talal Ahmed Siddiqui on February 15, 2007, 11:26 GMT

    I think i am commenting too late on something that has been raped up very well by south africa full marks too them for playing consistent cricket through out the tour the result doesnt suprise me and no i am not embarrased by defeats it just helps you to see where you are wrong we as a team are united and captaincy has no problem anything of all its the timing and the timing of players getting injured players like razzaq afridi nazir malik mahmood coming back after a long layoff and a bad move not to have iftekhar anjum in the thick of things from start as he could have been a good choice when naveed and sami are not able to put things right. Pakistan team will not have that bad wickets in westindies as we find here in south africa so pakistanis dont be scared we play as we play with spirit with all united and performing no one is stoping inzy bhai team going far in the coming world cup as bob puts play your best and as i say let the result take care of itself love you all....!

  • Sameer Dutt on February 15, 2007, 11:25 GMT

    Well, It is very difficult for teams going to S.Africa and perform there especially for the teams from the sub continent.Can you pls pass on my message to the vice captain of the pakistan team Mr.Younis Khan.We India did babdly there in the ODI's he was quoted on this website saying 'Pakistan will do very well'.I respect the talent in the man but he should have never been over confident. Still I think Pakistan will do well in the Carribean as they are a professional outfit and bolster the likes of Afridi,Yousuf,Imran Nazir,Mahmood.

  • imran on February 15, 2007, 11:25 GMT

    bowling coach=waqar younis batting coach=zaheer abbas pcb=shariyar khan musharraf the president of pakistan bring back the best if u love cricket so much u will get on to wat names i have mentioned act like a president please u r the only 1 that can sort out this mess

  • Fahd - Abu Dhabi on February 15, 2007, 11:22 GMT

    Well, this was on the cards. Never before have I seen the Pakistani team, especially INZI THE CAPTAIN with such dull body language. Since the departure IMRAN KHAN from the Pakistani team, their performance can be described as a perfect SINE WAVE; high at times when we wouldn't expect (ICC TROPHY 2006 MATCH AGAINST SRI LANKA) and worse at times when we would be 100% sure that the team could not be beaten (UMM 2003 WORLDCUP, 1999 WORLDCUP FINAL, 1996 WORDLCUP QUARTER FINAL AND SO ON AND SO FORTH). Lets face it, even the best cricketing coach has had ZERO EFFECT on the team. No opening pair, fielding (if it were to be called fielding) has not changed at all and yes the much talked about FITNESS CULTURE that was induced in the team when Woolmer joined has evaporated even before it settled in. I seriously do not see Pakistan making it further than the SUPER 8's in this World Cup. Ironically, INZI has been THANKING GOD even when the team loses. INZI, please (& pretty please for that matter) think twice before you take GOD's name in vein. And do remember that God helps those who help themselves. As a consolation, if Pakistan's performance trend is to be compared to a SINE WAVE, then let's hope this the furthest dip before a dramatic rise. If not ... then GOD help us.

  • omer on February 15, 2007, 11:18 GMT

    Pakistan team should learn from the mistakes they have made in this series and try to play good cricket in world cup. Our players are full of talent, what they lack is desire to win, which i hope bob and inz can brought back to Pakistani cricket team otherwise we wont make it to super eight.

  • JG on February 15, 2007, 11:18 GMT

    I understand the anguish of Pakistanis over their cricketers. Their Indian counterparts are no less in such matters. but to the credit of Pakistani cricketers, they have often risen to the occasion. and a series loss might not even mean much eventually, if one of the big guns like Inzi, Younis or Yousuf fire. it takes just one spark for the mercurial team to bounce back. I might sound a tad too optimistic, but the subcontinent teams are more enigmatic than systematic.

  • Gulraiz on February 15, 2007, 11:16 GMT

    I am a big fan of pakistan wen they fire but wen not i jus switch of the tv n go 2 sleep coz da news is same SA hammerd pak..... i just want 2 ask a question MR. Kamran y doesnt pakistan try sum new players who r der from u19 who performed so well in da u19 name Samiullah niazi is one of dem v no v r nt gona win da WC try 2 atleast challenge other teams,wen v dont even no if shoaib is goin 2 play.....i m nt sure abt RANA does he pay to play or is he inzi's best freind... and y doesnt inzi understand wat da whole world knows wer to bat, y no.6. take ricky ponting,dravid,smith,fleming,vaughan,dey r der to save if di openers fail.but mr inzi cums wen its 32 for 5 der is da big guy to take da team to 120.inzi n.o on 52. der is no doubt in his ability as a batsman but his thinking captaincy shud be considered. hope for da best in dis WC

  • hassan aziz on February 15, 2007, 11:15 GMT

    pakistan is truly on the right track to get eliminated for the second round thanks to our lovely captain inzi , the coach and selectors .

    how will be inzi convinced tht he needs to bat at the top of the order for my liking . he should bat somewhere between number 3 or 4 . secondly i think rana has been given enuff chance to ragain his form and its useless to have him in the world cup squad its better to have someone like sami in . talking about rao iftikhar anjum for me he is a very gud bowler . the seam position yesterday was fantastic and he bowled upto 140 kph but unfortunately like many other pakistani he has not been given enuff chance to prove his worth. our captain should lead from front and he can only do that by scoring big runs right at the top order . i think shoaib mallik and imran nazir should open and inzi to follow . it was once again a hopeless performance by pakistan and God knows how many more are left to be seen .

  • Mohammed Saghir Scotland, Dundee on February 15, 2007, 11:15 GMT

    like Imran Khan has been saying improve the Domestic Structure and your will see the improvemenet in International team.

  • A. Yusufzai-Khan on February 15, 2007, 11:13 GMT

    Shambles !!! No fight, no bottle ? nothing, What the hell is Akmal doing in the Squad, Farhat, Yasir Hameed average 33.00 (in Test) in their batting and they open ? Drop Akmal, Drop Woolmer, the fact Remain Pkistan has no Second Team, and is nothing without key players such as(Afridi, Gul and Akhtar) ... Pakistan need to sort their training regime out ... Pak squad got the best bowlers in the world so why is their batting so Rubbish ? Pakistan do not deserve their 3 rd. ranked postion in their rankings ... ashamed !

  • haroon (south africa) on February 15, 2007, 11:12 GMT

    surprised !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not at all

    embarrasssssed!!!!!!!!!!!! yes , definitely

    its hard enough being a pakistan cricket fan, if thats your country of origin, I'm south african and i support pakistan .......... now i have a choice in the matter, and after this series maybe i chose blindly ....

    be that as it may, i do believe this vastly talented team can bounce back, but they must make sure that kamran akmal, and rana naved miss their flights to windies, failing which maybe a bout of food poisoning for the the first phase, failing which let rana keep wickets and kamran bowl. these two idiots between them create more shame and embarrasment for us fans,then the entire unfit, spineless, injury prone, controversial characters of the squad.

    what i think, we'll do well in the world cup, after all "certain things in life are uncertain", like death, and pakistan cricket being the mother of uncertainty , i guess are ready to do what they do best , so if there are any surprises left, i believe they'll be the surprise of victory, because losing and losing badly isnt a surprise anymore ....

    and by the way i didnt manage to sell my tickets for the wanderers match, no one wanted it not even for free.

  • Hasan on February 15, 2007, 11:12 GMT

    Whats funny is that after Pakistan's disastrous 2003 World Cup campaign, we were told that they were building a team for the next world cup. It seems strange when they bring up the world cup 3 or 4 years before the event. Players like Mohammad Hafeez and Kamran Akmal were brought into the team for the 2007 edition and where are we know ? Back to the same place we were 4 years ago. Selecting Hafeez was a mistake to begin with. He is a bits and pieces cricketer and should be a reserve for the 'A' team. Yaseer Hamid or Asim Kamal should have been selected instead of him. I can predict heads rolling in about two months time and we will probably hear from the selectors that they are now building a team for the 2011 world cup but honestly who has the patience to deal with this crap anymore ?

  • anand on February 15, 2007, 11:11 GMT

    hi i am from india.nice review of the s.a series.i want india to win the wc.if they fail the nxt team i wud like to see lifting the cup wud be pakistan.but thats not going to happen with either of them SADLY.BCCI and PCB be more accountable else bring down the shutters.

  • ali on February 15, 2007, 11:10 GMT

    I think its not the correct time to critice Inzy or his company. Inzi is such a class player and we all know he proved lot of time in the past but we dont know why he batted in lower order. I think the team biggest problem with the strike bowlers and their opening pair.they can become tiger again if they able to solve this problem.

  • Arjun Vikram-Singh on February 15, 2007, 11:08 GMT

    Pakistan cricket neets to clean up its act right from the top down. The sport is run like a fiefdom where whim and power is yielded freely. It is an arena where "jazbaat" and "akkar" rule the day, be it a captain resigning on the eve of a tour to a player slapping (Jaipur) or pushing (S.Africa) the coach around. There is so much politics, back-room dealing and anything other than National interest at heart.

    Clean it up from top down. Put into place an administration that is from the game and for the game. Bring in other professionals to manage the various aspects of players pools, selection policies, discipline and strategy.

    I'd agree with some that Pakistan (on current form) has a snowballs chance in hell, but it is a team that often makes one sit back in awe - be it an Afridi, Anwar or Yousuf.

    But for the fans (I am not one) back the team. This is when they need you most. It is easy to support a winner - but dont make the looser an orphan.

    Having said that, Indian selection policy stinks to high heavens. Sehwag? Kumble? Lets get serious!

  • hammad on February 15, 2007, 11:06 GMT

    i totally agree kamran, inzamam is a pathetic leader, i get sick when i look at his helpless face and his defensive approach of batting himself lower down the order. why rana is still in the team, why a legspinner is the bowling coach, why azhar has not been picked ahead of any one inspite of putting up a good show in the recent series, why there is a vagueness on shoaib and asif doping issue, why there is a feeling in the country that it is not a cricket team it is a religious group why? i was almost about to cry last night when i saw the performance of my team, all we want is to see our team fighting like tigers, winning or loosing is a different matter but atleast there should be some dignity in loosing. May Allah put some brains and hearts in our team.

  • Sajid Ahmed on February 15, 2007, 11:05 GMT

    DejaVu: This is exactly how we performed in SA before the last world cup. Just wondering if this is a sign of things to come. I better cancel my world cup travel plans...


  • Thomas on February 15, 2007, 11:03 GMT

    Dont judge a team on 1 performance judge a team on a series. West Indies beat SA in the CT with pure luck they were 210-1 and lost 4 wickets in no time. They tried the same tactics against Aus and it failed badly. South Africa should win the WC easily judging on what they did the past year, twice scoring over 400 runs and then a 392 in the past series

    Moses 3:3 Moenie worry nie, watch net!!!

  • Syed Muhammad Mustafa on February 15, 2007, 11:01 GMT

    This is a repeat of our build-up to the WC '03. We went to South Africa, lost the Test Series & got thrashed in all but one ODI. The subsequent WC was the worst in our history. There's little to suggest things would be different this time.

  • Awais on February 15, 2007, 11:00 GMT

    Nirbhay Singh; i agree with him. His comment has given me some heart. However, Pakistan's world cup hope are too much of just that. Hope and wishes. Unless Paksitan has the 1st choice 11 in that I mean, Asif, Akhtar and Gul playing, we really will not get to the semis. Kamran, i also feel you are losing hope for no reason, we are ranked 3rd still, and the picthes in A.Africa are waayyyy different from the Caribb. Hope is still there, the situation isn't completely disastrous there, although it does sometimes feel like it. You do have to admit, that Pollock bowled beautifully, and took out Inzi, Yousuf and Younis, and once thsoe are out cheap, Pakistan never make a substantial score anyways. Lets keep our hopes up, and rally behind the team (esp. those lucky ones actually goin to the Caribb), and hopefully we will win; the 92 team looked a mess, whereas the 87 team looked like winners, so you can;t really judge until the tourny really starts.

  • Biggy on February 15, 2007, 11:00 GMT

    Wow! Kamran Bhai has lit a fire that is raging here. Yes I agree with few of you that Inzi and Co. showed dismal performance in the field, but that doesn’t make Pakistan the worst team in the cricketing world, nor it means that us supporters loose all our faith on the team. This is the problem with India / Pakistani fans, when our teams are winning, we are all up for it and we celebrate like no other. But we loose couple of games even as bad as we lost these, all of a sudden we want to fire the coach, change the captain, kick everyone out of the team and suddenly want to bring out new breed to the game! Isn’t that unfair? I think a true fan is one who supports the team thru thick and thin, yes THICK AND THIN!! Because the team needs you the most right now! I understand that we all are “gutted out” and “embarrassed” and “ashamed” of our team and may be on our selves for rooting for PAKISTAN, but it is all part of the game! Both teams step on the field to win, its not like Pakistan entered the field saying ok guys how can we loose this one and embarrass our selves and our nation? A major issue I see in this defeat is inconsistency. We were not consistent at all through out the series but it happens. As few sited the Indian defeat in S.A, I agree with them. What is the whole purpose of playing a HOME series? WHAT IS HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE? S.A arranged pitches, which were suitable for their likes! And as somebody mentioned here that S.A struggled against quality bowling also. We are unfortunate that injuries to key players hit Pakistan hard. I have no doubt in my mind that if the Trio (Shoby, Asif and Gul) carries on an attack, there will be no stronger side than Pakistan. As far as the Prime Time (World Cup) is concerned the pitches are to favor teams from subcontinent and I am sure that Pakistan will cash in to these conditions. The pitch certainly will help Pakistani batsmen to settle and score. Our strike pace bowlers will get assistance from the pitch as well as our star leggy Danish Kaneria, who by the way has improved from the help of Musshy. As said earlier, criticism is good, but few of the comments here are fairly harsh. After all, cricketers are human too and they are prone to make mistakes! I was hurt to read someone commenting on Pakistan winning the world cup because of prayers and how tableegies wants to rule the team, honestly I heard legends like Javed and Imran Khan mentioning that when they entered the field during 1992 world cup run, they felt that their fans and love ones prayed them and their prayers were with them. It sure can’t win the game for them, but undeniably make ways to!

    Finally would like to conclude by saying one that is with the team no matter what the result comes out to be is a TRUE FAN!!

  • Ovais Akbani on February 15, 2007, 11:00 GMT

    professionals...professional cricket players, thats what these guys are, but they lack every essence of the word. next stop is the world cup and no1 yet knows what their role is?? akmal and shoaib malik are not openers, imran nazir, imran farhat, salman butt, are openers.

    yasir hameed avg 39.12 in 50games - is not playing mohd hafeez avg 19 - in 44 games is playing

    imran farhat is not shahid afridi, he has to realize that, its the managements job to make him realize that.

    razzak is not an attacking bowler, he's the guy who will bowl 10 overs for 35-40runs n may b pik up a wicket here n there.

    younis khan shud bat at number 1, its his natural game, inzamam shud bat at 4 mohd yousuf shud at 5

    the bowlng department is a mess, rana shud not play, asif bowlng 10overs straight when pakistan has 350 on the board is a waste, sami is not a new ball bowler,

    these are just simple facts...any one can figure these things out...y cant they keep the challenge as simple as possible by doing the basic things right. select the right people to do the right job...thats all there is to it

  • Mike Borchardt on February 15, 2007, 10:57 GMT

    Well, what panic and despair is being aired by most Pakistani surporters, for heavens sake, you were thumped by a far better unit...forget the so called talent your bunch of individuals supposedly have ( hesitate to call them a team). Anybody who has played cricket will know that having talent is only a portion of what it takes in achieving excelence. Talent without old fashion guts and a together we stand, divided we fall team spirit, will not get you very far. Accept the fact that you need to come out of the 'we are so talented clouds'and face reality that you need a TEAM. Select ONLY players who are hungry for success and who will accept the pain and the cost involved in achieving it. Having a captain who looks for any old excuse to sneak off the field for a break is like losing the battle before it has begun. Inzy is a, no was, a great batsmen but he is no battle field general.

  • Mansoor Hazir on February 15, 2007, 10:53 GMT

    Dear Kamran, I dont think the players know how devastated the fans feel on losing. Moreover where is their Izzat that Inzamam talked about in England. Look at the example of Afridi. Against England he damages the pitch then he now goes about trying to flay a spectator. His comment was that the spectator said something against Pakistan. Should we do the same against our team for letting our Pakistan down? Inzamam,(I refuse to call him Inzi now for that would be showing fondness and that is the last thing I feel right now for him) I wrote nearly eight months ago should be retired as Captain of one day cricket. This game is too strenous for a fit 35 or 36 years old, not to talk of Inzamam. It was a sight to see the South African team fielding and the way they were fit. The running between the wickets. Every time Inzamam runs you are not sure if his running (if he ever does)is going to get him anywhere. His running has affected all the other batsman. Yousuf, Shoaib etc. They always lumber across. Inzamams interference has led to Naveed and Kamran Akmal being selected for the World Cup. They have played all the matches. I am sure everybody will talk about it after the World Cup. But that would be hindsight. Its today we have to see. This Inzamam, whose knowledge is only limited to his batting ability period should be coached in Captaincy for the next one month. We cant get rid of him now as it is too late. I am not sure if he can even read the rules or laws of cricket or is aware of many. Maybe those that are used day to day. His use of P1, P2 and P3 is so limited. I dont know if he knows he can delay their implementation. Oh I could go on and on but can Inzamam read all this????? Who am I writing for?

  • Hamzap on February 15, 2007, 10:50 GMT

    Before this SA series i had a belief that Pakistan had a good chance in the world cup but now i seriously doubt it. Pakistan were not playing with any strong mentality. I am extremely gutted about inzi. He isnt a very lively captain. I hoped that we won this world cup as a tribute to inzi but does he deserve it? However i still love shahid afridi. HE IS THE BEST!!!

  • Syed Younus on February 15, 2007, 10:50 GMT

    Well here we have a team, which is not in top form, is marred by injuries, lacks the fighting spirit and has a DEFENSIVE mindset. You need the first three ingredients in order to play a good game and an AGGRESSIVE APPROACH to win. At the moment and what we have seen in the recently concluded ODI’s that Pakistan needs to overcome these problems. I am of the opinion that Pakistan is the most talented team in the cricket realm and is the most unpredictable at the same time. The major reason for this downfall is the STRATEGY Pakistan team have adopted in the recent past. It’s their game plan that has done them rather than anything else. You look at the past few series (since Inzi has been the captain) and you will understand what I mean. It’s the DEFENSIVE mindset that has played a great role in the downfall of Pakistan cricket, whether it’s the management, Inzi or Bob Woolmer. I don’t believe in the past what has happed has happened but one needs to learn from the mistakes.

    Let me highlight a few recent examples of the team’s defensive mind set (Inzi+Woolmer). 1. Akmal’s promotion at the top of the order in the last game. But Inzi thought that let us send Akmal and if he plays on a good innings (which he is capable of) we will get a good platform. You cannot do that against a top class bowling attack. Inzi should have gone himself at number 2, why not? He is a great batsman and can play a long innings. He is more than capable of handling any bowling attack. He could have tried this in a couple of games. The objectives of these last ODI series should have been to prepare the team for the WC rather than just pressing the panic button and play with madness for a win. It’s better to loose fighting than loosing by a huge margin and demoralize the whole team at the same time. They should have tried different combination in batting and bowling. They also didn’t give a chance to the Zulqarnain (wicket keeper) why not? Reason being, what if he doesn’t play well and we will loose the game or let us give another chance to Akmal he might play a good innings (shaid chal jae ga) as we say in Urdu.

    2. Rana’s & Hafez’s selection for the WC. Why Rana? Why not Azhar or Yasir Arafat or Fawad Alam (look at his recent ODI domestic record). Again chal jae ga attitude. Rana has been hit all over the park in all the game by all the South African players. In no game has he bowled well. Hi inclusion is the most mind boggling to me so far. I agree that players with experience should be played but that doesn’t mean that no matter what the form of the player is just because he has experience should be in the playing 11. Similarly why Hafeez, just because he can ball? He has been selected as an opener and we have seen his record in the recent past and that’s not good for an opening position.

    Well there are so many other examples but the list would be too long. If any of the Pakistani fans are hoping that they this team will play some good cricket in WC 2007 they shouldn’t expect much. They are just hoping against hope. The KEY to their success in the world cup or reaching the last 4 will be an AGGRESSIVE APPOACH. The Right batting order and taking a few risks (e.g taking the power plays later in the innings). People are comparing the present situation with WC ’92, mind you its not 1992 its 2007. the other teams will be tough than ever, know there opposition quite well and lets not assume that it will rain in one of the Pakistan games and 1 point will awarded to each team, which will help Pakistan reaching the semis. But who knows, ‘Fortune Favors the Bold’.

  • taz on February 15, 2007, 10:47 GMT

    I think our team 'peaked' way too early under Bob. Had the world cup been played in 2005 rather than this year, we may have been contenders, as it stands we are pretty much in the same situation as at the start of the 2003 World Cup, taken a beating when you would expect them to show a little pride for the country. One problem is that there are too many players in the squad that don't feel threatened and aren't under any pressure to perform cause they know they'll get picked to play . Taken Kamran Akmal's performances with the gloves and bat for the last 6 months or so. Any other team would have replaced him by now and this was a real chance for Pakistan to take Zulqarnain along to the world cup as well in place of Rana Naveed who has performed less than half of what we know he can achieve. The opener's slot isn't settled and don't be alarmed to see a totally different combination opening the batting during the World Cup. When we have batted against SA in the ODI series we have always lost an early wicket and are normally 70-4 before the repair work can start to begin. The match in Jo'burg was a great chance to put a good score on the board on pitch offering a little pace and bounce, but it was down to poor shot selection that let us down. I have watched Bangladesh play in a similar fashion, where if the run's aren't coming, they hit out and get themselves out and we don't know how to stick to a game plan and play 50 overs.

    Can't see us getting any further than the Super 8's in this World Cup, a very good opportunity after the poor showing in the 2003 World Cup has been lost.

  • Alex on February 15, 2007, 10:46 GMT

    I don't need to repeat what i said on the Kaneria blog but it is a complete shambles and just as well the fans are having trouble with their visas. Might just be a blessing in disguise or part of the same conspiracy theory... that Pakistan have already decided on a quick exit at the group stage in front of very few fans and then go off to have some pakoras on the beach and wait for the bookies to hand them a few wads of cash. These guys need some lashes (bar Asif and Yousuf. Wake up u prats, u are a laughing stock of world cricket and embarassing your fans. Go Bangla Go (although i'm sure Rana is an undercover Bangla agent)

    Forget it guys, life's too short to follow these guys. Get some DVDs of 1992 world cup and watch the true tigers fighting! Remember Imran telling Steve Waugh to 'shut it' after his dismissal...these guys commanded respect and teams were scared. The current guys are a bunch of pussy cats. In fact my local village team wouldn't pick Rana...get a hair transplant or something rather than getting on the plane to the Carib.

  • Jawad Masood on February 15, 2007, 10:46 GMT

    with the WC just round the corner, we have failed to nurture a Wicket-Keeper. I was just thinking Y shudn't the team start playing Younis Khan as a keeper. India did this wid Dravid, they reached the final. this would also give us the option of playing 6th specialist batsman.

  • Omair Hafiz on February 15, 2007, 10:44 GMT

    After watching Razzaq's waft (that too in slow-motion) and realizing that this is a man who has played over 200 ODIs for us, I promptly switched to Al-Arabiyya and happily watched ten saudis prance around waving swords in the air for the next hour.

    It seems as if our openers and all the bloody bloody all-rounders are desperately trying to control their bowel movements. why else would they utterly refuse to move their feet while batting?

  • Deevan on February 15, 2007, 10:44 GMT

    The prophets of Doom and Gloom are out with a fury on the Pakistan team. A rundown on the comments posted here are sufficient proof. The question is, is it really that bad? Well I dont think so. Look at England, couple of matches before the tri-nation finals they were at their lowest ebb; and this was after a clean sweep in the Ashes. There were parallels being drawn with the weakest of English teams to have ever played cricket. But then they not just enter the finals, but win it in two straight games. This my dear readers is cricket! As far as the Pakistan team is concerned, with Shoaib, Umer Gul and Kaneria coming back they will be a force to reckon with. Yes, the problem is with the openers. If we can get two decent batsmen to open for Pakistan and face 15 overs and score over 75 runs, believe me it will be very difficult to beat Pakistan even by Australia. So lets wait and see what's in store for us. Meanwhile the doomsayers are advised to take a break!

  • Obaid Shaikh on February 15, 2007, 10:44 GMT

    it is a fact that the pakistani team is a unpridectible team i think Inzamam needs to come at no 3 position as is evident by the fact all good teams put their best batsmen on top. Aus, SA, Even Srilanka .The top three batmen in all these teams are genuine match winners such as R pointing, A Gilcrist, Kallis, Jaysuriya Ganguly, Fleming,Tendulkar, M jaywerdena , i can go on and on. See Inzamam has to comit himself and show the motivation by scorin runs and coming at no 3 or no 4 max if he canot sustain presure then he shoulnt expect others to perform he has to be agresive and lead from the front bec the game of cricket will not die but will be pasion less as far as pakistani nation is concerned

  • wazahat on February 15, 2007, 10:43 GMT

    I dont think players are much at fault but the management who presented a false report to president of pakistan on world cup preparation..they were never prepared, since they had no back up players in event of injuries and stuff...similarly, the tour of south africa was planned only to demoralise and making the team tired with foolish itinerarary..why are these people getting millions when they dont know how to do their job..they could have easily brought in talented youngsters who have made us proud by winning consecutive world cups in under 19 championships...typical buracracy did what was expected of them and that is NOTHING

  • Faiz Khilji on February 15, 2007, 10:43 GMT

    No, I am not at all embarassed!!! I won't even be embarassed when TeamPakistan will loose to Ireland. This is the strength of our team right now. What once was 'A Team" is right now a bunch of players playing for themselves. Upfront was the requirement and our skipper went more down. So, I have already started thinking of quitting to watch the World Cup, at least watching our Team matches. These guys have really let us down. Loosing is not a problem as far as you are fighting. But here there was no fight, no planning. The complete tour was a "Mess". I suggest that after the WC complete team including the PCB should change...

    From me its "goodbye" to PakTeam matches...I will be supporting and hoping that SA or the KIWIS to win the WC.

    So you guys dont burn your heart supporting Team Pakistan, just relax and enjoy cricket.. otherwise yo will be in for more and more embarassemnts.

  • Shuja on February 15, 2007, 10:40 GMT

    Continued from what Zarak Khan said. I don’t blame the Pakistan Cricket Team. I never did. I blame the way Pakistan Cricket is administered in Pakistan starting from the Patron in Chief himself –The President of Pakistan. When you choose a person who has no cricket background to run the cricket board why do u expect the team to perform like cricketers. Its like hiring a IT professional to run a Bank. It wont work. Gradually the damaging effects will show on the products that Bank has to offer. Same is the case here. I say change the whole infrastructure of Pakistan Cricket Board. I can guarantee I can run a better show than the current Chairman. Ive always believed the target for your ODI side is the world cup and for the test is the number one spot. They had 4 years to build a team, 4 long years. Enough of this short-sightedness. I could have made two teams by now. We’re not short of talent, we’re not short of resources either. Pakistan Cricket board is one of the most profitable organizations in Pakistan. We need to look at where we’re going wrong. Openers, Bowlers, lack of enthusiasm, lack of determination, hunger to win, and on and on and on. Embarrassed!!!! Dear Kamran, embracement is losing ONE match by 10 wickets not the whole series. This is Humiliation at its best. Hell even the misses asks me why am I still bothering to watch the matches. Cricket is in our blood, meaning I and many other millions will still watch the world cup, hoping praying for a better show. But its time we make our voices heard as well to the right authorities. This has to STOP!!!!

  • Kazim on February 15, 2007, 10:40 GMT

    We are all fanatically attached to cricket and all above comments shows how much is expected from Pakistani team. We all know that they have the talent and metal, but it is that lethargic approach that is doing the damage. Pakistan team needs to be professional. They donot have to be Pontings or Pollocks but they can be regular and consistent Afridis, Yousufs and Nazirs. They have done it in the past and no wonder they might pull the rabbit out of hats- a far cry with present circumstances. If these people can only realize the emotional bindings every Pakistani has with every individual of the team, every body shall win the game for us.

  • Shahid Khan on February 15, 2007, 10:39 GMT

    I wish Inzamam and Rana Naved should have been lost some where in the streets of Johannesburg. Inzamam had said this some times ago: whoever gave the performance will be selected for the World cup. This team has let us down so many times and they will do the same next month. Inzamam is getting fat day by day and he is out of form for over a year now. Why Yasir Arafaat has not been selected for the world cup. We have list of injured and out of form players and our PCB exectives and foreign coaches are getting paid in huge amount. Bob woolmer has been the coach for a very long time and we are not yet settled with our openers.

    Shame on you Inzamam and Coach Woolmer. Inzamam: Please retire if you have any respect.

  • Talat Ansari on February 15, 2007, 10:39 GMT

    No need to panic. We've been here many times before. Pakistani cricket is infuriating, but what is to be done. No use blaming Allah or Woolmer. He does his best. Inzimam is a brilliant bat but a dud captain(the fat lady has stopped singing) and everyone is aware of this fact. The sooner he retires the better. The rest of the team will have to be reconstructed and re-trained. They need to be disciplined, something that five prayers a day cannot provide.They might do better in the World Cup than this debacle might suggest, since they are capable of a rapid recovery. But whatever happens in the Indies, the management needs to think hard. Some of the most gifted younger players need experience and an inspirational captain and hard work. How does it happen that swinging stupidly at balls outside the off stump cannot be stopped. There is no shortage of talent. Shake a tree and a cricketer drops down, but he is still a raw mango and needs time in the sun to mature. Injuries are another problem. Too much world cricket is being played. So basicly we need two parallel touring teams. In the meantime let's stop abusing the kids and concentrate on the management and captain.

  • Hameeduddin Khan on February 15, 2007, 10:36 GMT

    I feel shame to say something about the national cricket team. No hope, I think they will be in the bottom in the ranking. Because they have the elephants in the team, who can not run to stop the ball. Most of them are heavy weight, they should be slim fit for fielding. And, I dont know why they always batting under pressure. Play your game and make some score. Dont be afraid. your apponent are 11 and you are also 11, they have two hands and two feet and I think our Pakistani team players also have the same. But, the other team players have some thing extra than Pakistani poor players. That is there love to their countries , that is there love to their profession and they are honest with their HALAL Income , I said Halal Income, because if your are not honest with your work for which you are paid , in my opinion your earning is Haram. Any way Play without fear and make score. You have to come back to pavalion, so why not with some score. So from the beginning Hit Out and Get Out. Am sorry , If I insult our team or said anything which is not correct, but what to do, am outside the Pakistan and facing so many nations to defend our prestigue. Good Luck and Good Bye Hameeduddin Khan Jeddah Saudi Arabia

  • kamran moeen on February 15, 2007, 10:34 GMT

    it’s not about talent, pitches or conditions- it only boils down to the level of commitment and leadership. If your Captain is indolent and lethargic- how can you expect the rest of team to do any better?

    Did anyone listen how South African commentators insulted (for being a rambling unit) the team and in turn the Pakistan as a whole.

    I’m sure the performance in world cup would be no different. But lets just hope against the hope :)

  • RIAZ KHAN on February 15, 2007, 10:34 GMT

    I am an ardent pakistani supporter from S.A.Very embarassed having watched the team perform so dismally in S.A.There was no fighting spiritat at all.At practice session on tuesday the game was lost already.There was no mood at the practice session.The time spent on batting,fielding and bowling puts a big question mark on the control and function of Bob Woolmer.He does not add any benefit to the team at practise sessions.I also question the intelligence of the team as cricket has got to be played using your head.When a wicket is lost early batsmen need tio consolodate and not be playing irrational strokes.The team dont realise that they must bat out the full 50 overs.I also believe that the descipline of the team parting the night before a game must stop.i also think that the captain and senior players must talk to the bowlers even during overs especially when bowlers are under attack. lets see a good bowling coach ,fielding coach and the head coach take the team at heart. Also Inzi must practise as his batting has deterioted because he thinks he knows it all.Inzi pad up and run at practices then you will perform. We hope and pray the team performs at their best for the world cup.

  • IndianFan on February 15, 2007, 10:33 GMT

    Come on guys, your team is not as bad as you are making it out to be. This criticism is taking a momentum of its own and every subsequent post is trying to out do the others.

    I am sure SA does not look half as formidable when they tour Pakistan (or India). I also agree with what most people have mentioned that a turnaround does not take more than a match. Maybe the team is saving up all its luck for the WC.

    The feelings in India were more or less the same after the SA tour, but a wins over WI and SL in the last few days and all is forgotten. I am sure WI with different kind of wickets will see a different Pak team. Even Rana might not seem so redundant there.

  • Faisal Shah on February 15, 2007, 10:33 GMT

    I have two Points:

    Firstly KIRAN ZUBAIR from Ontario is 100%. Ban the wives and cut their match fees to make these punks play and work harder.

    Secondly to GEORGE from SOUTH AFRICA: Dude, I wouldnt be too happy if I were you. Not only are all of u South Africans a bunch of racists and the masters of sledging and whining - but you`re also a bunch of CHOKERS. You'll never win a World Cup because you people always CHOKE when the big occasion comes up. At least we already WON a World Cup - Unlike you cry babies!

    Kiran Zubair (Niagara Falls, Ontario) at February 15, 2007 7:12 AM

  • S. Lakhani on February 15, 2007, 10:33 GMT

    After reading all the comments for this current blog, I think Pakistan team is been cursed by not respecting their own talent. The way they treated Javed, Waqar, and ignoring the services of Wasim and other great players are baffling. It is mind boggling to see how this board is run, since last WC I do not see any improvement in preparation for this WC and on the other hand it looks like the team is in worst shape and condition to even go and stay in WI. The whole structure of the cricket board needs to be re-evaluated, this board needs to be run by professional and people who have the knowledge and passion for the game. The only thing this current board knows is how to mint $$$ and than waste it. Do these selectors want us to believe that this is all the talent we have in a country where this game is like religion. Where are the young players, why do we need to send players who can hardly move in the field. The game has become a mind game, the players needs to be smart and active in the field and should have a sense of what the opposition team is upto. The basic rule for any player to play for the National team is to be little educated and should speak good English. I think from now on we need smart player who can learn and show the tendency and passion for the game, and above all players who will take pride in representing their country.

  • KC on February 15, 2007, 10:29 GMT

    not really embarassed the way Pakistan's team performed but kinda embarassed that pakistan is stiall carrying Bob Woolmer with em, Bob isnt helping team in anyway possible because non of the bowlers is fit and being a coach of this modren Era he should be able to work with the players and help em remain fit change their mentality about the game, but what is he doing? poking at players fitness getting into arguments with em rather than trying to learn players psychy and dealing with them in accordance gaining their confidence and helping them stay fit be more discplined at the crease as well as bowlinga tight line and not get carried away when the run rate is under 2 because when they dont score they panic because they have wrong mentality about the whole concept of building a partnership and spending time at the crease regardless of if you are scoring or not, and bowelers when they get hit for runs they deviate from their game plan rather then sticking to the tight line and letting the batsmen take the risk, pakistan team needs psych counsling, computer date analist who can generate a specific game plan for every player out in the world and find their weak areas and than help our bowlers and batsmen stick to the plan regardless of shortterm results, Inzmam need to show bowlers that e trusts them rather than having to bowl asif 10 stright overs in oneday game and put him out ther for a risk of serious injury which could shorten his career at the sametime hurts rest of the bowlers confidense, Rana needs to learn that bowling into the wickets and pitching it up to the batsmen and than hoping that batsmen would miss isnt the only way to get wickets because it doesnt work against discplined teams such as australia and south africa

  • Zafar on February 15, 2007, 10:29 GMT

    I do not compeltely agree with Kamran. Yes they should have shown some fight in the last 2 matches, but we have to consider that this was a long toor and the boys are tired both physically and mentally. There are certainly flaws in Inzi's captaincy but we have to evaluate other option before criticizing him. Younus khan's captaincy was exposed in the ICC Champions Trophy. Apart from this keep in mind that we were not with our full strength bowling. With respect to playing with Rana in the fianl match, I think Pakistan has done the right thing to give the chance to 11 players nominated in the WC squad.

    Yes this toor is demoralising just before the Worldcup but we should also consider our past performances in SA. Its nothing different. In WI however the pitches will suit our palyers and hopefully we have with us all our 15 nominated playersa nd we can still do good. Don't be dishearted and wait for the ocassion.

  • Mohammed Wasim on February 15, 2007, 10:29 GMT

    Relax! Pakistan will be back for the world cup as u don't know what kind of team will come out on that day, by the way i do agree that rana should have not been picked for the world cup, better of picking Azhar.

  • Shan on February 15, 2007, 10:24 GMT

    All of the sub-continental teams plus WIndies are on the same level at the moment. You never know what can any of these teams achieve on a given day. They bank on individual brilliance: Jayasuriya / Sanga for SL, Sachin / Sehwag / Ganguly for India, Yousuf / Afridi / Inzi for Pak, Gayle / Lara for WestIndies... If it is bowling, again, Murli / Zaheer / Shoaib / Jerome Taylor... It's very rare that any of these teams play like a team on a given day. But, every one of these teams have advantages: Lanka has some utility slow bowlers, India has perhaps the strongest batting lineup on paper, Pakistan (if the guys are fit and free of drug charges) has the best bowling lineup this worldcup can see and WIndies has home and fielding advantages. So Kamran, don't get disheartened yet. Pakistan might exceed / betray all your expectations (Either win the worldcup or fail to qualify for the super8 itself...)

  • J Ahmad on February 15, 2007, 10:22 GMT

    Ok here is my world cup fact file:

    Inzy: Emotionless leader, thinks too slowly, uninspirational at the moment. Looses 15-20 runs in the field and takes singles where twos are on offer and doesn't bother with singles. Costs us about 30-35 runs per match. His time is up. Show him the door ASAP.

    Younus: A fighter but has been lacking the skill needed to take over the captaincy. Hasn't shown much promise in the stints as skipper. Is a good player but his position should not be tinkered with.


    A fine fine player in the form of his life. Lacks leadership qualities but no doubting his commitment to the cause. Could do with better running between wickets.

    And now the rest...

    Muhammad Hafeez: This guy is in the squad after consistent failures. An average of 18 and you've chosen ahead of people like Yasir Hameed, Salman Butt and Taufeeq Umer. Are you kidding me selectors? He is not worth a place in the line up.

    Imran Nazir: Can be very dangerous on his day and the WI wickets would suit his style of batting. Is a genuine talent but needs a bit of tapering and coaching on shot selection.

    Shoaib Malik: Should be used as an opener along with Nazir in the WI. A useful fielder and a decent bowler. Not much wrong with his selection.

    Abdul Razzaq: Looks like he still doesn’t know his role in the side. Has lost considerable pace over the years and is no more than a military-medium-easy-to-hit bowler. Needs to get his batting grove back if he wants to stay on after the WC.

    Shahid Afridi: This guy is an enigma. Needs to sort out his temperament a bit. Has all the qualities of a good leader and is a big motivator. Should be selected to lead the side after the WC. I think he has found some of this form and it’s good in some sense that he missed the last two ODIs.

    Akhtar: Show him the door. One performance after a year is just not good enough. Can’t see him playing consistently during the WC.

    M Asif: What a performer. This guy has made us all proud, the first genuine potent bowler to appear since Akhtar. Would trouble the best.

    Gul: If he can get 100% match fit, he would be a handful too.

    Kaneria: Why this guy is not in the ODI setup is beyond me. Playing aggressively to an attacking leggie is not an easy proposition at all. He would do well.

    Rao Iftikhar: Is a decent bowler and can keep it tight.

    Rana Naveed: How this guy remains in the line up despite one shambolic performance after another is beyond me. Has totally lost his line, length, rhythm and wicket taking ability. The most expensive bowler from Pakistan ever by leaps and bounds. Is no better than a come-and-hit-me bowler these days. He needs to be rested and not played him the big games.

    Our squad is undercooked to say the least and their chances of going all the way are remote. But like all die hard supporters, I wish them all the best and hope (rather dream) that they bring the trophy home.

  • Usman Ejaz on February 15, 2007, 10:22 GMT

    It is surely true that Pakistan's performance in the last two ODIs has been embarassing to say the least...Totally without any could see that the players were not putting in their 100%...and even when they were trying to make a competition out of the matches..luck didnt go in their favor..esp in the last ODI..where I think the wicket of Kallis at the start culd have changed the game...but again...ifs and buts.

    One thing i am sure of...this performance does in no way mean that Pakistan would perform badly at the World we all game they play like completed spiritless players..and the next they will be playing like they are the best in the game!

    Goodluck Pakistan for the World Cup!

  • HARIS KHAN DUBAI on February 15, 2007, 10:21 GMT

    i still dont understand that why Afridi is not opening an inning, even though every one knows that he is like a trump card but at least it works soem times and every budy knows that he is hard hitter for circle for 15 overs he is the best.And why PCB dont fight for all this stupid actions up on our players that 4 match ban on Afridi they could fight for that but they did not do that iam very much up set with PCB officials.

  • Faridoon on February 15, 2007, 10:14 GMT

    Disappointed, yes but embarassed I am not. Given the injury laden team that we took to the series it would have been an outstanding miracle to have won it. I'm not making excuses. I just don't hold them responsible for not delivering a outstanding miracle.

    It doesn't matter what your team looks like on paper, check out our 2003 team: shoaib, wasim waqar for bowlers! anwar, afridi, inzi, yunis, yusuf for batsmen! 'nuff said. It's good they didn't win the series SA dare I say. The ugly head of complacency takes no time to raise up when we win. We seem to perform best when nothing much is expected of us. The zillion posts before mine bear witness that no one thinks we can do it.

    Cornered tigers or frightened rabbits (hilarious one! btw), I, for one, still have hope.

  • Zeshan on February 15, 2007, 10:13 GMT

    what is beyound me is, why isn't Shoaib Malik batting at 3? He avreges over 50 at that position! Now younis is a good fielder and a very good test batsman, but in ODI's there is no doubt, that the number 3 position wihtout question belongs to Shoaib Malik. Has everyone forgotten about his reign in 2004/05 and parts og 06, where he destroyed bowling attack? The only reason he is palyed at 6 is to accomidate younis

  • Farooq Iqbal, Mississauga , Canada on February 15, 2007, 10:13 GMT

    Well! What should I write about the team. The TEAM needs inspiration. Somebody has to inspire them boys. I would say, put aside this WC, because we are done already with this one. Prepare a TEAM of all time. Inzi is done playing after WC, so is RANA, Afridi. Make two teams one for TESTS, one for ODI's. PCB can make the selection of players. as far as fitness is concerned, Army is ruling the country, why not give players to the army. they will make tough. Criticize the players, management, coach, captain whoever you want. All I know, players need to undergo a serious hard training program so they can be metally tough and mature to compete any team in the world. These 15 players are chosen to represent the PAKISTAN. They have to be exceptionally super fit. All i can say, Kakool acedemy is the best place for the plaeyrs to get into shape. after that cement pitches and tapeball for the practice.

  • Haroon Syed on February 15, 2007, 10:13 GMT

    This is a shame indeed,im going to start following Aus. from now on,their cricket is exciting,planned out and shows great commitment.Inzimam might have the captaincy due to his seniority,but this isnt 2004,he has done next to nothing this past year,then why give him the captaincy?For his size and batting aggression,he doesnt have any offensive tricks up his sleeves when it comes to captaincy,he is the least charasmatic captain Pakitan has seen,so maybe we should stop praising him.And what is with stalking the whole team with tableeghis.DID WE FORGET THE MATCH FIXING REPORT,THE Judge involved clearly stated that MUSHTAQ AHMED should not be given any position of authority.So now he grows a beard and joins the tableehg,and he is good enough to replace WAQAR(who was doing an excellent job).Explain the logic of having a leg spinner as your bowling coach when u have 4 pacers in your attack?its incomprehensible.PCB should take some action.I liked inzimam as a batsmen,but we love our team and country more than any individual,and players earn respect,so if he does not have the decency to earn it,we dont have to offer it.Its still not too late to put Younis on top,no matter what,he cant do worse than inzi.The team respects him just as much,he is in good form and is very aggressive. And whats the love with kamran akmal?Didnt they say they were going to rest him and give someone else a chance?He is a worthless keeper,who admitted himself that he only put on the gloves when he realized that he would not get a chance as a batsman.Well, we can see that and he isnt good at anything really.I warn people that a bad keeper can bring down the whole team,a couple of missed chances by a keeper can affect the fielding and destroy the concentration of a bowler. And i dont even know where to begin with about Rana Naveed.People are mentioning 6 matches,but if memory serves me correctly,he hasnt done anything in the last 1.5 yrs except that 4 wicket haul against the windies,which included maybe 2 frontline and 2 tailend batsmen,no amazing feat.If No one else,Nazir deserved a chance,he might not be the most attacking bowler,but he wont go for runs like rana or sami.Rao has no talent,his bowling is very unidimensional,flat and predictable.Nazir has experience and hunger.I am also appauld that Muhammad Wasim wasnt tried when we were so desparately looking for an opener.he has been playing domestic and seems to be in good form.And as far as i remember,he is a SOLID opener,something we seem to be lacking.Bob Woolmer was also a wasted investment.We have been winning all those series on dead pitches and due to our immense bowling talent,who due to over burdening are now injured and tired.The bowlers can undo the damage of their batsmen only so many times.Woolmer seems to be as lazy as inzmam,if inzimam is a crappy captain,woolmer should act like a coach and tell him how its done.Look at Greg Chappel,he was not intimidated by Ganguly,now look at the result?Ganguly is more hungry and the whole team knows they can get the boot. The only shot we have is,our three strike bowlers recover,inzimam gets a good lecturing from the board,and younis is given more control on the field,so we can somehow minimize the lazy attitude of inzimam,and tell imran nazir not to try to hit everything.It seems like either he himself or the team coach/captain tell him to blast everything.He should rotate the strike and be a bit more selective.I feel that he can play big innings,he just needs to be more selective.Now that only leaves the issue of finding him an opening partner,even after 3 years,we are back to square one.

  • salman bakhtiyar on February 15, 2007, 10:12 GMT

    I would like to point out that Pakistan in their history have lacked consistency and stability, and that's what Inzamam and Woolmer have given Pakistan. And that's the reason why they have been a competitive team for about two years now (after the Aus series), despite severe injury related and other distractions. Both their method is "not to make too many changes", i.e. sticking with Rana and Akmal for the WC. Another example is that Inzamam also prefers to keep same field/bowling when Pak get a couple of quick wickets, instead of attacking like most captains do these days, by bringing in the best bowler with attacking field.

    I can understand that, and it has worked in a way. But now its time to sacrifice a bit of this monotony and introduce a bit of creativity and fresh ideas.

    Short term:

    - Younis should be made to open in ODI. Younis is probably the most solid batsman in the team and has good experience of playing the new ball. Also, if he comes in late, he sturuggles a bit since he cannot score very fast. If he opens he has a good chance of using his pull shot since the field is up.

    - Yousuf at 3 and Inzi at 4. They should come in before its too late i.e. in the 2nd last ODI when Inzi ran out of partners!!

    - Kaneria should be given in the chance in all the matches in the first round. This is definately a gamble but if he impresses he should be gambled with in the next round. I know he is no Mushtaq/Qadir based on his past performance, but he may turn out to be like that if given proper chance.

    - Rao should be introduced in the playing 11, he rarely bowls wayward like Rana, and was generating decent pace yesterday. He impressed alot yesterday.

    - Salman Butt should be brought in if we get a new player due to injury, I know its wishful thinking. Its just my personal choice, but I am confident that he is the most capable of playing a winning innings for Pakistan among all the openers tried in the last two years.

    Long term:

    - Pakistan must try a second keeper, maybe even third for extended periods (like a ODI series or a 3 match test series), to keep a backup, give Akmal some time to regroup, and tell Akmal that he is not indispensable.

    - Pakistan must hire a full time fitness expert and PCB chairman should announce that making the team fit is the first priority. And no one should be beyond it, even the captain has to run the laps and do push-ups. I think this is the single most important long term issue facing Pakistan, since otherwise we may as well forget about competing in ODI

    - Hire an expert fielding coach, perahps Jonty rhodes is already hired and is too expensive. But fielding is not rocket science and there is plenty of good fielders from the past who can help out. Maybe Logie, or Roger Harper. In any case if we improve fitness levels, in the point above, fielding will automatically improve.

    - Have atleast 6 players who play in ODI or tests exclusively. This is imperative. I think some teams are already doing it somewhat, but the team that does it properly first, will eventually succeed.

    - Domestic cricket structure is something that people have already talked about too much, but it cannot be ignored. Make it like American professional sports. I have spent a long time in N America, and their structure impressed me so much, but discussin details and how a similar structure will help pakistan will take many pages.

  • SQUARE_CUT FROM TMS on February 15, 2007, 10:11 GMT

    My pakistani brothers, i gave up on pakistani cricket long time ago, it became to frustrating, embarrasing, and time wasting. I use to look forward to watch pakistan play, I could stay awake whole night to watch pakistan play, I use to take time of work to watch pakistan play, but i realised few years back it was pointless so i dont bother anymore, i just browse through score cards now and then and dont follow it anymore, the more i read from other pakistani brothers on here, the more happy i am i dont waste my time following pakistan cricket team anymore...

  • Khalid on February 15, 2007, 10:10 GMT

    Come on all you fickle Pakistani fans!!! Your tunes will have changed when we get to the flat tracks of the Caribbean and we have our first line bowling attack back - we've got as good a chance of winning the World Cup as anyone else.

    Lets get behind the boys - COME ON PAKISTAN!!!!!

  • Zuhair on February 15, 2007, 10:09 GMT

    Disgusted….want to bury myself under tons and tons of sand!!! Wasn’t it favoritism? How the hell can we go on playing Rana? Why Sami in test matches? Why persist with Hafeez? Has anybody ever noticed that Hafeez has one of the worst batting techniques ever possessed by any Pakistani opener? How did we manage to keep Yasir Hameed out of the ODI side despite his last 4 ODIs performance, which is better than anybody? Is Akmal a necessity for us?? The fact is that, the spirit of winning might still be there, but with such depleted squad we must not hope to win and we did not win rightly so.

  • Ehtasham Usmani on February 15, 2007, 10:07 GMT

    The biggest problem this team is facing at present is the fear of defeat & failure. And this is the time when the role of the captain is critical but unfortunately inzi himself is fearing of failure, which has been proved in 5th ODI by pushing himself to No6. When polluck was bowling well, he opted to sacrifice kamran akmal rather then to take the team through difficult time himself. I feel all the pakistani cricket followers think that inzi is under rated as a batsman as compared to sachin, lara & ponting,but when u see such a defensive approach & unability to put yourself forward in testing conditions, I feel he is rightly under rated. He is vulnerable to swing bowling since his early days but you expect someone like him with such experience to put his hand up, to show the way to rest. I am not saying that he should open or try to play like afridi but just imagine what effect it can have on the younger players when they see their primeier batsman who is also the captain with such depleted mindset?

    I strongly believe that the fear of defeat & failure was the key to losing this series.

  • Khalid Hussain on February 15, 2007, 10:00 GMT

    the big players - inzi (4), yousaf (3) and younis (2) need to bat at the top of the order and stop sending hafeez and akmal or malik as openers because they are not!

    i think that is the root of the problem. we lose a wkt and then two or three because our openers can't put a stand up. then the big three always are up against it.

    in 1992 we had imran and javaid that protected the big hitters for the late onslaught and that's the only way we can play in this W Cup.

    somebody tell inzi and bob please....

  • Imran A Javed on February 15, 2007, 9:58 GMT

    With this selection, I don’t know why we are discussing our prospects of winning the world cup. With the Bunch of individuals named to represent our country (There acts have forced me not to call it a team) it would be a wonder even if we beat all the teams in Group D with matches against West Indies, Zimbabwe, Canada and Ireland? Suppose your answer is “Yes” we can, then allow me to confess that the selectors may have selected the right team to take the 1st position is the Group D. But beyond that I have my doubts that the selectors even thought of that. Be honest to your self, can they even take the 1st Position? Personally I’m of the view that being second would be difficult with Zimbabwe and Ireland doing good now days.

    Come on Kamran, is it justifiable to discuss if we be able to qualify for the best 8’s. I mean you should ask for comments but not impossible things.

  • Bilal Aftab on February 15, 2007, 9:55 GMT

    well it is really shocking to hear all ur comments. Pakistan is a world class team with many match winners when ever they lose u all critisize them and when they win u praise them u all should know that any team cant win every match last year SA lost 15 matches in a row.well it is really very easy to sit and critisize and it is really very hard to play and being a pakistani i am proud of my team even they have lost.hats off to pakistani team

  • mustafa on February 15, 2007, 9:55 GMT

    This performance just woke me from the deep sleep and the sweat dream i was having of wining the world cup. In the last two matches it was not our bowling but our batting which let us down. Even if shoaib comes ... not much will change. I said earlier that pakistan will not make to semis now i have doubt for super 8. They were playing worse than kenya and bangladesh. For me world cup is all over

  • saqib on February 15, 2007, 9:53 GMT


    i have read some of the blogs and i have noticed people are writing against Tabligh and Jamaat. as far as i know Tabligh and Jamaat is their personal life leave their personal life and that is the matter between ALLAH TAllah and them dont say word against it

    i am also a very very keen follower of pakistani team i am also sad but we have to do positive criticism we do criticism for criticism which would not help our team Inshallah our team will do well in World Cup they have to analyze where they went wrong.

    we cannot have many changes at this moment but what we can do bes is that our team has to have guidance from the legendary captain Imran Khan he is the perfect man who can guide our team out of shambles they have to listen him what ever the resources we have we have to fight with that arsenal thats the only way we can go forward and please do positive criticism and leave the personal life's of the players do not comment on it


  • Najeebuddin on February 15, 2007, 9:53 GMT

    I really really can't understand the strategies of Pakistan Board, Selectors and the players themselves. The very body language of the players show how much they are committed to the game. There are batsmen such as Abdul Razzaq, Kamran Akmal,Imran Nazeer, Hafeez and Yunus Khan, who do not seem to be there to bat and the bowlers such Rana Naved and Mohammed Sami, who just try to show they cannot be hit and in agony they just keep bowling to keep up their personalities instead of keeping in view the target of the other team, they just try to bowl fast and in the process loose the whole match. There are some players who really need to be eliminated since their body language is not understandable, such as Inzamam himself and Abdul Razzaq, they are just giving up thing without trying them at all.

    The above are the reasons mainly held responsible for loosing this series so badly and



  • Mohammad Shafi Srinagar Kashmir on February 15, 2007, 9:53 GMT

    The recently concluded tour of South Africa should be an eye opener for the people at the helm of affairs of Pakistani cricket. As a Kashmiri first and then as a cricket lover, my suggestion is to involve people like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Zaheer Abas and Waqar Unis etc and not favour cricketers like Mushtaq Ahmad & Co. Mushtaq Ahmad being a spinner can never be aggresive in his approach.He should,in fact, better spend more time on Tableeg. Pakistan is fortunate enough to have coach like Bob Woolmer but Mr. Woolmer is having some problems with M/S Shoiab Akhtar and Co. Who is correct God knows. pakistani Cricket Board should forget the recent performance of their team. The all focus must be on the players fitness. I believe that fitness problems with many a Star players proved to be the downfall of the team in south Africa.The pitches in W.Indies are more or less same as are available in sub-continent where the bowlers have to concentrate hard on line and length and that is only possible if your players are fit enough. Do'nt let the people of your country down by bringing politics in the game.

  • Unanimous from Jordan on February 15, 2007, 9:51 GMT

    Well I would say their unpredictability was expected from the beginning. I’m a non-pakistani but am a hard-core fan of Pakistan Cricket for their unpredictability. You cannot criticize them just for SA series... India were much worse than this. They lost all their one dayers and yet they have come back well and are serious contenders for the WC. So I think Pak have the talent to bounce back and beat even AUS just as they can loose to even Bangladesh/Zim. So lets keep our figures crossed and play the waiting game. Many ppl on this blog are criticizing the selectors for not giving a chance to Hameed, but then who should we drop. Mind you he’s a middle order batsman and cannot play as an opener with the new ball. We have enough middle order talent in Yoonus Yousuf and Inzi. What Pak need is a good solid opening bat. So I think the selectors are right by picking Hafeez for WC. Javed helali – “A little bit of prayer always helps” “A whole night of "nafal" prayers is not what is needed”. Well I don’t agree with you. A sincere believer should always strive for the better. Also he should be content with whatever god has given. Some had commented that Tableeghis want to control the team. I don’t know whats happening in Pak. But if that’s the case then even I don’t agree with it

  • Syed Naqvi, Bristol uk on February 15, 2007, 9:51 GMT

    I guess the positive is that things can't get any worse! Pakistan are in a bad patch at the moment, poor form in all aspects of the game plust injuries to key players that magnify their troubles. They can certainly learn from the South Africa series, just as Australia will from thrie defeat at he hands of England, but Pakistan need to remember that on the first day of the World Cup 2007, all teams will start equal. An opening match win against West Indies will I'm sure have all Pakistani fans singing the teams praises! I am nonetheless extremely worried and baffled about the inclusion of Rana Naved in the 15 man squad. Let's just hope his services (or lack of them) will not be required during the World Cup, and if they are, that he shows vast improvement in his bowling.

    We have one month before the World Cup - one month to pray day and night!!

  • Naushaad Khan on February 15, 2007, 9:47 GMT

    I agree with all the comments below. I think the perfect solution would be to change the whole team. Get a new vibe about whereby the complacency is destroyed.

    I used to love watching Afridi but now I have given up hope. Is this a professional world squad or a social get together for the boys where by they get enjoyment of failing?

    If you look at Gilchrist, Boucher, Kemp, Dhoni, Yuvraj and so on....they all have purpose. Don't get me wrong, there are times where they fail but at least it's the effort that is made to continously improve on technique.

    Does Afridi care? Does Pakistan care? Do they know what thier million of die hard supporters think of them? Is there anybody in the PCB that has the leadership ability to change things round? After the SA series, I don't think so. I want to hope so but too many times those hopes are shattered.

  • zazz on February 15, 2007, 9:47 GMT

    What is the criteria of selection for WC? Obviously to be yes-men of inzamam. Every one knows that M. Hafeez, Rana Naveed and Rao Iftikhar are entirely out of form and would need next 4 years to be considered as international players. Imran farhat has better average than m. hafiz. Even shoaib malik is a better opener. Similarly, Shabbir ahmad is far better than rao iftikhar and rana naveed. The bowler who can produce good height at a better line would certainly be more effective. Bizarre policies look to be going all around. Knwoing that Azhar mehmood is fit and performing well, his name was first rejected and now included in the squad of 30 players. Rao Iftikhar is selected in worldcup without having played any international match for a long period. And before this his best figures are 2 wickets. One should recommend player profile information on this site to help pakistan selection committeet to stop them from making ridiculous decisions.

  • kashif on February 15, 2007, 9:44 GMT

    This series performance has been a joke. I have never seen an international team be so toothless. There is no fight or character in the team.

    Barry Richards on sky summed us up perfectly where he basically said that there is two types of Pakistan, either brilliant (like 2nd ODI) or hopelessly poor. Any other team would have batted the overs out after loosing early wickets and scored 230+ but we just bowl ourselves out with rash shots and poor technique.

    Our WC squad is worst I have seen since i've been watching from 1992. Players like Hafeez, Nazir, Akmal, Rana are Sunday league players at best. We are the worst fielding team in any form of cricket, its a joke.

    Lets just hope after being embarassed and slated and now that nobody fancies us for the WC we could do a England (in Aus) and get through the back door with nothing to lose.

    One recommendation is to play Younis Khan as opener and take Hafeez out of squad and bring in a proper batsmen, possibly Yasir Hameed.

  • Pankaj Kumar on February 15, 2007, 9:43 GMT

    I am an Indian but a big fan of Pak cricket. I have been following the Pak cricket for the last three to four decades. I am also a big fan of great Pak cricketers such as Imran, Sarfraz, Asif Iqbal, Zaheer Abbas, Abdul Quadir, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Waquar Younus and Inzamam ul Haq and even Shohaib Akhtar. While in a contest between India and Pakistan, I would like India to win, that will in now way dampen my admiration for the outstanding Pak cricket spirit, which enables it to pull of miracles even at the times of extreme adversities. It is really pathetic to see so many Pak fans pour their heart out in this blog. The main problem appears to be politics within Pak cricket establishment. Otherwise, how can you understand Pak Cricket Board not taking actions against the player who have made a habit of being unfit and indisciplined. How can you explain Shohaib caring two hoots about his teammates, captain, manager, team and above all his fans and his country. He knows that he has been getting away with murder in past and will get away in future also. Although Indian cricket is also highly politicized but at least there is some kind of lid over the indiscipline. No player - not even Sachin - is permitted to think that he is bigger than the team. Therefore, India even with much lesser depth of talent than Pak has been able to do slightly better than Pakistan.

    I am not writing all this to get pleasure out of the situation in which Pak cricket finds itself today. I am an admirer of Pak cricket and feel for its cricket fans who are being given such a raw deal by Pak cricket Board and its cricketers. I will end my comment with the hope that Pakistan, like again and again in past, will prove me and the others wrong and come back in glory from the Caribbeans.

  • Bilal Khawar on February 15, 2007, 9:42 GMT

    It's so unbelievable how some people have reacted to Pakistan's loss. I know they have played bad, but you still have to support them. It really wasn't that easy to beat SA in SA. Also, you must take into account the recent form of Sa and the injuries in Pakistan.

    When Pakistan start winning, we are always behind everything we do, we think that Inzmam and Woolmer are geniuses, but when they lose just one series, we critisize them like there is no end.

    I dont disagree that their recent form has been bad, but they always make it count when it counts. So please... don't lose hope in your team and in your captain. And hopefully Pakistan will win the world cup. (Inshallah)

  • suleman -london on February 15, 2007, 9:42 GMT

    i have been watching pakisatni cricket for about 8 years. in those 8 years i have never seen a cricket board so lazy!!!. they do not care about how the team plays if they are providing them with enough facilites enough coaching and enough training. what is the pakistani cricket board bunch of LAZY RETIRED men who are very good at critising a problem but not good at solving it. they say we want pakistan to be the best team in the world have they done enough for the team to do that. are there enough cricket academys in pakistan to fuel this massive potential out in the streets, playing tape ball cricket. i also want to talk about the domestic league in pakistan it is in shambles. people are playing with another cricket bowl in domestic cricket were they get used to it as soon as they get into international cricket they play witha kokobaro ball in pakistan and its totally different to them. there isnt enough money in domestic cricket there grounds are nothing to play on. when u look at a domestic league satduim field you dont want to dive on it becuase u know u will get cut so as soon as they play international cricket they havnt got the ability to dive and field well. then we come on to the batting opner problem. why isnt imran farhat anf mohammed haffez opening together. i think they rae good enough as regulars in the team just becuase imran farhat had a bad tour u cnt send him back. he has been preforming in the last couple of series. south africa tour is hard. then mr bob and shoib akthar. it is blitant that bob dosnt like shoiab and he dosnt want him in the team. shoiab is still pakistan best bowler and he should be bowling the 1st over of pakistani bowling innings on the 13th of march gainst west indies. there is no injury he dosnt want him to play!!!! bob please he is the best bowler pakistan has got inzi as a captain is not up to the mark. he has got the determanation to win the wc.he wouldnt shout at a fielder if he puts a catch down hell just watch and cary on. he needs to go after the world cup and then we need a young captain wo has the courage to tell of some 1 when thet are wrong. i would like to see shaid afradi as a captain i think he has heart he has heart like imran khan. i know we wont do well theis wc becuase of our fielding and the baility to crumble under preasure. we need afridi back in furm and we need both asif nad akthar on the pitch. our team needs to relise there roles as individuals look into there own individual performance. and 1 more thing why is afridi been bannned for 4 matches. so icc thinks it is ok for a person to be racsist to a player n if a player pretends to hit a fan to shut him up. u get a ban. this is absolutley disgraceful and icc needs to look into this. if i was in afridi n a fan was being racsit to my counrty and my skin colour ooo i would have not pretend to hit him wiv the bat i wuld have hit him, i would have.

  • Yusuf K. Pathan - Mumbai on February 15, 2007, 9:41 GMT

    I was going through all the messages that are posted here and could help smirking at the number of times you have compared yourself with the Indian team. Many of you have mentioned that pakistan has fared better than India just becoz they won 1 ODI .. lol .. if you see the compare the Indian tour - we have more victories than pakistan and more matches were closely fought than what is shown by the results. India won a test match, tour game and the 20-20 game. Whats more? .. we didnt lose so pathetically w/o a semblence of a fight. Pls dont try to compare India-Pakistan here :-) Man to Man, India is a far far .. far better team than Pak and as unpredictable as pak. So plz dont talk abt Pak being a really unpredictable team .. lol.

    Boy! im sure you guys really want to ape India in everything .. right from the TV soaps/movies/art to sports to economy to culture to mindset :-)

    chill out ppl.. you be as good as India is today in another 25-30 years .. Inshallah!

  • bubzoo on February 15, 2007, 9:40 GMT

    You guys are enjoying on tax payers money how about returning some of it by winning! GOD! sending injured and half fit players to SA .. its simply mind boggling ...! bunch of lunatics including all of us becuase we keep hoping!

  • Toothless on February 15, 2007, 9:38 GMT

    The players we have are not that bad when it comes to cricketing skills, I'm sure no one will debate that. But the other skills that are required to deliver a good performance, such as mental strength, physical conditioning, sticking to game plans, planning, etc. are awfully lacking. Its too late to bridge the gap before the world cup, so we have to accept that Pakistan will play inconsistently during the cup and most likely not progress past the super 8. But for GOD's sake can we have PCB and team management address the wider skills required to be a good sportsman (not exlcusively in cricket), so that in future we can perform like the Aussies? WC 2007 is a write off for Pakistan Im afraid. Come on guys, face the facts now, and save yourself the heartache in the future.

  • USMAN AHMED on February 15, 2007, 9:38 GMT

    Dear Kamran,

    Whenever a team loses, its coach, captain in particular and the whole team in general comes under severe criticism. Positive criticism is a good thing but unfortunately that is not the case. Australians were criticized for losing the Ashes and now they are on top again. Shaun Pollock was written of after Sri Lankan tour and listen to the experts on TV and he is a master & & & & & & & &. Yesterday, some former cricketers were commenting on TV and one of them was criticizing inclusion of Imran Nazir based on his performance in the last 10 matches. The expert, however, forget that a few months ago people were criticizing his exclusion based on his domestic form. He plays a good inning again and these very ‘EXPERTS’ will be saying that he is & & & & && &. I mean its criticism all the time if you lose and generally insane (You can go through the comments on this Blog to testify my statement).

    Now then, it is a fact that all the Asian teams have found the bouncy pitches too hot to handle. Just before Pakistan, India’s star studded line up failed very badly against South Africa. Neither of the past teams of Pakistan has faired better than this team in S. Africa even though they enjoyed services of Anwar/Sohail as openers (A problem area always), 2 Ws + Shoaib & Saqlain fully fit and at their prime, still they lost humiliatingly. This team could so easily have been the winner of the test series and very close in the ODIs had there been a fit bowling department.

    The team selected for world cup is a good one (if fit) and has the ability to win the trophy. What we, the critics, have to do is to come out with positive criticism aimed at betterment of the team. HOPE MY COMMENTS WON’T FELL ON THE DEAF EARS.

  • Naser on February 15, 2007, 9:37 GMT

    Sarah Shah this platform is not the place to vent your anger at the Islamists

  • Abbas on February 15, 2007, 9:37 GMT

    Pakistani cricketers just cannot handle pressure. In 80s they were the bunnies of Windies. From 90s till date they've been scorned by Aussies and SA. They should be labelled as true "CHOKERS". Our poor batsman are used to playing from the crease and slashing at balls on low bounce pitches. Though I hate Kallis but the way he played Rao jumping out and meeting the ball before it swung and hitting it for six and then continued to hit boundaries was exemplary. This is how you play in conditions which favor the bowlers. Our cowardly batsmen should take a leaf out of Kallis's or Ponting's book.

    They are a bunch of prideless, unskillful and distinct players. I love Shahid Afridi because he gives it 100% with his limited skills, atleast it looks that he has some pride (a true Patriot).

    I just pray that we do not face Aussies and/or SA in the WC, only then I see them winning it otherwise... only God knows.

  • haroun on February 15, 2007, 9:36 GMT

    Embarrassed is not strong enough for what I feel. We had a captain who was never a leader but was a rock solid batsman. He can no longer bat either. The bowlers can no longer bowl, the keeper can neither keep nor bat and nobody at all can field.Why do we bother playing. Send them all to a madressah I say where they can spend their remaining days in worship and meditation. They certainly have no commitment to competetive cricket.

  • SYED ZEESHAN MAHMOOD on February 15, 2007, 9:36 GMT

    history reapet itself, recall last tour to sa, pak lost the first match, record win for pak in the second (thanks to Razzak and salim elahi) and then lost the other three.

    what is the most worring is that in 2004-05 pak play as a team they develop a never say die attitude. but from the home series against india (odi) they again look as team who heavily depend on indivials. when their big guns not perform they lost and when they do the win.

    i hope the performance of 2003 world cup was not reapted and team again develop the correlation amoung themselve and play like a fighting unit rather then few outstanding indivials

  • Salim on February 15, 2007, 9:35 GMT

    Salaam All, I do really hope that Pakistan get Salaam All, I do really hope that Pakistan get knocked out really early in the World Cup so lat least I can enjoy watching the rest of the tournament. The pain of watching absolutely crap players and not working during the painful 2 months of the tournament is toooooo much to bear. Apart from Yousuf (Bhai) I can’t think of a single player that would make the Australian or South African side and even he would have to be more professional in his approach. I really would like to know who thinks that Rana Naved is a professional cricketer he would even make our club side. Razzaq should even be allowed in the same room as true Cricketer, Can anyone tell that last time he played a major role in a Pakistani Win. I hate to say this why is Younis Khan batting at no 3, Please have look around the world No 3.s against Mr Khan, He has got one century against some dodgy competition against a dodgy opposition and he is still batting at No 3 (The most vital position in the team). The team lack basic cricketing knowledge (running between the wickets, fielding, batting for 50 overs) so please Pakistani player play crap and get knocked out even in the early stages of the competition. And Finally I hate to say this even more “Com on INDIAAAAAAAAAAA…”I think I going to be sick…..

  • MFK on February 15, 2007, 9:35 GMT

    An unpredictable team needs a do-or-die spirit. The only day that will come is when Shahid Afridi takes over as captain.....SOON. InshaAllah. You need a real Pakhtoon who can 'poke' them in their faces!!!!!! Younis Khan is from Mardan...who calls them Pakhtoon anyways!!!

  • Khawer Rabbani, Fmr. Team Analyst Pakistan Cricket Team on February 15, 2007, 9:34 GMT

    I think that this bunch will bring further shame to the country next month. No, I am not against anyone; I am just talking facts here. I have been with them; NOBODY wants to learn and do well. Everyone is well-off now and now whatever they are earning from here is Bonus for them. Inzama has no quality of a leader; but he is the leader at the moment; Now you all can very well guess where he will lead this team to.

    Anyway.. Gone the days when we used to rule the world of cricket; Gone the days when there was someone in the team who can be counted on to bring victory to Pak if he is on the crease; Gone the days when Captaincy was not somthing to be given to some low quality batsman; poor fielder and a person who can't even express himself or the point of view of his team at the Prize Ceremonies.

    I think we will have good matches with Ireland and Zimbabwe. We must try to put up a good show against them.

    Bye Bye Pakistan Cricket. Thanks Miandad, Imran, Qadir, Wasim, Waqar for giving us joy over the years.

    As they say.. every good thing has to come to an end.. So No running aways from the reality.

  • Shubhendu Singh on February 15, 2007, 9:33 GMT

    As an indian RAJPUT, i m a true cricket fan,and i used to watch cricket in any sence,I can't understand why pakistan is not going with Afridi as an opener in every game,and Akhatar as front line fast bowler.Just let him play their natural game.Just tell the Afridi that this is a 20-20 game for u,go their and play only your 20 over that's all.just tell Akhatar that you have to ball only either more than 150km/hour or less than 120 Km/hour.And yes i can't understand what is Rana is doing in the team,even i can hit 6 sixes in an over on him the way his body language is looking.

  • Yusuf K. Pathan - Mumbai on February 15, 2007, 9:33 GMT

    I was going through all the messages that are posted here and could help smirking at the number of times you have compared yourself with the Indian team. Many of you have mentioned that pakistan has fared better than India just becoz they won 1 ODI .. lol .. if you see the compare the Indian tour - we have more victories than pakistan and more matches were closely fought than what is shown by the results. India won a test match, tour game and the 20-20 game. Whats more? .. we didnt lose so pathetically w/o a semblence of a fight. Pls dont try to compare India-Pakistan here :-) Man to Man, India is a far far .. far better team than Pak and as unpredictable as pak. So plz dont talk abt Pak being a really unpredictable team .. lol.

    Boy! im sure you guys really want to ape India in everything .. right from the TV soaps/movies/art to sports to economy to culture to mindset :-)

    chill out ppl.. you be as good as India is today in another 25-30 years .. Inshallah!

  • Naser on February 15, 2007, 9:32 GMT

    I am not embarrassed, coz i know Pakistan at best a mediocre team has lost against a top class South African outfit. This was expected, no surprised here.

  • ILYAS on February 15, 2007, 9:31 GMT

    I will cut it very short, we should not blame any body except PCB, they are bunch of jokers, when you have unprofessionls handling your cricket affairs then these sort of issues will be there forever. All PCB offical's will continue to strees on " so bent upon the same position" always. They can not change their attitude nor they can select new players, For God Sake how long do we have to see, Imran,Farhat,Hafeez,Salmam, tawfeeq, they are tried and failed option's and can some one make me understand that we do not have any other players left in Pakistna ???????

  • Hello on February 15, 2007, 9:30 GMT

    What a Team, there is just one player in the Team and that is M Yousaf, else either are not fit or too old or doest support the poistion they are playing, Younis is a Virtual Opener, Openers are window Shoppers, Inzi is getting Old, Kamran has made pakistan to loose many a matches, RAZAQ is bowling dead, Malik is no more all rounder, he is no good with ball, RANA is too much expensive, Asif is tired or may be banned, Shoaib is an issue, GUL is injury. Shabbir unfit. Afridi no Gurantee. What do we expect from WORLD CUP. i dnont know, but what i know is that many a players will be sacked after it and still would be able to play in the Next World Cup. Surprised, if you, then dont be, its Pakistan, because here the talent like Shahid Nazir and Ysir Hameed,Saleem Elahi are wasted from Years and in Future will be. In a Team we need a Fight for Place but in this Team Everey one his his Place reserved until Higher Management throw them out, to me its a time for Most of Players to Leave or should take their Game Seroiusly

  • cb fry on February 15, 2007, 9:29 GMT

    geeze, relax guys. this is classic pakistani preparation. by the opening game of the wc, all else will be forgotten.

    this is the worst you've felt before a wc, kamran? come on yaar. in '92 we were a shambles, wicky waqar was injured, we got thrashed by the windies in the opening game and bowled out for 70-odd by england. but it's all about peaking at the right time. we've got our hopeless performances out of the way in some pointless warm-up matches, that's a cause for relief in my book.

    and euceph ahmed - i think you need to see a doctor my friend: i think you may be clinically depressed. have you ever taken any joy out of pakistani cricket? do you not appreciate that under inzy we have won test series against new zealand, india, england, sri lanka and windies? and the recent odi series was really a blip and we are actually a pretty successful odi team - the recent series was between the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams in the world. if pakistani cricket history teaches you anything, it is this: we are are at most dangerous when wounded and written off (by the likes of euceph ahmed).

  • Thomas on February 15, 2007, 9:29 GMT

    I'm a South African and obvious very glad and "chuffed" that RSA won the series, but guys Pakistan wil stand up again its just the nature of any team to lift himself up again. Trust me we were there too remember, we lost 12 matches in a row beating only Bangladesh in between and look what happened we won 20 matches in a row. If I could make a suggestion to the Pakistan team selection panel or board or whoever is in charge, there is too many changes in the side not only team selection but batting order, Kamran Akmal is hopeless up front (gift wicket!) Imran Nazir should start playing deliveries on their merit (gift wicket) Inzi has to bat at no.3 Yousuf at no.4 and my favourite (Kahn) at nr.5 Akmal nr.6 Razzaq nr.7 Mahmood nr.8 (where was he last night?????) Keep on opening with Nazir and Hafeez but teach them to play each ball on merit. I will be watching the Paki's during the WC I believe that you to great and proud nation to play the cricket you showed us here in SA, Good luck and God Bless.

  • USMAN on February 15, 2007, 9:29 GMT

    FIRSTLY i would like to say that i am a Proud pakistani but i am absolutely disgusted with the national teams performances. this would be my world cup 15 players Salman butt, yasir hameed, younis khan, shoaib malik, asim kamal, mohammed yousuf, moin khan(for experience and he is a great batsman), abdur razzaq, shahid afridi, mohammed asif, umar gul, shoaib akhtar, danesh kaneria, zulqarnain haider,azhar mahmood.

    this team would be fantastic if everybody was fully fit and there were no injuries. i would have salman butt and asim kamal opening,then shoaib malik, younis khan, yousuf, moin khan, afridi, razzaq, mahmood, asif, akhtar. this 11 has 6 bowlers who are all wicket takers. INZI SHOULD BE LEFT OUT OF THE WORLD CUP AND YOUNIS KHAN SHOULD CAPTAIN!INZI IS PAST HIS BEST.

  • Anuj on February 15, 2007, 9:28 GMT

    Prior to the commencement of the series, Younis Khan had boasted that Pakistan had the best attack in the world and that they would not perform as badly as India did against SA. However, he was made to eat humble pie as Pakistan played pathetically, especially in the tests. Save for Yousouf and Md Asif, the entire team was an embarrasment.

  • Mohamed on February 15, 2007, 9:27 GMT

    Moahmmed Yousuf was probably the only positive that cam out of this tour. He carried on his good form last year and was the loneranger for Pakistan. Sending Kamran Akmal opening 5 matches straight was definately not the soultion. Also the inclusion of a certain Rana Naved for all 5 matches was dismal. His fugures were embarassing.

  • Saadat Ali Zia on February 15, 2007, 9:27 GMT

    Folks! The problem is very serious. Our players are not natural athletes nor competitive – and it shows. It’s very similar to how some of the Aussie players are not naturally talented – but they make it up by their professional attitude towards training and fitness. And the whole lot looks athletic and that intimidates opposition – (that & off course sledging). I believe professionalism is what is lacking in our players and in fact in our cricket board. If we counter this than we will not witness 1- players arguing with coach & captain on live television, 2- their fragile fitness status, 3- lack of commitment, among so many other problems. The fact that there is total lack of commitment towards maintaining fitness which should be a major responsibility of the individual. The attitude should be that they are paid to do a job, not to mention all the other perks and they should really look at it as a JOB. I am also very sad that the tenure of Bob Woolmer is coming to an end with team’s current position because honestly there are better memories we can all take away from his time with Pakistan – Indian tour, success in Pakistan against South Africa & West Indies to name the few. And I am now wondering who would the next choice for this job would be – frankly I would hate to see a Pakistani coach because he would bring his political baggage with him and try & push his agenda – (Javed Miandad!!! Ring a bell – anybody) and Mr. Miandad is already very active in the press to draw as much attention as possible.

  • Usman Majeed on February 15, 2007, 9:26 GMT

    We certainly are embrassed the way Pakistani Cricket team played. How can we hope for better in a month's time when the selection of the natinal team is so tricky that Imran nazir is picked, on the basis of just an innings. (in how many years?). Second is the selection of danish keneria (dont remember when he last played an ODI for Pakistan). After selection, the dope test and the injuries list which seems never ending. lets hope for the best.

  • Mohammed Ameenuddin on February 15, 2007, 9:26 GMT

    Dear Kamran, Whilst their could hardly be anyone out their who do not agree with you or the general feeling being expressed of dissatisfaction, incompetence etc etc. I am from India, looking at our(INDIA) batting lineup and their failures in SA and compared this with Pakistan, I see more positives for Pakistan. To begin with Imran Nazir looked at his best only someone need to drill in his brain some wisdom, Asif by far the most dreadful bowler I have seen after the famous 2W's, Yousuf and Younis and not to mention Malik all looked solid. If a bowler of Pollocks caliber and his good form aided and abetted by some very healthy environment provided on ground by umpires and outside by match referee, IMHO hardly anybody could do. This is primary reason modern coach focuses not only on physical fitness but mental too. Unfortunately pakistan suffered too many casualties on the tour mental (read afridi) and physical (read injuries). Remove these which I am quite hopefull would heal with passage of time, Pakistan is and would be a force to reckon with in WC 2007. This is my instinct feeling. Good luck inzy and company

  • Muhammad Rizwan on February 15, 2007, 9:26 GMT

    Relax guys, we all know that our record against south africa is not good even in thoes days when greats like wasim, waqar & Miandad were playing. We should remeber how we lost test & one day series on our home ground when bob woolmer was coach of south africa. i beleive we are in better position under woolmer & Inzi, we should remeber how we lost test series against india in our home ground and the way we were humiliated in multan i beleive there is some progress after that although we expected more, we are better that india & srilanka as we have beaten them on their home grounds so i can give pakistan a chance to be in semifinals but for me one of the teams in finals will be South Africa any guess!!!

  • Brajesh Khanna on February 15, 2007, 9:25 GMT

    Hi Im brajesh from India---- even though I may want your team not to do well against India----- Its obvious isnt it ---- but do believe me i felt bad when inzy and his boys caved in to the proteas ---------- our guys need to get united so that atleast one of our teams gets to the semis if not the finals

  • Ali on February 15, 2007, 9:25 GMT

    I am not at all surprised with Pakistan's performance. What the heck is wrong with all of them. Why the heck is Naveed still playing, I really would like to kick him out of the team myself. Pakistan bowling, besides Asif, no one showed any character. Iftikhar showed much better performance than Naveed and Sami combined. What the heck is Mushtaq doing in the coaching staff. Is he telling them to put Gel in the hair before they bowl? Why does Pakistani board remove good coached like Younis when they were actually having an impact. I know Younis is no Wasim Akram but he is up there in the ranks and has a fast bowler's mind.

    I am seriously pissed. We Pakistanis living outside Pakistan really have rare occasions where we can actually enjoy the cricket since it is always at night time. Knowing that the team is suffering with injuries, the management was completely set on the same players instead of trying different options. I hate this bloody politics. When is this regional discrimination against the player going to end and the talent is given a chance instead of favorites. I apologize for all this, but I am really pissed. I can not even face the Indians here with a straight face if my team, my country's team gives such a bad performance. Why is Inzi batting all the way down. Why the heck is Kamran Akmal opening when he cannot play good fast bowlers. Why isn't Shoaib Malik opening? Why the heck is Yasir Hameed not in the team and the WC squad. Where is Asim Kamal? Why wasn't Kaneria given match practise in SA before putting him directly in the WC squad. Anyone sensible would have chosen this squad for the last game. Openers: Malik and Nazir Middle Order: Younis, Yousuf and Inzi All-rounders: Zulqarnain (give man a chance), Razzaq Bowlers: Choose any one but Naveed - Asif, Anjum, Mahmood, Rehman (since we seem to be running out of bowlers)

    I hate bloody politics that is letting out image down.

  • Unanimous from Jordan on February 15, 2007, 9:24 GMT

    Well I would say their unpredictability was expected from the beginning. I’m a non-pakistani but am a hard-core fan of Pakistan Cricket for their unpredictability. You cannot criticize them just for SA series... India were much worse than this. They lost all their one dayers and yet they have come back well and are serious contenders for the WC. So I think Pak have the talent to bounce back and beat even AUS just as they can loose to even Bangladesh/Zim. So lets keep our figures crossed and play the waiting game. Many ppl on this blog are criticizing the selectors for not giving a chance to Hameed, but then who should we drop. Mind you he’s a middle order batsman and cannot play as an opener with the new ball. We have enough middle order talent in Yoonus Yousuf and Inzi. What Pak need is a good solid opening bat. So I think the selectors are right by picking Hafeez for WC. Javed helali – “A little bit of prayer always helps” “A whole night of "nafal" prayers is not what is needed”. Well I don’t agree with you. A sincere believer should always strive for the better. Also he should be content with whatever god has given. Some had commented that Tableeghis want to control the team. I don’t know whats happening in Pak. But if that’s the case then even I don’t agree with it

  • Shah Murad on February 15, 2007, 9:24 GMT

    Did they loose balls with the equipment as well?

  • Anwar Malik on February 15, 2007, 9:24 GMT

    I believe Inzimam wants to develop a team which can bat at any position, since we have been having a persistent problem with the openers so if the regular openers or any other batsman is out of form than we can even have a tail ender like Asif or Rao Ifthikhar can open and so this will solve the opening problem for ever. I think that the existing behavior has prevented players like Salman But, Hassan Raza and likes to enter the Pakistani team and I should not hesitate to say that this DICTATOR like behavior of Inzimam is the main cause. I can guarantee that this very behavior is destroying our assets like Mohammad Asif, Shoib Malik, Salman But, Zulqarnain Haider, Daneish Kenaria, Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Yousuf, Asim Kamal and the list can go on and on.

    We have no option left other than what we have right now at hand, lets get over with this World Cup since we can not get rid of Mr. WOLFMAR (Bob Woolmer) and Inzimam right now, since the stupid (excuse my language but what can I do these PCB officials which are on our payroll ready to spend money to have the whole PCB travel with the team where ever it goes) PCB officials don’t have the “balls” to fire this Wolmer before the World Cup since they have to pay penalty in order to break the contract, well I say hell with it and Fire him since if he was so good than we would have seen the difference I the team performance which has done nothing but deteriorated since he has came aboard.

    As far as Inzimam is concerned, he is one of the few greatest batsmen Pakistan has had in history, but that does not make him an automatic successful captain, we also should ask him to step down as a captain and ask him to play the World Cup as a senior member of the team or if he is not willing than let him retire gracefully right now otherwise we know what is going to happen after the World Cup. He is not aggressive only by saying “Assalam Wa Alaikum, All thanks to Allah” on television is not going to cut anything, I don’t blame these players since I know the level of there educational back ground of most of them, we can not expect every team members to be Imran Khan, Ramiz / Waseem (Late) Raja, likes. I don’t understand what is he trying to prove that he is a Muslim and rest of the Pakistanis are not?

    In the end I have been watching Javed Miandad recently on television and hearing his comments, I think he believes that he is going to be the next coach of the team, Javed Miandad as long as Mr. Saleem Altaf likes are in the PCB, you should forget about that, they have no interest in “”Pakistan”” they are power mongers and they do not value the interests of the country or the people of this country or their feelings and opinions.

    I believe even this team has a potential to perform and prove at every level that they are not that bad if the reshuffling of the batsmen and the players stops right now, I am sure they can most certainly have the potential to be among the top 4 teams in this World Cup also.

    Thanks and it is an open challenge for any of the PCB officials to come in front of the Pakistani people and answer all the questions and concerns.

  • Usman Ahmad on February 15, 2007, 9:23 GMT

    As Omer Maqsood said in our 60 years history we are only proud of one thing i.e 1992 World cup win.Cricket is the source of inspiration to 160 million people of Pakistan and even that is ruined by poor governance and revolves around few bunch of incapable inviduals.For the sake of people of Pakistan and for the sake of Pakistan cricket please listen to those inviduals i.e Imran khan , Miandad , Wasim , Waqar and list goes on and on ...... Stop playing with emotions of Pakistani people. I am gutted and dissappointed and request Mr.General P M to please hand over PCB to any past great player or judge who will organize a free election process like BCCI.Yeah its a time of democracy in cricket.

  • mhk on February 15, 2007, 9:22 GMT

    Kamran, this has been a bad patch for Team Pakistan. There are so many factors, both domestically within Pak cricket bureaucracy and individually in terms of fitness, mental fatigue, etc. that we as fans will never be fully aware of. Each player has his ups and downs. Imagine the pressure the team feels knowing that 166 million people are counting on them to win. We as fans can be fickle. Not every series can be won. Nor can every ball be wicket worthy. A batsman cannot make a ‘4’ or ‘6’ on every ball. For a change, let’s give them a break. Instead, we as fans should give them a chance to surprise us. Anything can happen between now and the world cup. Let’s watch the game for what it is. If we want them to win this badly, imagine how badly they want to win for us. On a lighter note, it would be completely out of character for us not to screw up on occasion. That’s what keeps the game interesting and our competitors guessing!

  • Sarath on February 15, 2007, 9:20 GMT

    every cricket match is fixed. Ppl stop wasting u r time.

  • qaisar sheikh on February 15, 2007, 9:19 GMT

    well kamran, i think team is going no where and will go no where from here. according to buzz spread around the pitches in west indies may not be traditional ones which they(pcb) are thinking that those would be. newly laid pitches may be uneven or bouncy like south africa and australia and in that case only teams which can rapidly change their strategies and immidietly act upon those will have a chance to win the games and world cup. And i am stunned by thinking that what a team without method, plan or any sort of basic strategies will do out there.

  • Sarath on February 15, 2007, 9:18 GMT

    every cricket match is fixed. Ppl stop wasting u r time.

  • Khalid Ahmed on February 15, 2007, 9:18 GMT

    Much like the Pakistan cricket team that Kamran Abbasi has accused of lack of commitment and heart I see nothing else in his article. Remember the team is missing 2 key bolwers, Afridi was banned, Asif was exhasted, Nazir was in after 4 years, Kaneria was left out and the coash has made it clear he was leaving. How could anyone reallistically expect the team to do well. To start complaining about lack of commitment is silly. Pakistan will do well if they have their full sqaud in the WC, they didnt do well in SA because they were playing with half a team that was allready v tierd.

  • P on February 15, 2007, 9:15 GMT

    :). You guys think you're embarrassed? Look at me, I'm Indian and the way we're better left not talked about.

  • Qasim Majeed, Doha - Qatar on February 15, 2007, 9:14 GMT

    Well i agree with most of the comments here tht our team doesn't fight like the ONCE Cornered Tigers. Only Inzi is left from tht batch but he is also has become a OLD tiger then a young one.

    we need a captain who can beat the crap out of players and make them play like Imran Khan.even wasim said if Imran was there Shahid Afridi would have been more consistent or he would have been kicked out till now. Inzi is just too relaxed :(

  • HANIF Noorani on February 15, 2007, 9:13 GMT

    Well, well, well…..I almost went through all the comments flowing across the globe from the beloved fans of Pakistan cricket. Today, in my office, one Indian colleague of mine came to me smiling from ear to ear and said: “Pakistan ka to kal both bura Hashr Hua”. I got livid but calmed myself and said: “We Lost 3-1, U guys got thrashed 4-0. At least we won 1”. The crux of the matter is that Our Cricket team doesn’t have any sense that there are Millions of people watching & praying for them. We sacrifice our peace, sleep, rest, time, money etc jus to see these guys….and what we get in return is utterly sissy display. Especially, we, the overseas Pakistanis have to face so many different individuals and follow all sorts of interrogations that include Taunt, speculation, mockery (especially from these damned Indians). I really wanted to cry once I came to know the results just fearing to confront other nationals. I am not sure whether I am going to watch the World Cup…though u never know these guys may pull it off…but the truth of the matter is this was Shambolic……& Depressing too.

    Rana,Hafeez,Akmal,Razzaq,Iftekhar,Inzi- wish we get rid of them soon…..& im certain that’s not going to happen. Still, Moulanas ki dua se hi shayd kaam baney ab to. Best of luck to all.

  • Adnan Ibrahim on February 15, 2007, 9:12 GMT

    100% agree with you.

  • Binoy on February 15, 2007, 9:12 GMT


    I'm from India and a fan of Pakistan Cricket. I have been reading a lot of comments on this blog all I find is 95% of my friends comments are criticising Pakistan performance and also writing off Pakistan. This is unfortunate. Being a critic is good, but it also very important to know that Pakistan is a very talented side. The conditions are different in South Africa. The English or Aussies are the only teams that can give South Africans a fight as they have similar conditions in their respective countries. I think most of you have forgoten that Inzy is a batsman with class and very difficult to get him out. This is the first time I saw that he is out of form is SA. Mohd. Yousuf: He has a world record in his name for the most number of test hundreds in a year. Shoaib Malik: An underrated batsman. I feel he is the best batsman in the world as he has the right technique, very rarely you find him out in less than 30 runs. Rao Iftekar - a bowler who can bowl consistently at a pace of nearing 140kph, it was seen in the last one dayer. Younis Khan: a future captain for Pakistan. Isn't this enough to prove how strong this team is. Also one needs to remember that the conditions in West Indies are similar to that of the Sub-continent. Don't write them off. I'm sure they will reach the semis of the world cup.

  • Sami Siddiqui on February 15, 2007, 9:10 GMT

    I'm glad someone has finally realised that the team is, for want of a WORSE word, a complete joke. How can one bowler (pollock) completely destroy a 'world class' batting lineup (younis,yousuf and inzi) 2 matches in a row, and then the other team comes out a bats as if they could've chased down 400 with ease. It's a complete disgrace, captaincy is also a joke-Rana is repeatedly being bowled by Inzi despite giving away runs as if he was paid commission for every run scored off his bowling. We lack out and out pace bowlers and I have no faith in Shoaib being fit for the WC, i've only seen 3 world cups in my time, Pakistan rode their luck in 1999 before giving a performance as bad if not worse than what they produced in SA, in the final. In 2003 we were out at the group stage and i can see the same happening again. It's not because of the defeats in SA it's because of the team in general-the just don't look like they could win a match-asif has no support in the bowling dept. and if younis a yousuf flop batting-wise then we're done for. It's a shame but like i said in my last comment we might as well just expect the team to go out at the group stage-anything else would be a bonus.

  • Nepali on February 15, 2007, 9:09 GMT

    I am not a Pakistani but I always support pakistan's team in Cricket.Shamefull performance against SA hurts me as well.But still, I belive that there are the talants who can lift the WC for their team. The most embrassing fact is that having such a wonderfull combination and bunch of great players in the team, still they are declining. If all important players be fit, then pakistan looks to be the most dengerous ODI team in the world. But most importently the players should be used and guided properly, which is lacking now due to a very poor captainship. Team Pak have Everything, If the players are fit they would have a sansational bowling attack with pacefull Sohaib, extraordanary Asif and quality spinner Kaneria..they would be supported genuan allrounders like Afridi, Razak, Akmal...Rock solid middle order with class players like Younis, Yousuf, Inzy and malik...And dangerous big hitters like Afridi, razak Nazir.Yes they are in some problem about openig slot. But it doesnt mean there are not talents.The best way to open in my thought is to open with Salman butt and Sahid Afridi...Hafiz also not bad. But the team management never showed faith in any opener and after a couple of bad game they would be out of the team. This is the reason why openers are not performing. Only thing missing in this team is a good captancy. Inzy is the worst captain in the world but there is not other good option also. But if the players perform then even the bad captancy could be hidden.Best of luck...

  • Nadim on February 15, 2007, 9:08 GMT

    Selection, mismanagement, captaincy, all that does play its part. But after watching the one day series, I get the feeling that the basic skill level in this team, barring a few exceptions, is poor. A guy like Razzaq who can be a terror while batting on pancake flat pitches looks little better than a slogging tailender when there is a bit in it for the bowler. The less said about the fielding, the better. I mean can Inzy even berate another fielder for poor fielding, being the hopeless fielder that he is?

  • imran peshawari on February 15, 2007, 9:08 GMT

    u r right kamran these loses disheart every pakistani.after one month there s WC .Every team going with their force and perform well as a unit in there last matches.only pakistan team lose their matches plyers fitnes.nothing on the spot .In every WC w r on the favourate side but in this WC we r this kind of perfoms who can say that we r the favourate.what will happend with inzi he is our est batsman he playing on # 6 every team there best batsman playing on top order .For example R ponting,S fleming,S tendulkar,R dravid,J killas etc .in these many players playing on #3.our best plyers yousaf and nzi playing on #5,6.there is a few days remaning alot work to do.hopley pakistan can improve in that time.hopley some injured players wish u best of luck pakistan

  • Saj Shah on February 15, 2007, 9:08 GMT

    First of all, I am a 100% Pakistani Supporter, but I am NOT in a position to congratulate South Africa for winning the one-day series 3-1 against Pakistan. I was so upset and angered by what I saw of the last 2 games, I just had to switch the television off. What makes Pakistan great and wonderful is a complete unit, we had key players missing "Akhtar, Gul, Afridi etc, I know as well as any Pakistani Supporter what Gul is capable of? Remember the Indian top order a couple of years ago?? and more recently his success against the West Windies. Well, we all know what Akhtar can do, the Sth Africans found out in the second test of this series. Let's not forget Afridi and his 35ball 77 which inspired Pakistan to a 141 Margin Win the the 2nd ODI. I am sorry but the Sth Africans got Lucky, they played a deflated team with key resources missing. But if we ever have a complete Pak team, playing in Harmony, which I hope we do in the World Cup; and are fortunate to meet the likes of Australia, Sth Africa etc then they best watch out, lets not forget as a current unit, who all tired and gave up the belief of Pakistani teams of old, the passion remains in every current Pakistani player, but when your mentally exhausted, their's nothing you can do. I have forgiven Pakistan for there current going's on purely based on my above comment. Every Great Team, has bad days. Just look at England v Australia recently.

  • Suresh, Indian on February 15, 2007, 9:08 GMT

    Well i have gone thru all the comments and i feel that this is the time the Paki fans must be with the pak team. Dont write off the pak team from the WC( i am not writing them off).. I am sure they will make it to the last 4. I always have great respect for the pak team and i am sure Inzy and Co will not disappoint the pakistan fans. My advice to pakistani fans is just support your team in this time of need and dont criticise them.

  • Kash on February 15, 2007, 9:05 GMT

    Embarassed! That's an understatement. I am absolutely gutted. Inzi was once asked in an interview after the 92 triumph, "What is your hobby".........He replied "Sleeping & eating". Well that sums it all up. He should revert back to his hobby. The chicken came and batted at No.6. History has proven that the dignified and glorified fight the battle upfront. The glare in their eyes says it all.........BRING IT ON!!!!! That's how Pak won in 92. The tiger captain came 1 down and lead from the front. As far as supporters of Pakistan are concerned. C'mon mates cheer up. Someone once said "When rape is inevitable, one should sit back & enjoy". I guess that's what every Pak supporter feels like coz the spineless, toothless team has forced us to sit back and enjoy.

  • Nitin_India on February 15, 2007, 9:04 GMT

    I completely disagree with some ppl here that Inzi be thrown out. I really love him as a captain, 2 ppl are really hopes for this team if Pak is to win World-Cup and they would be Inzi and Mohd. Yousuf.... SA tour proves nothing, just before WC i guess its time for reflections and rise up to occasion. Good luck to the team.

  • Rohan on February 15, 2007, 9:02 GMT

    I am from India (and, obviously, a very staunch supporter of the Indian team) and I guess, Kamran, you appear as fickle as any of the majority cricket fans from the sub-continent that you have cited in your article. I expected a more balanced review of the series from a person who writes a blog on a premier cricket website. The thing is - and I have seen this happen with India too - that a series in South Africa does not tell us anything about how a team is going to perform in a World Cup. I would like to add series in New Zealand too. The pitches that they prepare for a home series are way too loaded in favor of the home team. India had a horrible series in New Zealand before the last World Cup, losing 5-2! But they lost just 2 matches in the World Cup (both against the eventual champions, Australia). They have had a horrible series in South Africa just recently but I am not reading much into it. Neither are most other more notable people like Sanjay Manjrekar, Ravi Shastri, et al. The pitches in a World Cup will never be graveyards for the batsman, otherwise where's the moolah going to come from? Pakistan is a team that thrives on the kind of occasion that's presented to it. They are still "cornered tigers" and I think they still have it in them to go all the way in WC2007. I still remember the Test match (I don't remember where and I am too lazy to search cricinfo) against India when they were 3 down for nought and they won that Test match, thanks mainly to Kamran Akmal and Mohammad Asif. I know that's a long time back but all I want to say is that they had lost the one-day series and wanted to win the Test series badly and they just went out and did it! And that's just one instance I am pointing out here. There have been innumerable such efforts from them. All the best! I hope India and Pakistan kick-ass in the World Cup and meet in the final! That would probably the best thing that can happen to cricket!

  • Nasir on February 15, 2007, 9:01 GMT

    What a shame! Worst cricket performance i've ever seen!!"EVEN BANGLADESH WHOULD HAVE DONE BETTER THEN PAKISTAN!!!!" I am not proud to be a Pakistani, when i comes to cricket! We Need a new coach, and captin!! SOMEBODY HELP BEFORE I START TO HATE CRICKET ALTOGATHER!!!!!!!

  • Sohail on February 15, 2007, 9:00 GMT

    Agreed...... The problem to me is not with the team but the management. when you persist on bits and pieces and regard players for what they did long long ago it will happen. U need a specialist opener with sound technique and comeon what worthy has razzaq done ......its time to think about other options. But lets not lose hope

  • Nirbhay Singh on February 15, 2007, 9:00 GMT

    I agree with all that has been commented on this blog. I don't think any blogger commands the kind of repsonse that Kamran does! It just shows how passionate the sub continent is in matters of cricket.

    Some comments are more analytical than others and I fully agree with their sentiments: ergo India lost 4-0 to S.A and then beat WI convincingly who in turn had thrashed S.A in the Champions Trophy! So at home every team has an advantage and none more than S.A

    What will happen in the World Cup we'll have to wait and see so folks don't get disheartened!

    However it's always good to have constrructive criticism and in this again many have given good advice: One of the main issues is that strike bowlers were injured and missing: when S.A played India they also had great difficulty in the initial overs and lost early wickets so I am sure if Umar Gul and Shoab Akhtar were fit this would have been more than possible to achieve. Once the middle order was exposed to the new ball the shoe would have been on the other foot and just like Pakistan/India crumbled so could have S.A and the pressure could well have been reversed.

    The second issue is about the openers: this is a critical problem with most sub continent teams. In this regard however I would say that Pakistan has had better strategy than India because atleast they have gone for fresh/ younger players: one of the main reasons for India's thrashing was that both openers failed consistently and most of the times the team failed to bat out the overs. Now see, India has changed it's openers and once again some success is being seen. So the main task is to see the new ball off as it will do something and not to lose wickets at that stage then, with the excellent middle order that Pakistan has a very good total can be posted.

    Before being harsh on the openers let's not foget that agianst quality bowling the S.A openers have also struggled.So in the World Cup where the pitches would indeed favour the sub continent teams, I feel that the scale will be a bit more balanced and given a quality attack imbalances to some extent will be evened out and then it will depend on skill and mental toughness.

    The sentiments, hurt and disappontment seen on this blog is exactly what was felt during the India- S.A tour so I can very well understand and feel for all the passionate supporters. But what I am seeing is some harsh comments on perosnal issues of some of the persons this is unhealthy: Mushtaq Ahmed was the leading wicket taker in the County and received massive support, good will and indeed affection from his team mates and fans there and was a wonderful ambassador for his country there.His work with the spinners was immediately seen with Kaneria's improved performance in the latter tests where he seemed totally revitilised and very effective.

    I was only disappointed not to see Waqar Younis as a coach for the pace bowlers as they have to be really managed very well in todays packed cricketing schedule. The grounds of his non inclsuon provided by the PCB were flimsy and give room for speculation.

    Inzamam as a Captain may appear to be a bit laid back and uninventive but I can assure you that he wants to win every game and he has worked very hard at his own fielding/ catching. What folks tend to forget during failure are certain pracitcalities . A Pakistani Captain has to lead a team of personalities so he has to have one of his own and critically he has to command the dressing rooms respect if he fails in these two areas he may be a brilliant stratagist on the field but he may not succed because a lot goes on in the dressing room and indeed has a very very important role in the players performance in particular which is reflected in the teams success.

    We have been witnessing some fractious behaviour in the dressing room which unfortunately the whole viewing world could see between two big personalities (there are others as well who are quite capable of and indeed have flared up in the past)can you imagine anybody else who could control this type of a situation?

    Also during the tests there were catches that went to ground and immediately Inzy denied claiming them this was a purely reflexive action mirroring his honest personality - sport has a way of showing the true personality of a person and I have watched Inzamam for a long time and can tell you he is a upright, honest and very dignified character.

    This instance did not go unnoticed in the tests and all the commentators were one in praising him for this behaviour and personality. So there! Another great ambassador for the country!

    What I would suggest is that he and the Vice Captain get together more often on the field and discuss about stratagy and the match situation and how to react to it because at times one needs an extra pair of eyes to assess what's happeing because it can get difficult to see the complete picture- anyone who has played the game will know that.

    Lastly I would like to tell all the fans and there are lots from other countries as well not to lose heart: if all the players are fit Pakistan can be a very good team and indeed have a very good chance in the World Cup!

    Nirbhay Singh

  • Bhuban on February 15, 2007, 9:00 GMT

    Yah! Inji bhai has not leadership style though he can bound the team. I am sole fan of Pakistan among my friend but what shame for me and they let me down, Inji and woolmer let me down. I donot think this pakistani team will win world cup if they progress. no spirit! no commitment! no leadership! no proper selection!! What a shame for me! I am Pakistanis cricket fan!!!!

  • Mudasir on February 15, 2007, 8:58 GMT

    Well full credit goes to South Africans, They are favourite for the World cup.

  • Chacha Koora Kirkit on February 15, 2007, 8:57 GMT

    Nice way of portraying the feelings of millions of Pakistani fans.

    There has been very few games in which Pakistan have played that I have missed watching or following by internet broadcast. But yesterday was the only time I decided to ignore the match altogether! I simply decided that enough was enough! I only found out the result the day after.

    At what moment did I decide to switch off? When Hafeez lost his wicket! I feared for the worst. A capitulation, and it happened.

    It is an embarassment to see any team go out like this, especially for us, Pakistan.

    But Kamran, the worst is yet to come. I feel its going to be another campaign that will out do the last world cup and the recent champions trophy! It will be a while before we have a team that's capable of greatness! perhaps not in our life time!

    PS. I normally don't write lenghthy pieces!

  • Ahmed on February 15, 2007, 8:57 GMT

    I think our team is looking for TV commercials, adds not looking for thier job to do for country. If we see our players most of them run away from schools and they cant get better jobs except cricket is their future. If anyone selected for National team he allways think to secure is place and looses concentration on their game. Due to lack of professionalism, decipline, and captancy race all are penetrated in our team players mind like brain tumer.

    I have been watching cricket since last 20 years but i never seen good movement of feet to reach the ball and play a ball in right direction. 5th ODI Kamran Akmal faced first ball outside the offstump without any foot movement away from body if it was nick then he might go for another 0 . I request our PCB to bring the right trainees in cricket acadmies in schools colleges to bring up the true talent, like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younus, and our other Oldie legends. Please save the Cricket not only by prayers, take some serious steps and throw them out MR. PURCHI,s

  • Shuaib on February 15, 2007, 8:56 GMT

    Well thats what happens when politics & favourism comes into play! I still do not understand why Waqar Yunus was left out and Mushtaq Ahmed was picked up for SA tour. Mr.Saleem Altaf, shamelessly argued on the T.V, we don't require him on this SA tour, I hope he knows what he requires now!! Inzi's favourism is destroying the quality of Pakistani Cricket. I wish these people (especially the PCB officials) can be held accountable for the blunders they make. Iam still hopeful for the world cup, because you never know, and for the pakistani team its the beating that makes them bounce back to new heights. Lets see if they can do it this time!

  • Naveed Iqbal on February 15, 2007, 8:55 GMT

    An all round shameful performance is the sum of this SA tour. I played cricket only at club level but and probably know cricket less than these 'experienced' players but can anybody explain why Inzamam consistantly taking singles at first ball of every over to expose tail? Bowlers forget to bowl, batsmen forget to bat, keeper forget to keep what else? can anybody justify the inclusion of Rana, Shoaib Akhtar and Asif in the World Cup squad? Former has forget to bowl and later two under the cloud of dope test. We need an energetic and agile captain, after seeing the 20-20 tournament I am very much impressed by the captainship abilities of Shaid Afridi.

  • zamir on February 15, 2007, 8:53 GMT

    Now that pakistan has lost to SA ..i can see all the comments coming against them..i would'nt say all of them are fair ..but this is the time to cheer up the team rather then criticizing everyone lets encourage ..and hope that we win the world cup..I.A.

  • harish s n on February 15, 2007, 8:52 GMT

    please dont judge by this is very difficult to win a series in south africa.even the mighty aussies could not win the series last year.if iam not mistaken india had lost a one day series 5-2 against new zealand just before the 2003 world cup and everyone were criticising them.what was the end result?they reached the all depends on that one month of action packed cricket.we all know what pak are capable wishes to pakistan!!!!!! harish,bangalore,india

  • Fahd Masood on February 15, 2007, 8:52 GMT

    I don't even feel like coming up with what i feel at the moment for "THE" Pakistani Cricket Team !!!

  • amitabh on February 15, 2007, 8:52 GMT

    As a Cricket lover I always appreciate Pakistan team's talent but it is hard to understand what Kamran akmal and Rana naved is doing in team, kamran akmal is very average behind wicket,we can understand when 1 or 2 chances gets drops by keeper but Kamran is doing this in almost every match, Is these no substitute for him in Pakistan ?? same for Rana I mean he bowls really badly with No Bolls , He should not be in the team , Rest needs some confidence and I am sure they will bounce back as they always do

  • Adarsh on February 15, 2007, 8:51 GMT

    Make Imran Khan coach of the team, half of the problems he will solve with his sheer presence. He will instill that fire in the belly of the team.Just listening to him on Indian TV channels has left me awestruck about his perspectives about the game and strategies.As for more realistic solution Pakistan should go with this team (in batting order) for World Cup: 1.Imran Nazir 2. Shoaib Mallik 3. Younis Khan 4. Inzamam 5. Yousuf 6. Afridi 7.Akmal 8. Hafeez/Razzaq 9.Shoiab 10. Umar Gul 11. Asif. Kick out Rana Naved ul Hasan ( He is Agarkar of Pakistan). Kaneria should be used as one of the bowlers against teams like South Africa, england and australia.And finally dont read too much about South African trip( SA are gonna face tough time on docile Carribean pitches)

  • saaretjie on February 15, 2007, 8:50 GMT

    Disgusted with Pakistan's performance, although I think the problem with the team starts from the top.

    Dr. Naseem Ashraf seems to be taking holidays while Pakistani cricket is being humiliated. Name a CEO that wouldn't be in his office 24/7 if his company was in a similiar state to Pakistani cricket.

    What did Rana Naved and Mohammad Hafeez do to get on the plane to the world cup? Especially Hafeez? Rana could still say that he's going through a rough patch but could come out of it soon.

    Hafeez's selection (an average of 18 with the bat and 40+ with the ball) leaves me stumped.

    Yasir Hameed should have been on the plane.

    Also the fact that Woolmer spends most of his time in England is pathetic. The fact that in his reign Asif and Gul are the only talented players to have been discovered.

    Why have youngsters like Ali, Sarfraz and Jamshed been overlooked in favour of average players like Rana, Kamran and Faisal Iqbal.

    Despite all that I'm still optimistic about the WC... don't know why.

  • Saif Abbasi on February 15, 2007, 8:49 GMT

    Salam Mr Abbasi,

    Really a thought provoking article, very rightly put, whole bunch is Lackadaisical, and absolutely unprofessional. I have no doubts, this lot has the potential and requisite skills which a best team should possess, however they lack leadership. A charasmatic leader,who could get the best out of them, but Alas ,it seems none among them has leadership traits. Mr Abbasi, if you could recall your memmories of late 80s and early 90s, you will find the likes of Manzoor Elahi, Saleem Jaffer, Rizwan u zaman, etc, there were preety ordinary cricketers but this was Imran Khan who was instrumental in their success( though very limited). I still remeber Imran once said Manzoor Elahi is Pakistani Bootham and manzoor did rise to the ocassion and performed better then his capabilities. This is what and only Pakistan needs. PCB runs talent hunt schemes, they should launch a leader hunt scheme on emergancy basis. Regards Saif Abbasi

  • Atif Malik on February 15, 2007, 8:49 GMT

    First - Mr. Abbasi I am a big fan of your comments, second I think you should probbly get these translated into urdu and maybe posted or sent to our cricket team, especially the one about shame, it seems like Imran was the only one to actually care - his people, his pride.... I am tired of the shameless excuses given by our captain(of whom I used to be a big fan) that every time they win people rally behind them and every time they lose they are crucified... maybe someone should remind this team that they are professionals, they are paid to do this!!! it is their job!! Pakistan Zindabad

  • ghulam abbas naqvi on February 15, 2007, 8:49 GMT

    well well well ! but i think this is not hapeening in the Pakistan cricket team ,they way they lost the series it is really shameful.

    still i am unable to understand what is the reason behind mushtaq ahmed's inclusio as an assitant coach , is he only thier due to the close relationship with inzi.

    i think under these circumstances thier is a very slight chance of Pakistan win in the worldcup and i am afraid even against temas like scotland etc.Inzi has lost his class due to age factor and he should not be the part of one day team and management should give the chance to players like misbha , shahid yousaf and many others who are performing well on domestic level.

    in the end i think Woolmer has done nothing special and even he has not given a regular opening pair to our team which hurts a lot.this is the duty of coah to sit with the plyaer and tell his mistkaes and flaws in his technique but woolmer was unable to do this.

  • Daniyal on February 15, 2007, 8:47 GMT

    Shame indeed! I have to place the blame for the sorry state of Pakistani cricket squarely on Inzimam's shoulders. He's shown to be a poor leader and unable to motivate his players. I had a good laugh when he was appointed vice captain thinking that one day he would lead the side and praying then that that day never comes. Unfortunately it did Inzi didn't prove to be the disaster I thought he would infact its at a scale I could've never imagined. He has consistently shown lack of motivation and innovation and these days is seldom found on the field. Sure times were good when he was batting well he seems like a man of few words and probably motivated the boys through his willow. Nowadays it hurts to watch him or Pakistan play I can't recall the last time I actually managed to watch a complete game without cursing out at how stupid and inept our cricketers are at applying themselves. I don't think Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Rashid Latif or any other critics should be allowed to bellow on about the state of Pakistani cricket as other than Latif none of them have really made any positive contributions to the side of late. Imran wants people he likes selected why sir? are you a member of the selection committee? or part of the PCB set up? We've all heard his and Wasim's comments on the exclsion of Shoaib and the incident with Woolmer but did any of them stand up and say "you know what Shoaib got injured because he was not fit. He was fat, over weight and the selectors knew what they were talking about at the time. We would like to appologise to the relevant people for our misplaced statements."? No, not even a hint of it. Can anyone honestly argue that Shoaib's inhury wasn't due to lack of match practice or fitness? I guess Bari isn't the idiot the country would like to believe, though Dr. Nasim Ashraf, as he likes to call himself, is.

    I think Nasim Ashraf is the plague effecting Pakistan cricket we cannot improve or move forward till we get rid of people like him, stop criticising the coach whose advice seems to fall on deaf ears every day. How is a man supposed to coach a bunch of street cricketers who refuse to come to the pitch of the ball or duck the short one when the world knows off their inability to play at it.

  • Zahid Iqbal Malik (k.S.A ) on February 15, 2007, 8:47 GMT

    It's heartening to watch the entire series between pakistan and south africans. We pakistanis don't cherish dreams, we live in the real world and we know our dear Brutuses. It's them, the self styled leaders and chairmen who have led us to this pathetic stage. Ganguly the former indian captain is thrown out of the team just because of not showing performance in 20 to 25 ODI's but Inzamam, the feeble guay is still in the team after not having played innings of his class in the last 40 to 50 matches. Look at his figures, 374 matches, about 12000 runs, only 10 centuries and 81 half centuries!!!!! It's disappointing, utterly disappointing. Forget about it! We have excuses for our heroes, charateristic of our nation.I have a couple of suggestions for pakistan team. Try to formulate a group of legendary pakistani former crickters, including, Imran Khan, Zaheer Abbas, Waseem Bari, Waqar Younis, and Saqlain Mushtaq today. Request them to give advice, suggestions and tips to your world cup squad. The world cup squad, Imran Nazir and Shoaib Malik opening. These gentlemen tell Imran Nazir not to play across the bat. I think, they don't have to tell much to Malik, a cricketer loyal to the game.Younis needs to be told, that captaincy will only fall to his lap, if he stays and scores consistently. Yousef to needs some advise from Zaheer Abbas. He to should prolong stay at wicket and score accordindg to the need and requirements of the team. Inzy should say good bye to game as his started, ferocious and untamed. It's should be the last of the Muhecan from him. The think tank should analyse the performance of our team daily, if they like they can borrow bob's lap top!!!!! Yes, Inzy needs direly some tips for reading the wickets and change bowling when the best one are thrashed heavily. Every time think positively and be aggressive not towards the players but towards the game itself. Inzy, you are short of leardership qualities. Please, do us this favour last time.

  • Gujar on February 15, 2007, 8:46 GMT

    I still believe that we are the best team in the world and Pakistan can turn the things around in world cup.I think we should support them for world cup because at this stage their confidence will be very low.Come on guys feel like champs and INSHALLAH we will be World Champions.

  • Uddi on February 15, 2007, 8:43 GMT

    Just like you guys to feel 'ashamed' and 'embarrassed'; our 'honour' has been smudged. Stop this nonsense! OK, I am Indian, and shouldn't care...but, end of the day I support Pakistan against all teams except India.

    Now you understand this: - Teams can have bad periods - SA is a tough environment. They are very poor hosts. Period. The crowds, the players, the atmosphere - everything is stifling. That wears you down. An alien team can take it only for so long...especially, emotional Asians. - You have the bowlers to knock over champion teams'; and, you have the batsmen to blast any bowling attack. Have faith in them. Yes, faith...I hope that rings a bell.

    Lesson 1: Forget bickering, and root for them.

    Having said that, I agree that the openers are useless, and Inzy should bat higher up.

    Lesson 2: There are minor issues. Fix them.

  • Sharukh Khan on February 15, 2007, 8:42 GMT

    It is high time for Pakistan to appoint auditors for team selection. Mr. Rana has given more than 5.5 runs throughout his career & recently may be more than 8. How can he still be selected for World Cup? I am sure many people will start questioning the integrity of team management. Inzi is not smart enough to make things happen he likes to be sorrounded by like minded people. He can be blamed for mis-management of Shohaib Akhtar's career and many others.

  • AMIT BRAHMBHATT on February 15, 2007, 8:38 GMT

    I completely disagree to Mr.Kamran Akmal. Kindly,first of all do not compare both the teams output and world cup has nothing to do with this series. We know last month what happened to the team India and the way they played this season is outstanding. Pakistan has been outstanding in terms of form at the world cup. We all know what damage pakistan team can do with its batting and bowling. So,its better to support the tema at this time and to look forward to the world cup I wish the Team All the best wishes!!! Amit,Indian

  • King0fHearts on February 15, 2007, 8:38 GMT

    Such performance was always on the cards. A test win was more than what we all expected from our team. The test series was hard fought.

    ODI series much effected by injuries and we never expected any good from our batting in SA.

    And it wont change much for WC. I just pray that our announced 15 men squad remain fit and playable for the WC than Pakistan are massive team to beat in WI. Otherwise, I dont think we'd be lucky enough like we were in 92.

    Love Pakistan :)

  • venky on February 15, 2007, 8:38 GMT

    I am an indian and I can tell you if there was any team that the top guns (Aus, SA or SL) have to worry about it in WC, it is Pak. I would never discount Pak. I got a lot of respect for Inzi and Asif and those guys - they will rise to the occasion when it counts. And from having seen India play Pak, all it will take for Pak is to have a few games with us to get back on top. I am serious. Sometimes the opposition can spur a team on.

  • Shahab on February 15, 2007, 8:37 GMT

    Even though last night's performance makes me grind my teeth in anger, I do realize that cricket is only a game.

    Having said that, last night's performance opens another can of worms: Since Bob Woolmer and Inzi have been trying so many combinations and permutations, and quiet unsuccessfully, it follows that they will HAVE to experiment again during the World Cup matches. As frustrating as it sounds, it is the truth. For example, who opens with Imran Nazir (if he does at all!) - Hafeez of Shoaib Malik? If it's Malik then again that is an experimentation. Both ways people are going to shout and demand the head of Bob Woolmer.

    I personally think that we have had enough experimentation. No matter how sucky Hafeez and Nazir may be, they are our only options to open with. Risking and experimenting Malik as opener is just not a good idea. I am sure he will hit a century against the lesser teams and people might think "See! We were always right!". But, against better oppositions that might not necessarily be true. The same people will then be heard cussing Woolmer for experimenting. Ludicrous!

    Lastly, this team is not going anywhere unless Inzamam leads from the front. Sorry to say, he has become a liability to the team and he really is taking up the place of another deserving cricketer. The only way to redeem himself is to lead from the front. One good thing that has come out of all the experimentation of the last 2 years is YK and MY combination at 3 and 4. I hope better sense prevails and this combination is not changed UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

  • ZAKI YAWAR GHAURI on February 15, 2007, 8:35 GMT

    Pakistan was and is underdog in South Africa.So, we must give credit to green shirts that they at least won a test and odi despite of lacking in every depart of the, if shobi is back we can hope better performance than in sa in 2003

  • Hashmi on February 15, 2007, 8:34 GMT

    Historically Pakistan has a better track record against all nations except three(England, Australia and South Africa). Bob should have worked on Pakistan problem against swing. They are very edgy always. OK...wait Younis is not but he always gets himself out when he is set. Pakistan should open with Malik and Hafeez, with younis, yousaf and Inzi to follow. I will vote for Javed as a future coach...

  • Akber on February 15, 2007, 8:33 GMT

    Inzi has to go. He's now filled the team with mediocre yes-men, with no ego and no gusto. All 'problem' players are 'injured' or banned. They don't know how to handle talent. How did Ponting handle Warnie?

    Make Afridi the captain. You'll see the fire in everyone.

  • Bilal on February 15, 2007, 8:31 GMT

    losing is one thing, losing like we did i mean wow, we just reached a new low. but believe me its not over sure before march 13th, there will be alot of surprises from the pakistani camp yet...mainly regarding the squad, wait and watch. About their performance, well thrashed 4 TIMES(including the 20/20), is not acceptable. It was a longg tour, but still no excuse for the utter rubbish Pakistan gave. I guess on this blog everything bad HAS been mentioned, but on the other side of this story, after such a strong showing in ODI's of late...maybe such a jerk was needed b4 the WC2007, especially for pakistani players... so all they need to do is, take it in their stride, for all one knws this cud be the kick in the back tht cud take pakistan alonggg way... so lets back our team and wait...

  • Naeem Qazi on February 15, 2007, 8:31 GMT

    Dear Kamran Abbassi You have really summed it up for all of us. Every time we see a pathetic performance like this, we decide never to involve our emotions again & yet again we get glued by the slight glimmer of home and yet again we get hurt. On top of that, Bob Woolmers article on crickinfo website titled"turning a corner" really glares in ones full view that the management is totally oblivious to the teams continuous downfall.

    regards N qazi, UK

  • Shahzad on February 15, 2007, 8:31 GMT

    embarrassed, yes, I had a feeling that SA could fool Pakistanies with a simple plan, drop the ball short, induce pull or hook shot, if this does not work, pitch full just outside off stump and lurk them into drives and just make sure to catch the gifts coming your way. 3 Test and 5 ODI's same trick working, and none of coaching staff bothered to counter the plan. And I am strong believer but to keep the belief in likes of Razzaks, Ranas and Hafeezs takes some doing!

  • umer on February 15, 2007, 8:31 GMT

    stop all the bashing i get the point of having some character issue being disscused on here and come on there is no way inzi will start upfront he never had since he's been a captian and he wont do it know so we all just need to chill with that subject. TRUST ME ALL THE PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINIONS BUT YOU SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE BASHING THE TEAM KNOW WILL BE PATTING THEM IN THE BACK IF THE TEAM PRODUCED GOOD RESULTS IN WCUP. we all no cricket is a prt of politics in pakistan and it will never change and we all no alot of players come up and play on national team just from (safarish)

  • saqib bashir on February 15, 2007, 8:30 GMT

    yes, pakistan were looking to bad in game.because they were not playing with there playing eleven.if pakistani,s were equiped with pace of shoaib and beauties of gul and firing of afridi than no doubt that they can win one-day as well as test series.thank you

  • ayaz mahmood on February 15, 2007, 8:29 GMT

    It's a big big big shame for the Pakistani's cricket . South Africa once again put the Pakistan to think about their future. I have decided ,not to watch the cricket again even , in the World Cup. There is no sinceriety , no good attitude even with their coach , even within the team .There is no fitness in the players ,All the bowlers are going to unfit. The team should think for the Pakisatani fans who put their works aside, and they only watch the TV , and also pray for the team that it may win , it may win. But the team have no spirit,no enthusiasm for playing.Its going to the dogs. I can only pray for the Pakistani team "Inshalllah Pakistan will come on to the top once again like in 1992". May Allah bless Pakistani team .

  • Assum Qayyum on February 15, 2007, 8:29 GMT

    Pakistan has always been inconsistent since Imran Khan left the Team. Sub continent teams are and will always be controlled by too many bosses within their respective Cricket organization. A Keep restructing plan should be inforced in the PCB. Run by a bunch of Unprofessional outfit. Bring In Imran Khan and lets sit down and have a long term vision. If performance is not good drop him at least a certain level should always be there. Nothing is wrong in loosing but you cant be embarrased............ Imran Khan Please COME BACK WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!! For the future of the Pakistan Cricket. Only you can bring in the discipline of nature into the PCB and change our whole mental approach of how to Play this GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MAKHMOOR .A .Goheer on February 15, 2007, 8:26 GMT

    When the controlling body is run by non-professionals and captain is non-inspirational,the result is what we have seen.

  • suleman on February 15, 2007, 8:22 GMT

    The way Pakistanis played in South Africa is not disappointing but embrassing. There is little hope that this will do better in the World Cup. The team needs motivation. How does PCB motivate the team. Obviously pride in representing Pakistan is not a good enough motivation for the team. I suggest the following: 1. Scrape all the central contracts with the players. Comparing what these not perfroming, not committed players are paid compared to what average hard workings Pakistanis earn is not acceptable. 2. Make payment per matches played with bonuses for perfromance. This will ensure accountability. You earn what you deserve.

    If the current lot is not motivated by the pride for playing for your country, let them be motivated by money. These players had it easy so far, let them earn their living as any Pakistani does by putting in hard days work.

  • shahab kahn on February 15, 2007, 8:21 GMT


  • Haroon Khatri on February 15, 2007, 8:20 GMT

    As much as I am mad at this team ,I think ,We shuold start the blame and pointing of fingers toward the GRAND Chief selctors of PCB, it is about time ,they should accountable for their actions , we have yet to ever question Wasim Bari, about his responsibility and what he owes us, Asking a captain and coach who I think are the Laziest peple about who should be on the field ,I think it is a joke ,we are only month away from the most important event in cricket and we still do not even have a clue about who should be our opening batsman, etc,We still have not even given a full opportunity to any one of worldcup junior champions ,I suppose they really are not connected with the higher peoples of pcb,I think those young kids will probably have more talent ,more hunger ,and last but not least PRIDE.......

  • Amir, USA on February 15, 2007, 8:20 GMT

    This is the lowest point of Pakistan cricket. We have no where to go but up from here. I dont mind the ODI series loss, just the manner in which our boyz just roled over was pathetic. Losing by that margin doesnt do justice to our country, the team really needs to look at the whole nation and see how many people theyve let down. Just putting up a fight wouldve been enough. We are the third best team in world cricket, not just based of the ICC ratings. Every team is looking good and prepared for the path to worldcup except our boys. Kamran you hit it right on the button and Im thoroughly disgusted, disappointed and emabarassed. Our fielding, batting, bowling and heck even the keeping is in shambles. Was this the strategy that Woolmer, Inzy the old guys on the board,the know it alls running the show behind the scenese had in mind?

  • ahmad nawaz on February 15, 2007, 8:19 GMT

    I said on 11th feb that "har shakh pe ullo baitha hai" about the retired army pesonals sitting on important and key posts of all the institutions of the country, now I think that the more suitable would be "har shakh pe ullo ka pathha baitha hai" keeping in mind the performance of the alone Pakistan Cricket team for the last three four years. U know a retired General headed the PCB for long, same is the case with PHF and Pakistan Sports Board as well, all had been conquered and occupied by the Generals alongwith the occupation of the country at different times in the very short history of Pakistan’s existence. I think most of the fellow country men will be more angered than me, on the present plight of Cricket in the past four five years, that has been miserable and shameful for the country except few successes. But it is very funny and seems like a joke to note, that whenever, u will ask about a problem from a high up in the government, u will be surprised by his competence about camouflaging every mess in a very beautiful way and giving an impression of “SAB ACHA HAI” and simultaneously will not feel any shame in doing that. You see too much money and resources are available with PCB, which are being wasted in lavish activities, in stead of promoting the game. It is a big question mark on the performance of all those so called high ups in PCB that they have failed to prepare a back up team to overcome any crisis like the one, presently being faced. Nothing can be said, except burning your own heart/blood, that we are in fact occupied and are slaves actually caught by our own army and that is too, being financed by our own taxes-the hard earned money. Until and unless, hypocrisy, favoritism, conspiracies are there in PCB, no good news can be expected, except few shameful news, like sacking of team coach, and bowling coaches in an insulting manner, who are also the heroes of the nations. All is unfortunate indeed.

  • Kartik on February 15, 2007, 8:19 GMT

    Guys, I am from India and followed the recent Pakistan- SA series. Contrary to what you may think a lot of people in India do have a healthy respect for the Pakistan team. Why, a lot of us believe that what the Pak team may lack in talent(if at all), they more than make up for it in the attitude and pride with which they play. And this has been true of all the teams over the past 20 years or so since i have been watching.

    But it was disappointing to see the chaps play the South Africans. You had bowlers who had the pace and ability to swing the ball and do well on SA pitches and yet they got hit for 390 odd. And with batsmen of the class of Inzy , Yousuf and Younis Khan, to see them get out for 150 odd is disappointing.

    Having said which, if there is one team which can bounce back from the absolute depths its Pakistan, so go easy on your guys, they wont embarass you in the World Cup.

  • Hashmi on February 15, 2007, 8:17 GMT

    Well friends! dont be so embarressed! This is Pakistan cricket History. They dont have bouncy wickets and they dont have technical Batsmen. In the past we have one advantage our others that we have good bowlers. But know it looks that every new youngster is physically unfit. Please privatize PCB, so that we have some professional cricketers in future

  • nwak on February 15, 2007, 8:14 GMT

    mental that a word in pak team's dictionary? they just give up like meek rabbits. i gotta say kamran....ur blog was a little emotional. i stopped investing my emotions in pak cricket a long time ago. hope you learn to do the same too. and as for the "where is the shame part"...kamran, the only type of ghairat available in pakistan nowadays is the karo-kari type. i think pakistani team has become insensitive to the losses and it simply doesnt hurt them. so getting beaten day in and day out is not a problem for them. why should we the fans make it a problem then? we cant go out and play for them,can we? and mawali, i agree with your comments entirely...winning does matter. its just that the present lot wasnt born with this mentality. wholesales changes or traditional setup wont add to nothing. the attitude needs to be changed....a team psychiatrist/psychologist/motivational leader anyone??

  • Shahid Lakhani on February 15, 2007, 8:14 GMT

    I see from my end that Pakistan's hope for World Cup will be same as of Kenya, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. I don't see future of Inzamam and Bob after World Cup. Inzamam from the start of this tour looks very weak and dejected and he really don't want to learn. Its time to say Good Bye to Inzi... BAD LUCK

  • Asad Anwar on February 15, 2007, 8:14 GMT

    I think we should not participate in the world cup altogether. There is no need to. Rather we should send all these players of ours on a Caribbean cruise, because thats what they would be really planning to do with the board chairman, selectors and the whole entourage, vacations. We all know the results already and the rhetoric that follows as well, so why bother.

  • Amanzeb Khan on February 15, 2007, 8:14 GMT

    Ever since the 92 world cup the whole of the Pakistani nation has become over obsessed on the world cup. It is really not the be all and end all of cricket. What we should aim for is to become a consistently good team. We should concentrate on each match, each tour. Primarily, we need to play more test matches and build a good test unit. If you develop a team with good skill set your one day team will automatically improve and you will achieve consistent result. In doing so we will also stand more of a chance at major tournaments like the world cup. But please guys, it is just one tournament. We are one of eight top teams playing it so even on equal probabilities our chance of winning is only 12.5%. The team that wins the world cup may still not be the number one team in the world as was the case in 92 and 96. Even though Pakistan and SriLanka won, Australia was still considered the best. We need to accept that we dont have the most resourceful team at this point of time. By expecting too much we are just placing ourselves and the team under too much pressure. So just relax and enjoy the beautiful game.

  • Arif Bhopalli on February 15, 2007, 8:13 GMT

    Unprofessional and unethical approach. What our team is making ahead of others is negative attitue the what kind of defense should be, how to make the game into disrepute. I think most unwanted crickters in the world would be Pakistani cricketers. Unless or untill they would have the positive attitue or aggression, they wouldn't be able to be Gentlemen People.

  • Haider on February 15, 2007, 8:12 GMT

    I think we are all forgetting one thing. We faced a very good and a very professional South African team. They seem to be emerging as the next "Australians" They just beat India 4-nil. I'm happy with that fact that we were able to beat them once. What has been difficult was the way we lost those 3 games. I think in the end we just gave up, didn't have an answer on how to deal with a team better than us and once the realization kicked in that we are not good enough we just gave up. We just got tried, didn't want to be out their playing, had one eye looking to the East back home, the other to the West towards the Caribbean.

    At the end of the day what lacked was professionalism. They have to start realizing that they are not playing cricket for fun or as a hobby. They are doing it professionally, and being payed some very high sums of money to do that. And if they are good enough they should be fired. The basic problem I feel is the lack of common sense and lack of quality education. Which then is a problem the whole country faces not just the players. We need more leaders and more motivators, may it be on the field or in the dressing room.

    As far as our fielding is concerned, nothing can be done. We are bad, and that is not going to change any time soon. Maybe in another 5-10 years when a new batch comes in.

    Right now the team is selected. This is who we are going to play with, although there are definitely going to be 1 or 2 changes. Lets now support them.and give them our full backing. And lets hope and pray that our team puts up a decent performance, one that makes us proud to call them our team.

  • Hanif Hassan (Bangkok) on February 15, 2007, 8:11 GMT

    I just happens that I don't work for The Nation (Bangkok), a publication crowded by Indians, anymore otherwise I would have been behaving like an ostrich. While I do appreciate Osman Samiudin and Kamran Abbasi's writing skills, I don't gave a damn for their "expert opinion". No matter which way you look at it, Danish Kaneria, Mohammad Sami and Rana Naved are highly over-rated in a David Beckham-ish way. Kaneria is no Abdul Qadir and not even Mushtaq Ahmed, Sami has never delivered the goods and Rana's most outstanding achievement, so far, has been staying behind with the team and not attending his father's funeral. Shahid Afridi goes boom-boom in one match to silence Osman and Kamran's guns and then he is only poof-poof for probably eight to 10 matches. I fail to understand how these characters have been rated so highly time and accommodated in the national team for so long? Why is it so important to have a leg-spinner in the side all the time or are we trying to court Bal Thackeray? The point about Tablighee Jamaat is taken, but are we left with any other course then to pray for the team that we all love?

  • dani on February 15, 2007, 8:10 GMT

    i am sorry to say but i have never ever been disappointed by the Pakistan's performance ever this much but this has crossed all the boundries....but u know what i still believe that Pakistan can perform good in the WC..INSHALLAH..i know many people would be laughing at me right now but what can i do my heart never gives up on PAKISTAN.....

  • Khurshid on February 15, 2007, 8:09 GMT

    Now here is the polite version of my comments. I think it is a high time to bring another set of corrupt PCB management time who can take the PCB management to higher level of incompetency. Fire all the chiefs.

  • Fahad butt on February 15, 2007, 8:07 GMT

    well mr kamran.......

    Rana is not even able to take a single wicket.....he bowled like a big looser on the wickets averaging over 9 per over in the series......

    Kamran Akmal has potential but he has lost it!!!in the fact that he might be kicked out of bad performances.....and in the fear of it.........he is actually doing it!

    Shoaib is a match winner.....Gul n Asif they are good enough to be in the world cup squad......Nazir should had been included in the squad.........As we have seen 2nd ODI was won bcoz of his blasting start............he can be indeed a match winner.....but what the hell is HAfeez doing in the team????Wasnt Imran Farhat mort trusted opener than that crap hafeez?????HE is not even transferring his weight while playing a cover drive.......Why was he included in the squad????

    Danish kaneria should had been given a chance to prove himself.........BUT NOT DIRECTLY IN THE WORLD CUP.......Why the hell they brought abdur-rehman to SA and not DAnisH?????and all they had to say on it was big mistake???huh......

    This is the same thing that happnd with us in Champions Trophy........Our team is not able to win against any top teams........oh yes they can win against ireland canada or any other team.........i wonder can they give a challenge to BANGLADESH or not???....

    Still i love Paki cricket.......and my hopes are up((((WHICH I AM SURE WILL GO DOWN SOON))))....

  • muhammad shahzad on February 15, 2007, 8:07 GMT

    very much disapointing. i can't understand the role of mushi with the team.we can't won matches due to spin becaz our spinners are no murli or warne. we can only won with good fast bowlers. and disapointingly we lost dady of reverse swing from coaching of our team by us.

    and i think that in west indies conditions reverse swing in later stages of innings will be the decisive factor. this is a crime to not pick the deserving players. becaz i have won 2 previous U-19 worldcups but no single man is brought in to national seen from those 2 champion sides. where is that anwar ali by the help of which pakistan won the last U-19 world cup from our rivals. he showed a lot of character in that match and despite in their first innings pakistan only managed 108 he then restricted in dia to 9/6 in 10 overs at one stage .so plz bring those tigers.

    i m great fan of inzi but i think he did not do the justice with players we can see hafeez's performence in the tour in still he is going to westindies. so this all is so much disapointing for me thats y i comment in this blog.

    but friends i m sure pakistan will be in the semi finals in windies.

  • Muhammad Murtaza Ali Khan on February 15, 2007, 8:06 GMT

    I agree with many of the comments made here. But lets be more realistic. All teams have struggled against South Africa in their country. At least Pakistan resisted a bit.

    Anyhow, it is true, their performance in the last two ODI matches were simply pathetic.

    I don't think there is much to benefit from talking about the past and all now. Maybe after the world cup, for now, we should prepare the best possible team for West Indians and thats it.

    If Shoaib, Gul and Asif are in the attack, along with Kaneria and allrounders such as Razzaq, Afridi and Malik, I think the bowling dept. would be perfect. If one doesn't play, we have Sami for replacement.

    As for the batting, I don't know why don't we have pure batsmen with good technique in the top order! Yaser Hameed and someone like Salman Butt perhaps. We can have Imran Nazir to replace one if there is a need to attack in a certain match. We can send the all rounder earlier too! And Kamran Akmal can play at no. 6 or 7.

    With all this talent, and a world class middle order, the team is pretty good. So where is the problem?

    To be honest, its with the negative defensive mindset of Inzamam and Woolmer. They have done well to make a united team. But they must understand we Pakistanis can only win when we are aggressive. That how we won the World Cup and thats how we won the 2nd ODI recently.

    But sadly, the only attacking tactic Inzi and Woolmer have is to send sloggers top the order. If it clicks, they go one to win. But I am sorry to say, with a disciplined team such as SA, sloggers will seldom "click". Not to mention the SA grounds.

    Pakistan must play attackingly. This doesn't mean they hit boundaries all the way. This means they go out there knowing they can win. This means no matter how tough the other team, our players fight like Pakistanis!

    I guess this is it, it too late to change the mentality of the current team. But lets hope we have regular pitches in West Indies like always, where our current batsmen can peform, and lets hope we have the bowling attack that we deserve, to dismiss the other team!

    According to me, key players would be the openers, Younis, Yousuf and Inzi(as a player at least), then Asif, Gul, Akhtar and maybe Naved. most of them play well, and Afridi and Razzaq score quickly at the end, we have the world cup I assure you.

    But are all of them ready? Is Inzi confident enough? Do the have the bravehearted Pakistanis or the thinking and nervous English style players?

    Lets wait and see.

  • Kaka on February 15, 2007, 8:05 GMT

    good luk pak

  • Keith on February 15, 2007, 8:05 GMT

    I thought we South Africans were harsh on our team when we go through bad patches! pakistan performed reasonably in the test series until the pressure was applied. In the 1 day series they were aweful. Only asif can leave our shores with his head held high (youssuf too!). I hate seeing pakistan perform terribly, they used to be such a joy to watch (on their day anyway!). Thing is, good sides peform well consistently. australia are proof of that and to a lesser degree south africa as well. you have all the talent but no application. Perhaps some team memebers should look at players like kallis, he is the perfect cricketer, good bowler, excellent fielder and 1 of the worlds premier batsmen. Why? Technique and Consistency! technique can be worked on and the consistency will come from that!!! quit moaning about the injuries to players, it is a world wide phenomenon! if those are the only players available then they must step up accordingly. playing for your country is an honour and not a right!! The worlds best spinner has not played 1 day cricket in a while now and i do not hear them complaining about it!!! Dig deep and remember to ALWAYS support your country!!! oh yeah, if south africa don't win the WC, then i hope that pakistan do!!!!!

  • Haider Mahmud, Pakistan on February 15, 2007, 8:05 GMT

    Batting is becoming our biggest concern. we keep worrying about depleted bowling resources but no bowling attack can defend such pathetic batting display and that too in consecutive matches. What really worries me is that our batting is filled with allrounders who can thrive on good starts and dead pitches but can do nothing when chips are down with frontline batsmen having failed, as is becoming a normal scenario. Our World Cup squad has only 5 specialist batsmen. Amongst them Inzimam can get unfit anytime and is also not in his prime anymore, Hafeez is short of confidence while Imran Nazir is un-tested really. We needed a 6th batsman is the 15 man squad. I know there are no real quality middle order alternatives in the backup but Yasir Hameed was a flexible option given that he can open aswell as come at Nbr 3.

  • shahid on February 15, 2007, 8:03 GMT

    well well well...what have we gotten ourselves into? I am shocked at the inclusion of asif in the last game..i mean what is the management trying to do? you sit out yasir hameed for the world cup? whose only fault is playing consistant in his last four games...why is imran nazir included in the squad just because of a solitary 50? obviously PCB does not have the right people to guide this team. every time i think at the way they are beaten breaks my heart. this is a team that has been at number 3 the whole time playing edge to edge with the top 2 teams. now that the world cup has arrived the teams breaking down. too many useless openers and alrounders that don't do this or that in the team and are there just because PCB thinks they can play. the whole story short....all PCB members should be banned from cricket

  • Shahneel Baray on February 15, 2007, 8:01 GMT

    Moin Khan should return to the side. He will strengthen the keeping and our batting. Getting Kaneria back in the team is a great move.

    When you come to think of it, our team has good players who have performed well in the past. The problem is, they are good individual players... not teammates! All great players say one thing "BEST BATSMEN OF THE TEAM SHOULD OPEN THE INNINGS OR COME AT NUMBER 3". But our best batsmen are too scared of facing the music with the new ball... if they do, they will not be able to last long. Imran Farhat, Imran Nazir, Mohd. Hafeez, Kamran Akmal... where is the experience?!?!? Look at Saurav Ganguly... he has been fantastic since he returned, playing at Number 1... he has played 5 matches and scored 98, 48, 70, 13, 67! Look at Hayden, he is experienced...opens the innings and has been doing great. Ponting is coming at number 3! look at the experience these guys have. Look at Chanderpaul, best batsmen in the side... opening the innings! Look at Flemming, being a captain he opens the innings. Sanath Jayasuriya is still opening the innings and scoring TONS!

    But our seniors like Inzimam, Younus (who has recently taken Number 3), Yousuf, Razzak, Shoaib Malik (who I consider a CHICKENNED OUT SENIOR), Afridi (whose place is NUMBER 1 or 2 as far as I am concerned) ... are all AFRAID of facing the new ball... because if they do, their scores will be less!!! IS THAT TEAMWORK!?!?!?!?

  • Zeeshan Bhayani on February 15, 2007, 8:01 GMT

    Thank God we have been given an opportunity to discuss Pakistan's team selection for WC and their performance in SA. The overall tour brings a sense of dejavu. Pakistan toured SA b4 the WC and were soundly thrashed. Infact, even the results had the same sequence, just that the third match was not a washout last time. And in the last WC pakistan crashed out in the 1st round. Looks like this time its gonna be the same. Whoeever selected the WC must be crazy. 4-5 selections dont make sense. 1. Rana needs a boot and badly. A novice would have been better. Shahid Nazir could have been tried. ATleast he doesn't leak 9 runs an over. 2. Shoaib Akhtar. True, he is a matchwinner etc. BUT what is the guarantee of him lasting a tournament? If he breaks down in the middle of the tournament, the entire unit and country would feel let down. He should have been dropped even if he declared he was fit. He is a walking liability for Pakistan. 3. Kamran Akmal. The guy spills more chances than the runs he makes. Again, a novice like Zulqarnain or even Moin Khan (however ridiculous it may sound) would have been a better option. 4. Rao Iftikhar. Some1 who hasn't played for so long suddenly gets in a WC squad. Azhar Mahmood is a good batter at 8 or 9 and can be skiddy on WI pitches. 5. Danish Kaneria. Another surprise inclusion when he hasnt played ODIs at all. With 1/3rd the squad not meriting selection, I would be surprised if Pak would be able to even compete against the top teams. The format would be very similar to 92 WC as every team would be playing each other in Super 8s. so Pakistan has to win against the other top 7 teams to have a chance. Good luck to them.

  • Ahsan on February 15, 2007, 8:00 GMT

    Wow so much negativity....people calm down...i know it is sad to lose without putting up a fight...but instead of posting negative remarks...maybe we all can discuss what is needed to be don ein order to get PAk out of this mess.

    May be we all can start a petition or sumthing like that. What say u guyz?

  • Muhammad Osman Yousuf on February 15, 2007, 8:00 GMT

    I find myself staying up late in the night to watch the game. But all I get for those "red-eyes" is some cheap Pakistan wickets, some horrible bowling and sometimes absolutely embarrassing fielding displays. I am a part of a generation that grew up watching Wasim and Waqar steaming into bowl; I clearly remember those inswinging yorkers, those cart-wheeling wickets and those blood thirsty glares from our then pace battery. Good batting and brilliant fielding as I know it, was never vintage Pakistan. To me it was the bowling, it was those overs at the death that make me nostalgic about the good old times. Today, when I see our bowlers running into bowl I don't find myself sensing a wicket, I don't feel confident about a victory, and most of all I don't feel excited. All said and done, I am still a 'Proud Pakistani', I still believe that we are unpredictable, dangerous and talented (do we always show that talent, thats debatable!). I know its hard to lend support to a team that has been recently outclassed. But lets just stick in there, at least till the World Cup. Lets just support what we have! This team might not be half as good as it used to be, however, its still Team Pakistan, its still our CRICKET TEAM, its still one of our greatest assets. Lets just be proud of it and pray that we bring back the GOLD! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

  • Hussain on February 15, 2007, 7:59 GMT

    Pakistan performance in the series has actually let their fans down.I am regretting now for watching every ball of the series and hoping miracles from the team who are not willing to fight.I am tired of making excuses for my cricket team to my friends and family who are fadup of my cricket fever(today pitch is not playing well,umpiring is not good,....may be next time they win us a game).I think Inzi should resign from captaincy after team's disastrous performance in South Africa.One can not win the world cup by playing his favourites in the team.What Inzi and Bob has done to prepare for world cup?New players are not given chances to play at International Level.They are sticking with same players for a past few years.Whenever young bloods were inducted in the team,we got the players like fabulous Mohammad Asif and talented Abdur Rehman.Who is to blame for this pitiful downfall of the team just before the world cup?Inzi,Bob or PCB?

  • YP on February 15, 2007, 7:59 GMT

    Considering the fact that Pak lost without a fight, Credit should be given to SA bowlers. Given that Pak played really bad, we just cant take credit from SA. Guys dont forget the champion Shoaib is not there. Afridi & Akmal are failing. Afridi is the match winner, but he is got getting fair chances, a 27 yr old guy already played 180 odd ODIs, he can bowl, bat, field at any position. He has been moved up down in batting order. This is not fair with a guy like Afridi, Bob should tell him his role in the team.

  • Azam Farooqui on February 15, 2007, 7:57 GMT

    Altough i was worried about the squad that was selected, i'm now more concerned about the lack of spirit shown by pakistan, they just went through the motions without showing and fight or character, saying anything more would already be a repition of the above articles and 58 other comments above. I dont understand where Pakistan started going wrong, admitedly last year wasnt the best one but it certainly hadn't left the fans with such lack of hope. This one day seires has been a real eye opener, lack of commitment that pakistan showed an also the lack of bench stregnth, this is something Wasim Bari has to answer, he's been a tried and tested selecter and the administration does not seems to learn the lesson, it's a different thing being a great cricketer and a completely different thing and having an eye for talent is something different. Anyways, as a fan i can only hope that Pakistan lives up to it's reputation of being unpredictable and surprise as all at the world cup, after all hope is all we got.

  • Identity Concealed on February 15, 2007, 7:56 GMT

    I dont know when will we stop taking sports so seriously. Embarrassed for what? Let me clear, I am a big follower of the game. but I dont understand why we cant we take a game just as a game, a sports just as sports. Come on guys, there are plenty more big issues we face in this life. Come on Kamran, nothing to worry about its just a game :) Btw what I dont understand is when everyone agrees Shoaib Malik at no.7 is pure waste(under-utilized at that position), we cant inzimam and bob woolmer think the same. They surely know the game better than us but why do they make such silly mistakes. Again I would request kamran please take game as a game and dont take it to heart :) Enjoy everyone !!

  • ahsan on February 15, 2007, 7:52 GMT

    i totally agree with david furrows. besides being passionate about cricket, we also tend to indulge in a fair degree of histronics/ drama! lets not discount the fact that pakistan (quite bravely) did not cower from facing its toughest challenge (beating south africa in SA) before the most important tournament in cricket. pakistan has one the world cup but is yet to beat SA in SA -- a feat, btw, achieved by very few countries! throw in the fact that over 66% of our prime bowlers have been missing and yet for much of the tour (barring the last 2 ODI) the team has been able to put up a fight. the only real issue, in my opinion, is the batting order. the best batsmen have to be upfront and the big strikers held in reserve until the slog overs.

    pakistan will make it people (inshallah!)! and i rather be a major underdog than a major top dog, going into battle!

  • Abdul Kadir Hussain on February 15, 2007, 7:52 GMT

    In typical Pakistani fashion we move from euphoric highs to absymal lows in the flash of an eye. And so do the fans. Yes, I am embarrassed at the margins of our defeats, but have I given up hope for the World Cup? Absolutely not. I will admit that I am not optimistic, but my lack of optimism has nothing to do with the defeats in SA rather it has everything to do with the mindset of this team, and the players chosen.

    Simply put, if I told you today that Pakistan have not made the semi finals, how many players would be at risk of completely being shelved aside from our future ODI lineup. I can count at least 8. Inzi, Rana, Razzak, Hafeez, Akmal, Afridi, Akhtar, Imran Nazir. So more than half the team is going to be playing with that mentality. Compare that to 92 and 99, our most successful World CUp campaigns. In 92 it was only Imran and Miandad at risk and we had so many rising stars like Aamer Sohail, Inzi, Mushy, Akram, Aaqib who knew that regardless of how the performance of the team goes they have a future with the team. Similarly in 99, Razzak, Yousuf (Youhana at that time), Saqlain, Shoaib Akhtar, all these guys were on the ascent. In this team you could conciebably name only 2 such players Asif and Gul.

    If we fail, this is the reason we will fail, because these guys will be playing out of fear of their careers not out of confidence in their talent. And that is the fault 100% of the administrators and the selectors. The writing on the wall for Inzi as a ODI player, for Rana as an ODI bowler, for Razzak as an ODI allrounder has been on the wall for at least 1 year if not more. We simply did not develop enough replacement talent when we should have.

  • Shahmeer on February 15, 2007, 7:51 GMT

    Somebody in the cricinfo commentary for one of the Pak-SA matches suggested opening with say Younis and Yousuf (since they virtually do that anyway once the openers are gone almost as soon as they come in). I think that's a good idea. We might not have enough time till the world cup to time-test this strategy but I think we have nothing to lose at the moment, and only drastic and daring changes in strategy like these can rescue pakistan.

  • jamal khan on February 15, 2007, 7:50 GMT

    Absolutely agree with your comments Karman. But don't we need to point out the reasons. Here are some that I need to point out: The captain: Looking at Enzi in the field it seems that he is the 12th man. He is just there watching like a UN observer. When the chips are down the captain has to lead from the front (Enzi wants to leave from the back door). When Sami, rana naveed , razzaq are not bowling well, why doesn't Enzi walks up to them and tell them to concentrate. Is he too lazy to walk even. Bowling couch: Just one point. What is mushtaq doing in South Africa, did he need to shop in south Africa, I think YES, someone explain how can a spin bowler coach a team of fast bowlers and on top of that there weren't any specialized spinners playing in the team for the one day's. Please someone tell me. Fielding: Couple of months back we appointed johnty. for what??? fielding couch?? wow. I am sure the board had lots n lots n lots of free money because after that we cant even catch at all. Probably he left holes in the hands of our team. Thx Johnty. Bowling: I am sure rana naveed is someone's sweetheart because I fail to understand why the hell is he still playing and why the hell he is selected. Just to give you all an idea, The record match between south Africa and Australia, in which south Africa won there was this bowler in the Australian team who created the record for the highest runs conceded in a one day international, in that particular match. Does anyone knows his name, I don't. WHY BECAUSE HE NEVER PLAYED AGAIN, Batting: Mr. Bob hats off to you because you biggest achievement is that you failed to give us a good pair of openers. No one could do it but you. Excellent job.

    In the end just a final word, with this performance I wish we can beat Zimbabwe in the first round, secondly please remember that these 11 are selected out of the total 7.5 million men in our country.

  • mohamed sharief cassim on February 15, 2007, 7:50 GMT

    sir though i am certainly no tableeghi i am a pakistani cricket supporter born and bred in south africa.what i saw at the matches which i attended was a team lacking insight and conviction. i have tried to get in touch with the cricketing authorities but to no avail last nights massacre in my eyes was from alack of understanding of teh game we call cricket.Imraan Nazir a talent whom ihad vouched for on this very podium though a breath of fresh air disciplilne is required especially up front we had shown that in the durban odi.why play kamran at the top if he could be more effevtive at the later stages where the ball does much less.We lack the openning platform so dearly required in the modern game why as someonehas suggested play younis khan up the order since he invariably comesin with the ball being 1 over old.I am sorry for taking so much of space but to say I am disappointed is truly an understatment.Was-salaam

  • Syed Naumanuddin Hassan on February 15, 2007, 7:50 GMT

    I really don't get the logic behind Inzamam batting at number 6! It's a crime to make a bait out of technically poor batmen. Inzamam must lead by example and since the upper order is in a dilemma, he needs to bat at number 3 or 4. A lesson must be learnt from the great Imran Khan who successfully came at number 3 and 4 later in the World Cup 1992. Regarding the opening fiasco, we can never produce naturally gifted openers since the quality of pitches in the domestic circuit is awful, the technique and temperament are never put to a test. I think we should look forward towards developing our openers similar to what happened with Saeed Anwar.

    Anyway, at this eleventh hour we as a nation can only pray and back our flag and hopefully they will not follow the pattern of WC 2003. Just show high spirit and boldly face all levels of competition. Best of luck!

  • Saad Khan on February 15, 2007, 7:50 GMT

    Of all the above talks I came to one conclusion and that is said "when they blow hot they are top of the world and they blow cold they are top on the grain”.

  • Khalil on February 15, 2007, 7:50 GMT

    i m not able to comment on this TEAM

  • Azeem on February 15, 2007, 7:49 GMT

    Sorry Inzi. You've been a great cricketer. But in One Day Cricket you really cant hack it anymore. Just leave before you get kicked out. I blame the loss of this series primarily due to lack of leadership. Inzi now wants 11 players who eat, sleep, breathe the way he wants them too. Not 11 star performers.

  • bill on February 15, 2007, 7:49 GMT

    Sorry, I don't understand all this angst. I'm a South African supporter who watched both a Test and One Day series which could have gone the other way. Pakistan were on top in PE, remember, and could easily have gone to the 4th ODI in Cape Town 2-1 up. No need for Pakistan to panic. They have some superb players, have found a bowler of genuine class in Asif, have injured players returning for th World Cup plus Afridi, who was harshly treated with a four match ban. Pakistan is a class act and with luck and some form could easily repeat their triumph in 1992.

  • M. Tariq Alavi on February 15, 2007, 7:47 GMT

    Posted by: Hassan at February 14, 2007 7:12 PM

    In Contrast to Mr. Hasan following comments, "Tableeghis want to control team, they think they can worship their way to win world cup."

    I request everyone please do not involve Islam in Cricket as might be once Mr. Hasan will dye and will be in grave then Angels will come and ask him about Pakistan's performance in World Cup. This is the Habit of our people that once they starting winning, they said nothing but once start loosing, they start putting everything whatever they like. What about Muahnmmad Yousuf's record, he is the guy who converted to Islam and now see his performance.


  • AK on February 15, 2007, 7:47 GMT

    We have seen so many experiments on the opening slots, why not try Younis and Yousuf as opener. Younis pretty much comes to the middle during the first over and Yousuf joins him in the first 5 overs. Why make opening such a big deal when we know that they have to face the new ball anyway. We can then have Inzi bat at #4, and use likes of Asim Kamal and Yasir Hameed in the middle who we can certainly trust more than Imran Farhat, Mohammad Hafeez, or Imran Nazir.

  • Hussnain on February 15, 2007, 7:47 GMT

    Last night Imran Khan had made few comments on Pakistan Performance. He mentioned the following points and was very very upset: 1.There is no strategy 2.The captain is not coming on No. 4 3.Kamran had come up on No. 4 whcih is really amazing, the team was in trouble and the most authenticated and talented batsmen are coming after them, which is showing that they are afraid of new ball. 5.Imran Nazir should not be included in World Cup squad, because of his inability of defence and shot selection. 6.The Pakistani Captain is too much defencive and not taking any responsibility and not fighting at all. If you had watched the whole match, you can easily see that why Imran is so upset, because there is not a hint of fighting spirit in Pakistani team. I am wondering why few people are so optimistic about the team performance? Dont compare Pakistani team with India, at this point of time they are much better TEAM than ours. With this kind of attitude, Pakistani Team will be standing right before Bangladesh,(only in terms of team standing, I am sure Bangladesh Team has more zeal than Pakistani Team). How to improve? Get rid of red ribbon kind of attitude from PCB (Mr. Altaf has been reprtedly fighting and showing his power to each and every one nowadays). Get rid of favoritism, Yasir Hameed, Zulqarnain Haider and many others are victim of Mr. Captain's unjust and stupid kindness.Change the Coach, (may be it is hard to swallow but it is a fact that the contribution of coach has been pointed out by many greats), we have good names like Intikhab Alam, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Waqar Yunis etc. And last but not least change the Captain for the world cup, we need high spirited Captain, not a dull and down one.

  • HD-Ruler on February 15, 2007, 7:46 GMT

    Brother Kamran i couldnt find better words then yours.100% agree wid wot u have said put some more light into wots going on...i wud say 16 Million pplz prayer can only save pakistan and boost up there confidence.the way they were outclassed just before the megaevent wont take them anywhere. FJ very precisely written mate i agree with ur points in reply to Farhan Arif... where was the fighting spirit in last 2 odi's.all of you will agree that last 2 odi's were single sided matches.even kenya or bangladesh wud ve given hard time to SA...but the way our superstar team went reeling was totaly disgusting...

    Now prayers can only save us ....

  • Safa on February 15, 2007, 7:42 GMT

    Since when did Pakistan Cricket team have a proper support from their fans? LEtting the fans down wont make a difference because not all of them support the team like they should have... they keep on pointing out the mistakes whether we lose or win. Despite the fact that soo many changes have occured all the blame goes to one player... Inzy. Is it a law in pakistan cricket politics to blame everything on inzy and nothing on the selection or board? How come everything is being framed up against inzy itself? True some players are blamed but in the end the finger points at the captain. Embarassment cannot always be shown as an expression Mr.Kamran. You cannot always be so harsh on others' sense of guilt. It was more of a shock if you ask me...nothing else. Pakistan is a great team yet being mercilessly tortured in the PCB Politics. Naseem Ashraf is playing a good game since the day he got the chair. Nothing is going for pakistan and its all the politics to blame which has indirectly crushed Pakistani players to this level. If i were in your shoes i would not put the whole blame on one person but investigate the whole situation and then point fingers.

  • Mohsin on February 15, 2007, 7:42 GMT

    The lack of spirit to fight in Pakistani team is probably because of our lethargic captain, apart from being lazy he also sucks in brains department.

    The management has shown complete lack of understanding of the game cricket. They kept changing the openers every other match, kept experimenting with opening bowlers and continued to play the guys who has got absolutely zero skill.

    We can but pray that Pakistan makes it to at least super eight in the coming WC.

  • Shahbaz Faheem on February 15, 2007, 7:41 GMT

    To avoid more embarrasement, my advise to Inzimam:

    Please retire from ODI immediately and give PAK team a chance to win WC

  • SUR on February 15, 2007, 7:41 GMT

    As long as Inzi keeps all his underperforming boyfriends in his team and Bob keep on watching hardcores on his laptop..... don't expect anything. PERIOD

  • NFP on February 15, 2007, 7:39 GMT

    The way we went down in the 4th ODI, I was knew we had absolutely no hope left. I actually boycotTed watching the 5th ODI. I knew this team doesnt have what it takes to make a comeback. This is perhaps the most midiocre Pakistan cricket team ever since the one Wasim Bari led to England in 1978. A team which still has room for midiocrity like Rao Iftikhar Anjum, Shahid Nazir and devestatingly out-of-form players like Rana Naveed ... I mean, what the hell. England lose more than eight of their frontline players, get back-ups and actually go on to beat Australia thrice in week. I'm truely pissed at the way Pakistan has gone about playing its cricket. Not only spinless, but balless too.

  • M.Kamran .Ansari on February 15, 2007, 7:36 GMT

    Well , we can say a lot about this tour , but the prime fact reamins that , the top management of our tema seem to have no logic behind there descision contrary to a lay man who can even pinpoint there genuine strategy mistakes.Kamran Akmal has failed as an opener , so he gets demoted to number three slot , which is the backbone of a team.Howlong this will continue why nobody questions thwm for tis blunder.The management must be accounted for.

  • Omar Ahmed on February 15, 2007, 7:35 GMT

    I agree with Kamran Abbasi to some extent. The problem is that sub-contitent players are used to flat pitches, not bouncy tracks like South Africa. Key bowlers are injured, but that is no exuse. The reserves needed to stand up and show what they are made of. The Banning of Shahid Afridi, didnt help matters, as he was beginning to regain his touch. Inzi batting at Number 6. The idea might seem patethic to us, but they must have seem some sort of benefit in sending him at Number 6. World Cup arrivng soon, I just hope we Show determination, fight, and courage!. Inshallah, we should go far in the world cup, provided bob, Inzi and the whole team managment give confidence to their Players and support, and the Players need to produce the goods!

  • Zahir Hussain on February 15, 2007, 7:35 GMT

    The only way this Pakistan team can gather a bit of momentum for the WORLD CUP is, Change the captain immediately. Let YOUNIS KHAN lead the team and let Inzamam play as a batsman.

    At present form and age, its better Inzamam announces his retirement by himself or else the selection committee has no other option than throw him out of the team. Look at Shane Warne's, McGrtah's, Cairns and Justin Langer's. Why our players dont do that until they are thrown out of the team. Somebody answer.

  • Amanzeb Khan on February 15, 2007, 7:35 GMT

    I am definitely embarrassed. I work in Dubai with a number of other expatriates with whom I discuss cricket regularly. One of my colleagues in office is a South African and he kept a tissue box on my desk this morning. The basics of this team are not right. We have just too many all rounders. Inzi's favourites are not delivering yet they are still being retained in the team, case in point being Rana. We need more specialist batsmen and bowlers in the team. It is the only way we can shed the inconsistency. Its sad that for almost two years Inzi and Bob kept things together and the team was performing well consistently and things have fallen apart so close to the world cup. I still feel the team will do well in the World Cup. We may make it to the semi final but we just dont have the right combination to go all the way.

  • Najam on February 15, 2007, 7:35 GMT

    I disagree..though Pakistan lost with a huge huge margins but I still disagree because of many reasons. We know the conditions in SA and WI are entirely different. You know and should remember the indian team results in SA (keep in mind India has the strongest batting line up in the world) but performance of Pakistan is much better than India in SA. Plus Pakistan are playing without their main fast bowler otherwise who can say the SA can do the same. even yesterday, If Kallis was given LBW (replay show he was completely out) then the story may be some different (margin may not be so high). We as pakistani have one very very bad thing we are very emotinal and this is the main obstacle in forming a strong team. We want win thats it other wise captain is worse, coach is worse, teeam is wors but if we win, our captain is excellent, team is fighter, coach is good. Aus losses two final and one ODI and i can say on ODI and one final they lose without fighting but they can because Aussies are not so emotional, We forget that India lossed much worstly, Aussie losses against England in Austraila without fighting, Pakistan really fight in Test matches, really fight in 2nd and 3rd game. I do agree upto some extent that we should learn the lesson with this defeat but please please now this squad is final so buck up them because now your criticism will down further their moral. Our captain (with these resources) are much better, team is good but they need only on click (England losses historically in Aus but now they have won CB series) our position in 92 was more worse(even wo bowled out at 74 runs against England) but we won. so please please stop crying everytime and back your team up.

    Pakistani Team we are with you,, just fight without fearing of loss...

    Regards Najam

  • Aasim Raees on February 15, 2007, 7:34 GMT

    Well i would like to say ..plz stop blaming the cricketers, it;s not their fault completely...i would like to point some fingers at the Pak board who sit cosily in their homes hiding away from the media...Our infrastructure is next to nothing, U-17, U-19 & U-21 teams are in shambles ,,the cricket they play is not competitive at all, the mental toughness is not their from the start..who is to blame for this Inzimam?? no i dont think so..And i want to ask who apointed these people , like Saleem Altaf & Mr Ashraf, our very own useless selectors,,there time is up like all the aged cricketers who would be leaving after the WC, and i suggest that we get a newly ELECTED board, who would understand that the paki people are not dumb anymore and they know what the hell is goin on...

  • Mythsmoke on February 15, 2007, 7:33 GMT

    I think all I can say is that Inzamam has to go as captain. Consider this..when Graeme Smith was appointed captain, he was the brash, loudmouthed, and downright stupid in terms what he had to say....I remember his team struggling in Sri Lanka, but he continued to scream shout obscenities (at sri lanka, at his team, at the coach, at the pitch, and the stray dog who passed by as well)...BUT at least he had heart....his team now believes in a lot of the bravado frothing that he came out with...they are aggressive when on top, they are petulant when they lose...that’s important in any competitive situation..defeat should hurt, victory should be used to goad the opposition (that’s right defeat should hurt, if I cant see the tears then it didn’t hurt)..under inzi this team is stoic in both defeat and victory..and its infectious, guys like razzaq, even shoaib malik...they have such a vacant look in their eyes. I am sorry, Inzi has to go as captain...I just cannot reconcile to a passionless team.

    O btw did you guys notice that pakistan has only four specialist in world cup squad i.e. Nazir, Younis Khan, Inzi, Yousuf...I assume thats because we've all these great all-rounder’s in the team....hmmm...I wonder how many batsmen is Australia carrying?

    Stuart Clark (economical, threatening, wicket taker) vs. Tait (pacy, erratic, expensive, can run through sides)..we'll have the tait please, we already have the McGrath Umar Gul vs.Sami – well we’ll take the Gul, we could use an asif clone.. Everyone loves true pace….except this team.

    One last word on Wasim Bari, he selected pakistan’s 2003 world cup team as well. Instead of scouring the grounds in pakistan looking for talent (particularly opening batsmen), this guys goes to south Africa to discuss with coach and captain and then when comes back, doesn’t have the balls to face the media. Everyone talks about Inzi and Bob (rightly), but what has Bari achieved? Which talent has he spotted?

  • Sunil on February 15, 2007, 7:30 GMT

    Though I totally agree with Kamran. I wouldn't say that I am embarrassed. Ok, I am Indian, but it has happened with India way too often that they are trounced in every departement of the game. Pakistan's team is one the couple of others who have a never-say-die approach. I sincerely admire and respect that approach of their. They have been beaten in this series, no doubt about that. But don't forget the main bowlers are out of the contest. Afridi, the pathan is out. I was disappointed with the approach of the openers and also with younis. But having said that I truely believe that Pakistan will surely come back hard in the WC. I love to see Asif & Shoaib bowl in tandem. Afridei the real blaster beat the life out of the bowl, Younus, Younis & Inzi play their wonderful shots. Don't be ashamed, its the time to back 'em up. They have it in them. I agree with Zuhair, its just a matter of psyche together and go ahead!!! Wish you all a wonderful cricket season ahead!!! Be Happy & Spread ONLY Happiness!!!:)

  • Augustine on February 15, 2007, 7:29 GMT

    Hello Mr Kamran Abbasi, Please do not worry. Look at India. They were blasted left right and center in SA. I should say that Pakistan fared better than India in SA. And now, look how India is playing. I am an Indian and I am looking forward to only once thing: decimating the australians pride, and so I hope one of us would be able to do this in the coming edition of the world cup.

  • Tawqeer Mushtaq on February 15, 2007, 7:28 GMT

    It was a disgusting performance in the last two games. One team has to lose but at least show some character. I just want to know what is Razak,Rana and Haffez doing in this side when u have players like Slaman Bhat,Yasir Hameed and Asim Kamal, who are technically more correct and mentally tougher. Let us make it a point..We need more specialists than these cuts and pieces players like rana , razak, hafeez etc.. Apart from M Yousf, Inzy(seems to be aging now),Youns, Asif and Malik nobody there seems to be fit for international cricket. Hope Shoib and Gul come back..I still have high hops for a better show in world cup

  • srikanthan on February 15, 2007, 7:28 GMT

    I still think that this pakistan team has great depth in bowling once Asif is joined by Shoaib and Umer Gul. Batting may be a little suspect except for Yousuf and Younis and not so consistent ageing Inzy

    They and to a lesser extent India could be the surprise pack in the world cup

  • HUssain on February 15, 2007, 7:28 GMT

    shameless performance from pakistan team in south africa and including mohammed hafiz in the world cup team ahead of azhar mahmood imran farhat yasir hamid . it is very disspointing for me who love to watch each and every game of pakistan cricket.

  • Sohail Amjad on February 15, 2007, 7:27 GMT

    I am too very disappointed in Pakistan's performance but I think the thing that really hurt Pakistan were the injuries such as Shoaib Akhtar who once destroyed SA's top order in a test series. But injuries or not, there is no excuse for how they lost match by match without putting up even a little bit of fight.It would be very disappointing to see Pakistan lose the World Cup like they did in 2003.

  • UMB on February 15, 2007, 7:25 GMT

    What KA says, stikes a familiar cord in my heart. Shame or no shame, we must rise from shambles just like the Britons have done recently.

    Losing in such a consistant and imbecile fashion has resulted in decline of expectations by the people of Pakistan for our teams chances of having a go at the championship trophy.

    Which is not such a bad thing as without any expectations WE WILL NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED!!

  • George - SOUTH AFRICA on February 15, 2007, 7:24 GMT

    I would like to see appologies from all those big headed pakistani fans that said things like "Yousuf will play these pathetic South African bowlers with his eyes closed" before the start of the ODI series. And how dare you make comments about the South African teams harsh sledging and racist remarks! This was clearly all of Pakistanis fans just looking for something to moan about, knowing very well that they weere about to have a serious beating handed to them! If the Pakistani team had one tenth the commitment of any of the South African players they might actually look like a competitive international outfit. I suggest that next time you play South Africa you keep your arrogant mouths shut untill you actually win something!

  • Adnan Asmat on February 15, 2007, 7:23 GMT

    Emeberassing.....o GOD where our team is heading...i was a gr8 fan of PAK cricket before this series....n now i feel ashme of PAK team....i thnk if KENYA, BANGLADESh or some other team from lower reanking would have been there they can sure go beyong 175...but with the legends on paper i would say not on the field like inzi youni yousaf v even could,nt cross 150 figure.... i would just say dat MAG GOD belss our team and team managment so dat there would b rite peole on rite places.....

  • Adil on February 15, 2007, 7:23 GMT

    Look our team is going through a rough patch here and we should support them instead of criticizing them.We didn't have Afridi,Shoaib nor Umar Gul.And i assure you once they come back to the team they will ramp their to the World up finals.Inshallah!!But yes I was also hurt by their performances but we can hope for the best.Good Luck guys!!!!!!

  • farrukh on February 15, 2007, 7:22 GMT

    As long as Army rules Pakistan we will continue to be humiliated world over.Over and over again.In every department.A nation which accepts incompetent idiots like Gen Tauqir Zia and friends of the big General(Shaharyar Khan and Dr |Nasim Ashraf)is doomed.I wish I was born in a different country.

  • Malik Haroon on February 15, 2007, 7:22 GMT

    well...people as I can see all of us are die hard fans of this Pakistan Cricket team..Yesterday i was hoping that Pakistan will turn the tables around but it didnt happen.. to be honest of all the injuries and problems Pakistan team was felt like thinking to get it over with...may be they are waiting for the World Cup...well we all are and lets pray that these same players who have the capability of doing anything in the world of cricket can make us all proud...

  • Imran Ahmed on February 15, 2007, 7:22 GMT

    I am really disappointed on the way Pakistanies are behaving in the field. They are said to be one of the best teams on paper having big names but really no one is having enough mental toughness and courage to keep Pakistan's name up. Abdul Razzaq, Shoaib Malik, Youns Khan dont bother to justify their inclusion in the team and Kamran Akmal, Rana Naveed are surely having strong backing of Inzi though they dont want to to or more precisely are not able to perform. In my opionion, Inzi have never been a good captin. However, he was winning because of his good wishes with the Pakistan. What happened now is he became a politician, give favours to specific people, tried to kick out Shoiab Akhtar, succeeded in kicking out the Waqar Younis and brought his friend Mustaq Muhammad (who is really doing nothing except earning for himself). I rally love Pakistan and Pakistan Cricket but hath those who are playing with the feelings of Pakistanies and Inzi is on the top of it..... He should ask himself so many things and try to correct himself. That will be the only solution for all problems......... May Allah force him to do the things which should be done by a Captin.

  • Umair Qazi on February 15, 2007, 7:21 GMT

    Slightly off topic but may be you can raise this issue in another article - the issue of Shoaib Malik. Well he bats at no. 6 so usually he would come in when the score is 250+ for 4 down...or he may not come in at all to as that score gives the likesof Afridi and Razzak a great launch he's not really required when Pakistan's batting has done rarely well...The other scenario, which seems to be more often these days - he would come in at 60-4 or 70-5 to try and salvage some pride and take the score to respectable levels...but his 40 or 50 that he scores in those situations goes to waste cause it hardly takes Pak to victory - it just ensures we bat the full quota of overs or somewhere close to my question is - why is he being wasted? He used to be our best #3 sometime back and he can't bat there cause that's Younis Khan's position...well Bob and Inzi need to think abt it...and it breaks my heart that Yasir Hameed has not been considered for the opening position...i read somewhere he has 4 scores in the range of 40 and 75 in his last 4 ODI innings spread over 2 years...what are the selectors doing? what is the captain doing? what is the coach doing?

  • Ash-india on February 15, 2007, 7:21 GMT

    Pakistan has some brilliant individual players (read Youhana, Inzi, Afridi, Asif etc..) but as a team they don't click coz Inzi is not a natural captian. In a game of cricket, u need your captain to assess the game continously and make the required changes..

    In my opinion, Youhana would be a better captain than Inzi..

  • anwer on February 15, 2007, 7:21 GMT

    Kamran Bhai sadly the pride to play for country has gone completely missing. One sole reason is that Pakistan has stopped producing new players. In the last few years the only name that springs to mind is Mohammed Asif. Apart from our top of the line players there are a few names which keep making recurring appearances now and again. The likes of Farhat, Hafeez, yasir hameed, imran nazir are some of these names. They come to play at the international level with good domestic form and fail. They are then replaced with the second guy in line. I have not seen any new names for a long time now. The question which is to be asked is that In the whole domestic scene of Pakistan Are there no players who can be included in the International Eleven?. What are the number of Debuts that we have seen in the last few years?.Dont even get me started on the bowling. Pakistan use to be a bowling side which can put up a fight with any total on the board, now even a score of 350 seems chaseable.

  • Steve on February 15, 2007, 7:20 GMT

    Firstly, let me tell you, if your a hard core fan, you have to be supportive of the team, let it be a bad or a good result. I am sure all the England supports felt the same way, but then England came back. I think we have to be more positive for the world cup, our team needs us and this is not going to help them, Just think if one or even all the Pakistani players were reading would just drown them, I love my country and I love my matter what. All I can say is that I am going to pray for them and I am pretty sure things will turn around. May God Bless Pakistan and oh yeah..OUR PLAYERS TOO!!...GOT GET EM PAKISTAN!!!!

  • Brian on February 15, 2007, 7:19 GMT

    By the way, the team's equipment was not lost/stolen at the airport - it turns out that the team left it at the hotel.

    Says a lot about the team and its management.

  • khawaja naveed zafar on February 15, 2007, 7:17 GMT

    The way Pakistanies are playing their cricket it looks like that they just resigned the fact that they cannot beat the teams like Australia and South Afirca. All of that is to be blamed to the captain and the coach. Both of them are the most defensive i have ever seen

  • bubzoo on February 15, 2007, 7:17 GMT

    The thing is that they have no fear of being dropped ... no matter how you play or even don't play at all you still manage to get in the team and than have the nerve to laugh after getting humiliated ... its a game they say but they all are professional players no other means of livelihood so they can not call it a game its their profession and one has to be on top of things!

  • Ahsan on February 15, 2007, 7:13 GMT

    I just cant believe how stupid a captain can be??// totally sense less or i should say brain less captaincy. And believe me i was telling my father while watching the match what he will do. After posting a total of 152 how would have he beleived that SA will go past 40 over mark chasing it and hence opting for power play2? what sense does it makes to send kamran akmal at 4? how can selectors left out salman butt, specially after scoring so heavily at the domestic level and scoring 166 in a recently concluded final? Every thing is just unbelievable.

  • Kiran Zubair (Niagara Falls, Ontario) on February 15, 2007, 7:12 GMT

    Typical gutless performance by a bunch of over-rated maulvis who think God will make their incompetent and cowardly butts win games. Instead of asking God to help them win cricket games, they need to apologize to their fans and to God himself for not working hard enough to win games, like professionals do. These losers are paid very well, looked after by the Cricket board, free tickets are given to their wives and kids so they can all go sight-seeing in South Africa, and in return they do not even perform as a national team. I would suggest that a) People like Razzaq,Rana Navid,Akmal,Hafeez,Nazir,Sami etc be dropped and their contracts revoked immediately. Younger players should be brought into the team to replace these losers, and they must be made mentally tough to succeed at international level. Furthermore, the PCB needs to enforce two rules - nobody gets more than a medium salary when the team loses a game, ie the board will get more money than the players, if the team wins, the players get the full bonus - that way these greedy fools will work even harder to win so they can go home with some money, and secondly - all wives and kids should be banned from any overseas tour. The PCB is not running a hotel - these fools are paid well to play for tour lasts more than a month and a half...if they miss their wives so much - they can stop playing cricket and stay home with them. We need to be tough with these overpaid, mentally weak losers, and stop thinking they are special or that they are "heroes". They`re just a bunch of losers and need to be treated accordingly.

  • Jay on February 15, 2007, 7:11 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi is simply overreacting and getting too emotional. It's not something new - Pakistan team have alway been unpredictable. To link the outcome of a cricket series to the pride of 160+ million people is embarrassing to the country.

  • umar on February 15, 2007, 7:11 GMT

    i think the reason for this debacle is not solely on the players. i have seen ordinary people turn into great teams becasue: they were made to practice and drill, and no one who missed the practices was spared. unless the management practices accountability there is no hope. currently it does not look like they are just lethargic, they also look out of practice. unless they practice like the others and show commitment, and unless they are made to practice, tehy wont be able to compete. lack of accountability and bad management also shows in the team selection. which team in the world would send a bowler like shoaib akhtar back in such a hurry which looks like an insult. which team would fire their performing coach like waqar younis one month before world cup? the same thing happened in 1999 world cup, when there was miandad coach, everyone was performing fine, he was fired and in came richard pybus. at that time i felt the previous momentum took us to the finals, but that was only so far we could go without proper coaching and management. this time without proper coaching, management, practices etc, and unfit players, i dont think we can go to the super sixes even.

  • Muneeb on February 15, 2007, 7:10 GMT

    I'm a South African and patriotically support the boys in green and gold. I think the Pakistanis should not be too hard on themselves; it is very difficult to win a one series, or any series in South Africa. On a more touching note: Hassan (above) states that Mushtaq Ahmed was brought to ensure tableeghis control the team. I am a devout Muslim although in South Africa, and let me tell you, that for some people, having imaan might just ne better than having the world cup in a few months time.

  • anirudh on February 15, 2007, 7:10 GMT

    I think that the same set of players, on a different day, their day, can make mincemeat of any team, including australia.

    As an Indian, I am fascinated by the Pakistan cricket team. The Indian team will plod along - sometimes good, sometimes bad, but never awesome and never absolutely pathetic. With the Pakistan team, its never so. They can never be mediocre. Like the proverbial lil girl, they can be very very good, or downright horrid. One never knows which Pakistan team will show up, on any given day. But, given the law of averages, since they have been so bad in Pakistan, I'll wager that they will do a complete turnaround and win the world cup next month.

  • Rana M on February 15, 2007, 7:08 GMT

    To say disapointed is not the right word, I am off mood from yesterday. Have fought my Wife 3 times, have not gone to my workplace. I winder why i am so heart broken. In my 35 Years of Watching Cricket, i should have left watching it by now.

  • Raashid Shunthoo on February 15, 2007, 7:08 GMT

    Well now the time has come where Pakistan cricket needs some serious tactical changes.Indeed no one would have blamed them, but the way how they have approched their cricket especially in SA is pathetic. They are capable of performing better then what they did.If we keenly analyze third ODI, i guess at centurion, in which they demostated what wonders they can do even after losing one much by very large margin.It epitomizes the fact that they are mentally very tough and can never be taken for granted,but consistency is the problem. We keep on saying much about their unpredictable nature but very less is being done to erase that image.One cannot survive in todays cricket only by being unpredictable.It is high time for Pakistan cricket authorities to initiate some checks and balances.Having said that i beleive only some fine tunning needs to be done while keeping the basic strcture as it is.

  • Qasim Saeed on February 15, 2007, 7:03 GMT

    The psyche of the Pakistani supporter is as predictable as the performance of the Pakistani team is unpredictable. Understandably the loss is disappointing but we need to think about it with an objective mind. Pakistan has managed to put up a decent fight of sorts in the test matches with just Asif and maybe Kaneria too. We did not have batting debacles in the tests that we are used to seeing from previous Pakistani teams on tour to Australia or South Africa, that on the back of a very hectic season too. Add to the hectic schedule, PCB histrionics and the string of controversies and injuries that this team has mustered. DIL PER MAT LE YAAR!!! I think we all agree with 90% of the selected team for the world cup and barring one or two players, all have shown their abilities at some stage of their careers i.e. they are not useless or lack ability. Hopefully this one month breather will be what the Dr. ordered for the team. Add to that the much friendlier pitches of the West Indies and the return of Umar and Shoaib inshaAllah and we have a tournament on our hands. IMO the following line up will be most effective for Pakistan of the selected lot. Imran Nazir, Shoaib Malik, Younis Khan, Muhammad Yousaf, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal, Abdur Razzaq, Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Gul, Muhammad Asif When Pakistan won the World Cup in 1992 from the verge of being knocked out (1 win in first five matches), it was said that the team won due to the prayers of the nation (it was Ramadan then and I don’t remembering ever praying as hard for anything in my life myself) so I would suggest that we lift our hands in prayer and wish this team well. It is after all the Pakistan cricket team, it is our team!!!! GO PAKISTAN!!!!!

  • Imran Zia on February 15, 2007, 7:01 GMT

    Yes the Pakistan team needs inspiration but where will it come from. It is the Captains job who has to "lead from the front" but Inzamam belives in "losing from the back". He prefers to watch out the new pall and the movement at number six, having the experience of three previous tours of South Africa, whereas he sends the young and incapable bunnies to throw their worthless wickets playing some poor shots. Their team selection and strategies defy logic and is a cause for frustration and anger amongst many. What has Rana Naveed done to be in the squad? What has Yasir Hameed done to be dropped? and if there is any merit for selection then no player except Younis, Yousaf and Asif has done enogh to stay in the team. The only thing in pakistan's favor is that they can only play better than the have played already and not worse.

  • BiM on February 15, 2007, 7:00 GMT

    I am an Indian team supporter but I am a hard core cricket fan. I've been following Pak tour to SA and was comparing it with India's recent tour to SA. Just as Pak were outbatted, outfielded and outbowled in this were India. Problem with sub-continent team is that they don't prepare more lively pitches in homeland and have to suffer when they travel to SA or Aus or even NZ. That being said..both India and Pak have issues with their teams. I only see three players in Pak team who are capable of winning this world cup and they are Inzi, Younis Khan and favourite...Yosuf Yohana....All best!!!

  • Shahab Shahid on February 15, 2007, 6:59 GMT

    Most of the people who give comments on this blog have not cricketing sense at all.We have to understand that in that series our bowling was incomplete without Shaoaib Akhtar and Umar Gul.Please Mr. Kamran Abbasi tell me what would South Africa be without Pollock and Ntini.If we see performance of Pakistan after 2003 World Cup ,Pakistan have beaten every test playing nation except Australia in tets series.Pakistan was even not as consistent as have been in last 2 years even when Wasim and Waqar were playing.We have to understand that we lost test series aganist SA due to absence of main bowlers.If we had complete bowling attack then we would have beaten SA 3-0. And even in one Dayers we could have performed much better.Rana was man of the series in previous one day series against WI.I hope that this was just a bad series for him and he will come more stronger in world cup.Plz Kamran read my comments and think on it.Pakistan have every chance of winning the worldcup.We will have to play 6 matches in super eights.Pakistan will have to perform well in 2 or 3 consecutive matches then everything will be allright.And on captaincy of Inzi, he had best record as captain for Paksitan after Imran Khan.So we cannot just write off Pakistan for worldcup.And remember India lost 4-0 to SA even with their great batsmen ang spinners.Plz every reader read my comments and pray for Pakistan for the worldcup and do not disherten other people by writing negative comments about Pakistan cricket team.

  • Ahmad Raza on February 15, 2007, 6:54 GMT

    Pakistan has always been an inconsistent team... everyone thought them down and out after that first match, and how did they come back??? You guys are way too judgemental, you mark my words, they're gonna reach at least the semi-finals.

  • Harry Iryris on February 15, 2007, 6:51 GMT

    As an Indian I watched al the PAK-SA encounters, thinking that PAK would do better in SA than India specially in ODI.But I was totally wrong. The last 2 ODI defeats specially was soul shattering. There are few thing missing from Pakistan side 1. Absence of Salman butt, he was very good opener and fighter (I don't why is not in WC squad) 2. Energy of Afridi missing in last 2 ODI. He can be a opening option. 3. Why so many batting order changes. It brings so much instability and lack of confidence in player. ?. I think Pakistan also is stil experimenting like India. 4. Lack of strike bowlers in shoib, gul etc. Once they are in squad,we shall see good contest in WC. 5. Inzy also needs get back in form and fitness. Hoping for good exciting Ind-PAK encounter in WC.

  • Hussain on February 15, 2007, 6:49 GMT

    haha I would have been more worried if Pakistanis had thrashed South Africans in this series cuz then they would have taken everything easy and screwed the worldcup. Now with the West Indian wickets (flat ones like the subcontinent) and fear of losing their place in the team/house back in pakistan makes them a dangerous side. However, Inzi is no Imran, so world cup is out of the question but my guess is they will at least reach the semis. England or West Indies might win the finals.

    PS: FOR GOD'S SAKE KICK RANA OUT! I don't care how good he has been over the past two years. When you have a goal in mind, you should compromise on anything but the goal. Get the current best 11 out there in the middle damn it. Whats up with the injuries though. I guess the nido generation is yet to come.

  • Ahsan Karim on February 15, 2007, 6:42 GMT

    The administration of Pakistan cricket has to be blamed for this. They have failed miserably. However it has always been this way. We need an inspirational leader like Imran Khan. He led a bunch of schoolboys to a world cup win. We need to be more aggressive not only when it comes to playing cricket but also when it comes to getting rid of players who don't perform or think they are bigger than the team. Imran would bring his troops to bursting point when he hurled abuse and profanities at their family and at them in the dressing room, I ve heard some of them would be so frighted that literally would be peeing in their pants. Unfortunately this is the way our people have to be handled in all aspects of life to push them to perform it seems. I totally agree that the team needs to wear their hearts on their sleeve. It seems as though they don't realize that the only reason they are stars is because of the Pakistanis all around the world which support them every time, but when you show such an obvious lack of fight and interest towards the game, you will be turned upon and rightly so.

  • Asim Aleem on February 15, 2007, 6:39 GMT

    Finally the SA tour is finished and one thing that has changed after series is that Pakistan atlast have become "PREDICTABLE", Wondering How????? well now anybody can predict that Pakistan is going to loose a game. It was a bit too disappointing than everyone thought especially in ODIs. What basically were the expectations of all the fans that despite a competitive Test series where even though Pakistan had chances to win the series more than once, it was indeed a much sad end to One day series. I think there was a reason to believe that in first ODI our bowling got thrashed all over and SA fall just mere 8 runs short of 400 because most of our bowlers were injured. But what about the final two ODIs, do Inzy have an answer to that???? It was the best lot of Pakistani Batsmen. I think we as the fans of Pakistani cricket wouldnt criticize the defeat always but if the defeat is so shameful and there was no contest between the two than i think we have got every right to be mad.

  • Aamir Azim on February 15, 2007, 6:02 GMT

    Mohammad Mahzer : I dont think English itself is a problem. It is simply a matter of professionalism and mental strength - both of which are seriously lacking in this group of players. The PCB needs to understand that the days where one-man shows would bring team wins are now GONE. Cricket has become much more professional, technology is all over the place, and if you`re mentally or technically weak - there is nowhere for you to hide in international cricket. For instance, Graeme Smith KNEW that Rana Naveed and Abdul Razzaq were confidence bowlers and if he took the attack to them - they would never recover and thats exactly what happened. In the test series, they knew that it doesent matter if they dont score of Kaneria - they just have to block him as much as they can and he`ll get frustrated, start experimenting, and then they can take him for runs..and thats what they did. The point is, Bob Woolmer can make plans and what not for these fools...but if they dont execute the doesent matter if you`re Bob Woolmer or Imran Khan - the coach cannot go out and play for these spoilt brats. As Pakistanis, we should understand why our team is so poor and not just blame the coach because he`s white. Thats just third-rate mentality on the part of some uneducated Pakistanis, to be honest.

  • NUR on February 15, 2007, 5:47 GMT

    Please lets not waste time on PAK ..we all have better things to do..

  • Atif on February 15, 2007, 5:46 GMT

    Here is the solution to the proble. Inzy should have been dropped from the one day cricket team. He is no captain at all. His performance was zero and then he can go on blaming batsman on GEO or ARY. The only guy who stayed on the wicket for a while was Shoaib Malik and he is sent as #7??? He should be sent as one down. Kamran Akmal is not in the form to open should have gone as #6 or #7. Instead of Rana Naveed they should have taken Yasir Arafat( He was the only guy who made 40 some runs in champions trophy match against SA). Rana should be dropped for good. These all decisions require leadership and thats what is also missing from inzy. He is done what he could and now its time to take a hike. He should be the first one to be dropped from the World cup team. MOST IMPORTANT GUYS PLEASE STOP TRYING TO HIT THE LAST BALL OF THE OVER WHICH IS ALSO A WIDE BALL. Peace:)

  • ali a on February 15, 2007, 5:20 GMT

    I am still watching the highlights, so will only comment on Pakistani batting which I have seen.

    First let me congratulate SA for their deserved win, they totally outclassed Pakistan in last 2 games. Secondly, let me say shame on the umpires - after a replay it clearly shows that Hafeez and Rana were not outs, they did not flick those balls - especially Rana. So bad bad umpiring.

    Rest, bad piece of batting from Pakistan. They were in such a hurry to play their shots as if they were going to miss their flight back home.

    Their batting reminds me of this famous "50-50" joke (I believed made on Zaheer Abbass) in which he was smoking a cigarette before his turn. When his turn comes, he hands over his cigarette his fellow team mate asking him to keep it burning till he returns. He goes out to bat and comes out in the same over. I am sure most of you have seen this classic timeless joke. It was true then and its true now on (although more and more true now) of Pakistan batting.

    Seriously they need to ask this question: Did Australia now and WI in 80s got to be no 1 with this kind of attitude and performance? I believe the answer to this question will explain why we performed the way we did today...

    Rest later after watching the SA batting

  • sohaib on February 15, 2007, 5:20 GMT

    ok so this is my 4th post in as many days and after the dissappointment of last game when we were skittled out for 103 add we lost again..However, lets look at where we made our mistakes. First and was a good idea to play Mohammad Hafeez in today's match even though he didn't click. At least we didn't open with kamran akmal but sending the guy in at number 4 did not make the world of sense to me..I mean he should have batted down the order and if anyone was to come at number 4 other than inzamam it should have been shoaib malik. I CANNOT REITERATE THIS ENOUGH>> SHOAIB MALIK IS BEING WASTED DOWN THE ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!EITHER HE should be opening the innings with imran nazir or batting at number 3...he is one person you can rely on to do well in these positions. so we lost yet again to south africa. however, we have never won in south africa so why is everyone so surprised? whats all the commotion about? pak fought valiently in the test series and pushed the south africans against the wall with a depleted bowling attack, and no doubt some of the batsmen/bowlers played tired looking shots. however asif as usual bowled his heart out along with the likes of rao ifthikhar. rana naveed was once again disappointing. Why he has been picked for the World Cup when he is going for no less than 9 runs an over is quite mind boggling. With his current form, mohammad sami or azhar mehmood would have been a far better choice no doubt. Yet all is not lost. There is news taht Umar Gul will be fit and with him and Mohamamd Asif as the new ball pair, it will no doubt send a shiver down the opponents spine. Having shoaib akhtar alongside thse two is the ideal situation; however, some reason or another I believe that this will not happen, we might be lucky to see two of em together; but i doubt all three will play together (unless Allah al Mighty really showers his blessings on da Paki team) pakistan lost...yet they have 3 weeks to regroup. we have seen in recent times that after taking a drubbing paki team has come back hard and won convincingly. After england and icc champions trophy they came back to give the Windies a crushing is during these times of turmoil that you can expect the Paki team to bounce back hard. Maybe it is a blessing in disguice that everythign is not well with Pakistan prior to the world cup...maybe it is the extra motivation they need to hit back hard...severl things need to be worked out in the next few weeks Rana naveeds bowling; kamran akmals batting and keeping form; successful drug tests; and return of the fitness for our current bowlers. Despite the hard luck of South Africa, there remains no doubt in my mind that the Paki team will bounce back hard in the World Cup and we can have a few surprises in store. Inshallah Pak will put up a good show at the world cup...never understimate the paki power......

    sincerely, your die hard paki cricket fan...

  • Tauhira ƒŕõm Ĵämãîċā on February 15, 2007, 5:18 GMT

    Awwww another Paki loss again. Could be just that they are having a bad week. Every team goes through it and bounce back ... eventually.

    Anywayzz I'm so excited to see them play the West Indies in the Opening Match of the World Cup in a few weeks Insha Allah.

    Good luck to ma Windies!


  • Raja on February 15, 2007, 5:05 GMT

    Good job coaches BOB WOOLMER & MUSTAQ AHMAD.

    In south africa, our fast bowlers were trained by leg spinner Mustaq Ahmad. If this was not true, what he was doing there? Collecting $$$$ (Money).

    Do not forget to share with your buddy (Inzi), he is the one who brought you coach, poor legend fast bowler Waqar Younis.

    Raja, Punjab

  • Nadeem on February 15, 2007, 4:59 GMT

    Led by Example. Our captain is completely out of form. do not complain with the team.

    From last one year Inzamam scored one or two innings out of his 20 or more innings. He scored mostly well on the home ground. He is old and unfit for the cricket.

    His world cup batting average is 23 less than Imran Khan & Kapil Dev, please remeber Imran Khan & Kapil Dev were not considered as a specialist batsman.

    If we wanna win world cup, We should rid off Inzi b4 the world cup.

    Nadeem London, UK

  • Shazad on February 15, 2007, 4:56 GMT

    Training Camp-Getting Ready to Succeed -------------------------------------- - Create Visions, Not Dreams - Put Everybody in a Position to Succeed - Create Inconvenience - Delegate Leadership - Make the Will Stronger than the Skill - Make the Grass Your Blackboard - Understand that Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal

  • rehan on February 15, 2007, 4:55 GMT

    is it ok to loose. i guess yes as long as we were fighting,tring doing the best to win.With Pakistan this is somthing we rarely see.sometimes i wish we had a choice in watching sports but all pakistan has is cricket.Is there any other sports pakistanis are good at.

  • muhammad zaheer on February 15, 2007, 4:47 GMT

    salam the only thing im going to say u never know with pakistanis.on their days they will do some impossiablethings but on few days they will miss unmissable things. all pakistan team need is little fire lets hope at the start of the wc some incident make inzi angry(like loosing in this fashion is not enough)or mushraf call him give him order u better win wc

  • Razi Ahmed USA on February 15, 2007, 4:47 GMT

    We handed over an young team to Inzi and Bob to make them ready for 2007 WC.What happened during last three years. 1. Inzi acted as Amir-ul_Momineen by having two-third majority support from a specific georaphic region. 2. Players were as usual selected on basis of geography, quota, specific language like other departments in our country so result is obvious 3. Inzi and Co has fullfilled the dream of MMA by establishing a team who does not have enough courage to leave their position for other suitable player like their counterparts at national assembly. 4. These so-called heroes have no shame like our leader to leave your seat for others if you are not DELIVERING. 5. Ramiz Raja is another agent of this team who is on pay roll to praise this team. Now he is doing a program on Geo TV. 6. Razaq, Rana, Akmal, Hafeez, Farhat, Malik, and Nazir VS Asif Iqbal, Miandad, Mushtaq, Saeed Anwer,Tauseef ahmed...can you comapare the contribution they did 7. There are bunch of people who are recieving WELFARE money from PCB without doing any real contribution 8. How much moeny our national wants to earn without doing any job. This money is HARAM beacuse you are not doing your job 9. If our players are true beleivers of Islam then remeber those wars which has fought by our prophet[PBUH] without any foriegn coach. 10. Inzi think about all the money which has gone into the pocket of Woolmer and Co, all the money has been spent to have harmony...Last time I check this is a TEAM and we need someone from England to teach us Harmony. Inzi Islam teaches us harmony remember the teaching of our religion. 11. Auditing, performance, professionalism, merit,honesty, uprightness, quality, Appraisal - Inzi take a course on these words 12. Learning from past decisions is an important part of the process but formidable obstacles get in the way. Ego defenses, such as our tendency to rationalize bad outcomes, make feedback incomplete and inaccurate. Finally A team player . . . - Visualizes what can be. - Understands the big picture. - Realizes that his freedom to do his own has ended. - Knows that his obligation and responsibility to the team come first. - Has a commitment to goals. - Trusts his teammates and puts value in the team. - Respects his teammates' individual differences. - Handles conflict successfully. - Communicates openly and freely with his teammates and coaches.

  • Khurram Jahangir on February 15, 2007, 4:47 GMT was very dissapointing, but there is always another way to look at this. I would "like" to think that Pakistan needed to go through such humiliation before the WC so they can realize their problems before the WC even starts. Do you really thing India, SA etc. are in a better position because they are winning in their own backyard?? What is India gaining by playing on dead tracks, beating WI and SL. Sure..they can gain confidence, but ODI cricket is about what happens on THAT day! I actually feel better when I am not expecting anything from the Pak team before a WC, because then there is no pressure. If they get to the Quaters..great...better then expected!!

  • Saif Khan on February 15, 2007, 4:46 GMT

    I think the Pakistan team is very down at the moment. The players have lost their spirit and perhaps their energy, this is clearly shown in their fielding. The players are not taking responsibility whether it is their batting or bowling. The openers and the batsmen below Mohammad Yousuf with the eception to shoib malik are not taking responsibility at the crease and trying to build a total for the team, they just play rash shots. The back up bowlers looked out of their league against S.A batsmen, especially Rana Naved who has become a burden on the team.It seems as if Pakistan haven't groomed enough players at home or the selectors are making bad decisions but having a team filled with allrounders isn't right, especially when they don't fire most of the time. The one thing that has eluded Pakistan's grasp for a very long time is consistency. But Pakistan is a team to pull out surprises and I am expecting one this time.

  • Gulab Khan on February 15, 2007, 4:46 GMT

    MERIT is essential for any win.

    This is the result of the selection. PCB and Inzamam should learn lesson and ask ALLAH to forgive them. We want change in the world cup. Captain performance with bat and head was terrible.

    Gulab Khan Peshawer

  • Dawar, USA LA on February 15, 2007, 4:38 GMT

    PCB and Inzi did not select team on performance. This is the result of their injustice.

    Inzi special blessings to Kamran Akmal, Abdul Razak, Sohaib Malik & Naveed-ul-Hasan brought this result.

    Careless wicket keeper was failed in whole series but Inzi never tried second wicket keeper. Still PCB could replace him by Sarfraz Ahmed or Mohammad Salman.

    I am sure they will give better performance than Kamran Akmal.

    Naveed ul hasan is in terrible form. PCB could give chance to Anwar Ali, young fast bowler who was our hero in the under 19 world cup and doing very good in current Quaid-e-Azam trophy.

    Abdul Razak is completely lost his form.

    Inzamam or PCB could try in form young all rounder Fawad Alam, he is doing wonderful in the domestic cricket.

    By himself Inzi performance is declining very fast.

    Our batting was terrible in whole series, especially openers. Asim Kamal was there but he was sent without any appearance in the game.

    Inzamam time is over.

    Inzi, for the sake of Pakistan cricket team, please announce ur retirement b4 the world cup.

    Inshallah, we will win world cup easily without you and ur dectorial captain ship.

  • Sameer Khalid on February 15, 2007, 4:32 GMT

    Now its up to the players only... they should realize that millions of people are depending on them and step up to the opportunity. We are forced to question the commitment of the team since they are failing to even put up a fight. Fine, we loose, but all of us would like to see a team that goes down fighting. ** Spirit and self belief, that is all what is needed in our side. Pakistani team has the potential to win the worldcup, its a deep down dangerous gut feeling i have.

  • shakur on February 15, 2007, 4:20 GMT

    wow i am astonished to see so many ppl write about the way pakistan lost ... n i am truely embaressed by performence of pakistan in da last two matches ... itz not the defeat hurts its the manner in which we were defeated hurts, i have been there personally in a situation where some guys just dun show any spirit or any thought of fight they just dun care enuff to feel for the loss, yes im talkin abt small local matches bt there are some who i have seen given there heart and soul till the very last run..... but today it was so sad that pakistan showed no charecter when asif took a wicket it looked as if they are like the old boys from 90's who just want to win to matter what when it matters ... im not that big fan of shoaib but even he has a sprit may it be for fame or what ever but he gives in a fight which i din see today from inzamam .. i mean by saving asif's 5 overs what did he think he would b able to achieve ? i mean if you are gonna go down atleast pick your gun and shoot rather dan dyin in a foxhole .... n personally i feel razzak has jus lost intrest in cricket the way he has bowled shows no intent of any enthusiasm its like seeing a robot bowl just doin it as a job rather then doing something out of passion n pride.playing a sport should be about you being passionate of the game rather dan thinkin it as your job n then playing for your country is something so remarkable that itself shud be enuff to b motivated

  • Jamil USA on February 15, 2007, 4:15 GMT

    everryone is pouring their heart out but unfortunately none of our national players will be able to understand our emotions because its ENGLISH.MR Abbassi talk in PUNJABI.

  • Hasan Rizvi on February 15, 2007, 4:02 GMT

    forget everything else DUMP INZIMAM first and foremost,look at atleast the last 10 to 12 ODIs what has he done besides being a lousy fielder and a lethargic uninspiring captain ? just prayers and beards which are getting longer by the day instead of batting averages won't cut it, a big fat ZERO,time to DUMP INZI !!!!!!

  • fhs on February 15, 2007, 3:53 GMT

    I totally agree with you, Kamran! I think positive and am not an emotional person. I always support Pakistan even in the defeats. But last 2 games, they way our team played, it was a display of depression and embarrasement. That made us sick! The team turned the whole nation down. INZY must provide us an explanation. I would be mad to hear from him "Jee! boyz were tired in the end of series" upon his return to home.

  • jamil on February 15, 2007, 3:30 GMT

    so now pakistani team is missing its shame and pride too. I thought it was merely their batting ... errr equipment lost. I have seen Bangladesh, Holland and even Canadian team show more heart than these superstar. It is the same story year after year. I remember the match when Pakistan was 17 for 7 wickets (against WI I believe) and Zaheer Abbas then helped the team go to 60 all out. I remember the match when pakistan was beaten like a school team by India in last world cup. And I remember today (and 11th Feb) when Imran Nazir (and may be Younis) played like men. Inzi played like a street player again. You would guess that someone who has scored over 10000 runs will have a bit of class, but he still shuffles in his crease at the start of the innings. I mean what did he learn in last 17 years if he still does the same mistake. Sure he is a great batsman, but did he actually play for pride today? Fine, Imran and Hafeez and Younis and Yousuf failed, but where is the captain's knock. Last time we saw that was in England. Then we compare him with players like Ponting and Tendulkar and Lara. Only if Younis hadn't done that blunder before the Champions Trophy, Inzi would have lost his captaincy.

    So where does this lead us now - as usual, the street players will play in the world cup like every other time - full of uncertainty. Here is something I have observed, SA, AUS etc batsman come out with confidence at its peak and starts going down if they can't play properly. Pakistani batsmen go out with confidence at zero and start building up. I mean, this is enough. I hope the WC will yield something more exciting than this performance.

    Let's see ...

  • anwar,los angeles on February 15, 2007, 3:18 GMT

    indeed kamran bhai, sure i am embarrassed by a pethatic display of cricket from pakistani resistance or fighting back strategy is seen by our national hero's..what happen to the skipper...some thing should be done about him....IF indian cricket board can sack ganguly on a bad performance, then why not let ...inzimam go...?..he is not above any one ....he did not performe well in this ODI series..and his "chamcha's" razzaq,and kamran akmal are even worst then any other players...why are they still around...i would PCB..we are not winning the world cup,,lets just send an entire new team with the exception of "afridi,moyo,and probably younas....make afridi a captain...i bet this will be a much better team then the current jokers ..playing for pakistan....

  • Asad Bangash - Toronto on February 15, 2007, 3:04 GMT

    Kamran bhai do us a huge favour : Tell Bob woolmer and Inzi that they are lazy idiots !!

  • Sohail on February 15, 2007, 2:53 GMT

    To -***ZARAK KHAN - We are in the same boat buddy ... AHH, can't get rid of this passion, no matter how hurt and bruised we are .. "I am ashamed of stealing my time from my job to watch misery unfold, And I am ashamed of dozing at work for I did not sleep when I should"

    I couldn't stop smiling for a while after reading this. As exactly i am doing the same thing.

  • Saqib Javaid on February 15, 2007, 2:44 GMT

    I have come to the conclusion STOP THINKING ABOUT PAKISTAN WINNING THE WORLD CUP....i think they will not go beyond super 8s.....what a waste of money and time .....

  • Ali on February 15, 2007, 2:33 GMT

    I believe simply the if the head is weak so shall that effect the body. Pakistan's cricket slection committee is become quite shamble from these "not fit" labels" on player and Mr. Woolmer either needs to grip his team not his country, his devotion to this team is questionable to say the least. Mr. Woolmer or should Mr. S.A. why dont you defend your team players as well as bring the person who helped your bowler improve back, Mr W. Younis, why not show some point of spirit and your knowledge. Well also I think we need another Imran Khan, which is highly unlikely, to kick some rears and show some backing for their team not the selection committee. You have some make ex-players who want to help improve the game. Why not use them???? We also need a better coach may be from the Homeland who will fight for his team as well as push them full throttle into may be winning the next World Cup category.

  • calgary highlander on February 15, 2007, 2:06 GMT

    Yo we need to get some Ice hockey trainers for Pakistan. Those guys are always in great condition night in and night out. And they play way more then our cricketers. Lets get some of those trainers and get our guys fit so there is are no more pulled groins or hamstrings.

  • Farhan Arif on February 15, 2007, 1:57 GMT

    Thanks FJ, I totally agree to the facts about SA and their dedication, hard work, spirit and discipline. no team can defeat another like they did to Pakistan without those qualities. All I want to emphasise on is that this is our team. even before the 1992 world cup, our team was known to be weak and inexperienced, compared to others. In ODI cricket, 5 overs can tilt the game. I know our team had lost the vigour, the strength and will power to win and hence lost by 10 and 9 wickets bringing us all disappointments and humiliation, but they are the same team that have brought us honours so many times. Although I am a yasir Hameed and Azhar mahmood fan, I must say that the selectors have more experience than us all and hopefully their faith will be vindicated. I would like Kamran to just answer a question of mine that i have had since I started reading his blogs:

    Do the selection committee and PCB ever ask for feedback and advice from commentators/ journalists/ ex coaches/ ex players or technical advisors on matters?

    In Mohammad Hafeez, Pakistan have opted for a bowling option, and Imran Nazir is included as a hitter, not consolidator. I think in Danish Kaneria, on the west Indies' dry, rough tracks, we have the best spin bowler taking away Muralitharan in ODI cricket. I am not speaking of his record, but his potential here, as his lack of utilization in ODI means the world knows lesser about him in terms of being able to attack his bowling. There is one person really struggling to keep his place in the side. I hope his fortunes change soon, because believe it or not, its Inzamam- ul- Haq. The way out for him is to lead from the front. My message to the team now is : relax, recuperate, rebuild, plan. We have faith in you, but do have enough?

  • FJ on February 15, 2007, 1:46 GMT

    I dont know why all the comparisons are being made to India. So the fact that Pakistan lost to SA by a slightly less embarrassing margin makes it all ok ? This is the herd mentality that needs to be avoided - just beating India or performing better than India is not ok. Pak should strive to match or exceed the high standards set by Australia (and to a lesser extent, SA). The Pak team has to measure their prowess against the best in the world, not just their next door neighbors. Wake up people, this isn't 1947 anymore. Jeez.

  • Wasim Nawab on February 15, 2007, 1:46 GMT

    Pakistan's world cup squad looks very average. i am so dissapointed in the squad that has picked - it lacks balance.

    Yes kamran i was embarrassed by our pathetic display today but not surprised as there are too many bits and pieces and mediocre players that have been selected and the batting order sucks with yousuf and inzi as low as 5 and 6.

    The only way the current squad could win the world cup is if they are all fit, no drugs cloud hanging over shoaib and asif, and the best 11 is picked from the 15 and that 11 has to play every single match (super eight onwards) as we are so thin on back up with club cricketers like rao and hafeez.

    Ive waited four years for this tournament after our abysmal exit last time round and to be honest looking at the squad and the uncertainties with injuries i am not looking forward to it.

  • FJ on February 15, 2007, 1:27 GMT

    To Farhan Arif: What most pakistan fans are disappointed with is the manner in which the team lost most of the matches. As others have already mentioned many times over, its ok to lose to a team if you go down fighting. Getting whipped by 9 or 10 wickets day in day out despite being regarded as a talented team shows a lack of dedication, strategy, discipline, fighting spirit, and match fitness. A less skillful team with all of the aformentioned qualities will always stand a better chance of winning matches.

    I believe SA is less talented than Pakistan...on paper...but whips theirs sorry bums because of their dedication, discipline and hardwork. And they always put up a fight.

  • Zuhair-USA on February 15, 2007, 1:18 GMT

    I completly agree with everything and every die hard pakistani fan like myself.It's a damn shame that these people call themselves professionals.I mean in the united states you can't watch cricket as easily as in pakistan or a cricketing nation you have to love the game to still pursue it.I am really tired of reading about pakistan's lame embarresments on cricinfo and tired of feeling like a six-year-old dissapointed in a promise made by someone who never really meant to keep it.It's just so disheartening to read that shoaib might not even play in his last world cup or that pakistan have half a team.The most frustrating part is that everyone knows that pakistan have more than the potential needed to make a straight run right to the world cup but the way in which the entire managment is run is less than rubbish they should just let some guy off the streets of karachi head the PCB because at least he will care about more than himself HE will have pride of being a pakistani supporter HE will have a heart and, even HE, will do much much better than anyone is in the entire managment now.BUT,and there is a big BUT.............. u can't help but deep down inside(really deep down) think that all this is a nightmare and SOMEONE out of SOMEWHERE will jump out and scream "PSYCHE!!!!!!" and pakistan will be back to their winning ways and everyone will come back and click and the world will watch in amazement as they make their way to their second title of champs.Sounds like a dream? I would'nt put it past them not this bunch they fluctuate as much as the electricity does in the country's cities and they can come back and take all this criticism and each player comes back and proves the world wrong and i can finally keep my head up high and say: "yes i am a pakistan team supporter...."and dare i say it"the world champions' supporter"?

  • Farhan Arif on February 15, 2007, 0:56 GMT

    My previous comment was on the team squad for the world cup blog. I must say I made a mistake when I chose my first 11 players (playing 11), but not in the choice 15. I stick to my team in low times and high. Guys and Girls, remember its just a game. No need to become all "jazbaati" and hyped up. Imagine yourselves typing in this blog after a thumping win for Pakistan in the 4th ODI against South Africa. One day has changed a lot of minds hasn't it? I personally would like to correct myself here and say that I was wrong in excluding Danish Kaneria from the starting 11 for Pakistan. He is a gritty spinner and in his column, Kamran has mentioned that its one thing successfully defending against him in the tests, but an altogether different ball game when it comes to attacking him in ODI cricket format. Mushtaq Ahmed can finally be utilized as coach now as danish kaneria has finally landed in the squad. Umar Gul and Asif together will prove to be very strong opening bowlers as I foresee. Rana Naveed no doubt has been the best and the worst of Pakistan bowlers at different times, but I know that with his ability, he can come back very strong against most sides. The world cup is another tournament, its another day, and I hope the team can lift their spirits after the loss to S Africa. Inzamam, as I have previously pointed out, has to come up at number three (or four if Younis is keen for no.3). Imran Khan as a bowling all-rounder did that in 1992, and won the World cup. No comments on the Religious beliefs of the team, no matter how much I agree or disagree to them, if they work for team unity, it works in practice. I would give Rana Naveed a game against West Indies to prove himself and then might opt for Azhar Mahmood as his replacement, for which Azhar needs to be included in the squad, sadly he is not. PCB cannot take any credit from a winning Pakistan team under current practices. They need to get their act together. The team might still end up winning a lot, just based on pure talent and skill. Bob Woolmer is a good coach despite this series loss. The coach can train, plan, make the team practice, but he can't go out in the field 6 down to bat for them. the batsmen have to score runs. the bowlers take wickets, and the keepers more importantly nowadays have to take the catches. Good luck pakistan. I am hopeful and I support my team.

  • Fateen Ahmad on February 15, 2007, 0:55 GMT

    So many cry babies and nay sayers. India lost to SA 4-0. We lost 3-1. India went on for a landslide victory over WI and now winning SA. We won same way from WI and probably win from SA on our home ground same way SA has won from us. Get up guys this is sports. I see one problem with Pakistani team, opening pair. We loose opener in the first few overs and all the pressure comes on the shoulders of YY and Inzi. How many times we have seen that the opening pair gives us a good start and we still loose a match? In the second match we got a good start from one of the opener and we crushed SA. I am not ashamed of Pakistani teams's performance. They had a long trip with one regular fast bowler. Not bad at all.

  • Calgary Highlander on February 15, 2007, 0:54 GMT

    Tell me, Why was Asif playing. The kid has been overworked to the point of exhaustion and now he's picked up an injury. He shoulda been rested. Obviously we weren't gonna win this series so why risk him. We need him to be in top shape for the World Cup, not that it's gonna matter too much since we aint gonna make it to the semis. And i agree with Kamran about Shoaib Malik. He realy has been misused at #7. He was Pakistans most consistent batsmen this series. Oh well i saw this coming. Hopefully Bob and Inzi both go after WC. I meanthings can't possibly get any worse can they?

  • David Furrows on February 15, 2007, 0:38 GMT

    Don't be so histrionic Kamran.

    Remember Italy before the 2006 World Cup? Exactly.

    And while we're on football metaphors, what happened to Brazil in 1982 or the Czech Republic for the last ten years, or England last year?

    Australia is the only team which is able to maintain the sort of intensity South Africa has recently shown. South Africa did the same thing before the 1996 World Cup, and lo and behold, one Brian Lara innings knocked them out.

    All Pakistan needed to win the World Cup was a reasonably sound opening pair (two from Salman Butt, Shoaib Malik and Yasir Hameed) plus its matchwinners which are 1) The middle order, 2) The all-rounders and 3) Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif.

    I'm alarmed that the erratic Imran Nazir has replaced more dependable openers, but overall I think the squad is fine.

    Australia was crap for the first half of the 1999 World Cup, but won it. And you have the audacity to mention Imran's "Cornered Tigers", but you have forgotten to mention that they lost their first match in the 1992 World Cup by a humiliating 10 wickets and then, after squeaking past Zimbabwe, were all out for 74 against England.

    So calm down, Kamran, don't panic, and wait to see the middle-order and all-rounders hurt the opposition, and the match-winning bowlers (Asif, Shoaib, Kaneria and maybe even Rana) strut their stuff.

    This is a good team. India did much worse on their South African tour, and no-one is writing them off.

  • atta-ur-rehman,md on February 15, 2007, 0:10 GMT

    Dear collegues, I can understand,why we all are upset.Yes our team put us down.But please understand that south africa is extremely strong generally in oneday and specially in home.If you see there record from last few years none of the team even Australia able to beat them in there backyard. But we should get some positive from the series Pakistan really put South Africa at the wall in test series and if Kallis and Prince didnt play the world class inning .Pakistan would do the wonder. Look at south africa's bowling all there bowling was fresh and fit. Look our bowling,which was tired, weak and unfit. It would be a complete contrast if pakistan would have fit Shoab,Gul and Shabbir. Pakistan batting also become demoralised. I still have high hopes with Pakistan team .People are so upset that they become vulgar(I dont know how they are allowed)and cricketer's faith. If this team is relegious,please think it as a strenght(Yousuf is the most relegious and tablighue,what do you think about him). At least these cricketers are not spending times in the nightclubs or beaches in Westindies and praying in there hotel rooms. I am sure that pakistan team will be different in WC.Please dont loose your hope let me give you three examples. 1)1992, Pak almost ready to come back home and evantually won the wc.2) 2003 india lost from nz test series 2-0(inng defeats) and one day 5-2(experience was so bad that BCCI postpond there 2007 tour to nz prior to wc 2007 and instead of that arrange two home one day series)but india reached in the wc final,only team defeat them was champion australia.3)2006- 2007england thrased in ashes by 5-0 and ready to leave home. But fought back and won the one day series in 14 years and defeat aussies three consecutive time.So please dont loose hope and pray for our team. Atta-ur-Rehman,MD USA

  • Imran From Rawalpindi on February 14, 2007, 23:45 GMT

    Kamran you every word is true. We completely lost it today. The whole team seemed numbed, fightless, spiritless, no sign of any last attempt to play for dignity or even play for themselfs. We ned to ask hard question to ourselfs if we wana have any chance to even salvage our pride in world cup. My biggest worry is that our batsman had no technic what so ever to play sloging shots. Especially afridi,razaq,mali,kamran,farhut,inzi when they do slogging their eye hand cordination their foot work their balance and finding a gap is not there. They just close their eyes and hit the ball and pray to allah that it goes out of ground by itself. We need not only to lift our spirit, dignity and pride but also work in nets day in day out until the world cup to straighten up any deficiencies to be able to get to semi finals of the world cup. Kamran the whole nation is feeling embarrassed. The only hope and pray that i had is that this disappointment is short one. Last thing i hope all the pakistani player read your column and the comments on it everyday. They will learn stuff here that they have not learned in their long cricketing years. Allah Hafiz

  • W.Rehman on February 14, 2007, 23:18 GMT

    I have felt the pain of current defeats as much as the next Pak fan but I would like to remind people that Pakistan cricket history is loaded with examples of abject failure followed by glorious success and we should not forget that these are basically the same players that had until recently been winning consistently home and away and conditions in WI will be completely different leading to a strong performance from all Asian teams especially Pak. Let us also not forget about England's recent success against Aus with an inexperienced and in my opinion far weaker ODI team than Pak. It just goes to show how quickly form and results can change in ODI cricket.

    So let's put this behind us now and get behind the team for the WC. Good luck boys !!

  • Zahir- on February 14, 2007, 23:17 GMT

    mate i agree with your comments whole heartedly, but i feel that with the inclusion of Shahid Khan Afridi will inspire us to win the World Cup

  • syed hussain on February 14, 2007, 23:11 GMT

    kamran! its a shame that we can't even 'fight' but last two ODI's pak team went down like they were fixing the game or something it is an embarring situation for us , but I can't understand how our team will go home to face the people , these (team) guys are hopeless and only one person stood so tall and I am so proud of this guy ASIF is my hero.Nasim Asharf should withderaw his team from the world cup.

  • Nabil on February 14, 2007, 22:56 GMT

    I think its time for a restructuring of the PCB...get some ex-players in who know what the game is about (i.e. Imran Khan) And, when it comes to the world cup, Pakistan should forget about it this time round. 12 months ago they were right up there with Aus and SA but in the last 2 months they have shown their lack of commitment and the PCB has shown that they are inept at doing their jobs. How hard can it be to pick a squad? How hard can it be to recognise failure and put it right?

  • Shiraz from Houston, USA on February 14, 2007, 22:45 GMT

    Shoaib injured....Gul out of practice...Asif will crack...Afridi banned...

    Pakistan should skip this world cup....start working for 2011 world cup...maybe they have a chance at that one..from the look of it...maybe not even 2011 !

  • Kashif Qureshi-Toronto on February 14, 2007, 22:44 GMT

    Why Pakistani player had no spirit of fight and why they gave up so easy? no commitment at all? it just does not look right to me. what happened to Younis, Yousuf, Inzi and Razzaq? They have bailed us out at several occasions. But in this ODI tour they were total disappointment. If PCB, BOB WOOLMER OR INZI is listening, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT TAKE KAMRAN AKMAL and RANA to the Carribeans. Enough is enough! They do not deserve another chance. I am still hopeful for the better performance by our experienced players in the WC. Mr. Kamran Abbasi I am embarrassed but being a very passionte and Die Hard supporter of the Pakistani team I am hoping to see a re-energized and full of figthing spirit Pakistani team. All the best.

  • Shahid on February 14, 2007, 22:31 GMT

    Following lines were written before the 5th ODI:

    I don’t see them as Eleven Cricketers on the Playing Field, I see them as Eleven Ambassadors of Pakistan, however these Eleven Ambassadors do emulate our Foreign Ministry which is non existent. Does anyone in the Team management stress any value of Body language?

    Well, we tried a Bowling Coach, a Fielding Coach, instead of all different flavor of Coaches, short of Exorcism, perhaps we should try a Priest now….I think I spoke too soon, they have Mushtaq now. If he doesn’t do the trick, then PCB should request the services of Dr. Phil from US as a Motivation Coach, if he is unavailable, then Jerry Springer be a good choice to settle all the infighting.

    PCB may have found a Solution to Eradicating Poverty from Pakistan. According to some Conservative estimates PCB has earned more than Five Hindered Trillion Frequent Flyer Points by Shuttling Players in and out just in the last Two Away series. PCB and PIA are working on a formula to Convert these Points into some Tangible Assets that will be sold to certain “Petro Dollar” Investment Cartel from our Neighborhood and then we will label it as a Foreign Direct Investment. We need few more Away Cricket Series and Pakistan be a Filthy Rich Country.

    I just realized that I have a great ability in Predicting the Past. Following was my contribution to the Blog after Pakistan lost the 4th ODI. It is timeless; I wish I could be more Optimistic, but I don’t have to change anything on it:

    A Quitter Never Wins and a Winner Never Quits.

    Where was the Professionalism, the Fighting Spirit, or even a little Resistance today? Where was the Motivation, Team Spirit, and most of all the Leadership with Balls? Sorry, I forgot, I was talking about Pakistan Cricket Team....

    It Hurts to see them go down this way. Giving 1% is not Good Enough...

    We need to Stop Drinking Water from the Clouds. There are no Shortcuts to Fitness or any Walk of Life.

    I will Turn Sarcasm Off with this Quote from Einstein on his Theory of Insanity which is quite Applicable to our Beloved Team: Insanity is Defined as, "Doing the Same thing over and over Again, Expecting Different Results."

  • Adil on February 14, 2007, 22:20 GMT

    I said this before in a comment to one of your previous blogs and I am saying it again. Inzamam is going in the matches with a defeatist mentality, he is looking to save a match rather than win it. How else can you explain sending Kamran Akmal at four in the batting order.... forget about Imran Khan trying to get Inzamam to bat at 3, now he can't bring himself to bat at 4 or 5 !!???? Get on with it man!! get on with it!! send Shoaib Malik to open with Nazir or send him at 3 if Younis khan cannot handle it there. Yousuf & Inzamam at 4 and 5, and Afridi at 6. FIX this order and for cryin out loud DO NOT send youngsters ahead of you when we are we are in trouble with 3 down for 18 runs.... this is the time for the captain to come in!!!! I will still back this team up (Who else??) but someone please shake Inzi out of this defeteast mentality. (Woolmer is a coach and likes to play safe but I still thinks its Inzamam's decisions to send all these youngsters ahead of him and Yousuf).

  • Wasim Ghumro on February 14, 2007, 22:08 GMT

    You know whats more embarrassing than getting thrashed in England and South Africa and whitewashed in Australia? Being world champions and getting thrashed in England and South Africa and whitewashed in Aus!!! We dont deserve to win the world cup. Let other teams, who atleast give their oponents a fight, battle for the title.

    I hope I never see Inzi after the world cup. Woolmer needs to go as well. All he does is overload the team with bits and pieces and hopes somebody somewhere performs and saves Bob's ass. And like Sarah said, kick taliban out of the team plus players who take their spot in the national team for granted like Razzaq. Rana atleast represents his country with a passion and bowls, bats and fields his heart out. He's just going through a bad patch. He did very well last time he toured W.I and I'm sure he'll come good again.

  • fawad frm chicago on February 14, 2007, 22:00 GMT

    i think its too late to fuss abt team selection n the problem v r facing at the top order of our batting but i think its abt time v should realize tht its the batting order thts costing pak virtualy every single game. pak should send shoib malik at num 3 where he's been so prolific and y not try younis khan as an opener, hell every time he comes out 2 bat he has 2 deal with the new ball and also since every other combination has failed y not send him 2 open or even mohammad yousuf bcoz if pakistan is 2 dictate terms at the start of every game so they can control it then y not send our best batsman upfront, i'd rather c him go n take things to the oppsition's throat rather go n rebuild the lost momentum..and i seriously dont think this pakistan team is as bad as it seems right now its just tht v r not playin with the right batting order. even if the batting clicks in every single game v still need shoib akhtar this cant b done without him i know asif is excellent but v really need a complete lunatic in our bowling ranks to go all the way so lets hope he's there in the world cup .

  • Euceph Ahmed on February 14, 2007, 21:59 GMT

    Am I embarrassed? NO, not at all. And that's because I could see it coming as clearly as the daylight. Reading your thoughts Kamran, I couldn't help but smile because you remind me of Ghalib... even in your dejection there's hope. But here's a piece of advice from a novice to a doctor: You cannot base your diagnosis on hope sir. While it's great to be optimistic, it's so much more important to be realistic. And so here's my prescription for the team: "AB IN KO DAWA KI NAHI, DUA KI ZAROORAT HAI." sob, sob.

    Kamran Abbasi, before you go into a complete state of shock and denial, you must realize that this bunch from Gojra and vicinity is not what you call a team. Teams are built with spirit and purpose over a long period of time. A winning culture is inculcated. Unfortunately, the only culture seems to be "agriculture" over here.

    Inzamam has used up the religion card way ahead in advance. It's pretty clear that religion is not making the team perform any better. Now he has no gas left in his tank except his glorious record to derive respect from the players. If he was a thinking man, he would calculate that the World Cup campaign would take that away from him too, because the team doesn't stand a distant chance. I dread at the thought of a humiliating exit of another great player. If I were his advisor, I'd tell him that this is the right time to retire (at least from ODIs). His tired body is sending all the wrong signals to the rest of the team too.

  • Tay'yab-Ali on February 14, 2007, 21:57 GMT

    I agree with everyone, but I'm suprised that people are still whinging and moaning. When has pak cricket ever been professional. They are a team of talented individuals who find it impossible to compliment each other. Teams like Australia, SA and some others need to play well as a team to beat each other. In Pakistan cricket only 2 or 3 players (and occasionally just Afridi) need to show a moment of brilliance to blow away the opposition. It is this unpredictable talent that scares other teams s to play no team in world cricket takes Pakistan lightly

  • Ahsan on February 14, 2007, 21:46 GMT

    "Pakistan's equipment went missing recently but nobody told us that they'd lost their heart as well. "


    i dont think i have any words that come out at the moment to describe the embarassment that im feeling. its nothing new for us as pakistan fans we are used to the teams tragic attempts at putting up a challenge against teams. When the captain looks dismal and unmotivated in the field how do you expect the rest of the team to perform? Inzamam's face tells the story of Pakistan cricket. The only way to put a smile on it is to lift a World Cup...but the likelihood of that is close to snowfall in the Sahara Desert.

  • Mustafa Moiz on February 14, 2007, 21:44 GMT

    I agree with you, Mr Abbasi. Except about the frightened rabbits part. That's not Pakistan. It's just the way Inzamam leads them. In your previous post someone put a comment, "My greatest wish is to see Pakistan win the World Cup under sleeping Inzy." That is exactly how he captains. I would like to see a different captain for Pakistan, maybe Razzaq or Malik, but its too late now. And Pakistan have added Shoaib Akhtar to the squad, even though Sami, though injured, is more match-fit than him. He should be in the squad. Yousuf can't be blamed for getting out early. He can't score in every match. People here are insulting Razzaq's bowling, but he has been bowling very well, especially considering he has come from an injury and the paultry totals he has to bowl to defend. And on Akmal, I thought Younis Khan could kep, like he did before and that would give a spot to another player. Razzaq and Malik should get more bowling, Razzaq first-change. Pakistan have reached the World Cup finals twice, in 1992 and 1999, under their best captains. Compare Inzamam to them. At least under Imran Khan or Wasim Akram or Waqar Younis they tried to fight back.

  • Arif Hussain on February 14, 2007, 21:32 GMT

    We as a nation are a passionate lot. When it comes to cricket... more so. When we lose a seires like this, everyone is looking for a jaw to punch.

    Here's what I think:

    1) Imran Nazir/ Afridi are entertainers. They like to hit which is good... They usually get out when the top edge the ball. Bob... please get them back on the marble slab and have a machine bowl them bouncers at 100mph and they can only rest once they have successfully hooked or pulled 6 consecutive deliveries without top edging.

    2) Sami is an idiot... surey in a nation of 160 million people we can come up with 20-30 decent fast bowlers.... hold on I just remembered India of the 80's... has Rana forgotten how to bowl? Isnt he the same guy that was the scourge of Sehwag when Sehwag was pummelling Shoaib and co? He did not swing the ball in the ODI's... were they using a different ball?

    3) Hafeez, another idiot. He set the tone for the last ODI... waste 5 balls, get out on the 6th to break the cycle. Why do we think we can just waste balls bowled outside the offstump.... so if SA bowls 300 balls outside the off... we leave them all? What exactly are we achieving by letting balls through and getting out? Getting used to the pace of the wicket??? Well then when we get out we just wasted 5 balls AND a Pakistani Wicket.... am I the only one irritated at this double whammy?

    4) Why is Yousuf a deer in front of headlights when it comes to Pollock... SA has him figured out, his past glories are useless if he cannot get past playing Pollock... Grow up Yousuf... work on your game... Talent will get you NO where... effort will... oh and this was Pakistan's sole batting success story on the trip. A lot of potential... but no thought behind the play.

    5) Younis Khan... Can't say much about him, some bad shots... but overall had the right attitude... needs some luck, should come through.

    6)Inzy oh Inzy, why thou art batting past number 6 oh Inzy... boggles the mind. Arent thou the best batsmen (lets forget Captain for a while) of the team)? Why Don't you speak to the other players and use some on field advice? It's painfully obvious your own ideas are not enough against a top team.... neither is your unipolar hope of "trying hard".... the boys are neither trying hard.... nor is "trying hard" the solution to your team's ills... I am curious... what wa sthe plan in the last two ODI's... really what were we trying to do?

    7) Akmal... the less said of him the better. He needs some rest... he really does. What has he done right this series... name one thing. He has forgotten the basics... THE BASICS!!! How can you forget how to keep, how to focus, how to watch the ball.... aaaarrrggg! Why didn't we give "whatshisface" the reserve keeper a chance? look at Ntini... bowled much better after a little rest.... Why was Asif played again... are we trying to get him to breakdown before the world cup... well we tried...

    I am not sure with the current form of the players that you can expect a whole lot form the selectors...

    Here's some free advice for the WC2007.

    Lower your expectations and save yourself the grief.

    Arif out!!

  • Zarak Khan on February 14, 2007, 21:29 GMT

    Pakistan Supreme Court Ruling A seven year old boy was at the centre of a courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with the child custody law and regulations requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried out that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Pakistan Cricket Team, whom the boy and the courts firmly believe are "not capable of beating anyone."

  • Zarak Khan on February 14, 2007, 21:24 GMT

    Confessions of a Terminal Pakistan Cricket Fan ...

    Dear Lord, perhaps time has come for me to pull my own plug The pain is too great and the groin too sore from being kicked so much Either give them a cinch of the passion I have or take my passion for good, For I truly can take it no more I am now tired I am tired of making excuses for them I am tired of hoping for miracles that don't come I am tired of seeing people half my years move as if twice my age, And I am tired of 'Talent' unwilling to apply I am tired of paying to watch my heart ripped up, spit upon and shoved down my throat I am so ashamed I am ashamed of inviting people over to watch and apologizing for what they see I am ashamed of always saying "Maybe next time" I am ashamed of stealing my time from my job to watch misery unfold, And I am ashamed of dozing at work for I did not sleep when I should I am ashamed of waving my family away and instead letting my passion ride But I am such a miserable, hopeless case For tomorrow yet again I will sneak out of my bed at 3 AM, Pay a pretty penny and watch my cricket team play I will see another pile of rubbish being bowled, And yet another Boom Boom that won't Extras will surely rule their day I will again be making tea for my friend, And saying "Maybe today was just not their day"

  • jahfar on February 14, 2007, 21:18 GMT

    after seeing the whole month i beleive that we should try our (B) team in the world cup, they may do better or maybe lift world cup. seeing is believing.

  • amjid javed on February 14, 2007, 21:07 GMT

    How different in quality, preparation is the current sqaud going into the 2007 world cup compared to the 2003 world cup sqaud?

    2003 -Saeed Anwar, Taufeeq Umar, Saleem Elahi , Younis Khan, Yousuf Youhana Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi ,Abdur Razzaq ,Azhar Mahmood Wasim Akram, Rashid Latif, Waqar Younis, Mohammad Sami,Shoaib Akhtar Saqlain Mushtaq

    The 2003 sqaud had some good opening batsmen and on paper had a decent middle order look to it. As an ODI player you can say that Muhammed Yousuf has probably improved whereas Younis has faltered to decieve more often then not and Inzamam right now looks like the one that performed so badly in 2003 in S.A

    The likes of Razzaq, Afridi have pretty much remained the same and havent really stepped up to that next level interms of performing with any consistancy. On paper the bowling had a world class look to it sadly Wasim, waqar, saqi were all at end of their careers and there powers were passed their best.

    Looking at current sqaud we have no decent openers and the middle order again on paper looks decent but with no solidarity at top what base is their to build from. Comparing the form of the two keepers latif v Akmal is like comparing a ferrari to a three wheel van at moment. (such have akmals standards dropped)

    The bowling attack right now looks toothless and its only if asif, Gul etc.. are fit then pakistan will have fire power.

    Pakistan went to 2003 world cup with a slightly better sqaud then the one they have now in my opinion. The problem is the same fragilities are there in both sqauds. players past there best, an apparent lack of motivation and lack of direction.

    Pakistan got thumped 4-1 in S.A before last world cup and were a shambles in the tourney, they have been beaten comprehensively 3-1 in this series and nothing can make me think right now that the same outcome wont occur in the carribean!

  • Wasim Nawab on February 14, 2007, 21:06 GMT

    Firstly Kamran atlast you realised that kaneria should be part of pakistans world cup squad, he is a match winner and with an attacking captain (ala imran khan) can be a real threat in the ODI format. though with inzis defensive mindset his talents may be wasted.

    What i cant understand is how you were so certain in wanting mediocre players such as hafeez and abul rehman and praise for someone like shahid nazir. These players are clearly out of their depth in international cricket.

  • Mohammad Mahzer on February 14, 2007, 20:37 GMT

    Look, Aamir Azim. If your comments are aimed towards me then you should realize after having read my initial posting that I'm not denying that Bob Woolmer isn't a good coach BUT it seems that he is having trouble putting his message across to the players as English isn't their first language and Imran Khan would do a much better job as coach of the Pakistani team as firstly he speaks the same language as the players and secondly he is an icon in Pakistani cricket and would be an inspiration to the players as coach. Another thing I would like to add is that Wasim Akram should stop wasting his time on Indian bowlers like Irfan Pathan and give a few bowling lessons to our bowlers about line and length cause they are really struggling with bowling to go with their batting. And YES AAMIR AZIM I do know about what great work Bob Woolmer done for South African cricket so their is no denial on that by me so you should read and fully understand what I have written before criticizing my comments. Thanks

  • Bob Woolmer on February 14, 2007, 20:35 GMT

    TO: Aamir Azim (Bob's paid Groupie). Cash your check before posting. If your beloved Bobby the scam artist is such a brilliant coach then why has he managed to lose more series then he has won while coaching Pakistan? And I won't even mentioned other problems and short comings he hasn't managed to overcome, leave alone things he has sabotaged...Secondly if he was so effective and great with the South Africans, why the heck did he leave and if south african players were so professional, then a)he has little to do with their performance and b)he should have stuck with them, instead of making a mockery of himself by coaching a bunch of illiterate pakistani panidoos (Your inferiority complex know no bound).

    If his job is to do planning, then what good plans has he ever made? Oh you mean trying 2000 different openers in three years, or is it sticking to bits and pieces allrounders who can't even walk right on the field, let along bat, bowl, or field, or was it the decision to bat first after winning the toss on several occasions, only to bundled out for a subpar score???

    Seriously, if your poor old Bobby is having such a torrid time because he is stuck with a bunch of ignorant Pakistani imbeciles then why doesn't he do the dignified and resign or milking PCB or any other sucker is his main forte?

  • jamil USA on February 14, 2007, 20:35 GMT

    Heart broken,me and rest of 160 million. we have no talent.

  • Dr.Ahsan on February 14, 2007, 20:25 GMT

    The sorry tale just continues.What can be said about Pakistan chances in world cup?Wll they be skittled out just as they were in 2003 world cup?PCB selectors had four years time to make a fighting unit for the upcomming worldcup.Now the stituation is similar to a studnet who did'nt pay attention to his studies all year around and when the exam is just around he will either give up or will study hard to just make it through.Unfortunately oppositions in international cricket are too cruel to give even slightest margin of error to be "just through". Selectors have persisted with the bowlers like Rana,Razzak,Iftekhaar Anjum and pinned their hopes that these tidly, stalwart bowlers will bowl in the likes of Shoaib Akhter's pace or Asif's impeaching line and length.Dream on! Bowlers like Rana,Razzak,Iftekhaar Anjum are good enough to restrict runs when the strikers have taken wickets and the opposition is so much under pressuer that they can get rid of their spell by containing them.If they get wickets, that is a blessing.To depend on them that they will strike is just foolish or probably not foolish only when batsmen have put huge runs on the board. Why can't the PCB selectors think that when Pak had services of Waseem Akram and Waqar Younis, teams like South Africa and Australia would still win but sometimes loose too.How the hell did they imagined that these bowlers will get blessed by Islamic word "Wahee" and will start acting like strike bowlers. My point is simple folks, Pakistan at this time has team that we saw in 70's and early 80's which on paper always looked good but not on ground. Imran Khan gave pakistan big names with real talent and nurtured them to be a fighting unit.Unfortunaely we don't have anyone of his abilities to spot the talent and have enough say in selectorial matters and we don't have talented cricketers in terms big strike bowlers or a consistent match winner batsmen. As I said Asif to us is what Sarfaraz Nawaz was to the team of 70s and few good inconsistent batsmen similar to the batsmen of 70's. Ladies and gentlemen don't waste time and energy to watch this worldcup.Just wait for someone with good ego and fighting capabilities to take incharge of "Team Pakistan".Talent which is not currently surfacing in doemstic cricket will come up with good batsmen and bowlers.Above all someone powerful and resourceful, whether its a cricket player who has a say in selection or an honest selector will have to spot the talent and give them chance at the right time. Look at the reserve announced for the world cup Sami,Shahid Nazir.God!what have we come up to.We all know their current performances,with all the beatings they got in tests and onedayers, and yet they are considered.Yoy know why they are considered because they have the experience to take the brunt of getting hit all around the ground.According to selectors and X-criketers they have a famous saying "Hamarey mulak main bhot talent hai".Oh yeah!are u hiding the talent for ur retiremnt,just as you are hiding the money that ur making by getting under the table or over the table "salaries" for the worst services that they have provided by raising a team that looks down and out. The fact is there is no F***ing talent as for now and selectors have no choice but to stick with the jerks.They wasted 4 years precious time to end up with injuires,scandals and inconsistent form of the so called "talented bowlers" and to some extent batsmen. They also have another saying which is quite a rhetoric "Hamarey paas duniya key behtareen bowlers hain after Australia aur Pakistan ke strength us ki bowling hai"Oh please!come out of the 90's as we are in the next century.Gonne are the days of Waseem Akram n Waqar Younis where if our batsmen faultered then one would say the oppostion will be out for a lesser score. Wake up!we are in the next cenutry and world cup is around the corner and yes last but not the least if experience is so imp that sami can get a nod for being in reserves then why not Waseem Akram or Waqar Younis as they can still be better then the jerks in the team or in reserve. My final say its far better to get someone new then to get these all tried and tested loosers because atleast the new one will bring hope to all of us. Dream on guys!this world cup is'nt our till we havce fit Shoiab,sif or Umer Gul.Batsmen will play inconsistently but these bowlers have the chnace to take the team out from low score. Other than that Dream on!

  • Aamir Azim on February 14, 2007, 20:18 GMT

    To: Bob Woolmer at February 14, 2007 8:05 PM: Please think before you put your fingers on the keyboard. Bob Woolmer is a brilliant coach - he did wonders with South Africa, and he was able to do that because the South African players, unlike your pampered Pakistani players, were professionals who wanted to excell in their sport - when Bob made a plan for them to follow on the field - they followed it - when he makes a plan for the Pakistani players - the idiots who go on the field never follow the plan - as soon as a batsman goes after them, your players are too mentally fragile to stick to the original plan and get destroyed by good batsman. Similarly, when your boys go out to bat, they never follow the plan set by the captain and coach, and panic and end up playing stupid shots to get out. Bob Woolmer isent the players Daddy - and they are not kindergarden boys who need their hands to be held when they are playing for the country. Bob is an excellent coach - his job is to do the planning - which he does - if the players from Pakistan are too stupid, dumb, lazy and unprofessional enough not to follow the most basic of cricketing plans and procedures then they should all be blamed for being the dumbest people on earth. Dont blame other people for the fact that your own players are fools and very much over-rated.

  • TheWall on February 14, 2007, 20:18 GMT

    This could actually be a blessing in disguise. When the team gets back to Pak now, the crowds will stone their houses or something akin. That will have the short-term effect of putting the players in 'activity' mode - which means they'll show up at the WC with a fight. They could reach the semis. By then public adulation will be sky-high and they can afford to lose. Cycle repeats.

    Really, Pakistan teams have always survived on talent and these days thats in short supply. Plus, modern cricket has evolved: workload means you get injured more often, if you aren't pro-level fit. And teams are super well prepared these days, so random heists based on individual talent alone are less likelier than bygone days.

    Whats my point? In such a situation, inconsistency is the only constant. Hitting this low before the Cup provides a better 'chance' that the inconsistently-good phase begins in the WC. CHEERS.

  • Ashaq on February 14, 2007, 20:16 GMT

    Not much surprise here though. Rana Naveed seems to be competing for the title off most expensive bowler in history. Well he and Kaneria should compete to see who gives away the most runs in the worldcup.

    I have been just looking at the averages off all the openers that have been used since the previous worldcup. Yasir Hameed stands head and shoulders above the rest with an average of 39.12.Incidentally the second best performer was Saleem Elahi with an average close to 37.00. Well Elahi seems to have retired. But Yasir Hamid should have been on that plane to the west indies.

    The 2 Guys with the worst average Imran Nazir and Mohammed Hafeez get picked go figure. Talk about playing russian roulette. Even Farhat and Butt have better averages then the aforementioned chumps.

    Hamid might not be the most Charismatic person nor the most Photogenic,But he gets the job done.Thats all one shouild expect. But it seems the selectors are picking a team thats gonna look good to the corporate sponsors. Rather than one thats gonna win the world cup.

    The comments off Geof Boycott during last years series in England concerning Sami,could equally be applied to several other members off the squad. As Boycott said " I know Sami is a good looking lad. I Am sure the Girls Love him and the sponsors Love him but he is absolutely rubbish"....

    Pakistan seems to have the worst opening combination in the worldcup. It seems that Hafeez has been picked largely due to his bowling ability.Then swap his batting position with Malik. Hafeez should bat at 6 or 7 as bowler who can bat a bit. While Malik should open and be seen as a batsman who can bowl a bit.

    AS for Kamran Akmal what can one say. Rashid Latif made a suggestion at the end off 2005.Saying that Moin KHan should be used in the one dayers and Akmal in the tests. Stating "I believe that will take the pressure of Kamran and playing only in tests will help him improve his confidence and Wicket keeping skills". Shame no body took any notice.

    Why did the board order a tour to south Africa just beforore the World cup? surely they should have learnt something from the debacle of 2003.

    I believe they should have organised a domestic tournament between the Pakistan main squad and a pakistan second Eleven with the prize being a selection in to the World cup squad. That way they would been able to try out all the contenders and only the in form players would have been chosen on merit. Surely a better way of selecting a squad.

    I also dont understand the whole point off having a selection committee. In most other sports it is the coach who gets to pick the final 11.If a coach is being payed a six figure sum. Surely he should be given the right to choose a team that he believes can play according to his strategy. If the coach despite this does not produce results then you sack him.

    I also think that Shariyar Khan despite his flaws was in higher leauge in comparison to Nasim Ashraf. THe good Doctor is on course to being the worst head off Pakistan Cricket in History now that takes some doing.

  • irsahd ahmed on February 14, 2007, 20:16 GMT

    they are a complete bunch of rubbish apart from yusuf.I am a die hard fan but i will not follow this rubbish. As a doctor i been watching them while oncall but never seen such a poor performance. I rather follow Bangladesh atleast they have spine to stand.

  • Mohammad Mahzer on February 14, 2007, 20:14 GMT

    Again, Pakistan have shown how feeble they really are. They lack the commitment, effort & drive when it matters in crunch matches. I mean come on anyone including lower ranked teams could have beaten Pakistan today and NO it was not South Africa's effort that contributed to Pakistan's loss. South Africa just went about playing their normal game and Pakistan faltered on their own by playing loose shots. So therefore, South Africa don't deserve the credit, Pakistan self destructed as usual. This is why I think people should not praise South Africa's efforts that highly. How long will excuses such as "they're not able to play on bouncy tracks" be used as Rameez Raja keeps saying. I think I would have done better then most of the Pakistani batsmen barring Shoaib Malik. At least I would have stuck around until the end of 50 overs and have pushed hard for singles unlike the Pakistani batsmen. They cant even do that! The batsmen are reckless and irresponsible as seen throughout this tour of South Africa. Well, these excuses are no longer acceptable. I think these cricketers don't care about their fans otherwise they will be trying harder. First of all Inzi is not good enough to captain the team, they need a figure like Wasim Akram or Imran Khan to push them on the field. Inzi seems too laid back and doesn't try hard enough to restrict singles, anyway it doesnt matter as fielding isn't one of pakistan's strong points. But at this moment it seems they are also weak in batting and bowling apart from Asif. However, I dont want to sound harsh but I feel Asif needs to bowl a little faster then 80mph. For example when Wasim Akram was in his prime he use to bowl in the high 80's touching 90 and would move the ball both ways as he was the master of swing. Asif is young and he should try doing some weight lifting like Shoiab Akhtar to build on his strength because he looks a bit thin. Back to what I was saying, I don't know what will happen in the world cup things might change and it will be down to Inzi and Bob to give the boys and lift. Personally I would like to see Imran Khan back as a coach and Bob out as at least communication will not be an issue and it seems only Imran can bring back the glory days at least through coaching the team as he did in the 1992 world cup. Therefore, Imran should leave politics and get back to something hes good at to revive Pakistani cricket.

  • aR on February 14, 2007, 20:14 GMT

    well as i was watching the game today a friend pointed out that younus is out there after an over or so (a couple i we're lucky) in every match, he's virtually opening the innings. so y not try him as the opener in the first place? i mean even the likes of inzi and yousuf face difficuties when they are new at crease on the other hand i think younus was the only pakistani batsman who played every ball as confidently as he did on the tour from the word go. So...younus opening with nazir/hafeez followed by yousuf and inzi and then all those part timers, is that an option?

  • Mawali on February 14, 2007, 20:14 GMT

    Kamran Sahib, The pilgrims WC eleven (minus the messiah; Kaneria)is crapping all over the field AGAIN. The world beater's and THE experienced are eager to return to the pavilion cause their back hurts, that's leading from the front, leading out of the park that is. Enough of this garbage about going with experience! What has experience given Pakistan?. The approach of try and try again with the same result has gotten Pakistan nowhere. Does the term “job security” mean anything? This is typical South Asian mentality. We are too afraid to suggest and accept change. So damn hung up on experience that everything becomes a boring sordid classic. Change is taboo, oh don't suggest debutante cause we can't tinker with tried and failed. Absolute grade A unadulterated horse manure. Look, this is not a typical fan reaction where you lose one and frenzy takes over, this pattern of losing is becoming a norm.

    You can pontificate till the cows come home but the fact is you play to win; this attitude of putting up a good fight is nonsense. It’s all about winning and if you go down, you do it so the opponent will walk away thanking their stars that they stole one from you. This Pilgrim attitude of bending over every time and asking; hope you brought some guten schlick with you? Is degrading and embarrassing.

    I echo the words of Imran Qureshi from New Jersey and feel his frustration with this “business as usual” crap. Pakistan needs a bold approach. Delusional thinking and hoping for the best has to be stopped. This attitude of Inshallah we will win isn’t going to cut it. (khudie ko kar balund itna kay …)It hasn’t yet! Wouldn’t it be refreshing to do something different even crazy, hell business as usual isn’t getting you any where, be bold, unpredictable, stick your neck out rather than getting beat at the hands of the “They also ran group”.

    Who the heck knows, the same fumbling bumbling gang may go to the Caribbean and win a few. This does not change anything. Pakistan needs to clean house starting with the law firm of Bob, Bari and Inzi. Second, select player’s based on form and fitness rather than experience and reputation. AMF!

  • Saad on February 14, 2007, 20:13 GMT

    Here is bit of a advice for my fellow countrymen, please do not waste your time, energy or money watching Pakistan play in the World Cup. Just skip the tournment.

    Pakistan would crash out of the tournament rather pathetically very early on. If they some how make it to the second round, they will surely end up being the last team, with most likely no wins to their name.

    After the tournament Bob Woolmer would be given the Foreign Ministry along with Nishan-e-Haider, would be the first instance that it would be given to a living person.

  • Uns Khan on February 14, 2007, 20:13 GMT

    Pakistani cricket team should abort "mission worldcup" at once and start selling CHUWARAY!!


  • Sarah Shah on February 14, 2007, 20:09 GMT

    What more do you expect? This team is full of has-been's like Rana Naveed,Abdul Razzaq and Co - they should be ashamed of wearing the national colors with the kind of pathetic performance both Naveed and Razzaq have been displaying. They all think that God will make them win and when they lose - its God's wish. The Tableegis are running the roost. The PCB needs to educate these fools that God does not reward lazy,cowardly and unprofessional fools who embarass their country time and time again. If they want to practice Jamaat, they may kindly get their ass out of the cricket team and leave the cricket to professionals who have some sense of pride in their performance.

  • Bob Woolmer on February 14, 2007, 20:05 GMT

    I would like to know from all of Bob WoolOverEyesMer's groupies, what has he exactly accmomplished during his three year fleecing stint as a pathetic excuse of a coach of Pakistan team? No series wins abroad, and no Sri Lanka doesn't count. No set openers, constant changes to the batting lineup, same pathetic fielding, making the wrong calls during several high profile and important tournament matches (batting first in 2003 Champions Trophy Semis and etc.). Sticking to same pathetic players, spending extra vacations outside of the country, hence no knowledge of domestic players, no eye for any talent even if it him right smack in his eyes. No pro-active strategies against opposition teams, only reacting and taking action after receiving a serious drubbing.

    This guy used to make strategy and select players on the basis of what a bunch of kids posted on his website. How can anything serious or prudent be expected from the biggest scam artist and under performing coach. He never got South Africa to do anything, never won the World Cup or won a series against the Australians and if it wasn't the poor Cronje and other great players in the South African team, Bobby boy would have buried them alongside other pathetic teams of that time.

    Now, enjoy the fruits of your inferiority complex and your love for any and all things gora...Next coach of Pakistan team ought to be a janitor of some small county ground.

  • Dr. Asad Sadick on February 14, 2007, 20:01 GMT

    There is reallz nothing more to saz to the dismal performance of our so-called cricket professionals. But somehow being a Pakistani I keep hoping against hope that they might click in the World Cup. That is different ball game, we are not fovourites, we could get pitches suited to our type of play and most importantly we are placed in a relatively easy group. By the time we reach the 8 teams group, the likes of Shoiab Akhtar and Umar Gul would have recovered and Afridi would again be available. Maybe I am too much of an optimist.

  • Javed Helali on February 14, 2007, 20:00 GMT

    I am not embarrased, I am purple with anger! Losing a match to a wonderful outfit is not a shame, but SURRENDERING without a fight is!

    I would also like to know what the team DOES the night before the matches. A whole night of "nafal" prayers is not what is needed for the fight coming up the next day. Neither is partying and in some cases boozing. Rest and conservation of energy is what is paramount here. A little prayer always helps though!

    What is also required is a team psycho-therapist. Players should contain their anger in public. If the WI win their match against Pak due to the enforced ban on Shahid Afridi, who is to be blamed? Player by player, Pakistan has a team as good or even better than any. But as a team? I leave it to you to judge.

  • Mohsin Malik - San Francisco Bay Area on February 14, 2007, 19:56 GMT

    Dear Kamran:

    The team has been thrown into disarray and as a result not performing to their ability.

    Inzimam has shown time and again poor leadership qualities. He is not an astute leader and a wise decision maker. At this level, or for that matter in any team sport, decision making process has to evolve through consensus.

    The key players have shown enough signs to suggest that all is not well within their ranks and file.

    Even to the naked eye, it is evident where the fault line has been lying within the playing eleven.

    You put forward your best foot forward while representing your country at this level. This is no way to persist with players who are more of a liability than an asset.

    Tired and tried horses who can hardly sprint, will not reach the finish line.

    Many would continue to rue the fact that some young prospects from the U-19 champion team who are now in their twenties were ignored, unjustly.

    This reality is beginning to dawn sooner rather than later!

    Will Dr. Nasim Ashraf (a highly respected professional in his field of expertise)hasten this process of finalizing the PCB charter and constitution, please.

    Time may be running out for him as well - as PCB chief of sort (after all, he is an appointee by an interim order - though times are not far when the PCB head would be an elected member and not a selected person).

    In this modern era and day of open communications, the PCB chief would be well advised to seek input from anyone and everyone. This can take place courtsey, Kamran Abbasi's Pak spin or PCB could put up a blog of their own on their website and invite suggestions in this regard. There would be a lot of useful input, forthcoming.


    Mohsin Malik A free consultant

  • Asad Bangash - Toronto on February 14, 2007, 19:54 GMT

    Speaking of Mr. Rana Naveed ul hassan, i realized that i was the fastest bowler for my "mohalla" team some 10 years back. I know a bit of inswing too. Not mug with a bat either..Any chance of me getting into WC squad as suppose to Rana ?

  • Yasir Khan From Toronto, Canada on February 14, 2007, 19:46 GMT

    Whats the surprise here, Kamran? When has a Pakistan team EVER shown at Heart, or Fight against AUSTRALIA or SOUTH AFRICA since 1994? NEVER. Thats the cold answer - which is 100% accurate. Every single Pakistani fan conveniently forgets all the thrashings Pakistan receive when they play Australia or South Africa, as soon as we notch up victories against LESSER teams like West Indies, Sri Lanka, and India. Whenever we win against those teams, suddenly everyone (including you Kamran) forget about the 3-0 thrashings we recieve at the hands of the Aussies time and time again, or the fact that in countless visits to South Africa, our batting has collapsed time and time again, be in 1997-98, 2003,2004, or 2006-2007. Blaming Inzy or Bob or the Sun or the Moon - wont make a damn difference unless the PCB itself chalks up a LONG-TERM policy to make Pakistan the BEST team in the world. If they do that, then automatically they will come to realize that winning against AUSTRALIA and SOUTH AFRICA - the two top teams of the world - is the only way for Pakistan to become the BEST - and as such they must get rid of players like Razzaq, Rana Naveed, Hafeez, etc who are simply flat-track wonders who will never be mentally tough enough to succeed against top teams. The PCB needs to set up regular series against Australia like India has, so that our player compete against the best and get better with time, instead of playing weak sides and thinking they are god's gift to the cricketing world. Our problem is that after we get thrashed in one world cup we look at the next one - we fire our captain, coach, manager and blame them for everything thats gone wrong. We blame them for the loss. But we NEVER blame the true culprit - that is the so-called 'superstars' who are mentally WEAK and can NOT handle preassure from top teams...and the administrators who have always gotten away scott free with their miss-management. This World Cup is going to be another disaster and once its over - Bob Woolmer will unfortunately be forced out, which will be a huge loss because he`s the only coach Pakistan has ever had who works hard on the players and doesent care if his name or picture is in the paper ( unlike guys like Miandad,Intikhab Alam,Zaheer Abbas etc) who think they are behind every win when they were in charge and blame the players as soon as they lose - but as usual we Pakistanis like to blame others for everything that we fail at so I guess Bob will be forced out as will Inzamam - who despite recent poor form is more mentally tough than any of the Nazirs, Farhats, Hafeezs, Razzaqs, Ranas put together. Instead of blaming Bob and Inzy, we need to blame the mentally weak lot of Razzaq,Rana,Hafeez, and the PCB Management for not preparing players like Yasir Arafat, Salman Butt, and other fast bowlers like Irshad,Niazi,etc - for the last 2 years so we would have a good back up. Razzaq knows his place is assured and as such he has been bowling RUBBISH for over a year now and has been batting like a number 11 slogger who looks like he can get out anytime. Rana Naveed is in the team only because his family must be paying Wasim Bari and Nasim Asharaff some big bucks....because he has been worse than a club bowler since England, yet continues to play for Pakistan. This while Arafat,Niazi,Ayub,etc are sitting at home cooling their heels. Forget abt the World cup ..... this team doesent even deserve a send off.

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on February 14, 2007, 19:40 GMT

    Kamran if you adapt this policy of "hope for the best and be prepared for the worst" then you'll not feel bad and you won't be embarrased either.

    I knew what was gonna happen so I am neither sad nor embarrassed. The only thing I didn't like is some people learn from their mistakes but Pakistan's coach, captain and selectors keep repeating their mistakes.

    Cheer up Mr. Kamran Abbassi get yourself a HOT CUPPA (non-alchololic) TEA. :-)

  • Amyn Habib on February 14, 2007, 19:40 GMT

    “Pakistan’s equipment goes missing” reads the headline. Yes, indeed.

    We have to be realistic. The team is struggling with injuries, has only a few good players, and was outplayed by a superior team. I think at this time fans should support the team. Not uncritically, though.

    I would say one of the biggest problems (of many) is the persistent failure of top order Pakistan batting. This creates a batting crisis almost every single time. The current opening pair of Hafeez and Imran Nazir (endorsed by -the surprisingly influential with Pakistan selectors-Dr. Abbasi) selected for the world cup looks to be a disaster. And forcing Kamran Akmal as an opening batsman does not seem to work either.

    And why was Hafeez, who averages 18 runs in ODIs selected? Was it because of a superior performance in South Africa? The panic recall of Imran Nazir was another stupid decision. A talented batsman on a good day perhaps, but undisciplined and with a long history of underperformance, averaging about 23 runs from 61 ODIs. Why not Hameed who averages 39 from 50 ODIs?

    I think this is the weakest and most troubled Pakistan team to enter a World Cup. An unfair and failed selection policy (based on nepotism, and rewarding mediocrity and inconsistency) is in large part responsible for this.

    Having said that, the team does have some talented players and should be able to bounce back. While expectations of winning the World Cup would take one into the realm of pure fantasy, we look forward to some good games from the Pakistan team.

  • Zoab Khan on February 14, 2007, 19:38 GMT

    Is this the team that we are supposed to compete with in the world cup? What has PCB seen in Rana Naveed, Mohammad Hafeez to be sent to the world cup? I would rather give someone young a chance to get some experience. This team looks like they have no motivation, no sense of direction. The way PCB is running the show is embarassing. Why did they reject the idea of different surfaces for our players to practice on before they were sent to S.A.? Pakistan has a problem performing in England, S.A., N.Z, Australia for a long time now. Yet still they would rather spend large amounts of money on English lawyers rather then education of their own players?

  • AZFAR on February 14, 2007, 19:28 GMT

    YEP! Told you one success does not mean (2nd ODI) anything. Our players have NEVER shown any consistency as a GROUP. I do not think that we had the selection bad, it was one of the best team ON PAPER minus SHOAIB. Only thing I can blame management off is how they handle our only spoiled child SHOAIB , a match winner. We do not have a match winner left in our team. Whateever little hope you have off miracles is when you have Shoaib bowling on all 4 cylinders. Handle that man with some plan and patience and he may deliver some goods for atleast couple of years. Leave poor Asif some breathing room! Get a FAST BOWLING coach. Drop big names if not playing well for last 5-6 matches. MAN, MY ULCER HAS LOT TO do with this team. It is my dream to see this team perform (not win all the time but show some spine) consistently. Good luck with World Cup..maybe just maybe because of INCOSISTENCY they may even pull this one from the hat..Some dream huh!!! but you never know! keep your anatcids around!

  • M on February 14, 2007, 19:26 GMT

    Bits & pieces cricketers are just that. Can anyone tell me what the one-day specialists achieved? Razzaq, Rana (why was played in all 5 matches) whoever penned his name on the final sheet needs to be shot. Any form of cricket needs cricketers. Did anyone noticed that pakistan batting failed. Why wasn't Asim Kamal played? Why wasn't Malik put to open? Did they realize they were up againt a quality pace attack ( not a club side). Why was a failure like Akaml persisted with for 5 matches (who penned his name on the final sheet should be tortured as we the fans were tortured in watching his dismal failures. This team cannot even beat Ireland. And who selected Akhtar (a person that should only play near a hospital). Well Bangladesh certainly shows more cricketing skills and captaincy brains than Pakistan. They are a bunch of losers (sorry Yousuf, you're exceptional).

  • Nuruddin Lakhani on February 14, 2007, 19:20 GMT

    It was without doubt an embarassing performance by Pakistan. Although South Africans bowled well, it was well assisted by poor batting of Pakistan and at the end, once again, there were not enough runs on the board for the bowlers to defend.

    Next stop is West Indies - the big show time. And we are still experimenting with our openers. While Younis is scoring at number 3 position, there is still experimantation going on at that slot. This leaves Inzi to come at number 6 when all upper order players are gone. Hafeez is a waste and he proved it today. Well, at this time, if we make it to top four in the world cup - it will be a dignified effort from this team.

  • Asad Bangash - Toronto on February 14, 2007, 19:19 GMT

    As much as it hurts, the reality is that the players which are selected for this WC : are not mentally tough enough,are not talented enough, are not fit enough and very worryingly are not committed enough. I agree with Kamran bhai that they look so lethargic. I feel like a stupid rooting for these pakistani players who give a damm about their performances. Atleast put up a performance, i am not asking to win every match. Just be competitve. Show people that you are international cricketers selected from 1000z and 1000z of cricketers around the country. Seems like pakistani cricket is all about "who-knows-who" and weather ur a " Yes-Sir " to inzi. What a shame !

  • Umer on February 14, 2007, 19:14 GMT

    This is unbelievable. I WAS a hardcore fan of Pakistani cricket before SA series but they have let all of us down so badly…I can’t even motivate myself to watch world cup even though I have paid for it. Is there any accountability process for PCB? In fact can Inzamam and Woolmer justify few things e.g. can they justify the inclusion of RANA in world up squad? In his last 5 one days ( make it 6 if we include 20) he has conceded runs at an average of OVER 9 runs an over… can you include that kind of SO CALLED bowler in world cup squad and even in last two one days that we played in SA he shouldn’t be there. Can they justify their continuation of Kamran Akmal in team? They purposely did not give chance to Zulkernain Haider so that Kamran Akmal could be an automatic selection…by the way he has scored less than 10 runs per match in his last 6 limited over appearances (and even in England series)…I was so disappointed to see him standing behind the wickets in last 4 one day. Kamran Akmal has no technique to open an innings especially in SA. What is Mushtaq’s role in team? Pleaseeeeeee give us a leader who can motivate his players…please give us a leader who can put his personal friendships (Rana and Akmal in team) behind and think for the pride of country…please take out Rana from world cup squad, I hate Sami but he is still better than aging Rana.....aaaaahhhhhhhhh HOW CAN YOU BE SO MEAN INZAMAM YOU SHOULD HAVE GIVEN CHANCE TO OTHER PLAYERS IN SA SERIES SO THAT WE COULD HAVE OPTIONS FOR WORLD CUP....

  • Hassan on February 14, 2007, 19:12 GMT

    I would be very surprised if Pakistan go past super 8 in world cup. They are basically an incomplete team. How can they think to win world cup when they do not have good openers at all. Plus Inzi is no genius in captaincy to think of a working strategy.

    Moreover Pakistan lacks the aggression. I do not understand why they got rid of Waqar Younis as bowling coach who was doing good job with all fast bowlers, and ever since he is gone, the discipline in bowlers and their performance gone down. What was the reason of bringing Mushtaq Ahmed?? Tableeghis want to control team, they think they can worship their way to win world cup.

  • zMario - on February 14, 2007, 19:07 GMT

    I completely agree Kamran, that our team does not know how to show any character.

    I watched the entire match today, and have come to the conclusion that they don't remember how to fight.

    What happened to the team of 92?

    Also, our own captain needs to stand up and lead from the front? Kamran at #4? Inzy himself at #6?

    What captain bats at #6? Well beyond me...

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  • zMario - on February 14, 2007, 19:07 GMT

    I completely agree Kamran, that our team does not know how to show any character.

    I watched the entire match today, and have come to the conclusion that they don't remember how to fight.

    What happened to the team of 92?

    Also, our own captain needs to stand up and lead from the front? Kamran at #4? Inzy himself at #6?

    What captain bats at #6? Well beyond me...

  • Hassan on February 14, 2007, 19:12 GMT

    I would be very surprised if Pakistan go past super 8 in world cup. They are basically an incomplete team. How can they think to win world cup when they do not have good openers at all. Plus Inzi is no genius in captaincy to think of a working strategy.

    Moreover Pakistan lacks the aggression. I do not understand why they got rid of Waqar Younis as bowling coach who was doing good job with all fast bowlers, and ever since he is gone, the discipline in bowlers and their performance gone down. What was the reason of bringing Mushtaq Ahmed?? Tableeghis want to control team, they think they can worship their way to win world cup.

  • Umer on February 14, 2007, 19:14 GMT

    This is unbelievable. I WAS a hardcore fan of Pakistani cricket before SA series but they have let all of us down so badly…I can’t even motivate myself to watch world cup even though I have paid for it. Is there any accountability process for PCB? In fact can Inzamam and Woolmer justify few things e.g. can they justify the inclusion of RANA in world up squad? In his last 5 one days ( make it 6 if we include 20) he has conceded runs at an average of OVER 9 runs an over… can you include that kind of SO CALLED bowler in world cup squad and even in last two one days that we played in SA he shouldn’t be there. Can they justify their continuation of Kamran Akmal in team? They purposely did not give chance to Zulkernain Haider so that Kamran Akmal could be an automatic selection…by the way he has scored less than 10 runs per match in his last 6 limited over appearances (and even in England series)…I was so disappointed to see him standing behind the wickets in last 4 one day. Kamran Akmal has no technique to open an innings especially in SA. What is Mushtaq’s role in team? Pleaseeeeeee give us a leader who can motivate his players…please give us a leader who can put his personal friendships (Rana and Akmal in team) behind and think for the pride of country…please take out Rana from world cup squad, I hate Sami but he is still better than aging Rana.....aaaaahhhhhhhhh HOW CAN YOU BE SO MEAN INZAMAM YOU SHOULD HAVE GIVEN CHANCE TO OTHER PLAYERS IN SA SERIES SO THAT WE COULD HAVE OPTIONS FOR WORLD CUP....

  • Asad Bangash - Toronto on February 14, 2007, 19:19 GMT

    As much as it hurts, the reality is that the players which are selected for this WC : are not mentally tough enough,are not talented enough, are not fit enough and very worryingly are not committed enough. I agree with Kamran bhai that they look so lethargic. I feel like a stupid rooting for these pakistani players who give a damm about their performances. Atleast put up a performance, i am not asking to win every match. Just be competitve. Show people that you are international cricketers selected from 1000z and 1000z of cricketers around the country. Seems like pakistani cricket is all about "who-knows-who" and weather ur a " Yes-Sir " to inzi. What a shame !

  • Nuruddin Lakhani on February 14, 2007, 19:20 GMT

    It was without doubt an embarassing performance by Pakistan. Although South Africans bowled well, it was well assisted by poor batting of Pakistan and at the end, once again, there were not enough runs on the board for the bowlers to defend.

    Next stop is West Indies - the big show time. And we are still experimenting with our openers. While Younis is scoring at number 3 position, there is still experimantation going on at that slot. This leaves Inzi to come at number 6 when all upper order players are gone. Hafeez is a waste and he proved it today. Well, at this time, if we make it to top four in the world cup - it will be a dignified effort from this team.

  • M on February 14, 2007, 19:26 GMT

    Bits & pieces cricketers are just that. Can anyone tell me what the one-day specialists achieved? Razzaq, Rana (why was played in all 5 matches) whoever penned his name on the final sheet needs to be shot. Any form of cricket needs cricketers. Did anyone noticed that pakistan batting failed. Why wasn't Asim Kamal played? Why wasn't Malik put to open? Did they realize they were up againt a quality pace attack ( not a club side). Why was a failure like Akaml persisted with for 5 matches (who penned his name on the final sheet should be tortured as we the fans were tortured in watching his dismal failures. This team cannot even beat Ireland. And who selected Akhtar (a person that should only play near a hospital). Well Bangladesh certainly shows more cricketing skills and captaincy brains than Pakistan. They are a bunch of losers (sorry Yousuf, you're exceptional).

  • AZFAR on February 14, 2007, 19:28 GMT

    YEP! Told you one success does not mean (2nd ODI) anything. Our players have NEVER shown any consistency as a GROUP. I do not think that we had the selection bad, it was one of the best team ON PAPER minus SHOAIB. Only thing I can blame management off is how they handle our only spoiled child SHOAIB , a match winner. We do not have a match winner left in our team. Whateever little hope you have off miracles is when you have Shoaib bowling on all 4 cylinders. Handle that man with some plan and patience and he may deliver some goods for atleast couple of years. Leave poor Asif some breathing room! Get a FAST BOWLING coach. Drop big names if not playing well for last 5-6 matches. MAN, MY ULCER HAS LOT TO do with this team. It is my dream to see this team perform (not win all the time but show some spine) consistently. Good luck with World Cup..maybe just maybe because of INCOSISTENCY they may even pull this one from the hat..Some dream huh!!! but you never know! keep your anatcids around!

  • Zoab Khan on February 14, 2007, 19:38 GMT

    Is this the team that we are supposed to compete with in the world cup? What has PCB seen in Rana Naveed, Mohammad Hafeez to be sent to the world cup? I would rather give someone young a chance to get some experience. This team looks like they have no motivation, no sense of direction. The way PCB is running the show is embarassing. Why did they reject the idea of different surfaces for our players to practice on before they were sent to S.A.? Pakistan has a problem performing in England, S.A., N.Z, Australia for a long time now. Yet still they would rather spend large amounts of money on English lawyers rather then education of their own players?

  • Amyn Habib on February 14, 2007, 19:40 GMT

    “Pakistan’s equipment goes missing” reads the headline. Yes, indeed.

    We have to be realistic. The team is struggling with injuries, has only a few good players, and was outplayed by a superior team. I think at this time fans should support the team. Not uncritically, though.

    I would say one of the biggest problems (of many) is the persistent failure of top order Pakistan batting. This creates a batting crisis almost every single time. The current opening pair of Hafeez and Imran Nazir (endorsed by -the surprisingly influential with Pakistan selectors-Dr. Abbasi) selected for the world cup looks to be a disaster. And forcing Kamran Akmal as an opening batsman does not seem to work either.

    And why was Hafeez, who averages 18 runs in ODIs selected? Was it because of a superior performance in South Africa? The panic recall of Imran Nazir was another stupid decision. A talented batsman on a good day perhaps, but undisciplined and with a long history of underperformance, averaging about 23 runs from 61 ODIs. Why not Hameed who averages 39 from 50 ODIs?

    I think this is the weakest and most troubled Pakistan team to enter a World Cup. An unfair and failed selection policy (based on nepotism, and rewarding mediocrity and inconsistency) is in large part responsible for this.

    Having said that, the team does have some talented players and should be able to bounce back. While expectations of winning the World Cup would take one into the realm of pure fantasy, we look forward to some good games from the Pakistan team.

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on February 14, 2007, 19:40 GMT

    Kamran if you adapt this policy of "hope for the best and be prepared for the worst" then you'll not feel bad and you won't be embarrased either.

    I knew what was gonna happen so I am neither sad nor embarrassed. The only thing I didn't like is some people learn from their mistakes but Pakistan's coach, captain and selectors keep repeating their mistakes.

    Cheer up Mr. Kamran Abbassi get yourself a HOT CUPPA (non-alchololic) TEA. :-)