World Cup 2007 March 18, 2007

Shamed by the shamrock: an open letter


Dear Inzy, Bob, and the Doc,

There have been many bad days in the history of Pakistan cricket but 17th March was probably the worst. You have taken a group of players with ability and turned them into the most spineless, lethargic bunch in the world.

For two consecutive matches, every Pakistan batsman has died a coward's death. They have confirmed their status of flat-track bullies and low-intensity stars. Congratulations, of course, to Ireland who played out of their skins but they really should never have beaten Pakistan, green wicket or flat top.

The way this reality has been hammered home to Pakistan fans leaves us in shock and fills me with disbelief. I, like many other romantic fools, believed that the World Cup would bring the best out of you, that your players would fight to the death, and would prosper on West Indian tracks. Even now, I say that the only team this bunch of players should have found to be unbeatable in this tournament is Australia. The rest are evenly matched in ability but it seems your team is handicapped by its habit of shrinking to the occasion. The team's supporters have been horribly betrayed. You will understand the anger and it will come at you like a howling wind.

The Pakistan cricket team was once known for its fighting prowess but you have stripped these players of any spirit or steel. Your bowlers have retained some will, they performed admirably in both encounters. In truth, though, they too lacked the killer instinct, that extra 10%, that would have dismissed the West Indies more cheaply and knocked out Ireland. You have paid a heavy price for your inability to make best use of Waqar Younis, and people will ask what Mushtaq Ahmed achieved other than giving himself and you a bloody nose?

Your fielders wander the outfield like elephants, young men grown old and old men grown arthritic. They are a blot on international cricket, a sport that now requires fitness, energy, and speed, yet your players are like the noble unbending amateurs of some bygone era.

Only Pakistan cricket could do this because only Pakistan cricket could have a system that fails from A to Z. Only Pakistan cricket could have a system whose failures are protected by the patronage of the president of the country. Whatever the merits of the president's work elsewhere, he must take responsibility for being shamed by the shamrock. Because, ultimately, he appointed his pal, the good doctor, to rescue Pakistan's world cup chances. Instead of rescue, Doc, you have orchestrated a catalogue of disasters, embarrassments, and ill-conceived schemes and intrigues. For shame, Doc, move on. Look after human development in Pakistan, though on second thoughts if you are as unsuccessful in that as you have been in cricket administration perhaps you had better leave human development to somebody else.

Your combination has failed too, Inzy and Bob. Your choices, your strategies, your inspiration have brought us to this. Nobody should doubt that you both had the best of intentions but the best of intentions mean nothing when your team surrenders in a hurry. And it is not as if these failings are new. Unsettled openers, batsmen unable to negotiate swing or seam as they gift wickets like sweetmeats on Eid, and a general lethargy about the team that only disappears in moments of crisis. You have given the impression of men asleep on your watch, but Pakistan's cricket fans are some of the keenest observers of the game. And the majority don't like what they have seen this last six months. What they have seen most obviously is an absence of leadership, a confusion in strategy created by disunity of purpose, and persistent failure on the cricket field.

With all due respect, I believe that time is up on your partnership. The extent of this loss means that Pakistan cricket must build afresh, free of the shackles of the past. Many will say that it should have ended much earlier but I believe that up to last year's tour of England you both helped Pakistan regain much respectability in international cricket. But everything possible has gone wrong since then and Pakistan cricket now finds itself in a similar mess to the aftermath of the last World Cup. Overall, no progress then, a bad situation to be in.

But I hope you are not made the only scapegoats because the shit needs to pass upwards and cover you Doc and your man at the helm, Salim Altaf.

What to do? Well, Pakistan cricket will survive. There remains a passion for this sport like no other in the country's cities and villages. But Pakistan cricket requires a root and branch reform, a top-to-toe shake up. The PCB requires to be run by people appointed on the basis of merit not friendship or relationship. And the first job that meritocracy should do is sack its selection committee and replace it with some real champions of Pakistan cricket.

Our new captain needs to be somebody with age on his side and fire in his belly. A leader who will lead by example and fill his charges with a passion to succeed. We know there is no perfect choice but what Pakistan cricket needs to rediscover most urgently is its attitude. These spineless capitulations sit uncomfortably with us emotive Pakistanis. There are only three candidates to my mind: Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik, and, I thought I'd never say this, Shahid Afridi. Something inside me says that after the lethargy of Inzamam, the passion of Afridi might be just the antidote we all need.

Finally, at this moment I can't help but think of the great players that made Pakistan a force in world cricket, the battles they fought to create a team for a whole nation to be proud of. I can't reconcile those images in my mind with the joke of a cricket team we have desperately supported over the last six months, batsmen unable to bat, bowlers unable to stay fit, with some fanciful notion that all would be well come the big day.

Inzy, Bob, and the Doc, you came, you saw, and you floundered. The best thing you can do for Pakistan cricket is to help it to rediscover the qualities that once made it great. You have sentenced us all to four years of painful memories. Failure, they say, is an orphan but this one has at least three fathers.

In the end, though, it just shows how important a skill great leadership is.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here

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  • acewings on April 10, 2010, 22:23 GMT

    WOW!! First post after more than 3 years! I doubt anyone will ever read this, but yeah, Pak is just as messed up today as it was 3 years ago on that fateful day.

  • AMIN S. on March 25, 2007, 17:53 GMT

    I fully agreed with the views of INZAMAM UL HAQ about the current set up of the world cup. If the set up was different like the one in 1992, both IND & PAK teams were still playing the WC. I think ICC's utmost goal was to see PAK & IND team kicked out at an early stage to make the way easy for their favourite white teams like AUS, SA & ENG/NZ. No matter how bad the Asian team plays they can still beat the best team on a given day. Asia Cricket should have more part in the leadership of the ICC. The current ICC leaders are totaly on the other side. The AUS/SA group was the easiest one so they do not have any problem in advancing whereas the PAK/IND groups were much tougher. I still do not understand why they put the PAK/IRL match on top green wicket whereas a better batting track was available on the side. This was probably the part of their (ICC) plan to kick out PAK team as we all know unfortunately we are not too good in playing green wickets. I hope the cricket administrations in IND/PAK should review all the facts and get tougher with ICC or do not take part in the future WC which ICC want to reserve it for white teams. Also our teams need to play without fear. The fear was the crucial factor in the match losses suffered by PAK and IND. Look the way both SA and AUS were playing. Of course they were awarded a flat clean batting wicket to enjoy which they do not provided on the PAK IRL match? Can ICC answer why?

  • Mark on March 25, 2007, 15:25 GMT

    Did anyone ever question the Talebanisation of Pakistani Team. The recent reports in the media point out that there were some serious disciplinary issues in PCB. The board got away with ad hoc-ism. Even the head of the board had any control over the team members. Religious fundamentalism was never questioned. Open religious intolerance was practiced and displayed even when the team was on tour. The question is why this is being confessed by PCB's management. How come the head of PCB feels no shame when he explains it to the media that he checked his e-mail from Bob after four days. This explains his interests in management and his incompetency in dealing with the PCB affairs. ICC should suspend Pakistan's membership and Pakistan should be barred from all International games until they have 1) Full constitution 2) full investigation of Bob's Woolmer's killing 3) Suspension of all the players who have issues with authority 4) name all the bookies in the media 5)ban practice of religious fundamentalism in the team 6) Stop belligerent attitude towards international community 7) Improve the basic infra-structure within their country before getting permission to play cricket again. All international counties should ban all Pakistani players. They should immediately suspend contracts with Pakistani Talebans/Cricket Players.


  • on March 24, 2007, 12:25 GMT

    Prague 24 March 2007

    Dear Mr.Abbasi:

    Didn’t I predict before that they would be out of the tournament from the first round? Now, forget about Woolmer Institute. It can come later. They will be very lucky if they can just get out of the mess they are in now. Did Woolmer have any tangible evidence of a betting scam that could explain one of the most bizarre results of the tournament? They-the players, the management and the officials-have been doing this for long time. I am afraid that this time they will not be able to get away with it.

    Thank you, Prof.Dr.Med Kahn

  • INZAMAM UL HAQ on March 24, 2007, 3:45 GMT

    I think no one is to blame for all the events that have occured in the 2007 CWC, except the ICC. I entirely blame the ICC for changing the qualifying structure of this world cup. 4 teams / 4 groups and every group supposedly had a two sucker teams and two strong teams. But this is bizzare. If you look at Pakistan's World cup campaign in 1992 (the one they went on to win) that world cup they lost 2 of their 4 initial games with one "no result" game, thus winning only one game of the first 4. If the same structure had been used in the 1992 WC that is being used in the 2007 WC (for the first time)...Pakistan would not have qualified for the Super 8 (next stage)...BUT THEY WENT ON TO WIN IN 1992!!!! I think team performances progress and become stronger as the tournament proceeds and this structure ignores that. It rewards the minows for a lucky day (like Ireland vs Pak or Ind vs Bangladesh) and punishes the deserving teams for just one bad day. This is unfair and completely illogical....And now they are going to complain about huge fall in viewership of the WC because PAK and IND are out. Wellll!! Who's fault is it? ICC!!!!!!

  • imran on March 22, 2007, 20:01 GMT

    i'd rather remember inzy for his goood works. thse things happen in cricket. dont blame inzi or bob.blame the system

  • Haider on March 22, 2007, 19:11 GMT

    The problems lie not with players, Inzy or Bob but are symptomatic of our national cricketing structure. Poor regional cricket structure, poor pitches and outfields, poor national coaching methods. One only has to look at the PCB to see how shambolic our cricketing structure is. It beggars belief that our crickets can overcome such hurdles.

  • zaheer on March 21, 2007, 22:43 GMT

    team played the final match today,played good but alas its too late. heartbreaking to see inzi go but imran nazirs innings has brought some joy to this broken heart. inzi, WE salute you! Thanks for all the memories pakistan zindaa baad

  • Vince Garvey on March 21, 2007, 22:33 GMT

    Whats all the fuss about? It's only a game! People in the world are really being hurt and my Mum died of cancer! COME ON!! Pakistan cricket will be great again one day no doubt. Don't take it to heart too much but give Ireland credit.Although you don't think so at this moment but Irelands victory was not so much a victory for them but a victory for cricket!! Lets have more upsets and see great times

  • Nofil Barlas on March 21, 2007, 20:58 GMT

    I feel bad for Inzamam and blaim him to some extent for the loss, but he is not the only one responsible for the defeat. The first mistake was to let Pervez Mushraf intertwine cricket with politics. That really messed things up. The wrong people were incharge of the selection and everything that goes along with it. Secondly, we dont have a 5-10 year plan when it comes to cricket. Aslong as we have good players we go along with it, but once these people leave we have no due process of putting equally capable players as replacements. Imran Khan was the only guy who not only thought about the team at the repesent time, but also looked ahead. After Wasim and Waqar were out we never got anyone good enough to replace them. Maybe we should look at Australia for example. Also Shoib Akhtar with his childish attitude not only brought the team performance down but also his own integrity (i.e. I am not refering to the World Cup). I think the only way to fix this mess is to start from scratch. Look at each player and PCB Board individually and try to choose people based on merit. Favoritism cannot play a part. Also, with all the argument about Mahajers not being selected into the team causes more problems for the team. If they are choosen on merit and there is not a single Mahajer, then I am ok with it. Atleast you can say that you put your best front forward.

  • acewings on April 10, 2010, 22:23 GMT

    WOW!! First post after more than 3 years! I doubt anyone will ever read this, but yeah, Pak is just as messed up today as it was 3 years ago on that fateful day.

  • AMIN S. on March 25, 2007, 17:53 GMT

    I fully agreed with the views of INZAMAM UL HAQ about the current set up of the world cup. If the set up was different like the one in 1992, both IND & PAK teams were still playing the WC. I think ICC's utmost goal was to see PAK & IND team kicked out at an early stage to make the way easy for their favourite white teams like AUS, SA & ENG/NZ. No matter how bad the Asian team plays they can still beat the best team on a given day. Asia Cricket should have more part in the leadership of the ICC. The current ICC leaders are totaly on the other side. The AUS/SA group was the easiest one so they do not have any problem in advancing whereas the PAK/IND groups were much tougher. I still do not understand why they put the PAK/IRL match on top green wicket whereas a better batting track was available on the side. This was probably the part of their (ICC) plan to kick out PAK team as we all know unfortunately we are not too good in playing green wickets. I hope the cricket administrations in IND/PAK should review all the facts and get tougher with ICC or do not take part in the future WC which ICC want to reserve it for white teams. Also our teams need to play without fear. The fear was the crucial factor in the match losses suffered by PAK and IND. Look the way both SA and AUS were playing. Of course they were awarded a flat clean batting wicket to enjoy which they do not provided on the PAK IRL match? Can ICC answer why?

  • Mark on March 25, 2007, 15:25 GMT

    Did anyone ever question the Talebanisation of Pakistani Team. The recent reports in the media point out that there were some serious disciplinary issues in PCB. The board got away with ad hoc-ism. Even the head of the board had any control over the team members. Religious fundamentalism was never questioned. Open religious intolerance was practiced and displayed even when the team was on tour. The question is why this is being confessed by PCB's management. How come the head of PCB feels no shame when he explains it to the media that he checked his e-mail from Bob after four days. This explains his interests in management and his incompetency in dealing with the PCB affairs. ICC should suspend Pakistan's membership and Pakistan should be barred from all International games until they have 1) Full constitution 2) full investigation of Bob's Woolmer's killing 3) Suspension of all the players who have issues with authority 4) name all the bookies in the media 5)ban practice of religious fundamentalism in the team 6) Stop belligerent attitude towards international community 7) Improve the basic infra-structure within their country before getting permission to play cricket again. All international counties should ban all Pakistani players. They should immediately suspend contracts with Pakistani Talebans/Cricket Players.


  • on March 24, 2007, 12:25 GMT

    Prague 24 March 2007

    Dear Mr.Abbasi:

    Didn’t I predict before that they would be out of the tournament from the first round? Now, forget about Woolmer Institute. It can come later. They will be very lucky if they can just get out of the mess they are in now. Did Woolmer have any tangible evidence of a betting scam that could explain one of the most bizarre results of the tournament? They-the players, the management and the officials-have been doing this for long time. I am afraid that this time they will not be able to get away with it.

    Thank you, Prof.Dr.Med Kahn

  • INZAMAM UL HAQ on March 24, 2007, 3:45 GMT

    I think no one is to blame for all the events that have occured in the 2007 CWC, except the ICC. I entirely blame the ICC for changing the qualifying structure of this world cup. 4 teams / 4 groups and every group supposedly had a two sucker teams and two strong teams. But this is bizzare. If you look at Pakistan's World cup campaign in 1992 (the one they went on to win) that world cup they lost 2 of their 4 initial games with one "no result" game, thus winning only one game of the first 4. If the same structure had been used in the 1992 WC that is being used in the 2007 WC (for the first time)...Pakistan would not have qualified for the Super 8 (next stage)...BUT THEY WENT ON TO WIN IN 1992!!!! I think team performances progress and become stronger as the tournament proceeds and this structure ignores that. It rewards the minows for a lucky day (like Ireland vs Pak or Ind vs Bangladesh) and punishes the deserving teams for just one bad day. This is unfair and completely illogical....And now they are going to complain about huge fall in viewership of the WC because PAK and IND are out. Wellll!! Who's fault is it? ICC!!!!!!

  • imran on March 22, 2007, 20:01 GMT

    i'd rather remember inzy for his goood works. thse things happen in cricket. dont blame inzi or bob.blame the system

  • Haider on March 22, 2007, 19:11 GMT

    The problems lie not with players, Inzy or Bob but are symptomatic of our national cricketing structure. Poor regional cricket structure, poor pitches and outfields, poor national coaching methods. One only has to look at the PCB to see how shambolic our cricketing structure is. It beggars belief that our crickets can overcome such hurdles.

  • zaheer on March 21, 2007, 22:43 GMT

    team played the final match today,played good but alas its too late. heartbreaking to see inzi go but imran nazirs innings has brought some joy to this broken heart. inzi, WE salute you! Thanks for all the memories pakistan zindaa baad

  • Vince Garvey on March 21, 2007, 22:33 GMT

    Whats all the fuss about? It's only a game! People in the world are really being hurt and my Mum died of cancer! COME ON!! Pakistan cricket will be great again one day no doubt. Don't take it to heart too much but give Ireland credit.Although you don't think so at this moment but Irelands victory was not so much a victory for them but a victory for cricket!! Lets have more upsets and see great times

  • Nofil Barlas on March 21, 2007, 20:58 GMT

    I feel bad for Inzamam and blaim him to some extent for the loss, but he is not the only one responsible for the defeat. The first mistake was to let Pervez Mushraf intertwine cricket with politics. That really messed things up. The wrong people were incharge of the selection and everything that goes along with it. Secondly, we dont have a 5-10 year plan when it comes to cricket. Aslong as we have good players we go along with it, but once these people leave we have no due process of putting equally capable players as replacements. Imran Khan was the only guy who not only thought about the team at the repesent time, but also looked ahead. After Wasim and Waqar were out we never got anyone good enough to replace them. Maybe we should look at Australia for example. Also Shoib Akhtar with his childish attitude not only brought the team performance down but also his own integrity (i.e. I am not refering to the World Cup). I think the only way to fix this mess is to start from scratch. Look at each player and PCB Board individually and try to choose people based on merit. Favoritism cannot play a part. Also, with all the argument about Mahajers not being selected into the team causes more problems for the team. If they are choosen on merit and there is not a single Mahajer, then I am ok with it. Atleast you can say that you put your best front forward.

  • Masrur on March 21, 2007, 17:43 GMT

    Shocking, is all I can say. Pak cricket's decline started way back, after the tour to India under Asif Iqbal. Yes, we had a few good years in between, under Imran and Javed. But, the seeds of mistrust had already been sowed. I distinctly remember a full page interview of the five "great" players who refused to play under Miandad. The great Magic Khan clearly implied: Karachi has no room in cricket, they just play on cement tracks. Cricket teams should comprise of players from the Punjab. And we saw the beginnings of regionalism over talent and experience. I am sure there are people around who remember the treatments meted out to Iqbal Qasim and Sikander Bakht. Qasim's record and statistics were far superior to those of Abdul Qadir. Yet, Qadir was prefered over Qasim. Sikander was practically forgotten, after he carried the Pakistani bowling in the aforementioned trip to India. Derogatory references to Javed (Kaalia, by Salim Malik, Wasim Akram and co.). Isn't Salim Malik dark skinned himself? It is the greatness of character of Javed who wholeheartedly supported Imran's captaincy. A lot of people think that it was Miandad's brains behind Imran's success as captain. I am in no way implying that Imran wasn't a good leader. He was great, probably the best cricketer ever produced by Pakistan. However, I don't beleive he would have done it without Javed's support and brilliance. Look at how we've treated Javed since then. In and out of the infrastructure. Bringing in and sacking as coach, repeatedly. Among current players, look at the treatment meted out to Sami, one of the fastest bowlers in the world. Instead of giving him the opportunities to improve, like we spend time and money on Shabbir, Shoaib and Shoaib, Sami is ousted every chance we get. We found a great batsman in Asim Kamal, but instead of sticking with him... you know the story. Same goes for Faisal Iqbal (paying the costs of being Miandad's nephew). There are examples of players from other areas too, not just the ones from Karachi. Fazle Akbar, Yasir Hameed, and Azhar Mahmood come to mind from among the current lot. The way Waqar Younis was treated because he wasn't from among the elite. Shoaib Mohammed, a great talent lost immaturely, the list can go on and on. Until we find a fix for the crux of regionalism over talent, and stick to an infrastructure for domestic cricket (i.e., not change it every few years), nothing will change. Just stick with a format, be it regional cricket or departmental. Hire a team of selectors from abroad, and let the cricket board be run by professionals, not friends and family of the elite.

  • Fontaine on March 21, 2007, 12:28 GMT

    Some of the comments made in this blog are ridiculous. So called "fans" are swearing off their loyalties to Pakistani cricket.

    Shameful. It does however, provide an insight into these fickle, disloyal fans who would caste aside their love for Pakistani cricket so easily!

    Good riddance I say. Cricket in Pakistan doesn't need fans like these who are so quick to change their loyalties.

    The Pakistani cricket team played exactly the way any honest, unbiased fan SHOULD have expected. They were missing two of their best fast bowlers, an all rounder in Razzaq, with several players out of form.

    What did you expect?

    Yes, it is very disapointing that they could not get into the Super 8s but Pakistani fans really need to get a grip on their level of expectations. But by far the most disapointing aspect of Pakistan's early exit is the behaviour and attitude of it's fans.

    Being a true patriot and fan of this game requires you to take the good with the bad. It was easy to be a cricket fan when Pakistan won the world cup. It's a lot tougher to be a fan when they lose so miserably but that's what true fans of the team do! That's what Pakistani cricket needs now. True fans to support the game as changes are made. Not a mob who are out to seek revenge and turn on their own players.

    I suspect when Pakistani cricket gets back on its feet and starts winning again, these same fans who have sworn never to follow the team again, will come crawling back, laughing and applauding as if nothing had happened!

    What a bunch of clowns.

  • Usman on March 21, 2007, 11:30 GMT

    If Australia manage to win this World Cup - don't forget they lost the one day finals in Australia to England 2:0. And then lost the Chappell Hadlee trophy 3:0.

    No one took to the streets here in Australia to protest. Ponting did not retire (although he didn't play in the series in NZ). The selectors did not resign. The ACB did not fall apart.

    Some people say Pakistan were lucky to make it to the final in 1992, and lucky to win. England could have won that final. England have never won a World Cup.

    New Zealand have never won a World Cup - and yet in 1992 NZ won every single match they played - except for two matches to Pakistan, the second match just happened to be the semi-final. NZ was extremely unlucky to not win the cup in 1992. They were robbed. Again no one took to the streets of NZ as far as I know.

    Can't we just say Pakistan were unlucky to drop out this time.

    Does it have to be someone's fault?

    Does everyone have to be fired?

    It wasn't meant to be - just leave it at that.

  • marcus on March 21, 2007, 10:59 GMT

    PSYCHIC, first of all, Inzamam is 37. Anyone could have predicted that he would have retired after the World Cup. Second of all, Pakistan's always been one of the most inconsistent teams in the world- they were bound to crash and burn at one stage. And of course the PCB always ring in the changes after every humiliation- remember 2003, when even Wasim Akram was dropped? Hah! I guess that makes me a psychic too. Still, of course part of your "prophecy" only came about because of Bob Woolmer's death, so I'm so glad that his passing away pleases you. May God bless you, because no one else will.

    RIP Bob.

  • sandeep on March 21, 2007, 6:15 GMT

    High hopes did you have of your team and mentioning them in the same breath as Australia is nothing less than foolish. But that is not your fault Kaamran.. It is all of us in the sub continent that make the same mistake of THINKING big of our teams so much so that we end up being confident about their chances and start expressing it in public. None from India or pakistan can beat an Australian in a 22 yard race.. Nor can we take catches or effect run outs as they do.We only rely on individual brilliance and talent that unfortunately in the modern cricketing world, will help win only 2 out of 10 matches! Your frustration is understood.. and if India lose to Lanka in a days time, will be shared by me too.

  • Harish on March 21, 2007, 6:07 GMT

    This is the worst defeat for Pakistan in world cup since 1975. Even in WC 2003, they lost only to test playing nations, Aus, Ind & Eng it was a group of death.But this time, this was self destruction. They very well knew, that they had to beat only Ireland and Zimbabway to reach group of 8. I would say this was the easier group. Compare this to group B, where Ind,Bang & SL are still not sure who is going to ultimately qualify.

  • haroon on March 21, 2007, 5:50 GMT

    You must be wild to suggest Sahid Afridi's name for Captaincy. First of all the world cup is lost just because of his antics. If he had not wielded his bat on a spectator, he would have been playing those two matches and result surely would have been different. This upset the balance of team and put pressure on captain during selection.Shahid afridi has bad temper, there shall be fights and revolt in the team for sure. We already know Younis-Afridi row in WI. Moreever his batting is always gamble , if he fails consecutively, his place shall be questioned. The best person would be Mhd. Yousuf. He is the best batsmen and senior and commands respct. Younis Khan is to be dropped from One day side he is a world class test match player let him concentrate his energy there.

  • Global Citizen on March 21, 2007, 1:55 GMT

    Somebody mentioned meritocracy, blah blah blah.......WHAAAAAAATTTTT? For a country like pakistan, what does that term mean? Ha? Mannn....delusions of grandiosity. It is just a game and by the way, may the best team win and hellooooo, no extremists please, all the joe blows, Kamran Abbasi inclusive. He should be ashamed to write such a letter and misuse his privilege.

  • deepak nair on March 20, 2007, 19:53 GMT

    In 2000, in a tournament in Sharjah India were all out for 54 chasing 299. In 2001 India defeated the Aussies after they had won their last 16 tests and then won the series. Good times follow bad times.

  • PSYCHIC on March 20, 2007, 15:32 GMT

    Hello PAKISTHANIS, This is psychic again. In my last posting in Kamran's blog i have predicted before world cup that Pakisthan will be getting worst time in world cup and new team and managment will be formed after world cup. Yahoooooooo. . My prediction came true. I have also predited Inzi retirement after world cup. If you don't beilive me got back to Kamran's blog about dopping issue and sohaib Akthtar topics. I am delighted to see my predition is right now. I hope you Pakisthani take my preditions seriously in future in this blog. May god bless you all.

  • ahmer on March 20, 2007, 13:11 GMT

    Go for Shoaib Malik as new captain, and dont forget to sack younis khan as well, at this stage of his career his shot selection is as poor as it gets, you cannot tell Imran Nazir or Afridi to play sensibly when most senior Younis chaseing wide short of length balls and trying to hook them, damn you pakistan team, we waited for 4 years and you finished it off in 4 days , damn you

  • Fahad kamal on March 20, 2007, 11:50 GMT

    i agree with you Kamran...Afridi should be given the responsibilty to lead Pakistani team...he'd succeed as we all have seen how he just lead karachi team to final in 20/20 game. when only big name in that team was he himself...

  • rahul on March 20, 2007, 11:17 GMT

    Your letter is really pathetic, just like your bluffing when you puffed out your chest and said "Australia is the only team that stands in our way". This will never change. World cup after world cup, you Pakistanis receive frightful bollockings from all and sundry, and a cricketing generation retires. Charlatans like you, who, before the tournament, do little but contribute to the mindless chatter that goes on among your ilk, miserably try to talk up their teams' chances, and get humiliated. In pain, you lash out at the team and millions of hysterical people like you topple the system, all the while, knowing in your hearts that it was you who expected so much out of a substandard, shambolic, disorganized team. As you are all fond of saying, only Allah can save you now. I will keep my eyes peeled open for any signs of divine intervention.

  • rehan on March 20, 2007, 9:40 GMT

    Man I'm sick and tird of these so called 'Die hard' cricket fans, specialy the ones from India and Pakistan. I mean ask yourself(paki fans) an honest question; did you really think pakistan had chance in this world cup(excluding the loss to Ireland)? well, the answer is "NO" and stop crying over spill milk be a man or a woman and suck it up, this is all apart of being a fan and loving the sport of cricket. All of you make me sick to my stomach, you band-waggon-hopping-pretencious-wannabe-critics of the cricket. I mean......ah! thats it.......

  • rehan on March 20, 2007, 9:28 GMT

    Pakistan was the first team to get the boot from this world cup. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • srivathsan on March 20, 2007, 8:52 GMT

    Kamran ur article reflects the frustration of pak.people & i can understand that.Life is a mixure of sweet& bitterness & our teams(both india & pak)can give the second one plenty.The whole world knows that we are chips of the old bloke but should our teams prove it like this -Losing to the minnows on the same day? Pak has exited & india will follow couple of days from now.I had mentioned in my earlier that our teams can be beaten by even a club team & i never thought that they prove it so soon.They can come back in the same flight & discuss what reason they can give to the nation.I feel the players should be barred from endorsement .The cricket admn. especially in pak need thorough change.Professionals should run the board & not henchmens who play to the whims & fancies of the big boss.Not withstanding all these things ,players should not be assaulted or humiliated as the fans(FANATIC FEW) normally do like stoning the house,burning effigies,illtreating their near & dear ones etc.Public debate is welcome within the ambit of decency to make the players understand their responsibility.Winning & losing is part of the game . losing grace fully after fight will not hurt but losing to a weaker side without a semblem of fight hurts our national pride.I had dreamt of atleast a subcontinent team winning the WC.Now pak is out&indialikely to follow suit ,the only hope is now srilanka .let us all cheer for them.

  • Alex on March 19, 2007, 23:14 GMT

    Erm..... pot kettle black 'Geoff' if you are an England fan.In 2005 England were apparently the best team in the world by miles having won the ashes by two runs.....Less than 2 years later the fans reckon half the team should be axed! All cricket-or indeed sports fans are fickle, it's a trait!

  • Imran Khan on March 19, 2007, 22:42 GMT

    Shahid BOOM BOOM mad dog PATHAAN DE SHAAN khan Afridi MUST BE NEW CAPTAIN. can u set up an online vote for who the fans think should be new captain?

  • Irish Man on March 19, 2007, 22:28 GMT

    ....... Unbelievable.............

    Folks....this is the most unprecidented win in International sport ever ....I would like to explain where cricket lies in importance here in Ireland ..We in Ireland have a population of 3million people..we have 2 indigenious games Gaelic Football and Hurling which are by far the most popular games ..... next is rugby ....followed by soccer / basketball etc ....Cricket is such a minority sport here in Ireland ...played in only a handful of clubs in Dublin and Belfast ....the have a tiny pool of playes to choose from .. and the overhealming majority of players are 1 ..qualified to play for Ireland under the parent rule .... 2 ....they come from prodestant schools ....and prodestants only make up less than 5% of our population ....its a game which us Catholic have much of an interest in ..... However , as an Irish man Im delighted with our win over Pakistan ...this game is so important to you and ....I really cant believe Ireland won ......

  • Dr M K Aslam on March 19, 2007, 20:23 GMT

    Dear Mr Abbassi, So Well said, that I can hardly add anything more to it. For two days I was so depressed, I did not bother to open or see any thing( so the late comment) Now that Bob is no more, so it is not nice to comment on his failings with the team, there is no sparing of the rest. The Chairman of the Board, ( a street boy in Pakistan knows more about criket than him), the selectors, who are busy in picking up players not on merit but on their wishes, and the Captain, whose stubbornness does not allow him to listen to any one. His egoistic approach could be felt even by spectators. If you confront him you are no more in the team. The so called "fatherly" figure has actually been ghostly to the youngsters. The fact is that the team was absolutely split and had no unity, no spirit what so ever, and these people are responsible for this. These players are paid from our hard earned money (the tax that people of Pakistan pay)so they are very much answerable to the nation. We demand immediate termination of the main Office bearers of the PCB including the selectors and an open trial or enquiry into the historic, humiliating exit of one of the top seeded teams from the world cup. The responsible persons must be punished.

  • jamil USa on March 19, 2007, 20:08 GMT

    Our Youth have no access to cricket grounds( BECAUSE of housing DHR,etc and population) to play on and most of them no access to real equipment and guidance.OUr PLayers come playing in streets.While any wetern country kids have access to all the proper coaching and facilities. so even with no experience they learn quickly and no wonder beat us .WHy everyone is crying?

  • Dealabc on March 19, 2007, 18:42 GMT

    What Pakistan team lacks is a leader. The whole Pakistan team is in "Imran Khan Syndrome" since the last 2 decades. This kind of weak mentality never creates a leader. What we need is an independent thinking captain who doesn't remain in past and thinks about the future.

    Steve Waugh is one of the greatest match winner cricket has ever seen and yet he retired gracefully before 2003 world cup and Ponting was made the captain. What happend? Australia still won the world cup. The whole Pakistan cricket is based on emotions and not reality.

    The cricket board is yet to learn that people like MUSHTAQ AHMED who have a dubious history with regards to team discipline and match fixing should not be welcome anymore. Just do away with these losers. Either Pakistan has stopped producing quality players or there is gross failure in selection. How can an international team have players like Rao, Butt, naveed anjum and imran nazir. Few years back, these would not even qualify for a club team in Pakistan. I may have missed something but it is quite shocking to me that such low-quality players are representing Pakistan. Whoever is there, is busy thinking about becoming the next Imran Khan. Well, learn to live in present. Imran Khan was a great captain but he is gone. Get over it.

    My suggestion would be to immediately make Yousuf as Pakistan captain and shoaib as vice captain. Fire all the butts, rao's, anjum's and mahmood's. Do selection based on merit and build a new team from the scratch. Players like Wasim, Waqar, Mushtaq and Aqib javed should not be allowed to go near the team as they were worst of the worst in terms of discipline and also had dubious involvment in match fixing.

    I have a strong feeling that this will not happen as you just can't change the mentaility of some people. You either have it or you don't. We don't have it in Pakistan. This team will always remain the same with same ups and downs (averaging to 50% win ratio) as I believe it is in nature of the people. We are not prgamatic but emotional and hence unpredictable.

  • nasir on March 19, 2007, 16:25 GMT

    Once again we have hit rock bottom and surely enough will rise yet again only for the cycle to repeat itself. That is Pakistani cricket.

    My question to team would be, why no one tried to counter attack the Irish to try and break the stranglehold. It was a sickening performance and the Irish full deserved to win the game.

    Pakistani cricket has been crushed by this defeat and it will take a long, long time to recover from this.

  • FK on March 19, 2007, 15:39 GMT

    I don't know why we are still insisting on keeping some of the players of the current team. They have already proved themselves as worthless and shameless. Pakistan has huge bank of excellent young crickers waiting in line with a hope of ever being selected for the national team. If selection is made on pure merit, Pakistan is able to produce at least one hundred teams of world class cricketers. We need a total overhaul. Look at the Bangladeshi team. Young players are doing very well. We don't need name plates who sometimes perform well. We need players who perform well at all times. But what do we do with the selection? This is the problem. Wasim Bari has been the problem in past. He has been responsible for destroying careers of world class players before. He has influenced on the selection of team many times before. Have a life man! Stay aside now. This is not your backyard team. Its a matter of national pride. And what do you know about pride! You were definitely a world class wicket keeper but you are a third class selector and human being. And just now Doctor NO (Nasim Ashraf) has apologized to the nation for the loss in world cup. You moron! we want to see you leave for ever and for good. Please try to announce that!

  • Ferozkhokhar on March 19, 2007, 14:21 GMT

    This is shameful time for the whole nation. Our national pride has been destroyed. It was very clear from past few months that this team is absolutely not capable of winning. Other teams were preparing for at least two years for this big event. And Pakistani teams members either slept in their hotel rooms or they were on the beach. They attended night club parties before the morning game. This has been their trend for long now. Inzimam always spitted out lame excuses after each lost game as captain. They didn't learn anything from each lost game. The selection of the team is very clear from this shameful defeat in the world cup. You cannot win by selecting nephews in the team. It is truley said that GARBAG IN GARBAGE OUT. It has been a big problem in Pakistan cricket. There is no merit selection, always top players are sidelined to accomodate favoured players. PCB hired a seasoned coach like Bob Woolmer but no one listened to him he was just like a sitting duck. There is a huge discipline problem with the team. What it needs now is to sack the whole team, management and selection committee altoether and bring forward new players, new management and selection committee based on merit only who believe in performance and winning and nothing else.

  • Geoff. ENGLAND on March 19, 2007, 12:46 GMT

    As a keen cricket supporter who has travelled to watch the game played in all the Test countries, I am appalled at how you Pakistani cricket fans over react to everything. Crazy when you win,crazy when you lose. Enjoy the game for its beauty and be prepared to suffer the bad times, they make the good times better. You dont ask for your mother to leave home if she cooks a bad dinner do you? Learn to be rational and take things calmly and you will take the pressure off of you team and allow them to express themselves without fear of failure. R.I.P. Bob.

  • Tahir Naqqash on March 19, 2007, 12:27 GMT

    The debacle goes to show the extent of the damage done to pak cricket over the past six months or so. We must not forget that these very same players performed quite well in several series in the recent past, and were competitive against SA. However, leadership and selection were always a problem. Grit and determination were always lacking. When the team not lasting 50 overs is a common scenario, why cant players like Asim Kamal get a game? We have paid the price for too many hot headed stroke makers in the team who lack any staying power whatsoever! The ad hoc setup of the PCB must be changed immediately if cricket is not to go the way of hockey. The nation should turn to its heroes of old - like Imran Khan.

  • Salman Qureshi on March 19, 2007, 11:15 GMT

    I heard of a story last night from a friends uncle who happened to be in South Africa this January and met the team one night partying and eating HALAL chicken karahi, which they said was hard to find and since they had found it they wanted to eat to their full. This bunch of cricketers led by Inzi sat their till 2am in the morning and had a match next day at 10am, a one day match. Before getting up they were joined by some guy from the Tableeghi jamaat, and then the lecture started which meant they were up till 430am and had their priorities all screwed up, the match was secondary, the food and the sermon primary. Its a shame that you are talking about tawakkul and faith and fate, want all the money that the board can pay you and you can get from the sponsors but when it comes down to setting your priorities and earning a Halal rizk, they just didn't know what that meant :( I am a shamed fan, but I am hopeful, the team needs to be revamped, the structure of the board, the whole first class infrastructure, and last but not the least, the ATTITUDE.


  • Saima Kamal, USA on March 19, 2007, 10:07 GMT

    Bob Woolmer's tragic death puts the numbing defeat into perspective. It is just a game after all - not life and death.

    I have reined in the vitriol, but it is clear that now is time for a total re-think. Cosmetic surgery is no longer acceptable. No one has the right to toy with the emotions of the cricket loving public. Stunning though it was, the dismal failure was always on the cards, was it not? In a country where cricketers lack basic discipline and the Board stumbles from crisis to crisis like a drunken sailor on shore leave, you must succeed in spite of the system. That has got to change. I suggest a total boycott of the Pakistan cricket team until and unless the entire setup is changed. The board, selectors and the ad-hoc system everything has to go. We the supporters are the lifeblood of the game. DO NOT PLAY WITH OUR FEELINGS!!

  • Mr Khan on March 19, 2007, 9:10 GMT

    this is how cricket day we are champions next day we suck...we have to stick by our country...i hate people who criticise when the luck is down and jump on the bandwagon when the team is winning! we hav to support our team no matter what! i admit they play poorly but we still cant go around burning effigies and doing crap like that to inzamam, probably in the top 5 pakistan players ever



  • Pramod on March 19, 2007, 7:41 GMT

    It is deeply saddening to hear about Bob's death. He did not fit into the system he was placed.In a way we are all responsible for his demise.There's too much pressure in South Asia,after all it's a game...a game to be enjoyed and cherished.South Asian cricket has to change, change for the better.This passion is a virus.It is going to do more harm than good.There's too much hype,a bad system,media sensationalism and we should feel sorry for the players.

  • Ghsa'a to aanda hai on March 19, 2007, 7:35 GMT

    First of all my condolences to the family of Late Mr. Woolmer . He appears to be the only decent person from amongst the people associated with managing cricket in Pakistan . My suggestion :

    When the Pakistan team returns from W.I next week , it should be made to play 5 one day matches against the Pakistan " A " team . If the Pakistan team , as expec ted , looses to the Pakistan " A " team the Chairman of PCB and the Chairman of selectors should not just be sacked they should be conscripted in the Pakistan Army asd privates and and sent to South Waziristan to fight the Talibans . As for Inzamam , he should be made the Principal of a Madarsa in South Waziristan for a five year peiod . The POakistan " A " team shouyld be declared the Pakistan team.

    Our President should leave the office of Patron in Chief of Cricket .

    Lastly , India and Pakistan teams to Wortld Cup should also play each other for " The Asian Pir Dogs " Trophy . I think , thew Pakistan team will have the distinction of winning the trophy . I am willing to bet my money on my prediction .

  • Blue Devil on March 19, 2007, 7:10 GMT

    I can't believe Inzy has'nt retired completely from all forms of cricket. This wanna-be mullah is still living in his own bubble. He and a few others must be kicked out of Test cricket as well - we need new blood!! To make matters worse, he announced his ODI retirement when everyone simply wanted to focus on Bob Woolmer's passing. This guy has no class, and a peanut for a brain. PCB better make sure he never lines up for another international match - ODI or Test! Inzy, this is the end of the road for you - thanks for screwing up our cricket team and our World Cup!!!!

  • Aisha on March 19, 2007, 7:01 GMT

    Bob, rest in peace. it hurts to know that my heroes killed you. i knw they tried, im sure they did. after all, they know that this nation lives off cricket, but they killed you nonetheless. inzi you broke my heart, and shattered dreams. but for 15 years you were there, the formidable defence for the team. when u come onto the pitch, a ray of hope shines through and when you win matches effortlessly we say: we knew inzi would do it, thats what you have been about. and i cant help but cry over the way you are bowing out.

    after the 2003 debacle, wasim and waqar had to leave. the duo that wrecked and rocked the cricketing world left in a disgraceful manner. and pakistan cricket hasnt been the same since, it never will be. today, we are hopeless, faithless, bob-less, soon iwll be inzi-less. will the management and adminsitration please save this ship?

    inzi, please do play for another season, we want to send you off in a way that honors your service to the nation. we want to send you off when u wave your bat to the crowds after hitting a match-winning innings and with you smiling your lazy-adorable smile, not with your head bowed down.

    i was just explaining to my mother the reason why we take this game to our heart. its simple really, the team of 11, are more often than not the ONLY heroes that this unfortunate nation has seen since the time it was made free. and they let us down, but we have to cheer them till the end. they will get back up, InshAllah- no pun intended.

    bob, thank you for taking responsibility of turning the hapless 2003 squad and turning it into a team, the future will see your contribution. we wish it didnt have to end this way, it breaks our hearts to see you leave like this. but in your passing away, our team will find reason to find their former glory. i just know they will.

    shoaib however, may go rott soemwhere. for all i care. im sorry, i just cant help but feel betrayed by his behavior.

  • khurram on March 19, 2007, 6:36 GMT

    Very SAD day for Pakistan cricket, two losses within 24 hours i would say the loss of Bob Woolmer is bigger than exiting the World Cup because human life comes first. The positive out of the situation is the announcement of Inzi to quit ODI, though he is still eyeing test cricket???

    I might sound foolish, but would like suggest the name of SHOAIB AKHTER as the next Captain, give him the responsibility and he'll deliver and stay fit.

  • Zeeshan Shukr on March 19, 2007, 6:30 GMT

    Well said Kamran! Finally you have accepted the bitter truth. This embarrassment is the result of incompetent and mad people running the PCB who have absolutely no brains! Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Saleem Altaf, Inzamam and our beloved Chief Selector Wasim Bari are all responsible for this shit. Dr. Nasim Ashraf knows absolutely nothing about cricket. Since he has been appointed the PCB Chief, he hasn't done anything that proves him as a worthy man. Saleem Altaf's abilities are also well known to everyone (I guess everyone who watched him defending the PCB at the Geo program 'Bolein Kya Baat Hai' when Waqar Younis was sacked will agree). Bob Woolmer did well for at least 2 years but since the England tour last year, the situation was getting out of his control.Inzamam was never a captain. His defensive approach had already been exposed many times. Also his personal batting form was not anyway near average throughout last year. A captain cannot inspire his team unless he leads from the front and plays out of his skin. Look at Ricky Ponting, Stephen Fleming, Rahul Dravid, Michael Vaughan, Graeme Smith &Mahela Jayawardene. They all face pressure themselves and lead from the front. How can Wasim Bari defend the selection of Imran Nazir for this World Cup??? Was there any notable performance that earned him a place in the World Cup Squad? Then sending a very few specialist batsmen was a big blunder. The way Younis Khan got out in both the games; he needs to go back to the streets of Mardan; he doesn’t deserve a place in Pakistan team anymore. If the Vice Captain of the team gets out in this pathetic way; how can you blame the other batsmen? Inzamam, we all knew was far from his best; he was struggling for form. At least I was not expecting him to do well in the World Cup. But the biggest disappointment was Mohammad Yousaf. He was the main flop for Pakistan in this World Cup! I don't know where was his run scoring ability in the two matches? Then, we badly missed the aggression of Shahid Afridi and Abdul Razzaq.There were a lot of expectations from this team even when Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif were ruled out just before the team’s departure for the World Cup. Our bowling did well in both the games but it was our batting, fielding and poor captaincy that let us down. Finally I request all the responsible persons Inzi, Doc, Saleem and Bari to resign at once. Inzi should have announced his retirement at the Post-match press conference yesterday. He better needs to lead a Tableeghi group; not a cricket team. He has been selecting players on his personal terms with them; not their performances. How can he defend the appointment of Mushtaq Ahmed as the bowling coach as a replacement of legend Waqar Younis who was doing very well. Probably Mushtaq’s beard and Tableeghi capabilities impressed him. All the bowlers Rana, Asif, Gul declared themselves that Waqar Younis had helped them a lot during his tenure as the bowling coach. How can he defend playing Rana Naveed again and again even when he was going for plenty? Here again Rana’s beard probably forced Inzi to select him!But it’s too late for everything. We have created history and have lost to a team who has made it to the World Cup for the first time and has knocked us out of the competition. President Musharraf needs to appoint either Imran Khan or Gen. Tauqir Zia as the new PCB Chief. Otherwise we should get ready for another humiliation in four years time when the World Cup starts in the Sub Continent.

  • TK on March 19, 2007, 6:26 GMT

    You start with “Dear Inzy, Bob and Doc,” what about the top guy, the patron-in-chief of the PCB who appointed the most mediocre people to head PCB. “The doc” turned out to be a “domicile doctor.” He is a total disgrace for all overseas Pakistanis. This idiot has docked Pakistan of an opportunity to perform well at the cup.

    This is what happens when things are not handled on basis of merit, rather on domiciles, nepotism, and one-man-shows. Decline of PIA, education, and sports are primes examples in this regard.

    Pakistan’s defeat at the hands of Ireland is actually a defeat of “one-man-show.” It is not a matter of “a” defeat at “a” sports event. It has to do with the institutions and the accountability.

    No institutions! No accountability. It is a wake-up call for all who are trying to damage institutions in Pakistan.

  • Khurram on March 19, 2007, 6:20 GMT

    Pakistan lost due to unprofessional attitude and lack of reasoning. Admit it, we are an emotional nation and never care to reason.. most of the above posts justify that...there is this guy here who's Calling Imran Farhat a donkey, just coz he sometimes throw away his wicket…but oh Plz be rational.. Imran farhat technique and ability wise is a lot better than all the other openers in Pakistan currently.. and his domectic and ODI record proves that..i admit he has to learn a lot how to play in test cricket but the kind of aggression he has..he’s best suited to be in ODI team.. Aussie are juggernauts coz they have these kinda players like Gilchrist and co. who have the ability to hit the ball hard and don’t get overawed by the opposition…not technically flawed guys like Hafeez, Imran Nazir and the company… Historical averages of these players prove the point…Farhat average is way above them …we Pakistanis are just emotional in our thinking and never looking at who’s the more effective player… if we check out the records, Farhat has produced the best opening partnerships during the last 5 years with Butt and Yasir Hameed and no other combination clicked….

    Anyhow we need to make redical changes in the team for the future… The captain should be a young man who have experience as well and has captained in domestic competition…so the ideal candidate is Hasan Raza! .. he has been captaining the Karachi sides and also Habib Bank for long even with the presence of many international teams and he’s currently the best domestic player making heavy runs in every competition…. Other guys who shud come from domestic arena are Bazid Khan, Khurram Manzoor, Fawad Alim and Humayun Farhat/Zulqarnain (Yes pls drop that clown Kamran Akmal!!)

  • No Shame on March 19, 2007, 6:19 GMT

    To the family of beloved Mr. Bob Woolmer, please accept my deepest condolence's on this tragic day. Please know that he is in a much better place and that he is also in my thoughts and prayers. Mr. Woolmer you had given everything humanly possible to improve Pakistani cricket. It truly is a sad day to have lost a genuine person like yourself, but you are at peace now. May God bless your soul and make life easy on the loved one's you leave behind.

    No hope for Pakistani cricket until politics are taken out of it...starting with Musharraf and his cronies. I know that all these suggestions mentioned on previous posts are falling on deaf ears as these spineless, gutless, and heartless PCB members don't give a damn.

  • Zafar Mehdi on March 19, 2007, 6:13 GMT

    Dear Kamran

    Please read my post on your earlier post "Abandon Hope ? Not yet ", where I have already suggested that Shahid Afridi should be made a Captain and Shoaib Malik the vice captain, as for Younis Khan, we have already seen him captaining the side in champions trophy, and he has the brain of a retarded child. We need someone who has the leadership quality of Imran Khan and the fighting spirit of Javed Miandad, if we really want to visit the road to success, otherwise 1992 will remain a sweet nostalgia for cricket lovers for years to come


  • mujtaba on March 19, 2007, 5:39 GMT

    when will time come for BARI to leave the selection committee?He is one of the culprits in dstructing cricket in Pakistan

  • Theena on March 19, 2007, 4:57 GMT

    If I had people like Zaheer Abaas, Imran Khan, Javeed Maindad and Wasim Akram in my neighbourhood, I'd ask them to help the current team out.

    Zaheer to show what batting is all about. Imran will show them what it means to be a shrewd stratergist and inspirational captain. Wasim to show that fast bowling is not mere pass, but as much guile as spinning. And Javed? Javed will show them what it means to play for your country; that money, fame and power are nothing compared to the prestige of representing your country. I'd give him licensce to be the drill seargent of the team too. Kick their asses if you have to, Javed. They deserve everything they get.

  • Rahul on March 19, 2007, 4:54 GMT

    Mr. Kamran, I fully understand your feelings. Being a die hard supporter of cricket and hailing from India, even I am at a loss to express the shock and despair at India's loss to minnows Bangladesh. What is wrong with the best teams of the subcontinent - Pakistan and India?? As per my idea we should stop celebrating cricket and make sure these so called "DEMI GODS" of cricket in our cricket crazy nations don't get the Larger than life status. The least these player could have done is given there countrymen one reason to smile in the tough world. Instead they have just gone about blowing individual trumpets, making money out of advertisements (Indian team) and made a mockery of the trust and passion of game back home. In India and Pakistan where the common man has to struggle and make a tough life, these cricketers turned millionaires have no way to justify this great mistake. In our countries cricket is the religion, we say that we sleep, drink and eat cricket. But what a shame - we are put out by minnows that were not even given an outsider's chance to win against us. So to summarize, in justice these CRICKETERS who have broken the hearts of millions of fans should be ready for the back lashing they will and should get when they head back home for an earlier than expected arrival.

  • Mabsoos Ahmad on March 19, 2007, 4:39 GMT

    Dear All,

    Honestly speaking, Kamran Bhai has said all what I wanted to say in his open letter and I have nothing to offer. “Consistently inconsistence” I can say but there were certainly some difference of opinion in the Pakistan Team. To sum I am extracting a quote from the leading Newspaper “ Team Building, Pakistan style. This can only happen in Pak Cricket ! Coach Bob Woolmer, asked about Imran Nazir’s selection, answered : “ He was picked by the Chairman of selectors.. ask him why he is here”. Now, have you ever heard a coach saying this about his own man?. Now the result is in our hand. Ignoring the advise of Great Imran Khan is ridiculous. In the era of communication, his advise can be opted anywhere in the world. He should be made the adviser of the PCB or the adviser of the team. It is time to take his advise seriously. He was the only man in the helm, saying that the team is spine less as there is no opener who can just play his game and loose wickets in the first 10 over at least. The technical player like Salman Butt and Yasir Hameed were not picked up and with the way Coach has said it is obvious that he was not given the team which he wanted. The whole system has to be changed. Look at the Bangladesh who just defeated Indian because there is young guns and I was listening to Habibul Bashar. One Journalist asked a question why Musfiqur Rahman was sent up the order. He said he is the best technical batsman in the team so, we sent up him order. It is absolutely correct that the 1,2,3 should be one of the best and technical batsman to do this job. I have been consistently supporting and was very optimistic but the team deserve what they did. Why the President is sacking the Supreme Court judge, he should come forward and sack the bunch of selectors. It is the selection policy, which cost us the game. The great Imran Khan in his one of the column rightly said that they deserve what they did and he is right. Life goes on but it is high time that all the playing 11 should be sacked at least for a year as a token of punishment.

  • Adnan Rafiq on March 19, 2007, 4:36 GMT

    Is it possible that the rise of tape-ball cricket is in someway responsible for the demise of cricket, especially the batting? Unless pitches are prepared for bounce, how do you expect our young players to get used to the situation? Many kids grow up playing their cricket in streets or small irregular-sized grounds. This surely hinders them from developing a reportaire of shots and footwork that can only come from playing in large grounds with bouncy pitches.

  • Prasad on March 19, 2007, 4:07 GMT

    Even though i am from india, i am feeling sorry for the pakistani team. i guess Indias chances of making it to Super8 is also very bleak.. a world cup without two best SouthAsian tigers is not world cup at all..hope both of the teams regain past glory..and we can only pray that they learn from the mistakes..i just read in the news that protestors distroyed Dhoni's now i hope he would come out of his dreams and play some game...

  • Anil From Canada on March 19, 2007, 4:03 GMT

    PCB will never get better coach then Bob, who died for the passion of the game and took his team's defead right on his heart given that he was not Pakistani. Pakistani team will have no one leave their job or die, where as there should be first to pass away from Pakistani team is Inzi. PCB will take Bob's life as incident and their role will contnue in the similar fashion. Nothing will change, media and all will take about it for few more days and it will be history and put behind backs.

  • Bob on March 19, 2007, 3:13 GMT

    Quite frankly, I am really disappointed. While watching that game, many batsmen fell to mediocre shots. There was no need for them to be looking to attack, and instead just bat out the whole 50 overs taking ones and twos. These players don't need a coach, they need a psychiatrist. And I know that we were missing some key bowlers, but the problem lies in the batting. I'm not sure Inzi should leave just yet, because he still is a good batsmen, and Younis just isn't ready for captaincy. But for some odd reason, I feel like Afridi is.

  • I am very happy on March 19, 2007, 3:01 GMT

    Typical Inzimam:

    "First of all, I am Bismillau hirrahman nirrhaeem.....Salaam alaikum.......thanks to Allah for not letting us perform....I am very happy....the is boys did very well....the is bis are working very hard in the nets....but the credit goes to the ireland team for playing well....definitley.....we did not do well.....we worked hard to lose in the nets....Allah wants us to lse...and I am very happy....I have a very good batting history but i just don't know how to hold a bat and i am very happy...the boys did very well anf definitely I am very happy...I pray to Allah that Inshallah we my performance is consistent and we lose to Zimababwe team more quickly than today...and I am very happy....I will pray to Allah that we give our wickets away and get out under the score of 50 out of which the top scorer remains the extras of 32 (16 w, 16 nb)...and i am very happy that we did not bring asim kamal coz he is rom karachi and even though he is really great better than me and Moyo I still don;t want him to play coz he is from karachi....i am very happy that we did not bring salman butt and yasir hameed coz they scored 70 and 80 runs in each innings in history with good run rate and will definitley not help us help zimabawe to qualify for super 8...I am very happy..definitley we worked very hard....and i am proud of my captaincy....i think ponting, vaughan, smith, and dravid should learn from me....i am very happy that we came to westindies to enjoy the beaches and sexy women in bikins with our long beards...I am very happy...the credit goes to me."


    I will pray Inshallah the whole night before Zim VS. Pak that Zim outclasses Pak in style. I swaer to God. Oh Allah please listen to me prayers make Pak lose to Zim so bad that Pak forgets how to pronounce the word Cricket. I will pray 2 rakat shukranah namaz if Pak loses miserably enjoying the worst deafeat ever in the history of Cricket."

    P.S. the reference to sexy women in bikinis in carribean-please don't take it seriously.i know it is not decent to mention that there but it is important to show my frustration and utter bitterness. RIP Bob Woolmer

  • Zeeshan on March 19, 2007, 2:45 GMT

    Hello , Guys dont only blame team. We are really becoming the poor nation and every aspect of our lifes represent. As u can see in pakistan loss to ireland. I think everybody in cricket management and seniour team should resign or should be fired from their job right away. Well every child is born in pakistan and plays cricket what the hell if we cannot make a decent team of new 16 players. If we cannot make this team of new 16 player that this game of cricket should be banned from the country totally .

  • Malik in Dallas on March 19, 2007, 2:28 GMT

    After reading Kamran Abassi, Osman Samiudin, and comments from many of my fellow Pakistanis, I must say, I not just a bit embarrassed, I'm embarrassed a great a point of shame. Osman, Kamran, learn to be objective. Don’t play know it all god. To get cheap pub, you write distasteful commentaries, that frankly make me sick to my stomach.

    Mistakes are made, corrections need to be made...but to loose your civility, objectivity, and above all, respect for others dignity, is immaturity and backwardness. Today is a sad day for cricket, it has lost one of the well respected coaches who did give Pakistan cricket a lot. And calling Inzi a four letter word is simply unacceptable...the man gave Pak cricket many memories, including its only cup win.

  • Syed A. Rizvi on March 19, 2007, 2:24 GMT

    I had predicted in one of the earlier blogs after the South African series that Pakistan would loose to Zimbabwe and we would all waych the rest of the world cup without further anxiety. Well, I stand corrected,I had forgotten we had one game against Ireland before Zimbabwe! It has been said that we are an unpredictable side. Not any more. We are as predictable as can be. Zimbabwean Captain even singled us out saying they had chance against us. In terms of the captaincy issue, I think our past record warrants that a bowler should be in-charge. I agree with Shoaib Malik but I think AbdurRazzaq would be a better choice. He just understands Cricket a little better as much as I have heard him talk. Taking nothing away from Late Bob wooolmer, I think we need one of our own people to be the Coach. I mean "to be", like Intikhab Alam was with Imran's team. Let's think of it. Our Cricketers do not need coaching. As we say in URDU, "Kuch logon ka Taaleem(coaching) kuch Nahin Bigaar sakti". What has a coach ever accomplished in Pakistan. Everyone has achieved improvement on their own. I would think Aqib Javed is a good candidate. He was succesful with the junior team. Maybe this will serve as the time for our Ashes to start. This is the day Pakistan Cricket died of natural causes. We should start a Kaffun Series commemorating this day.

  • Raha on March 19, 2007, 2:15 GMT

    "A system that fails A to Z"

    Sums it up. And I guess for me personally, the most frustrating part of all this is that March 17th marked the culmination of all that was wrong, specifically the PCB's now just very seemingly calculated, unflinching short sightedness.

    Like, why, in the past four years, let alone the 6 months heading into the World Cup did we not even have two opening batsmen set, and two backup for that matter? You have FOUR years and whole team to be thinking and planning for JUST this.

    I was genuinely embarrassed with commentator Dujon questioned Aamir Sohail during the match as to why Imran Nazir, such a "talented and promising" batsman performed the most "special" innings he had seen in the West Indies like AGES ago, just disappeared from the scene.

    Short sightedness is the only response. We have reached ultimate ruin. What kind of a team comes into the world cup without ANY strike bowlers, relatively rookie bowling and NO opening batsman? These are basics. And it's more frustrating for Pakistani's because we really do have some of the best talent out there....but time and time again, the world just stands by watching, questioning, laughing and reaping the rewards of our failed system run on agonizing short sightedness.

  • Qasim on March 19, 2007, 2:04 GMT

    My sincerest condolence to Bob Woolmer and his family. He was surely a fascinating coach who was given the task of coaching retards and idiots. Inzi, Younis, please leave the team for good.

  • adeel on March 19, 2007, 1:41 GMT

    I would say that plz get rid of Waseem bari, he was selector in 2003 and he was selector in 2007. Why? plz get rid of him and start afreash with new players

  • Malik from Dallas on March 19, 2007, 1:39 GMT

    What a rubbish...

    Certainly, one can criticize strategy, training, selection, decisions, etc., etc.

    But don't forget, grown men playing the game. How many times does one have to tell someone not to fish three feet outside the off stump? If the players don't have spine, could it be partly because they don't have spine to begin with? I'm tired of players that don't listen. Get them out of the game. For far too long, prisoners are running the asylum...players and captain, yes I said captain, must listen to the coaches.

    DISCIPLINE ...discipline is the hallmark of will serve Pakistan well to start over with that as its core value. And it all starts at PCB.

  • Julie, Sydney, Aus on March 19, 2007, 1:12 GMT

    Hi, My commiserations to all of the Pakistani fans - there was much surprise in my household yesterday morning on finding out the results. Whilst we were happy for Ireland to make it into the Super 8's - there was much shock that it should come at the cost of Pakistan. Reading the comments I've been amazed to find out that Pakistani cricket is run the way in which it is. I truly hope that out of this debacle the powers that be over there are able to work towards a future where cricket is run by those not only passionate about the game, but who have played it, and who know how to win and who want it, want it badly, not for themselves but for your country. We shall be watching the re-build with anticipation and hoping to see Pakistan back soon as an opposition we look forward to watching.

  • jameel siddiq on March 19, 2007, 1:02 GMT

    what a *hit performance by pakistan disgracefull they deserved to lose no passion upset a nation, my young boy, me bunch of losers no excuses.and those who insulted bob woolmer should be ashamed a respectable honourable man who stould up for pakistan cricket more than any pakistani .the oval fiasco involving that cheating umpire down to the two druggie idiots he spoke well good tactician profesionall approach the idiots in the team dont listen, in one ear out of the other . rest in peace bob god bless you.not your fault these idiots need a beating with a stick to listen this loss to ireland i blame shoaib and asif that is why we are flat on our backsides they would have destroyed any team regardless of conditions but they cost us the world cup.inject some more you stupid cricketers next time put cyanide in your pi**ed of fan.

  • Imran Iqbal on March 19, 2007, 1:02 GMT

    Earlier in my comment, I said Pakistan team got what they deserved. Well after reading other comments on the blog I realized that we Pakistani fans also got what we deserved. We always want our team to win and can't wait to sack players who could not perform but on the other hand we let go players on bigger issues (such as drugs; oval fiasco). Why??? Only because we want to win. By hook or by crook. In doing that we forget that these players, managements and even political leaders come from within us. Not from other planet. We need to change and enjoy the game as a game with sportsmanship.

  • shahid ahmed on March 19, 2007, 0:45 GMT

    my heart goes to WOOLMER FAMILY. i have had the opertunity the meet the coach when him self and his south african coaches were staying at karachi sheraton and i was the senior sous chef at cozmo restaurant at the hotel. once i found out they were eating at my restaurant, it was tooooooo late to do any thing special for them for there dinner out my respect to Mr. Bob Woolmer,i did some how manage to put some classic desserts together on the house to present them.. Mr.Woolmer shook my hand and said thank you very much chef but i am diabatic. i thanked him for taking over this project as pakistani couch as i do know how difficult it is to be a coach or a cricketer in pakistan. having said that, mr. shaharhar khan was there same night and i got the pleasure to meet hime as well. but to be honest with u i have never felt the politeness or the human-ship that i felt from Mr. Woolmer and his staff that i got from shaharyar khan... but at the end of day....Mr. Woolmer as i do love to call him BOB made my day as a i have met and worked with a few famous people in life while living in usa but as i remember bob and his politness and his friends at the table i was very much taken away...... more power to u BOB. u have enlighted the world not just because of your cricket but more so as a prime human being. i am a very much dishearted pakistani cricket team fan but the loss off bob has me in tears... what a loss for cricket all over the world.. perhaps icc should learn some thing from this incident as well and stop being ignorent and gready for money. we as a nation owe bob and his family own an appnoligy and not only that i demand that mr. musharaf backs away from pakistani cricket interest and hands it ower to surfaraz nawaz.... the real tiger of pakistan cricket.....but also he should pay the respect for coach by giving his family the utter respect BOB deserves... which is the star of honer... tears in uk from shahid

  • Nauman on March 19, 2007, 0:42 GMT

    First of all, my sympathies to Woolmer's family. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Just as I write this, I read Inzamam has decided to retire from ODI cricket, as was expected. I am still waiting to see PCB officials to hang up their boots, take a vacation and then show up for their next assignment in something other than Cricket. Cricket needs professionals who understand cricket, not diplomats. Here are my suggestions to how this team's future should shape up. Starting with captaincy, I think Kamran mentions Younis, Shoaib Malik & Afridi in that role, a few voices may murmur names of Razzaq & Yousuf as well. My choice would be Shoaib Malik, b/c he has been doing that at domestic level for a while, he is young but has shown maturity beyond his years, he has shown an attitude to fight and resist and the ability to be flexible and adaptable to the situations (someone who starts his career as an off-spinner to have batted successfully at virtually any position...hats off to him). Younis lacks consistency, and to some extent I believe he has the attitude of ruling/commanding the side...we dont want another dictator in the side. Afridi is a fragile character, Razzaq is definitely past his prime (I 'd call him lucky to be injured, any lackluster performance in this World Cup, and his career could have been in jeopardy as well). Last but not the least Yousuf needs to be the back-bone of Pakistan's batting, I dont think we can afford to waste a talent such as him for the stress and pressure of being Pakistan's captain. Openers are the next issue. Yasir Hameed definitely needs to be re-instated. The other openning spot can be filled in by Salman Butt, but PCB needs to prepare them both mentally and technically to be able to stand against the moving ball. The void in the middle order left by Inzamam's retirement would be tough to fill in immediately, but players such as Asim Kamal (why do we not play him is out of my comprehension, he has temperament, technique and has proven ability, he even has a BEARD). Mohd Hafeez can be used there (Hafeez to me is a good ODI player that we should use to yield quick 20-25 down the order & tidy 6-8 overs in the middle of the innings). Wicketkeeper NEEDS to be changed. Kamran Akmal has lost his touch, he needs a break...a long break. He needs to find his groove and for that he can use domestic cricket. He has quality, class and age all on his side, he just needs to relax and fight his way back, and I am sure he will come back stronger. Pakistan's bowling begs a lot of question (its a shame for a nation that has been so proud of its fast bowling heritage). One thing is certain, Rana Naved needs to find a different employer on permanent basis. Umar Gul & Iftikhar Anjum are good enough (atleast disciplined enough) to carry the workload for now, aided by Sami (I can't believe we have to revert back to him), Shahid Nazir, Shabbir Ahmed. The most important thing has to find a way to keep them all fit. I think its about time we let go of Shoaib Akhtar, just think of him as a glorious but unfulfilled dream, concentrate on cleaning Mohd Asif's systems and bring him back. Kaneria needs to feature more frequently in the ODIs so when need arises, there are no surprises. Management needs a complete overhaul. I am sure people like Wasim, Waqar, Javed Miandad, Aaqib Javed, Rameez Raja, Saeed Anwar need to be made part of training and selection squads. I insist on these people b/c they understand today's game better than legends of yester years like Intikhab Alam & Sarfaraz Nawaz. People like Sarfaraz, Imran Khan, Wasim Bari, Zaheer Abbas should be brought on at administration level. Last but not the least, issues that have nothing to do with Cricket should have no place in Cricket. That includes topics like religion, culture, language, race, political affiliation etc etc. I rarely see players of professional teams in USA being any great friends with each others off the field, they live their own lives, have their own interests and passions, but when they come up on the playing field, they perform professionally as a unit. Friendships, eating, praying together etc is not what I would prohibit or discourage, but I would discourage imposing such acts. Every player is an individual, who must have a right of how he lives his life off the field and needs to understand what his duties are on the field, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Saeed Khan on March 19, 2007, 0:34 GMT

    The underlying concensus clearly points the finger at our domestic game/structure and senior management. It's also pertinent to note, the above diagnosis has repeatedly been expressed over many years! We all expect the usual cosmetic changing of faces, which is about the only predictable element of Pakistan cricket. Frankly speaking; nothing will change until the public take ownership of the task! What should we expect from a nation stolen by a military dictator or a PCB gifted to his chums? For genuine change at grass roots level and senior management to occur the public remains the vital catalyst. The question must be what can we do to initiate sincere change? What will we do when the 'joy riders' attempt (once again) their infamous trick involving wool and the nations eye's? Surely, if corruption remains prevalent throughout the nations leadership and considerable aspects of society - what is to be expected of a PCB? We inherit this reality due to our own apathy, it's time to demonstrate the power of consistent accountability fuelled by public opinion. Without coordinated public activity do not expect change! Time for us to expose, oppose and uproot corruption at all levels in a steadfast manner. Although I would'nt be surprised if the General (backed by his army) were to publicaly announce martial law extending his dictatorship to include the PCB. Then again, is there any need since this is exactly how it works at present!!!! Are we to continue hoping for individual talent/excellence or will we one day experience the reliable benefits of a comprehensive stable system?

  • MWH on March 19, 2007, 0:32 GMT

    The tragic demise of Bob Woolmer puts the cricket into perspective. May the Almighty bless his soul and rest it in peace, and grant his family and near ones the strength to bear the loss.

    As far as Pakistan's World Cup is concerned - I remember feeling the ultimate low had been reached in 2003. 4 years later this tournament's events almost fill me with nostalgia looking back. There were still fleeting moments in that campaign, no matter how brief, where as Pakistan supporters we were allowed to dream. This time round the only feelings have been of prolonged agony and shame, and of dreaded anticapation as we wonder what further depths Pakistan cricket will plunge to. Timid performances, deprived of any character, devoid of any spine, and ultimately lacking in any soul.

    Under the cruel circumstances, it seems almost inappropriate for now to discuss what should happen next with Pakistan cricket. Once the dust settles and some poise is recollected, we may start to ponder the future. The only thing certain is that a fresh start is required, and changes are inevitable all across the board.

  • Umar Khayyam on March 19, 2007, 0:21 GMT

    I agree with Abid Khan.


    Future captains should have no say on who can stay on their teams. And most importantly...everyone should be picked ONLY on merit and NOT due to personal reasons (guy comes from the same region, or is a distant cousin etc..)

    Just look at how the aussies are doing things. Every player in the starting 11 has someone breathing down their necks, thus pushing them to perform better because they know they will lose their spot on the team if they don't perform to the standard.

    Obviously that's not happening in pakistan cricket. We need to have a system where players get re-evaluated every 10 games: the players with the lowest averages get sent down for practice while those waiting in the wings should be given a chance. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY to change things. And psychologically it makes sense. If players know that the only way to stay on the team is through performance (based on the 10 game review-system) then they will step up and act accordingly...thus, acting as positive re-enforcement.

    ANOTHER IMPORTANT POINT THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED can best be exemplified by what INZY said after the loss: “Obviously God was not willing, so we did not win”.

    I was thinking: WTF? What are you talking about? So you’re blaming god for your loss? How about being a man and saying you played like sh#t?

    This is the type of ignorance we’re dealing with folks. His statement is fatalist and essentially implies that a 60yr ricksha-driver could be a specialist batsmen if “god wills it”.…He essentially thinks that god will bat for the Pakistan team! Imagine that….God, coming out and helping the Pakistan team because they pray 5 times a day and they are muslim! So basically, practice + exercise mean nothing if you are muslim? THIS IS WHY PAKISTAN LOST, GUYS. When you don’t have the urge to win, and don’t practice…then how can you expect to do well?

    Look, praying 5 times per day will NOT win you a worldcup IF YOU DO NOT PRACTICE AND IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT KILLER INSTINCT TO WIN…

    If bringing god into the realm of cricket was the only way to succeed, then even I could be open for Pakistan.

    Its that simple folks…It is these basic fundamental questions that Pakistan needs to address.

    Only Wasim Akram knew and Imran knew this…and that’s why they were the most successful of Pakistani batsmen.

    I can only hope we learn from our mistakes and move forward in a constructive light.

    Umar Khayyam

  • Sakeb Subhan on March 19, 2007, 0:10 GMT

    talk about biased observations. look what bob woolmer (RIP) did with South Africa in the mid - late 90s.

    cult of personaltiy.

    digest the pain of defeat don't vomit it on others. Sure there are players to blame and officials to blame, and structures, infrastructures to blame. In the end, its a game played over 7 hours and at the end Ireland came out trumps. It happens. I think a lot of damage can be done by over reacting.

    Lets all get a bit of perspective.

  • Syed Jahangir Sohail on March 19, 2007, 0:09 GMT

    TO PCB (tauqeer zia to date) until u start giving respect and start honouring ur heroes , u should always face the same humiliation again and again and again TO MUSHARRAF don't just reinstate another monkey who thrives on ur peanuts, leave PCB and national cricket to someone who actually knows cricket (IMRAN KHAN, WASIM AKRAM, ZAHEER ABBAS, JAVED MIANDAD etc) TO PAKISTANI FANS now u all know what an achievement it is to reach the final, no one could ever think of selling a wc final, it was WASIM'S dream to emulate IMRAN KHAN in every way, he was as great a captain as imran was, just the difference being that IMRAN made WASIM, many of us recall WASIM'S statement that "IF WE WIN THIS (99) FINAL, I WOULD RETIRE"...... plz start honouring your heroes

  • JRR on March 19, 2007, 0:07 GMT

    RE: wardey

    Cricket is a game which is played by people all over the world from different cultures, race, status and religion. If the Pakistan team believe in the help of an almighty God then what is wrong with this? At the end of the day cricket is only a sport.

    You also say that Pakistan are arrogant in thinking they are under some "divine protection" whilst the rest of the world are not, despite the fact that they have not said anything like this before. In addition to this there are various reason why the team are not playing together as one; Injuries and a suspension to key players,very questionable squad selction by the selectors e.g. last minute inclusion of Imran Nazir, and loss of form of some key players e.g. Rana. All of these have culminated into an embarrassing performance against Ireland and WI: and exit in the first round.

    Finally I would like to send all my condolences to Bob Woolmer's family and pay my respect to this great man. He didn't deserve to die in the cirumstances that he did: thousands of miles away from his family and alone in a hotel room. He will be missed by many.

  • the future on March 18, 2007, 23:53 GMT

    I think for the future us fans should have lower expectations of the pak team, that way we won't be dissapointed so much . and can enjoy the good times.

  • Saad Rehman on March 18, 2007, 23:28 GMT

    ok Mr. Abbasi? How much do u get paid for creating hatered in the hearts and the minds of pakistani people? speacially the cricket fans? Cricket is a game... and in a one day cricket a bad session or good performance from the opposition can lead to defeat of the biggest sporting nations... Bangldesh beats Australia... England beats Australia the best team in the world.... How many open letters full of hatered were written by the media ? or how many people were swearing at the players of the theiry country? i dont know wat u get out of this but i think all u get is few stupid people who have no sence of game probably never played the game at this level in their whole life ...comment about the gr8 plyers of this era... go on chek the records of this team? what have they done and wat have they achieved? bangldesh won against india//// sooo its only a ball game and the ball is wound;;;i hope i havnt offended any of you out there... but i think one should be very carefull and patient before being carried away ......

  • Raja on March 18, 2007, 23:14 GMT

    I totally agree with Gulab Khan. (please read above)

    Racisim is killing our cricket. We need to stop "ONLY PUNJABI" attitude.

    This thing destroyed our Hockey team. Now its destorying cricket.

    PCB should move head quarter from Lahore to QUETTA or SUKKUR OR HYDERABAD.

    Lahore weather is not suitable for the cricket for the whole year. Why Head Quarter is there?

    Stop discrimination against minorities & small province.

    We need QUOTA system in cricket.

    Raja, Sukkur

  • Waqqas Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 23:10 GMT

    OK Kamran enough is enough. I guess u dont read the comments left by the readers of your blogs as there are at least a couple of very rascist comments left with nothing to do with cricket.

    Also in respect for the memory of Bob Woolmer you should pull the comments section of your blog for now.

  • Nadeem on March 18, 2007, 23:08 GMT

    Inzamam should retire from both type of the cricket now. The reason he still wants to play in a test cricket its to break the record of his country man Javed Miadad highest test runs.

    He does not care about team & his performance. This is called Jealousy. How many matches he needs to break the records?

    Impeach Inzamam & PCB for the follwoing points: ** Why Mohd Hafeez & Imran Nazir got priority on Yasir Hamid. Yasir Hamid has better average then them.

    ** Why Kamran AKmal was selected for the World Cup after poor performance against South AFrica. He dropped 14 catches in one match. Inzi should impeach.

    ** Why Mustaq Ahmed got preference over Waqar Younis? Mustaq Ahamed is a leg spinner,

    ** Why Inzi avioded to come on number 3 or 4 position?

    ** Why Inzi or PCB did not include any one from winner of last under under 19 world cup?

    ** What is the criteria to selecxt Yasir Arfat?

    ** Why not Fawad Alam? who is performing well in domestic cricket?

    ** Why Inzi did not give chance to the following players? Khalid Latif (opener), Khurrum Manzoor (opener), Yasir Hamid (any top five numbers) Fawad Alam (ALl Rounder), Asim Kamal (Middle Order), Sarfraz Ahmed (Wicket Keeper), Anwar Ali (Fast bowler), Jamshaed (Fast Bowler).

    They all are playing very well in domestic and international cricket.

    Replcae Inzi by Asim Kamal.

    Nadeem London UK

  • kashif on March 18, 2007, 22:59 GMT

    I think all the critics of Bob and Inzy are very happy now, I think you guys should be ashamed of yourself, its just a game take it as a game and show some sportsman spirit. Bob dedicated his life to cricket and Inzy is no doubt very talented player. We are nutshell and dont want to accept realities, it is a reality that ireland played better than pakistan, so what? its a game and only one will win.

  • Paul O Mahoney on March 18, 2007, 22:41 GMT

    Its a game gentlemen, a life is not worth a game.

  • Avik Roy on March 18, 2007, 22:37 GMT

    Some smart-ass gets the stupidest-comment-on-this-blog award for the following gem, "These minnows have had their good day. They will never win anything, they are people who are snatching something from a burning house just with a day's play." Should Ireland have just surrendered the match after restricting Pakistan to 132? I am very curious to learn about the thought process that leads to such vapid conclusions!

    I think what happened on Saturday is terrible for India and Pakistan, but quite wonderful really, for cricket as a sport. We need more of whatever Bangladesh and Ireland are drinking these days, and significantly less of whatever is driving (sic) the two over-rated teams that lost.


  • Ozzie on March 18, 2007, 22:26 GMT

    I have been reading a lot of your comments and sure you are all hurt and angry and all of the teams have been in your position one time or another. When things like this happen we just have to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and start again that is what character and strength are built on. AND RICHARD I am an Australian as well and as an Aussie I say to you that South Africa can win this "World Cup" as easily as we can.

  • Rauf on March 18, 2007, 22:23 GMT

    Is it fault of all of us FANS? We make them feel too big & important HEROS. The players should start comming back to earth and that is where to they belong. THINK FOR GOD SAKE THINK before stepping on to the ground that just like us fans you are HUMAN too.

  • tinker on March 18, 2007, 22:20 GMT

    Pakistan are over rated, when you have to play soembody as ordinary as sami how can you say they have so much talent?

    it's a myth spread by die hard pakistan fan and i has no basis inreality, teams like australia south africa ect have far more talent than pakistan.

  • Sakul Gupta on March 18, 2007, 22:15 GMT

    Bob has been GREAT always ever. Rameez Raja said Bob even asked the Cris Broad why so much grass had been left behind on the picth for teh match with Ireland. Ireland were behind the overrate even in the 46th over, why were they not fined any match fee when Pakistan was fined by Cris Broad. Is this descrimination. This seems to have been going on for long with Afridi too being banned for an of the field issue. These things too add unwanted pressure on the team, cause the heart aches as seen vivdly in the case of Bob. People must understand this for the better ment of the game, God it's just a Game, invented for pleasure, if it takes the life of people for pressure, it ain't worth it, Things need to be put into perspective.All must do well on the field, give their best as we all feel & that's all there is to it, no heart breaks, We feel so pained by the great Bob's not being there with us, Oh God , Wish we had our eyes open earlier. BRING BACK THAT LOVING FEELING, OH THAT LOVING FEELING, IT IS NEEDED THAT GOOD FEELING, BROTHERHOOD, UNITY, LOVE , HENCE SUCCESS

  • sf on March 18, 2007, 22:14 GMT

    i hope bob W rest in peace , his passing away is so sad, i took me a while to realize the he is dead

  • Aqil Sidddiqi on March 18, 2007, 21:59 GMT

    I don't have words to describe today, how I feel(Like millions more in back home)It's a very sad day for cricket in general, as Bob has also passed away.Today, we all know,why we lost.A nation run by a dictator, where all the norms of a civil society has been crushed for years, a board conrrolled by a person, who should be doing his job only, a system, which has failed time and time again(Where no one answer to no one) a team led by a person, who was once sacked even as a player for not showing any mental toughness during 2003 world cup, a team consist of players with ego's, who always managed to get injured in critical times, a team consist of players who do not know the meaning of desire to die for a country, a will to fight till the last breath.Today I wonder, after knowing all these facts, why I am feeling so hollow, so pain stricken.I think it's because, I always thought, at least with all our short comings, we will give it a shot, and die a humble death.Well, thanks for nothing, you good for nothing Inzi and all you traitors.How the hell you will look yourself in the mirror from now on????Don't you people have any shame? Remember Pakistani people can stomuch all your B.S up to a point.Don't be surprised, when you find no where to hide upon your return.Even your family will be not as forgiving(After how you have performed in West Indies).In the last, all I can say, it's going to be a long time, before we will ever going to forget all this.

  • Deepak on March 18, 2007, 21:55 GMT

    folks Indian and Paki fans have one thing in common all of us have been repeatedly hurt by our respective teams...all we can do is that remind ourselves that its just a game and move on no use in castigating anyone or throwing stones

  • infobeat@london on March 18, 2007, 21:46 GMT

    I'm not sure how to start an online petition. Kamran, or anyone else for that purpose, please could you post how to start one and how to send it to the president of Pakistan after getting it signed by a lot of people. Perhaps this would make him think a bit and get rid of the Doc who I strongly believe, is the real cause of the problem.

  • Cricket Lover on March 18, 2007, 21:39 GMT

    Hi All, I m from da other side of border. I have gone through this blog and meanwhile I have came to know about the sudden demise of Bob Woolmer.

    Its unfortunate for Cricket to lose a person like him. And its equally unfortunate to criticise our teams on performing badly.

    I know it hurts and it hurts more to lose from so called 'minnows', but a sport is sport and always sporting spirit counts above anything.

    And in no ways we are the right people to judge anyone whether players, administrators or politician.

    We play or watch cricket or anyother sport because we just want to have fun. We support one side because it gives more fun...winning and losing are part of game.

    If we wud watch a sport like as we watch movies, then we wont be hurting we dont watch bad movies..dont watch bad cricket....i have heard that pakis watch bollywood movies much more than pakistan made movies...then why they cant watch good quality cricket...i enjoy watching good cricket...whosoever is playing...

    Lets try to learn appreciate good cricket. Because we love the sport, lets enjoy it together.


  • Syed Majid Kazme on March 18, 2007, 21:39 GMT

    An extremely sad moment for Pakistan Cricket. Bob Woolmer's death overshadows the death of hope. He was an outstanding man who was innovative and very professional. He did his job very well. I sincerely hoped if the other's did their job; we would have done well. I have great respect for Wasim Bari and his associates as players but we did not select a balanced team - we needed a couple of batsmen like Javed Miandad, I know we cannot get one what to talk of two. I am not saying in terms of experience but same qualities. Who could stand on the wicket for some time, make a couple of partnerships and at least bat for 50 overs. I know it was a bad toss to loose but if they had batted for 50 overs maybe they had a chance. Let me say that Pakistan cricket team is a good team but for 20 overs format of the game. If 20/20 world cup to be held today, they will win it, but guess what when that time will come they will probably select a team which will have a better chance in 50 over format of the game - somebody has got to get this straight !!

    We need to overhaul our cricket structure. We have abundance of talent and we need to have a good backup of our team. Having said that I have a question for Millions of fans in Pakistan and to the selectors and that is Give me names of two players in Pakistan who can play correctly when the ball is wobbling? If you can find them then put them as your openers and if you cannot find them, then who are we complaining to !! This is the time to heal our wounds and realise that we have a long way to go to be number one team in one day cricket.

    In the end I would say Bob Wooler must be rewarded for his services for cricket in general and Pakistan Cricket in particular.

  • shah on March 18, 2007, 21:38 GMT

    was bob woolmer murdered?

  • zaheerrazzaq on March 18, 2007, 21:37 GMT

    All i'd like to say is these pakistani players killed their own coach with the wonderfull performance against ireland. The coach was so much delighted that he left the world in this happiness. He never ever achieved such heights in his life which he achieved with pakistani team.

    Now, worldcup dream is over and coach is gone, the question is who is brave enough to take the pakistan cricket coach seat knowing what happened to the last coach?

    Shame on Inzi and rest of the team.

  • rodzilla1010 on March 18, 2007, 21:33 GMT

    Does our passion for the game creates pressure for the players and the caoches?

    What happened today is a very dark day in cricket and probably the worst 24 hours ever in Pakistan's cricket history. A 58 year old man who gave his life to cricket died because of cricket too.

    What comes to my mind is, is is it worth dying for? Do we take it a lot more seriosly then we should. Teams like Australia, South Africa and New zealand perform alot better. But for subcontinental teams it just a matter of life and death.

    Pakistan lost. And they did it in a very shameful way, but the bottomline is that they all gave thier 100%. I am sure they tried thier best and things like that happen. One team has to face shame for another to achieve glory.

    We Indians and Pakistanis have to change this. Giving these cricketers god-like status when they win and burn thier houses when they lose. These guys are ordinary people like us, with extra ordinary cricketing abilities, but a heart, nerves and brain just like us. THEY ARE HUMAN. Bound to make errors.

    Inzimam who was the national hero a week ago became a villain within hours. Yes we lost the world cup under him but isnt he responsible for a WC win too.

    I am sorry Bob, he actually responded to 4 of my emails when i use t post on his web sie. He advised me to shorten my run up to 12 yards instead of running in fat and the very next game i took 4 wickets. Thank you Bob, i always supported and i know you gave everything you had to this team, i guess we wernt destined to win. But its becauseof you we saw days likethe 2-0 victory over England and the great tour of India in 2005.

    I dont know wbout others, but i really feel like i lost somone. What you did for cricket will never be forgotten, in your life you taught how to play this game, but with your death you gave a much more important lesson, that no game or hobby or sport is more valuable than life itself.

    Rest in peace Robert Woolmer. May Allah bless you for your good deeds and forgive all your sins. inalillah e wa ni allah he rajaeoon

  • DR C on March 18, 2007, 21:27 GMT

    Yesterday Pakistan cricket died. One can only hope that from amongst the ashes the phoenix of hope and Pakistan pride can emerge. Shameful, disgraceful, inept, pathetic are words too inadequate to describe the loss and performance of the Pakistan team. Spineless and devoid of any pride certainly but this team led by Inzamam need to have a line drawn under them and removed. Their legacy should be taught to others of how a group of players should not prepare and perform on a cricket field. Much has been said but little will change in the current status quo until meritocracy is the norm in policy. LONG LIVE PAKSITAN, PAKISTAN CRICKET IS DEAD.

  • Chris on March 18, 2007, 21:18 GMT

    I hope you are eating your words now mate. Stupid comments. Grow up Pakistan supporters

  • Kapil on March 18, 2007, 21:14 GMT

    I am an Indian cricket fan. While India is my fav team, Pakistan comes a very very close second (deep inside, I admire some qualities of Pakistan team more than Indias). But, while I share the grief, pain and emotional trauma Pakistani cricket fans are suffering, I and millions of Indian crickt fans have grief of our own. Just to give you an idea about India's debacle against B'desh, 6 out of 11 Indian batsmen got out in single digits, three of them zeros, facing no more than 8 balls between them (and no, they are not new-comers. They are well established players with a reputation).

    Both the debacles have exposed limitations of our teams. Wiser councils should make a serious note of those weaknesses and address them. In the mean time much as we play each other, we have to acknowledge that there is an entirely different standard of cricket, outside our sub-continent.

  • Sami on March 18, 2007, 21:12 GMT

    Why you play something when you don't have guts to accept defeat. Imran Khan and several other( miandad, Amir shohai, Aqib, ....) they were crticising Pakistan even before world cup just for the cause of nothing. and i remember Imran Khan in India praising Indian team and rating it as one of the best team with best coach and best captain! ( they last against Bangladesh) But pakistan didn't loose only a cricket match but also a great chap and a great sportsman Bob Woolmer ( Really a sad news to hear, can't digest until now).For me loosing is part of game.

    I didn't expected those undue critics from Imran Khan and Miandad even before the start of worldcup and many other tournments.

    Imran Khan- I can't forget and forgive what you did in india by making fun of your national team, captain and coach and at the same time rating Dravid and Chappel the best in market!

    You were good in ground but in politics and speaking about cricket you are not that good.

    You don't know how you can get hurt and loose confidence in such tournment when you hear something like this from some one like Imran and Javed Miandad ( famous in such remarks when he is not playing or not coaching or not getting his part)

    Very bad show!

  • guymed on March 18, 2007, 21:02 GMT

    There was no leadership from inzy, No character from Players..Its a familiar tale since Imran days.

  • Sakul Gupta on March 18, 2007, 20:59 GMT

    I was shell shocked when I read Bob is no more. This is too much. I cried. This surely a very sad day. Passionate cool men like him lead us on. The 11 on the playing field have to win, What was Azar Mahmood doing after 16 balls & only 2 runs & then getting out like that, Playing has to be with responsibility, with an aim to win, surely these 11 could have batted better. If the cricketing structure isn't rectified then we would loose such great men like Bob Woolmer. These pressures are created due to flaws in the planning & that is true in every feld of work, the sooner we rectify these the better. Deep condolences to Bob & his family & the PAkistan Cricket team, & us , Bob lives on like an eternal light ever, It's time to start doing the good things now

  • Rauf on March 18, 2007, 20:58 GMT

    I am shocked at the sudden death of coach Woolmer. Cricketing world has lost a very good coach and a true professional today. Very sad indeed.

    Although I did not like the outcome of the last match against Ireland, I still believe that Bob did play a vital role in bringing Pakistan back to some form, albeit not WC contenders.

    All in all he was a very fine human being who stuck with Pakistan. My condolences go to his family.

  • Aniq T on March 18, 2007, 20:56 GMT

    Pakistan team should be disgraced, the whole pakistani cricket board is corrupt. They will never learn...never ever!!! Look at the team, they look more as a religous leaders then a nation sports team. Wht are they tryin to show? That they are true muslims? God helps those, those who help themselves.... The whole team is loosing there focus and their priorities... from my point of view Inzi shud be dropped fo a while...tell him to think over again whether he wants to play cricket or not. I would like to address now to the PCB ...they shud learn to respect our legends...they kicked out Waqar younis, did they see wht happened to them now! At this time im soo dissapointed i want to curse pakistani team especially inzi! Learn from India, Ganguly was dropped off the team beside being the skipper of indian team..thts how seriously they take their game..and our pakistani boys play well, good pitch...pathetic english, pathetic cricket!

  • qureshi on March 18, 2007, 20:54 GMT

    please remove this article or Bobs's name from the list.deeply hurt with the recent events and everything should be put into context at times like these.

  • Sam Madni on March 18, 2007, 20:51 GMT

    Sacrifice ... INzi should not play anymore... my local team in Canada can play much batter then what they have done internationally...This was not a team... the spirit of cricket was not there... they were unprofessional not in a mood to play cricket... Fire each and one of them in team and in the selection of team... This is the only sport we play ... 16 carores ... we cannot find 11 best ?

  • Caro on March 18, 2007, 20:49 GMT

    I see Pakistan supporters are far more concerned with their defeat than with the death of their coach. Woolmer gave his all for the team and he wasn't even Pakistani but from a nation sub-continental countries love to sneer at and deride. How many of the Pakistani players and management really put their heart into their work? They always look to see who else they can blame. Shame on you!

  • Nadeem Masud on March 18, 2007, 20:42 GMT

    Atleast 20 million fools (conservative estimate) who would have wasted time away from work and family; spent thousands of rupees on travel; strained relationships with friends by arguing on different opinions on team selections and other inconsequential topics; and all that for a team that was destined to fail sooner than later. These misguided fans should therfore actually be thankful to God and the Boys that they have been spared a prolonged painful death. While I try not to be digital in my assesment of the performance (after all its just a game) and keep a positive outlook (even though after having travelled thousands of miles to Cape Town recently to see a debacle that should have taught anyone a lesson) this team and the recent cricket management have been taking the mickey. From the Drugs Debacle, to Awful Oval, to the Jig on the Pitch, this has been a pathetic team and a shambolic management with a long overdue overhaul. So, look on the bright side folks and enjoy local politics.

  • I see INZI... I hear INZI on March 18, 2007, 20:34 GMT

    Is bad day and is God not willing. But boys play any ways.. we prayed hard but Is not working. IS

  • QD on March 18, 2007, 20:19 GMT

    Bull shit and nothing else... Blame the players, blame the selectors, blame the coach... its over, so get over it and get on with your lives... and leave the paki team alone... ITS ONLY A GAME...

  • omer khan on March 18, 2007, 19:53 GMT

    Its a sad day for world cricket over the loss of Bob Woolmer, may he rest in peace..... He died a noble death and gave his life for the game. The man died with a sense of pride, not much a coach can do when a team is nothing but worthless players with superstar egos. These guys don't need a coach, they need a drill Sargent who can constantly shove their worthlessness down their throats. As a Pakistani fan, I'm deeply deeply disappointed over yesterday's spineless performance. The nemesis of green top. A performance disgusting to an extent of throwing up. But again these guys didn't go to the Caribbean to play and win the world cup, their main goal was to promote Urdu and tourism in Pakistan. Excuse my French but with an ass like ashraf as the chairman of the board what did we expect. Lets fire him and hire Bilal Musharraf as a chairman, cuz i'm pretty sure their knowledge of this game and management is about the same. Atleast Bilal Musharraf is closer to the Emperor or i should say more closer. Also the board should advertise the positions for openers and a captain in the newspaper, i'm pretty sure with a population of over 160 million, someone would be good enough to fill those positions. Besides a new coach, out team badly needs a drill Sargent, who makes sure that the coach's orders are followed. If our players don't act like mature adults, they don't deserve to be treated as mature adults. And please for God's sake there is no relation between religion and game. We don't want a team that plays all their games depending on "kismat". If you believe so much in kismat, you should just sit home and pray , no room for you on the play field. No offense to anyone but if you're hired and paid to play cricket and represent your nation and over 160 million people are looking up to you to perform and not necessarily win but atleast put up a valiant fight, Cricket should be their religion. Ashraf needs to go before yesterday, and he should be asked to apologize to the whole nation, or show the whole nation where in his job description does it say he has to promote urdu worldwide through his bearded captain. Thanks Mr. Ashraf for making an ass of the whole nation worldwide. Imran Khan as the chairman, that man knows how to deal with these super-ego stars, and knows where to put them where they belong. Omer Khan, Houston, TX.

  • RIZWAN on March 18, 2007, 19:50 GMT

    The ONLY SOLUTION is bring back Imran Khan as the COACH/NON-PLAYING CAPTAIN , ONLY Imran can rescue Pakistan from the abyss .ONLY Imarn can motivate Shoaib Akhtar to become the match winner he undoubtedly is , ONLY Imran can make Mohd. Asif take 500 test wickets when he hangs up his boots , ONLY Imran can make Mohd.Yousuf imrove on his stellar 2006 and make MO YO to be mentioned in the same breath as Don Bradman .


    p.s. where is Taufiq Umar who has scored a century against South Africa IN south africa ( even Inzi and MO YO do not have a century there ) and also scored a century against the mighty aussies .

  • Kamran Siddiqui on March 18, 2007, 19:49 GMT

    Just read that Bob Woolmer passed away. He was the only person in entire Pakistan cricket team and board, who took responsibility and realized the seriousness of defeat to Ireland. He took it to his heart and passed away. I bet the others in PCB and Pakistani cricket team would neither quit nor die. They will come out with empty words like "we are sorry and we will improve. We will take actions." These one man shows will continue. Mr Musharraf will keep his friend in this position. Inzamam will conitnue to play, as a captain or a cricketer, but, he will stay with the team. Come next WC the history will repeat itself. If not by Ireland we will loose to some other team without putting up a fight. The cycle will continue.....

  • Khurram Ullah Khan on March 18, 2007, 19:49 GMT

    I agree with you Shoaib Malik should be the captain of pakistan future cricket team with some new and young chaps from first class along with the experience of yousuf atleast for success in future tournaments. pakistan management should focus on creating green and bouncy pitches in first class for adjusting in every kind of conditions, this should be the way forward from now onwards.

  • Atif on March 18, 2007, 19:43 GMT

    This team don't have enough telent and attitude, just consider our openers with batting averages below 23, depict clear picture , if team management concentrate on searching 2-3 good openers, 2-3 genuine fast bowlers like shoaib but with discipline. But i can see atleast 3-4 years of further humiliation before a good team can be scaled

  • Sarfaraz Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 19:41 GMT

    Yes, Kamran it is very disappointing. Like anything else in life, cricket is played as much 'in the mind' as 'on the field'. The shananigans of the last 8 months have certainly played on the minds of our cricketers on the field. If they only would have played their natural game !

    There will be enough post-mortems so I won't get into it. The silver lining in this is that at least we don't have a heavy international schedule till the 20/20 cup in SA. This should give some time for the 'new think tank' to start planning ahead.

    I agree that a younger new captain is appropriate. Something like what SA did by appointing Graeme Smith after 2003. Younis Khan, a gritty fighter maybe, but I would not support him as a captain. Simply because he has not given me any confidence that he can apply 'good judgement' on a number of occasions. His shot selection against WI being the most recent example. The captaincy fiasco of a few months ago, is another one. Just waving hands profusely on the field as acting captain does not mean he can be a shrewd strategist. In fact, I regard Inzy more highly as a captain than him.

    The new captain will be a difficult choice as there are no obvious candidates for me. Afridi could be the inspired choice. Maybe we should think of separate captains for Tests and ODIs ! Those who can keep their places in the side. How about Kaneria for tests and Afridi for ODIs? Another thought is to look from outside the present squad. There will be other openings in the squad with Inzy's possible departure and the opener slots up for grabs. Are there any good candidates in the domestic set up who are good strategists and managers of people ? The new coach should have some say in this as well as chemistry between the coach and the captain is important.

    As for the Board. It is in shambles. Each chief who has come has been worse than the previous one. The next one should be selected based on the provisions of the new constitution and a competitive selection process for senior management and Board positions should be instituted to ensure we get the best possible candidates. Wasim Bari should accept responsibility as well and go back to his full time job along with the rest of the selection committee. Biggest failing has been to select a consistent squad of 'openers'. Selecting Imran Nazir at the last minute presumably based on one good innings in SA is baffling.

    Finally, I hope Pakistani cricket fans/media and former cricketers will show some respect and dignity in the coming days on the issue of the coach. Bob has paid the ultimate price and as a nation we should respect that.

  • S. Siddiqui Canada on March 18, 2007, 19:40 GMT

    My condolences to Bob's Familly on his death. Despite Pak taem's poor form in the last 6-7 months he did a good job in brining some sort of consistency. And accordingly , Pak team did reasonably well in test cricket.

  • wardey on March 18, 2007, 19:39 GMT

    I have to admit as a cricketer of some 27 years playing in leagues up and down the UK I have the deepest sympathy with the Pakistan Cricket team not the captain and not the administration. A team that depends on the whims of Allah cannot be seriously taken any more. Cricket is about team work and individuals fitting into that team, not whether or not the gods (of whatever religion) are smiling. The arrogance of the presumption that the Pakistan Cricket team is under the divine protection of the prophet Mohammed when the rest of the worlds teams are under no divine protection at all is in itself naive, childish and lets face it a little stupid. I refer to my earlier point cricket has no divine intercession it is about team work and individuals fitting into that team. Pakistan a team of absolute brilliance when they decide to play together where bundled out of the World Cup by a team that did decide to play together with passion and belief.

  • usama on March 18, 2007, 19:38 GMT

    i am deeply saddened by the loss of whoolmer..not as a coach but as a human being... may Allah have mercy on him

  • Ricky on March 18, 2007, 19:37 GMT

    I am shocked at Bob Wolmer's demise. My condolences to his family. This is a tragic time for Pakistan cricket.

  • abid khan on March 18, 2007, 19:36 GMT

    Being the optimist, i still thought pakistan could win this world cup 48 hours ago. However after thier disgraceful and timid defeat at the hands of minnows ireland, changes have to be made from top to bottom. Below is my five year plan i put forward to the PCB, and kamraN if you ever bump into any of them PCB officals, hand this over to them.

    Five Year plan in order to be succesful!

    1)Get rid of that Dodo Dr Ashraf, he has no knowledge of cricket, and is only in the job because of his pal MR president, which brings me onto point 2.

    2)Separate the PCB from the pakistan government. what has sport got to do with politics? I dont see Tony Blair poking his nose into ECB matters.

    3)Start to look for talented cricketers, and not rich folks who want thier kids playing for pakistan or past players couzins, nephews etc. Biascally pick on merit, and not on rupeez.

    4)Hold a cricket idol for only batsmen, and pelt them with Cricket balls chest high over three weeks and who deals with them the best, can become the openers, because frankly at this moment i can score 4 runs on the odd occasion and that does not warrant a place in an international cricket team.

    5)Make sure different areas of pakistan have diffrent conditions, like England, Australia etc. Prepare bouncy tracks, so techniques of our players can improve.

    6)Get rid of this Ad-hoc rubbish which i still fail to understand, and implement a proper system. Why not follow the austrlian selection policy, where captain has no say in the selection process, therfore no bias invloved.

    7)Do not make whole sale changes to the paksitan team, beacuse apart from recent one day results we have been pretty consistent in the test arena, and dropping players such as Moyo and Younis kahn would dent thier confidence, and regardless of the world cup, they have been in decent form.

    8)Regarding the captaincy, inzamam if hes has any interests in the pakistan cricket team will resign, bring in Younis Kahn, with shoaib malik has his deputy. However do not drop inzi from the team, he is still a valuable asset to pakistan.

    9)And finally stop touring South Africa before a world cup, as you know we cant play in them conditions, and getting a hammering there does not help the paksitan players confidence. The same thing happend last world cup too, do they not learn.

    WelL PCB there you have it. If you want to be succesful do the above. However i doubt that will happen as long as pakistan is run by a dictator.

    Finally my condolences go out to bobs familys through this tragic time. He seemd a great guy, and did a lot for the pakistan team. May he rest in peace.

  • shanimehmood on March 18, 2007, 19:33 GMT

    Bob condolences to his families,will be missed for ever.

  • Syed Hamdani on March 18, 2007, 19:31 GMT

    Bob Woolmer died yesterday, he did a lot for pakistan cricket and for me he will be sorely missed, lets not criticize the man any longer. Perhaps if certain other matters with "tests" had been handled well by PCB we would not have seen this happen to pakistan in the world cup. God bless his soul and give him peace.

  • ARZaidi on March 18, 2007, 19:31 GMT

    So , was i not right that Pakistan will be out in the first round? second tragedy......... BOB WOOLMER has passed away, i m sooo grieved, my condolences to his family. Its a huge tragedy

  • Abraham on March 18, 2007, 19:30 GMT

    Are you willing to eat your words now?

  • Faisal Ansari on March 18, 2007, 19:30 GMT

    Salim Altaf and Inzamam need to go. Period. If they have any self respect left, they should have submitted their resignations already.

  • RoshanH on March 18, 2007, 19:29 GMT

    From Heros to zeros in five days! No I can't believe it happened in five days. This kind of thing takes longer. Even the worst management couldn't take a side down so quickly if they wanted to. Just like building strong team takes long hard work, it takes some working to bring one down; perhaps not quite as long or hard as building one up. It takes some genius to take 11 strong men and break them to pieces in front of a shell-shocked world. Surely, there must have been tell-tale signs of this disaster months before it actually happened. Wasn’t there anyone in Pakistani cricket who could have done anything about it?

    It was an absolute treat to see the underdogs coming through. A foretaste of cricket- heaven for the neutral supporter. I was glued to cricinfo live commentary last night and stayed up late to watch and record the highlights. I believe I witnessed cricketing history in the making. This game will be remembered forever in Ireland. Well done to the Irish lads!

  • Salman on March 18, 2007, 19:28 GMT

    The problem wasn't that there were too many bowlers or all-rounders and not enough batsmen but too many 'selectors'. Pakistan is a nation of selectors. We shouldn't be telling our sons what went wrong but encouraging them to get out and practice. A place in the team should be earned not given. So there should be a revolving door of players not performing being dropped to their regional team and or players from regional teams moving into the team on good form. This will never happen because of the cronyism mentioned in an earleir blogg

  • imran on March 18, 2007, 19:28 GMT

    asselam alekum, kamran bhaai you are right in erverything you have written in this column but i just got the news that bob wolmmer has passed away and this news realy hurt me. i saw him training our team in england and he was doing it with great pleasure and doing it quit good.bob rest in peace man. i think the only thing which went realy wrong is people running pcb who have actualy no idea of what cricket is and our president must stop being involved with pakistan cricket . kamrqan bhai cant we persuade imran khan,javaid miandaad waqar and wasim to be the runners of pcb and help pakistani cricket team to be where it belongs:at the top? kamran bhai you must have contacts with imran khan ,please ask him to stop the politics and do what he is good at. we need him pretty badly.once again

  • Waqas Ahmad on March 18, 2007, 19:27 GMT

    Despite all the mess, lets not forget the "work-horse" Inzi has been for Pakistan for over a decade. But yea, we have to make changes. Pakistan has the talent that just needs to be utilized properly, something we failed to do miserably. Following players should not be on the squad: hafeez, nazir, azhar, yasir, and possibly sami. Inzi also needs to go but simply because hes well past his prime. Younis should lead the side with either afridi, malik, or razzak at his side as Vice. Allow the young generation to flourish. PLEASE BRING BACK SALMAN BUTT!!!

  • Steve on March 18, 2007, 19:27 GMT

    Condolences to all Pakistani fans. And to many WC viewers who will now have to watch potentially six super 8 games that will be lop-sided.

    But Mr.Abbasi - for all the erudite person you are, you keep thinking with your heart. Pakistan teams of yore, had exceptional talent, and they operated in a cricket world which was no where close to the meaner, professional and planned sport of today. Then it sufficed to have talent and nothing much else. Not any more. Weaknesses cannot be hidden for long. They will be exposed in the era of meticulous preparation. So just asking for leadership with passion - and how much more wishful can it get than wanting a hothead like Afridi at the helm! - will not solve your ills. You seem to labour under the impression that nothing about cricket has changed in the intervening years from Pakistan's glory days. You are free to keep insisting that ONLY Australia cannot be beaten by this team, that's hardly anything more than cheerleader faith.

  • Zrazzaq on March 18, 2007, 19:27 GMT

    "You have sentenced us all to four years of painful memories" - so right, pain of 2003 world cup failure for 4 years and now this new pain of 2007 worldcup failure.

    I Agree with your choices for the replacement as captian.

    Bob woolmer was so ashamed of this loss that he took it to heart and lost his life.

  • Aamir Yunus on March 18, 2007, 19:26 GMT

    Please remove bob's name from the list. He is passed away and that is sad.

  • Yatri on March 18, 2007, 19:25 GMT

    I deny the fact that it was upset. The better team won that day, people are just making too much fuss as if pakistan is unbeatable. I don't deny though they are better side but played worst on their day ! the rest is now history !

  • sagar on March 18, 2007, 19:24 GMT

    I guess Bob Woolmer will be spared of Pak fans' wrath now that he is gone! Pak cricket will survive and even thrive - there is talent and passion to overcome the corruption and lack of proper structure.

    Kamran, grown men admit when they are wrong. In all of this blabbering, by reiterating your line that ONLY AUSTRALIA is the team that can beat this Pak team, you have demonstrated that you need to grow up some more. Try it for a change.

  • akram on March 18, 2007, 19:23 GMT

    i wonder what contribution a captain makes in winning matches for his team. there is got to be some wether its in or outside the field or else we are just accepting his captaincy on the grounds of his statistical records. the other player that comes into my mind is javed miandad such an excellent player but unstable as a captain. pakistan cricket board should set a criteria of appointing captains who have the ability to\lead from the front and charges his troops in to dealing with good as well as difficult situations, just like Imran khan did in 1992. The whole blame goes on inzi and pcb for selecting an excellent batsman who made a mess of his captaincy. all good players cannot make good captains as has been proved in pakistan cricket history. good luck Pcb u have got tough decisions to make.

  • Chandrasekhar Kotillil on March 18, 2007, 19:23 GMT

    I am an Indian , but am closely watching the fates of Pakistan and Bangladesh in this world cup as well.Kamran saab,if the Pakistani fans can feel such pain at the loss of a game,I cant imagine,what the cricketing world will feel about Bob Woolmer's demise. I am absolutely shocked at the tragic news.As the prime mover of the ICC's high performance program , its Woolmer who pushed ICC and helped it sustain its policy to make minnows count in the World Cup.Its a stroke of irony that Woolmer should lose his life in this manner.Cricket is just a game after all , and despite the burden carried by the coach and the captain of the Pakistan team, the game can only be poorer for the loss of such brilliant individuals.I hope fans,sponsors and critics feel the pain that Woolmer's family must feel now. All I can say now is , what a loss for the game itself.Bob Woolmer , Rest in Peace.

  • Aman on March 18, 2007, 19:21 GMT

    Hi Kamran, This is a typically sub-continental reaction to defeat. When our teams - India and Pakistan - lose we seem to get into a manic-depressive mode. And when they win, we get so light-headedly dizzy. The media feeds this nasty beast and it is approaching disgusting limits. So you too need to take some responsibility for making this such a big deal. Upsets are part and parcel of the sport. Even highly unlikely ones. Fine, Pakistan lost, get on with it. It is just a game. By the way, I have never seen a blog from you on the biggest problem facing both the countries - the cricket boards and the lack of transparency. We seem to have tonnes of honorary positions who are not accountable for anything. Look at the state of stadia in our countries. Barring Mohali, every other stadium in the sub-continent treats its fans like toilet paper. Which is ironic given the sad state of basic civic facilities in the stadia. Let's focus on that and making cricket an enjoyable experience for the fans, not on 16 people who get all the accolades or all the flak. Players' houses get stoned or they get 50 acres of land. This happens both here and in Pakistan. This nonsense needs to end. Let's treat them as entertainers, not heros. Because, they are entertainers. They are not ending world peace, but are playing a sport and getting paid for it. Let's not be hero-starved nations and make heros out of people who play cricket. Let's focus on making the sport more transparent and more watchable. Slainte!

  • very very very sad on March 18, 2007, 19:21 GMT

    The sudden death of Bob Wolmer has put everything into perspective, Pakistan lost a cricket match but a man has lost his life. This shows the amount of pressure the coach and team is under every time they play no wonder they are inconsistent. I was very angry earlier but now I am just very sad. My deepest condolence go to Bob Woolmer’s family

  • Naeem Husain on March 18, 2007, 19:19 GMT

    Due to the untimely demise of Bob Woolmer the least Pakistan can do is to award the highest honor(Medal of Hilal)to his family. Bob Woolmer worked so hard to bring Pakistan's cricket to the top level despite nagging critics and unnecessary teasing comments from players and public. His death proves that he was sincere,sensitive and serious about bringing Pakistan's cricket back to world prominence and was determined to bring the moral standards and ethics of cricket through his friendliness and soft spoken nature. He was areal cricketer and true lover of cricket who gave his life for the integrity of the game and for Pakistan. At this time of grieving, it is even harder to think that Pakistan lost to Ireland. Let me tell you it was not Bob Woolmer who was responsible for the Pakisatn's cricket demise. It was pakistan's batting and the responsible players like Inzammam, Younis, Yousuf, Hafeez and Imran Nazir the recognized batsmen who faild miserably. Don't blame the bowlers; they did their job particularly against West Indies.It was our batting that killed Pakistan cricket and coach Bob Woolmer (God Blees his Soul) I notice Inzamam always talks about the bowlers, however I have never heard him take any form of responsibility for poor play. Younis never produces runs when they are needed. Little bit of resistance form Yousuf. Hafeez was a recognized opener but become bowler and lost his touch as a batsman. It is unfortunate that we don't distingiushed between batsmen and bowlers and ofcource we have some allrounders. We have gotten into the habit of blaming our up comming spinners particularly Danish Kaneria. He is a good spinner but not getting any chance to play more games. If our batsmen do their job then bowlers will perfom well to. We should learn from the sacrifies of Bob Woolmer and revise the game plan and restore the integrity of Pakistan's cricket with fair selection and dediction like Ireland and Bangladesh peyed for their countries. We need that kind of spirts. God rest Bob Woolmer's soul in peace. He gave his life for Pakistan's cricket.

  • Alex on March 18, 2007, 19:17 GMT

    RIP Bob, may Allah accept all of your good deeds and forgive you for any indiscretions.Today really puts sport into perspective

  • Ngm on March 18, 2007, 19:17 GMT

    Well, leader or no leader Bob has died to due the lot of pressure and hype created by the media, the crowd and former players

  • Hakim on March 18, 2007, 19:16 GMT

    I couldn't agree with you more; though It's Sad to hear about what happened to Bob Woolmer, My deepest respects to him and his family, Inzi and Doc need to go. Doc Naseem Ashraf shouldn't just go, he should be kicked out for turning a team that looked to take down Australia six months back and now failed to a minnow team like. Shame on all the players for their stupidity and spineless batting. We need an overhaul, and someone like Waqar Younis at the helm; someone with some dignity and fire in his belly to win.

  • Waqas Iqbal (Toronto) on March 18, 2007, 19:15 GMT

    Interesting letter Kamran, but it would be better if you remove this attack on Bob Woolmer out of respect. He had his faults, like everyone does, but in my humble opinion he was one of the best coaches Pakistan ever had. Compared to Miandad? Night and day (and to those to whom it is not already obvious, Javid sahib was the night). RIP Mr. Woolmer

  • ZAEEMUDDIN HUSAIN on March 18, 2007, 19:15 GMT

    Bob Woolmer sacrificed(for an ideal, belief) his life to Pakistan cricket.He is a mateyr for pakistan cause. He should be awarded Pakistan's highest civilian medal of honour to recogonise his services to the team. Bob's services not only included coaching the pakistan team in the field of cricket but also it seems that he put up with a lot of the unruly behaviour of the uneducated and uncivilised players silently. THE CURRENT PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM IS SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS UNTIMELY DEATH.

  • Asad Kamal Khan on March 18, 2007, 19:14 GMT

    Salaam Kamran: What a PITY that a non-Pakistani our coach Bob Woolmer took the defeat to the Irish so seriosuly that he collapsed..and even gave his life away. Whereas, the REAL SHAMELESS culprits : Naseem Ashraf, Saleem Altaf, Wasim Bari and Inzamam, none of them even hinted of taking any responsibility or forwarding atleast an offer to resign. I have no words and I TRULY feel for Bob. I swear upon Allah that its NOT just because he has passed away, I have never felt him to be the least bit responsible for the current situation of Pakistani cricket, because we have been watching this since Imran Khan left in 1992. May ALLAH rest Bob's soul in eternal peace. I want to write a lot more but I dont have the words to express the sentiments that I am feeling right now.


  • sunny on March 18, 2007, 19:14 GMT

    Hahahaha...rassi jal gayi lekin bal nahi gaya

    Mr. Kamran I am appalled at your denial to state the obvious which is that Pakistan never had a chance with Inzamam's leadership and their tigers on paper but no shows at the real moment lineup. Inzy, and his 'the strongest middle order batting lineup in cricket' always knew about their capabilities, or lack thereof, on wickets that did a little off the seam. But yet he promised to bring the cup back to Pakistan as if he was summoned to do so by the Almighty. And you Sir, still cannot come to grips with their defeat and still continuing with your 'only Australia is better than us' chant. How can you continue to be a sports writer when you have absolutely no idea about the facts of this sport. In this blog, you have led many astray with your insipid thoughts. You raised the hopes of so many, who would have rather been content with a strong showing from Pakistan even if they had failed to win the cup but you painted such a rosy picture about Pakistan cricket that the passionate supportes jumped on the bandwagon without really looking at the reality. You owe an apology to all those people.

    And about your theory about Shahid Afridi bringing his passion to lead the team and resurrecting Pakistan cricket only shows me how a good a cricket analyst you actually are. You are calling upon the most indisciplend player after Shoiab Akhtar and hope that he will bring a sense of urgency in this team. Truth is whoever is appointed the new captain will bring this team some amount of respectibilty but people like you will raise him to such zeniths that once again when the team's lack of mental fortitude in face of adversity in important tournamnents like these is evident again, the knives will be out again and everyone shall look in another direction.

    So stop this charade and do not give credit to the 'stars' so much that everyone follows the false propaganda only to have their false hopes dashed again by the cruel reality.

  • Usman Wahid on March 18, 2007, 19:14 GMT

    I write this just having heard that Bob Woolemer has passed away. This tragic event leaves me with many questions and great emptiness. I appreciate that Kamran Abassi could never have predicted what would happen when he posted this piece, but I would like to appeal to all Pakistanis / the pakistan team supporters to respect this period of grief and focus on this man's achievements and the greater good that he achieved for global cricket. Cricket is a game; so lets treat it as that for the next week and pay tribute to Bob Woolmer, who spent 3 years of his life trying to improve this game within Pakistan. I hope his family can cope with the loss and I hope that Pakistan as a nation will celebrate Bob's dedication to Pakistan / Pakistan cricket. I speak for myself / but hope I am reflecting the views of all Pakistanis in saying that whatever journey you may now be taking Bob, I / we wish we had more time with you. We will remember your spirit whenever we take the crease / mark our run up, watch a match from the sidelines or at home. All the best Bob.

  • Syed Zaki on March 18, 2007, 19:14 GMT

    First, my deep condolences to the family of Bob Woolmer. The news of his death couldn't have come at a worse time in the history of Pakistan cricket. Second, many congratulations to Ireland for exposing what should have been exposed months ago, ie, the sorry state of Pakistan cricket under this PCB. I can't write my disgust on this public forum but for starter, sack that Mullah Inzamam immediately and have Younis Khan captain against Zimbabwe. Then send the entire cricket team immediately back home and sack the entire team. Of the entire team, retain only Shoaib Malik and make him the captain and build a brand new team around him. Oh yea, sack PCB immediately as well. Can we have the Godfather of Pakistan cricket back in the helm, Imran Khan, could you please restore the glory of 1992. PS. Let Inzamam's "KISMET" be with him in Multan, NOT on the pitches around the world. Sack him, Shave him and feed him to the passionate crowd of Pakistan.

  • Rahul on March 18, 2007, 19:13 GMT

    I just read news concerning Bob Woolmer's demise. I think this is the most ugly day for cricket. Uglier than anything else that has ever happened. There will be a lot of accusations and finger pointing and what will follow will probably make Oval-gate look like a bright spot on Pak's cricket landscape. I hope and pray that this makes us Asian nations put entertainment sport in perspective.

  • Mashood Qadri on March 18, 2007, 19:12 GMT

    On 17th March, we have seen most horrible performance by our idle's!!!!!!!!!!! against minnows. Our team's performance was subpar in all departments of cricket at Sabina Park. This is a disgrace to the talent of Pakistan and to the dynasty of Pakistani cricket. If this was a performance against a competetive team, it was probably a different story, with few excuses for hope against hope. We have been seeing for over a year, thunders, cracks and mishaps in our team on the gound and off the ground. This shows a continuous failure of PCB management and indeed a loss of billions of rupees for the sake of so-called betterment of cricket with zero or even in horrendous debt.

    Overall the picture is ugly and disappointing. The selection criteria of the current team was totally biased, and was full of insanities. It was mostly the result of thick headed mentality of of few of the personalities, from our legendary bureaucracy and few from the self centered senior cricketers. The PCB selection board comittee, which was most of the time appeared to be playing dummy role; Like, selecting Azhar Mahmood without involving Wasim Bari. The PCB official administrative managment has been seen remote controlled by our beloved bureacracy and the allied goverment personalities, playing their cards behind the curtains. Obviousely, they have no vision, whatsoever, while they are using their own cards. Story doesn't end here, on top of all this caos and mismanagement from top to the bottom. We see a huge turmoil in the leadership inside the team. A good skipper could have utilized even a 20% of the given talent, had atleast not seen stamping Sabina Park as one of the darkest days in Pakistani cricket history. But, unfortunately, Inzi with his own rigid outfits, who has great credentials as a cricketer, but lately has been seeing as a complete failure as a Captain. He has been mostly seen showing involvement, playing cards to secure his own position in the team, rather than bringing a new talent, he had been keep shuffling middle order batsman, or he has been seeing as a conflicting personality on the ground and off the ground. He still could have been a survivor of the team, if he has not had interference in the selection squad. How many of the other captains, have such a power in selection affairs?? The answer will be none or one. Only Imran Khan had such a capability of utilizing this talent. Surely, he was gifted with a fatal combination of being a street smart, a genuine fighter, instigator and a true leader of the team. Obviousely, Inzi has no comparision with Imran Khanthe Great, Inzi is deficient in all of these expertise.

    If history is not going to repeat itself this time, where same revolving doors move in Pakistani cricket and the net result is the same or even worse than the previous blow. I have the following suggestions to the relavent authorities for this post-world cup milestone.

    1- They should truely encourage internal domestic structure, with the help of TV media, probably needed a better marketing here in this affair.

    2- They should bring a selection board committee and other important important posts on PCB management committee, by true elections and should be elected from professional cricketers without any procrastination.

    3- They should bring a captain, who has atleast a fighting spirit, who is not passive-agressive and have a dare to take blame on him when needed, rather than slipping on other's shoulders.

    4- They should bring a talent according to the merit, which should be above any personal likenings and favoritisms. They should immediately remove those players who have been out of form, and playing because of either influence from outside the PCB Board or they are in the team because they are included in the buddies list of the skipper.

    Mashood Qadri 104 Admiral Porter Shreveport, LA 71115

  • Tahir Khan on March 18, 2007, 19:11 GMT

    Apart from our batsmens propensity to hit out at balls that they have no business even to consider touching, I ask what is a non cricketer doing incharge of cricket. If this is to continue, I offer my son, age 9, for the job. At least he will listen to the advise given by better men with more experience of the game. I hope that Mr. Nasim Ashraf and Wasim Bari are sent packing to continue their careers elsewhere. The time of Inzi has also come, so the blame will be put on him and his head will roll.

  • Baber Chowdhrey on March 18, 2007, 19:10 GMT

    nicely put .. i agree with almost the whole of the letter. Although it covers major part of the picture but i think also some individual players need rehabs. Also it dint quite fit to my brains when huge cash incentives were announced for the players for wining the world cup .. what could be bigger than representing a whole nation? bringing huge chunks of money in the picture would only spoil the spirit and make the passion in the hearts impure!

  • Habib W. Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 19:10 GMT

    This lethargic shameful display by Pakistani cricketers was never been seen or even dreamt of. I am becoming a strong believer that Democracy is the ultimate solution, whether its appointing of a PCB Chief from human development or a president from Army. This defeat shows not only the weakness of current Pakistan team but also the infrastructure of cricket and Pakistan cricket board. Dr. Nasim Ashraf should resign immediately and selectors and board officials should apologize with Pakistani nation.

  • Imran on March 18, 2007, 19:09 GMT

    As I've already written elsewhere, I don't think that this team has disgraced Pakistan. They let themselves down, but Pakistan - its media (including you, and certainly Osman Samiuddin), and its followers - already started the rot themselves.


    By denigrating and abusing this team at every opportunity over the last 6 months. By ridiculing their religon. By gleefully printing (and buying rags which print) complete lies masquerading as stories.

    The result? A team which already had 100 million people baying for their blood - before a ball had been bowled.

    Some teams, under some captains, can use this to galvanise themselves, and rise to the occassion. This team sunk into themselves. You could see that from the 1st game. They withdrew into their shells, and played like they were scared. For that, they let themselves down badly.


    The disgrace is shared. Don't deflect it. Accept your part.

  • Sajid Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 19:08 GMT

    Yunus Khan? YOu have to be kidding us. When was the last time he played a big innings in a big match? He should drop himself out of the team.

    Bob ..we will miss you. RIP. No Pakistani took the Pakistan defeat the way you took it.

  • Zain on March 18, 2007, 19:08 GMT


  • pakfan on March 18, 2007, 19:08 GMT

    i guess woolmer left forever ... i appreciate his efforts for our team and we should all realize that cricket is just a game.

  • mudassar on March 18, 2007, 19:07 GMT

    I feel sorry at sad demice of Bob Woolmer, he died with shame but was he the only one commited to pakistani cricket and rest all shameless init

  • Sohail Waqar on March 18, 2007, 19:03 GMT

    Couldn't have said it better and indeed Afridi should be given a chance.... there aren't many better options.

    I would like to add another point. Give Yasser Hameed and another left handed opener like Farhat or Butt a guarantee that they are the openers for the next four years and you'll see the results. This of course is subject to real bad performances and other upcoming talents. And maybe Hafeez is an option as a captain.

  • M Husen on March 18, 2007, 19:02 GMT

    Suprise suprise suprise??? No no no!!! Following Pakistani cricket from outside, this was not a suprise at all. The seeds for these events happening were sown just before the Champions Trophy when Asif & Akhtar were withdrawn from the squad due to their shear stupidity. How many times have Pakistan's first choice front line bowlers have bowl together and like wise, the opening partnership played together. The batting relies on Khan, Yousef & Haq, Khan playing 2 irresponsible rash shots and Haq being out of form during & since the tour of England last year, also, his Captaincy leaves a lot to be desired. To sum it all up in a nutshell, injury to Razzaq was unfortunate, unavailability of Afridi was due to indiscipline, absense of Asif & Akhtar was due to shear stupidity, shot selections were irresponsible, running between wickets were lethargic, fielding was amateurish & spirit in the camp...well???

  • Inzamam (Stroking my beard and eating gum like an animal wll win me the game) on March 18, 2007, 19:02 GMT

    Seems like ever1 had dsiappeared after the effing shovking display by pakistan

  • Zeeshan Z. Khan on March 18, 2007, 19:01 GMT

    First of all, Kamran, I must say that you have done a great job in expressing the feelings of millions of other cricket fans (specially from Pakistan). But what I would like to point out is that this is something that was expected from our team. We have now made a reputation to help the so called 'cricket minnows' attain a good status by letting them beat us in all these important encounters.

    But, in my view the fun starts now. You will now hear the Chairman "Doc" giving all the excuses that he and his so called "selectors" can think of.

    Having said that, I am so depressed to hear about Bob Woolmer's death. Things were not good anyway and now with his death they will get worse.

    All I would like to say at this point is that all the players should look themselves in the mirror and ask this question "Do I deserve to wear the green uniform which says "Pakistan"?" and if they have some self-respect then they should just leave 'cause Pakistani people do not want spineless players representing their country at the highest level of Cricket. Pakistan is not short of talent and there are players (under-19 team) who have performed much better then the senior players.

    Also, one last thing, players should be made aware of the fact that they are paid employees of Pakistan. They have a job to perform and they get paid for it and if they are not performing then they have no right to be in the team. All the leading cricket nations are good at keeping up to this policy. And I think it is time Pakistan follows the same. You can not play in the team forever just because you are Inzimam, Younis or Shoaib. You have to be responsible to take care of your health, your fitness and your behavior. If they cannot handle these things then they should go back and adjust themselves to normal lives. There should be no special treatment given.

    If Pakistan cricket is to succeed, then they have no choice but to get rid of their stupid mentality of honoring players based on their past performances. Look at the way England dealt with their player. This is how they should deal with every single player who refuses to do the job.

    I hope this gets noticed.

  • Steve Cohen on March 18, 2007, 19:01 GMT

    I hope Kamran Abassi will write a second more appropriate article today, showing more perspective.

    After all cricket might be very important, but it is still just a sport.

  • Azufi on March 18, 2007, 19:00 GMT

    It's a sad day for cricket...puts things in perspective. I was very angry and disappointed yesterday. Yet, today, I don't feel like talking about cricket. After all it's just a game, not a matter of life and death. RIP Bob Woolmer.

  • Javaid Abbasi on March 18, 2007, 19:00 GMT

    On March 17, 2007, Pakistani Cricket died. For a great fan of cricket, specially Pakistan Cricket, it was a very sad day, indeed. I don't know how to express my thoughts except I would say I have some very fond memories of Pakistan Cricket. My earliest memories of Pakistan cricket goes back to 1966-67 - I was 8 at the time - when SriLanka( known as Ceylon at the time ) and they did not yet have the test status at the time, were touring Pakistan. In one of the unofficial Test matches, Javaid Burki made 210. I remember our whole house - my dad, my sisters and brothers - would not stop talking about this great innings of his. I developed an immense liking for this game. Since that time, I remember Hanif Mohammad's 187 not out at Lords in 1976 and his partnership of 130 with Asif Iqbal in the same match who himself smashed a delightful 76. At the Oval, it was Asif again, this time making a grand 146. I remember Pakistan's great tours to England in 1971, a series they could have easily won. Zaheer made 274 in that series. Pakistan's tour to Australia and New Zealand in 1972-73 is still so clear in my mind - Pakistan should have won that series 2-1( they lost 3-0 instead ). But atleast they gave a fight and lost to a better side. In that series, I remember Majid's 158 and Sadiq's 137. And then came Imran Khan, Javaid Miandad, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and their wonderful and heart-warming performances. The victory in 1992 World cup still brings tears to my eyes. The great team of the nineties which almost won the world cup again, in 1999. I remember all of that and I miss those days. I am very sad today because I just love Cricket, in particular Pakistan Cricket, and sadly Pakistan Cricket died yesterday and I would miss those great days of Pakistan cricket! Even though I will not be following Pakistan Cricket any more, I feel, unless something very drastic is done about Pakistan Cricket, we might be seeing the beginning of the end of Cricket in Pakistan. Remember what happened to Hockey in Pakistan. The whole Pakistan Cricket Board needs to be shook up and changes need to be made at the grass root level. Better, and sporting cricket pitches are mandatory. Nepotism needs to be completely eliminated. All first-class cricket players, including test players ofcourse, must have a certain minimum level of education, atleast a degree at a Bachelor's level.

  • KH on March 18, 2007, 19:00 GMT

    Well Kamran...probably Bob is here no more to read your article. But I think its better for him. Atleast, he did not live to go through this humiliation, which you have so blatantly blamed on him. If any person is responsible for us to be out of the world cup, is that fox in the sheep's skin - Inzamam, I hope so much that it would have been Inzamam instead of him. We all know, how the situation is in the Pakistani camp, we have heared it so much, board changes, no constitution, corruption, and most of all Inzamam's insistence of playing some players who he favoured and all those to be out who were out of it.

    Inzamam had the audacity to go public and say that he will not quit. He deserved to die, not Bob. I have met Woolmer and have always found him to be a good man and a man of priniciples. I just hope that while he was alive, he could not bring sense to our men in charge, maybe his death would serve as an eyeopener to all those morons at the helm of affairs. I just cant control my emotions right now whilst I write this. Dr. Nasim Ashraf is on GEO and answering questions, but what the heck, everyone is making sure to outline Bob's achievements, yet also making sure that they tell vryone on how great they are themselves. This is insult and shows how much we cherish and respect people. Insanity prevails......

  • yasir on March 18, 2007, 18:59 GMT

    mian Kamran, plesae calm down, its a freaking sport, not a religion or national crisis, we r amidst national crisis rite now, think of that, does anyone notice that just after Nseem ashraf has taken over, we have had sucha fall, before that, we were not the best but atleast we had some imrovments especially in test cricket, what any one says, late bob woolmer did teach us how to play test cricket, before we played it like ondayers, even the one we won, jab se naseem auncle aayie hain yeh haal howa hai, and the cation is equally respinsible, we just want to switch on the TV and watich pakistan win, no one pushes for school and college cricket, we will be ashamed if we see the parents of good sporting countries, the importance they pay on small level cricket, as Imran says, we are a nation of shorcuts, we want to win but dont waht to work, I will say that all the responsibility goes on the president and Dr sahib, because one man shows can never fix problems...

  • Aman Harees on March 18, 2007, 18:58 GMT

    True but don't blame woolmer, he just died...poor soul and It's not inzi's fault pakistan underperformed.

  • Nisma Rafiw on March 18, 2007, 18:57 GMT

    hi! well what ever happened was not good at all. there is no crying over split milk. whatever happens happen for the best but i believe that inzi should have announce his retirement after WC.Well lets pray and hope for the best wait for next WC. And extremely sorry for BOB WOOLMER. he really worked hard from deep of heart BEST WISHES.

  • ata on March 18, 2007, 18:56 GMT

    Heartbroken, destroyed, annhialated. These are only a few words that are representative of the feelings of an entire nation. Pakistan's dismall performance in their last game has not only destroyed its chances at achieving what Imran khan's cornered tigers did in 1992, but has obliterated the hopes and dreams of an entire nation. That being said however, to the keen eye this capitulation was never out of the question. When you think about it, asking this side to win the world cup was unfair from the very beginning. If you compare this side to that of the successful 92 world cup side a few comparisons prove my point quite well. 1) The captain: Inzamam does not match Imran Khan, not in the strategic sense, and obviously when it comes to charisma. The only way he could have equaled the towering influence of his legendary predecessor would have been with the willow which he unfortunately failed miserably. 2) The Batting: Younis khan, Mohammed Yousuf, and Inzamam may come together to form a strong, albiet formidable lineup, but they lack what counts the most... spine.

    Bowling: This aspect of the performance was one that gave some respite to the sore eyes of the diehard supporter. However, When you look back to 92 you realize that although Pakistan possesses honest workers in Gul,Sami, and Iftikhar Anjum. This team no longer possesses the stuff of legends that it once did in Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, and company. Finally, I would just like to say that although we are all suffering from shock and dismay... let us for once as Pakistan supporters be fair and except the fact that this team just was not good enough. We all talk about starting fresh and breaking the shackles of a dreadfull past but a fresh start does not mean taking the team and its administrators to the chopping block as has become a norm in pakistan after every bad performance. This fresh start must come from within us, the teams supporters as we support them in their time of dispair and break the horrid tradition of finding scapegoats for an honest failure. This was only my perspective on things... i dont mean to offend anyone and i thank cricinfo for providing me with the media to express my point of view.

  • Waseem on March 18, 2007, 18:54 GMT

    Bob has now gone to pastures new, alas what an end to a man who couldn't seem to get his ideas across to a bunch of half wits who thought "we can never lose to ireland can we".

    The reason Pakistan cricket is where it is , is the same reason the country is where it is imcompetence of leadership. What is it to say that PERVez didn't call Bob last night to give him a dressing down ? The first sign of luncay is thinking you are king of the world, Mushraff thought that and appointed YES men who would pick the team for him, I tell you this man is no so far from Mugabe. There should be no goverment interfernce in the game, we need a young man to control the Pakistan Cricket board not some old Public school boys who think everyone lives in a nice Kothi in Lahore. We need media savy men to handle the media, technology savy men to handle the new progression in the game.

    What the hell is going on in Pakistan , first PIA , now the Cricket team the country is a joke due to negligence.

    I agree with some points certain players need to go and others too but lets make it dignified and respectful as possible. We are all human and it is only a game. My worry is not for Cricket but if this is the kind of person who runs a national sport just imagine the kind of man that runs your local Hospital or Bank, all appointed by the yank loving son of gun that resides in his own bubble.

  • zain on March 18, 2007, 18:51 GMT

    I am writing this as some one that has been born and bred outside pakistan. However i have avidly and passionatley supported pakistan and will continue to do so, but I would like to pass my condolences on to the Woolmer family. I would also like to state i was numbed when pakistan lost. However this numbess pales in to insignificance when i heard about the untimely demise of Bob Woolmer. what ever the post mortem of pakistan cricket, i dont think it lays at the door of Inzi or Bob lets face it the pakistani set is not equiped at the any level to produce the steel and grit that is required for modern day cricket. Pakistan have always relied on individual brilliance of players such a the Waqars, Wasims and Miandads and imrans et al. I am furious that the PCB cannot get its act sorted and even after these tragic events (not taking anything away from ireland) i feel that nothing will change with the system in pakistani cricket. Maybe the guys in the team will perform and produce a win in the memeory of Bob.

  • Farhan on March 18, 2007, 18:48 GMT

    Thanks kamran for this wonderful analysis! This article reads with the news of bob wolmer's death.

    First of all i would like to pass my deepest condolence to his family!

    Now back to cricket. i was never able to witness such a humiliation before. What a boneless game from the pakistanis. both the matches were lost due to unsufficient performances both with bat and bowl.

    Let´s not take all the credits away from the bowlers as they at least treid to give us some of our honour back and bowled quite nicely given their ressources, but the batsmen were a shame.

    Right from the beginning till the end of these 2 matches they just never gave us any reason to be cheering. played awfull shots to get out all by themselves. i would even suggest to inquire about a match-fixing charge on the ireland game. cause as the pakistanis batted, they must have had in mind to loose the game.

    Enough of the complaints! what should be done to avoid such a shameful experience in 2011 again.

    First of all we should rebuild our national competition. They should be more challenging tasks so that eventually players comes to us rather than we loosing players to the others, and if so why don't PCB decide which one to send where, there should be a pool, so that pakistan bowlers and batsmen can gather experience in south africa, west indies, england and australia. but i guess if we were able to build challenging pitches back home, there would be no need for the players to go abroad.

    So what to do with this team?

    I think first of all they should all be fired and let them all get their groove back and they should fight and prove their passion and willingness to represent the country.

    why even stick with younis khan or shahid afridi? neither they showed any responsibilities towards the nation ad the pride of the team. younis kahn got out cheaply both times, that is not the way a number 3 batsman plays and as for afridi, he has let the time and the people down by his unsportsmanship during the last series.

    We should resolve all the contracts of these players and let them fight back and regain their places in the team.

    They only few players deserve not being axed, shoaib malik is one, he fought in both matches, and i would that´s why suggest him to be made captain. I would retain kamran akmal as a keeper and umar gul and iftikhar anjum for their performances. but all the others should be axes.

    Shaoaib akhtar should be banned for 2 years for his drug offence and so mohammad asif. asif´s loss would be painful but we need to make an example there, so that we get back some dignity!

    Why not bring young pair of legs to the team. ireland were wonderful in the field with their yound passionate team. i loved their performance. they didn't bowl extraordinary, but we helped them succeed

    As for the coaching, i would still go with maindad or even aamir sohail or wasim akram as coach. retain waqar younis as a bowling coach, maindad as a batting coach, saeed anwar who will train the openers.

    why appoint a foreign coach when we have greats back home.

    I think there is a lot of restructering and rebuilding to be done

    let us pray for the best of pakistani cricket.

  • Shahzad Raja on March 18, 2007, 18:47 GMT

    Here here. Kamran sahib, great article but will anybody listen? My heart has been broken, more so than past loves of the opposite that is saying a lot, trust me.

    How can we change our whole structure? Who controls the PCB's treasury, because the only way our cricket culture is going to change for the better is by investing in it, and I mean heavily. Right from the grass roots, our so called "first-class" structure and finally the so called "proffessionals" who wear the star on their shirts. Is it so hard to emulate an organisational srtucture such as that of the Ozzies? I know we are a different people and some things need to be different but the bottom line is we play cricket, so why not look at a successful stucture and emulate it as best we can.

    I will not go into the dysfuctional band of fools that is our team and management but I thank you for giving me an outlet to vent. We are VERY passioante fans an all we want is the best for our COUNTRY. No one individual should be above that.

  • Sayyed on March 18, 2007, 18:47 GMT

    Well well well...I am not sure if you are sad, upset, mad, or what. All I know is world has lost a wonderful person who cared a lot about Pakistan Cricket and Pakistan team. He loved every individual and cared about them all. As a result he put so much stress on himself and lost his life for the cause. Can you words and anything else bring him back! Yes I am talking about Bob Woolmer. Being a fan of Pakistan Cricket and lover of the game I am sad that Pakistan lost but hey there are bigger things in this world to worry about then a World Cup. What if Pakistan won the World Cup. We will celebrate for a week make everyone hero then forgot about everyone and throw all our heroes in a gutter.

    Living in North America, I follow Hockey (you call it ice hockey) and I have seen my favorite team loosing games after games and some nights are horrible when they loose by 10-0. So what! it is just a game and they lost but after couple games they beat the same team by 9-0. Would that make anyone of them better or worst. Get a life, it is just a game..move on. Pakistan lost in difficult conditions. Pakistani batsman are not equipped to play in those conditions actually no team is ready to play and I bet they will never produce the same pitch for West Indies game. Watch that game and prove me wrong.

    Anyhow, I am sorry to hear about Bob Woolmer. My deep deep condolence for his family and Pakistan team who he was very close with.

    May God keep him in peace - Ameen

  • Sufyan on March 18, 2007, 18:46 GMT

    BOB( RIP ) , INZI and others,,,We all know what they have acheived, But What u have Kamran, You dont have the guts to print this comment from me too. because in pakistan everything is screened. You were the one who are on the Rampage about pakistan Chances, and All of a sudden you have changed ur stance and critical Wirting.

    Shame on the people who are associated with Pak Cricket. Your BLATANT last interview was a sorry state of mind with BOB.

    Why this article comes in the END.

  • Raj on March 18, 2007, 18:46 GMT

    Cricket is not bigger than life, we in sub continent should not be so emotional about it, it is just a game and played by human beings like us. Loss of Bob Woolmer is sad and great tragedy to World Cricket.

  • Bilal Javed on March 18, 2007, 18:45 GMT

    Just read the news of Bob Woolmer's death. Condolences to his family. All I could say is that i wasn't as heart broken, ashamed and highly disgruntled as i was on March 17th. We need a motivator in our cricket. I wish if Imran Khan can step in and take our cricket out of this crisis.

  • Asif on March 18, 2007, 18:44 GMT

    It is truly a sad day.

    Ofcourse now Bob Woolmer is gone. Maybe the loss was too much for him to take, maybe it was something else.

    Inzi, I think will play his last international match next week.

    Younis, everyone including Imran Khan, think that he is the greatest captain in the waiting. I still have my doubts about him. Not quite sure if his batting is good enough. He has played well as of late, but that has been in spurts, and nothing sensational in ODIs.

    Afridi might be an interesting experiment. He does have the tendency to do crazy things at times, like scuffing on the pitch and the last incident.

  • Dr Sarfraz Nazir on March 18, 2007, 18:44 GMT

    My sadness has been compounded by the untimely death of our National coach - Bob Woolmer. Although we did not hit the highs that I or the nation expected, there is no doubt that Bob was a fine cricketer abd an outstanding coach. He gave the team encouragement, affection and at times inspiration.

    We do not know what exactly was the cause of death as yet but it was obvious that he was as disappointed as the rest of us yesterday. One thing is for sure, he stood by us through the debacles of the last 8 months when he could have walked away. He really wanted us to succeed and I guess he took defeat really badly.

    My heartfelt condolences and best wished to Bob's family. May he rest in peace.

  • azeem on March 18, 2007, 18:40 GMT

    i am utterly shocked and in total disbelief. Mostly am sad by the fact that even after having a fantastic coach like woolmer , our pakistani players failed to deliver.i think the problem remaind the picthes in pakistan, the pcb needs to make less batting friendly and make them 50/50 game between the bowlers and abtters. Theres no doubt pakistan will regain the old days but its sure going to be a long 4 years pain.Please pray for bob woolmer for he is not feeling well at all and there are reports that he has already passed away.

  • Sikander Rashid on March 18, 2007, 18:40 GMT

    When Australia lost to Bangladesh in England, Australian newspapers termed that day the worst in their "sports' history". I call this day the same for Pakistanies. Our batsmen should be embarassed to death.

    Inzimam has been a dictator and infact an eternal optimistic for 8 months now. He should be shown the door ASAP. I am sorry, he has served Pakistan Cricket for years, but his own poor perfomances, childish decisions, and unfulfilled promises have depressed me today.

    I think this is the time to stop producing flat track bullies and ransack the technical difficulties at the very early stage of Pakistani cricketers.

  • Hassan on March 18, 2007, 18:39 GMT

    This is utterly unbelievable, and I just read that the coach, Bob Wooler has died after being found unconcious in his hotel room.

    I have never seen a more pathetic performance from Pakistan, and the good captain had the audacity to blame it on kismet - without ever first putting up a fight!

    The PCB needs to be cleaned up, and cleaned up good. I think Younis Khan and Shoaib should be made the Captian and Vice Captain. Afridi is a good player but I don't think would make a good captain. He is too inconsistent and doesn't have the temperament of a captain.

    Undoubtedly, the saddest day in the history of Pakistan cricket.

  • Ahsan Rahim on March 18, 2007, 18:38 GMT

    My sincere condolences to Bob Woolmer's family on his untimely passing. He did his best for Pakistani cricket for three difficult years. We are grateful for his service, and very saddened by his passing. I sincerely hope this has nothing to do with Pakistan's loss to Ireland yesterday. Our passion for cricket notwithstanding, it is still just a sport, and it is times like these when we realize it shouldn't be taken as seriously as it is. May Bob's soul rest in peace, and may God give his family the strength to deal with their loss.

  • yeah right on March 18, 2007, 18:38 GMT

    time to eat humble pie mr kamran. dont vent out excessively on the team just because your predictions went wrong. just as the pakistani team has learnt they are not up to the job of playing cricket, you should also learn that you are not upto the job of making accurate commentary and criticism.

  • Haris on March 18, 2007, 18:38 GMT

    Holy crap...Bob Woolmer just died...oh my god...

  • Salman on March 18, 2007, 18:36 GMT

    It was not only the death of Bob Woolmer but also March 17th was the death of Pakistan Cricket. Mr. Naseem Ashraf, take a hint. Bob was probably more ghairat mand than you. You should atleast resign agar aap chulu bhar pani mein doob har mar nahin saktey!

  • Tahir Khurshid on March 18, 2007, 18:36 GMT

    Okay a game was lost, big deal. A few World Cups ago Australia lost to Zimbabwe. They could have dwelt on their great Bradman years or they could have focused on the next tournament, which they one. Remember Hanif, Imran, Mushtaq, Intikhab, Wasim all are in the past and have had their days. Until our team stops being a collection of prima donnas and accepts to play all for one and one for all (a la Australia of past 3 world cups), we will like our hockey malaise live in the past and next time make heroes out of Bermudans or Polacks. Forget it, its over for now, look forward, there's enough talent in Pakistan.

  • muzzy on March 18, 2007, 18:35 GMT

    As aPak fan i'm stunned ,speechless. Root of the problem is not trusting our two young U-19 world cup winning team , Wasim Bari what a joker he thinks we have domestic structer like England or Australia he does not want these boys inteam than he picks Azher 37 avg with ball mot played in last 4 years , Kanaria not a ODI player Imranzir not played for 3 years and so on this is absouletly spineless.

  • Gulab Khan on March 18, 2007, 18:35 GMT

    This is the result of system without merit.

    Once upon a time We were best Hockey national team in the world, Once its beacme REGINOL team (Player from one province)we lost our kingdom in hockey.

    Same history i srepeating with with cricket.(Lahore Cricket Board) is destroying our cricket. Only Players from punjab have permenant position in the team except Younis Khan. And they do not like him.

    What matter players from punjab performs, they are in the team with different names? Kamaran AKmal played world cup after he dropped 14 catches in one match against South AFrica.

    But Asim Kamal could not keep his position after he scored 50 runs.

    Karachi team won current Quaid-e-azam trophy tounament. How many players are in the national team from Karachi? Peshawer panthers won current national ANNRO one day tournaments, how many players from Pehawer have permanenat poistion in the team? Yasir Hamid who had better average than Mohd Hafeez, Imran Nazir, Shoaib Malik etc was not included for the world cup.

    After bad performance from several serise Naveed ul Hasan (ex hockey player), Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Imran Nazir, Mohammad Hafeez were selected for the world cup.

    But if Yasir Hamid ,Faisla Iqbal or Hasan Raza performed bad only in one match, they always out for the next match.

    No merit, No result. Stop this PUNJABI attitude, it is killing our nation. Days are near when Banglades will give us defeat in Lahore (Qadzafi Stadium).

    Gulab Khan Peshawer

  • yahya on March 18, 2007, 18:34 GMT

    how true kamran how true.

    a sad sad day not just for Pakistan cricket, but for Pakistan. no point in given reasons, giving excuses and new suggestions. whats done is done.

    f*** you inzi

  • Imran Siddiqui on March 18, 2007, 18:33 GMT

    First of all Ireland is no minnows! They have players with county and league experiene. They are as good as England.

    Is it Inzi's fault that Shoaib and Asif tested positive for steriods? Is it Inzi's fault that Shahid was banned and Razzaq was injured?

    Team was at less then half strength to begin with and things like this happen in international sports.

    Qismat did play its part, I think Inzi is right because qismat did help Pakistan in 1992 WC to qualify for the semis and this time it didn't.

    Before we criticize Inzamam-Ul-Haq, lets remember his contributions as well. He bailed us out in 1992 WC, in the last 15 yrs several one days and test matches are won because of his hard work. So lets not be ungreatful. Lets have some sportsman spirit and look to the future.

    Only people I would blame are, Shoaib, Asif, and Naseem Ashraf.

  • yahya on March 18, 2007, 18:33 GMT

    how true kamran how true.

    a sad sad day not just for Pakistan cricket, but for Pakistan. no point in given reasons, giving excuses and new suggestions. whats done is done.

    f*** you inzi

  • rilky2006 on March 18, 2007, 18:32 GMT

    Afridi Captain!!!! Are u nuts.

  • Naila on March 18, 2007, 18:31 GMT

    Please Kamran sahib stop saying anything about Bob, He is no more in this world now. I am extremely grieved and crying for such a passionate and dedicated person who took Pakistan defeat to heart. No doubt he was very good coach but unfortunately didnt have good students. He died today in WI by Heart Attach. Please i dont want to hear any word against him.

  • Indian on March 18, 2007, 18:31 GMT

    There is no shame, media in India and Pakistan live in dream. They hype the team. Pakistani team was going through lot of problem for which current players were not responsible. How can you blame them. How can these players are responsible for doping charges, injuries, suspension. You guys think single cause affect single thing, no it affects lot of other thing. Pakistani players were never in World cup frame mentally. Do not we know Yousuf and Younus are world class batsmen, but there is limit of bearing external pressures. Bowling was B-class, which was exposed in first game. Two alrounders were not available. It was just half Pakistani team. It is only board should be blamed either Indian or Pakistani, they could not produce a single cricketer in 4 years. Fundamental is wrong, I am entirely sympathsise with the players who were going through so much stress. Above all Nasim Ashraf, what the hell he was doing team meeting and in dressing room. Recent past is proof of ability of Pakistani team who beat good team while healthy. First class system is faulty, bench strength is zero. Please do not put all blame on players and coach.

  • Imran on March 18, 2007, 18:30 GMT

    R.I.P Bob Woolmer

    What a tragedy.

  • nasir doc on March 18, 2007, 18:30 GMT

    Dear Kamran I was writing pessimistic comments however believing and hoping that I would be proved wrong. Maybe we should have them work for our attention. I agree that its a reflection in how we run our country and on our value system.

  • Murad Khan on March 18, 2007, 18:30 GMT

    Its easy to figure out why Pakistan performed so badly in the World Cup. All their players were busy acting in those ads. of soft drinks, mobile phone companies and banks!!

  • AI on March 18, 2007, 18:29 GMT

    This is what I would have said, before just finding out the unexpected news of death of Bob Whoolmer – Unfortunately that we make lot of idiots in Pakistan happy!

    Things like these happens in sports, but as usual in typical Indian-sub content way - people started asking for resignations and/or believe the change is necessary. I personally believe, this Pakistan team is very united and talented and is one of the best in the world.

    Good coached and okay captain - the reason we may have the lost WC2007 is because of not having Asif and Razzaq and inconsistency at opening. There are ‘No Cancer’ elements in this team, like we had in previous teams, for example: Waqar Younis, Shoib Akthar or Aamir Shoail

    We should credit, Inzi and Bob to take care of one cancer in Shoaib by kicking him out of the team. Bob should be credited for improving fielding and bowling disciplined (few years ago, the same the same team use to give up lots of extras and use to suck in fielding. We have improved a lot in that under Bob’s coaching.

    Is the Inzi the best captain ever? No - no one can beat captains like Imran Khan and Wasim Akram.

    In my opinion, instead of making an emotional decision and doing a team overhaul for sake of doing, here is what should be done: Bring back Majid Khan as CEO of PCB, leave Wasim Bari, Bob as coach and promote Younis as a captain - keeping Inzi as the specialist batsman (Inzi has few more good years, where he can influence other batsmen), bring back clean Asif and assume Rana Naveed and Shoaib Akhtar has retired.

    We have very good nucleus and young players in Asif, Gul, Rao, Danish, Sami, Yasir as bowlers and Affridi, Butt, Bazid, Asif, Younis,

  • Faizaan on March 18, 2007, 18:28 GMT

    I cannot describe the feeling deep inside me. Its eating me slowly and painfully. I dont even have the energy to cry it is such a shock. Mr. Abbasi, you and i both know what caused Bob's death, how much the defeat affected him, and how he felt from that defeat to his passing away. This is just heartbreaking. The emotions us Pakistani fans have gone through.

  • AMIN S. on March 18, 2007, 18:28 GMT

    All your comments are absolutely right. Now is the right time to change the whole set up which includes Mr. Ashraf & Co., all PCB Officers, Selectors, Gora Coach, with all due respect but Inzi should retire now, no need for the assistant coach Mushtaq and some of the players like Rana, Imran Nazir and Azhar should go. We need to change our home wickets if we want to survive in the competative world of Cricket otherwise soon we will be one of the minnows. Look what happened in Hockey and Squash where we use to rule the world rankings one time. Same will happen with Cricket if we do not change our approach to the modern style of the game where fielding and professional approach is very important. Let's hope this exit from the World Cup will bring the most needed changes in our cricket system and we can build a strong team for the future. We have plenty of talents in Pakistan and need right leaders at the right place to make the best use from our talents. Bi, Bi Inzi, Mushtaq and Rana. AMIN

  • Bilal Chohan on March 18, 2007, 18:28 GMT

    Well said, its true! Pakistan needs to step away from nepotism not just in cricket but as a whole. Pakistan has produced some of the best cricketers the world has ever seen. The charlatans that turned for this world cup are a disgrace to our great nation, they have let us all down with there lack of heart and HUGE ego's.

    The cricketing world once looked with envious eyes upon the hotbed of talent that is produced in Pakistan, our consistent failures to reach our true potential because of the continuous infighting, management politics, and poor selection has turned us into the laughing stock of the world.

    Cricket should be about cricket! In reality the team and management should be selected by people that actually have experience of international cricket and want to actually help cricket progress in Pakistan.

    What kind of team are they? Our wicketkeeper can't catch and the rest field like a sunday league team. There was no passion from the captaincy or management and i think this echoed into the rest of the teams performances.

    Barring injury and drug bans we have the strongest bowling attack in the world, if they all play to the best of their abilities.

    March 17th our darkest day.

  • SalmanShakeel on March 18, 2007, 18:28 GMT

    welcome to the early exit of Pakistan from WC 2007.We as pakistani supporters had predetermined that things would not be well but had never predicted in our wildest of dreams that Pakistan would be thrashed out by IRELAND out of the WC! I am still bringing myself to believe this fact that Pakistan is out of WC just after 4 days of it being started.....& while I am writting it,I have just heard the VERY SAD NEWS of BOB Woolmer's death,adding further pain to black days of Pakistan Cricket.

    well great tribute to that coach,He really could not have done anything...I would rather put Inzamam into trial,he is absolutely lethargic,lazy and the best person for the opposite team to be a captain who is DEAF and BLIND in pressure situations,It was too much of a fantasy that captain like Inzy Would win us a WC.Straightaway he should be out of the pakistani Cricket alongwith his absolutely pathetic players like Hafeez who failed to score a half fifty in this year! can we expect a team to win a WC whose opener Hafeez has a miserable average of above 20 and what about Rana Naveed whose economy this year is above 8,pathetic AND unacceptable ...Its just Inzamam who has made mess of Paki cricket due to his autocratic decisions and favortism to a blind extent .........................I think its curtains for Pakistan Cricket for a while

    let us hope for the better!

  • Manosh on March 18, 2007, 18:26 GMT

    I wonder if Kamran Abbasi thought of Mohammad Yusuf seriously before he discarded him from his wishlist of the probable captains. If so, why? At least 'fire in his belly' has long been proved in the international arena. And then the way he was sacked from his position as the vice captain is not the example the cricket analysts should really advocate for.

  • Naveed Khan on March 18, 2007, 18:26 GMT

    I am surprised that people as insightful as Kamran Abbasi do not address the bigger issue. Pakistan sports, inclusive of cricket has been in perpetual decline. Every sports organization is run a favorite of the regime that is based nepotism and cronyism. This dictatorship has ruined every institution of Pakistan and why should they spare Pakistan Cricket.

  • Haris on March 18, 2007, 18:25 GMT

    Ameen to that.

    I woke up this morning thinking it was all a dream...

  • Ali Hasan - Boston, MA on March 18, 2007, 18:25 GMT

    I can't wait to see how our public treats these clowns when they arrive at the airport. I would feel sorry for them too because our public knows how to over do stuff. But I would say, as everyone else would, that the root cause of this lies with the upper stream not the lower.

    If someone asks you to come play in the World Cup, would you decline the offer? I wouldn't. Same goes for Imran Nazir, Azhar Mehmood, Mohammad Hafeez, and all the idiots that didn't deserve a spot in the team. Who would you then blame for their presence in our representation?

    I believe "the Doc" shouldn't only be sacked but should also be exiled from the country. These nasty wannabes have destroyed our structure even more. Please people, lets write and ask our Dictator, if this also is a part of our enlightened moderation? He should put his efforts where his mouth is, not his relatives where his desire is. I mean dictatorship has to have it's limits. This is beyond all.

    I really like how Osman Samiuddin has dissected the problem. What I like about both Kamran and Osman, is that they have gone to the root cause of the problem. People like Ihtishaam, Wasim Bari, Salim Altaf and all other fools we have up there, are not celebrated heroes. These are same old clowns that have destroyed our cricket for years and years and years. I thank both authors for bringing this to our public's attention, for these clowns at the end of the day will blame their impotency on some of our talented players that still have some service left for our country (These do not include Inzimam, because of his age, and Hafeez, Nazir, and Azhar, because of their talent)

    For heavens, did we all not see how Hafeez performed leading up to the WC, and what about the others that I just named? Are these impotent people in the administration also blind. Or is it just plain old bullshit or in Imran Khan's words, "Bud-Neeyat-ee".

    I won't stop following cricket because of this, but I fear that people like Yasir Hameed might give up playing, because of what these fools have done to his like.

  • taki baig on March 18, 2007, 18:24 GMT

    Spot on, Kamran! The whole team and its management deserves to be sacked and the under 19 team under Shoaib Malik's captaincy be groomed for the future. Inzi should annouce his retirement immediately and not even play in the match against Zimbabwe. What was he thinking during the Ireland match? He did not even go once to the bowlers to provide any advice on how to handle the tense situation and which areas to bowl in....

    Ad Hocism is PCB should be eliminated and we need to a constitution and elected members. The Doc (Naseem) should be fired immediatley.

    We should probably borrow some of the youngsters from the bangladeshi team like Iqbal and Sakib to train the pak bastmen on their basic techniques!

  • salim on March 18, 2007, 18:23 GMT

    Bob woolmer in the hospital..very very sad. I'm truly sorry.

    I've just recently gotten back into cricket, born and raised in pak, but having spent the last 20 yrs in the US. Hopefully that gives me a more detached perspective. But I am truly amazed. Pak had some true talent, and were capabale of fire, but they were not confident. And that's everyone, including woolmer, inzy, and the Doc must have been fretting, I'm sure. He deserves it. I saw him at the oval, playing the "save face" role. Sheryaar khan seemed very competant, and this Naseem guy was just worried about how it looked on the outside. Karma is real.

    I really like Inzy, but he should just let younis have a shot..i dont see any other captains. The doc should be sent on a flight somewhere else, and Woolmer tried, but with fundamentalist, bearded pakistanis at the helm, who truly beleive that they just need to grow beards and all will be fine, I can't blame him...he's just a scapegoat.

    But i truly do hope that they get it together. I am excited by the prospect of Bangladesh, and I really hope both India and Banladesh make it to the super 8s.

  • Nick on March 18, 2007, 18:23 GMT

    Hmmm... was it so long ago that this team, according to you, Kamran, was capable of getting to the final with only Australia to fear? Please, either you were hopelessly wrong as a commentator, or else you must admit that Inzy and Bob were not quite as terrible as you make them out to be. Of the two, I think Inzy must suffer most condemnation - as captain, he is supposed to motivate and lead on the field, and it is clear he can do neither. What can any coach do faced with a worthless cricket structure, an incompetent captain, and players who seem devoid of any maturity? Bob Woolmer will probably be the fall guy, since he is a) white, b) English, c) an easy victim - but this will just be another way for Pakistan to ignore its own colossal failings as a cricket nation. Changing personnel will not help - but when will we hear a real program of reform? Give us details, Kamran, specific plans, not just jump-on-the-bandwagon indignant rhetoric. Fine, you completely misread Pakistan's chances -as did most other people. Forget the anger and outrage - produce something like a blueprint for the future. Or do you want to see the day when Pakistan is number four among the Asian cricket teams? As matters stand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India (even India!) look more convincing.

  • Sachin on March 18, 2007, 18:22 GMT

    I think pakistan cricket needs an overhauling from top to bottom. As soon as other team puts pressure on them, they crumble,they don't do something which would surprise the opponent. If they lost few wickets and runs are not coming easily, they could have send someone on sacrificing attitude and would have asked himto stay at the wicket for 15-30 minutes, and hit whatever comes his way, they were predictable in their startegy, and paid the price for predictability.

    Attack is the best defense, its a older saying of cricket, many teams adopt the same startegy..who could forget the innings of Arvinda in 1996 world cup when India was on top, he came and played a gem of the innings and by the time he left the crease, the pressure was on India.

    Now, there is no point blaming anyone, but if PCB could do something to earse these bad memories, then they should do it right away...irrespective of the players past record, if they needed to be replaced right now, don't wait, do it..hope it will be the starting day for the preparation of next world cup.


  • Noor on March 18, 2007, 18:21 GMT

    Kamran, I have not read the whole article because I do not have the courage to read.Yes, like my team's batsmen I am a coward. Shutting my eyes from the reality is I guess being part of Pakistani. What our team did is a mere reflection of our national character. Promise a lot and deliver nothing. Coming Back to Cricket, I feel sorry for Inzi. Probably, the best Pakistani batsman my eyes ever witnessed bowing out in such a melowish way. But guess what thats been a story of his career. He never was able to fully exploite his potentials and thats why except his so much services to the game and Pakistan, he will be remembered as someone who did not do justice to his talent and thus his country. But i apologize to Inzi on behalf of all countrymen who will take out there frustration on you. Thanks Inzi for the 17 years of calmness at the crease, I dont think no one can ever take that away from you. What should be done? Shoib Akhtar at no cost should ever be mentioned in Pakistan's cricket. Younis Khan should not be the next captain and neither should be Mohammad Yousaf. I know what I am saying but trust me on my words, I have watched cricket very closely and observed every bit of it. Make Shoib Malik the new captain of the team, not because he is the only one who has played decently in this world cup but he has the most sensible cricketing head. He can take pressure and yes his selection in Tests is always doubtful but his record depicts that he has everything that it takes to become the cornerstone of pakistan batting if utilized in number 4 or 5 position. Make Afridi his deputy. I love the pathan approach , no fear take the game to opposition. This will be a deadly combo with a lot of cricket left in both of them. Please do some magic and find us a dependable opening pair. All you openers out there learn one thing please and that is on a green surface you play inside the line of the ball. Mohammad Asif should be trialed in open public and he should either apologize to the country and then its upto the people to forgive or not? Coach, sorry Woolmer, we need a Paki coach because we are a nation built on emotions and thats very hard for a foreign coach to understand. All in all, remember one thing, our best game is when we take on the opposition head on so restore the confidence and get the basics right.

  • Mohammed Anwar on March 18, 2007, 18:20 GMT

    Mr Kamran Abbasi..You are so right in your views..Pakistan Cricket is dead..We have been knocked out of the World Cup twice consecutively and the degree of humiliation is even higher this time..What has happened can never be resurrected..Its the past..What has to be done now is to build a team which can be the best,and this is not impossible...Here are few of my suggestions if anyone is listening..

    1)Never allow Shoaib Akhtar to set his foot on a Cricket field..People who have zero commitment towards their country should be kicked out..He should instead become a model..He is good for nothing and has been the main cause of Pakistans poor preparations.

    2)Sack Bob Woolmer,Inzamam ul Haq and Nasim Ashraf...Nasim Ashraf should be replaced by someone who knows about Pakistan Cricket..Someone like Wasim Akram or Saeed Anwar

    3) Inzamam ul Haq should resign immediately and should also retire right now..He cant run,he cant encourage any player,he cant do anything..He is the most lethargic cricketer..Good for nothing..Only chewing gums..A Captain who cant lead from the front is no good for any team..

    4) Pakistan should appoint a former Pakistan Player as coach...Someone like Waqar Younis,Moin Khan or Wasim Akram...A local coach knows what is best for Pakistan Cricket...

    5) A solid setup of Cricket Administration must be established within the PCB..People who love their country and people who are totally commited to Pakistan Crickets Welfare...

    Here is my list of 11 players who should form the coming squad of Pakistan Cricket....Its an inexperienced team,but we need to build.Its a tough task,but provided these players are commited,Pakistan Cricket can again reach those old glorious days of Wasim Akrams and Saeed Anwars era

    1) Salman Butt 2) Shahid Afridi ( Vice-Captain ) 3) Yasir Hameed 4) Younis Khan 5) Muhammad Yousuf 6) Shoaib Malik ( Captain ) 7) Abdul Razzaq 8) Kamran Akmal ( Wicket Keeper ) 9) Umar Gul 10) Mohammed Asif 11) Naved-ul-Hassan

    This is the ream for the future...Shoaib Malik,a man who is really responsible and mature enough...We need a Young Captain,someone who has age on his side,like Sourav Ganguly when he was made captain...Someone who can stay as Captain for long...Shoaib Malik,being an allrounder is the best choice,having knowledge of both batting and bowling departments....

    Shahid Afirdi is the Vice Captain...But he has to become matured now and has to leave behind his childish ways of getting out in the first over..He needs to play a little more safely now but with his strong hitting,as that is his main power...Shahid Afridis young nature and fast approach is really going to be beneficial..A freshness like this in the squad will help a lot..

    We will have 3 excellent world class bowlers in Mohammed Asif,Umar Gul and Rana Naved Ul Hassan....And then Abdul Razzaq....And two world class spinners in Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Malik...So we have 6 bowlers which makes our bowling really strong...

    We have two excellent openers..Forget Mohammed Hafeez,Taufiq Umar,Imran Nazir etc etc...They have never showed any maturity...Salman Butt is the man who if groomed properly can become our future opener,like Saeed Anwar..He can make big scores also...His partner needs to be Shahid Afridi who can give us a start like no one else...

    The Batting..Salman Butt,Shahid Afridi,Yasir Hameed,Younis Khan,Muhammad Yousuf,Shoaib Malik,Abdul Razzaq,Kamran Akmal...We have 8 world class batsman...What a line up....Batting is perfect like this...Experience and Youth mixed perfectly...

    So thats my future plan for Pakistan Cricket...I hope you agree with me Mr.Kamran Abbasi...Anyone sensible will say that the 11 players I have suggested are the best for Pakistan after these disastrous times.....Thanks a lot...God Bless Pakistan Cricket.....Anyone listening,get this team for us please....

  • tony p on March 18, 2007, 18:18 GMT

    Speaking as an Australian, when I look at the Pakistani team I see a collection of immensely talented individuals. For quite some time under Woolmer and Inzimam they were much more than that however. They were a unit, working together, each coming to the other's aid as required. They achieved phenomenal success and they richly deserved every last piece of it.

    At the risk of opening old wounds, it seems to me that somewhere since that ill-starred day at the oval the cohesion has vanished. Many of the players have become frightened of failure, each is thinking of their own game and the tenuousness of their position in the team rather than how they can contribute to the team. I don't wish to imply that this is true of everyone, nor do I wish to argue that those who have become fixated on their personal achievements should be scapegoats.

    Moulding a collection individuals into a team is the job of the captain, coach and support staff. It takes time and effort and progress is very very hard to measure impartially. I think the events at the oval, the captaincy debacle, and the subsequent fallout have, for whatever reason, shattered what had been painstakingly built over the preceding years. I believe the current dismal slump in form is one result.

    Certainly there must be changes in Pakistani cricket. All processes, from selection to training to board meetings must be open to scrutiny and free of political interference. Once that happens players, administrators and fans alike can trust the system and have confidence that it will work, and they can work together to build an environment that will foster team-spirit rather than a siege mentality.

    Certainly the current team should not escape harsh criticism for their performance, but we should remember that they are human too, and that they will be very hurt that they have performed so badly in representing a country that they love and are very proud to represent. This loss must become a lesson from which Pakistani cricket can learn and develop, not a crippling scar. There will be other games, other opportunities and other successes. Regardless of this latest disappointment, the reality is that the Pakistani team is simply too good for there not to be.

  • RUU on March 18, 2007, 18:17 GMT

    totally shameful situation

  • Syed Farooq Bokhari on March 18, 2007, 18:17 GMT

    We had been very much convinced many times that Pakistani team is the most unpredictable in the world but never thought that can even go to that level. We are from a cricket loving country and treat our players as heros but in response they humilihated us in the eyes of whole world.I have some questions,suggestions and comments for the respective authorities and people: 1)-World cup is played after every 4 years and the people managing the team get enough time to plan and prepare not only one but two fulfledge teams to avoid any excuse of injuries etc. and inthe same way they get all the players immuned from the drugs well before the event and if any one still declared with the banned substance , he should be immediately banned for life and the gap to be filled with from the second team and for God sake all those processes to be done well before time. 2) The Chairman and selection board should be from professionals not those so-called professionals with nominal cricet history. 3)-The players to be given confidence and taken out of the dictatorship of captain or any other official and let them play their natural game on the day and coaching should be done matching to their nature of play and are to be taken in the team where they can be more suitable. 4)- Why the selection committee could not finalised the opening pair before the start of world cup? 5)- Befre the start of world cup there was excuse of the team without some key players whish are mostly bollers but on pitch it was the batting-very strong on the papers,which has humiliated and not only against west indies who were beaten by india in warm up match by nine wickets but against minnows ( i am sorry to call them minnows)Ireland.I d'nt think they can justify their faileur to even a kid. 5)- In both matches i have not seen any committment, cohesion or purposefull approach to the goal and as i have never played cricket it will be difficult for me to answer this that who should be held responsible for that. 6)-I think after this debacle the chairman,selection board and captain owe unconditional appology to the whole nation and should immediately resign without any debate. I wish they could assess the amount of shame and heart they have given to us. In the end i pray for Pakistan and team for future pinnacle and hope not to see this again. Ameen

  • Mohammad Manzoor on March 18, 2007, 18:17 GMT

    I just heard the News that Bob Woolmer passed away.May his soul rest in peace.

  • Jawaad Ullah khan on March 18, 2007, 18:17 GMT

    we should congratulate all those specially selectors who thought that was the best they can do from one fifty million people. Pakistani cricket has the history that people want to play for life. Wasim ,Waqar ,Javed Miandad, Moeen and etc all were shown the out door. Nobody said goodbye to cricket in honourable way. Inzamam you are requested to quit before some body kick you out. You have passed your prime .

  • jimmy dhillon on March 18, 2007, 18:15 GMT

    shame shame pakistan made me think that being an indian i should support my team not you...... woolmer, inzi, younis and hafeez and rana and kaneria all should be sacke dfor that....why you want to see them after all this shame.......... bakwas hai pakistan cricket bakwas hai...... jd canada

  • alex on March 18, 2007, 18:15 GMT

    I'm still coming to terms with what has happened. This really is the darkest day in Pakistan cricket history. U could say that we should look to the future but there really isn't any future in this team. I agree with Kamran that a new direction with a younger captian is needed. Take for example Graeme Smith and Steohen Fleming who were appointed young and with a pretty mediocre team record. Shoaib Malik is a good bet as he appears more intelligent than a lot of the others. Afridi has a discipline problem and i'm still trying to work out what Dummy captain means...therefore younis khan can go to some english classes instead. Bob Woolmer tried his best, he is a decent coach with a good track record. Its the board and players who are to blame. The way forward is to change the whole infrastructure of the domestic game. Start up cricket academies. Get in proper bowling/batting and fielding coaches and some sports psychologists. Where does all the cricket revenue go? This team is full of self centred greedy arrogant wannabe superstars who have lost the plot. DId Abdul Razzaq know what was coming? He made the best decision to stay behind. Someone has to carry the can and that is the Captain who despite all that he has done, really isn't cut out to lead a team. Wasim Bari.AShraf the whole lot of dickheads that try and run this shambolic outfit should be flogged in public. Inzy has to retire, in fact he shouldn't lead the team out against zimbabwe. He's had his time. I can't believe that there has been zero progress from 4 years ago. In that time period the country has found one class bowler who didn't make it to the Caribbean. What an utter shambles and i am afraid that the guys who carry the can should be paraded on a couple of donkeys with shamrocks painted on their face (obviously just a figure of speech). Shame on these individuals, they have starved us of any enjoyment from the super eights. Shame on these pathetic, weak gutless thick players.

  • Manish on March 18, 2007, 18:15 GMT

    I thought only Australia qas in between World cup and Pakistan :) better be realistic when you write your blogs Mr. Kamran

  • Sohail Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 18:14 GMT

    Well written, Kamran. But let's face it that we have seen this kind of performance from Pakistan before. Remember how a few years ago our team was skittled out for scores of 53 and 58 (I may be wrong about the exact scores but that does not matter)? And the performance in 2003 WC was hardly better, despite the team having the services of Wasim, Waqar and Shoaib. Why do we expect Pakistan cricket to improve in fairy tale fashion when, as you said, it needs a top to toe overhaul; well, so does every department in Pakistan and who can do anything about it? Pakistan cricket team is capable of only flashes of brilliance so let us only enjoy those when they come; and for real fans of cricket, there is so much good cricket played by many other teams. To be honest, like me many Pakistani fans must have been expecting our team to be knocked out in the first round. I keep my expectations from this team resonably low and I'm usually not disappointed.

  • Karam Khan on March 18, 2007, 18:14 GMT

    Well said. I don't think anyoone could have said it better then was written here. On te flip side, I am kinda afraid Woolmer or Inzi might get shot when they come to Pakistan

  • Neeraj on March 18, 2007, 18:11 GMT

    An overreaction worthy of unknowledgable 'fans' who run riot after looses. Well done for feeding into the glum atmosphere rather than realising that the team could have expected little more given the debacles of the last year or so. This will enable them to have a fresh start and shed some 'stars' (old and new).

  • Mohsin Malik - San Francisco Bay Area on March 18, 2007, 18:09 GMT

    Dear Kamran:

    My heartfelt thanks to you for coming up with this thought provoking article which will be rated yet as one of the best pieces of journalism addressing this fiasco, we call PCB. You took your time but we knew that it was coming. At the end of it all, it has a balming effect but obviously, we need to keep up the momentum and take this effort to its natural conclusion. Here is my take on the future of Cricket in Pakistan with more than an ask from the President as Patron-in-Chief and a special plea to supporters of the game both at home and abroad.

    PCB and future of Pakistan Cricket: ---------------------------------------------- Coming events begin to cast their shadows long before. Indeed, this is true. The shadows have lengthened on the fate of Pakistan cricket at the moment. The writing is on the wall. An undisciplined lot with a less than inspirational leader have achieved what no team has to its credit so far (an early flight back home and less than friendly reception that awaits them on arrival). Tired and tried horses who can hardly sprint, do not reach the finish line.

    Institute an inquiry: -------------------------- Inzimam should not go down without paying a price for the mayhem he has lately caused in Pakistan Cricket. It was sensed long ago that he was taking matters in his hand beyond the call of duty. Those who allowed him this free hand are equally responsible and should be the subject of an inquiry and be accounted for as such.

    Even to the naked eye, it was evident where the fault line had been lying within the playing eleven. You put your best foot forward while representing your country at this level.

    There were trade off talks between Inzi and the PCB chief. Dr. Nasim Ashraf had admittedly issued a statement in the recent past that the Waqar Younous saga was the result of a trade-off Inzimam had demanded. In return for what, we could not quite comprehend at the time. Still, we have little insight into what transpired but the real outcome is in the open for everyone to see. There is a general feeling all around that Inzi kept personal interests over and above the team cause.

    May be Kamran Abbasi can lend a helping hand and use his probing influence to find out the truth in this matter further and share the same on this blog. Another subject matter that deserves attention is bringing into limelight the relationship the recently appointed media manager may have with the current PCB chief.

    Call to President Musharraf: ------------------------------------- The PCB house is in total disarray and needs thorough cleansing. The old guards including the selection committee, the chief of sorts, the director, coach and the captain should go. More importantly, it’s my plea as well as a demand for delinking the presidency with the functioning of the PCB.

    Why the hell on earth, the head of the state that normally has a plethora of domestic issues as well as heaps of political problems at hand to deal with at the international level, would want to keep focus on this entity called PCB (Prized collection of buffoons). I safely assume that Mr. Mawalli who has the original rights to this term would not mind here. Inevitably, the short cut taken so often is appointees nominated by order of the president with total disregard to their cricketing acumen and previous links to this sport. Most of the times, their resumes are blank in as far as previous functioning links and know how of the sport is concerned. In this country, recruiting agencies do the initial dirty work and apply necessary filters to screen out candidates inclusive of any back ground checks and Dr. Nasim would be fully aware of that. The poor fellow now has a visible blot on his resume.

    A direct call to President Musharraf is made here. Sir: would you please consider disassociating the presidency with PCB in its present form and allow this institution to run and prosper on democratic lines. The institution can have its own constitution in black and white and made public. Why not? The “Conflict of Interest” clause should be embedded in this constitution and should serve as the guiding principle for the key positions in PCB.

    This call is not demeaning in any sense of the world. The Presidency can continue to enjoy links with this revered sport in the country as chief patron. No interim short cuts and appointees, though. Trust that you would find this call fair, acceptable and be forthcoming in this regard, soon and meet the expectations of passionate cricket fans both at home and abroad.

    May God bless you with vision and courage in this regard and you use your authority to good effect. Wishing you longevity and good health.

    Thanks in advance!

    Mohsin Malik San Francisco Bay Area

  • Ahmed Tayyib on March 18, 2007, 18:09 GMT

    Dear Mr. Kamran and My Dear Country Men: Assalam o alaikum: First of all and foremost, i totally agree with Kamran. Second thing is that I blame the PCB more than the team. First of all PCB eliminated all the legendary cricketers and disgraced the legendary ex-players by giving them the boot. I do not know, why PCB did not get the services of players like Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Imran Khan and all the other greats to coach Pakistan. When we knew we have useless bowlers like Mohammad Sami and Rana Naved ul hasan, then why did we not groom seam bowlers like Anwar Ali. Why can we not replace Kamran Akmal with a better wicket keeper, and most of all why can't we not include decent openers , i.e, give some new kid on the block a chance instead of giving chances to flops like Imran Nazir, Mohammad Hafeez and Imran Farhat. Why do we have to have Mustaq Ahmed, who is a spin bowler, to coach fast bowlers like Mohammad Sami, Rana Naved and Iftikar Anjum??? Basically this is what i think. We Dr. Naseem Ashraf should be sacked, Inzamam should peacefully retire, Bob Woolmer kicked out of Pakistan. We should bring Wasim Akram or Waqar Younis as a bowling coach. Javed Miandad, or Amir Sohail or Saeed Anwar or Imran Khan as batting coach. Captainship should go to either Younis Khan. Wise Captain should be Shoaib Malik or Abdul Razzaq. We should say bye bye to Shoaib Akhtar now. Get rid of old folks like Rana Naved so that our fielders would not slip while retrieving the bowl. Overall Players who give performance on Eid like Afridi should be given a harsh pep talk to either play sensibly or sit at home again sensibly. that is all for now.. More will said later on. Lets see if we lose to Zimbabwe or not ?!?!?

  • Ashaq on March 18, 2007, 18:06 GMT

    I agree with most off what you say Kamran.Although I didnt expect Pakistan to get far in the WorldCup.I expected them to do better or atleast not any worse than the bunch of 1992.

    However not forgetting the great display off the Irish.

    For many decades in the sport of Boxing. Having an Irish Prizefighter on the card was a surefire crowd puller. The crowds new that win or lose the guy with the Irish ancestry would put everything on the line Blood,Guts, and Soul, he would fight until every last drop off energy had been drained from his body.

    The word Irish symbolised courage and fighting spirit.As my old Irish amateur boxing coach used to say "get some Irish in to you lad".

    Watching Inzamam over the last few months I felt deeply sad. He looked like an Ageing prizefighter Harking after one Last payday. The mind is willing but the body is no longer responding like it used to. THe reflexes where now a fraction slower,The hand and eye coordination had become dimmed. The balance and footwork had become weak.

    There is perhaps no sadder sight than seeing a once great Sportsman hanging around Past his prime.I remember as a child sitting infront of the t.v. Watching the Great Muhammad Ali. A guy who had Shared the ring with'Sinister' Sonny Liston, 'Smokin'Joe Frazier, And had rumbled in the jungle with the mighty George Foreman. Being beaten by Trevor Berbick.I cried that day all those years ago. Seeing Inzi at the end off this match although I shed no tears I felt deeply sorry for him.

    Looking to the future we need a Dynamic Young Captain. I personally feel that Shoaib Malik is the only worthy contender he brings a fighting spirit and the freshness of youth to the table.

    AS for the Coach we need somebody with an aggressive mindset, A good cricketing brain Somebody who can not only command the respect of the players but instil some 'Irish in to them'.

    I believe with Rashid Latif we certainly have an ideal candidate.The guy has experience in coaching with his academy.He is passionate about cricket. He will not allow himself to be shackled by the P.C.B. We can also make Aqib Javed the chief balling coach. The era of Yes men needs to come to an end.

    As for Salim Altaf, Naseem ashraf, i say goodbye and good riddance.

    I leave you with the words off the GREAT Muhammad Ali. " A true champion is not made in victory but in defeat. Victory and defeat, are a part of life. The great champions comeback from defeat, With a renewed vigour they are able to thrive against adversity.That is the test of courage to believe in your self when nobody else does.To over come the odds after you have fallen.Only defeat can examine the true character off a champion."

  • Imran Tahir - Toronto on March 18, 2007, 18:05 GMT

    Utterly speechless………..

    Only if my prophecies can come true in other aspects of my life !

    Before I close only few things I would like to add to your list:

    1 – Pakistan must prepare fast and hard tracks in their grounds 2 – Players from under 19 must be groomed 3 – Emphasis should be given to the opening slot

    Kamran an article written with lot of passion and truly reflecting the state of nation’s emotions. I would always support your words as long as they are written from the heart without carrying any political correctness. May this fall on some listening ears.

    We just need to be ruthless in our approach towards our beloved game. And need to cut and remove this septic, which has so badly plagued this game for so long now.

    May the sanity prevails…………………

  • An angry Fan - Salman on March 18, 2007, 18:05 GMT

    Pak team sucks big time. all the players must be kicked out of the team and all their assets shud be confiscated. Their contract must be terminated and dont let them enter back in pakistan.

  • Vivek on March 18, 2007, 18:04 GMT

    I'm sorry for all the Pakistan fans and I thank god I wasn't one!

  • Imran on March 18, 2007, 18:04 GMT

    Inzamam was trying to become a dictator because of his beard and not because of his cricketing skills. His age was quite evident along time ago. The story is we are flat track bullies and can only beat average teams at our home ground. In the past we could easily beat England at their grounds but this time we lost to them also. I can not see any player capable of leading Pakistan. Afridi's own place in the test team is questionable. Malik is just an average batsman and a poor bowler, Hafeez can bowl better than him. My choice for Captain will be Asif if he can get rid of the drug mark. He is young and aggressive and is a dream find. The problem will come if Yousuf and Younis will not support him. So get rid of Younis. He is of no use. Find some new faces. My future team will never have the following players. Inzamam, Younis, Rana.

  • Muhammd Maaz on March 18, 2007, 18:04 GMT

    WOW. I think that is by far the best conclusion Mr. Abbassi has ever come up with. The Pakistani team has certainly been awful, the past few months. However, I believe we should let by-gones be by-gones, and look ahead to the fututre. First of all, I dont think we should be blaming Inzimam at all. The coach and the rest of the PCB should most certainly be blamed for a lack of understanding, and a very poor choice of selections. The management of the team has really been awful, to say the least. Inzimam, however should not be blamed too much, because playing cricket really is not easy, and credit should definately be given to the players for trying. Things like this happen in cricket, but things like this should also allow us to learn from our mistakes. Inzi Bhai has reached the dtage in his life, where he really does not have much to offer to the game. I believe that Inzi Bhai should be allowed to stay on the tam, if and only if he agrees to play as the team's opener. If he succeeds, which I believe he can, he should be allowed to stay. Otherwise, good-bye Inzi Bhai. As far as the captain is concerned, the choices that Mr. Abbasi listed are good, but I believe Abdul Razzaq should also be a choice to think about. To make up a better team, we now have to get rid of Imran Nazir, Rao Iftikhar and Kamran Akmal (give the gloves to Younis Khan). Shoib Akhtar, Muhammad Asif, and Abdul Razzaq will hopefully be able to join the team, and replace these players. If not, then we should look towards our younger players from the Under-19 team. And finally, we should call back the most deserving of our players, Asim Kamal, who should replace Hafeez.

  • aquib on March 18, 2007, 18:03 GMT

    shahid afridi should me captain

  • Mustafa - Houston, USA on March 18, 2007, 18:03 GMT

    Its a shame that so called "talented" players, played like a bunch of school boys. Its a shame that a sport like cricket which is loved so deeply in a country like pakistan is played by players who dont care how the country feels about them. They had no emotions in the field no desire to win . the Under 19 team of pakistan had more heart when they defended their low total in the Final. I say give new players some chance and ask these players to please RETIRE. the flame of cricket is no longer burning in their hearts.

  • SI, UK on March 18, 2007, 18:02 GMT

    Some valid points here. And pretty sensible too. But, have you all seen and read the reaction elsewhere, from politicians to former greats?. What is wrong with us south asians?. Is this how were are to treat greats like Inzimam?. It is precisely due to this sort of reaction that players choke and crumble. I could could see the players during the game yesterday - they were more concerned about how they would face the situation back home than trying to save the game. Who would want to play for Pakistan or India when fans in your own home towns chant death to Inzimam?. I really am shamed to be a south asian, not because of our dismal performances, but because we are such poor losers. As an Indian fan, I can only image what my pathetic countrymen will do if (when?) the Indian team is out before reaching the Super 8s.

  • chudhary on March 18, 2007, 18:01 GMT

    Bob is in the hospital - we should pray to Allah for his health !!

  • faisal on March 18, 2007, 18:00 GMT

    I see that a day has gone by after this article came out, and no comments posted. Either no one now cares or they are not following within the guidleines of the editorship. Later looks to be more true. But, do you think the comments are bad than the performance of this SPINELESS TEAM. Hang up your boots Inzimam, you started your career on a high and you ended it with a whimper,

  • Faisal Javaid on March 18, 2007, 18:00 GMT

    Pakistan's cricket fiasco in the recent past is not even worth discussing anymore. All the Pakistani fans are disappointed, frustrated, angry and embarrassed in front of the whole world. While watching a disgrace performance by Pakistani team members, I wish i wasn't supporting Pakistan. This is a time when inzamam must retire and bob must pack his bags for good. Everyone saw him yawning and perhaps playing video games on his laptop. There is no justification in insulting and humiliating defeat against Ireland. What was most amazing that when i heard inzi saying at the end that "Thanks God we got defeated" . On the ground I watched every move of Inzi. He was never aggressive and communicating with any player. He lacks leadership abilities. He is too naive to be a captain. Pathetic fielding and body language of the players was not impressive either. We need a big revolution in our selection team and cricket altogether. Favouritism, friendship, kinship mustn't play any part in forming a good cricket team. In my opnion, there shouldn't be ad hoc committee for it. The president of Pakistan mustn't hold the big position of Cricket. There should be a proper and seperate entity for it, and only cricket professionals and experts be part of it. It will be too late if we don't act now. Faisal Javaid Mississauga, Canada

  • Omar on March 18, 2007, 17:59 GMT

    So we lost to Ireland, to which I did not know was a cricket team. No need to tell me anything now that Ireland has beaten convincingly a prior world cup champion. This day will always be remembered by yours truly as I saw Pakistan Cricket go down gutless and in shame. How will I tell my kids when ever I have them? Will I tell them that they played their hearts outs and were beaten by a good side? That would be lying and I am really not good at that. How will I sleep tonight after this disaster? The shot by Mohammed Yousaf; Inzi out after making 1; Younas Khan, Hafeez, do I have to say more? Nothing gets me angry other then someone who did not play today. He goes by many names, yet I call him simply RANA. He hold many records, yet all of his records are in the record books for all the wrong reasons. Cant blame him for Ireland though. Maybe they should get a test cap now that they have defeated Pakistan and tied with Zimbabwe? Bangladesh got there one day and test cap after 1999 debacle. We did come in second to Australia.

    Nonetheless I am disappointed to say the least. Most importantly I feel sorry for the players. Yes the players who let the whole nation down by humiliating our wonderful name in the alcohol laden breath of the Irish. Karachi and or Lahore Airports should be shut down one hour before and one hour after arrival of our shameful team. I am sure the fans are going to be greeting them in their own wonderful ways but I hope it is civilized. I also hope that Inzi and the whole team apologize publicly to an entire nation of humiliating the great name of Pakistan and its people. Bob Woolmer has already done so in the press conference after the game and now it’s the team’s turn. I also would like PCB as a board to apologize in similar fashion, publicly.

    I don’t care about what will happen after this and all the changes that are imminent. I don’t care as a fan about those changes, I am hurt, I felt like crying, I felt as if I had lost in some way or form. Maybe I now know the meaning of passion.

    $2800.00 for Sony Bravia $200.00 for Dish to watch cricket with friends, $75.00 for food and beverages,

    Ireland humiliating Pakistan, Pricy mess

    There are some things no money can ever buy, humility. I hope Pakistani fans understand that when the team comes home.

  • Omer Admani on March 18, 2007, 17:56 GMT


  • Imran on March 18, 2007, 17:56 GMT

    I cant disagree at all. I wrtie with a tear in my eye, for the nation today is the laughing stock of the cricketing world.

  • Rizwan Nasar on March 18, 2007, 17:56 GMT

    It was shameful & pathetic performance from Pakistan... It is unbelieveable!

  • chris on March 18, 2007, 17:56 GMT

    I am surprised that 24 hours after Pakistan's loss to Ireland, there are no comments whatsoever! Stony silence from the fans?

    Anyway, poor Bob Woolmer has been found unconscious in his room which for a middle-aged man usually means something VERY serious, so Can we leave him out of any subsequent bitching, please?

  • Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 17:55 GMT

    Bro, Game is the blend of not only winning but it does have some bad patches attached with it. i don't recall any player who has saved Pakistan from so many certain defeats as Inzi but so much dependence on him really is questionable and so is the criticism. Leadership does have an impact on the final output but a leader must be granted with the most suitable followers. i guess the people who should roll with criticism are the selectors, Doc and Coach. Inzi deserved a much better team to lead then he had and efforts should be made to prolong his leadership and he deserves a warm farewell. in the past we havn't gave Wasim the farewell he deserved and it seems like happening again to this legendary cricketer.

  • Kaleem Choudhry(Toronto) on March 18, 2007, 17:54 GMT

    Well Well Well...... I don't know where to begin. I just do know what to say.I'd rather cheer for the Canadian Team. Shame on all Inzimam and crew and PCB. Send all these Mulla players to a Masjid where they can just conduct the Nikah's and eat Halwa. Foget about the cricket...

  • praneet on March 18, 2007, 17:53 GMT

    I'm an Indian and a lifelong pakistani cricket supporter..I'v marveled at their talent, endless energy and fight they put in when playing against India. But the murder instinct is long gone and the only reason is the captain Inzi. Losing to amateurs and blaming it on fate is making a mockery of your own talent..all fighters are gone..moin,akram,saqlain.all we have are poster boys and religious men.

  • Indian Introspection on March 18, 2007, 17:52 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi, you are being tad unfair to Pakistan team. It must be recognised that absence of Shoaib Akhtar, Asif and Razzaq did more damage to team prospects than admitted. For instance in the game against Ireland, they needed just three more wickets and the presence of more firepower in form of Akhtar and Asif would surely have helped. But I agree that ifs and buts do not make the game.

    If anything has to be criticised, it is the spineless display by Pakistan's most experienced, the big three Inzamam, Yousuf and Younis. Pakistan's appalling display with the bat cannot be wished away by citing lack of performers. There is no excuse for such a pathetic display on their part, and they must be taken to the task. After all one practice match win over South Africa does not winneth the world cup.

    I would take this opportunity to add a few comments on the other dinosaur that is the Indian team. They are supposed to be with the best a billion people can offer and a batting lineup regarded as most lethal and what does it get us? Haven't seen a more shameless bunch than that one and I wonder if they would soon follow Pakistan back home. They sure deserve that. What a world cup this one would be, the two countries expected to drive the viewership and revenue collections, knocked out by minnows. Organizers must be sweating at the prospect

  • Doug on March 18, 2007, 17:52 GMT

    Harsh words. Yet what else can you say about a team that entered the competition as a hot tip for the title and got bundled out by Ireland? The only thing that would be more unbelievable would be if Pakistan entered a team for the Rugby World Cup and Ireland were knocked out by them. The difference in class is, or should be, as vast as that. As an Englishman I've grown used to having to swallow any amount of shocking performances in a whole variety of sports, but I wouldn't want to be a Pakistani at the moment. How the hell can this happen to a world-class cricketing nation?

  • still a proud paki on March 18, 2007, 17:51 GMT

    Shahid BOOM BOOM MAD DOG Afridi as new captain. With SHoaib Malik as Vice-captain. Also why have we persisted with younis khan at no. 3 in ODI s as he has such a crap record. For the future we need to bring back Salman Butt, Asim Kamal and Yasir Hameed

  • S siddiqui , Canada on March 18, 2007, 17:51 GMT

    I am basically speechless and shocked. I knew we had bowling problems but its the batting that let to defeat in both games. The first defeat was the case of impatience in batting and the second was lack of technique on green , bouncy wicket. Frankly speaking there is no one in current pak squad or back home that can really play in such type of wickets. I was hoping may be Kamran Akmal might be able to coupe with such wicket since he did the same in Karachi test against india in a very similar wicket but shame on him that he threw the wicket away like he did in south Africa by playing the ill advised pull shot. I don't understand why these guys don't learn from their mistakes , when you know your in a precarious situation and you know that pull shot has been the reason for previous down falls but you still play it. I think the Australian captain of Ireland did a really good job and did some comprehensive analysis on each of pak batsmen. His field placing was precise and he knew which type of balls were a weakness for a particular batsmen.

    Any how whats done is done. PCB should now work hard on creating atleast 2-3 such green top wickets in academies and identify young batsmen that have the talent to play on such wicket and work on their technique and footwork. Otherwise such wickets will keep on haunting pak batsmen in future and bring shameful defeats.

    In terms of bowling, I thought Umer Gull, and Rao bowled very little yorkers in last 2-3 overs of their quota. I am sure if Waqar Younis or Wasim Akram might be there or even Shoaib they would have cleaned the last 3 Irish batsmen in no time with a good mix of yorkers and slightly short of length bowling. Sami did try it but he wasn't accurate and he has never been accurate in yorkers to say the least. Good thing about yorkers is even when they become predictable they are very hard to play specially when batsmen are unexpereinced.

    I cant really blame the captain for this defeat since it was a collective batting failure and the weakness of pak batting on green pitches have been known for years and it only comes to who can exploit the most. Inzi has been a great pak batsman for years and has played numerous match saving innings so in that regard he should be given every bit of respect when he decides to retire.

    I will partly blame this defeat on the coach. Why he didn't work on the young batsmen in correcting their technique . Batsmen like shoaib malik, Imran Fahat, Hafeez and others still dont have any good footwork for green wickets. The key to play on such wickets is identifying the bowls that need to be left alone, and yet most of pak batsmen fail to do such fundamentals. In my opinion they should analyze videos of Kalis and Hussey batting and study their footwork and how they leave the off stump balls.

    In the end I would say we dont need to do any head rolling when it comes to players but maybe the coach or other pcb officials. Bring back Salman Butt despite his little failures as he has the technique to play on such wickets and willingness to correct his mistakes. Just remember he was the batsman that scored a test century against Australia in Australia in the last tour.

    I could go on and on , but for now I think its enough :) Hope fully pak batsman will learn from mistakes and young ones will work on it to correct it and they will rise up from here.

    AH and GOOD Luck !!

  • Fayyaz Alimohamed on March 18, 2007, 17:51 GMT

    Pakistan's losses to England, SA and at the World Cup are a testament to a lack of strategic understanding of the game, mismanagement and incompetence.

    Why are we surprised though? The entire country is run the same way. The difference is that the incompetence and corruption at the national level leads to a nasty and brutish existence for the majority of the poor population and no hope for kids doomed to be robbed of the chance to do well in life.

    If we are to tolerate this large scale failure of waht the country has become, then really what does it matter that the cricket team is just so much more of the same thing?

  • Nouman on March 18, 2007, 17:50 GMT

    Kamram I agree with you 100%. However I hope that this shameful exit is not followed by the dismissal of the entire team and blanket wholesale changes. Getting rid of the entire team and replacing them with unknown youngsters will not solve your problems. There needs to be a balanced approach to rebuilding the team

  • Farhan on March 18, 2007, 17:49 GMT

    Never ever in my life I felt so low and never ever in my life I wanted to kill someone but after this defeat something inside me keeps telling me to lift the most sharpest thing in the household, goes to the airport and wait, just wait until the plane from Jamaica lands there and then give justice a full hand.. I know millions of Pakistani will be thinking on the same line 'caz cricket is not just a sport for us anymore, it has become something that cannot be describe in words. That Pcb chairman is saying that they will review the performance of the team. What a joke! Is their something left for review? This chairman should have resigned immediatly after this defeat and should hav taken responsibilitiy for this defeat but morally these guys are so corrupt that sticking to their positions is only what matters to them. Shame on you Inzi, shame on you Woolmer and shame on you chairman of Pcb. You have let us down and our hatred for you would never go away.

  • Sheharyar Ahmed Siddiqui from Karachiii! on March 18, 2007, 17:47 GMT

    Its really really hard to believe what has happened.i had to pinch myself to find out that we are done in this tournament.

    I very much agree in the case of the captain.Only two choices for my liking..Afridi or Malik..

    The Selection committee should be fired.They have made a lot of mistakes without being answered once.

    Having mushtaq ahmed as your bowling coach gives us an idea how much say inzi HAD during his tenure as captain.

    The two best openers(Yasir Hameed and Salman Butt) were not even in the squad for the worldcup. Even Asim Kamal hasnt been treated well.

    Our test team has been consistent so we should not change much.Younis should be the test teams captain if inzimam retires.

    We need a bowling coach like waqar younis or Aqib jawed and a batting genious who can help them mentally too.

    Bob woolmer tried to prove Imran and Javed wrong but things have really worsened for himself.

    In the end i would like to say that

    Bangladeshs opening batsman were better on paper and on the field as compared to pakistan.

    Pakistans fielding may be better than Bermuda perhaps but still stand on the 15th position out of 16 which is a pity.

    Our captain leading be example?ZERO

    We need a change.we really need one.The Country is in a mess so is the cricket board.The country is a One man show so is the crcket board ...I personally dont think the Chairman of the board will resign or will be fired as soon as the president is there.

    God save pakistan and pakistan cricket.I hope i along with the country get over it soon because everyone is really depressed.

  • A. Sheikh on March 18, 2007, 17:46 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi, Though I agree with your article, I believe the underlying issues go much more deeper than just Inzy, Wolmer and Doc.

    These young men are selected from a society that has inexcusable and extremely resentable issues of its own; hence they carry them along no matter where they get represented for the country. We are corrupt, lacking objectivity and on top of it abosultely non-hard working. Most of us constantly rely on the help of God without any strategy and effort on our part; hence we start blaming "Kismet" on every facet of life let alone cricket.

    I believe changing Inzy, Wolmer and Doc will not have any major impact on the future of Pakistan Cricket; unless we as a nation is able to root out most of the ills of our society. The reason I say this is that whoever (if) replaces these three will also come from the same system.

  • Usama on March 18, 2007, 17:46 GMT

    shameful, disgusting, and disgraceful...i thought the worst pakistan cricket had seen was over and done with in the last world cup... i would like to say a few things... someone finally agreed with me MR Kamran.... plz plz plz plz someone sack the selection committee, Inzi (sad to say), and BOB (no sympathy)... y is it that when austrialia has injured players... players like Brad Hodge emerge? and pakistan's "BIG THREE" were playing like scared kittens against Ireland?....How disgusting this performance was...i cant even begin to explain... while i am saddened by pakistan's early exist...i am happy we didnt have to face india and be embarassed... Our fielding was absolute garbage...our running was disgraceful ... so many times inzi turned 3s into 1s, forget 1s into 2s... we need a captain that can fight...a Younis Khan...but he needs to move down the order to gain some form... n we need Yasir Hameed and SALMAN BUTT back in the top order...the selection committee disgusts me...and Bob Whoolmer shud go back to South Africa ... the team that he was and always is going to cheer for.... no matter who he is coaching... he shud stick to writing diaries n columns for cricinfo

  • calgary highlander on March 18, 2007, 17:45 GMT

    Well, i like to think that i'm an optimist. And believe me, there were some good things about this game. Anyone notice how well Kamran Akmal played. Well he played a hel of alot better then the rest. He hasn't been dropping catches or missing chances to stump and he evn top scored for Pakistan with 27. I know 27 isn't mind-boggling but, a wicketkeeper isn't expected to bat. He's expected to keep.

    The other pleasent thing about this fiasco was Mohammed Sami. I think he had 4 LBW appeals, 2 wickets via LBW, and a third one shoulda been given. He was definitely Pakistan's best bowler. He played with some fire and hart and intensity.

    O.K now lets focus on the problem. The problem is that Pakistan lost to Ireland and I wasted my money buying that WC package. N' i know that i ain't gettin' a refund.

    Anyways, lets now focus on the REAL problem. A reasonably decent Pakistan side lost to a WC debuting Ireland side, which was filled with people that are probably just finishing their studies. Before everyone was like i don't care if they win the world cup, as long as they go down fighting. Well 132 is not fighting. It's more like a kick in the shin and then running away.

    I am gonna stick to my statement about Pakistan hiring Hockey trainers. These guys get injured one day and they're back the next. Besides hockey trainers have decent ways to improve your reaction. The reaction ball game is a good on. The ball is bumpy and once it hits the floor it can go anywhere. You have to be fast, have good reflexes, and really see the ball. Hey that kind of sounds likes batting.

    In order for the Pakistani management to get a complete overhaul the Indians have to get in the super 8. Otherwise they're gonna use the excuse " Well the Indians didn't make it either.” Maybe a fresh start is all we need.

    Good luck Pakistan on regaining the hearts of the people of your country

  • M.Nasrullah Khan on March 18, 2007, 17:44 GMT

    Dear Kamran:- The defeat of Pak team from Irish team was an accedent.Yes we can discuss how it happen and why it happen , but main thing is to what lesson can be derived from this accedent.In my point of view the lack of concentration to the job and lack of devotion to the Aim brings results like we seen.If your main Mission is Tabligh not Cricket and if you beleive in (Qismat) not in Hard work , then you can achive holly-ness not word cup.By growing Beard and parforming chillaz you can be get ( Janat not Word-Cup).So what important is , devotion to the cause.professionalism.

  • Muhammad Ashraf on March 18, 2007, 17:44 GMT

    Its not easy to express emotions for any pakistani in this kind of situation which has been created by pakistani cricket team. Yes, we are angry, yes, we are feeling ashmed for our selves of being supporters of the pakistni team, yes, we want captin,players, coach and PCB mangement held accountable for the disgrace they have ''produce'' for entire pakistani nation. Are we wrong in this demand? shouldn't we be angry and emotional even now?. If not now then when else? I know every one has lots to say, evry wants has lots of ideas about what need to be done next. Being a pakistani and keen fan of the game of cricket, i also wants to say a lot but i will try to write to the point. Every one is thinking this shocking defeat of pakistan team to Ireland was an unexcepted and out of the blue defeat. May be i am wrong but thing thats not True. Pakistan cricket have been on the demolution track since last severakl years but no one have ever bothered to look into several factors that have been contributing to this demise of pakistan team.There are so many facts which have been overlooked or neglected by PCB since last several years. Pakistani home wickets, until and unless PCB will not amke supporting wickets not only on test and ODI level but also on domestic level pakistani team batsmaen will continue to falter on supporting, bouncy and green wickets all around the world except in sub contienet. Punjuab discrimnation should end now, Inzamam is discriminating karachi's talented cricketer since he become captian,. Sami, kaneria, asim kamal etc are clear example of this discrimination. Sami is the second fastest bowler pakistan have, and I nzmam kept him always out of the ground and gave preferrences to bowlers like Rana NaVED, Shaheed Nazir and Rao Iftikahr, why? because reason is obviouse typical punjab favioreism. Sami have to perform ideally in each and evry match otherwise Inzama kick him out and then he need to wait out untill some one gets injured or some one perform very bad. Rana is a parasite stick to the team just because he is from punjab. In last 4 years he have geiven only to tour ODI perfromances, one in 2005 in India and one last year against West Indies. Sami had performed on many occcasion,who can forget about he did win pakistan test matches single handedly as a fast bowler 3 or four years back in Newziland? HE IS A GENIUNE FAST BOLWER, you don't dump geniune fast bolwer for average mediulm pacers. Most of the fast bowler in all around the worls are expansive, they won't be economical like medium pacers, they are wicket taking bowler. For that they needs captain faith not discrimination. Kaneria, second best leg spinner in the world after Shawn waugh, what captain is doing with him? evry one knows. Imran Nazir was picked up by Inzimam after 20,20, tournament in Karachi, in october 2006, on what basis? two innings performance. How he performed in South Aferica and world cup, every one knows that. Fawad Alam , young and very talented all rounder from Karachi, he have performed extra ordinarily throughout in the SAME 20,20 tournament. He was awarded best batsmen, best bowler and best allrounder of the tournament. Why he was not even given any consideration for pakistan team tour to South Aferica and world cup when Imran Nazir was picked by Inzimam on two matches performance in same tournament? And i can continue for so many other factors but its getting long. Suggestions: I nzimam now should way out for young blood. Stop discriminating Karachi talent. We need supporting wickets in pakistan. Some educated young cricketers are badly needed in pakistani who will bring some stability in the team. Plesaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't make Younis the next captian, look what he did when he was made captain last year before champions trophy. He is very unpredictable, not mentally strong to lead the side. Pakistan team need a mentally strong captain now. Shahid Afridi should be the next captain, SHOCKING suggestion??????? May sound like that, but its written in the horizon, try him.

  • Salman on March 18, 2007, 17:42 GMT

    Kamran Sahib! Looks like you are an expert in Cricket so I suggest you take up coaching job for Pakistan. It's easy for sit out and criticize. Grow UP!

  • Momin Khan on March 18, 2007, 17:40 GMT

    Why are we surprised that this has happened? I have passionately followed Pakistan cricket for 40 years. Except for a relatively brief period between 1982 and 1992- when Imran Khan was mostly in charge- and a few other exceptions, Pakistani cricketers usually never play well when under any kind of pressure or they underperform when the opposing team puts up a fight. In 1971, Pakistan managed to lose to England a series which it had dominated. In 1972-73, Pakistan should have won 2 out of 3 tests against Australia in Australia but managed to lose all three, losing the third test chasing only 159 runs. In 1979, a full-fledged Pakistan took on an Australian 3rd eleven - Australian having been decimated by mass defections to Kerry Packer's cricket circus. Pakistan only managed to draw the 2 test series and could easily have lost both tests.

    As Imran Khan's career drew to a close, I always feared for Pakistan cricket. Since he left behind a few good proteges (Waqar, Wasim etc.) it took a while for Pakistan cricket to reach the stage that it has reached now. Those proteges however did not leave any worthwhile successors, mostly because of the politics inherent in Pakistan cricket. The current state of Pakistan cricket also points to a bigger problem. It is not just cricket, but in other sports like hockey and squash there has been a general deterioration. Like therir cricket counterparts, Pakistan hockey team recently managed to lose to China, something unthinkable a few years ago. Pakistani athletes cannot even compete in Asian games, an event where in the past Pakistan would bag a few medals. With the amount of money at the disposal of the PCB, one would have hoped that a sound domestic structure would be developed which could prove to be a model for the uplift of all sports in Pakistan. However this is only wishful thinking. We the sports fans will continue to have a love-hate relationship with the Pakistan cricket team for the rest of our lives. Pakistan has loads of talent. But all that will contiue to go waste if this talent is left in disarray. On the other hand, a 3rd eleven Australian team managed to show Pakistan in 1979 what a well organised and competitive domestic setup can achieve. Also a competitive Pakistan hockey setup in the 1970s produced such outstanding hockey players that Pakistan managed to reach the semi-finals of the 1973 world cup when 13 of its leading players were under a life ban. Unless a sound domestic cricket structure which promotes nothing but competition among its players is developed, we will continue to see more black days in our cricket history. Just look at South Africa. They played limited Test cricket before they were banned from international cricket in 1970. But they managed to thrash Australia 3-1 in 1967 and 4-0 in 1970. They were then forced into exile for 22 long years, but on their return back to international cricket, they soon made their presence felt. All because they had a very sound dometic cricket setup. Now imagine if for some reason, Pakistan were to quit playing international cricket for just 3 or 4 years. Would the new squad of cricketers even be able to beat Bangladesh? Food for thought.

  • Adeel on March 18, 2007, 17:40 GMT

    Pakistan has been kicked out of the Worldcup in such a way no one ever expected. The backlash from back home and from the board is expected in the same manner as it happened after the South African world cup. i.e. the whole team is going to be sacked along with the management. But would that solve the problem and would that help Pakistani cricket. The answer will be no. Sacking of some individuals is necessary who made this group of players a joke. The rift in the team was certainly sensed as none of the players came of the dressing room with comfortable face.

    The captain remained the non-encouraging individual on the field as he didnt seem to buck up his team even if they were losing. In my view this difficult decision to change the captain was necessary before the start of world cup. I understand that the team respects Inzi but respect of your team doesnt make you a good captain. I saw the coach closing his laptop and putting in his bag at the end of losing to Ireland. Instead he should have gone on the field to receive his team to give them little confidence and congratulate the wining team. So overall the recipe of sports and sports man spirit was missing. The team lost the match as soon as they lost the toss. The young boys looked more worried because they have their careers ahead of them and being ruined somehow. I saw the captain didnt behave or act like a captain and the coach didnt behave or act like a coach.

    The team is going to face the Pakistani public hiding their faces because the public thinks that they have been betrayed and rightly so. We made these players icons so they owe something to their public.

    The people responsible are not only the coach and captain, the doc sitting back home is equally responsible. The imported people may have excellent management skills but again we have to question the abilities in a particular field. Unfortunately we had been getting people to head the cricket board were not good managers. They were either corrupt or lagging in their skills.

    I wonder who is going to be the new captain, the new coach and the new CEO of the PCB and so on. This list is quite long...go figure out!!

  • Dilip Samuel on March 18, 2007, 17:39 GMT

    Well said, Kamran. As you are talking about the Ireland episode, so will I decry India's dismal performance. Both the teams have taken things lightly. For instance, dropping a catch and saying cheese the very next instant. I mean this is pure nonsense what Dhoni and company did that day. Without the interference of politics, both teams should be doing well but fate is indeed strange having something what we deserve to get. Not that India or Pakistan deserved to lose but that Bangladesh and Ireland deserved to win. Good bye to regional politicking and long live cricket!

  • Jawwad on March 18, 2007, 17:37 GMT

    Goodbye Pakistan cricket ... I won't even miss you anymore ...

  • mjaffr2 on March 18, 2007, 17:37 GMT

    I dont want to abuse the three stooges anymore since enough has already been done. Just a simple suggestion. Ban the Pak national team from all international competitions for the next year or more if needed, hold open trials and tourneys on green wickets and build a team from the scratch. Worse, we might have to pay some fines to the ICC, but this would be a much better use of the funds that are currently lavished on the cronies. This will be a small price for the pain, we fans have to undergo after every disaster. We also need to bring people like Waqar back who were truly doing good for the team and I second Afridi as Captain but please get rid of Younis Khan. Thank you.

  • Dr Sarfraz Nazir on March 18, 2007, 17:36 GMT

    I would like to add that as far as the captaincy issue goes, I too think maybe this would be the making of someone like Afridi. He has lost us as many games as he has won us but I have seen few cricketers witha smuch natural talent. Maybe, this is his time.

  • usman hayee on March 18, 2007, 17:35 GMT

    R.I.P Pakistan Cricket..

  • AMirza on March 18, 2007, 17:35 GMT

    Excellent piece from KAbbassi. The most humiliating defeat I ever witnessed. All the Drs related to this board must be fired immediately. Nasim Ashraf, PMalik, PJMir, SAltaf, WBari, BWoolmer, Inzi, and some more must leave if they have any shame left. General should recall the team as a protest and not let them play the next meaningless match with Zimb. Unfortunately, nothing will happen due to NAshraf's close ties to the General. I just found out he has just named ex debuty commissoner as new ceo. Please show some grace and mercy on people of Pakistan and let professional who knows the cricket run the show.............

  • Hasan Rizvi on March 18, 2007, 17:34 GMT

    Everybody after this shameful debacle has their own set of ideas,here's mine ! let's ask Bangladesh for forgiveness for all the wrongs we did to them while they were "East Pakistan" actually beg them to join us again and we are willing to change our country's name to Bangladesh if they want or atleast become East Pakistan again so that maybe we could borrow some courage,maturity and intelligence from them, we have no spine or intelligence,let all these fools go home and stay there I never want to see them again.

  • Atiq Khan on March 18, 2007, 17:34 GMT

    Although I'm not a Pakistani, I had been a supporter of Pakistan cricket for a long time now. I feel so ashamed of their defeat that I don't even want to write a word about them.

  • Avinash Godkhindi on March 18, 2007, 17:32 GMT

    I agree with Dr. Abassi totally here, the heads have to roll. Its indeed sad to see Pakistan out of the tournament so early. Its rare for an Indian to say this (all though many heart in heart feel this way), but I like the passion, fighting spirit and talent of a typical Pakistan team. In all the matches against India, while my support for India was unabated, I have marvelled at Imran's leadership, Javed's street fighter attitude and the shear class of Wasim. Many others come to mind and I was hoping to see a classic India Pakistan match on April 15th. Looks like both teams won't make it to super 8's. With the talent, passion and real love for the sport in our countries, we fans don't deserve this from our players. Our teams should be the top two teams in the world, but for the administrators and the super star attitude of our players. We fans definetly deserve better.

  • Dr Sarfraz Nazir on March 18, 2007, 17:32 GMT

    Dear Kamran, I was in your camp when you stated in your column that the only team that we should have had trouble beating was Australia. In fact, the team we had out yesterday, with a change for Shahid Afridi, would beat even Australia on their day. We have the players, we have the talent - so what went wrong? I watched the game yesterday and woke this morning feeling like what I did after the last world cup. Utterly depressed and disappointed. What could have been. We were outplayed by a team with less talent and less experience - what they did have was more heart. And therein lies the problem. We played like a team who were too afraid to lose. This was Ireland for god's sake. We should have bashed the minnows like every other team have in the World cup so far - green top or no green top. Who cares if it was a green top? Sure the Irish put the balls in the right areas, but these were amateurs bowling slow medium pace. We simply lacked the self belief and confidence which we have been missing since the beginning of the England tour. We bowled reasonably well, however I would say that apart from Sami yesterday, the guys bottled it. They did not put the balls in the right areas often enough. The lengths were slightly off and we were punished. The opening pair problem has been with us for an eternity - I ask why has it not been definitively addressed as yet? They have had 4 years to sort it out. Why oh why after so much criticism did Inzamam not bat at number 3 or 4? What happened to Yousuf - he broke record after record last year - where was his stability? Younis lacked temperament and showed a lack of technical accumen - which was displayed by each and everyone at some stage. the fielding was generally awful. How many balls pierced the field when the Irish were batting? We were happy to escort balls to the boundary while the Irish fielded like there were 15 players on the field.

    We need a sort out and I imagine Inzi's and Bobs days are numbered but it is better to simply ask the question - are these the best 11 players in the country? I think these are not. I watched some of the India game yesterday and the confidence and exhuberance of youth in the Bangladeshis was overwhelming. They looked like they have been preparing for the World cup for the last 4 years. We need to do the same. There are couple of youngsters in the domestic game that are catching the eye as far as batting is concerned. The wicketkeeper issue needs looking at. The U19s who won their world cup had a couple of bowlers who had awesome talent. That needs cultivating - look how far Mohammed asif has come when encouraged. They need a new structure to the managment and selection committee. Every position from the top brass to the 12th man needs addressing. Only then may we have a chance of recovering from this debacle and moving on.

  • zuhair on March 18, 2007, 17:31 GMT

    Dear Dr. Kamran Abbasi Bakwas is bakwas in Urdu or English

  • hypocrisy in your thinking on March 18, 2007, 17:31 GMT

    I find it funny that you are the same person who refused to abandon the hope of winning the world cup that is talking about clever thinking now. You sound like a typical Pakistani to me.

  • Bystander on March 18, 2007, 17:31 GMT

    Where have all the Kamran fans gone?

  • Kashif -Toronto on March 18, 2007, 17:30 GMT

    The Shame , humiliation and disgrace Pakistani team (include selection committe too) earned for Pakistani die hard fans is out of this world. Overseas Pakis and die hard Pakistan cricket lovers like myself, are immensely ashmed and hurt. We used to brag about the great talents and figthing spirits of Pakistani players, and now in front of our Neighbours, Co-workers and Friends from India, Srilanka, South Africa, Australia and European countries, we are left with embarrassed bent heads.

    Credit of this hugh embarrassment goes to BOB, INZI, Yousaf, Younis and our selection committe.

    Now to rehablitate us from this state of shock and disgrcefulness, THE DEPARTURE OF INZAMAM, BOB, YOUNIS , YOUSAF AND SELECTION COMMITTE, would be the required and needed thing to do.

    Kamran, I agree with you, we need Shahid Afridi or Shoaib Malik to take the captaincy and bring in all new talent from under 19 WC winner's eleven.


  • David Wijekoon-Pereea on March 18, 2007, 17:29 GMT

    The illness that assails the Pakistan side has little to do with the immense talent available in that country. It is the fact that too much attention is paid to religious detail. Pakistan is the only team that parades its religion as a banner and its supporters follow with blindly, as though it will overcome all that haunts the team's mindset. There is no humility and it becomes so noticeable. Getting rid of Inzamam has been long overdue and will help get rid of some of the problems such as the farce of committee overturning a ruling given by an earlier committee on drug taking. That was a disgrace and the reasons lacked transparency. Younis Khan would be a better captain and more relaxed. Pakistan has a long way to go to regain credibility, as do their supporters with their facile banners. David Wijekoon-Perea, Wellington, New Zealand

  • CRKT GEEk on March 18, 2007, 17:29 GMT

    I agree totally with your letter Kamran. After seeing what Inzy and co. have done to Pakistani and world cricket, I was actually pushing for Ireland to win yesterday. I think the PCB has to be more forceful on disciplinary issues. I'm sure Pakistan would have made it to the Super 8's if Asif and Akhtar hadn't taken dope. Pakistan can complain all they want about the demeaning comments of Malcolm Speed, the "wrong" suffered by them at the hands of the ECB and Darrel Hair, but in the end it came to the cockiness and laziness of many key men that doomed Pakistan to an early, well deserved, WC exit.

  • Imran Ahmad Khan on March 18, 2007, 17:27 GMT

    Dear Kamaran, Loss of words is the state in which most of the Pakistani cricket fans are after witnessing the performance given by our cricket team. To add salt to the injury our great captain blames QISMAT for the defeat. We as muslims beleive that every action is performed because of will of Allah, but the amount of effort, pain, dedication, preparation etc etc can always enable one to make his own QISMAT. I think best for us is now not to keep on weeping the past. What has been done has been done no use of crying over the split milk. We should be thinking of where do we want to take Pakistani cricket from here and how. I must say that I am stunned by your suggestion of Afridi as a captain. Once again we are thinking of making a player a captain who cannot even secure his place in the team. Are we again going to repeat the history as we did after 1999 and 2003. There has to be a better way. Why cant we learn from history.....

  • raghav on March 18, 2007, 17:27 GMT

    Can't believe this. Cant believe that Pakistan is out, can't believe that India is on its way out, cant believe that there will be no India-Pakistan match. Shame on our teams. You're spot on with your assessment about a lack of passion, which both teams displayed yesterday. Disgusting to see not one player play out of his skin. No fight. Nothing. It hurts so bad today.

  • Asad S. Tahir on March 18, 2007, 17:27 GMT

    I dont see the reason why everyone is blaming Bob Woolmer.. The guy did his best to bring out the best in this team. Remember what he gave to South Africa (a team of people who can actually speak his language, english and cricket). This team is drowned in politics. By the end of India's tour in 2005 we had the perfect combination (yet struggling with openers). We had no shoaib, no asif, no gul. The bowling was lead by rana & sami. Malik came in to bat at no. 3. Things changed drastically after the next time the rivals came to take away ODI's trophy. Younis coming in at No. 3 (i still dont agree with Imran Khan on this one), Shoaib and Asif (apparently our bowling spearheads) couldnt even win us the series against England, Doping scandals, younis stepping down as stand-in captain, Pakistan shocking Sri Lanka in the Champions Trophy (as its a "Muslim Team" quoted by our standin captain), and giving it all away. Imran Nazir & Azhar Mahmood names not heard for 3 years make it in the WorldCup squad. What did Yasir Hameed do that he couldnt be picked after a chain of injuries? Where did Salman Butt go, the guy who stood alone on Aussie pitches? The only thing we can do is sit and whine about it and another period of reincarnation will start. New team, new management. Why cant we stick to something? Bring new blood in and flourish it!!!... All I can say is our team is a nail hammered in our body which is just giving us pain and more pain!

  • Suhail on March 18, 2007, 17:26 GMT

    Kamran, We the die-hard Pakistan cricket fan are so disgusted; there are no words to express ourselves. These highly paid sports celebrities have stabbed us in our backs. We were counting on them to show the world that if we put are hearts to do any thing we can achieve it. All of my friends paid a lot of money to buy world cup subscriptions on Satellite TV and some of them have paid to travel to support their team. We knew this was not the team to get us the World cup, but this still was the team from the land where we fight till the end. I agree with you it’s was not the skill set or lack to it, that got us. They were fearful and they were not hungry enough. We are done giving our suggestions, its time for heads to roll across the board.

  • mutaher, miami on March 18, 2007, 17:26 GMT

    it is a sweet time for those who thought pakistan was lucky to win in 1992; as we all know the match against england in group stages which gave pakistan one point and helped to qualify, which they did not deserve after being bowled out for 60 odd and saved by rain... but this time it all changed, not even one point. pakistan got kicked out and now they will go home and call zimbabwe or kenya for home series and fool the nation that they were unlucky as their captain is saying. be a man and face the truth on the chin..

  • taimoor on March 18, 2007, 17:25 GMT

    i am shocked and dejected. Going out of the world cup in this shameful way. Its a shame. They should be arrested . It is the result of one man show . there is no rule and no management in PCB. All PCB top officails should be banned.

  • Imran Syed on March 18, 2007, 17:25 GMT

    The rot has set deep in Pakistan cricket. A systematic overhaul of the entire system is needed.

    The reasons: The administration led by Dr. Ashraf and Saleem Altaf has been an embarrassment. Dr. Ashraf, a medical doctor, has no business being head of the PCB. Silly pronouncement about speaking Urdu – 11 bearded men with their trousers up to their ankles speaking in Urdu are not going to capture the popular imagination of Western tourists – show that Mr. Ashraf has no grasp on reality. The selection committee’s whims are inexplicable. We would do better with fighters like Asif Kamal and Yasir Hameed than flash-in-the-pan actors like Imran Nazir and Mohd Hafeez (a typical bits and pieces player – good at neither batting nor bowling, but chosen for the combination).

    The Pakistan team itself, the Beards 11, has shown no application or ability to adjust to different conditions. The dismissals of Yousuf, Akmal, and Mahmood, playing extravagant shots on a pitch which required discipline is ample testament to that. There is obviously no guidance from a mentally-incompetent captain. Furthermore, the lack of education, even basic cricket education is evident in their inability to assess a situation and adjust their gameplan. The bowling lacks penetration – and of course we have the inexplicable choice of the bearded Mushtaq being chosen as assistant coach for a team with only one specialist spinner. Inzamam has been a complete disaster. To put it bluntly – he is just plain stupid. We look like a rudderless ship when in the field. The overwhelming religosity that he has encouraged and fostered in the team does not appear to a catalyst for improvement – instead the reliance on “kismet”, which he again blamed for the loss, has proven to be an impediment to creating an aggressive “win-at-all-costs” team. We have come far from the cornered tigers of 1992 to the bearded and complacent lot of 2007 – a team busy visiting a mosque on the eve of their match instead of putting in much-needed match practice on a green practice pitch (they must surely have seen the pitch the day before)

    The Overhaul: 1) Naseem Ashraf, Saleef Altaf, and Waseeem Bari need to be sacked immediately. Rameez Raja might be a potential choice for PCB chief. At least he has been calling for changing the infrastructure of Pakistan cricket for some time. 2) Inzamam should be dropped altogether. Same as regards Bob Woolmer. It is always sad to see great cricketers go in this way, but he has been responsible in large measure for the stagnation of Pakistan cricket, and it is impossible to imagine a resurrection with him still present. A replacement captain should be sought from between Younis Khan and Shaoib Malik (unfortunately neither are great choices, but we have to work with what we have). 3) A lost generation of cricketers like Imran Nazir, Azhar Mahmood, Mohd Hafeez, Imran Farhat etc have to go. They have been given enough chances and have all displayed a complete inability to develop the temperament required for the international level. More attention needs to be focused on less glamorous but more gutsy cricketers like Asif Kamal and Yasir Hameed. Paksitan Under-19 cricketers need to be seriously looked at and mentored. 4) Domestic cricket structure needs to be changed once and for all. Imran khan should be made a permanent advisor on this issue, given that he has been saying this for the better part of two decades. Instead of wasting money on an average foreign coach, money (and the PCB has plenty) should be spent on importing foreign turf for harder and greener pitches in Pakistan. Our batsmen will never improve unless they get exposed to these livelier pitches at a much earlier stage in their development. Pitches in Pakistan should be versatile and each have its own character – so players know that when they play at a particular ground, they will need to adjust their game accordingly. We see this in Australia and England where different grounds are known for their varying pitches. Yet in Pakistan we have only 3 kinds of pitches – dead, deader, and deader still. Furthermore, the outfields have to be improved and made softer so players can learn to dive – diving naturally is a skill which needs to be learnt early on, and currently in Pakistan we never learn to dive at a young age because it would imply serious bodily injury. This is the only solution to improved fielding – a bearded groveling Mushtaq laying cones for Woolmer will not. Finally we have to make the transition to regional cricket associations and have banks/corporation sponsor them rather than field their own teams. The overhaul of domestic cricket is the single most important step that needs to be taken and will reap rich dividends in less than a decade.

  • Kota Na Insaan on March 18, 2007, 17:22 GMT

    The Pakistan team have thoroughly let down their supporters all over the world. No point in sacking Inzi and Bob they had long made their plans of what they were going to do after the World cup. A shambolic exit from a sham of a team.

  • taz on March 18, 2007, 17:21 GMT

    Afwul, This 'team' isn't fit to wear the replica shirt let alone the real shirt, they don't understand what pride is anymore.

    I have given up supporting Pakistan from now on, it feel's like a death in the family.

  • UMER RANA on March 18, 2007, 17:21 GMT

    Inzi should be sacked forced in retirement at this very moment, the time should not be allowed back into pakistan.the word has it that there was rift between inzi,younis,yousuf with last to wanting sami to play and inzi wanted naveed. The most ebarassing moment of pakistan cricket. inzi should be let go know start over know.

  • Ram on March 18, 2007, 17:20 GMT

    Well I suggest you hold onto this article, change the names from Bob, Inzi and Doc to Greg, Rahul and Sharad and post it in a weeks time. It is a parody. My two fav. countries knocked (well, one almost) out on the same day. I known Pakis and Indians who have spent 300$ on buying the stupid worldcup.

    This calls for a revolution. Let us unite, Indians and Paks, in our time of distress. Inkalab Zindabad!

  • aamer on March 18, 2007, 17:19 GMT

    wat happened 2 the cornered tigers

  • shanimehmood on March 18, 2007, 17:19 GMT

    yes shahid arfidi for captain of pakistan cricket for one dayers and shoaib malik for tests...mullah geeri has given us these bearded gangsters who ruled the team in disguise of humblity and only promoted their chums for example mushtaq ahmed who was completely extra to team requirements in world captain do not need to provide jobs to their retired friends. so...goes for younis khan who went to meet shehriyar khan to find work for one of his chum,thus discrediting himself,i feel people should ask him questions about the way he got out in both matches of world looked conspirational.,,thirdly he always talks the talk(boasting)but never seem to take the needed walk.

  • Imran Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 17:18 GMT

    The sorry state of Pakistan Cricket can be blamed in part on a national leadership that has castrated "free thought" and as curent events with the "Honorable Judge" show made honesty and uprightness a bad thing.

    BTW a poor showing at the WC will serve as a wake up call but don't expect changes overnight. And don't blame Waseem Bari for the debacle.

    Until Pakistan learns to play better cricket I suggest they follow their chairman as in "chairman must resign and go back to the United States" and play BASEBALL for one season in the minor leagues. Seriously!

    BTW if anyone suggests a swap of Coaches/Managers as in Chappell for Woolmer, RUN!

  • dheeraj on March 18, 2007, 17:17 GMT

    Pakistan cannot claim that injury had left them weak . because in both gamestheir batting failed . On a good note them for them their arch rival India is also in the process of exiting the world cup .

  • Azhar Malik on March 18, 2007, 17:15 GMT

    Yes, St. Patrick's Day 2007 is the day Pakistan cricket died. (Inalillah ...) Who is to blame? Just two defeats makes it a difficult autopsy. Look at the bright side: Afridi did not get banned, no fast bowler got injured, and Kamran Akmal finally had a good match behind the wickets... Just joking. Lets try to make sense of it all. 1. Heads will roll: Inzi and Bob Woolmer will be leaving, but does that change anything? We knew that they were leaving anyway. Waseem Bari and his friends must leave as well. Please take along with Shoaib Akhtar. As we say in medicine, the risks outweigh the benefits. He has traumatized the Pakistani team for too long. 2. Buy me some openers: How pathetic is a cricket organization if it cannot produce a single opener of any consistency? Train Mr. Butt to play the outswinger and you have 50% of the problem solved. Add Yasir Hameed to the equation as well. He has to play in the team come-what-may. 3. Middle order?: Our middle order is only good for the subcontinent. Lets keep it that way for now. Lets get rid of Miandad's nephew and bring back Asim Kamal. Can someone tell Younis Khan not to play one day internationals? One century is just not good enough. 4. Anger management: Afridi needs both anger management as well as maturity lessons. 5. Under 19: Since we have no first class cricket, lets just get the under 19 team to help out the seniors. 6. Beard ban?: Enough of the beards. If you like following religion so much, then play in shalwar qameez and stop polishing the ball .... Seriously, prayers did not help at all, so isn't it telling you something? Golden Rule: The almighty helps those who help themselves. Get off the jai-namaz and practice!

    Looking back at it all, its a sad ending for one of our heroes, Inzi. Don't worry Inzi, even if you don't know how to read, we still love you for 1992.

  • Zeeshan on March 18, 2007, 17:15 GMT

    I see a system being set up in Pakistan Cricket. The selectors need to be professionals and not just old cricketers who want to win games based on fate and not hard work. Investments in technology should be initiated to review game tapes etc. When we play an opponent we need to know the strengths and weaknesses of all players we are facing and we should have a plan for every bowl we bowl and every bowler we face. Players should have a temperament to play cricket unlike Imran Nazir who wants to hit a six in the first over of the world cup. Each and every person should be held responsible for their actions, starting from the Chair to the players. In the end times have changed cricket has become a pressional sport and people nee to adapt to that change.

  • Asif Zulfiqar on March 18, 2007, 17:15 GMT

    Very well said Kamran. I only hope we're not on the brink of starting the same exercise yet again as we did after last world cup. I believe I can speak on behalf of every Pak-Cricket enthusiast saying that hopefully we don’t drag our cricket to where our squash and our dear national sport hockey are at. It would really hurt to compete [and probably loose to] Ireland in World Cup qualifiers. I fully endorse the list of captains you provided. May I add one more name though? I hope I am not talking cricket out of my a[ignorance] but how about Abul Razza? No matter whom we choose, can we dedicate some resources developing the individual to be a true leader?

  • DHA ALLSTARS on March 18, 2007, 17:14 GMT

    Inzi should be fired and retired. Bob should be fired. CEO of PCB should be fired. ALL of the Selection committee should be fired. Open trials should be held- to find new players.

    You have destroyed the World Cup for me and the rest of the fans- WE HATE YOU!

  • Jawad on March 18, 2007, 17:13 GMT

    why does younis even deserve a place in one day? we need new start for the next world cup. my suggesttion is malik or afridi should be captain and kick out all the budhas except yousuf. i would kick out inzi, bob, younis, kamran akmal, azhar mahmood, shoaib akhtar and plz kill rana naveed so there is no way he can come back ever in the team. i would start my new team with salman butt, yasir hameed, shaoib malik, mohammmed yousuf, asim kamal, faisal iqbal, any wicket keeper other than kamran akmal, afridi, razzaq, and then bunch of bowlers. i still think we did a lot better in our bowling department but we just didnt have enough runs on the board to defend the total.

  • Mohsin Imran on March 18, 2007, 17:12 GMT

    Wow, u killed it. I agree with every word.

  • Fouad on March 18, 2007, 17:11 GMT

    Its just plain pathetic!!! I have been reading your blogs for a while now and never really made it to the point of writing anything till the debacle yesterday. From top to bottom the whole establishment is a sham!! These people should be brought to the streets and given a sound whipping. I am a huge huge fan of Inzy, his batting prowess and his ability to smash the ball all over the park, but what took place at Sabina Park is just unforgiveable!! The nerve of Bob Woolmer to say, "I'll sleep over this." Good thing he is not in Pakistan, otherwise he would have to sleep with one eye open! Who gives him permission to write diaries, is that his job? We don't want to see his analysis, we want to see results. Which have been nil for the past one year or so! How come we never see any other coach writing or making statements like Woolmer did, what right does he have? PCB paid him for nothing, except get paid an exorbitant amount and live the life of luxury! He has not attachments to this team whatsover, never did. He does not know what a true Pakistani fan feels like. His tenure is over, he will pack his bags and just fly out, with his tummy and his bank account full! The people and cricket suffered. What took place was just unbelievable. One waits 4 years, thats right, 4 long years for their team to perform in the World Cup, for what? To see them play 2 matches and head back home? We have to wait another 4 years to see where we stand. Watch the team land in installments in different cities and go in hiding!!

  • baber dadabhoy on March 18, 2007, 17:10 GMT

    send inzimaam as 'imaam' at multans cricket stadiums mosque... he doesn't have a place now even in the team. if he has any shame than he should retire from all versions of this beatiful game.

  • Sheheryar Hafeez on March 18, 2007, 17:09 GMT

    Here we are back where we started in 2003, perhaps much worse. I am predicting mass sacking, retirements, reshuffles and promises that come the next world cup we will be a reignited force in World Cricket. But I am afraid not much would change now either. Out bastsmen would be flat-top bullies, bowlers unfit for the right occasions and fielders one of the most lethargic in the World. Where is the solution? I will be honest that I dont have one and dont need it because that is not how I earn my livelihood. But for those that do it is shameful to be grossly misuising the coutnry's resources and this blatant theft must stop now.

  • Kashif on March 18, 2007, 17:08 GMT

    Oh for God's sake Kamran... take it easy. We lost - Ireland played better and we played pathetic. That in no way means any of those things that you said above. Inspired leadership... I agree with that but the same leader can provide that or someone new. And pls stop saying "Fire this person, fire that..." They cant do anything.. the people responsible are those who are playing out their on the field. Bob Woolmer cant and should not tell people how to bat and how to bowl... we have professional cricketers who should know that on their own !!!

  • Junaid on March 18, 2007, 17:08 GMT

    First of all, the fat sorry inzi should be hanged. His face by it self shows disgrace. he is a disgrace even to beard on his face. I pity the fools who saw them as captains.

  • Nabeel on March 18, 2007, 17:08 GMT

    Well what the hell you can say about these guys,man they have disgraced the cricket playing nation and left a real good example to the yougsters like me that if u fail dont even try again to succeed....what else i can say, they have dilapidated the hopes of ever bringing the world cup back home.SHAME ON THESE GUYS and I HOPE THEY APOLOGIZE FROM THERE CRICKET LOVING FANS.

  • Naseer Khan on March 18, 2007, 17:07 GMT

    Damn right Kamran Sahab. Sack them all and start afresh. Inzi forgot that Allah only helps those who help themselves. Superstars Shame on you all

  • Junaid on March 18, 2007, 17:07 GMT

    First of all, the fat sorry inzi should be hanged. His face by it self shows disgrace. he is a disgrace even to beard on his face. I pity the fools who saw them as captains.

  • sadiq malik on March 18, 2007, 17:07 GMT

    Well i very accept kamrans thougths .According to me selection was yet another factor for pakistans EARLY elimination players like imran nazir ,azhar mehmood who rarely appeared during these 4 years was selected for the world cup .Players like yasir hameed and misbah ul haq was even tried ,they didnot have any reserve batsman also.Now lets move to inzi i could not quite remember when he scored a century .Well Shahid Afridi as captain could be a good move because i saw his captaincy in recent abn amro 20/20 and they reached the finals ,he has passion ,fire and reminds me og gangulys captaincy .His place in the could be justified as a good spinner ,as far as for younis and yousuf is concerned they should be given a b reak from 1 day and they could concentrate on test matches this would bring young blood and life to pakistans 1 day cricket

  • Khan on March 18, 2007, 17:05 GMT

    Well Kamran, you have said all but I just want to say that when you talk of Younis as Captain, I don't see his place in the team. He is no different than any of the opening batsmen. He perfom in one match and then he will follow a wide ball and he is gone and so do the team. So when it comes to batting he and all the shames are same. So than why do we make him Captain? May be malik and Afridi are a better option as they can bat and ball. About who should go after the 17th March "gift". The whole PCB, i think it is the PCB administration, who brought the cricket to this level. Because after 2003 world cup (players were accused) we removed every one and .. what is the difference, we have even worst result this time. So If any one need to go then it is the Doc and his PCB admin (including the great Saleem Altaf, lol)

  • Ahmed Abbasi on March 18, 2007, 17:05 GMT

    I would like to agree with the statements made in anger but I am not one of those who cry over spilt milk.. Mr. Abbasi this column would have been better suited if written before the world cup started. No doubt the pathetic performance was unexpected for me, the blame game is still easy to play that the real one.

  • Sitarah Anjum ( Mourning for the Pakistan team's death) London on March 18, 2007, 17:05 GMT

    Well first of all I’d say I feel like someone has died in my family! The way my heart aches, hopes shattered and agony caused by the so-called cricket stars of Pakistan is unexplainable. We have discussed a lot, criticed players, PCB and Management but what happened we all feared too, didn’t we Kamran Sahib? I did not expect Pakistani team to win the WC but at least I hoped they will qualify to super 8 and play 6 more games Inc against India. Alas! we could not beast them but never mind our East Pakistani brothers (BD) did what we could never do in the WC games!!!!

    Humiliation, despair, failure, lack of commitment, patriotism you name it….PCB ran the whole show and what do you expect from them? Every department in the country is run by incompetent, inefficient safarshi people so why not PCB who is full of shit!! What I demand through this blog is that all the so-called senior and strong middle order of Pakistan team should retire IF they have got any SELF-RESPECT left. Inzamam including his losers Younas, Yousaf, Rana must announce their retirement after returning home and all those players who have been ignored in the past like Yaser Hamid, Salman Butt, Asim Kamal, Zul-Qarnain Hyder etc and some young aspiring players from the winning under 19 WC team should be immediately included in the team and properly trained and coached by a local competent coach for the coming 20 WC in September. Say good bye to Bob, Inzamam and Co. I would only give last chance to existing players like Afridi, Malik, Kamran, Sami, Rao, and Shahid Nazir if they fully commit themselves and swear that in the future they will play every game for the nation and not for themselves to earn millions of rupees at the expense of national humiliation and breaking hearts of millions of supporters like me. If they do not show 101% commitment, common sense, technique and skills then let them open their own shoe/dress shops with the money that they already pinched from us.

    I subscribed to SKY SPORTS in the hope that I will at least watch super 8 with Pakistani team playing in it but what a loss of money and a hard slap on my face 

    PCB need restructuring from scratch. They need to organise themselves first and that must start from Nasim Ashraf. A thick headed, arrogant and stubborn man like Waseem Bari must be sacked with immediate effect. I saw him on Geo program “Bolen kiya baat hai” and I was disgusted to see his attitude and unwillingness to understand the problems and admit blunders committed by the PCB selection committee. The whole team was consisted of loosers, lethargic and sluggish people with no technique, skills and brain. What happened to the so-called strong middle order that never performed in the time of crisis? Where did their experience go when they could not even beat an amateur team like Ireland? SHAME ON ALL THE PAKISTANI TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!. If you have some shame left then please retire yourselves. We wait for 4 bloody years for the mega event like WC and all we see is this……… Why not we chant the name of IMRAN KHAN because he was the only man who won the first WC to Pakistan. He was the only person that had guts, mental strength, courage and brain. Is there anybody who can show even half of his skills and strong leadership? In the future selection of captain must be based on leadership qualities, personality traits, use of initiatives and skills. We do not want any more puppet or dumb captain in the ground like Inzamam. He was never suitable as a leader in the first place. A captain must lead from front, set examples for others to follow, buck up the team and make the right moves in the ground. Show enthusiasm, active and positive body language. Did Inzamam have any one of these qualities? So what was the criteria of captainship? I do not think Younas Khan would be a successful leader either as he himself lacks skills, technique and patience as well as he shows silliness even when he talks. I don think he can lead from the front. He is also one of the culprits and must be kept out for the good of Pakistan cricket.

    The simple thing is this whole team was made with losers by losers. I have no words to show my anger, disappointment and bruised heart. When I woke up on Sunday morning I felt like crying as if someone dear has died!!!!!!!!!! I do not have to mention how the team inflicted disgrace upon themselves and the whole nation including millions of supporters worldwide. The game was lost due to poor batting mainly and we were moaning about our bowling all the team in the absence of Akhter and Asif!!! See who caused misery? I do not have to mention their names as I feel insulted when I even call their names. They should have died before losing to team like IRELAND.SHAME.. SHAME… SHAME

  • Ali on March 18, 2007, 17:04 GMT

    I had to write again as this debacle is a shame to us as a nation who blindly follows its star and never ask questions and even when we do they are not men to answer them. A team and administration of bangle wearing mindset.

    This is high time that the high flying chairman, all the selectors, Mr. nobody salim altaf come out have the moral courage to apologize. Imagine what DOC has done to cricket in only 6 months, what will happen to Pakistan after his long tenure in human development.

    I agree with 200% with Kamran that we need fire, spirit and the will to win. And it should show on field which we had been missing since IMRAN days. Why has all grown into goons? Any answers?

    I was the biggest supporter of BOB but he has disappointed my by not coming out or resigning if things were not going his way. How and why he was batting in favor of other teams? Even he is devoid of moral courage to answer this all and will eventually come up with a book hitting at Pakistanis and still make more money.

    I have a suggestion and it should work for us. Players should be given money if they win and nothing if they lose. This central contracts are hitting are really hard. Why Why and Why Asif, rana played so much for county when their first duties are towards Pakistan and why were they allowed.

    Last but not the least what was done to WAQAR, this should have happened. These so called mullahs and muslims are a disgrace to islam itself as their actions speak of nepotism and moral degradation and corruption. The sweet talking bearded dagger friend of waqar, mushie. What did he do?

    Heads rollin? What they have done they should be paraded with ppl pelting shames on their behavior so anyone who comes in future should never forget their begining.

  • Axeman on March 18, 2007, 17:02 GMT

    Pakistani cricket (and its fans) could start by owning up to the fact that they make mistakes, and that the world is not out to get them. The constant paranoia that is characteristic of Pakistani pronouncements on Pakistani cricket affairs speaks of deeper weaknesses that are revealed at moments like this latest loss. The Ovalgate fiasco, and the doping scandal, all spoke of a failure to acknowledge a rot, instead casting it as the racism of a world hell-bent on making things bad for Pakistan. Going even further back (many, many years ago), the light punishment handed out to Inzy for assaulting a spectator, and the universal agreement amongst all Pakistanis that the spectator had it coming, spoke of something deeply wrong in that part of the cricketing world. Pakistan has produced great cricketers - but the deep lack of discipline, which runs through the system, and which is always explained away as responses to a world implacably opposed to it, will always ensure that their team will be susceptible to the decline we have seen over the past few months.

  • Navaid on March 18, 2007, 17:00 GMT

    This saga will continue to happen again and again and again and then again if we don't build proper cricketing infrastructure from the grass roots up. The cricket team in essence is just another reflection of our society. Spineless, directionless, ad-hoc and egos writing checks so large that their bodies, mind and skills together can't cash. The Irish proved that the TEAM is greater than the sum of its 11 players. That mentality and approach asn't happned in 15 years. Why do we assume it can happen again? Why do we beleive the powers to be will leave the game for the greater good? Why do we believe the next one will be competent? In this saga there are more questions and few answers. A question that doesn't have an answer is not a question, its a fact or reality that we have to cope with. Where are the answers to all these question?

  • Garvit on March 18, 2007, 16:59 GMT

    How come there are no comments yet???? What's up Mr. Abbassi, cat caught your tongue??? Australia are the only team to beat. Oh ya, and Ireland... meow

  • Dinesh on March 18, 2007, 16:59 GMT

    I am upset too that Pakistan has been knocked out as the WC seems pretty empty without them. But however, I will disagree with you on ur observation that the only team that Pakistan should have found unbeatable are the Aussies. How can u say that a batsman is very talented when he can only make big scores on flat pitches? Also, when u have lost matches against SA and other teams how can u claim that Aussies are the only ones better than u? The question that begs to be asked is ... Is this Pakistan team under-performing or is it genuinely over-rated? From what I have seen, I think they are. And I think thats the mistake you are making too.

  • raghu on March 18, 2007, 16:57 GMT

    For years, when we played against pakistan we wanted to be competitive and believed that a match between india and pakistan would be the ultimate test of skill, determination and competetive spirit at the highest levelfor the players of the two countries.It could well match up to any clashes of legendary status (like australia vs england or australia vs westindies.)

    But after the performance of the 2 teams yesterday, it is a little hard to digest that we lost aginst teams like ireland and bangladesh(full credit to bangladesh for their outstanding display.)

    I feel the management of pakistan has to do something drastically different. One thing I had been rally awaiting was for either pakistan or india to beat teams like south africa and australia. But sad , the chances of seeing such clashes are slim in this world cup

  • Junaid on March 18, 2007, 16:57 GMT

    I am shocked by this defeat. In a matter of days Pakistan's world cup campaign is over. This is a sad day for cricket because Pakistan is one of the most exciting teams to watch.The bowlers fought till the very end making Ireland earn every single run but they had very little to bowl with. A score of 180 plus would have been easily defendable. The batting has turned out spineless displays again and again. What if the ball swings and bounces a bit in the first hour? Can't these batsmen play watchfully for an hour without losing wickets? Four years after the departure of Saeed Anwar Pakistan still don't have one decent opener. That is just plain ridiculous. It is time to throw out old timers who are in the team on past reputation alone.Inzy should step down right away. Pakistan cricket team has become the laughing stock of the cricket world. It is time to change that now.

  • Tony G on March 18, 2007, 16:57 GMT

    Being a fan of Pakistani cricket, I am extremly dissappointed they are out. Not just that, they happen to be first ones out technically. Your aritcle hit it right on though, there have to be some serious changes made to the team and the leadership.

  • mohammed sher on March 18, 2007, 16:55 GMT


  • ROY on March 18, 2007, 16:55 GMT

    For Gods sake!!!! where is Imran Khan

  • Raheel Yousaf on March 18, 2007, 16:54 GMT

    I feel ashamed, when ever all my friends would say Pakistan cricket is this and that I could counter saying we have the Players with talent, but for once i do not want to counter, i am tired of sticking up for INTERNATIONAL cricket players who play worser than part time Sunday league players

  • Ali Asim on March 18, 2007, 16:54 GMT

    Shame. Really, it is the only word I hear constantly in my ears. It is the only word that haunted me in my dreams the entire last night. SHAME. What the HELL just happened? I'm still in disbelief. But, subconsiously, something in me kept telling me since the begenning of the tournament that this is bound to happen. What goes around comes around, and my pointer is at PCB by saying that. I guess Kamran, you and Osman have said plenty enough to summon these insolent swines back to hell, so I would refrain from saying more. But there is one thing I would like to shed light upon. Take that filthy lethargic picture of Inzimam and this team will still deliver. That illiterate, self centred, stubborn to death, spineless, mindless bastard has destroyed tons more player's futures than Imran could only dream of. In addition to that, after the new PCB evolves, we should have some sort of literacy level for the future players. You would agree with me that literacy opens minds brightens your thinking lineament. All in all, I would still retain my hope and keep painting a pretty picture.

  • raghu on March 18, 2007, 16:53 GMT

    For years, when we played against pakistan we wanted to be competitive and believed that a match between india and pakistan would be the ultimate test of skill, determination and competetive spirit at the highest levelfor the players of the two countries.It could well match up to any clashes of legendary status (like australia vs england or australia vs westindies.)

    But after the performance of the 2 teams yesterday, it is a little hard to digest that we lost aginst teams like ireland and bangladesh(full credit to bangladesh for their outstanding display.)

    I feel the management of pakistan has to do something drastically different. One thing I had been rally awaiting was for either pakistan or india to beat teams like south africa and australia. But sad , the chances of seeing such clashes are slim in this world cup

  • Ali Usman on March 18, 2007, 16:53 GMT

    Thanks to God this time around I am quite happy at what happened, did happen. I started watching cricket from the 1992 world cup. So I had a very good start with the sport they used to call cricket. But what our current cricket team plays, I just fail to recognize that sport. It reminds me of a boxing bout where one of the boxers is just there to take the punches. Rather, I have no words to describe the way our so called cricket team plays the sport.

    There was a time when we changed captains with every third match, but continuing with such a joke of a cricketer is merely mocking at the whole of the nation. The have truly done away with the hearts of 160 million Pakistanis. Enough for the emotinal bantar, but I predicted this to happen and I am quite happy that it did. The way Pakistani cricket has been run since the 1992 world cup is on totally unprofessional grounds. But I still dont see any improvements coming, as our dear doc is saying that we should not be hasty and should look for continuity. Give me a break man........ If somebody asks me to pinpoint one thing which went wrong I would say "attitude". For me more than 50% of the game is played in the minds of the individuals. If you dont believe you can beat Australia, I guarantee you that you can never beat them. If you are going to the world cup, one should believe that they can beat the best, but this team was not sure of beating even the Irish.....

  • Nadeem on March 18, 2007, 16:53 GMT

    well Kamran, Now we see what the "Laptop" coach brought to the team. Well like the timne when we lost to Bangladesh in world cup, many accused Pakisatn team of doing that on purpose. I had a thought, given the trouble Govt is facing at the hand of SC judge Iftikhar Chaudry, Is this a way to divert people attention away? It is simply unbelivable that they can perfon that bad...

  • ROY on March 18, 2007, 16:53 GMT

    For Gods sake!!!! where is Imran Khan

  • usman on March 18, 2007, 16:53 GMT

    Kamran, is shame the word?does these pakistani cricketers have any shame left in them, most of the players are religiously inspired tableeghis led by inzi, they believe that just by praying they can win, i find it strange that in the post match interviews, even after loosing a match inzi says," first of all thanks to Allah" that we lost the doing this he tries to say that it was destiny.I do not want to see faces of these cricketers at least for a long time.they should leave cricket and go for tableegh somewhere, may be they are better off there. we knew they can not make to semis of the world cup but exiting just after two games..........,lossing to ireland....i m emotional at the moment, can not express my feelings,they have let the whole nation down. u may remember well that once a spectator called inzi "aallu"........,and there was a big fuss, the spectator was right.

    to b honest I do not see a future of pakistani cricket, there is no one who can lead, i m not convinced that either younis or Afridi can be appointed as new captains, there individual performances and cricketing sense is not good enough.these two first need to proof that they should be in the team on the first hand.

  • Itsham Iqbal on March 18, 2007, 16:52 GMT

    I am shocked, at this early exit by our boys in green. I fully expected them to thrash the Irish. My main is concern is that the team was put under pressure and they capitulated like a bunch scared school boys engulfed with child like errors. This defeat is so hard to take, I would not have minded if they put some sort of fight but that did not even materialise. The Pakistanis have made the same mistakes as the last world cup. Clearly shows that all the planning that has gone on, they have not learnt a single iota.

    The PCB and the Pakistani cricket team are run like a bunch of amateurs. I stress that we as fans should not blame Bob Woolmer. He has tried his best with these players, but they simply do not want to listen. Inzi and the PCB run this cricket team, and this is personified by having Mushtaq Ahmed as fast bowling coach. I nothing against Mustaq but come on he is a spinner for god’s sake. Where is the logic in that? Please some one tell me. True the conditions were tough for the side batting first which evened up the contest, but this is against the Ireland, who really have no one who is world class in their team. My uncle Javed who has a grocery store and is 61 could get into that team. However may be I am being to harsh and I should give credit where credit is due they played well, and fielded superbly. We were simply very poor and this has to stop. Pakistani cricket is in a state of shambles and the main blame has to go to the PCB and the chairman of selectors Wasim Bari. He has been sacked and reinstated more times I have had roti in my entire life, he is a joke. What the hell where the Pakistani talking about speaking Urdu in their press conference’s when a team should have been talking about their match plans, batting in pairs, bowling a good line and WINNING etc! The ‘Ho Ha ‘surrounding the team has not helped, with Akthar, Asif, Razzaq and Afridi all out but a team has to show some courage when the chips are down. The players have let the nation down and their fans worldwide. All we needed was roughly 160 to 170 and that would have been enough. Ireland bowled well and the pitch was doing a lot but the Pakistani should have the technique to deal with this! I feel betrayed by the lack of fight, courage, hunger and the mental willingness to win shown by the Pakistani players. Pakistani cricket has to sort it self out. Enough is enough, the PCB has to put it foot down, and sort this one out. There so many problems:

    • Get rid of politics within the PCB/Pakistani cricket and run it like a board is meant to be run! • PICK THE BEST PLAYERS: why wasn't Hameed playing? Why was he not even in the squad. He has much better technique than the current crop of openers. • Get rid of Wasim Bari. What I don't understand about this guy, is that, he has been sacked and reinstated more times than I can count. I am sure he got sacked in 2003 after another poor showing by the boys in green. • Fitness. All I have to say is that look at INZI & Mahmood. • PLAN. For god sake every match has to have a plan of some sort. Against the WI and Irish, we looked liked we had no idea how we were going to set a target or chase down a score. For example, If the PAKS were 5 down on 50 runs, what would we need to do! • Work on Weak areas. The hook Shot! How Akaml & Mahmod got out. These two had to push the score on but they did not realise the importance of the game. Truly shocking and dreadful shots. • First class cricket.! PCB has to make this one of urgent priorities.....It is simply a joke • Pitches in Pakistani. Please have some variety so we know how to deal with seaming and bouncing wicket’s

    (This list is getting really Long)

    • Have a captain, who is captaincy material. Being a good player is not the only ingredient for a captain. Inzi take note. • Why is a spinner a fast bowling coach? Is he teaching our fast bowlers how to throw googlies? • Make me the CHAIRMAN OF THE PCB, and I GURANTEE I WILL SORT OUT THE SAMBOLIC AND PATHETIC NATURE OF PAKISTNAI CRICKET!

    This list can get very long, but I do not want to waste any more my time. The Pakistani I feel will never truly fulfil their potential if some of the points are not taken seriously. We know that they are I feel the most talented team in world but with no hard work, dedication, commitment, hunger, TECHNIQUE, Mental toughness, talent will get you no where!

  • Aditya on March 18, 2007, 16:52 GMT

    Well it was a bad day for Indian and Pakistani fans. We got humbled by Bangladesh (although Bangladesh is a much stronger team and they have beaten us once) and you guys were humbled by Ireland. Let me tell you not feel disappointed, your team is extremely talented. The Asian giants will definitely bounce back!

  • Muhammad Naseer, Riyadh on March 18, 2007, 16:51 GMT

    Well! It is indeed the time when some serious discussion is required. What happened in Sabina Park, brought great shock and melancholy in the hearts of poor masses, the ardent fans of the great game of cricket in Pakistan We are just feeling that somebody from our blood relation have been brutally assassinated. The pain of this assassination will last for a long time. The sad demise of Pakistan cricket in Sabina Park, might bring some changes cricket administration in near future. But I am not much hoping so. It is just a mere reflection of our national character of past few years in particular and on the whole in general. The national character, I mean, the values of our high ups that are greater than the institutions. Due apology to the few honest, who are a rear breed in the present set up. The poor masses, that consist of more than 80 percent of our nation, have one specific character, the love of country and to see her on sublime heights. For the remaining, the cause of the country is only important until it suits their needs. A great number of our high ups belong to the same breed. The cricket board is running on ad hoc basis for quite long time. The Chairman, the Chief selector and his subordinates, the coach and the captain has their specific agendas. They don’t bother what the other sane community is saying. The tissues of their necks are so stiff that they are unable to see around. The coach and the captain are the epitome of this breed.

    As far our foreign coach is concerned, he acted like a vampire who has not only eaten up a bulk of our tax payers money but the very soul of the ardent lover of Pakistan cricket. Some people say that he is the most accomplished cricket coach but the final result shows that he is great destroyer of the very spirit of the cricket teams. I personally, feel that he has an agenda of spoiling the spirit of Pakistan cricket tigers and to wax the non entities. The defeat against Ireland is a clear example of this notion. Mr. Coach, your resignation has not yet arrived, perhaps you are still waiting to finish your contract … Shame on you.

    As far captain is concerned, his neck muscles are stiffer than the rock. He is a sublime stupid. A sublime batsman of the past but a most stupid captain of the present era. At the twilight of his career he has wasted all the honour whatever, he earned during his life time. Mr. Captain, Better, you leave now, before you are kicked out of the team by someone else.

    As far Chairman and selectors are concerned, they are by products of our national character of high ups which I narrated above. They have dead and shameless conscience, they will not leave until a revolution takes place.

    What will be the future of Pakistan cricket, the dark clouds are prevailing everywhere. However, the concept of life time authority might not work anymore. If, it happens like this, we might see a ray of hope oozing out from a distant corner.

  • Fuad Saqib Ghazanfar on March 18, 2007, 16:50 GMT

    The less that is said, the better it bunch of idiots couldn't bring more shame and ignominy to this great guys should stay on in the West Indies and each one of you should join the remaining teams and serve them as water boys....we dont want you back home. are the one who brought great fame to our country in 1992....but I fail to gather your inability to think beyond the obvious...the world had asked you to bat up the order but you didnt have the brain to think. What was the point in playing Rana Naveed against West Indies when you knew he had been thrashed even by Canada in the warm up games. Moreover, you failed to inspire anyone by your lack luster performance and drooping shoulders.

    As for Bob...its about time you leave now. You've miserably failed. we've tried 7 batsmed in opening positions and still you haven't been able to carve out any openers.

    PLease dont torture this nation anymore by bringing any more disgrace to Paksitan.

  • Tank on March 18, 2007, 16:50 GMT

    I mean no disrespect but I think the biggest problem with Pakistani cricket is the Pakistani's themselves. Why must every-one be so fanatical? Yes, by all means be upset by your teams performance, but to call for them to die or be arrested, Is your whole country INSANE? WOW man, it is a flippin game, there are a hell of a lot more important things in this world than cricket. You lot seem to have no self control and get caught up in MOB mentallity every day. If anything angers you, or any-one disagrees with you you want to kill them.

    How can you expect anything good when you have no balance? You blow from hot to cold and are double minded in all your ways. I hope Pakistan are actually banned until the people of Pakistan learn how to handle adversity without resorting to death threats.

    It is an absolute disgrace, no wonder so many people are biased against you. Learn how to be gracious in defeat.

  • Abdul Basit on March 18, 2007, 16:50 GMT

    We are in state of shock, can't write any thing.

  • Jawad on March 18, 2007, 16:50 GMT

    I am filled with disgust and feels as if someone has punched me in the stomach pit.I never knew such a day would come in Pakistan cricket.My hopes are shattered as cricket is more than a game for us.This whole team should be replaced by the under 19 and built from scrap.I have nothing else to say.

  • Shahzad Fayyaz on March 18, 2007, 16:49 GMT

    HI Kamran Bhai, I am devastated by the dead act by pakistani crickters, what the hell they wre upto !!! they went there to play cricket but I just noticed they they were more keen to enjoy a sunny beach day. They all acted as dead ducks. All seniors should be exiled, we dont need these players. I want to ask Inzi, Bob , Nasim Ashraf is there any system on which pakistan cricket is bases?? I think it doesnt have any roots to stand on. Azhar Mahmood comes after 4 years and he is in the team , why not before that ??? Why do u always considers him at the 12th hour !!!! Why was Rana given chance in the first match , was that due to his growing resemblence with the catain !!!! For God sake give the deserving the chance not ur freinds. This is not the freinds game, You are representing ur whole country, do u not fear any shame if u let us down ?? Why was Waqar thrown out , only because of Mr Ashraf !!!! Who the hell is he to make all decisions by his own , its like communism going on in our cricket system, and we want democracy , ''INQILAAB''. Its been four years , and we are not able find any new openers !!! rotating all those what we had before, Hafeez, Salman , Hameed,Farhat, did we find any new faces ?? Why not , dont we have any system , where is the system, all youth in country are playing cricket , is there no one capable to come forward and bat , we had 16 million of population, and 10 million playing cricket !!!! The reason is you dont let deserving players to come forward , its always based on references for the dead players !!! Imran Nazir out for four years coming back at the penultimate time !! Is this what you call starategy?????

    Find some bloody new players !! Why didnt u , you had bloody four years to operate !!!

    I think Shoaib Malik should be made the captain like Greame Smith was made the South African captain, and like him Shoaib should open the batting and lead the team from front , all baba's in cricket should be sacked, we want Bob , Inzi , Rana, Azhar, Hafeez, Kaneria, Rao Iftikhaar, and Kamran Akmal out of the team, we want new quality players, Please Please Please dont let us downm , dont make us cry , abahsed, ashamed.

  • arshad on March 18, 2007, 16:49 GMT

    What a disgusting and unforgiveable performance by Pakistan! from the very beginning i knew that this would happen especially when Rana Naveed and Kamran Akmal were chosen for the team despite their amateurish skills becoming self evident in the series against South Africa! In my opinion Inzamam should be sacked along with the above two cretins and Afridi should be given the captaincy! bring back some old soldiers like Moin Khan and employ a strict fitness and diet regime ASAP! If i were a selector i would sack Inzamam, Akmal and Rana immediately as an example to show the rest of the players that lacklustre performances will never ever be tolerated again! Shame on you Inzamam you were a great player but now you are an old overweight person who can only play pitter patter shots, a mockery of a once great cricketing nation!

  • jamil usa on March 18, 2007, 16:47 GMT

    the thing is we are senseless nation nothing will happen and we will see same faces .One thing Kamran you did not mention MR Bari what to do with his personal grudges against certain players like Moin khan and yasir hameed .He destroyed their careers to promote Kamran Akmal for prepration of world cup while the whole world was asking to change the keeper.Before anyone Bari must go

  • MastanKhan on March 18, 2007, 16:47 GMT

    It is time for the knives to come out. Inzi the great cricketer found out on the judgement day that he was just an ordinary leader, with a below par batting in the last whole year, who rode the wave of religion in the game of cricket. So, Inzi, the question today to you and to your cronies is---you brought God to the game of cricket "So who's God is stronger today. The irish God---"!!! I don't blame Bob Woolmer one bit. He will remain a great coach. It is a shame that the pakistani team captain and its players didnot have the ability to retain the quality training after they walked of the training ground to the playing field. In today's game, it is also a fact that the team captain is a very strong and inspiring leader during all stages of the tour. The coach can only bring out whatever is the best inside of the player. If it is only a defeatist attitude, then shame to the player because the coach can only do so much. It is a black day in the history of pakistani cricket. The shame will stay for a long long time.

  • Murtaza Farooq Rana on March 18, 2007, 16:47 GMT

    I Think the Author suggested the best out of him. But in my opinion, they should be sentenced to death as they already sentenced us last night.

  • Dr. ahsan chaudhry on March 18, 2007, 16:47 GMT

    I think this moulvi-ism has played its part too just like in any other profession. Inzi has'nt moved around actively till only 20 runs were needed and this as a common observor is unfathomable to me. He has such a laid back personality that it is contagious due to the lack of education and lack of respect for the game among the rest of team members. Inzi should be fired asap and not younis but either malik or afridi should be make captain. And waqar younis should be reinstated as a bowling coach as we are tired of seeing these losers and need some old champion's sight in the dressing room. This might motivate the team too. And this Doc should be fired for good from this post atleast. He has made pakistan a laughing stock. Bob woolmer tried his best but i guess he too is stunned by this lowness of our team. Every player tried to follow the ball rather than playing inside the line of the bowl and no one seems to have the head to access the situation and play accordingly. akmal should also be replaced as he is a player of muhallas.

  • khansahab on March 18, 2007, 16:47 GMT

    Mayhem. Disaster. Death.

    Did we see it coming? I was one of the romantics who was in full agreement with Mr Abbasi that Pakistan had the potential to take on Australia. God knows that I stand by my assertion. Where I was wrong, however, was that I trusted our captain to lead from the front. Why this debacle occurred is due to plentiful reasons; we can state them for donkey’s years. Just by looking at what Inzi said in the match ceremony clearly evidenced that he got it all wrong; it is because of Allah’s will that Pakistan lost and fate was not on their side! The only reason Allah chose that outcome was because of Inzi’s poor decisions, if you ask me. The dictionary of the wise and enlightened Pakistani defines the paindu in many shades. One of the facets of painduism is that paindus are overly conservative, non conformist and fail to adapt to changing times and circumstances. The consequences of painduism are disastrous for communal prosperity and efficient and competent running of any system/administration. That is what we have seen from Inzi, much like how we see that from most persons with authority in Pakistan. Pakistan and Pakistani cricket will not succeed unless paindus are removed from authoritative posts. Some encouragement has to be taken from the way Gul, Rao and Sami bowled. Sami for me was a reborn bowler. He performed when he was given the requisite importance and confidence to perform. I do believe with that mindset he can take on the world’s best batsmen. Somehow I felt that the partnership of Gul, Sami and Rao might be more fruitful in the long run than one of Akhtar, Asif and Rana. People will blame the openers and I suppose I can’t blame those critics. I know I am in the minority when I state that the concept of opening in Pakistani cricket is flawed and that the notion should be obliterated altogether. Forget “branding”. International cricket is a different environment to domestic cricket and successful “brands” in domestic cricket may not necessarily work in international cricket. Open with those batsmen who are capable of absorbing pressure and staying at the crease, not with those who are only there because they can give you “flying starts.” Use those batsmen who can absorb pressure and keep the strike rotating. Get Asim Kamal and Fawad Alam in. Your coach must be one who can communicate with you effectively. The only thing similar about Inzi and Woolmer is the size of their bellies. Miandad has proved to be a better coach than Woolmer. That is not to say that Woolmer could have done any better. With a paindu captain and paindu players you can’t expect anymore. Someone with maturity, insight and reasonableness cannot thrive in a paindu environment. There are no excuses. Just plain pathetic captaincy. Right from to player selection, to fielding, to bowling selection. The list is endless really. Yes you can blame the PCB and the system. But those are really the causes of long-term failure. Let us confine ourselves to the match vs Ireland. Why send Hafeez again at no.2? Why send Younis at no.3 when he has failed so often recently? Why not send Yousuf at no.3 when he averages 55 at that position? Heck, why not open with him even? What is wrong with sending your best batsman at the top? Why not play Kaneria instead of Azhar Mahmood against a side with a weakness against spin?

    The solution is as follows. I know that because of the painduness of our country, we won’t see these solutions being implemented. But this is what Pakistan needs to do in order to train for WC 2011: 1) Younis should be made captain with Yousuf or Malik as vice captain. What a pity that Malik still hasn’t properly cemented his place in the Test side owing to erratic form and partly owing to the team management fiddling about with his batting position, but it seems that Pakistan will be desperate for change. Please note that I am no fan of Younis’s captaincy but the team needs a change of leadership. Younis should be told that if he does not make himself more aggressive and assertive over his players in order to get the best out of them, Yousuf will replace him. 2) Inzi should bat at no. 3 or no. 4. If he is physically incapable of doing so, he should be axed. 3) Razzaq and Akmal should be sacked. Any good keeper should be groomed at domestic level and Rashid Latif should coach potential keepers at domestic level. PCB will consider it a waste of money to employ Latif as a keeping coach just to coach a struggling keeper. But they can afford paying him to do some work domestically in grooming 2 or 3 potential keepers. 4) Yousuf and Younis should open and Asim Kamal and Fawad Alam should be brought into both the ODI and Test sides. 5) Selection Committee should be sacked. I am really sorry if I sound biased but provincial quotas for national-level player selection should now be implemented for the success of the team. At least two players each from Sindh and NWFP should always feature in a Pakistani line-up. Meaning- get out Razzaq/Hafeez/Nazir/Farhat/Butt, and get in Kamal, Hameed, Anwar Ali, Alam etc. 6) I can only pray that the system gets free of corruption but I know there is no chance of that occurring. Players with potential like Misbah-ul-Haq and Asim Kamal who apparently don’t have sources will benefit from that move. 7) Openers should be specialist batsmen who can absorb pressure, not batsmen who open the batting and give flying starts to the team (and “fly away” the team’s chances of victory!). 8) If Farhat, Butt, Nazir and Hafeez HAVE TO BE played because of the paindu connection, then they should bat after Yousuf, Younis and Inzi, even if that means say, Farhat batting at no.7. 9) The idea of “keep playing inconsistent players because only then they will learn how to perform at international level” is flawed and should be permanently discarded. If someone who has demonstrated consistency and temperament fails for a few innings (eg Asim Kamal) then he should be given chances. But someone who has consistently been inconsistent (Farhat, Razzaq, Nazir) should be immediately axed. 10) Mature players must be included into the squad. We are looking generally for 25+ players. In the case of rare prodigies like Fawad Alam, that point can be excused.

    If these 10 points are implemented, I guarantee you that Pakistan will be victorious in the 2011 World Cup. The realistic side of me tells me that they will never be implemented. I defined “paindu” above. The paindu does not learn from his mistakes and is non conformist. Expect a similar shambles in 2011. As Inzi would say, “Success is not in your kismet; it is not God’s will.”

  • mai on March 18, 2007, 16:45 GMT

    Shame …. But remember every disgrace brings an opportunity. Its time to get rid of garbage that is in PCB, & btw start of with Doc himself!

    I hope this will bring freshness and new approach in the team and new cricketing setup in the country which former greats like Imran Khan are asking for.

    People should not only blame players … team management needs to get punish. --They made our players miss practice session to attend basant show organized by Doc just before the WC. --they embarrassed our players by asking them to speak Urdu so that PJ Mir has something to do in WI --Mr Doc was in WI, in dressing room just to make things even worse -- AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, two of the 15 players where not even included in the fist 30 squad. What worse can the players ask for team management … I just hope Pakistan make the most out of this opportunity to make cricket setup better in the country. ==> greatness is not in never falling but rising everything one falls.

  • furqan on March 18, 2007, 16:44 GMT

    We need a complete revampt from the top to the bottom. Get Bob out!! Inzy should retire. Nazir and Hafeez out aswell they've had there chances and haven't done anything. Younis Khan scored 9 runs in champions trophy, about 3 so far in the world cup, he can't handle pressure get him out for a few months. And theres loads more things I could say but don't want to waste my time on them idiots.

  • Shuaib Siddiqui on March 18, 2007, 16:44 GMT

    Salamz! I hope the torture ends here and now. And the people who caused it, themselves resign and just go away. But I dont expect such wisdom from niether PCB officials nor the senior Pak Cricket team players. But most probably, we all will soon see them playing a blame game. Someone need to tell them, "Dude, its time to go! Its not your thing anymore ... "

  • Gollumbird on March 18, 2007, 16:44 GMT

    Kamran. Thank you putting it succinctly some of what we feel. I am too shocked and disappointed to be negative in this post. Though I will end with, "WE SHALL BE BACK!".

  • Fan from Houston on March 18, 2007, 16:42 GMT

    I feel so much embarssment, that I cant Comment anything. I hope you get the message. I think its high time that you 3 should leave this team for good. We fans cant take anymore embarssments.

  • SQUARE_CUT FROM BBC TMS on March 18, 2007, 16:42 GMT

    cornerd tigers? more like meek little kittens....this is the worst pakistani team i have ever seen, no balls at all...this is pathetic, disgraceful, shameful, embarrassing pakistani team ever...this team is only good for chucking, cheating, drugs, ball tampering, pitch dancing, moaning etc. its time for inzi to move on...i have been saying for a year now that inzi's time is up and he needs to take his freind mushy with him, useless people, useless team.

  • Javid on March 18, 2007, 16:42 GMT




  • Malikfan on March 18, 2007, 16:41 GMT

    I cannot believe this team lost, but honestly the fault lies clearly with the team management, how they can let someone like shoaib malik come so late down the order is baffling....these guys lost not because they dont have talent they lost because they dont have brains!!

  • khan on March 18, 2007, 16:39 GMT

    maybe the players where thinking more about the pakistan tourist season!!!!! and trying to figure out how to say LBW in Urdu.

  • Riaz Hussain on March 18, 2007, 16:39 GMT

    Dear Kamran:

    The Blackest day of Pakistan's cricket history is over. I really wonder at courage that you still like to talk about cricket. After yesterdays horrible defeat of Pakistan in the hands of Irish, decided to never talk or follow cricket. But when i read your reactions I could not resist to say nothing. For a long time that I have been of the opinion that Pakstan's captain is under the most incapable captain. The captain who lacks, aggression, intelligence, motivation, inspiration, presence of mind and so on. It was a great unfortunate for Pak to have inzi the captain. In fact, the captains appointment in this world cup and in the last one were wrong. In the last WC, the selection of Waqar as a captain was wrong because of players rivalries against each other. There were a lot sr. players would not get along with waqar, that costed dealry the last WC. This time it was inzi as captain, who has no brain or sense of leadership. Now I would suggest, that Inzi, Nasim and Bob should have been sacked. I nzi could stay in the team as player not as a captain provided he plays for Pakistan with no conspiracy. Shoiab sould be sacked as he is the most irresponsible person. I would vote Shoaib for Shoaib Malik as our new captain and Abdul Razzaq be his vice. As Younis Khan has only aggression with brain. All players should go to some sort of academy where they can be gormmed professionaly to make better startegy, decision making, analytical approach, handle pressure and problem soltuions. Regarding coach, we should reinstate Waqar as a bowling coach or Wasim akram if possible. No one else could be a great bowling coach than these. Mushi should be kicked out, such a rubbish decision to have him to coach fast bowlers. For batting coach, we can have great pakistani batsman like Saeed Anwar, Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbas. These batting coaches should also be trained to use modern technologies for coaching techniques. No more today. I guess I wrote too much for my indeigetion of yesterdays results.

    No more for today.

  • ILoveUSA on March 18, 2007, 16:39 GMT

    first ICC made plan and they got success in their plan to give pak very very grassy wicket. now i think pakistan should make plan and should lost heavly from ZM and they didn't show they lost theirself. its just another bad day in their cricket. in this way icc can't say anything about their lost and ZM will go to next round. this is only answer of icc's racist against pakistan.

  • AA on March 18, 2007, 16:37 GMT

    I agree Afridi should be made the captain for ODI team and Razzaq vice captian.

  • Zahid Gill, Toronto Canada on March 18, 2007, 16:37 GMT

    Deline of Pakistan cricket team started when they appointed Inzamam ul Haq as a captain. I won't blame players,they have talent and they are capable to upset anyother team. The problem is with Captain, coach, selection committe and Board adminstration. Board administration and selection comittee don't want a strong captain and coach. They like dummies. Due do these dummies we have seen day like March 17 2007.

    Chairman of board was saying in an interview they action will be taken against players. Who will take action against him and selection comittee? He is such an arrogant person with no knowledge of cricket management.

    Following actions are required immediately

    (1) Fire Inzamam (2) Fire Bob Woolmer (3) Make changes in selection committee (4) Appoint a non-political chairman of cricket board

    Introduce many young players from under 17 and 19. First two years will be hard but then team will settle down for next world cup.

  • Mohsin on March 18, 2007, 16:36 GMT

    An admirable article Kamran, this Pakistani team has disgraced its fans on every level - from the chief selector to the coach to the so called "big three", they should hang there heads in shame.

    A hallmark of great players is to be great on great occasions, not to buckle under the pressure like little dogs.

  • Yousuf on March 18, 2007, 16:36 GMT

    Well written. Spoken from the heart and soul of a true Pakistan fan. I will go over the top and say that a lot of this is due to our culture and also our religion (I am sorry if I offend someone, I am one of you). There is only one thing I don't agree with you on, that Afridi can captain Pakistan. Think about what you said.

  • ILoveUSA on March 18, 2007, 16:35 GMT

    you will see how this team will beat ZM without any pressure. if they beat ZM easily then i am will be right to say from many months this team is very very under pressure by two person stupid coach woolmer and worst captain inzi. winning next match from ZM will prove it coz players will play without any pressure. but i pray to god pakistan lost that match badly and ZM go to next round instead of ireland.

  • Owais on March 18, 2007, 16:35 GMT

    Yup, u r rite mate :( This pakistan team has cut a very sorry figure and hurt all of us to no ends...I am sooo very hurt that nobody except me can feel the extent and the humiliation within... Sorry guyz, v definitely need a change plzzz. We need to implement couple of things in a hurry like: 1. Show the door to Bob n Inzi (Offcourse) 2. Bring back Waqar as bowling coach(Offcourse)

    Now, last but not least, we paki cricketers were distinguished and recognised as "FIGHTERS" IF NOT "TIGERS", were feared in cricketing cirlces around the world by our mercurial talent and LIONHEARTED approach to the game....."PLZ BRING THAT LIONHEARTED (KILLER) APPROACH BACK TO YOUR GAME AND M SURE THATS THE ONLY MEDICINE FOR US AT THIS POINT OF TIME HENCE BRING IT BACK"

  • Fahim Khan on March 18, 2007, 16:35 GMT

    I am very glad Pakistan lost to Ireland. This was going to happen. we could all see it coming. Without the hunger to win it is never possible to put up a show. Inzy bhai with 17yrs+ career can never be hungery. Jail bob before sacking him. He is reponsible for taking the spine out of our team. Jail Doc too. If he was good enough, he would have sticked with his profession. Ask Imran Khan to help. He known exactly how to set them RIGHT.

  • Farhat Ali Khan on March 18, 2007, 16:35 GMT

    Pakistan lost because they were too much depending on God. Inzi stopblaming the fate and look at your team preparations. God only helps if you have spirit and telent. This pakistani team is a bunch of Molanas who think just because they are five time prayers they can win anything. If you are praying good for you and I m sure you will go to heavan. Compare this team with the previous ones ... Imran , wasim , waqar , Miadad they were all aggressive cricketers ... to win a game you have to be aggressive not tabligi !!!

  • Bilal on March 18, 2007, 16:34 GMT

    Where to I start !!! Where do I end !!!

    This was probably the worst and the lowest point pakistani team and the hardcore pakistani fans have seen for a while. I don't blame the players or captain but I blame the administration that has no knowledge and plan in tackling cricket in Pakistan. The team is compromised of players from cities like LAHORE and KARACHI while talent has no home and should not be circumscribed. Look further in small towns and villages as real HEREOS and Talent is hinden in the clay villages and remote mountains and terrain. Don't blame INZI as he should never been a captain. You need Imran Khan type of a leader. When a leader dies so does the army. You need an Alexander, a Mohammed Bin Qasim type of leaders. So start searching abundant playgrouds in pakistan rather that the backyards of landlords and former lousy players. Cricket is not inheritance and should not be treated as such. Playing for Pakistan should be a privilege and not taken as a gift. Bring democracy in this country, if not in the political system, then at least in the cricketing infrastructure. I hope this disastrous world cup will bring a new era, an era filled with heroes like Wasim, Waqar and Imran. The ramifications and cosequences of giving cricketing responsibilities to doctor's adn general is proven. We need a specialist who is not biased and is a true pakistani to search the abundance of talent in pakistan.


  • Umar Roshan on March 18, 2007, 16:34 GMT

    A shocking truth that seemed to have dawned with this defeat is that on a green pitch, if our under 19 team bowls to the current National Team, it may get them out in a similar fashion as Ireland. I also disagree with your pick for future captains. Shoaib Malik and Younis Khan showed a total lack of thought, courage and even teqnique (and I prefer not to comment about Afridi). How can such people lead a team? It is sad but true that the only elements of success that have been a part of Pakistan cricket are Imran Khan and the players that took from him as his apprentices. At the moment, the only World Class players in our team are Shoaib Akhter, Mohammed Asif and Mohammad Yusuf. I would have included Inzamam but as e is is also captain, that aspect excludes him. Sami though has the potential to become a great player. Fortunately, with this perfromance, players like Yasir Hameed and Asim Kamal may get a chance now and I hope that they are trained well. If not, then there is nothing to hope for. And it is possible that no significant change is made. I say this becasue after the last World Cup, Wasim Bari was removed but guess what he was put back again later. I fial to comprehend why a sincere managemen would commit such acts.

  • Omar on March 18, 2007, 16:34 GMT

    Yeah this loss for Pakistan was truly a sad one. Players like Inzamam should feel "stupid" because of how they had been outplayed by a nation who is not even known for their cricket, with all due respect to Ireland, who played an excellent match. In this Pakistan side, we need to get our players more fit. In other sports around the world, such as basketball and baseball, players are well fit. The Pakistan cricket team is a professional team and we need to show this professionalism. So far, there has been no professionalism shown by these Pakistani players. We need to get younger players on the team. Look at Bangladesh, they are such a young team, but they have the poise to win. Few years ago the team was not that good, but the younger players have developed and look at the results, beating New Zealand in the warm up match, and now India. This is what the Pakistan cricket team needs to do, get younger players on the side and let them develop. We shouldn't change the roster every series, such as how sometimes Salmaan Butt opens an ODI and some series he doesn't, this will just disrupt the confidence of many players if this happens to them on a regular basis. As a Pakistani, I am not proud with our cricket team.

  • javed on March 18, 2007, 16:34 GMT

    the worst day in my life of pakistan cricket. however it was expected as the team have been performing very poorly over past few months. spineless, poorly led,lethargic and unimaginative., very very sad day for pakistan cricket. goodbye inzamam, woolmer . i agree shoab malik should be made captain and pick young FIT,AND ABLE MINDED AS WELL AS PHYSICALLY fit cricketers. we need to build future and hopefully MOhammed ASIF can come back and lead attack in future..

  • Asim on March 18, 2007, 16:33 GMT

    Ireland played with a passion Pakistan can't even dream of. Every single was vital yet I struggle to recall any Pakistan player diving in the field. Inzi captained as if it was a test match....keeping the same field and remaining impassive throughout.

    Defending such a low total cried out for aggression in the field from Pakistan. They should have been hurling the ball into the keeper right under the batsmen's nose, chirping at them and screaming encouragement. What did we get? Akmal collecting the ball on the half-volley thirty yards from the crease, Inzi stroking his beard in the slips and the occaisional 'well bowled Gully' from the covers.

    Long gone are the days when we had the ability to defend almost any score. The two W's are gone and Inzi's links with the past have meant they have been pretty much ignored. I can't believe the lack of passion amongst the current rabble compared to what those two had.

    At least now, Inzi will go and a new coach will come in. It needs a tough man who won't tolerate the lazy attitude that many of the players clearly have. Players like Yousaf are a luxury....if he doesn't score runs, what use is he? He can't field and that in itself should embarrass him. What is worse for me is that he doesn't seem to be making any attempt to improve! The players don't look as if they are busting their b*lls to win and that must be a minimum requirement.

    I could go on for hours....congratulations to Ireland as they were fantastic and Pakistan should be ashamed of themselves. Sadly, I don't think they will be.

  • Raza on March 18, 2007, 16:33 GMT

    the only person to be blamed for this situation is Inzamam, he is not performing for last 1 year and is still in the team while other players who do not perform in one match are out of the team. He is playing on the bases of his records rather than performance even then he says that it has become normal to hear such rude comments. Inzamam must retire or sent out of team so that team can improve.

  • Fahad on March 18, 2007, 16:32 GMT

    The only solution to prevent such shameful occurrences again is for the PCB to issue a statement saying that the Pakistani Cricket team has been disbanded due to the lack of funds. Call me crazy, but at least we wont ever lose to a team like Ireland. It's better not to have a team at all than to lose to the minnows and blacken the face of the once mighty Pakistani Cricket team!!! Thank you Bob Woolmer and Inzi...I'll be telling my grandchildren exactly why we don't even have a cricket team 40 years from now!!

  • Raza on March 18, 2007, 16:32 GMT

    the only person to be blamed for this situation is Inzamam, he is not performing for last 1 year and is still in the team while other players who do not perform in one match are out of the team. He is playing on the bases of his records rather than performance even then he says that it has become normal to hear such rude comments. Inzamam must retire or sent out of team so that team can improve and can shave.

  • syed badar munir on March 18, 2007, 16:32 GMT

    I have no words to describe my feelings at this early exit of pakistan. I am devastated, destroyed and most of all ashamed. I live in toronto and the people all aoround us will not make us forget this loss. I wonder how painful these fours year will be leave aside these six weeks of world cup where u will see every team playing except yours and you have no one to look for.Pain Pain and more Pain Shame Shame and more Shame.

  • ali eteraz on March 18, 2007, 16:32 GMT

    Thank you for a beautifully written piece of anger and mourning. It is not just a sad day for Pakistan, it is a humiliating one. I have taken off my Pakistan jersey today, and I believe, retired it for the time being.

  • OK on March 18, 2007, 16:31 GMT

    Amen, Doc.

  • Sidra tariq on March 18, 2007, 16:31 GMT

    Well , Its a great shock for me and everyone ,the way Pakistan team lost to Irish .It was our last hope. I dont have anything to say to Pakistan cricket team or officials , because this team itself has become victim to politics since oval test . A big disappointment , i waited for this worldcup four year , and didnt expect such a thing from Pakistan .Well , still Worldcup is over for Pakistan , Now i can get back to my studies !!!

  • Junaid on March 18, 2007, 16:30 GMT

    Well done pakistan. No matter what people say i am sure no one can take away the losers tag away from you. Kamran said we didnt fight? i wonder what match he was seeing, i mean cumon kamran didnt you see how we fought to lose this match or how we tried our damndest to make sure we dont win anything. Well done pakistan and inshallah we will make sure we lose the next match. Cumon we are losers afterall arent we?...

  • Nasir Janjua on March 18, 2007, 16:30 GMT

    After all the drama at oval I was expecting that Pakistan cricket team will show off some spirit and discipline but it turned out just thought like other cricket lovers in Pakistan and across the world.

    As it happened quite a few times in the past every one will blame each other and after a period of time all will be over. That’s the only thing every one think of especially who ever is sitting in management either its PCB or authorities running the system in Pakistan if there is any exists?

    Our cricket team has same problem as our country is going through. Why this is happening with Pakistan no one is there to think off. Bunch of monkeys trying to do with the nation what ever they want to.

    In our cricket team no one is fit as we all saw in two world cup matches team played so far. Inzamam is always standing in the ground like he came for a walk. No enthusiasm, no role which prove that he is leading from the front. Even Mohammad Yousaf has gained weight who should be the most responsible player as every one knows the fragility of out batting line but no one cares and it’s a feeling that most of senior players think they have achieved what ever they were suppose to.

    Whole country needs a big culture change.

  • VERY VERY VERY ANGRY on March 18, 2007, 16:28 GMT

    The most disgraceful display ever seen on a sports field. The so called athletes from Pakistan are an embarrassment for the country. They are supposed to be young and fit but the idiots can’t even bend down to field. What the blody hell have they been doing, the image of Molvee inzy standing with hands on hips scratching his beard is pathetic, the whole world is laughing inzy, at us and the loyal passionate Pakistan supporters are in distress, do us a favour, just go. Bob, no need for you to go back to Pakistan, the team has gone backwards from the shambles of 2003, iam sure you have made enough money now and you have enough material for a biography. Get rid of all the STUPID FOOLS who are disgracing us. Its not just cricket that’s a laughing stock, our KING MR MUSH is the biggest joke in the world, has he not got enough to do, why the HELL is he the patron of PCB. How much money can one man snatch and get away with it? Why doesn’t he just become the coach of Pakistan cricket team, he’s running everything else. They are so stupid that they think the world is laughing with us, open your eyes buffoons they are laughing at us. Most of these Fc3K*RS don’t give a shit anyway, they are in it for the money.

  • Muhammad Asif on March 18, 2007, 16:28 GMT

    It was evident. Actions speak louder than words. They must join politics to make more money. The more words you have in your pocket, more money you can make in politics. Best of luck to your new role.

  • Adeel Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 16:27 GMT

    We came to Jamaica from Los Angeles to cheer on our Team, but most importantly to watch good cricket. We cheered, but our team gave us the most nightmarish, spineless surrender. Your letter captures our views and emotions completely.

  • pakistanifannomore on March 18, 2007, 16:27 GMT

    Hello to all my pakistani supporters out there,

    After watching the game i was in understandably in shock. The meaning of the word shock found new meaning that day for me and my family and it was only the other day when i returned back to my university that i came out of it only to be laughed at and made fun of...even by Indians who casted their loss as...hey bangladesh beat australia and newzealand; ireland anyone?

    Now i dont know what to think anymore. I could be as insulting as i want, hurl abuses at the players, give advices of kinds like fire everyone in charge, but it will do me no good. What we should remember however, and this is where i am the best at giving a conspiracy theory, that the seniour players like inzamam were retiring and woolmer's extension was done. Maybe they betted against themselves to win and exit the world cup and their career with high notes...monetary ofcourse. Well whatever it was all i know is i have lost faith in cricket. I was the biggest fan of Pakistani cricket and wore pride on my heart and sleeve but my sleeve has been torn and heart is not there nomore. Poetic yes but true nonetheless.

  • Riz on March 18, 2007, 16:26 GMT

    This was the most spineless group of individuals to have ever represented Pakistan on the cricket field. And the PCB? Well for an organization that has been on a downhill roll ever since the Oval test, it is a stunning retribution for the incompetence of all its officials. Please, if there is any decency and a shred of honour in any of you, resign and disappear. As for the Irish, what a terrifc spunky performance, and don't anyone believe that they were lucky to win the toss: they were champions, and deserved to win, like the Pakistan team used to be in the distant past.

  • Kamran Mushtaq on March 18, 2007, 16:26 GMT

    Well the joke that was Pakistan's World Cup campaign was over quite quickly - a blessing in disguise maybe ? Bob and Inzi had a good partnership to start out with and they were on the right track and arguably as osman indicated in his article after the oval fiasco they lost sight of the eventual goal ...

    Well lot of questions that have arisen out of this : 1) Who is going to be the next Captain ? 2) Next Coach - local or foreign ? 3) Fielding Coach ? 4) Bowling Coach - yes or no ? 5) Openers ? 6) Inzi's Replacement - Asim Kamal ? 7) Fawad Alam - Is it time to induct him ?

    As far as captain is concerned i think that our only choice is malik he is the only one who has justified his place in the side ... we should look at the aussie model choose your best 11 and then choose a captain from it not choose 10 players and then add the captain ... afridi doesnt justify his place in the side IMHO ... younis khan leaves a lot of questions in the one day arena ?

    For coach - I still think foreign coach is not a bad idea but we need someone who is willing to take more risks and is ready to fight with the administration ala chapell ... Woolmer it seems went into a shell after the oval thing ... on the local scene Aqib Javed seems a nice option ...

    When SA chose their 1992 worldcup team kepler wessels had asked for an energetic bunch who can throw themselves here and there and save runs in the field ... this has never been Pakistan's forte and uptil now no coach local or foreign has been able to correct this folly ? I think this indicates the main difference towards our approach to the game ... While for other teams it is a must that the player no matter how good in bowling or batting he should be able to save runs in the field ... how many do we have only one - imran nazir and unfortunately for all you imran nazir fans he just cant BAT !!!

  • Sabir Shah on March 18, 2007, 16:26 GMT

    I'm pakistani, proud pakistani, Hockey is our national game, cricket NOT!!! but as being a patriot we have more hopes on cricket. and as yesterday i think i'm not couraged to get my lift my head infront of anyone. And it's not because that IRELAND beated Pakistan, it's only because Pakistan was being beaten by them, Ireland played really well...and that's the spirit , that's the lesson which others teams should learn. since 1999 world cup , Pakistan was world cup winner before that, when faced Australia the ALMIGHTY of cricket, fall like wall of sand. although the difference wasn't much, but the way how IRELAND ( a new comer ) faced n won the former WORLDCHAMPION (Pakistan) they should be awarded by the biggest honor in pakistan Nishan-e-Haider... no hopes for pakistani teams. we are too much depressed that we can't say it out I Sabir hUSSAIN Shah declares that i've no relationship with my national cricket team i-e Pakistan in teh future. and i won't even throw eggs on there coming back to Pakistan, coz that's the disgrace to eggs. Allah Hafiz. hope Pakistan to have good future in SKIING(coz pakistan could be the last one to qualify for super eights in skiing competition but it would be understandable coz no snow(much ) in pakistan) but cricket, world cup...not insuper eights in two world cups in a row... Allah Hafiz and Irish...i wish u much better in the future... yours Sabir Shah

  • Adnan Ekram on March 18, 2007, 16:25 GMT

    I think the performance of Pakistan in this world cup is a disgrace to Pakistani fans all over the world. The true colors of the country and its people are finally being shown, even on the level of a sport like cricket. With so much politics in their selection, they decide to neglect the players who are deserving, yet rather select those with decent talent and no brains. It is common theme with Pakistan, a country with all the talent, but with the wrong people in power. They neglect all the talent from Karachi, and roam the streets of punjab looking to find any individual who has heard of the sport known as cricket and place him on the national team. In the past it was the great Pakistani batmsan from Karachi that helped Pakistan win. From the legendary Hanif Mohammad, to Zaheer Abbas, Asif Iqbal, Javed Miandad, and Saeed Anwar, there have been many that covered the fruitless talent of the Pakistan team. Scratch out Javed Miandad and his brilliance as a batsman and fieldsman, and Pakistan does not win the world cup in 1992. Yet all that is portrayed in Imran Khan's dedication and leaded as a captain. However, they fail to see how Imran Khan pushed Miandad out of captaincy, yet still asked for his help and begged for his advice on and off the field. It is a shameful punishment and I feel for the fans of Pakistan. Majority of these current players should never be allowed to play the sport of cricket again. You can start with Inzamam, add Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf, and there is still plenty of room left for Imran Nazir. As a Pakistani myself, who lives in the United States of America, I am ashamed at my country and embarassed to claim myself as originally being from a country run by animals. As-Salaam-Walaikum.

  • Asif Zia on March 18, 2007, 16:25 GMT

    Well written Kamran.An absolute pathetic display by so called professional cricketers on highly prized central contracts .

    " aslama-lekum, bismillah hira man nira heem, first of all thanks to allah ".... yes the boys did their best but kismet was not with us " please please some body confine this buffoon of a captain to the tabligee jamat because it is quite clear Inzy has lost his marbles and goes around thinking no one can touch me. I agree the almighty allah should always be thanked, but allah also says " work hard, give 110% , mehnat karo with halal intent and I will help you my human "

    This sorry state of affairs is mostly down to Inzy as a pathetic captain, a coward who would not bat further up the order to lead by example, yet send other lambs to slaughter, then trot in pricking his beard, perform badly and then blame on divine intervention.

    He should have been sacked after the oval fiasco, but our beloved Doc who had time to use his mobile on the oval balcony did not have the mettle to sort Inzy out when took power with the help of our president. Our president ? if he has time to hold an investigation on the Geo office should also hold a candid investigation of the Pcb board and team performance.... all linked.

    Salim Altaf will again wriggle out because there ia no accountability, just the same for that other champion Wasim Bari.

    Youngsters are desperate to play for their country pakistan but are not being selected due to cronisim and nepotism.

    Why recall Shahid Nazir after a 7 year absence from Test cricket? why not select a bowler from the world cup winning under 19 team instead ? This is all down to that dictator like captain Inzy having all selection matters.

    I am convinced Bob Woolmer was doing good things for Pakistan cricket but eventually he got fed up with the board politics and that brilliant tactician Inzy !!

    I am sure all will be revealed by Mamoo Bob in due course.

    Pakistan is the laughing stock of world cricket due to incompetence of hand picked cricket administrators who only have a vested interest to promote their own ( political ) goal.

    It is high time ad hocisim stopped and a transparent elected board with experience of the game is quickly brought in. Alas i do not think this will happen, true democracy in Pakistan ? please do not offend the public.

    Oh yes where is our hand picked media manager now ? May be he has realised now " bakhawas is bakhawas whether in Urdu or English, and it is better to stay under ground.

    Inzy please retire now and " play with the boys at home " as kismet is not with you.

    All other cricket countries have made so much progress... look at 17 , 18 years old winning matches for Bangladesh and yet Pakistan with so much more talent cannot do the same anymore.

    I just dont know what the future holds for Pakistan cricket ... i know one thing that it surely cannot get worse than this !!

  • Sabir Shah on March 18, 2007, 16:25 GMT

    I'm pakistani, proud pakistani, Hockey is our national game, cricket NOT!!! but as being a patriot we have more hopes on cricket. and as yesterday i think i'm not couraged to get my lift my head infront of anyone. And it's not because that IRELAND beated Pakistan, it's only because Pakistan was being beaten by them, Ireland played really well...and that's the spirit , that's the lesson which others teams should learn. since 1999 world cup , Pakistan was world cup winner before that, when faced Australia the ALMIGHTY of cricket, fall like wall of sand. although the difference wasn't much, but the way how IRELAND ( a new comer ) faced n won the former WORLDCHAMPION (Pakistan) they should be awarded by the biggest honor in pakistan Nishan-e-Haider... no hopes for pakistani teams. we are too much depressed that we can't say it out I Sabir hUSSAIN Shah declares that i've no relationship with my national cricket team i-e Pakistan in teh future. and i won't even throw eggs on there coming back to Pakistan, coz that's the disgrace to eggs. Allah Hafiz. hope Pakistan to have good future in SKIING(coz pakistan could be the last one to qualify for super eights in skiing competition but it would be understandable coz no snow(much ) in pakistan) but cricket, world cup...not insuper eights in two world cups in a row... Allah Hafiz and Irish...i wish u much better in the future... yours Sabir Shah

  • Manoj Sahay on March 18, 2007, 16:23 GMT

    It's really strange that nobody posted any comment even after more than 9 hours elapsed after this letter was posted.

    I think Bob Woolmer is wholely and solely responsible for this debacle. What has he been doing ever since he took over the charge ? There is no need of foreign coaches.There r enough great players in our country who can coach the National team. We can also question the dedication of these foreign coaches. How can they put in everything for a foreign team's cause. Only a Pakistani by heart and soul can do this job.

  • pakistanifannomore on March 18, 2007, 16:23 GMT

    Hello to all my pakistani supporters out there,

    After watching the game i was in understandably in shock. The meaning of the word shock found new meaning that day for me and my family and it was only the other day when i returned back to my university that i came out of it only to be laughed at and made fun of...even by Indians who casted their loss as...hey bangladesh beat australia and newzealand; ireland anyone?

    Now i dont know what to think anymore. I could be as insulting as i want, hurl abuses at the players, give advices of kinds like fire everyone in charge, but it will do me no good. What we should remember however, and this is where i am the best at giving a conspiracy theory, that the seniour players like inzamam were retiring and woolmer's extension was done. Maybe they betted against themselves to win and exit the world cup and their career with high notes...monetary ofcourse. Well whatever it was all i know is i have lost faith in cricket. I was the biggest fan of Pakistani cricket and wore pride on my heart and sleeve but my sleeve has been torn and heart is not there nomore. Poetic yes but true nonetheless.

  • Abdul on March 18, 2007, 16:21 GMT

    I cant understand why are we still trying the failed players like Imran nazir, the biggest loser pakistan cricket ever had. Players like Shoaib wants things in the way they want. Cant PCB fired that sort of players to make a lesson for coming players??? What so special about Yonis Khan? I never saw him giving performance in a match where it is needed, he always plays where everybody else scores aswell. The only genuine batsman I can find is Muhammad Yosaf. The best thing PCB can do now is to fire Inzi, Younas, Imran nazir and bob wolmer and the PCB chairman. We dont want US imported chairmen for our cricket. One more thing, what is the purpose of army in cricket?? Are they going to run the cricket in the same way they are running the cricket? Every retired army officer, who cant do anything, they put him in the top of some organization from Wapda to cricket. For God sake keep cricket cleen from army.

  • Nasir Janjua on March 18, 2007, 16:21 GMT

    After all the drama at oval I was expecting that Pakistan cricket team will show off some spirit and discipline but it turned out just thought like other cricket lovers in Pakistan and across the world.

    As it happened quite a few times in the past every one will blame each other and after a period of time all will be over. That’s the only thing every one think of especially who ever is sitting in management either its PCB or authorities running the system in Pakistan if there is any exists?

    Our cricket team has same problem as our country is going through. Why this is happening with Pakistan no one is there to think off. Bunch of monkeys trying to do with the nation what ever they want to.

    In our cricket team no one is fit as we all saw in two world cup matches team played so far. Inzamam is always standing in the ground like he came for a walk. No enthusiasm, no role which prove that he is leading from the front. Even Mohammad Yousaf has gained weight who should be the most responsible player as every one knows the fragility of out batting line but no one cares and it’s a feeling that most of senior players think they have achieved what ever they were suppose to.

    Whole country needs a big culture change.

  • Mujtaba on March 18, 2007, 16:20 GMT

    I agree, flat track bullies indeed. Afridi would make a good one day captain. Perhaps its time for different squads for Tests and one days. Why lay the blame on domestice cricket, dont forget we won the 20/20 cup with the wolves, and last two U-19 world cups. Where are those forgotten heroes? The PCB needs to make a concrete effort to provide green and bouncy tracks at the first class level.

  • A Well Wisher on March 18, 2007, 16:20 GMT

    Kamran, First of all, commiserations... Hope it is not our turn next Friday, but, Pakistan well and truly deserved to be in this shambles... Listless, rudderless and clueless are the adjectives that describe most of what Pakistan portrays to the outside world... I am sure, life is a lot different in the country with normal people trying to make a difference to their loved ones' lives striving hard to make it better..... but, politically motivated decisions with no clarity of vision have hampered your nation's passion, and I hope this is an eye opener for not only the cricket team but the leadership as a whole in Pakistan.... Religious priorities have given the region an excuse to explain some of the atrocious decisions and happennings over the years, and it is engulfing the cricketing spirit of Pakistan as well... Hope your country can see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.... Again, commiserations for the ingominous defeat and hope it is never so deserved again.... Respectfully, A Well Wisher

  • baskar on March 18, 2007, 16:20 GMT


    It was a pathetic performance by Pakistan, by all means perhaps even worse than the 59 & 52 all out massacare in Sharjah against Australia in 2002 test series. Pakistan cricket needs a complete revamp, promote youngsters with passion and more importantly those who can work with team spirit. However, I still feel surprised by 2 of your comments. 1. Your judgement that Australia is the only team that could have upset pakistan. Clearly you seem to feel that South Africa & NZ are someway inferior to pakistan. Apart from Australia, they could have comfortably beaten pakistan any time. 2. Your statement that Ireland should not have won whatever be the conditions. That borders on arrogance if not downright stupidity. Ireland played better than Pakistan in every facet of this game and why shouldn't they deserve to win? Pl. don't think of past performances any more just as my own country's team players like Sehwag, sachin and Agarkar (can't even say any performance for him) are living on borrowed time.

    What a fall for Pakistan from the glory days of Miandad, Imran, Akram & Waqar? Even Yousuf' 2006 test record seems so unreal & so far looking at the way he got out y'day against Ireland. It is hoped that Pakistan comes out of this crisis (both in political sphere and cricket as well).

  • Faruque Ahmad on March 18, 2007, 16:19 GMT

    A cricket captain should be aggressive, ipirational, and lead from the front. Then only he can infuse fighting spirit in the team. Inzi doesn't fall in this category of captains. He is a great player, not finished yet I believe. Just remove him from captaincy, let him concentrate only on his batting. Shoeb Malik is a soft guy much like Inzi. I would rather pick Hafeez as my first choice captain ahead of Younis and Afridi. I have no doubt about the quality of any players in the team, they just need a motivational captain. I put little value on coaches, just pick a suitable Pakistani for this position, no need at all for a foreign coach.

  • Michael on March 18, 2007, 16:17 GMT

    I love the way that you keep saying that, on paper, the only team that should be able to beat Pakistan is Australia.

    South Africa, on paper, are a better team.

    In reality it has now been proven that the Pakistan cricket team of a few years ago is a thing of the past. It's time to take stock of the situation and make some difficult choices.

  • Saurabh Sharma on March 18, 2007, 16:17 GMT

    Pakistani Cricket has really hit rock bottom with this humiliating defeat at Ireland's hands. Victories and Losses are part of the game but not often one sees a team like Pakistan capitulating without a fight and in such despirited fashion. It would not be wrong to say that the writing was on the wall. No team can really hope (well, they can but that's it, they can only hope!) to win a major tournament without a set opening pair, penetrative bowlers and most importantly good attacking leadership. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been lacking on all these fronts recently, and looking at Inzimam one is forced to question his attitude towards fitness and the game itself and sadly these things flow from the top., so it's no surprise that the others too caved into the pressure.

  • ReturnMoney on March 18, 2007, 16:17 GMT

    Why not you have written a letter to Wasim Bari, he is the one who has selected team for WC2003, WC2007. Look PIA, how many flights have been banned. Mr Bari has refused to resign beacuse he is the agent of our enemies and he wants to destroy PIA and PCB. Bob knew that what Pakistan team can accompolish so he has already transported his belongings to Cape town. Inzi has blamed luck for his failur, what a shameful excuse, how bout your 14000 runs. When you cant make it then it is luck otherwise it is your own effort. Inzi should return all the money to people of pakistan which he recieved during this period.He never listened to anyone except himself. Bob should refund all the money to people of pakistn which he got to get World Cup

  • Naveed Abrar Khan on March 18, 2007, 16:17 GMT

    At this moment i have tears in my eyes and cant comment on anything. I only want to say that Pakistanis are not cowards and there is no room for cowards in Pakistan cricket. Responsible authorities and players should be kicked out.

  • ahmed on March 18, 2007, 16:17 GMT

    Dont know what to say...This has been a sad day.... very sad day..we are all gutted. But i would say to my country fellows..Lets take a deep breath. Lets just not rush to throw stones. Lets try to be more mature. I thought the worst cricketing days were such as 1987 semi final loss, betting days when Basit and Rashid left Zimbabwe, Marijuana days when Wasim and Co was caught, banglore night, world cup final lost in 99 or may be early exit in 2003 cup. But this is huge. HUGE. But then again, we should not be so immature not to expect it. Every thing that was happening since England tour was more or less pointing towards this direction. With that being said, we are not the first ones or last ones who are humbled like this. We should not be so disappointed. We have had many great moments. I dont even need to count those since those are the reasons you are here reading my post and agonising. Lets be hopefull. Lets keep our hopes alive. As a nation thats all we got, HOPE.

  • anser azim on March 18, 2007, 16:15 GMT

    I am disappointed and I still do not believe it. Ruins all my enthusiasm. This side was weak from the day we learnt that Asif and Shoeb and Razzaque are out of the squad due to injury. Arrogance and indiscipline are some existing problems with this side though agaisnst the very basic of their faith that they believe in. I hope Pakistan can solve the miseries of their recent batting and find consistent openers. We lost the series in SA and in England due to some these problems. We should take this defeat sportingly and move forward.


  • Bilal on March 18, 2007, 16:13 GMT

    Get rid off inzi, younis is a garbage player , he only gives the opposition players slip catch practice and i dont know why is he considered a backbone of pak.. Get rid off these players inzi younis(keep him only in tests only if he performs) yousuf(keep him for tests) akmal hafeez imran nazir and bob woolmer( instead of supporting pak he would go out from time to time on cricinfo to who his fav teams are for this cup(southafrica))traitor

    make afridi the future captain and oh yah get rid of that biggest idiot of all NASEEm ashraf..afterall he was the one who flunked the whole cricketeing system in pakistan since he took over

  • haris khan on March 18, 2007, 16:12 GMT

    The defeat is not that big of a surprise anyway kamran, coz it was always on the cards. The team we had and when i say team it includes each and every one who is involoved with our cricket was simply pathetic and i never believed in our chances in this world cup and those who did are too are probably too much of an optimist than realist. it came earlier than expected but it was on its way anyway.Well its all done now, and we have nowhere to go from here but up. I firmly believe that our downfall started when all our major players were forced to leave after the loss of 2003 world cup and it created a space that is yet to be filled. A decision that was taken in the heat of the moment and we are still paying for it coz honestly, we don't have too many players now that we can be proud of and if the senior players were around they could have groomed the young ones and we would have been a much better force. some of the names need to be changed of course, especialy the coach, captain and the managment and some other players who have been around but aint worth of crap anymore, like rana, mohammad hafeez imran nazir and all who probably had one or two good seasons and nothing since than. Inzimam is like George bush right now, anyone can beat him in the race of captaincy, afridi or yasir hameed it doesnt matter, but what we need is a strong coach who has the influence on the team,coz the current team is too young and hot at the moment that none of them is good enough to run a team like a unit so an efficient coach is a must at the moment. The religion factor has to go and they should just play cricket, thats what they get paid for. whatever happens from here can't be worse than whatever is been happening. we ned true profesionals than friends who know whatthey are doing. Men of actions than words and lets hope like we always do that our cricket will get back its grace and respect again. lets not be too hopeless coz it can only get better from here.

  • U.Imran on March 18, 2007, 16:11 GMT

    Salam The cancer of Pakistan cricket is still there ! It seems it morphs forms from 1 thing to another and it's time we kick it out once and for all ! Inzamam has to go, such a shame to say after the man who rid the cancer was also the same man to pick Inzy ! O how I would love to hear Uncle Imran Khan but why is it we depend on the one man ? Such a shame to see Imran Khan's students all fail in one way or another. Wasim ... Match-fixing and has now moved onto Irfan Pathan ! After all that Imran Khan did, threated to lose the captaincy and life just to get Wasim Akram into the team. Waqar Younis played well but fell in 2003. Inzy ... need I say anything ? All have played well Inzy Waqar n Wasim but everyone forgets the man behind the 'stars'! Imran Khan! He said to take Yasir Hameed and Salman Butt ! This has been a failure we are so used to. The PCB never listen always going on big headed ! Why do we never listen ! Everyone in the team has been slyly saying its not going to work, Imran Khan said it had to change but nope ! I just give up now, too much for me to say and its worthless after i read the line 'Why do we never listen !' Salam tc

  • don on March 18, 2007, 16:11 GMT

    what agame cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!! i broke whole day to watch cricket nothing to loss bang beat india but what is this ireland beat pakistan pakistan become first team to out this worls cup 1 when bangladesh required test staues how they pakistan and pakistan ask they are like us small brother and we help them 2.Now they ireland need they are us like Big brother WWWWWWWWWHat AAAAAAA JJJJJJJJJoke HHHHHHHHHOOOOOWWWWWWWWWZZZZZAAAAAATTTTTTT

  • Navid Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 16:10 GMT

    Hi Kamran, each and every word in that letter was so true, I have supported Pakistan cricket all my life, from its best times to the worst possible times but have never have I felt this disappointed and hurt in my life, Pakistan team have let us down really bad that it is so hard to say that I still support them. I do not think blaming Bob Woolmer is the right thing, he did what he could off the field, to put things right on the field was Inzamam's job and players to follow his suit. Inzamam should step down and leave cricket and may be coach some county sides, Doctor Ashraf should go back to wherever he came from, he has destroyed us, nothing right has happened since he was appointed PCB Chairman. Our selection committee should resign. We need people who are honest to Pakistan and are will choose players on their merit not on how big a name are they. I hope Allah gives Pakistan some honest people and players who dont take their place for granted, who will fight for their country until the last ounce of energy they have, May Allah bless Pakistan and bless its players, Aameen!

  • Jamil on March 18, 2007, 16:07 GMT

    Good article Kamran. However, you should have said all this BEFORE the Ireland game, or indeed the start of the world cup. However, I like the idea of Afridi as caption. He has passion, and I am sure he will be willing to kick ass. However, he has been a partner with Shohaib Akther in some "evening entertainment" over the years. I am sure that can be sorted out if all the bad apples are replaced.


  • Ladi Bulanda wala on March 18, 2007, 16:07 GMT

    No more cricket shame on shame and there is no shame at all

  • Adnan on March 18, 2007, 16:07 GMT

    No body is willing to comment on this, cause we are emotionally distoried we dont have any words, what ever has happened made us look STUPID.

  • Kashif Raza on March 18, 2007, 16:06 GMT

    Mr Kamran, you are still living in fools paradise.You are talking about shahid afridi, younis khan and Shoaib malik!!! Can I ask you what comitment they have shown at all.When they field on the ground they only do what they want not even thinking for a second that they are representing Pakistan and the kind of responsibility.If anybody says Younis will be a good captain!!! I can only laugh on him. He should have prooved himself worthy there was som much in offer to become a hero but what they did? As such it is not the management it is as a common Pakistani we are not reponsible at all.I am living in Dubai, and always wonder that the same Pakistani lot behaves so well here and they become animals as soon as they land in Pakistan,Why?.Simple here in UAE they are treated as second or third class citizens and they get hit on their asses.I am really sorry for my whole nation. We talk about Musharraf but we don't see everytime we bring culprits and goons again and again to the goverment!!! so what we want for us??? I really don't know.

  • Saeed Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 16:06 GMT

    Well Kamran we are all shocked and cant express any thing much as what we seen from our eyes at Sabina Park. I have only one request to the Presedent either put a 5 Year "BAN" on Pakistan or as to your word's

    "the first job that meritocracy should do is sack its selection committee and replace it with some real champions of Pakistan cricket"

    and rebuild the team from scratch,players should be selected on merit basis not experience, as we have seen what experience can do. Regarding the coach we should have someone like Imran Khan, Javaid Miandad, Waseem Akran, or Waqar Younis. As we have seen the laptop coaches spending most of there time on making plan's unless implementing them.

  • zeeshan on March 18, 2007, 16:05 GMT

    what a performance kamran. we spend millions of dollars in our institutions of cricket and coaches and equipment, etc. all this money is used in this poor country of ours only to lose to Ireland. im not taking anything from their win, but honestly, they never should have beat us. i dont care anymore though, pak cricket never has been reliable or consistent, we woulda been creamed in the super8s anyway. thank you pakistan cricket team, for the worst shitty performance i have ever witnessed.

  • A Broken Heart on March 18, 2007, 16:05 GMT

    I am a student from Germany. Within last year Germany organized 3 world cups and they won 2 of them and for Foot Ball they reached Semi Finals. It is repeatidly said in Germany that elder People are getting over the young population due to low birth rate. But even than they produce amazing resulta in Sports. It is surprising for me that we are nation of 160 million people with a big young population. We play a single Sport of Cricket and we can not produce good team. With all due Respect when I see Inzamam The Captain what a example for athleteism and Heroics he I do not know why ,what or these all type of bull shits. Pakistan is out from tournament within 5 days tounament started. We make people Heros and than Heros become God they do not need any training but just luck to win. But it is what system works in Pakistan. We had a good team in 90s. Did someone notice what we have good in 90s what we do not have now. I hope for good and I will always try for good of Pakistan but now I am really feeling like looser. Luck favors the Braves not loosers. People make system, system does not make people. I hope someday we can understand these golden rules.

  • Kashif Siddiqui on March 18, 2007, 16:04 GMT

    The fate of our beloved country PAKISTAN has been marred by the fact that we always appoint unworthy for the job, so why cricket should be left alone, May this shame brings the jolt we need

  • talal javed (mississauga, canada) on March 18, 2007, 16:04 GMT

    Some one has to take the responsibility.. Who? We Pakistanis have to decide it. I spoke with my friends and we all demanding the following changes …coz this loss is really very embarrassing for us.. Bob Wollmer: show him the exit doors...bring back a coach some one who can communicate with our players in their own language.. coz if kaneria wasn’t able to comment properly during a press conference then how well they have been communicating with woolmer in the past , we all can now imagine that... then who will be our ext coach... 1st choice: waqar younis. 2nd choice: aqib javed 3rd choice: muhtaq muhamed 4th choice: sarfraz nawaz

    captain needs to be change... who would succeed him is the serious question..

    We need some one to lead from the front. Some one aggressive...some one who has hunger ... some one with no brain but just madness... yes your guess is right.. its Afrid.. (i know u all must be laughing at me ) but try to understand , at this stage we are not looking for a great player or a talented player like yousuf or younis to captain us but a player like Greame Smith who has age n aggression under is belly...

    now discuss about our team.. show doors to Rana ( thanks for being a big relief not for us but for the opponents) emergency exit door to Akmal.. who says catching cant win matches... coz we have few many players waiting for their chances to get picked from our reserve bench.. who else.... ohhhh Mushy... who was their to train Kaneria for the Westindies match only.. But i can hear some one saying Kaneria is a better spinner than Mushy.. no offence to Mushy but i am surprised , rashid latif is surprised and ofcourse waqr younis i surprised ... how could a legspinner be given a charge of being a coach of pace bowlers.. are then now expecting from them to bowl googlys :) to be honest u never know

    i saw pics of rana naveed and yasir arafat holding mushy on their shoulders during their (county) match whoich they wonder why , Rana is the permanant memeber of pakistan team.. i m just waiting for my turn to hold him on my shoulders to play for pakistan.. i guess i can keep wickets better than akmal.. hmm can perform better feilding .. n could be lil agressive when my country needs me...

    Doctor Naseem ashraf... please visit ur patients in the operation theater who needs u more than us ..coz we really love our cricket.. crazy about it.. please we dont need no advils or panadols ..i guess... saleem altaf..u r a good speaker..we all saw u in the interview with waqar n fakir.. please halp supre crt as our cheif justice is having a bad time.. n they need u more as they are interviewing these dayz for dual personality personals.. u must be the best fit.. Imran khan.. we all know.. u wont accept the job.. but we all request u to email them daily on how to run PCB...

    i am ashmed .. embarassed .. thanks to our team

  • Yahya Naveed on March 18, 2007, 16:03 GMT

    Yes.. n I think that Hafeez is the best option as the captian....

  • Yazi on March 18, 2007, 16:03 GMT

    Inzi should retire and leave rather than being pushed out, right time has come. Bob should quit and head back to coach english men, we need local coach who can put passion, desire to win in our players. I don't see any desire to win in any of our players. They play not to loose, while great teams play to WIN.

    I am afraid to say if there's no Major Major Major changes there will be new lows in future, and we thought 2003 was the lowest part and tournament in Pakistan Cricket.

    I like the game very much, but our cricket system is pushing all of its die hard follower on brink of letting go of cricket! I hoped we had other sports like basketball, soccer to turn our attention away from miserable cricket that we have


  • Ali on March 18, 2007, 16:03 GMT

    Kamran sb, I too believed that miracle will happen but miracles like 1992, by definition, happen once in a lifetime and we have already gone past that. Working hard, anathema to all our stars and administrators, is the only way out. As we start anew, one thing that should change is the low importance of commitment and hardwork in our selection. As every professional knows, talent is important but it will always be beaten hands down by commitment and hardwork. I would like selection committee give importance to such things as commitment in the field, hardwork between tours, fitness and above all getting out of your comfort zone when the team requires. This means becoming a mudassar nazir or shahid afridi according to the situation. I accept that nobody can do it but atleast our cricketers should show us that they are trying. When there is batting collapse, even shahid afridi should try to prolong his innings and if he cannot do this, I'm sorry he will have to go.

  • Charlie on March 18, 2007, 16:02 GMT

    kamran, I hope they read this blog and it inspires them to do what you said in here. Don't agree with the third name for leader od this team since he is not that consistent on his own if you want someone to lead with example. I was hoping atleast pakistan have had made to semis.But like you said pakistani fans are sentenced of painful memories for next atleast 4 years.

  • ADNAN HAIDER on March 18, 2007, 16:01 GMT

    My congratulations to Ireland, As far as we are concerned, we have been match fixers, drug abusers, politicians of highest class, illetrate bunch of criketers. What else to expect then this shame...A cricket loving nation where cricketor turn politicians and cricket is discussed in parliments( those who have played GALI DANDA) during their atheletic days. Solution well we have struggled in every aspect of life and every game, we need a revolution,i believe each and every one of us need to change, stop this hypocratic life style let only the specilist ran the concerned fields, We used to be world champions of hockey, cricket, squash and 1994, now we finish 5th in a six team tournament in hockey, and cricket is even worst, we read about our players urine samples but not about their performances.

  • St. Peters on March 18, 2007, 16:01 GMT

    Younis Khan and Shahid Afridi as the national team captains? If my memory serves me right, these fellas have shown their lack of maturity and judgment on several occasions. Blabber mouth, cheerleader? oh yeah! One of these guys have been banned from international cricket on so many occasions. I wonder if you were serious when you mentioned these names. I agree with you on Shoaib Malik though. Or how about the fighter called Asim Kamal, who has been sitting on the sidelines because of who knows whom. Lets make decisions on the basis of merit, experience and not gut feeling. Younis may not even deserve a place in the team. As far as I am concerned he is also the "Allah kee marzi nahin thee" sort of guy.

  • khawaja Umair on March 18, 2007, 16:01 GMT

    Well said Kamran. Indeed it is the politics within the PCB that have made us fan see this day. Inzi

  • Zed Fazel on March 18, 2007, 16:01 GMT

    Well said but are you surprised? I am not. I wrote in my comments in your last 'blog' that Pakistan should start preparing for 2011. It was not a joke or an emotional statement. From what I have observed,read and the body language of the skipper, it was written all over the place. A lap-top trotting coach trying to make players play in an english fashion is not on with a bunch of non-english speaking players who play with a flair and instinct. In more than 2 years, he has not been able to unearth even 1 batsmen.!! He and the selectors should have known that Pakistan thrives in throwing up untrained youths in tests: Several examples: Waqar Younis from a local match to Sharjah. Tausif Ahmed from street cricket to the nets and in test against New Zealand. A nation which produced the genius of 'reverse swing' and the 'doosra' and mastered the inside-out strokes should be left alone from the pressures of modern computerised training.The only training they should do is fitness and fielding and that can be handled by any local trainer. Power corrupts and absolute power corrups absolutely. PCB has no one to answer and what they come up with:appoint a spinner to coach medium pacers.Throw out one of the best exponents of reverse swing. Appoint Jonty Rhodes for 2 weeks to train Pakistan fielders!!!, Call Boycott to give tips to Pakistan batsmen!! when you have the likes of Miandad,Zaheer,Asif Iqbal,Mudassar Nazar,Hanif Mohamed,Imran Khan and many others. Then their appointees mess up the 'oval' fiasco, doping issue, and the latest comedy is the 'urdu' at press conference issue.What next...only God knows. Inzy should have risen above personal 'hurt' and should have paid a befitting tribute to the Irish. Instead he says: God did not want Pakistan to win.! I cannot believe it. That is sacriledge. It shows a very narrow outlook. So Pakistan cannot play on: (a) Bouncy wickets, (b) Green tops (c) Big turners. So what's left? Belters. A talented side must be able to adapt to any conditions and turn it to it's advantage. Crisis produce saviours and heroes.....and therein lies the hope for the future.

  • Muhammad Minhas on March 18, 2007, 16:00 GMT

    Flat track bullies is the best description I have of this team.

  • Andrew Keogh on March 18, 2007, 15:59 GMT

    As a job application for the post of England coach (which he apparently fancies when Fletcher gets round to falling on his sword), Bob Woolmer's custodianship of the Pakistan team is less than convincing. This is okay as I never fancied the prospect of him anyway.

  • Khurram Sultan on March 18, 2007, 15:58 GMT

    Well, Kami dude, you did turn out to be one of the complaining mom's who expects a miracle to beg the life of it's child suffereing from the last stage cancer. The condition in the team is no different than that what we face in our routine lives. The two times we have seen our team prosper were the times when it was the rule of the Sharif's. Leadership not just in the field but the geo-political scenario's affect as well. We as a nation are cancerous in every walk of life; and trust me no miracle is going to save us lest we address things at their roots. Leadership! Leadership! Leadership! the key to all evils.Inzi's reign has been more of a dada geer feudal kind. Things don't survive in such scenarios. I did write a formula to win in my earlier comments! But! Alas, it's no use crying over spilt milk!! N.B. First of all thanx to Allah! Hamari aaj kismet Kharab thi! The boyzz iz played poorly! But thanx Allah the boyz is now iz get time for prayerz! Now the boyz and team iz go to is Raiwind! And I am a 'Aloooooooo"--Inzamam 17th March,2007.

  • Muzaffar on March 18, 2007, 15:58 GMT

    Kamrab bahi nothing will happen we all know, after this defeat only the faces will change because like our country politics, the institutions are nothing, our leaders use these deptts for their families and friends, president did the same thing by appointing Mr Dr. Naseem Ashraf Sahib and your captain did the same thing by throwing out Legend Waqar (the only non controversial player and captain in PAK as he always used to be at the receiving end) throwing out Yasir and Asim bringing in Mushi MULA so this was inevitable. Inzi did nothing wrong as he is the dictator of the team he can do anything he want like everybody else is doing ( THIS IS OUR CULTURE)

    Nothing will change you are suggesting what should happen in the future nothing will happen younis will be the captain, for me he shouldn’t be in the team 31.00 avg he got in the last 6 yrs wow and the shots he played to get out NAAAA any way I don’t care because in the two months from now they will start playing well, same players will play shots will deliver good balls and we will forget the humiliating defeat like 2003

    I don’t know what I am writing I am pissed off with the performance of the team. There are two many things to blame. For me is their captain body language, lethargic approach should be blame. Our national academy for making flat tracks and when they get exposed to green pitches the same thing will happen and because of these pitches we are not getting the bowlers like 2w’s because they are too afraid to pitch the ball up in the business area.

    For me ideally every thing should start from scratch none of these players deserve a place in the team, sack selection committee, sack the chairman haha I am lost I should remember its Pakistan nothing will change we have to face the same shit as I want the same thing with political system (from scratch) if nothing happened there nothing will happen here

    But we the nation will show some resistance and reaction this is what we can do and we used to do. Inzi should not forget what happen after Chief justice is sacked nation will show their reaction BACHAY TUM LOG AIK BAR GHAR TOU AAO

    Inzi is totally wrong that there will nobody at the air port. If inzi eleven got the courage they should come as a team not in the form of 1’s and 2’s then they will see the reception of their life time. Whatever the reasons were this was the darkest day of Pakistan cricket and it was my birthday 17th

  • talal javed (mississauga, canada) on March 18, 2007, 15:57 GMT

    Some one has to take the responsibility.. who? we pakistani have to decide it. I spoke with my friends and we all the demanding the following changes coz this loss is really very embarassing for us.. Bob Wollmer: show him the exit doors...bring back a coack some one who can communicate with our players in their own language.. coz if kaneria wasnt able to comment properly during a press conference then how well they have been communicating with woolmer in the past , we all can now imagine that... then who will be our ext coach... 1st choice: waqar younis. 2nd choice: aqib javed 3rd choice: muhtaq muhamed 4th choice: sarfraz nawaz

    captain needs to be chnages... who would succeed him is the serious question..

    we need some one to lead from the front..some one agressive ..some one who has hunger ... some one with no brain but just madness... yes your guess is right.. its Afrid.. (i know u all must be laughing at me ) but try to understand , at this stage we are not looking for a great player or a talented player like yousuf or younis to captain us but a player like Greame Smith who has age n agression under is belly...

    now discuss about our team.. show doors to Rana ( thanks for being a big relief not for us but for the opponents) emergency exit door to Akmal.. who says catching cant win matches... coz we have few many players waitingfor their chances to get picked from our reserve bench.. who else.... ohhhh Mushy... who was their to train Kaneria for the Westindies match only.. But i can hear some one saying Kaneria is a better spinner than Mushy.. no offence to Mushy but i am surprised , rashid latif is surprised and ofcourse waqr younis i surprised ... how could a legspinner be given a charge of being a coach of pace bowlers.. are then now expecting from them to bowl googlys :) to be honest u never know

    i saw pics of rana naveed and yasir arafat holding mushy on their shoulders during their (county) match whoich they wonder why , Rana is the permanant memeber of pakistan team.. i m just waiting for my turn to hold him on my shoulders to play for pakistan.. i guess i can keep wickets better than akmal.. hmm can perform better feilding .. n could be lil agressive when my country needs me...

    Doctor Naseem ashraf... please visit ur patients in the operation theater who needs u more than us ..coz we really love our cricket.. crazy about it.. please we dont need no advils or panadols ..i guess... saleem altaf..u r a good speaker..we all saw u in the interview with waqar n fakir.. please halp supre crt as our cheif justice is having a bad time.. n they need u more as they are interviewing these dayz for dual personality personals.. u must be the best fit.. Imran khan.. we all know.. u wont accept the job.. but we all request u to email them daily on how to run PCB...

    i am ashmed .. embarassed .. thanks to our team

  • Aamer Javed on March 18, 2007, 15:57 GMT

    To be honest, i am not surprised one tad bit. I was 99% sure that Pakistan was gonna be out of the cup before reaching the super 8's and they are. I say fire Inzimam RIGHT NOW, make 2 different teams for ODIS and Test & put the oldies in test matches. Get an energetic, young but skillfll captain for ODi's. Fix you 1st class level and get the corruption out. I dont think i know of Pakistani cricketer/captain whose name has not been ruined towards the liimelight years. Alas, this is all that we can always dream of when it comes to Pakistani anything, and not just cricket. May the better team win the World Cup.

  • nobody on March 18, 2007, 15:57 GMT

    A loss is a loss no matter who inflicts it. We just need to regroup and keep trying. May be I am just satisfying my own disturbed self, but I thought I should share that with others judge them right or wrong as you may.

  • Dr. Asim Maqbool on March 18, 2007, 15:57 GMT

    Dear Kamran,

    This is exacly what every cricket lover in Pakistan would like to say - however many other sentiments will emerge in a few days and weeks ahead as well. My overall impression is that you were a bit soft in your comments.

    My suggestion to the President of Pakistan is (if he is REALLY sincere to the country, wheteher he knows about cricket or not...), that management of any system or an organization starts from the top level which should not ONLY understand cricket BUT ... BUT should also posses "Management" and "Leadership" qualities. It is absolutely wrong to assume that if you are a world class cricketer you should be captain or then become Manager of the team or if you ar really lucky in your life should also become chairman of the selection committee or cricket board and so on...

    We have an example from the past Mike Brearly as captain of English team in late seventies... Imran Khan for Pakistan leading from the front. For those of you who remember, Brearly was in the team just as a captain.

    Zaheer Abbass on the other hand was no doubt was an Asian Bradman in his time but when he was the captain of the team in eighties ... even the matches with Pakistan's strong winning prospects ended in tame draws. We made him Manager last summer and the result was Oval test match fiasco --- our all management including captain were responsible for that -- to add an insult to the injury they all were in the ground over there...

    Another short suggestion -- we lost many good playes in past just beacause of our pitches -- what's wrong with Pakistan in having green top wickets - I have abosultely no clue.

    Dr. Asim Maqbool Ottawa, Canada

  • Disgusted fan on March 18, 2007, 15:56 GMT

    These idiots should be fired. This relegious crap and Urdu speaking BS shows the idiots running the show. You Stupid Inzi, God only helps who help themselves, Younis and Yousaf kings of flat tracks. Through Wollmer out too, see what is happening to both Pak and India run by White coaches. We got independent. Give the board to Imran Khan and see what happens. Inzi should be forced to retire. Its about time. Get some educated players. These idiots should be received with Jotu Ka Har.

  • Yasserinder Singh on March 18, 2007, 15:55 GMT

    Kamran, as you said the entire team needs to be revamped...get rid of everyone and bring in the previous U-19 winners and train them until the next world cup. As for the captain, Shoaib Malik or Younis Khan are the right choices. Even though Afridi has that fire inside of him, i think the other two bring some composure with themselves. Well 2007 is gone, lets hope the next one is any better.

  • Ed on March 18, 2007, 15:55 GMT

    Well, Kamran, you have certainly provided a dictionary reference for the term volte face. A few days ago, you were making outlandish statements such as Pakistan being unbeatable on skill by anyone save Australia and here you are today berating Inzamam and co for the St Patrick's day debacle.

    I am an Indian and was more than gutted by India's defeat yesterday but could only imagine what was brewing inside a Paksitani fan. So-called experts from India were toeing a line similar to the one you adopted, i.e India had only Australia to fear.

    The subcontinent generates astonishing revenues from this game primarily due to the cult status our cricketers enjoy. A status the media, cricket administrators & commentators like you have helped cultivate.

    The fans have made the game what it is today and it is about time, they got an honest answer from someone. India's and Pakistan problems were there for all to see before the cup. Yet the media continues to insult the intelligence of the fans, by hyping up these undeserving cricketers, rather than painting a picture, with due patriotic fervour, which was closer to the truth. Frankly, that is what you and a lot of the so called "experts" have being doing.

  • Haseeb Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 15:54 GMT

    still hping kamran?

  • riz on March 18, 2007, 15:54 GMT

    Sir, I agree 100% with you. But i want to add something that Mullah's can't win the match or worldcup.

  • Disgusted fan on March 18, 2007, 15:54 GMT

    These idiots should be fired. This relegious crap and Urdu speaking BS shows the idiots running the show. You Stupid Inzi, God only helps who help themselves, Younis and Yousaf kings of flat tracks. Through Wollmer out too, see what is happening to both Pak and India run by White coaches. We got independent. Give the board to Imran Khan and see what happens. Inzi should be forced to retire. Its about time. Get some educated players. These idiots should be received with Jotu Ka Har.

  • Reginald Andrews on March 18, 2007, 15:54 GMT

    Dear Kamran, I am surprised that not even one true Pakistani fan had the heart to write. I know it is indeed unfortunate that Pakistan made its earliest exit ever from the WC 2007. But does it really help by blaming someone or everyone for the dabacle. No one can turn back the clock and say let us start all over again. India, on the other hand, are in no better position and need to have a solid wins in the next two games and hope that they qualify for the next stage atleast on run rate quotient. Take the case of Bangladesh. The three teenagers scored half centuries to lift them past India. And I am sure there are better players in the Pakistan under 19 side which has done remarkably well in the last two world tournaments. I am surprised why none of them figured in this event. Instead they tried with more or less the same people who had not done well in the previous WC in 2003, less the quartet of Asif, Shoaib, Razzaq and Afridi (suspension). All that Pakistan needs is to completely overhaul the entire squad. What is needed here is that the players have ample experience on different playing surfaces. Why blame the pitch?? If you are a player of international standard then you should be comfortable in any playing surface, like the Tennis players. Good luck Pakistan in your future games and I know for a fact that should India also fail to make to the next stage, the majority of cricket fans in the sub-continent would be reluctant to follow this WC. Reginald Andrews

  • Asad Karim on March 18, 2007, 15:52 GMT

    Very sorry for the sad state affairs of Pakistan cricket. I know the whole nation is disappointed, including Pakistanis living all over the world. However, this should be a good opportunity to revamp the side including changing of the captaincy. Inzamam is probably the most lethargic figure amongst them all. Players like Kamran Akmal should also be dropped at least temporarily to rediscover their forms. Importantly, the religiosity portrayed by cricketers should not be encouraged. Sports is an onfield event, religion should be kept at home. Good luck. Asad Karim

  • Virendra on March 18, 2007, 15:52 GMT

    Your observations are well justified Kamran. Both India and Pakistan cricketers have failed to live upto their expectations. They lost not only because of their own failing and false pride, but also to some excellent cricket by countries for whom the cricket playing at this level is new.

    The problem is that both in India and Pakistan these cricketers are considered stars. The popularity of Cricket has led our traditional game hockey in to disarray.

    I think the players those have not performed to their potential in crunch situations should be taken to task. For most of them it is business and not the pride of playing for their country.

  • nobody on March 18, 2007, 15:51 GMT

    My mama told me not to lose hope.Not in individuals not in the group or society. Because it if one does that he is more tilted towards quiting, which is not good. I would not even look at the negatives, but only the positives here. May be it seems shameful, but these are individual and a group, which has brought joy and refreshing memory too. We just need to own them. You can't just turn your heros turn them into villains. Yes but do try to analyse the shortcomings

  • sully from lahore on March 18, 2007, 15:51 GMT

    mr kamran i aggree with alot of points ypu have made especially about bob, inzi and the doc resiging. put the most important of them all is that shahid khan afridi as captain. when i see al him i can fell the same self confidence as imran khan the same self believe and the same aggresion. plssssss i requet the board to help pakistan cricket an appoint shaid khan afridi as captain of pakistan team. there is no 1 better for the role then him. he will be the second best captain after imran khan i am sure of that. shaid khan afridi for captain let make it our mission to have him as captain by the time next time pakistan play cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muhammad Arslan on March 18, 2007, 15:51 GMT

    Muhammad Asif should be the new captain of Team Pakistan and Aqib Javed should be the next coach. The selection committee should consist of Aqib Javed Miandad as chief selector alongside waqar younis,shoaib Muhammad and Aqib Javed. God Bless Pakistan Cricket!

  • Ahsan on March 18, 2007, 15:51 GMT

    i couldn't agree with you more, we need to dump our captain and get someone who can actually motivate people. We need to have a better team, a team that is fit, we need better preparations. i don't think that the Pakistani team will be able to land safely, rightfully so, after such a performance. If i was still in Pakistan I would be the first person to show up and represent my disappointments towards the team.

  • Amit on March 18, 2007, 15:49 GMT

    Dear Karman, I am equally amazed by your comments as I am with the pakistan's performance on/off the field. There is a thin line between a die-hard optimist and day-dreamer. I guess you have crossed that line. I think it's time for you to quit too. It's always easy to blame the failures on leaders. I don't think anyone in Pak team is as commited as Inzy. (Bob is on the other pole though). I do not think it even takes good leadership to beat a team like Ireland. Pakistan cricket is based on all things that make cricket look bad. It seems for a long while pakistan relied on the individual greatness and miraculous performance than a good process to excel in the game. Add to that the emphasis on religion and scene that pak players make even while talking after game during presentation . It's really pathetic that NOBODY is ready to acknowledge these issues. Also this team's performance is befitting to the kind of things the PAK cricket is based on. We are ready to miss your great players rather than accepting those that need drugs to perform well. And on a general note condition of Pak crikcet reflects the anarchic nature of pakistan as a country. -Indian

  • Tribe on March 18, 2007, 15:49 GMT

    I have always been a big fan of Inzi & Bob. But even I know when its over. Inzi's got to go, Bob's goto go, Shoaib akhtar should find another job. There is nothing the PCB, the president can do to compensate for this pain. But something's has to be done.

  • Seshadri on March 18, 2007, 15:49 GMT

    Firstly, I must identify myself as an Indian, though not a particularly nationalistic one (I support Australia), just in case someone wants to make an issue of that.

    Now that that is out of the way - Pakistan. OK, so they lost to Ireland. It's a bit shameful, losing to one of the minnows, but it happens to all teams. India, Sri Lanka, Australia, WI, England ... all the major teams have gone down to one of the minnows at some point or the other, mostly in World Cup matches. And Ireland played pretty well.

    Yes, I agree the PCB is a shambles, and many things need changing in Pakistan cricket, not least the domestic structure. But before you all go completely nuts, take a break for a few days and think about things. There's no need for death threats, throwing stones, calls for Woolmer's arrest, or for sacking the whole team and playing with the U-19 squad (all have been suggested recently). After all, just a week ago, this same "shambles" of a team beat SA in a warm-up match, and you, Kamran, were suggesting that they were good enough to win the World Cup.

    Inzy will probably retire at this point, I should imagine, which would be a shame since he is still a great batsman. Woolmer will not have his contract extended - fair enough. But there is talent in this team, and one off-day is not enough to sack them all.

    What Pakistan needs at this point of time is 1) a new fielding and fitness ethic, 2) a bit of strength in the bowling department (for all that they performed better than the batsmen yesterday, Pakistan's bowlers have been disappointing for the last few years), 3) a new wicket-keeper, and 4)a tightening of technique in the batting order. Other than that, the biggest requirement is for long-term stable planning for the future, with sensible selections and an improvement in domestic cricket. Stupid, emotion-driven decisions like making Afridi the captain (does he even deserve a place in the Test side?) will just continue the trends of Pakistan cricket - frequent changes of leadership, revenge droppings, silly selections and a lack of cohesiveness.

  • safwan on March 18, 2007, 15:48 GMT

    i think your article sums it all up.....its been disgusting, pathetic n shameful....being a pakistani who is currently studying in UK my head has hung in embarrassment cause my english,irish,welsh colleagues n classmates poke fun at me, this iss the mother of all pathetic performances.

    As a passionate pakistani supporter what i least expected after the match was inzi, woolmer n naseem ashraf tendering their resignations.....but as the popular pakistani culture always has been, they stick like leeches sucking blood out of the old n weary structure of cricket in this country.

    Freedom of speech and existance according to president musharraf are his gifts to the nation, funnily enough he is the worst dictator we ever had and his dictatorship has destroyed our cricket too!

    its high time some one like imran khan is given the charge of pcb and probably the country too, cause i beleiev he can run a clean up operation that rids us of all the corruption and corrupted people in our country once and for all....we need to set examples and some one has to pay the price....all those who are guilty and corrupted should look down their collar n self-destruct, cause a revolution doesnt distinguish between the good and the bad!!!

    a very dissapointed pakistaniiii!

  • Jeff Pritchard on March 18, 2007, 15:47 GMT

    . And for the disappointed Pakistan fans, as well as cricket lovers in general, let us remember that this is a game...som you win and some you lose for inexplicable resons so leave it that and move on. There is life beyond World Cup and cricket.At least now we will be spared of the 'Allah Bless Pakistan Poster 'on the telly.

  • Haider on March 18, 2007, 15:47 GMT

    I had planned out a trip to Barbados from 12th to 17th April to see my boys play. But it turns out my boys are my bastards.

    Flight for 8 to Barbados 8 X $750 A van booked in Barbados $500 A 4 bedroom villa in Barbados $5000 Seeing Pakistan knocked out of the WC, priceless

    And this does not include the the match tickets that I had bought.

  • Dr. Irfan Khan on March 18, 2007, 15:47 GMT

    SPOT ON WITH YOUR OBITUARY ON PAKISTAN - I spoke to my colleagues and seriously suggested/ predicted this debacle by the cowards who claim to be batsmen. In all honesty I always felt it would have been a travesty of all that is fair and just for this so-called team to even grace the semi-final stage let alone the final! I feel you have addressed all the short comings that are evident to even the most junior of pakistan cricket fans but invisible to the scum in charge whose purpose is to fill their own pockets and rape a nations' spirit and passion. Where I strongly disagree with you is that we only had to fear Australia - we had to fear ourselves first as once again the prime enemy of muslims are the so-called muslims themselves!

  • Talal Khawaja on March 18, 2007, 15:46 GMT


    Pakistani Cricket Team's plane crashes. Sami sole survivor

    Sorry guys got nothing to say about these !@#$$% Losers.

    As Imran Khan said in a pakistani pepsi commercial DIL BADA RAKHO...

  • Ulysses on March 18, 2007, 15:46 GMT

    Good teams instantly know what it is required in a particular situation and on a particular pitch. Good players instinctively slow down, grind runs, or up the tempo when they are in a safer situation. All good players have two gears. And good teams know how recover from a collapse make the best of the situation. Yesterday, even after the horrible collapse Pakistan could painfully grind out another 50 runs, any test playing team would have done that rather playing in the air (Akmal, Azhar Mahmood). And a good Captain would have even after scoring 132 leapt around the ground and talking to his bowlers, asking them not to hurl the ball hard but maintain a good line. Inzamam is most uninspiring captain in the history of the game. Pakistan were deserving losers. And it all started in the game against West Indies which they should have won at any cost.

    This is how they have always played and will continue to play. Ultimately, a national team is a reflection of the people of its country. It mirrors the national psyche and attitude. A shady country has to have a shady team.

  • Sanjeev Sastry on March 18, 2007, 15:46 GMT


    I am a great fan of your cricket analysis, but with due respect to you I found your article last week hilarious where you mentioned that Pakistan was an unbeatable team and only Australia could beat them.Immediately, West Indies put them in place and Ireland took care of the humiliating remains.

  • Q.Zaman on March 18, 2007, 15:45 GMT


    I am as angry as you are and as angry as rest of Pak fans are..... I am not shocked but angry but also expected it... We had a problum in 2003 when we kept Waqar/Wasim in the team for sentimental value...and now we have kept Inzi in the team for sentimental value again.... did we not learn a lesson in 2003...and made the same mistake again in 2007.... take an example of Australia .. their players retire before they are pushed... but here in Pakistan they stay on there sell-by-date and after they repeatedly embarrace the nation and are eventually pushed out ....why?.....

  • sully from lahore on March 18, 2007, 15:42 GMT

    oh my god!! did this really happer, pakistan knocked out of the world cup in 5 days. reall 5 days is what it took them to get knocked out after 4 years or preperation. next time any of those 11 players on the field yesterday wear another pakistan cricket shirt should die of embarasment. they dont desirve to even touch the pakistran cricket shirt rather then wear it. bob wolmer i cnt believe u let this happen to the team, to your own cricketing carer. its time to go!!!! mr. inzamam i am really disappointed in your captancy, you should have never taken this role after the ICC champions trophy in Indai. you have been an absolulte failer in becomin a pakistan captain, but you are still the best cricketer produced by pakistan. i fell you should retire now and i hope people dont blame all what has happened on you. you were a great cricketer for pakistan and i thank you sir for all the great moments you have proivded us to witness. thank you sir you are the greatest batsman out of pakistan. i hope never again any pkaisyani will wittness a momnet like yesterday ever again for the 1st time in my life i felt ashamed of spoorting the pakistani cricket team. there needs to be some serious shanking up in the pakistan cricket team, board and the management. i hope never gaian i fell like i felt yesterday.

  • Meghani on March 18, 2007, 15:42 GMT

    There is nothing more to say. Its just a blame game. Like Inzamam did it was openers or bowlers or pitch and one match is nothing we will come back. You know what there should never be a comeback. What the heck, I m retiring myself of being a Pakistani cricket fan cause it is never going to improve as long as the incompetence, politics and blame game continues in Pakistani cricket.

    Good bye forever

  • a disgusted paki on March 18, 2007, 15:41 GMT

    Mr. Kamran when i read all your articles, it is phenomenal how your opinion changes over time. changing opinions is not a good sign sir. it means, that u urself r confused. first u stated that australlia is the only barrier to victory and u hv nothing bad to say about our team. and then there is your most recent article, "Your fielders wander the outfield like elephants, young men grown old and old men grown arthritic. They are a blot on international cricket, a sport that now requires fitness, energy, and speed, yet your players are like the noble unbending amateurs of some bygone era." i would just like 2 say, that i believe they tried their best. yes there were issues with fitness, there always have been and yes we were missing asif and shoaib. but with the team that we had they tried the best that they could. i am sure they are just as, if not more disappointed and sad than us. sometimes u just have 2 let it go. it's the best thing to do. u have to learn 2 respect them, they r representing us. if we don't respect them, nobody will respect us as a whole nation. please don't bombard them with eggs and shoes when they come back. try and put yourselves in their shoes. maybe then u will understand that they feel much worse than we do.

  • XREV on March 18, 2007, 15:41 GMT

    Pakistan cricket will continue on...I would see it as a blessing in disguise...And a sign for Pakistanis, dont be hopelessly romantic...if it walks like a failure and quacks like a failure, it probably is a failure. Nothing more and nothing less. Another four more agonizing years, jeez.

  • Zubair, UK on March 18, 2007, 15:40 GMT

    Totally Gutted.

    This has genuinely left a sour taste in my mouth. As for all my planning and wishfull thinking - thanks guys, you are truly the worst "team" in the international Arena bar none. I hope you are decimated by Zim, so we can rebuild from scratch.

  • Salman on March 18, 2007, 15:40 GMT

    no words can describe this. i think the whole of cricket board , selection committee and team management should be sacked.We are shocked and yes if we are not puzzled now we can never be.The dictatorship of inzamam after the oval fiasco has sunk pak cricket to an abysmal level never seen before

  • Dimitry on March 18, 2007, 15:40 GMT

    Well said Kamran. I agree with you wholeheartedly. (maybe not so with the point you make about Afridi becoming captain :) )... But how many times is this going to happen, you build, you flounder, and then build again, and this comes around again and again it seems in the same time cycles as the World Cup comes around...

  • Fahad on March 18, 2007, 15:39 GMT

    I'm in a state of confusion. I'm not sure as whether to add something to what Kamran has said or just read, close the site and go to the MLB website, and forget that there is a sport called cricket. I'm not sure whether to advise my Pakistani cricket team to play in the Women's cricket world cup, or to compete in some wing eating contest. Unfortunately, I still don’t see their chances of winning in that feast. I had assumed that the prize money offered by the patron of cricket would have motivated the players, but they have to be awake from their sleep in order to get motivated. I was not a big Imran Khan fan till now, because of the egoistic attitude that I heard he possesses. But at this time, I wish he had touched the Pakistani team somehow, or influenced it. Imran, I guess you might have to come out of retirement again. In order to clear my confusion, I refuse to believe that Pakistan has a cricket team, or they ever played cricket after 1992. They have been playing something but I refuse to believe that it was cricket. Cricket in Pakistan died after 1992, my fault for believing in it.

  • Aam Bhartiya Aadmi on March 18, 2007, 15:39 GMT

    Though I agree with you on most of the points, the one point which makes me go mad is the notion that Indian and Pakistani players cannot play green top wickets.

    Now this is just bullshit(sorry for using such a word, but can't help it). Green top wickets which has some grass is not at all sufficient to help seam bowling, to get a good swing you also need overcast conditions, particular soil characteristics and a particular weather.

    Now we all know that South Africa lies in a tropical belt same as subcontinent. There is never an overcast atmosphere in South Africa, then how the hell seam bowlers have helpful conditions there?

    And if this indeed is the case that the notion of Indian and Pakistani players unable to play seam bowling. Then why the hell make so much noise about it? Why dont we make noise about the inability of England Australian and South African players to play spin? Why the discrimination? Why consider only seam bowling as a benchmark? Why not consider spin bowling as a benchmark to judge a batsman?

    The solution is simple....... ICC should standardise the wicket everywhere, ICC should provide the soil for pitches. ICC should maintain the pitches by appointing a Pitch inspector to make sure pitches are according to the standard. And the standard of pitch should take into consideration every angle of cricket, the pitches should support everyone including seam bowling, spin bowling, batting etc. Likewise I think ICC should standardise the size of ground. ICC should also standardise the kit of the players, recently there was news that Ponting had a piece of steel inside his bat.

    All this policies of ICC should be formulated by the panel of experts from all Test playing countries. Not just by English and Australian experts.

    English and Australian cricket should stop dominating the ICC, Why every non white cricket team has a white coach? 1983 India won without a white coach, 1992 Pakistan won without a white coach, 1996 Srilanka won without a white coach. But now Srilanka Bangladesh Pakistan India every team has a white coach, why?

    Only after addressing this top level problems, it will be possible for Pakistan or Indian cricket to solve the internal problems.

  • ILoveUSA on March 18, 2007, 15:39 GMT

    WE all knew before the match what kind of pitch ICC will provide to pakistan vs ireland match. there was only one way ireland can beat pakistan provide the very very grassy pitch in this match, otherwise we all know on the other pitches in the WC if ireland play 1000 times with pakistan still they can't beat pakistan. icc did the same in CT2006 in india against pak vs SA match. ICC shame on you. you have now no more respect for asians. M.Speed is very very very against all asian countries. look like he doesn't like any asian teams specially pakistani team.

    Why M.Spead is CEO of ICC from many years? why asain can't become CEO of ICC? Spead made so many statements against pakistan.

    whats wrong with him? PCB should take the same kind of action against him like they did against darrel hair one of cheater umpire in the world.

    M.Speed did every possible thing to send out pakistan world cup? my question to all those people who read this message why icc every time provide a very very grassy track to only pakistani team. ICC is just bubdle of people who hate pakistan from inner code of their hearts. they know clearly pak can beat 100 times out of 100. but icc had only one plan against pakistan to leave mountains of grass on pitch, shame icc in ur thoughts. it show icc people always hate pakistan nothing else

  • Shariq Noor on March 18, 2007, 15:39 GMT

    Defeat at the hands of Ireland is no shock - atleast to me. I even betted at my university that Pakistan would never make it to the Super Eight stage and they would also lose to Ireland. I guess I was right! Inzamam, if there is ever grace left in you, please for our nation's sake, RETIRE, for you as a captain is nothing but a joke. Sorry for such harsh words but its time we release ourselves from the clutches of "Excuses" and say the truth outrightly.

    Bob, you may go to ICC and be the high profile manager as they call you. We certainly dont need you. We certainly dont need a coach who has no belief in his own team and says that Imran Nazir was forced upon him. Please Bob, take your crew and your laptops and the handsome salary that youve been paid back to England. Pakistan is much better without you.

    In the end, yeah i agree with you Kamran, Afridi might just be the tonic that Pakistan needs. An angry Pathan might just do the trick.

    As for Ireland, Congrats on making us realize that we are a toothless and a spineless cricket team. Ireland, go make the Semi Finals! You certainly didnt break my heart.

  • Kabir on March 18, 2007, 15:38 GMT

    Since my birth 46 years ago, I always supported Pakistan cricket team and Hockey team.Even though I am not from Pakistan. It took me 45 years to realize that they are nothing but IMPOSTER. Look at the country itself, A country got Independence from British same time as India did. Now look at India where they are , and look at Pakistan. In 60 plus years they could not even eastablished democracy in their country. They are always fighting between themselves. No pattriotism and no respect for their own country.I remember my father told us once no matter what, nobody will ever be able to breakup India because their patriotism is very high. It proben to be true.Same goes with Pakistan cricket. What happening for last three years is nothing but bunch of IMPOSTER's acting like Clown. Bob Woolmer should have been fired the day he said, " MY PERSONAL FAVORITE IS SOUTH AFRICA" How could Pakistan waste so much foreign exchange for foreign coaches, and what do they get? Funny thing is that I have a close friend who is from SRILANKA and a big time cricken fan. I gave my prediction to him before the world cup started. My prediction was Pakistan and India will not make it to super Eight. He laughed at me, but Today He appreciated my little Cricket sense.I have one more prediction , 20 years from now Pakistan will be seperated in 4 different countries, just because they are simply STUPID.

  • kamran on March 18, 2007, 15:37 GMT

    shame all pakistan still want to write about te pakistan player to make captain this this and this.ok if you make younis khan captain then he will get woodenstil mix bat to make runs.he is no at all capable for captain.only need cick of all these player say good bye inzy.make shohib mailk captain for 4 years and give him all yong players of 17 to 20 age.just take afridi muhammad yousaf gul asif and rao along with all new faces and then we need rebuild a totlally new team.i don't think so pakistan can become worlchampion in next 100yeas.what ever we don't want to see faces such like shoib akhter inzy kamran akmal younis khan azher not at all.polititics should out of cricket .cricketboard should be indepandant.

  • Azam Farooqui on March 18, 2007, 15:36 GMT

    Well Pakistan cricket must start a fresh, but how do they go about it, no one seems to have learnt any lesson, The doc plus a few more in the team as well as the most dumb selector we've seen in wasim bari have to be shown the door, for some reason every time paksitan has performed poorly, like yesterday or around last world cup, bari seems to be one of the men responsible for it. The doc has brought the team nothing but insecutiry, controversies and God knows what else, in 6 months he's sucessfully turned a team with potential to do well into a laughing stock. After yesterdays loss, personally i wouldnt even like to see younis khan captaining the side, again i seem to blab about this but he's taken over the number 3 spot and managed only 3 notable performances in the last four years. 150 games and you have proved your mettle, i dont know why we should put up with it any more, in times when the averages are getting higher, younis khan seems to be content with 31, so much for pakistan's ricky ponting. There are so many failiures to discuss that it's gonna take more than a blog to discuss but i think more than any one this the the board's responsibility, we've lost because of our system (not to justify what we witnessed yesterday). We cannot seem to find players who can play the damn moving ball, is it that so hard to find? The national academy is in place to work at the problem areas that we have, do they even know what the problem areas are? what have we done about it, what have we done about the openers or the out and out fast bowlers that we lack. Where's the aggression that the Pakistan team was known for? what are we teaching them in the academy, a couple of english courses or what? if we have an academy that hasnt identified the problems, then whats the point in having it? All the good that inzi and bob have done untill the the tour of england has all been undone, this is what all of us were preparing for, well two games into the world cup and we are to pack our bags? just when i thought that after 2003 WC it cant get any worse, somehow pakistan manages to surprise all of us. Probably at this point shoaib malik seems a better choice than younis khan, infact i'd be content with afridi as well, maybe his maniac aggeression is what pakistan needs. May be if nothing it might set the tone in which pakistan team would play. Obviously Inzi has to go, sad farewell, i really feel for the man, one of the best batsmen we've ever produced, but inzi as much as i have been your fan and to an extent your captaincy, you brought this upon yourself.

  • Junaid on March 18, 2007, 15:36 GMT

    I agree with most of the content in this article but I after thinking for sometime, I can say that we can not blame Dr. Naseem Ashraf because when he took charge, he was not given the duty to look after Pakistan Cricket rather his job was to handle the dispute of Dope testing which one way or the other got settled with time. As a cricket fan of Pakistan, I would immediately call for the resignations of Bob and Inzi as both of them seem unable to keep themselves agile enough to follow cricket these days.

    In my opinion, PCB must eye 2011 as long term target and series against Australia as short term target and work on potential players that can play for atleast 4 yrs from now. You are right in saying that bowlers did a good job and the only thing they were lacking was the killer instinct but in my opinion this is more the matter of confidence than ability. All of us know the preparations of Pakistan towards this worldcup which has been more an effort to settle down the dopping issue rather than to prepare for cricket.

    For leadership, I would go with Younis Khan as Captain and Shoaib Malik as his vice depending on their performances under pressure and their ability to lead. Another important thing that I think PCB must do before Australia series is to prepare pitches with plenty of grass at home so that these players can get a chance to learn how to adjust under those circumstances. For Openers, many would not agree with me but I would take Salman Butt into consideration again so that we have a healthy competition to acquire a place in the team. Also same must be immediately done with Kamran Akmal. For me, he never deserved to be the part of this worldcup squad.

    To summarise this, our team needs new coach (waqar + some energetic individual), new structure and a plenty of confidence. May Allah bless PCB with enough strength and honesty to make strong decisions.

  • Abid Asghar on March 18, 2007, 15:36 GMT

    Dera Kamran,

    My past experience IN SPORTS with this nation reminds me the failure of hockey in Pakistan. Once she was the top team in field hockey, but politics, wrong decisions and foreign coaches has doomed that game in Pakistan, so that today no one even remembers that we were a top team in this game. I see the same to happen to Cricket in Pakistan. Minnows are filling the gaps too fast and the day is not far when Pakistan will be in the bottom of ICC ranking (as we are in field hockey).

  • Nadeem Beg on March 18, 2007, 15:36 GMT

    Well said, I live in the USa and I have been a Pakistani Cricket Fan ever since I came to the states in 1978. I have never seen such lethargic fielding, cowardly batting and Inzy (our captain) in such a disarray. Also, Our team needs to leave the religion out of Cricket too. It is part of our lives but we do not need to bring it in to sports. When I hear that our captain wants to use Urdu as the only language for interviews and such, it disheartens me but show to the world how illiterate we are as a whole in Pakistan. I agree with what Mr. Khan has said in his blog 100%.

  • Shaz on March 18, 2007, 15:35 GMT

    This team is a joke and nothing else. I agree that its time for Inzi, Bob and PCB chairman and selection committee to go. Inzi has no leadership abilities and has no idea how to operate in the field. Commentators question his strategies (which usually don't make much sense) in every match. About captain, Younis Khan isn't a good choice because of his violent attitude, which he showed during ICC champions trophy when he quit in a conference. At this time, Shoaib Malik is a the best choice, in fact, he should be Pakistan's captain for last 2-3 years just like South Africa did when they made Smith captain to lead senior players like Pollock, Boucher and Kallis. From current team, only players deserve a place in future Pakistan team are Shoail Malik, Umer Gul, M. Sami, M. Yousuf, Iftikhar Anjum, M. Asif and Danish Kaneria. Younis Khan only in Test matches and Abdul Razzaq only in ODIs. Inzi, Kamran Akmal, Rana Naveed, M. Hafeez, Imran Farhat, Shoaib Akhtar, Yasir Arfat etc should be banned from cricket. We need a new keeper, who can bat too. We need new fast bowlers and new opening batsmen or may call Yasir Hameed and Salman Butt and work on them. Asim Kamal should be called back immediately, who can glue the middle order. Shahid Afridi isn't reliable all the time so he'll be in and out so he can't be a captain. We need a professional coach who can work on physical and mental toughness of each player.

    And then most important thing is the to make good quality pitches in all domestic grounds, with some having spin, some having grass and bounce so our players know how to bat and bowl on different types of pitches. Sialkot wicket once was green and fast but our players refused to play there and that ground I think is not in use anymore. Why not?

    Pakistan yesterday lost the match as soon as they lost the toss because of the pitch green grass and moisture. This shouldn't be the case.

    This defeat is really painful and hurting everyone.

  • Arsalan ijaz on March 18, 2007, 15:35 GMT

    I understand the emotional outburst and state of denial. However, in this movement of anger we should not throw the baby with bath water. Many heads needs to be rolled but we have to make sure that the good talent is not wasted. I think Sami, Gul and Iftikhar did a good job in this game. However, the batsmem failed miserably and as its any ones guess,that who would have to leave the scene.

  • Ahmed Khan on March 18, 2007, 15:34 GMT

    This happens every world cup. From 19999.. to 2007.. you guys have built up the hopes of us passionate pakistani supporters.. and thrown it horribly back in our faces and yet come every major tournament, we are right behind you, and again, you lot embrace us, disgrace us and why? Why do we deserve this when we know you guys can beat any team in the world. My support for pakistan has been great over the past decade but this is the lowest of the low. I am ashamed.

  • salman khan on March 18, 2007, 15:34 GMT

    Hi Kamran, Good thoughts, finally from you. I guess what ever happened was good for Pakistan cricket. In a nation we are from we never know, that players like Y.khan, M Yousaf were honestly playing. But one thing for sure it time for Inzi to go. I started thinking of Inzi being the worst capt ever since Ball tempering incident happened. Ball tempering, sports drugs, alcoholics in the team “which should be not be a problem what players do of the off the field”. But the way Inzi handled situations. Used his powers to keep his favourites players for as long as I remember. This guy inzi’s while crying about his bowling strength totally forgot he has the most messed up batting squad. After S.A tour in which thay felt home sick and complain every moment about playing to many games will be enjoying ride home. Being realistic no matter how much I love Pakistan. There is not even one cricketer in current team who I say is admirable. Matter a fact, if some how we change the team and after 1 year you come across Inzi, Kamran Akmal, R. Naveed, Y. khan, Imran Nasir, and M Sami, we say who is that guy. I remember him from somewhere. Oh yah this is the f*** up, who made him self look like laughing stock, but he is driving BMW. He made a lot of money, that’s all it matters in Pakistan. Bottom like is PCB should be privitized, we should have team totally on statistics system. Every player should be evaluated young players after 15 games & senior 10 games that he should be included in the team or not. We have hit the rock bottom. Thanks to Inzi. What a way to finish your career. You will be the only player in the world to go like this. I don’t even feel bad for you. I think it time to change major section of the team, Inzi, naveed, akmal, nazir, and yonis need to go. We should make Shoib Malik captain and Razaq the vice captain. And build the team around them. If Razzaq have a problem with that he should go as well. But one thing for sure, PCB should not be a department controlled by any power. We are the only nation where our leaders including the head of the state have so much involvement. I guess Imran was the only one is this country’s cricketing career who left with dignity. At the end all I can think of Poor Inzi, no one will ever remember what he done, even he was the main person in world cup 2002. but he is in s*** hole. He will never recover from that. How it will feel from so much respect to the most disliked person in the country. He earned that, people used to laugh at him. Now he enjoy his time of in Multan. Wow he will never ever be called for expert comments or what are his thoughts are about any thing. He is done. He hit rock bottom. Way to go buddy. The person who have impressed me even more then Imran Khan is Rammez Raja. He might not have stats to back up but wow what a way to handle your self. He is the main expert in the world cup TV squad. I think it time to bring him back as head of cricket board if Imran declines the position. But PCB SHOULD BE PRIVITIZE AND INZI,AKMAL,RANA,NAZIR,YONIS SHOULD BE DONE.


  • amir on March 18, 2007, 15:33 GMT

    and fully agree wit u i think afridi can b good captain

  • Imran on March 18, 2007, 15:32 GMT

    Whatever Kamran Abbasi has written in his column is riduculus. It seems he is working under instructions from Amir Sohail or other ex player who have been criticising the team according to a plan. Pakistan team has done really well since Bob and Inzi has taken over from Javed. Have you forgotten how the team wqas struggling agaist India and now Indians can't beat us. Loosing in two matches can't take anything away from the successes they have been getting for last three years. Only weakness they got is that they can't play on green wickets and it is not something Coach or Captain can train them. This comes from their techniques and everyone knows that Pakistanis have got poor technics and no coach can change it.

  • amir on March 18, 2007, 15:31 GMT

    i think it is A to Z Inzi Fault bad captaincy Bad planing sorry to say it he is gr8 player and person but not a good leader

  • nadeem from usa on March 18, 2007, 15:31 GMT

    A true picture where pakistan stand politically, in sports, and name any department in modern and civilised socities. we have been exposed and it wont change unless the entire system changes right from its roots. These dictator type people will continue to play with our emotions and will keep murdering our hopes, unless the nation wake up , and wake up fast, cuz the time is running out. But would they let us? They happened to be extremely stubborn to remove and have no shame to resign. God knows what would happen. It all looks bleak as far as pakistan cricket is concern for now. God helps us, and pakistan.

  • babar jaan on March 18, 2007, 15:31 GMT

    Nobody would blame Tony blair for woes of the english cricket. The problem in pakistan is the way cricket is micro managed by the president and his cronies. We are enraged everytime pakistan is humiliated but I wouldnt be expecting too many changes the way cricket is run. The day people become indifferent would mean the end of cricket in pakistan. Is it time for hockey to make a comeback?

  • tahir on March 18, 2007, 15:31 GMT

    A seven year old boy was at the centre of a courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him.

    The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with the child custody law and regulations requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her.When the judge suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried out that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him.

    After two recesses to check legal references and confer with child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Pakistan Cricket Team, whom the boy and the courts firmly believe are "not capable of beating anyone."

  • Temoor Naeem on March 18, 2007, 15:30 GMT

    I enjoyed reading this article but I must ask what could have posessed you to suggest Younis as the next captain; the same man who dropped Sarwan on 0 and seemed to find it all rather funny. If I acted like that in a school boy game I would expect to be dropped and so I find the whole idea ridiculous. For me Shoaib Malik is to anonymous, however I too think Afridid would make a great leader and urge all those who agree to say so. Pakistan needs a 'Sher' at the helm and for the first time since Imran they could have one. I just hope they don't screw it up!

  • Imran Kabir on March 18, 2007, 15:30 GMT

    Pakistan Cricket - DNR (Do not Resuscitate)

    A very touching article Kamran Abbasi. Pakistan is the laughing stock and this is indeed the darkest day for Pakistan cricket. The 1999 loss to Bangladesh was eased by the fact that the match did not matter for the standings as Pakistan reached the final. But this is beyond comprehension.

    You're wrong in one thing though, Pakistan cricket WILL NOT survive this. The public support has continued to wane after the 2003 WC and the team has to big stars remaining to draw the crowd. Veritably, Shoaib Akhtar and Shahid Afridi are the most watchable players on the team and neither could play.

    Yes, people will still come to watch the games, but the support will continue to wane. I can feel that the Pakistani public desperately need another sport to divert out attention from the pain cricket has provided us. This is not a one-off incident, this is just a culmination of scandals, poor leadership and management, and above all, politics.

    Good bye Pakistan cricket, may you rest in peace.

  • Mo on March 18, 2007, 15:29 GMT

    It seems easy to bash Pakistan, Inzy and woolmer. I am not a big fan of cricket and only follow the sport recreationally, so i feel i can offer the opinion of a Pakistani individual not thirsting for blood at the moment. In my neutral opinion, Pakistan had this sort of debacle coming for a long time, barring the occasional display of ridiculous talent which keeps this misguided and under-nurtured bunch of players afloat. I feel inzy and woolmer have made significant steps in the right direction. And if there is one thing Pakistan cricket can not afford to lose, it is woolmer's proffessionalism. The man is a cricketing God, and i feel he is the right person to preside over the oft-cited "grass root level" revolution which can alter the inconsistent showing of Team Pakistan. Inzy must leave, no has been long over due anyway. At, 36 he has nothing to offer to the team which Yousuf and Younis are incapable of. It is my firm beleif that if Woolmer can stick around for a few more years and push through some much needed reforms in domestic cricket, Pakistan could yet return.

  • nadeem mirza on March 18, 2007, 15:29 GMT

    Dear Abbasi, as a Journalist i appreciate your comments, but you lack the same vision which our leaders lack. How could you fail to see it coming, you had to wait for the Pakistan's exit from the World Cup to explode? You should have seen it coming after England/South Africa Trip. Our batsmen have been a source of embarassment, Do they not know how not to flounder with the balls that are way outside? Or may be they should learn their batting skills from Obrien. The kind of cricket they are playing on these venues is what we used to play in Gali Muhallah, Atleast we were brave enough to go after bowling, these spineless characters, they like to go back to Pavilions.

  • Raja Shehzad Zaman on March 18, 2007, 15:29 GMT

    Four years in waiting...and we get this!!!! an early exit, once again, but this time on the hands of a "minnow", who were not even expected to give Pakistan a tough time!!! I am in a state of mourning, but something inside me saw this coming, long before the WC even started. I believe that the selection committee, & captain are to be blammed for all this, as they have failed miserabely. And some blame goes on the coach, although the coach can teach you, you as a player, have to apply that in the game. I am sure Bob Woolmer would have done better, if he was to bat for the Pakistan team. Here are things that made me think of our team as weak, because of the stuff that was going on recently. Inclusion of Imran Nazir...... Imran Nazir is a true talent, but he was included in the side after 2 years of wilderness. Why was he not given a chance to settle into the side, if he was to be selected for the WC? Openers Tested.....Salman Butt, Yasir HAmeed, Imran farhat....all of these were tested during last four years, while none of them was selected for the WC. If they weren't going to play in WC why were they given prolonged stays in the tean?? AZHAR MAHMOOD......same case as imran nazir, his shock recall came just 5 games before the WC, while he hadn't played in almost 2 years. i believe that certain changes are over due now. inzi, shoaib, younis, should be dropped from the team. Afridi should also be only included on performance, not talent asis. Shoaib Malik seems to be a perfect fit for the captain with youth, experience and exuberance on his side. We need a multi-dimensional leader like him, who can bowl, bat, field and initiate things on the field, not just stand there chewing his gum and rubbing his beard. enough said..

  • Faran on March 18, 2007, 15:29 GMT

    This is the third time that I have attempted to leave a comment but each time I couldn't put into words how I feel.

    I decided to move to Trinidad from London to work on a two year project at the end of 2005 with my wife and two young children. My major deciding factor was that it would be great to be here for the World Cup (don't tell my wife!). Why oh why did I bother???

    What happened yesterday was beyond belief. I felt sick watching that game and felt like vomiting at the end. As you mentioned in your article it was a completely spineless display by Pakistan. I really am disgusted. This was bezatee of the highest order.

    You are right that Inzamam needs to resign or be sacked if he doesn't do the honourable thing.

    Whilst the team were in Trinidad I went to one of their practice sessions and when I got there all the players were in the nets while Inzi was sitting down by the pavilion munching on a platter of fruit. He did eventually go off for a little practice but when it ended he was the first player off the field.

    Pakistan needs a captain who leads by example and shows passion, not a cross between the abominable snowman and a sloth. Afridi as captain? Interesting idea. Has he captained in any first class matches?

    If anybody wants my tickets for the rest of the games all the way to the final, let me know as right now I can't face the prospect of seeing another match.

  • tony afzal on March 18, 2007, 15:29 GMT

    With the risk of sounding blasphemous, permit me to vehemently state that if our cricketers spend less time praying together and more time in planning and calculating winning strategies, and how to become ruthleess mercenaries will they succeed. Always. Keep all your praying at home, where it belongs. You bring it out into the streets, and you will always fail. "Allah Malik" does not work, for God helps those that help themselves!! That is the unfortunately the failing of all our Ummah. We are 300 years behind the wentire world in any endeavour, be it technology, science, sports. Name it.Pray at home. Keep your religious sentiments at home. Let us work. I suppose now that some mindless idiot will 'Fatwah' my beheading. I pity them there ignorance.


    Tony Afzal 4330 E 15th Street Long Beach, Ca 90804

  • Ajmal Khan on March 18, 2007, 15:28 GMT

    Kamran Bhai, dont know what to write! I am really speechless and schocked!!!

  • Mahesh on March 18, 2007, 15:28 GMT

    Even if you fall in a bog, you will claim that your flannels are sparkling clean. This tournament has teams, good teams and better teams. Before Mar 13, I would have been tempted to classify Pakistan as one of the good teams. But now, they just have to be derated.

    If to claim that Pakistan is evenly matched with SA, NZ and SL is ignorance, to stick to the claim is stupidity. Of course, I am tempted to add India to the list of three, but I am not stupid.

    I feel sad for Inzamam - a great career accelerating to a bitter end.

  • Irfan Ahmad from Canada on March 18, 2007, 15:28 GMT

    Pakistani team has let millions of pakistanis down and they shouldn't be let free for that. I think Inzy and group should give up cricket and become imams at local mosques. To say the least, their appearance, body language, physique, gesture and performance do not characterize them as world-class cricketers.

    If Inzy had a tiny bit of brain in him, he should quit after the next game along with ten unnecessary officials that are traveling with the team. Mushtaq Ahmed, assistant coach, what a joke? In a team full of seamers, why in the hell Mushy is a coach? Has he ever coached in his entire life at International level before?

    The worst thing is there is no hope in terms of who would take the captaincy. Everyone remembers how childishly Younis reacted when the accepted, rejected and finally accepted captainship before during an international tour. Apart from this, he has yet to prove himself as an established batsman in one day cricket. His one day record speaks for that. Yousuf would be replica of Inzamam and there is no use bringing him as a captain. Shoaib Malik has shown some guts playing under pressure. Perhaps he should be groomed to be the next captain.

  • Ayub Khan on March 18, 2007, 15:28 GMT

    Mr. Kamran Abbasi, I have a suggestion for you. You live in Karachi. I live in the neighbourhood also. Why don't we do one thing. Give our team the white powder to sniff and send them in to play. I am sure that they will perform well (look at Shoaib's and Asif's eyes anybody can tell you that they are high when they perform well) Instead of the Ghenda (Rhino) saying all the time "Allah ka Sukhar Hai" in his english "Thanks be to Allah" What a bunch of stupid, ignorant fools who blame everything on our Prez. Thank God for Mush, we have our country or else like the US Assistant Secretary of State once said "Pakistan would have been bombed back to Stonage" Long live Prez Mush. And May Allah Bless You Always

  • Raja on March 18, 2007, 15:28 GMT

    Hey, come on, it's only a game!! These sort of miracles have happened in favour of Pakistan before. Don't think those were because of talent and team spirit and blah blah. neither is this one because of betrayal, cowardice and all the rest of abuse being showered on the poor fellows. Ever heard of glorious uncertainties of cricket? The fact is majority of passionate fools are those who haven't held a bat in their lives nor have they faced the red cherry in a live match. Fact is, if Pakistan had batted second they would have given even a worse drubbing to Ireland. It is the so called reportes like you who give an entirely unrealistic colour to a mere game of cricket to serve your own ends. Please desist!!

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on March 18, 2007, 15:28 GMT

    KAMRAN ABBASSI, you should have started your 'open letter' like this: "Dear Inzi, Bob and the Dog;.................

    The moment Inzi lost the toss, he had an expression of DEFEAT written all over his face and he admitted to Ramiz Raja that yes we should have won the toss it is important. Toss is important but, that doesn't mean you loose the match from the outset and playing the match with a mindset that you are going to loose!. Even the school boys would have played better. In the dark, gloomy weather Pakistan's wickets were falling like the proverbial 'cats and dogs'. Now, they must take the Ferry from Kingston to Kemari.

    The so-called GREAT WALL, or the middle order comprising of Younis, Yousuf and Inzi has let the team down once again. They only perform well when someone on the top scores big. Younis Khan, I have said before, HE is not a player for one day games. His average may say something else, but in crucial matches he has seldom performed and definitely he is not a player for the twenty20 version either. The later should be the next target for Pakistan and I fully endorse an overhaul in the team.

    SHAHID AFRIDI, is definitely the man. Finally you too Kamran Abbassi are admitting that, "the passion of Shahid Afridi the antidote we all need?" Of course, he has the passion and the ability to do so, and he is young, he is dynamic, if he fails with the bat, he compensates with his bowling and his fielding is exceptional. IF, he is made the captain, he will know that his place is guaranteed in the playing eleven, that will boost his confidence in his batting abilities too and he might be batting with that added responsibility for being the captain! At least, he won't be standing there with his hands on his haunches or digging his nose!

    The last match against Zimbabwe is only a formality, but Inzi should not play that game, he should take a time out with his buddies Mushy and Rana Nayee and go out on a Tableeghi mission in the Caribbean. In any case, whether Pakistan beats Zimbabwe or not is not important anymore. It is for occasions like these, Ghalib has written:

    "Ho chukeen Ghalib bala-ayen sab tamaam, Ek marg-e-naagahaani aur hai."

    After the shameful defeat at the hands of the Shamrocks one can easily say:

    Ho chukeen Shikastain sab tamaam Ek Shikast, dast-e-Zimbawbe aur hai

    PS. India must be mourning too, but they are not totally out of this tournament, and they have to beat the strong Sri Lanka to remain in the contention or else they will be Pakistan's comrades in misery!

  • Sunnie, Karachi Pakistan on March 18, 2007, 15:27 GMT

    After the match the excuse for this disaster was that they were playing on a green wicket. What kind of a excuse is that ... i mean i understand what green wickets but hell these guys are suppose to be the best in Pakistan so does this means that there is not a single batsman in Pakistan who can handle a moving ball (you've got to be kidding). I personally think that a "MUHALLAY KI TEAM" would have performed better than these idiots. This is for the President of Pakistan: STOP HIRING YOUR BITCHES FOR THE POST OF "CHAIRMAN OF PCB".

  • mujtaba ali on March 18, 2007, 15:27 GMT

    i am a Pakistani and a fan of the game ,i do agree with every single criticism the team and the management receives for the abysmal display in the WC . But the one thing which pakistan cricket never had in the 50 years of cricket is consitancy of performance.No matter who the captain is or the coach or the management Pakistan cricket has failed to show consistency.we were always known for our unpredictability. inzamam is a good person by heart and is a good player on his day No Doubt but from day One everyone can see he was never a good captain,there were no changes in the batting order ever ,the bowlers were never used according to their specialty on the situation given.Woolmer was an opening batsman in his career but the inability to cure the imperfections in the technique of the available openeres was mind numbingly shocking.and so on and on one can go but the damage done in this Wcup can not be undone. . Shame for all of us

  • Ali Mujahid on March 18, 2007, 15:27 GMT

    The shit has truly hit the fan.

    Well said, Mr Abbassi.

  • Mr Bashiir on March 18, 2007, 15:27 GMT

    Absolute fools. Inzy, Bob, Younis Khan, the openers and the selection board...out. And don't even think of touring England anytime soon. The fruit is ready and rotting.

  • Danish on March 18, 2007, 15:27 GMT


    Pakistan cricket is going through its worst period in the entire 60 years cricket history of this nation. The humiliation which we have recieved by loosing the match agains new comers like ireland will remain in the mind of our people for many years to come. Honestly whatever has happened was predicted way before the team went for world cup campaign. The whole squad is responsible with the people at the helm of affairs in cricket board. Inzi and bob should have the gutts to accept the responsiblity of this exit with their worthless, irresponsible, self centered bunch of fools in their playing eleven. There is no rocket-science involved in a game of cricket you have to stick to the basics if you want to perform consistently well.In batting just play every bowl on his merits, convert your starts to the big ones not for you but for the side, finish the game and not leave the work for the others to come. Now i will analyze the performance of whole unit, BATSMEN: We have the most ordinary openers in the playing eleven right now who have no sense of responsibility, passion and confidence to give a good start to their team. Imran nazir's selection was a bolt from the blue he has so many flaws in his technique that it was a criminal move to send him directly to the world cup or to rely on him to do wonders for the team.Apart from him we were still experimenting for example with Mohammad hafizm, kamran akmal, shahid afridi. Hafeez cannot be categorized as an opener in any manner whatsoever neither by his technique nor by his approach towards the game. There is a marked differrence in the approach of kamran akmal and other good wicket keeper batsmen in the world. Every one is familiar with attitude problem of shahid afridi and how much a team can rely on him. The reason for the failure of all these gentlemen is that they stands no where in terms of their speciality we can easily call them as bits and pieces cricketers. Now in respect of younis khan his performance in one day internationls is the clear evidence of his calibre or stature as the one day cricketer. He is a good choice in test matches on the slow and dead tracks of india but he is very suspectible where the bowl is moving both ways. Muhammad yousuf suffers from the same problem i agree that he performed exceptionally well in test matches but he has his limitations in seaming tracks as well. Inzimam is in the twilight of his career and as i suggested previously the time has arrived for him to call it a day as for as the cricket is concerned. He is totally misfit in todays cricketing world. He lacks energy, motivation and interest to guide others to perform better.He cares about his own likes and dislikes rather than the future of pakistan cricket. He has tried to select those cricketers who were willing to play the role of his " YES MEN" irrespective of their performance in the team. our bowlers need education as how to bowl in the green top surface because you have to stick to the basics just put the bowl in the right areas and let the wicket do the rest for you. Cricket is a game of nerves and strategy you just have to play within your limitations and result will always be of your liking. All the leading batsmen have always given a value to their wicket and that is why bowlers tried hard out to send them to the pavilion but the wicket of every pakistani batter is very cheap.we have not seen in a single ODI that our team has a some kind of game plan to follow. The impression we gathered was that every one was going with an approach to enjoy in the field and dame cares about having productive results for the side. Long term thinking is the need of the hour now we need to start from the scratch by saying good bye to these old horses and should back the new cricketers with the new hope, energy, passion and hunger to do well for the pride of the country. The present lot is the most self centered people the one reason could be that they know the lack of back up in their place and ultimately the cricket board will again ask them to do the business.

  • Ruchit on March 18, 2007, 15:27 GMT

    So first sub continent team is out!!. Guess India is next in line as well. Dont think Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will go all the way either. Bangladesh dont have that much of experience and Sri Lanka as usual will fall against quality pace as do all sub continental teams.But frankly I dont care. We are here to see some real good cricket and it doesnot matter if it comes from Ireland,Australia,South Africa or for that matter any other nation as long it comes.

    So much so for the hype that sub continent teams will do in this world cup. I mean let us face it. Teams like Australia,New Zealand and South Africa have adapted to alien conditions better than any of the sub continental teams. And I think if any one of them wins this time around it will be well deserved for them.

    But I am angry and disappointed the way both India and Pakistan have played. For info purposes I am an Indian and support Indian team but ever since a child have followed Pakistani fortunes(while I never wanted them to win but have truely appreciated all their great wins).

    Pakistan with this exit has certainly become a laughing stock and India too will fall in the same category unless they mend their ways and really come up with something spectacular.

    In a way the fall of Pakistan and India is similar.

    In India all we care about is great batting line and let bowling go to hell. And in Pakistan the focus is only on fast faster and fastest bowlers without much concern for the quality of their batting.

    I mean it is like asking a one legged man to compete in a 100 m dash (no disrespect intended here please).

    You simplyl cannot win World Cup by being strong in just one discipline. Pakistan has ignored its baatting quality now for years and has cobbled a line up which on paper looks very look but in quality is very thin. In this team it was evident no one apart from Inzy and Mohd Yousuf were world class. Compare that with 1992. Rameez,Sohail, Imran,Miandad,Salim Malik, Ejaz; Inzy.. " genuine opening batsmen, a solid and dependable middle order and good finishers in Inzy,Moin and Akram.

    Compared to that team this team was shit.

    Another analogy I find is in the common obsession we have with batsmen who can make ball travel far without having basic technique.. people like Sehwag and Afridi. In pakistan this craze os even more. I mean this is stupid. A lot of people would say Inzy won the 92 semifinal against New Zealand but I strongly believed then and do it 15 years later also that had it not been Javed at the other end he never would have been able to make it.

    Why Pakistan bowed out and why India will bow out is because of lack of application of common sense in our cricket.

    And what does the future have in store for us. I think more disappointments though I think they will more for India than Pakistan.

    Atleast Pakistan has a Asif to cherish we have none.

    When Tendulkar,Dravid,Ganguly and Laxman bow out they will leave a huge vaccum to fill. Also once Inzy goes Pakistan will loose their most potent match winner with bat and they too will be in shambles.

    I think the World Cup is just the beginning of end of days for Indian and Pakistani cricket.

    Regards. Ruchit.

  • Ravi on March 18, 2007, 15:26 GMT

    Excellent. Passionate and straight from heart. Serious dearth of talent is definitely cause of concern. Suddenly the battery of fast bowlers which pakistan used to produce seem to be on the decline. I noticed a marked change in the world cup for under 19s held in Bangladesh which pakistan won about couple of years back, they have better (controversial actions though)spinners than fast bowlers. Whats brought about this change?

  • Nasir on March 18, 2007, 15:25 GMT

    I think, the adhoc committee is responsible for the demise of Pakistan cricket. Any department run by adhoc committees do end uplike this. After destroying Hockey, the adhoc rulers of the country are ready to destroy cricket. I believe the unnecessary pressure on the players in the name of discipline was the main cause of this defeat. The players were not in a correct mental state to play the world cup and everybody have seen the results.

    Pakistan should stop this drama of adhoc committees and should have a professional set up to handle cricket in Pakistan. Otherwise, cricket will end up like hockey.

  • Rizwan on March 18, 2007, 15:24 GMT

    All i can say regarding the game against Ireland was that it was a disaster waiting to happen. The difference between the two sides was professionalism. And the part timers showed more of it than the so called professionals. I dont blame the coach for any of this. He has tried his best given the situation. The board and the chairman can be blamed for the selection/ the handling of shoaib and asif and all the off pitch issues etc. But nobody said anything about them when Pakistan won the two warm ups. All views were that Pakistan looked ready to go. In my view it all comes down to the players that were representing pakistan yesterday. Nobody can argue against the fact that the Pakistan team that took the field was good enough to beat Ireland in any conditions/on any pitch in any circumstance. The batting started with complacency/the middle order, with all its experience played their normal game without sensing and adapting to the situation. It was on Inzi and also Younis and Yousuf to look at the green pitch and set a target of say 200 in their minds and play to that. There was no game plan after losing the toss. The dismissals of Imran, Akmal, Yousuf and Azhar were entirely their fault and showed that the mentality of the team was not right. This failure must also rest on Inzi for whom i have the greatest respect and admiration as a batting great but not as a captain. He is great when the team is ahead but not when the heat is on. So i would agree with Mr Abbasi that major changes are needed. A whole new board selected on merit, consisting of people with a passion and experience of cricket. Inzamam should step down as Captain but not resign just yet. He is good enough to be in the team as a batsman alone and his presence in the team will help a young captain like Malik or Afridi settle in. For me Malik has the making of a Captain, Afridi is a possibility and it may help calm his wild side but nothing can be said for sure about him. Yousuf and Younis dont have it in them and would only be around for another 4-5 years. The team make up is right so i wouldnt go with drastic changes. Players like Salman Butt, Yasir Hamid and Asim Kamal should be given a proper run as they have shown that they can be good enough. Imran Nazir still hasnt learnt and the same with Hafeez. Now is a good time to Bring in younger players like Fawad Alam and Anwar Ali Khan who must now prove their talent at the highest level. I hope for the sake of Pakistan's longstanding cricket heritage that these important transformations are made now and lessons learnt. And another thing, while the patron is the countries president, the above will not happen.

  • Speech on March 18, 2007, 15:24 GMT

    I want to change my citizenship to Bangladesh. They make me proud. The represent people who are eager to work hard. I am tired of Inzi trying to make the team a islamic unit rather than true cricket players. Its quite evident if you have a beard, you are selected. Inzi needs to go, otherwise the team will become the mullahs of cricket. I think religion is important, but it should not be used to seduce hypocrisy. Inzi is a hypocrit, making everyone in the team a mullah rather than the a cricket player. I am tired of this. Cricket and religion dont go togather, we must understand, be educated enough to understand this. We have players that are eager to have stadium enclosures named after them, but after this it should be reversed. If the language of the team is not even its official language, then players, coaches and the rest of the entourage will get mixed signal. Please change, lets not be the laughing stock of the cricket nation. All cudos to B'desh - you are a true team, capable to be the champions one day.

  • Faisal,USA on March 18, 2007, 15:23 GMT

    Kamran, you have said absolutely right about dumping Waqar Younis as a bowling coach and taking Mushtaq in (coz Inzi and Mushtaq share the same religious intensity, its all about the beard in the Pak team now).I think we definately need a big overhauling in Pakistan Cricket from Nasim Ashraf to Bob and Inzamam.Now we need some new blood for 2011 WC and the work should start from now.It was a pathetic loss and will be remember for a long time.

  • hamid hashmi on March 18, 2007, 15:23 GMT

    hi im 18 and iv been watchin pakistan since i was 4. I love pak cric and have supported them through thick and thin. But this performance agaisnt irland has completely ruined my spirit and beleif in pak cric. My once loved and adored hero inzamam has shown his nothing more then an overpaid couch potatoe. Pak played like a bunch of gully cricketers. The only thing they can look forward to is a hail of stones when they land in lahore. they should be braught to justice. the pakistan cric administration is the biggest load of bull s**t iv ever had the displeasure of seeing. Sacking the great waqar younis did wonders for our bowling attack. NOT. what a complete bunch of wan**rs

  • Raj on March 18, 2007, 15:23 GMT

    This Pakistan team which has players with flowing beards and conversing in urdu during press conference resemble their brothers who wrecking the world. At any point of time during the matches, the opening ceremony or prior to it they looked like gentlemen on a cricket field. Its good that they headback to where they belong to

  • immy786 on March 18, 2007, 15:21 GMT

    I agree with most of what has been said whole heartedly. This is the worst moment of my sporting life - I didnt have any expectation just hopes that Inzy's lot will go out fighting in the Semis. I think we set for even more doom !! I have made comments here in the past saying post the world cup and if, heaven forbids, Younis takes over then we are heading even in lower direction. The doc, the pathetic Salim Altaf, the corrupt Mushy must go. Bob / Inzy show came of the wheels last August and all I say is thanks for the memory. Maybe Inzy should have gone 12 months ago but why oh why we need the hot headed Younis - look at the way he threw his wickets in both games. Maybe S Malik is the one and maybe anyone else - but the bottom line is that we have been humiliated like never before and, my fear is, there is more to come unless the spinelss and corrupt people running the PCB disappear.

  • Fan...that just died on March 18, 2007, 15:21 GMT

    Agreed Kamran. Just to add, another best thing the Big 3 can do is to sink themselves in the Caribbean Sea if they have any shame left in themselves. There are no words to describe the pain that we feel. 17 March 2007 marks the death of Pakistan Cricket. R.I.P ... Pakistan Cricket 1947-2007

  • iD on March 18, 2007, 15:21 GMT

    110% agree with you! Doc has to go and selection committee hv to be replaced by people with good crickting knowlege and good experience of modern cricket, people who played like tigers in the past (you know where to look). Bob with best of his intensions have to leave... Players who let the country down and I am talking about couple of our junkies...we don't need player like Shoaib and Asif who we can't have in the team when we want them most and yes I know it does sound rude to the player like Inzy who has given Pakistan so much that we can not thank him enough...but I think its time!

    P.S. I am sure for the Doc main reason behind the loss against Ireland was their linguistic abilities

  • SYED AHMED on March 18, 2007, 15:21 GMT

    I can not explain the pain and disappintment I fell but I personally think this is best think that happen to PAKISTAN CRICKET...This wil force them to make change. This team management and Captain was arrogant to say the least. People who has no cricket sense can tell you what is wrong and what the fix i but team despite knowing it all shows their stubbornes...

    I am all for Afridi as a capatin...Sack every one except Salim Malik, Yousuf, younis, Afridi, M Asif and Umar Gul.

  • India Supporter on March 18, 2007, 15:20 GMT

    From your previous blog: "there is only team that Pakistan don't have the skill to beat and that's Australia."

  • Razi Hyder on March 18, 2007, 15:19 GMT

    Pakistan cricket team in general and Inzamam's lethargic captaincy has caused Pakistan the world cup and ridiculed me and many other ex-pats in Ireland .We want answers and Inzi,Mr Ashraf,Saleem Altaf et al must go.

  • Ashar Hameed on March 18, 2007, 15:19 GMT

    I totally agree with you Kamran up until the point where you have Shoaib Malik as a potential captaincy candidate. You must be joking there and that is a cruel joke as the irony is Malik does not even warrant a place in the side. How many games has he won for us? He is not an all rounder any more as his bowling is wayward and merit less, His batting is spineless and he can only bat where the cause is already lost.

    Perhaps another good candidate for captaincy is Shoaib Akhtar, he sure possesses the flair, the attitude that we once saw in Imran Khan although that he is severely crippled with injuries but maybe, hoping beyond hope, just maybe he will learn to stay fit once bestowed with the responsibility. In the end we can always try with someone else as we have, how they used to say, 4 years to prepare a team for the World Cup. Sad was a day yesterday. May it rest in PEACE.

  • MASOOD QADIR on March 18, 2007, 15:18 GMT

    INZI and bob woolmer should be sent to guantanamo bay its very close to west Indies.

  • Naeem Zafar on March 18, 2007, 15:18 GMT

    I play cricket and love wathcing cricket but what I saw on 17th March 2007 I am ashaed to support our National Team

  • Ali Haider on March 18, 2007, 15:17 GMT

    Brilliant letter. What an utter embarassment! A team needs a leader and it is time for Inzi to say bye. what a sad way to be remembered after all his brilliant performances with the bat.

  • Junaid Mumtaz on March 18, 2007, 15:16 GMT

    Like millions of Pakistanis living in Pakistan , we are pakistanis living in the Uk are equally shattered and devasted . I think whats important here are 2 basic things .

    1) saeed anwer, saqlain mushtaq, mushtaq ahmed, junaid jamshed Need to be stopped from all interaction with the pakistan team .

    2) yOUNIS , YOUSAF, KAMRAN , NEED TO go back to the local circut and prove them selves again just like gangually did in india. Inzi and wolmer will say there good byes in the next 1 week , . Azhar mahmood and rana naveed need to be publically hanged kidding but should say good bye to cricket . Rana bhai a new mullah as well . wHY ARE THEY PLAYING professional cricket they all should be going for tabligh , u CAN NOT BE be a player and a full time molvi at the same time , dont get emotionAL HERE ,

    I think its time for brand new faces in pakistani cricket who will go through trouble intially but will redevolp the side over time . A new captain not from the side is required , just like what south africa did with smith , at 23 he was a brand new captain for the team ,

    I think pakistani cricket is at its lowest ever, may god help us and ppl who have been killed by there team ,


    pLAY CRICKET PROFESSIONALLY OR Go on a mullah spree You can not mix the two sad but true

    Agreed on Afrdi and shoaib malik as future potential caPTAINS , Not sure about younis as he seems to have got a big head after a few centuries , wE ALL REMEBER " i AM NOT A DUMMY CAPTAIN " wel you definatley proved to be a dummy player totally ussless , the hook shot u tried to pull against west indian team was just total class wasnt it .

  • Suhail _ Manchester on March 18, 2007, 15:16 GMT

    Kamran I agree with you whole heartedly. The shambolic scenes at the Oval, failed drug tests, successfull appeals and then convenient injuries to our pace attack, is all a result of a lack of clear and definative leadership. Whilst Inzi and Bob have have dithered in team make up, selection and strategy the Doc has gone about posing and postulating as if he is the answer to all our problems. Well Doc take a good look at yourself and this team and you will see you are part of the problem. You and all the nepotistic appointments through the decades have brought us to this lowest point. I thought that nothing would remove the memory of losing to Banglaesh in the WC, but you and your charges have surpassed themselves this time round. Every year we will get a reminder when our brave and gallant irish friends celebrate St Patricks day. They showed how a team,of limited ability and resources can show up a team ( I use this term reservedly) of highly experienced and gifted players by having a GAME PLAN. This was the difference yesterday. Green top or not, we are Pakistan, we should not be shown up by Ireland. The PCB need to sweep away all the dead wood and as you point out appoint people on merit. This will mean the end for all those who won't be around come next world cup. We need to start now to give our youngsters the exposure and experience from now and build for the future. Bob will go on to pastures new , Inzi will fade into the sunset, leaving us with a sad footnote to his awesome performances for Pakistan. I hope he will be remembered for his heroics and not his lacklustre performance over the past six months. The future captain should be a shoe in for both Test's and ODI's and your suggestions fit into this criteria. We need young, fit, athletic players who have an attitude and a burning desire to pull on the green jersey. The choice of coach will be crucial for the rebuilding process and I would suggest Dav Whatmore, he took Sri Lanka from nowhere to WC Champions and more recently has improved Bangladesh. The team have broke our hearts and extinguished our dreams once again, yet we will always support them. All we want is for the PCB to give us a team to be proud of.

  • kashif on March 18, 2007, 15:16 GMT


    I totally disagree with your comments about asing afridi to become captain. He is also responsible for these losses. Why did he not play in these last 2 games? injury, politics no no kamram but he decided to take on a supporter on with a bat. well done but knowning pakistan cricket and its working maybe that is the passion our team need. someone with a bat threatning them ...

  • Usman Qidwai on March 18, 2007, 15:14 GMT

    Kamran you are or flat it does not matter.I have never seen or read any coach saying that I think the other team will win the world cup (ref to Bob SWOT analysis on South africa). Why not he does a SWOT analysis on Pakistan and rectify those mistakes. Then I read his match notes..if those are the notes then I dont want him to take any of my project meeting notes..For captain and VC i will go with players who has respect for eachother and has willingness to listen to others..I dont have words to describe the agony and distress which has caused by this defeat.

  • Tanveer on March 18, 2007, 15:14 GMT

    I did not expect Pakistan doing miracles and reaching to the finals or semis but at least me and every other Pakistani Cricket fan expected them to reach the super eight. If they can't beat a sub-international standard team like Ireland than which team can they beat? I think they will do a repeat performance in their last match against Zimbabwe - and they will do it. Making excuses of pitch and kismet is plain pathetic. For God sake, you were not playing against some quality team it was Ireland. What hurts is that each and every batsman of Pakistan did not even try to put up a fight. When the things are going rough and you stiving to play 50 overs, you don't play hook or pull shots to get out. You just play with the straight bat. Ireland was helping enough to give extras. Had they just hung around to complete 50 overs, they would've had 150+ runs on the board, and who knows that would've been enough to bowl out the Ireland. But it seems like that there is no brain or think tank in Pakistani squad that can layout this simple plan of playing out the 50 overs. When will they learn, this simple plan of playing the 50 overs quota.

    I am deeply remorsed. I and think the top order batsman should be sacked (minus Yousuf). Hafeez and Nazir are just "mohallah type" crickets, they should go back and play in their backyards. Younis Khan is too arogant and he always sinks to the occasion. Inzy, is as always, too lazy, too old, and so unmotivated. Kamran Akmal, is a bafoon, who thinks highly of himself but yet can't produce whe n we need some scores from him.

    I am so dejected! Don't have more words to explain my feelings.

  • WALEED on March 18, 2007, 15:13 GMT

    SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!This is the 2nd WC in which Pak coouldnt qualify for the 2nd round......i think its better for inzy to move far far away from pakistan coz they will kill him if he gets back.....i couldnt sleep last night feeling the shame inside me that pak lost to ireland.....its just like this that if pakistan vs brazil in football n pak win by 3-0 ......OFCOURSE IT WILL BE A GR8 SHOCK!!!but i think pak cricket have a dark future jus like squash n hockey .....inzi will retire(who should have a long time ago)n yousufn younis too.......n PCB knew bout this n they should have created an experianced batsman who could take the place of these sorry to say that only shoaib malik is the 1...only 1 batsman .......where is fawad alam the best bowler ,the best batsman n the best player of the series of the 20/20 cup .......why is rana is still playin........O i know why coz he kept a beard so that inzy could take him in the team.........GOD!! seriously i am a much better player then rana......Well till mushraf is there till that time nasim ashraf is bout the removal of nasim 4get it guys ........pak cricket is gone 4 ever .......way to go bangladesh!!!!

  • mirza beg on March 18, 2007, 15:13 GMT

    Inzi's post game comment says it all " it was due to kismet". Wow, how could could you expect such a person to lead. Were the selectors on dope? the whole world can understand his negativity except the selectors in Pakistan. Wake up and smell the coffee Mr. Bari! He should be the first one to go. The entire team except for Shoaib Malik, Umer Gul, Mohammed yousuf, and may be the keeper should be fired. Shoaib Akhtar and Asif should be sent home packing. There should be no room in cricket for egocentric players. Its good be religious, but it should not be carried on the sleeves while playing cricket.

  • Amad Uddin on March 18, 2007, 15:12 GMT

    Knowing the Pakistani team, there is one thing I can say for sure. Pakistani Cricket Team has the ability to go beyond Rock Bottom.

    I think Muhammad Hafeez should be shot dead. For playing for 3 or more years and having a batting average of 19 or less. It must be found whether he has any children or not, and if there are some, then they must sign a bond, that they will never enter a cricket field, even for watching a match.

    Inzamam should resign or be dropped whatever comes first. Younus Khan should be 'rested', till he finds out that its NOT only about having a good and positive attitude and smiling all day long, there is something called technique and application.

    Yosuf Bhai must be made captain on basis of his performance and Shoaib Malik should be appointed Vice Captain.

    Nana Naveed should be given 4 year leave with pay for looking after his children and grand children without bothering to come to the cricket field, ever.

    Shoaib Akhtar should be married to a nurse that way, PCB will save a lot of money by saving on his continuous medical expenses.

    PCB Chairman and the selectors should resign immediately and take the blame of the defeat, for not being able to find out a decent opening pair and not having backups. If our entire batting line up is unable to face swinging deliveries and bat on grass, then what are they doing in the top 11 ????

    Based on this humiliation the contracts of all cricketers must immediately be cancelled.

  • Sid on March 18, 2007, 15:12 GMT

    Pakistan need to seek help from their former greats like Imran,Waisim and Javed. At this stage, Pak cricket is dying. They have not found a consistent opener in both ODIs or Tests. Hafeez,Nazir,Taufeek,Yassir are no more than ordinary cricketers who are good only in flat tracks. I cannot understand why dont they ask for help from Wasim Akram,who is helping the Indian bowlers and rest of the world, but why not Pakistan. And what about Imran khan n Javed, two of the best ever cricketing brains. I think , what Pakistan needs right now, is a new coach, a fresh captain, fresh ideas and fresh young players. Otherwise, Pakistan will be playing 2011 World cup as a minnow team.

  • Syed Z on March 18, 2007, 15:11 GMT

    What a disgrace! I think Pakistani cricket team replied to Kamran Abbassi's earlier post, in which he thinks that the only team Pakistan can lose from is Australia. I firmly believe that if we had sent our U-19 team, we would have done better! From top to bottom, eveyone involved in this disastrous outcome should be sacked! But, that would have happened in a country where there is some accountability. Personally, I feel like they need ass-whooping in the center of Hassan Square.

  • Khurrum on March 18, 2007, 15:11 GMT

    A very sad day! The way forward is to start a new. Get rid of the dead wood - they've had they're time - that means good riddence to:

    Inzy, Yousuf, Younis, et al.

    Make Shoib captain, and take the young charges from the under 19's. Have a 3-4 year plan, grow as a unit who can field, run, keep, catch like the other nations.

    Try and get Imran Khan involved somehow!

  • Ahmed Nawaz on March 18, 2007, 15:11 GMT

    What a shame and disgrace this legendary cricket team has brought on us. I will suggest to put a ban on these players to play county cricket and no appearance in any ads, no endorsements till they learn how to play cricket , how to play as a team , how to present themselves as true pakistanis. We have to get politics out this game. We need to bring our old heros back and teach us how to win wold cup.

  • Faraz on March 18, 2007, 15:10 GMT

    Sorry to mention about the new captain...The only person runs in my mind is undoubtly, the most passionate person in this cricket team is SHAHID KHAN AFRIDI and no one else...younis is not a good choice, it doesnt matter even if imran khan suggests him to be the successor of inzi but i will say, it should go to SA and inzi,bob,nasim ashraf and salim altaf should be sacked right away, we dont even have to wait till 31st as Nasim Ashraf just mentioned...kick their butts out of our sights right away...

  • mahmood on March 18, 2007, 15:10 GMT

    The pain could never have been better said !

  • Adeel on March 18, 2007, 15:10 GMT

    We all have no words to describe this but Inzi sums it up by leaving it on God's will. But rationally speaking, what went wrong, six months back we were number 2 in ranking, we were winning. The same Inzi was our fighter captain. And we did not miss Shoiab Akhtar on several occasions. We were keep on getting goods from our less known bowlers, Rana ranked in top 10, Asif was find of the year, Umer Gul destroyed India, everything seems to work like a plan. Talking about openers, we never had good reliable openers after Saeed Anwar. All Nazirs, Taufiqs, Akmals, Farhats were same at the opening positions. Thats all we had and thats what we played with. In short, i feel for Inzi, who will be made a scapegoat for sure and had to leave. Despite his own failure as batsman and a few mistakes in captaincy, he strived as much as he could. Its not a blaming comment BUT the persons sitting in Gaddafi's Air conditioned offices should stand responsible. Dr. Naseem Ashraf/Saleem Altaf/Wasem Bari and co. Dr Ashraf took over 6 months back. What about Saleem Altaf,our chief selector Bari who have been there for ages now. They are the planner of this disgraceful day of pakistan cricket. Again I am a dejected person like millions back home watching this darkest picture of Pak cricket. And this time we will not be satisfied if PCB changes 2,3 names here and there. The whole administration should be sacked. Thanks, Adeel

  • Ahsan on March 18, 2007, 15:09 GMT

    the only players that deserve to stay in the odi team are:

    shoaib malik umar gul mohammad yousuf mohammad asif (even though hes a druggy) abdur razzaq (at the end of the day his batting is crucial) shahid afridi (for the hell of it)

    the rest can have their qurbani done. Younis Khan should be dropped on his head he cant bat in Odi's and if we wanted someone to encourage the team we should put ChaCha cricket in his place.

    Inzy is gone for sure...Bob Woolmer doesnt deserve to manage a side that doesnt give justice to his coaching skills.

  • suhail on March 18, 2007, 15:09 GMT

    To start with Pak needs to change admin setup add Legends who can understand what requires to push this team, Heads will role but it has to start from PCB & then to team, About captain Shoib Malik is better choice rather then Y Khan , Y Khan will do good in tests , Coach should be fro Pakistan rather then outside I am sure by seeing all politics going on & games played at PCB & with selection commit no coach will dear to put hands up .

    Inzi had to say good bye to one day & try to play as batsman in test. Rest we all know what will happen.

  • Farrukh on March 18, 2007, 15:09 GMT

    This indeed is a sad day in Pakistan cricket. Some reason they seem to loose the drive for winning. One thing which i have noticed is that Pakistan should stick to one colour of clothing. From my observations Pakistan should have light colour clothing ala WC 1992, WC 1999 and ODI 2005. And if you notice those were the years they performed extremely well. So why change something that works? Also get rid of all the garbage players who are not contributing anymre. Pakistan have become crybabies and always complaining in media. First they need to change their attitude. There is not much Woolmer can do. Ultimately it is Pakistan team who has to perform.

  • Khurram on March 18, 2007, 15:08 GMT

    GOOD BYE PAKISTAN.... GOOD BYE BOB WOLOOMER. PLZ DONT COME BACK GOOD BYE INZI .. u were great player but we need a pure leader not a mullah captain.

    And good bye HAFEEZ - RANA - KAMRAN

    + kick every one in PCB and bring IMRAN KHAN as leader no one else. PLZZZZZZZZ

    We had only one good ting from Pakistan that was cricket and its taken away from us :(((((

  • qasim on March 18, 2007, 15:08 GMT

    Did anyone say cornered tigers? This group was nothing but a bunch of PAPER TIGERS! Nobody had the backbone or temprament to carve out an innings under difficult conditions! It's definitely time for a SHAKE-UP !

  • Mehmood on March 18, 2007, 15:07 GMT

    Kamran bhai this is an absolutley beautiful opportunity to rearrange the whole of pakistani cricket system. It really is no good to replace just the few players and coach and say that heads need to roll . What really needs to roll is this system that seemingly governs PCB. I am not a great fan of these various "ad hoc committees" that seem to be chosen to carry out various tasks.I am also a not a great admirer of the PCB running itself from one disaster to another. Thsi kind of atmosphere just runs right through to the player on the field.Lets start the whole process of "rolling heads" right from the top. Lets get in people who know a thing or two about cricket to run the PCB, of course iam not suggesting that we should get Wasim to do amin in the PCB but the current set up really needs to be shaken very violently. To initiate the whole process we the the fans must insist on the Constitution being approved and enacted immediatley. Then to sacjk the whole of PCB and have elected members who are able to run the board properly and professionally.The unprofessional nature of the board then carries right through into the players. The players have consistentley demostrated how unprofessional they are.I believe if we get the basics of PCB management right then everything else will fall into place.We will get rid of all the politics involved this way.



  • imran.mir on March 18, 2007, 15:07 GMT

    i am depressed

  • Rana on March 18, 2007, 15:07 GMT

    Absolutely true. 100% agreed.

  • Pak-fan on March 18, 2007, 15:06 GMT

    There is no hope for Pakistani cricket. There are no new players being unearthed. We are still riding on the legacy of Imran Khan, ie Inzamam Ul Haq. When he is sacked we will have no world class batsman in the middle order. Since Imran we have not had a single world class bowler or batsman unearthed, which shows a serious lack of scouting and nurturing skills in our management. Imran managed to nurture the talents of Wasim, Waqar and Inzi. He got the best out of some of the other average players. There was direction in his team. There was a fighting spirit. All this has been missing in the last 15 odd years. Under pressure the Pakistani batsman fold like a school eleven playing the Australian test side. Under pressure our bowlers fail to produce match winning spells. Inzaman will be sacked as player and captain after this loss. I expect a very barren period for Pakistan in the next 4 years. Asif aside i can't think of a single youngster who has world class potential. The vast experience of some of our former greats are unused and unappreciated. So much so that our favorite son, Wasim Akram had to turn to our rivals for respect and recognition. What we need in the PCB is someone like Imran. He was a strong character, a selector, a coach and a scout. Shame they make men like him only once a century.

  • Owais on March 18, 2007, 15:06 GMT

    So what now should be done to Pakistan cricket? It needs a complete ressurection. The cricket board is messed, they have no idea where they are taking cricket in Pakistan to. The coach ddoes not need to be replaced tho, indeed he is the best coach I have seen in Pakistan. The following players need to be completely removed from the team: Inzamam, Hafeez, Imran Nazir, RaNa Naved, and They should be replaced by: Fawad Alam, Nasir Jamshed, Salman Butt, and Jamshed Ahmed and Anwar Ali. There is so much cricket taleknt in Pakistan but the selectors are idiotic enough to keep relying on the same players. To my list, I would also remove Kamran Akmal. I would replace him by Zulqarnain Haider or Sarfraz Ahmed. Hopefully, I don't have to write these sentences in 4 years time again. Pakistan Cricket, you make us cry.

  • sri on March 18, 2007, 15:05 GMT

    Its shocking and am in utter disbelief!!! I was driving back home in a severe snow storm last night, it was bad. But this news is worse. I am an Indian, if it was shocking to me I wonder what every Pakistani is going through over the team out of the world cup. The other day, during the match against west indies, i was telling an american friend of mine how pakistan would pull out of an impossible situation. Thats what i love about a pakistani team, the ability to bounce back. I was telling her so proudly. Alas. What a shame, not even a fight. sighs, ironically. I can only sympathise with the pakistani fans and i hope that India learns a lesson or two from this and puts up a fight and goes down fighting. I am still pinching myself, is this the team from the same country Pakistan, who rose from the ashes to clinch the 92 world cup! to take such an early exit. I better stop, and reserve some mourning when the time comes for India's exit. I am sorry for entire pakistan fans.

  • Zain on March 18, 2007, 15:05 GMT

    couldnt agree more! the fact that a Doc is sitting at the top just shows what a joke the PCB has become. The one person you forgot to mention though is Bari! his selection process is a JOKE! we picked imran nazir based on 1 good inning in the last 3 years??? what was kaneria doing in the ODI squad??? and his mix & match of openers is beyond moronic! it is time for him to leave, and it is time Salman Butt returned to us, and regained his spot as an opener.

  • yousuf on March 18, 2007, 15:04 GMT

    This is all becuase PCB constitution is not enforced, because then friends will not be able to be appointed to the second most lucritive post of PCB chairman!!!!

  • Bilal Khawar on March 18, 2007, 15:04 GMT

    Very well said Kamran Abbasi! They have not only shattered the bits of hope we had of them doing well in the World Cup, but they also disgraced their country and their supporters. To lose a match against Ireland only goes to show the failures in leadership and in the Pakistan cricket board itself. I think now they should concentrate more on the playing of the cricket, rather than issues of: which language to speak infront of the public and how to diarray the public from the truth of the dope issues. But most of the blame should go towards our sh*tty 'doc' who has no clue of what cricket is really about. In PCB, one thing that needs an immediate change is our chairman. On the other hand, it is also a shame to know that Inzmam's so called wonderful carrer is going to end with such a disgrace. But nonetheless, PCB needs a dramatic change to bring the Paksistan team, along with the Pakistan's pride to where it is suppose to be. The only way this can be done is if we start bringing youngsters in the team on merit, rather than relationships and money.

  • Khuram Anwar on March 18, 2007, 15:03 GMT

    Call me a fool, an emotionally unstable crap, but it is true that i, along with countless other Pakistani supporters had tears in their eyes as they saw their fancied tigers flaunder infront of the irish minnows. My tears were not because we`d lost, they found out a way because i realized that 4 years of expectations and anticipations have ended in a ill fought battle. Inzamam, Doc and Woolmer are crimnals, they have played with the imaginations of 16 Crore Pakistanis. We will never forgive them. Losing and Winning are a part of a game but surrendering, is not. Meek surrenderers. The last 6 months have been a blot on our proud heritage. The people responsible should be held accountable and needless to say, they should be shown the door. Inzamam you have lost your respect, as a batsmen, as a captain. You have broken our hearts, you have blackened a chapter of our proud cricketing history. May God bless you, BUT please leave our cricket alone. You have excited us a free hitting stylish batsmen but it is difficult imagining those moments now, coz the moments have been blurred by your blunders as a leader, as a batsmen. You have failed to motivate our team. You have failed big time. Inzamam, Woolmer and Doc you have hurt us where it hurts the most. You have destroyed our dreams. You have sentenced us all to four years of painful memories. God Bless PAKISTAN team.

  • ubaid on March 18, 2007, 15:03 GMT

    to everyone I can imagine the pain that everyone feels. There are somethings that we can take out of this, however. 1.You will not succeed if you don't trust yourself. 2.cowardice breeds inability to withstand pressure. ( I have never seen smaller hearts on a field). 3. Competence is not someone looking good ( Nazir,hafeez) but actually someone that has proved themselves. 4. Last but not least.( to dull the pain). Realize that there are more important things in life. your family, the water you drink, the air you breath, your home and most importantly you will never succumb to the pressures of everyday life ( unlike these morons) even though you make much less money. Because you are tougher.

  • Jaswant Singh on March 18, 2007, 15:03 GMT

    Pakistan,the most disgusting country(?) in the world came into being on the basis of bigotry and began its terrorist activities against minorities immediately. Best if all of you become suicide bombers instead of sports.

  • Khuram Ahmad on March 18, 2007, 15:03 GMT

    Call me a fool, an emotionally unstable crap, but it is true that i, along with countless other Pakistani supporters had tears in their eyes as they saw their fancied tigers flaunder infront of the irish minnows. My tears were not because we`d lost, they found out a way because i realized that 4 years of expectations and anticipations have ended in a ill fought battle. Inzamam, Doc and Woolmer are crimnals, they have played with the imaginations of 16 Crore Pakistanis. We will never forgive them. Losing and Winning are a part of a game but surrendering, is not. Meek surrenderers. The last 6 months have been a blot on our proud heritage. The people responsible should be held accountable and needless to say, they should be shown the door. Inzamam you have lost your respect, as a batsmen, as a captain. You have broken our hearts, you have blackened a chapter of our proud cricketing history. May God bless you, BUT please leave our cricket alone. You have excited us a free hitting stylish batsmen but it is difficult imagining those moments now, coz the moments have been blurred by your blunders as a leader, as a batsmen. You have failed to motivate our team. You have failed big time. Inzamam, Woolmer and Doc you have hurt us where it hurts the most. You have destroyed our dreams. You have sentenced us all to four years of painful memories. God Bless PAKISTAN team.

  • Faraz on March 18, 2007, 15:02 GMT

    My day started with a healthy breakfast, a nice jog and joy of seeing Pakistan winning the game today..I put on Shoaib's jersey and Pakistan floppy on my head and asked my wife to stay from me, may be I get over excited and jump and knock u out...BUT,,,,sad story begun from the early beginning. one by one, our paki batsmen were returning to pavilion...with no resistance at all. Eventually the only good batsmen I consider among the only 11 available were Sami and Kamran Akmal. Sami was the only one with some instinct to win this game but everybody else was just out there for another outing..for god sake its IRELAND playing against Pakistan...I doubt if Ireland can even beat Quetta's team..It was a real heart breaker...problem in this team started when Rashid latif was kicked out from the team..rashid was the one who brought inzi back and inzi was the one who never wanted rashid in his side....i can surely say that no matter he is older then kamran akmal but i can gurantee you that he surely is a better wicket keeper then akmal..then comes to mushi....why the hell in the world you get rid off waqar...he is/was/will be a legend for ever...he knows how to bowl in conditions like sabaina park...i am sure everybody remember his outing against England with 7 wickets in similar conditions...mushy was helping WHO? kaneria....who plays for our one day side, once in a blue moon or he was helping us with our fielding capabilities..(himself was a worst fielder) lets talk about our TRIO...Inzi - yousuf - younis...Let's start with younis...did any one ever explained him that better batting technique is brining your body behind the ball first and then try to play straight in seaming conditions...i guess not..he ended up edging bout Yousuf..1700 runs in a year didn't help u managing 70 in total in two games...reckless shot...i understand he is a free soul and he plays his shots like that but when you see that your team is in trouble, you better peddle your breaks not your gas..and in the was stupid you can get after knowing very well that you don’t move your feet very well and still you are trying to cut the ball very early in the inning..and edging it to the inzi said that no body will come for the reception at the are really stupid if u are expecting some one to come get an autograph from you ever in future now...Once for an all, PCD should be run by beauru-creats at all. secondly there should be a URDU speaking coach, who can inject the enthusiasm in the players..all these guys know how to play cricket that’s why they were there but polishing their skills and firing their instinct was a job, could be done by javed miandad...but he is very out spoken and i m sure no one in PCD wants him around...I will end writing about all this now and was a heartbreaker and inzi should pay the toll..he is the captain... and captain of the ship faces the storm first then any body else....I wish afridi was there in the game,..I couldn't see him breaking down in the balcony...I think cricket is the only thing which we are passionate about in Pakistan...Long Live Pakistan and Cricket..I have no intentions to watch and follow Pak Cricket for another...hmmm i will say 3 days...because i just love this sport and my country...please please please respect our feelings..

  • Burhan on March 18, 2007, 15:02 GMT

    Everyone wants heads to roll in order to revenge for the loss against Ireland .Is it any use , we wont come back in the world cup .Mr kamran kept on providing us with hope when there was none and now the defeat has hit us harder than it should have .This is the lowest that any pakistani fan has felt since the quarterfinal of 1996 against india . Heads should roll u betcha dozens of them should and this is no emotional decision this is desperately required . Here is a list of few who should go Inzi , bob woolmer , nasim ashraf , mushtaq ahmed , imran nazir ,shoaib akhtar ( for continuously getting Pakistan insulted ), kamran akmal , salim altaf and get rid of the ad hoc committee .The world is laughing at us ( we r out of the world cup even before any minnow team ) and that is all becoz of our supposedly extremely talented team . No loss has been greater than this and i hope there are some wholesale changes to show for it .

  • Omeir Khan on March 18, 2007, 15:00 GMT

    Alas the worst has happened, alas the shit has hit the fan spewing all of us in disgust as we see a pakistani team falter in front of the irish spirit. I ask Inzamam, if he has any shame left after this appalling piece of unworthy cricket they have played, why is he using fate as an excuse for this dismal performance rather than making his teams temperament the scapegoat. If we are to blame Woolmer then we should learn to blame ourselves in the same way, the darkness that had descended over the pakistani cricket fraternity today is not because of a one man hiccup but a team suicide.

    Yet we need to forgive and forget, is it not what we pakistani fans our all about? Over the years our skins have grown thicker and forgiveness has been like a antidote to every defeat. Forgiveness has to come, for without it we cannot move on. This defeat has shaken the roots of our pakistani pride and the need is to punish those who have helped bring this day upon us. The PCB chairman has to go without a question, the man is a lunatic and a liar, hiding his drug addicted bowlers from international scrutiny. If we can survive without a opening pair for 6 years, then we can most probably do the same with our bowling pair.

    A new captain is needed who has the fire in the belly like he should, young blood is needed in the team with people like inzamam forced out. Shoaib Malik to me is the prime choice, he has the temperament, skill, coolness, attitude and performance needed from the one leading our team. Younis has to be kept in the sidelines until he shows character in his batting which has been childish to say the least. Afridi has to come back and in force rather than being made a showpiece, seeing him captain the Karachi team last Christmas has made me see him in a different light. He played like a gallant leader in the field, leading his man with precision. He has to be disciplined not by lectures but responsibilities, and I can assure you that he will uphold them.

    The heart and mind are bleeding with shame over this defeat, but as the saying goes and someone needs to quote this one out to Inzamam, "God helps those who help themselves". The only question to ask is, are we helping ourselves in any way?

  • yousaf anwar on March 18, 2007, 14:59 GMT

    i have never in my life felt this dissapointed, why cant they take the pressure. Yes u have a young side, yeh right 3 of pakistans top ever scorers in one day cricket a few other names in there yet the only manage 132 against a club cricket with a mixture of a few county players shame on u guysss like seriously,, they should send donkeys to receive u lot at the airport,,

  • IMRAN SAJWANI on March 18, 2007, 14:59 GMT

    I've always been a critic of Inzamam and his captainship abilities. Sure, he is one of the most prolific batsman in the world, but his past couple of years have been terrible - as a batsman and as a captain. Against Ireland, he did not attack enough. Just imagine the kind of field Ponting would set if Australia were to defend a little over 100 runs. What gave away the match was the singles the Irish took inside the circle. Most of the Irish batsmen were left-handed, and the Pakistani bowlers were swinging the ball into those left-handers. One must question why Inzamam had only 3 fielders on the leg side! Ireland pushed numerous balls on the leg side for easy singles. Inzamam should have tried something different, say taking a cover off and placing him in gully to invite the batsman to drive, or assigning Hafeez's counterpart on the offside. What now ? Inzamam should retire; Who should be the Captain ? Not Younis. He has plenty of worries regarding his batting and shot selection. That leaves us with Razzaq and Malik; although the former is more experienced and a more celebrated player for Pakistan, the latter, I believe, is the ideal man for the job.

  • S.T.Hassan on March 18, 2007, 14:58 GMT

    The administration and the justice system needs to look into any signs of get rich quick scheme of any member being part of match fixing. A team ranked fourth in ICC ranking can not just fold unless there were some other dubious intentions by some shameless characters.

    Pakistan must come forward as an honorable nation, put both Asif and Shoaib to drug testing and let them face the fiddle even it means a life time ban.

    Learn from Bangladesh who developedyouth and proudly contested India and won.

  • Munir Khan on March 18, 2007, 14:57 GMT

    Bleakest day of Pakistion cricket, unsheltered and barren.Lost my words to explain the throbbing pain which I am suffering after the worst defeat of a cricketing history ever.From day one I have serious doubts on the leadership of Inzimamul Haq.He is not born to be a leader.The most shocking moment after the shameful knockout match defeat when Inzimam said ''Luck did not favour us'',reflects the nature of Inzimam leadership.After losing , balming luck responsible for defeat shows how poor is Inzimam in taking responsibility, doesnt it reflects his mind in making decision on the field.I remember on a TV programmw with Imran Khan recently ,Inzimam showed himself a stubborb brat not willing to take any advice of legendery Imran Khan . To listen & to take responsibilty of defeat, lead from front and select players on merit attributes of a captain .Inzimam lack all of them .Selection on merit, I am surprised , the way Inzimam kicked out Waqar yunis only to let in Mushtaq an old time pal, leaving behind a players like Yasir hameed, salmant Butt again explains the dictatorship of the captain who failed to raise to the occasion. After the captain most important is the board & slection commette.Not to provide spare openersinthe selected squad for the world cup reflects the unprofessionalism and incompetency of the head of the selection As for as cricket board is concerned ,again people being selected on favouritism .The most recent example is Nasim Ashraf.Word laughs at us when board chariman sits in the world pakistan team group photo in westindies , When he captures the dressing room of the players to relax and see the match.A reflection of total unprofessionalism of the cricket chief.Another joke which cricketing world has come across is inclusion of PJ Mir as media manager ,gain favouritism .Mr.Mir has provided nation laughters in the past on network channels by showing his nervousness. On the whole , the lack of comittment , negativity , Technique flaws all merits to say goodbye to many players of this cricket team .

  • Rizvi on March 18, 2007, 14:57 GMT

    I salute you for recommending Malik and Afridi as the future captains of Pakistan - we need a captain with zeal, obsession and fury. Unfortunately, Younis does not possess those qualities. My team: 1. Yasir Hamid 2. Salman Butt 3. Younis Khan 4. Mohammad Yousuf (VC) 5. Shoib Malik (C) 6. Shahid Afridi 7. Kamran Akmal (w) 8. Mohammad Sami 9. Iftikhar Rao 10. Umar Gul 11. Muhammad Asif

    We need yousuf to be part of the leadership because of his experience - thanx to our wonderful country....he can never be captain cause he "was" xtian.

  • Azmi on March 18, 2007, 14:55 GMT

    certainly pakistan's performance in this world cup highlights far more systemic problems with the country's domestic cricketing structure, player ethos and management ignorance. But this is nothing new - we had similar criticisms in the last world cup in South Africa. Clearly not much has changed. While not to make excuses, I would like to point out one aspect of the format to this year's world cup which I had reservations with from the start. 4 groups - which each team playing only 3 games in each group to advance to the 2nd round. Hence any team (regardless of their stature in world cricket) might have one bad day and the chances of them redeeming themselves is impossible. It might as well be a knock-out tournament from the start. Unlike the 1992 world cup where the format allowed for teams to recover from early challenges (Pakistan being a prime example) this years world cup format simply does not give that opportunity (as India are now about to experience with their loss against Bangladesh). Having said all of this - whats going to happen now? Its a script thats been played several times sadly enough - Inzy will retire as will Mohammad Yousuf probably. Woolmer will be given a one-way ticket back to South Africa or England - wherever he so chooses. The Doc will resign as will the entire selection committee. We will begin to regroup once again only to be having this same conversation 4 years from now. Whenever Pakistan has won big games in the past, it has typically been on the back of individual brilliance and rarely a team effort. How do you build a team when the captain, selection committee and management change hands more times than Madonna's underwear. What a sad state of affairs.

  • Hassan on March 18, 2007, 14:55 GMT

    Look at the bright side, this was and will be the worst World Cup performance by Pakistan. None of the previous teams has performed like this and none of the teams to come will perform like this …………….. how much low you can get.

    All the future Pakistani teams have to thank Inzamam & Co. for settings the standard so low; now when ever they play in the world cup their performance will always be better and no one can claim that this was the worst performance.


  • supertalents hype on March 18, 2007, 14:55 GMT

    Those painful memories will be forgotten in a few months once Pakistan will winn a series against bengladesh or zimbabwe orso. Than probably the Pakistani media and the fans will start the supertalent hype again. Everyone will forget that you should winn a match on all fields (batting, bowling and fielding.

    The problem is that Pakistan rely to much on a few so called talented players. For example two matches can be won with a few talented bowlers. In the third match those talented bowlers could be useless. Than the rest of the players should do their duty good batting and fielding)and win the match.

  • Zeeshan Yunus on March 18, 2007, 14:55 GMT

    Ireland are playing their first world cup and they beat pakistan, pakistan create history and thats true, they were beated by bangladest in 1999 and now yesterday by ireland, Is this their world cup preparation? 4 years of preparation finished in four days,i didnt understand what inzamam did yesterday, its look like he doesn`t want to win, I am getting a feeling that what happend to pakistan hockey and squash same thing is going to happen with our cricket unless a miracle happens.

  • Mohammad Fouzan Alvi on March 18, 2007, 14:54 GMT

    There is something very seriously wrong with the spirits of our players. With no homework, no strategy, no game plan, no team can make a name in any tournament.

    I see massive rift between the Coach and the Captain. Nothing going as planned except the Warm up matches (may be because we won against a better team i.e. SAF).

    No Head of Board travels with the team, as if he is a player himself. To make the matters worse, he is coming up to captain and telling him which playing 11 to be picked and deciding the batting order.

    If CEO (who himself has no understanding of cricket) doesn't know that there are numerous things to do other than issuing order about the playing 11, then what can we expect from a player.

    Thing are at worst in current scenario, even in WC 2003, we never lost to a minnow, but this time the earliest exit award goes to PAKISTAN.

    I'll recommend

    1, Find new Coach (preferably Zaheer Abbas or any Australian, because wherever Australians r coaching, thing r much better i.e. Australia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, India). Most importantly Australians are different from rest of the teams only because of their Mental Toughness.

    2, Find a new CEO (this guy is very busy in enjoying himself, roaming around with the team)

    3, Kick out Inzi, Hafeez, because Hafeez still averages less than 20 in ODI, is this the standard of our National team's Opener. I think Salman Butt is better as his average is over 30. Though inconsistency is not an issue as both r inconsistent). Butt has been the best among Taufeeq, Farhat, Hafeez and Nazir so he deserves a recall.

    4, Bring back Yasir Hameed as a replacement of Inzi, he got experience and talent. He averages 35+ in ODIs, so he will be good addition in the team.

    5, New captain Younus, but he needs to show maturity as a captain.

    6, Keep Kaneria for ODIs and Rehman for ODI, Rahman need more chances in ODIs to prove his mettle as he has done outstanding on Asian pitches, needs to prove himself outside Asia, as he got hammering in SAF.

    7, No blame on bowlers because it’s the batsmen because of whom WC'07 is over for Pakistan.

  • Haider on March 18, 2007, 14:53 GMT

    I almost did not feel like writing because for some reason, PCB does'nt reason. You extol the importance of leadership. PCB misses the point on that too. Brearley of England, and Llyod of WI, even though they were in the late 30s and into 40s (I think Brearley was) were retained due to lack of leadership benchstrength in their respective teams. Such is the importance. Imran and Richards were engaging leaders with disciplinary strenghts and could harness the value of distributed genius in the team and when best to call for it. Even Miandad (although he had some minuses in the charisma part) was an omni-present, ever calculating guy - someone who the team members need to look upto for leadership guidance. Imran used Miandad extensively for consultations on-field. We do not have anybody. Premature forced exits of Wasim and Waqar did not do us any good. The two W's should be used extensively - they are young and know the modern game well. At the cost of sounding silly, I even think that Waqar could still play and lead to groom the next captain. At such pathetic levels, we need specialist coaches for batting, bowling, fielding and fitness. ALL OF THEM. Oh my God, we are weak in all. The raw talent of our quickies is not polished by any experienced hand. Our batsmen continue with their talent gaps. We have good fielders and bad fielders and they remain good and bad, instead of improving the good. Fitness ... enough said. If Inzimam plays, why the hell is he allowed not to get fitter - he should be forced to. No excuse. Lastly cricketers with an administrative acumen should run PCB and we have tried Bari for a long time now. Nonetheless, I am terribly dissappointed, because I had hoped against hope these deficiencies will be obscured by raw passion for winning - alas it did not.

  • Munir Zaman on March 18, 2007, 14:53 GMT

    Thanks God! The "Tableague" team has been out and on the way back home!

    From Toronto

  • Imran Khan on March 18, 2007, 14:53 GMT

    Kamran, i can't describe how i am feeling today. It was such a pethetic performance which can't be describe. So, many poor shorts we played last night and what the hell bob did sitting in the dressing room. He can't tell our batsmen that we need to stick on the pitch and try to play 50 overs. I really didn't like the way Kamran Akmal got out because before him Azhar got out in same fashion he must not tried the same short. Any how we need complete overhaul in our cricket which starts from the change of administration and i don't think it is good idea that our president should be head of this game. We need some one who understand cricket who know how to develop and how have the control and administration. We don't need these bunch of part timers. We also need to prepare more green and bouncy pitches in our own country so that we can have much of practice it. At the end i want Imran Khan to be head of the PCB.

  • Faisal on March 18, 2007, 14:53 GMT

    Pakistan wasn't going to make it to the semi-finals... they exit one stage earlier... so what? Inzi and Bob should and would go... time to move on habibi.

    If we can keep the mullah-influence of Saeed Anwer, Mushtaq, Inzi and now Yusuf out of the team we will be ok. Religion is a personal thing and need to stay like that... Pakistan cricket team is not an exception.

    You can only win pressure matches with aggressive mind-set... Woolmer/Inzi combination is too negative.... same with India... Dravid (my personal favourite) is not an aggressive captain, he is a better batsman but Ganguly was a far superior leader.

  • Arif Siddiqui on March 18, 2007, 14:52 GMT

    Thanks God Pakistan team is out of world cup. We are saved from future embrassment (for third one i am mentally and emotionally prepared).

  • Furhan Majid on March 18, 2007, 14:52 GMT

    Disgraceful. Pakistan cricket has had some shameful days but losing to Ireland really sets a new standard.This is THE pinnacle of international cricket calender and to be out after 5 days is frankly, a farce. The batsmen showed little technique or determination, the bowlers lacked the killer touch.We never expected to win the cup but certainly did not forsee being jettisoned in the group stage. PK cricket needs to take a good hard look at itself- it is stuck in a catch 22, these same issues were asked after 2003 and little has changed. Goodbye Inzy, thanks and enjoy retirement and Bob enjoy retirement (I wouldn't get my hopes up for a call from the ECB any time soon..)

  • Changaiz on March 18, 2007, 14:52 GMT

    I would like to agree with everything you have said in this article but also would wanna know that what is our criteria for appointment of Chairman and chief selectors.I am still to see an actual hero of Pakistan cricket be a part of PCB.I think its about time Pakistani cricket fans start asking questions to why Imran khan cannot be a part or even chairman of PCB.I would love to read an article to what are the reasons that he has never been part of Pakistan cricket board or selection.


  • taliban on March 18, 2007, 14:51 GMT

    i think signs of rot could be spotted in the home series against india when we produced two of the flattest wickets i have ever seen despite pak having a very good fast bowling attack. those pitches were an indication of "avoid losing at all cost mentality" which carried to the odi series which we lost 4-1. good record in the early part of woolmer/inzi leadership was a bit of a fluke because wins occurred against weak bowling attacks on flat pitches. even while winning those matches, pak's batting was spotty at best.

    i also think bari also deserves huge amount of brickbats. he has been in charge of the two most disastrous w.c. campaigns in the history of pak. he clearly lacks the ability to identify new talent. i thought team made progress after last w.c. when selection was headed by amir sohail. performance improved in a fairly short time as indicated wins against s.a. at home and n.z. away. i think the same attitude should be adapted now as done after the last w.c. new selection panel should be created with the mandate to make wholesale changes. players i would retain would be moyo and yk although i would tell them their status would be evaluated year to year. would get rid of the likes of afridi and razzak. these players reached the and of their shelf life long time back. their records are below average and their place in the team has been at expense of new talent.

    overall i think we have a good future. pakistan has a huge talent banks as indicated by two successive u-19 wins. challenge will be to mold this talent. we should ensure that people who have created the current mess have no influence on pak cricket going forward.

  • ahsan787 on March 18, 2007, 14:50 GMT

    All my life I have been a supporter of Pakistan cricket, in the good times and the bad. After this lose I feel ashamed of being Pakistani. I can't describe the feeling after finally realizing that we're going to lose yesterday, after sitting and praying all day for a win.

  • duthu on March 18, 2007, 14:49 GMT

    Sirjee, being frm India ,I understand your pain, but Afridias captain ??? Cmon, now!!

  • Muhammad Owais, Karachi on March 18, 2007, 14:49 GMT

    Dear Kamran

    Its all useless telling them about what they had done to Pakistan cricket and to the millions of diehard fans of cricket in Pakistan. I think there should be proper accountability of all the concerned namely, PCB high ups, Inzamam, Bob Woolmer and the most important Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf for this outstanding performance of the team. If Pakistan had won or even reached the Semis there had been many gifts and others to these people so why not they be accountable for the wrong doings. But I think like the 2003 debacle once again the Board will find some scapegoats in the form of Inzamam and some others. I totally agree with you regarding the captaincy and vote for Shoaib Malik for the post as he is young and can lead by example which the Pakistan team needs like Graeme Smith of South Africa. Inzamam, Hafeez, Imran Nazir, Rana Naveed alongwith Mr. Woolmer should be thrown out of the cricket system in Pakistan and the overall structure of PCB first of all the most awaited laws and regulations governing the game of cricket should be changed. Proper cricketing brains should be brought into the cricketing fore like Abdul Qadir and others who are out spoken and do not speak hanky panky like others.

    Much to say but of what use.

    Very very disappointed on the failure of the Pakistan team.

    Pray for the best and hope that this can be a turning point in the history of Pakistan cricket.

  • common sense on March 18, 2007, 14:49 GMT

    i agree that afridi would really make a good passionate captain and he is not that old either. what Pakistan cricket needs to do is to give the under 19 world cup team a try or at least include the major players from that team. they should have decide on 20 young players right NOW so that for the next four years those players can become a core group of guys, gain some experience, and learn how to win. Also Pakistan cricket needs to hire a coach that can relate with the young group of 20 or so guys (led by afridi) so the team can have some chemistry. Now the coach does not necessarily have to be a former player but someone who can coach and knows what he is doing.

  • Ehsan on March 18, 2007, 14:49 GMT

    Kamran, what can I say? We are all very very upset. You're spot on - the problem runs right through from A-Z. That powers that be just don't have a clue. I agree, Bob, Inzy & that joker at the top all need to go, but the players also need to take a good look at themsleves. All 11 of them. The batsmen were wreckless, & one feels that a few players in the final line up shouldn't have been there at all (there is no justification for poor selection). From now on, I will be a norml & sane supporter. No high expectations (it's better that way - avoids disappointment), I'll just take Pakistan's cricket calendar as it comes, appreciating & applauding the team's success whilst not becoming a manic depressant when it looses. To my fellow supporters: get a grip guys: have realisitic expectations & just pray that the system improves. Enough said.

  • Murtuza on March 18, 2007, 14:49 GMT

    disappointment, disappointment and disappointment has been the bottom line of Pakistan Cricket and for the fans too since last 6 months or so.

    I think we should really give credit to Pak Cricket Fans for still bieng hopeful that pakistan would do well in the World Cup but i guess they were given the same response which they have become accustomed to.

    I saw the match, didnt sleep the whole nite. And what i got in return is something soo shameful to our Country. And even more shameful is blaming it to Fate by our dear Captain. Through out the match we didnt see a single player with an attitude that i will win this match on my own for my Country, for my fans and for our dignity. Everyone was just filling his space and performing a routine task. Well i would not like to comment on the match too much as its gone and atleast we should learn something from it.

    First and most important thing that should be done now is to get rid of our ad-hoc Cricket Board. It has been soo long that we are running Cricket business which has been the MAJOR sport of the country on Ad-hoc basis. We have to have a selected Cricket Board which can be accountable on such shameful feets. Regarding team i would say that once we will have a better Cricket Board, team selection and performance will improve as well. After tha Cricket Board Coach and Captain are the 2 other changes which should be done,not for next tournament but for the long future ahead. Shoaib Malik and Afridi are very good options Kamran, i do agree with you. Pakistan is the team which can only win while attacking so we need to have a captain with the hunting and killing attitude.

    Well, we still are praying for our Country , our Cricket and our dignity. I wish some miracle will happen. :s

  • Wij on March 18, 2007, 14:49 GMT

    Hi I am a pakistani fan more than 10 yrs. I am totally disappointed by the pakistan 2003 and 2004 world show.Instead they gone to the dogs from 2003 to four. If we think positive first step is inject new blood and never think of players such as Imran,Hafeez,Yasir the players who failed given so many chances. Keep the players Yousuf,Younis,Shoaib,Afridi,Abdul Razaak,Asif may be Gul and get rid of all the players.Bring new young players right from the start and fill the vacant five palces .

    If they bring Imran,YasirHafeez,Farhat they are going to do the same thing in the 2011 world cup. Because these palyers have been given enough chances for nothing.I mentioned the above six palyers because atleast they have done something to pakistan.

  • wajid on March 18, 2007, 14:48 GMT

    AlongwithInzi, Woolmer and PCB the scribes who thought Pakistan was going all the way and the only worthwhile opposition it was going to face was from Australia should also be removed from writing about cricket, and that includes you Mr. Abbasi. No more explanations, no more blame game. You all suck.

  • Samir Imran on March 18, 2007, 14:47 GMT

    Kamran saheb, before I dig my teeth in to our topic at hand allow me to reserve a few breaths for your erratic reporting. The malaise that grips Pakistan cricket is typified by your flip-flopping of opinions and ideas. There seems little strategy to your work and your writing is poorly thought-out and merely reactive in nature. Please do us a favor and retire your pen.

    Now, as for the debacle at the hands of the Irish. Well where do we start!

    Well, for one, the Irish seemed to have our number right from the get go. They exhibited a higher level of passion and boundless energy on the field. Their commitment at the crease was admirable in the face of mounting pressure. Part-time cricketers they may be, but there was nothing part-time about their systematic dismantling of our motley crew of cricketers.

    Forget the shamrock, this was more shambolic. Our cricketers showed a weakness of strength and confidence, devoid of courage and ideas out in the middle. There appeared to be no leader, no one to calm the nerves, gee up the troops and whip up some energy. No one to put an arm around a younger bastman and lead the way.

    Inzi was disgraceful. For a man of such massive physical stature, the lack of body language is rather mysterious. The lack of spine even more so.

    The emergence of a religious core within the team has certainly not helped. Religion has its place and that place is in the privacy of one home. Not on live tv being beamed to millions across the globe.

    After our failures in 2003, we as supporters were asked to remain patient as the admnistrators worked on a 3yr strategy to build a credible team for the sport's premier competition. All we have seen in the last 3yrs is a catalogue of comedic errors, incomprehensible back-room decisions, and the penchant ability to turn Pakistan into the laughing stocks of world cricket. For that we thank you Messrs ul-Haq, Woolmer et al.

    Where do we go from here? After the dust has settled, the customary tomatoes belted at our returning cricketers and the effigies duly burnt we need to rid the ad-hocness of our ad-hoc adminsitration. We need to pick a captain with class, charisma and natural leadership abilities (a Younis Khan or a Shoaib Malik). We need to have a hard look at our first-class cricket structure. We need to educate the not so sharp cricketers. We need a coach that is willing to make the hard decisions. But most of all we need 11 players who are willing to stand up and be counted - that last point is all we really ask for!

  • shah on March 18, 2007, 14:47 GMT

    What can I say about a team whose wicket keeper trains inside a gym with his slippers on. Winning or losing is a separate issue, they do not like to learn from previous mistakes

  • Rauf on March 18, 2007, 14:46 GMT

    All heads must roll and I mean all; including that of players, coach and admin. Shame! Start a new chapter. It cannot be worse!

  • deadman on March 18, 2007, 14:46 GMT

    no words, nothing to say....... we totally f***d up just wanted to see some of our BIG cricketers dead!

  • Rayhan on March 18, 2007, 14:45 GMT


  • adeel on March 18, 2007, 14:45 GMT

    i live in australia and i love Pakistan as Pakistan is my Home Town & Always First ... i love australia Too because of Australia i completed my Education,Aussie Teachers are so loving , caring and everything for me.Aussie always think about Australia first....that's why they r unbeatable... Yesterday .. whateva Pakistan did .. its unbelievable for me still .. My family & we all friends shocked by Pakistani Team ..& still thinking is this the TRUTH we have to accept...

  • Ashan NAsir Khan on March 18, 2007, 14:45 GMT

    After reading article from Kamran. I total agree with him. That total blame comes on the batsmen not on the bowlers. In absence of Shoaib, Asif and Razzaq. The available slot did well but Mr. Woolmer is the worst Coach i have seen ever. He total destroy the team. In both matches no team spirit is apeearing from the game of players. All were looked tired and un-united. Now after the cup total pressure comes on Imran Nazir, that he did not perform well and might PCB put cross upon his name for future matches. Selection of Imran Nazir responsibility comes on selection board, who selected him directly for the world cup without any home tour match. Inzi says we lose match becz of fate. I say u lose becz u do not respect ur elders Players e.g Team Mgt disrespect Zaheer Abbas, Get resign from Waqar Younus etc.

  • baku on March 18, 2007, 14:45 GMT

    Kamran I am afraid your earlier article "Bakwas is Bakwas" is far more suited to Pakistan losing to Ireland. All the bakwas in Pakistan cricket starts from PCB set-up where the emperor doesn't realize that he has no clothes. Mr. President please leave the cricket to cricketers and I am sure they will make a mess out of it as well but in the long term nurturing this institute will give eventually more fruits than the utter frustration we feel today.

    Inzi/Bob must go as time for a new leadership is here and is needed. A new PAID selection committe should be instituted with full power to select the 15-16 players for any given tour.

    In the aftermath of Irish debacle if only players are made the scapeboat and nothing happens with PCB set-up than 4 years later we all will be writing to teh same tune....

  • Tahir Khan on March 18, 2007, 14:44 GMT

    The bearded brigade needs to be grabbed firmly by the right ear and given a close shave, after which they should be frog marched off the team into oblivion, helped on by a firm kick up the backside. And Afridi as captain? A suggestion that could only be made by someone who wrote three days ago that Pakistan would go all the way. Have you forgotten the wafted bat at a South African spectator? The little matter of a not so delicate pirouette on a pitch in Pakistan?

  • Rizvi on March 18, 2007, 14:44 GMT

    Wow Kamran - I think you could not have used better words. Its a sad day for all Pakistani's. Inzi, Woolmer, Ashraf, Altaf have all gtg, or better yet - they should be shot dead as a lesson for generations to come.

  • Adnan on March 18, 2007, 14:44 GMT

    To be honest I think there is a bigger problem then just the players and coaching. We have a board who seems not to have a clue on how to run the game and this choas filters down into the team. From the debacle in the UK ( and I for 1 support Inzi's stance) to the way we handled the doping saga with Shoaib and Asif just demonstrates my point. Until we can run the game in a professional manner we have no chance of becoming winners.

  • Zak on March 18, 2007, 14:43 GMT

    What a devastating loss. The Irish team deserves a lot of credit for winning so convincingly. In the end, this is what sport is all about. This is the reason we don't just pencil in the winner based on their strength on paper. You have to play it out on the field and earn it. It hurts to be out of the World Cup after only 5 days since it began. But what hurts more is the disarray in Pakistani cricket. No constitution, no discipline, no accountability and no competent administrators in sight. Corruption and incompetence are rampant. Worse, our board protects drug cheats in flagrant violation of all sporting rules, national and international. The World Cup loss pales in comparison to these bigger systemic problems. Pakistani fans deserve better.

  • Masum on March 18, 2007, 14:43 GMT

    Shame.............really shame. DOOB MARO. I have nothing moro to say !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy on March 18, 2007, 14:42 GMT

    Kamran you are quick to change your views, not longer ago you had a belief this team were turn it all around, and were not elephants in the out field.

  • Fritz The Cat. on March 18, 2007, 14:42 GMT

    These spineless wonders have shamed us. We have become the laughing stock of every cricket playing nation. Time to clean house, lock-stock- and barrel...and that includes you too... "Doc". Good riddance to Bad Rubbish.

  • Shoaib Arshad on March 18, 2007, 14:42 GMT

    Pertinent, emotive and insightful. Great piece Mr Abbasi. But despite all the analyses I've read today why does part of me think some things will never change? Certainly yesterdays debacle is a personification of the state of our nation from the day it was conceived. Lots of passion, talent and fervour, only one great leader and tons of misdirection, apathy, decay, failure to learn from past mistakes and unprofessionalism, in essence no system! People complain about the PCB being an ad-hoc committee, but hasn't Pakistan itself been an ad-hoc state for the past 60 years? Hmmm, 'some things will never change'.

  • Mobi from Brisbane on March 18, 2007, 14:42 GMT

    Its black day for Pakistan Cricket, We were living in fool’s paradise by trusting them that they can bring us some joy by winning world cup in this general era of regret , in terms of both general political and Sports situation in country. We need a complete surgery of Structure of Pakistan Cricket otherwise cricket will soon meet the fate of hockey and squash. Since im not in Pakistan and defeat hurts more than ever and im in state of depression and Im sure that there would be hundreds like me. What I can say more I have no words to describe my feelings …..SHATTERED .. :(

  • tariq saeed on March 18, 2007, 14:41 GMT


  • Touqeer Tariq on March 18, 2007, 14:41 GMT

    Mr Kamran, I don't think that you have any right to call this performance of Pakistan sambolic (though it is really shambolic and disastrous one) because it was YOU who suppoerted the P.C.B's decission to lift that ban from Shaoib & Asif. When you support negative things then it is utterly stupidity to wait for positive things.

    Teams get loose in matches and its NOT a new thing to get loose, Australia lost to Zimbabwe in 83, England lost to Zim in 92, same happened to West Indies in 96 and in 99 Pakistan found that how it tastes loosing to a minnow.

    Most of you will start thinking that now we should remove this and this and situation will become good again but I don't think it will ever happen now.

    Kamran, you only named 3 but I can see Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad Yousaf as candidates of Captaincy as well so actually there are 5 people who will fight for 1 position. Its sound familier to you? Yes its same what happened to Pakistan when Imran left Pak Cricket.

    What Pakistan needs to do is: 1. Get rid of this board 2. Don't appoint ANY Pakistani as Coach please 3. Get a coach fro Autralia and Moody is the best one which I can think 4. I think Shoaib Malik is better candidate but can't think anybody will support him as Captain, if that happens then it would be great 5. Please Please Please release Pakstan from Afridis and Nazirs and Hafeezs. These should be even banned from First Class 6. This time, please dont conduct a WHOLESALE change in cricket team otherwise I can see another disastrous compaign in next world cup 7. Finally just pray to GOD for better things, not just in cricket but in every field

  • Omar Shah on March 18, 2007, 14:40 GMT

    You're absolutely right. This is a plague era for Pakistan cricket. Definately the most disgraceful match Pakistan has ever played. A entire nation has waited 4 long years since the disaster in the 2003 World Cup and we get this.

    They messed up in every department: The selection, the team managment, the captaincy, the strategy and most definately the overall quality of cricket.

    I agree on the matter that the blame cannot be made soley on the captain or coach. The 'Doc' and the selection committee along with those responsible for team management have failed as well.

    Is the passion of Shahid Afridi the antidote we all need? Sure. Younis Khan doesn't deserve captaincy, with the stupidity he showed in his batting these recent matches - how can we even consider him a captain if he can't even lead by example?

  • Raj basnet on March 18, 2007, 14:40 GMT

    Pakistan have very nice U-19 team, I am very much surprised why they included the old peoples when they have pretty young talent in their country! They called Azhar what a shame? why they don't have a courage to give a chance to their young team, you can see the fine example of Bangladesh. It's very shameful for pakistan.

  • coolkat on March 18, 2007, 14:40 GMT

    Shame on you Pakistan Team! You have played with the emotions of people. Upcoming time is gonna be nightmare for the all the people involved and responsible for this shameful untimely exit.

  • Saqib Sattar on March 18, 2007, 14:40 GMT

    Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu

    Dear Brother Kamran

    I think the problem lies far deeper than the rather quixotic view you are presenting of the past. Pakistan cricket fails to produce the consistency of performance due to the failings within wider society. This has been recurrent throughtout history.

    Yes the performance at times has been poor over the past '6 months', however there has also been plently of good, particularly in South Africa.

    Let us not forget that in 1992 when pakistan won the world cup, under Imran's inspirational captaincy we enjoyed the wonderful resilience of their batting against England when they 'amassed' 74 against the express pace of Botham, Small, Reeve and Pringle!

    It's really fuuny actually as i was watching ESPN the other day watching a world cup match between Pakistan vs England in 1979, where pakistan in pursuing 170 to wim in 60 overs were reduced to rubble despite containing players of the calibre of Majid Khan, Javed Miandad, Wasim Raja and co.

    My basic point is that the Pakistani teams, even during the 'glory days' had the propensity to collapse, as their technique, concentration and poor shot selection would let them down.

    And yes, this also happened during the days of Imnran Khan as captain (Remember 1986 in sharjah against India, being bowled out for 87 in pursuit of 100-odd!)

    Let's not look for scape-goats and simply assume that a change in personnel will deal with some of the inherent problems of the team. To be fair to this team, it has consistently shown more fight than most other Pakistani teams of the past over the last few years. This has especially been true in Test Cricket.

    The One Day performances have been sketchy though. For this world Cup preparation was very poor, their was no established opening pair and generally the following problems made Pakistan a poor contender for this tournament.

    Poor fielding Poor running between wickets An inability of the batsmen to manouvre the ball in the middle of the innings to keep the scorecard ticking. A poor overall balance of the final 11

    I believe that Woolmar and Inzamam have made mistakes for this World Cup (however far les than England's Duncan Fletcher who has had 8 years), and that they shoudl learn from these.

    These two have done a lot of good, and i believe they need to continue the work by eradicating some of those areas where they have genuine control. For me to do this Woolmar must stay as coach. Inzamam, i believe should resign as Captain to make way for Younis Khan, however should continue to play for Pakistan for anoher couple of years, ideally batting at three, with Younis opening. There's alot more i could say, however no one else will probably read such a long post, so i'll conclude.

  • ashzz on March 18, 2007, 14:39 GMT

    i am really disapointed by pakistans performance.i dnt expect pakistan to win the world cup but atleast hoped tht dey wud make it through to the last round.and loosing is 1 thing,but loosing to a minor team like ireland is all togather a embarsment n shame for all of pakistan.ireland playing der 1st worldcup n on the other hand pakistan who r ranked at no.3!i think its high time tht the pcb shud take sum steps.1st kik out bob n inzi,dey r both usless n i think dey r responsible 4 all of dis.2nd v shud hire a bowling coach,who shud b a fast bowler,cux mushi is a spin bowler n he can only giv useful tips to spinners,n v dun hav ne spinners in our team!i dunno y he was given dis position in the first place!!waqar waz doin a f9 job n he improved all of our bowlers.batting is f9 but v need to be constant in our line up.stop experimenting.and ofcourse all the players shud b fit!fitness shud b given priority!!

  • aman on March 18, 2007, 14:38 GMT

    this was the 911 of cricketing history, as the world has changed after 911 , so should be a change in Pakistan cricket, not because they have lost the match but because they have lost the faith and trust of every pakistani. Since cricket was the only thing I and every pakistani was proud of not anymore, farewell to cricket.

  • ruby on March 18, 2007, 14:38 GMT

    I am shocked to read that you mentioned that ireland should never beat pakistan, have you been watching the game the last 10 overs the batsmen were getting out by their shot selection you lost the last 5 overs as well. It is just basic cricket knowledge that was missing that too coming from pakistan. There is saying in cricket the game is a great leveller if you have no respect to the opposition or the game it has habit of biting you in the arse. Even if ireland play pakistan 100 times there is always a chance of beating PAkistan so there is no need of you saying ireland should never beat pakistan. Play the game first for a long time then write about it.

  • Aftab Amin on March 18, 2007, 14:38 GMT

    Shock! Sadness! Anger!.....

    These are what every Pakistani whether they be a cricket fan or not would be feeling. You ALOOOO have hurt us with your nitty grity captaincy, Boby,just run while you have the chance.

    Sending a team like this was the biggest joke PCB has ever played. As for its selection panel, well we all know in Pakistan that "jis ki lahthi us ki bhanse". They should be scrapped and shot everyone of them. To think people who havent probably scored a single run or taken a single whicket in their life is on this panel just bewilders me.

    I share the pain of every Pakistani! WE SHOULD SPEAK OUT AND TAKE SOME ACTION!!

  • aly on March 18, 2007, 14:38 GMT

    somebody wake me up from this nightmare!!!! Pakistan out of the world cup after two matches. Players like Imran Nazir and Azhar Mahmood I want to play for pakistan and when they get there what do they nothing. all our team is waste of time make afridi the captain so we can have some passion and energy in the side.

  • PrimeTime on March 18, 2007, 14:37 GMT

    All I can say is that this Pakistani team gave more reasons for the Irish to drink on St. Patrick's day. I guess like 4 years ago, Rashid Latif will be at the helm of this team until the nation gets over this debacle. Also, Inzy and Bob please take Akmal and Rana with you.

  • Kamran Khan on March 18, 2007, 14:37 GMT

    At last Mr Abbassi unleashed the angry man out :). Did we really need a responsible board or an appropriate bowling coach to win a match against Ireland? I hope the board chairman jumps off a cliff along with few other officials to help ease off the pain we are in as a nation.

  • Zaka Sheikh on March 18, 2007, 14:34 GMT

    You have not said enough. Why does Pakistan Cricket needs a Patron? I cannot recall any other national cricket outfit having a Patron. In Pakistan, the Patron in stead of patronising the game, treats PCB as his personal property and fills it up with his cronies.

    The entire PCB personell should be sacked lock stock and barrel. PCB's unborn contstitution should be brought in this world by a caesarain. The district cricket associations should be the PCB's constituent members. The future Coach should be from within Pakistan even though it has become fashionable to have a foreign coach. Invest the same amount of money on Pakistan coaches and the support staff. It should be borne in mind that Pakistan's most and highest acheivements both in one day and test cricket have been under the guidance of Pakistani coaches. Inzi should never have been made a captain. As you said he is not leader. He is not a thinking cricketer. My choice will be Shoaib. I can understand your reasons for Afridi but he first needs get an ounce of brain and bat like a responsible player.

  • Khan on March 18, 2007, 14:33 GMT

    I agree with you mr abbassi our team has let us down on the biggest stage, we were embarrased by a team which last week i never heard of! they employed no stong strategy and paid the price. How ever i think inzi shouldnt be blamed but the blame must go to the poor management of the PCB. i think the chairman must go and be replaced by a forward thinking man. Finally if pakistan were to lose inzi and woolmer then i can guarentee you that all hell will break lose as these two men held the team together and without them it will be a really sorry sight. i feel sorry for inzi as the pakistani media always targets the captain and with this i feel that he will be pressurised into retirement.

    Inzi you were a great captain a great leader and fantastic player if you go then pakistan cricket will have a massive hole to fill as their is know batsmen like you.

    best of luck in the future to inzi and woolmer!


  • Shaad Hamid on March 18, 2007, 14:33 GMT

    i can feel the hurt, anger, dissapointment and disbelief by the tone of your article. however, i have been watching the pakistani cricket team for the past year and this outcome was truly not surprising. i don't mean to be rude or rub salt onto wounds. but i think the biggest problem us Asians have is that we are not realistic enough. we lack realism. when you continue to persist that this team can only be beaten by Australia and no other team, it really shows how far away you are from fact. this team has been overly distracted. and believe me, in order to win a world cup it requirers much more than just a bunch of talented players (just ask former Sri Lanka captain Arjuna Ranatunga or even the great Imran Khan) every team has talent. every team is good enough to beat Australia on their day, but the truth of the matter is teams don't succeed in doing so. while giving you time to recover from this shock that you are going through, i hope and pray that the pakistani team put an end to the dissapointment they are causing their legions of fans and to bring back the glory days of pakistani cricket. by the way, lets stick to being realistic, if pakistan where to get anywhere close to being that good, it would take at least a good 12-16 months. but the rebuilding proces needs to start now.

  • Ali on March 18, 2007, 14:33 GMT

    This team is an absolute disgrace. If the rest of us performed as badly in our jobs we would not last 2 seconds. How can so called professionals have a heart attack everytime they see a green wicket??

    I have never seen such a lazy, incompetant bunch of players and am embarassed to call myself pakistani.

    While other teams are focusing on cricket we are making issues out of nothing by arguing about language.

    Pakistan would do well to learn a lesson or two from Bangledesh. They showed heart, fight, intelligence and plenty of skill to win yesterday.

    But the typical arrogant pakistani attitude of thinking we have a divine right to win will come to the fore no doubt.

    Thank you guys thousands in our country are starving and you guys are staying in 5* hotels and living in the life of luxury...... Thank you so much for your hardwork you truely deserve your monster salaries because evidently you work so hard for them...... Shame on you

  • Saeed Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 14:32 GMT

    1. We got what we deserved. 2. PCB selection committee - Made up in un-democratic way and non-merit basis 3. PCB management - Made up in un-democratic way and non-merit basis 4. Pakistani Cricket Team - Made up in un-democratic way and non-merit basis 5. Every other team has players that has received some education, some teams even have players who are hobbyist and have other professional careers - yet they still perform like dedicated professionals. 6. Pakistani players are the only exception with no reasonable education, all they've done in their life is playing Cricket - yet no professionalism. 7. Playing Cricket requires knowledge of science - specially physics - and we know where we stand when it comes to understanding physics of the environment and pitch. 8. When we had successes, all our great players were equipped with the science of Cricket. 9. Pakistani team simply depends on individual talents that sometime works while other times fails. 10. This captain (Inzi) has been a source of embarrasment whether its about press conference or team leadership. A brainless captainy with lethargic presentation. 11. This Cricket was our last hope to paint some constructive/positive picture of Pakistan to counter our extremist look in the international political stage. Yet we even lost that one. 11. Question is! Why simply blame our players when our whole society is based on non-merit and undemocratic favoritism 12. We are behind in education, we are behind in almost all sports, we are dependent on foreign aids to run our country 13. Nothing will ever change unless the whole nation wants to change its attitude towards everything 14. One of the most obvious problems is our tendency to always speak too-high of ourselves and deliver nothing. 15. Whatever topic you pick - We Pakistanis are not doing so good and not even willing to learn. 16. I'd love to say we are proud Pakistanis but don't we need something to substantiate our claim. 17. Last but not the least! All crap failure personalities are currently in the PCB management and comittee while all the greats like (Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbas, Asif Iqbal, Moin Khan) are outside and can only cry out loud with advise to fix the obvious. I wish I could somehow put these sincere greats of our nation back into the control.


  • Amir on March 18, 2007, 14:31 GMT

    We all thought the team was bad, but not that bad

  • Imran Yousaf (England) on March 18, 2007, 14:31 GMT

    What a shambles this bunch of chockers have become. For the last 12 months they are repeatedly proved that theyhave no backbone and no pride in being Pakistanis. I hope to god there is a masive shake up in the PCB and all the cancerous elements (i.e. the vast majority) are thrown out into the street and we need to start afresh. they need to start from the grass root level and set up a proper structure to develop young cricketers and instill some pride and professionalism in them. I hope Imran Khan can forget about politics and take charge of Pakistani cricket as it desperately needs him.

  • imran on March 18, 2007, 14:31 GMT

    Okay, so as I get over my emotions (see comments in my earlier post) I have a great idea. I was thinking about sports in Pakistan and how once we used to be great in Field Hockey, Squash and Cricket. As we sink to lows in all three we must devise a new strategy. I say we go all out and put our energy and funds in to soccer/football. I think that is the only rationale strategy. We will start as underdogs in that sport. There will be minimal expectations from our nation and from the world. Soccer is the one sport where upsets can happen much easier than other sports (you could be the European cup holder and not qualify for the World Cup). This sport is cheaper than cricket. This will help the poorer folks especially in NWFP, Quetta and Sind where soccer is especially appreciated. This sport has greater world recognition and more money for the players. I say lets do it! We have the same amount of energy and money needed to prepare as the World Cup cricket 2011 or World Cup soccer 2010. Bottom line, it will be less dissapointing then where we are likely to be in 2011 and the 11 idiots from the current losing cricket team have spent more time playing soccer in their net sessions than cricket so even they have a chance! And finally, maybe as underdogs we can beat the Irish and take our revenge!

  • Raheel on March 18, 2007, 14:30 GMT

    I totally agree with your observations. However, I feel Younis Khan does not deserve to be the captain, in fact he shouldn't even be in the one day side. One big century against Hong Kong, an average in the low thirties, and an ordinary strike rate does not put him among the best eleven players of the country. Shoaib Malik seems to be the appropriate choice as Afridi will struggle to make it to the test squad. But its time for a change, and no matter how angry we all are, I have to admit that it has been a sad end to Inzimam's career. We all expected better!

  • Adnan Haq on March 18, 2007, 14:30 GMT

    Forget the Australian, English and South African structures. I believe that our model should be the US high school sports system. From intra-mural, city and state-level competitions, proper coaches and grounds at the school level all the way to sports scholarships in colleges and professional first-class leagues. Easier said than done, but high-school infrastructure is a no-brainer

  • Jahanzeb on March 18, 2007, 14:30 GMT

    Well what can one say? It all happened and ended with our choice of captaincy. In all these past two or three years - since we gave up Aamir Sohail's renaissance or revolution, not that he way a revolutionary but at least he was trying new things with the selection - So in all this time since Inzi has been captain, we have seen it and heard it, that whenever it came to team selection and tough decisions, merit was ignored. whenver it was a crunch time and you had a cricketer who was on merit, the tried and tested and (may I add failed) were preferred. whenever we were told by Inzi or Bob that yes so and so is there and we may try them, team was always selected, with the names that you knew had been there since 2003. Nothing new was ever tried or given a chance. You would have new fast bowlers chosen in the 14 or 16 member team but never tried not even in inconsequential matches. Like when were we going to try these new players? if we were going to rely on Razzaqs or Rana Naveed ul Hassan all the time, when were the new guys going to get a chance... Whatever we are reaping today, has not happened over the course of one bad day of cricket, it has taken a lot of wrong decisions to get here.

  • azhar on March 18, 2007, 14:30 GMT

    Yesterday by far was the worst day in pakistan cricket history. Losing to ireland showed that our team is a total mess. We are #3 side in odi rankings and we lost to the team that doesn't even play during the year. It's a total shame and PCB in my opinion should have fired woolmer right after yesterday's match was over. Woolmer has done nothing with the team at least for the last couple of years. One seems to wonder if he even prepares a team for a big match. Does he even watch videos of the opposition before the match. Ireland was obviously prepared for this game. I wish that our team could do wonders in big matches but they all suck starting from top to bottom including inzi, younis, even yousuf didn't do jack in this WC. Whats the point of having a world record when you can't perform in a WC. I was hoping when i woke up this morning that there will a headline that woolmer either got fired or resigned on cricinfo main page but there wasn't. Does woolmer have any self-respect? What is that fatso still doing in that dressing room after what happened yesterday. I have completely lost hope in our team and i can guarantee you that if we dont fill PCB with good ex pakistani players then we'll see the exact same result in 2011. For God sake please bring in young players and let them play for four years. By 2011 they will be at a point where they can at least beat teams like ireland. The present team can't even do that.

    Down with inzi, woolmer, PCB

  • Amir on March 18, 2007, 14:30 GMT

    In addition to changing the captain, Imran Khan should be made President of Pakistan Cricket Board, because our players only play with Danda on their head.

  • T. Allie on March 18, 2007, 14:30 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi, You have a very good command of the English language and I always enjoy reading your columns. Forgive me , but I did not introduce myself. I am not Pakistani or of Asian descent. Rather, I am a West Indian (a passionate and avid cricket fan) living in the US. As a fan of the game I feel your pain. I know the pain and frustration of experiencing the highs and lows of a team that in short could be described as a modern day Jekyll & Hyde. What I have never understood about your country and its' cricket though, is the need for politicians to play such a significant role in the overall administration of a game I have always advocated should be administered by those who have played it and consequently understand what needs to be done. Other than the West Indies team I follow the other Asian teams such as yours and India. I yearn for clones of the Mohammed brothers Sadiq & Mustaq, Imran Khan, Mudassar Nazar, Javed Miandad amd the great Majid Khan. I grew up during the time when Michael Holding Andy Roberts, Marshall and Garner to name a few gave nightmares to oppsoing batsmen and when Richards, Greenidge, Haynes and Clive Lloyd kept opposing bowlers up at night. So it is with a great deal of meaning when I say I feel your pain. I hated to see Pakistan go out like this and I am sure there will be wanton changes. It may be time for a new breed of cricketers. I am hoping that the West indies are taking notes that these minnows should not be taken lightly. To be in the World cup and survive you have to be relentless, unmerciful,consistent and possess a killer instinct that would make a feline proud.

  • Veer on March 18, 2007, 14:29 GMT

    I have been waiting to read your blog as soon as i saw the disastrous news. Which coupled with my own country, India, losing to Bangladesh. I had more hopes with Pakistan than India itself. Shame on Asian Tigers :-(

  • Omer Malik on March 18, 2007, 14:28 GMT

    Nice One Kamran Sahab, it´s Wonderful . . . I would Partially disagree with U, Even Younis Khan don´t deserve to be in the team as a CAPTAIN

  • Rajesh Singh on March 18, 2007, 14:27 GMT

    Hey guys I got an brilliant idea. Pakistan is kicked out and India is likely to follow. Lets have an India-Pakistan series during the super 8 cos not I guess both will care a damn whats happening the WC. May I suggest India and pakistan teams with a lot of new fresh faces instead ofthe loosers we both send at WC.

  • Imran Iqbal on March 18, 2007, 14:26 GMT

    Well first of all they got what they deserved. Congratulations to Irish for gr8 achievement and thanks for saving our times from following the fools. Kamran, your reaction is no different than any Pakistani would have right now. But believe me I am not shocked by the poorest display against Ireland. Tone of our captain & coach was alarming right before match and the respect they already had for Ireland compared easily with fear they had for Australia or South Africa.

    Though they do not deserve any appreciation or compliment yet they deserve ICC Special Award for promoting cricket by giving much wanted self belief to minnows. They did this for Bangladesh in 1999 and now its Ireland's turn to be awarded test status soon. And from now Pakistan team must play minnows only for the betterment of cricket and their own. ICC must pass this sort of regulation that teams disqualified in round robbins twice in a row must play ICC Cricket League to qualify for the mega event.

    For betterment of Pakistani cricket following actions are recommended: 1. Ptivatize PCB free of any political involvement. If PCB is not purged from all the bullshit, then Pakistani fans should stop supporting this lovely game for some time. 2. Sack all old asses low of energy Inzi, Mushi, Azhar, Razzaq and so on 3. Sack all contoversial players such as Shoib & Asif 4. Hire local coach (es) only as majority of our talented cricketers are not even high school graduates. Hire both batting & bowling coaches. 5. Choose a captain who is relatively educated and has brain and fighting spirit irrespective of international experience. Do not just choose a captain who has experience and old. No more old ass....

    I hope my other friends will have more ideas to clean the system even though these will fall on deaf ears only... God bless Pakistani fans.

  • Adnan Haq on March 18, 2007, 14:26 GMT

    Kamran touched on many of the ills afflicting Pakistan cricket. The basic problem IMO: lack of high-school level infrastructure. Both India and Pak suffer from this. In the age of professionalism we simply can't afford to have cricketers learn their trade after they join the national team.

  • Junaid Qureshi on March 18, 2007, 14:26 GMT

    Taking nothing away from the Irish but what an absolute disgrace! I dont think it is anything to with Bob Woolmer but with the captain Inzy. This calls for Inzy's retirement slip to be handed in and for him to move on. The bowlers performed very well but again Inzy wasnt using them efficiently... why use spinners to attack when wickets are dropping and you have 2 if not 3 good fast bowlers.

  • mohammed on March 18, 2007, 14:26 GMT

    nothing to say u said everything

  • Mat on March 18, 2007, 14:25 GMT

    Thank GOD, now we can watch rest of the world cup without any further stress. And congrats to all the pakistani team for managing to lower the pakistan status. May you enjoy rest of the world cup on carribs beaches, night clubs etc.. and finally please take nasim ashraf with you as well as he likes to be present in all the team meetings...Looking forward to out next embarassement in four years time.

  • Bilal Amin on March 18, 2007, 14:24 GMT

    Dear Pakistanis, I was one of the very few who is happy that (our??) team lost the match against bunch of ameutuer cricketers. This is the best thing possible for future of Pakistan Cricket.

    Reason I am happy after this result,heads will roll now (hope this also doesnt prove a wishful thinking in pak cricket politics).

    In my youth, Imran Khan was known to be dictator in the team but I believe Inzi is not only dictator but also he is Arrogant dictator. Who did not listen to anyone about his choice of useless cricters like rana, shoaib malik,imran nazeer, kamran akmal..most of them grew beard to be in the team

    Kamran shb, you should also admit of creating the hype and false hopes. How could have you said that Pak team was capable of beating any team except australia...were you saying that about the current team? insanity...........

  • TM on March 18, 2007, 14:24 GMT

    The postmortem must be clinical. As painful as it is at the moment, we should look beyond this and dispassionately take stock of what has gone wrong in the recent past and plan for the future.

    Here are the issues as I see them.

    ISSUE 1 -- THE FUTURE OF DR. NASIM ASHRAF: Understandably, almost everyone in the country will call for his resignation. This is entirely justified and perhaps in another country might even happen. He needs to be fired not because of our ouster from the world cup, but because of the shambolic handling of the doping crisis, which continues to be such an embarrassment to the country and which has been important factor in undermining the morale and preparation of the team ahead of the World Cup. But he will not resign. It is against our national culture to step forward and accept responsibility when things go wrong on your watch. As a personal friend of the President, he is immune from any political pressure. So lets not waste our mental and physical energies clamouring for his removal. Perhaps dismissal of Chief Selector Wasim Bari would be a more realistic target.

    ISSUE 2 -- THE FUTURE OF WOOLMER: He has been good for Pakistan cricket but has lost the plot starting with tour to England. He has failed not because team has lost, but because the players have failed to play like well coached players. It is for him to teach the players the correct technique and method for coping with green pitches and swinging deliveries in the corridor of uncertainty. It is for him to instill the physical and mental discipline. He has been given world class if erratic talent. It was for him mold this precocious if unpredictable talent into cohesive and disciplined world beaters. He has failed to do so. Perhaps he didn't have enough authority regarding enforcing discipline and team selection. But if chooses to be continue to be the coach despite such handicaps, then he must accept the responsibility for the results.

    APART from his inability to address the persistent lapses on the technical front, Woolmer has also failed to motivate and inspire the team. Sports are played just as much on emotion as on technique. No issue -- doping, internal strife, bad selection -- can be an excuse for failing, especially the way we failed, against Ireland . I will bet good money that a fourth string Pakistan team will beat Ireland tomorrow, regardless of how green the wicket is. This team lost because they played with a bad technique, failed to exercise mental discipline, lacked motivation and did not have the confidence -- all areas which Woolmer is responsible for either in part in full. I cannot see him staying on, although I also dread the next choice. Miandad again? The unpalatable fact is that while us Third World countries produce great cricket players, we do not produce technically competent professional coaches. Just look at Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh -- all of them have foreign coaches from the First World. May be we are just in awe of white old men with laptops.

    The FUTURE OF INZIMAM: His recent past, and perhaps near future, is tied inexorably to that of Bob Woolmer -- a cricketing odd couple if there ever was one. Pakistan had done well under Inzimam-Woolmer coupling for about a year and half until the fatal tour to England. His bland style of captaincy is tolerable as long as he is personally performing, which often means that the team is performing. However, when the chips are down, or the team otherwise needs inspiration, innovation or even just some common sense QUICK thinking, he has come up empty time after time -- with one outstanding exception, the final day of the Bangalore test in 2004-2005. How can a man who captained so brilliantly on that final day be such a lackluster skipper during the rest of his tenure? He has had nearly complete control over the team during the last couple of years and has kept people such as Naveed, Sami and Kamran Akmal in the team even when their respective form no longer justified their inclusion. He has even managed to keep his fellow mullah Mushtaq Ahmed on the payroll. No harm long as the results are satisfactory, which unfortunately is no longer the case.

    As one of the greatest players of Pakistan, Inzimam should be treated with respect and dignity and should be given a chance to, and privately encouraged to, resign from the captaincy. He has another year or two of cricket left in him and should be allowed to stay in the team but not as captain. One can argue that his presence would undermine the authority of the next captain, but on the balance, I feel he deserves to be allowed to continue and his batting can still be an important asset for Pakistan.

    THE NEXT CAPTAIN: Younis's antics ahead of the Champion's Trophy last fall were a huge disappointment. That episode has cast serious doubts about his maturity, but with no other contenders in sight, Younis will inherit the mantle by default. Shoaib Malik does seem to have a mature cricketing brain, but his selection in the team is not guaranteed at the moment and unless you are a Mike Brearly, a captain's place in the team has to be seen as deserved and certain or he will not receive the respect of his team members. This is especially so when a young player is elevated above older and more experienced players. And Afridi is so immature and controversial that the suggestion to make him the captain is a nonstarter.

    Conclusion -- Ashraf stays, Woolmer goes, Inzimam keeps playing but Younis captains.

  • Hakuna matata on March 18, 2007, 14:24 GMT

    Kamran, r u trying to carbon copy Mr.Naeem Bokhari's open letter to the Pres. Regd the CJ?? With due respect to everyone concerned, we believe this laclustre infact shambolic display by our team is a function of bob woolmer & Inzi was never a leader, just a huge boulder to fill in the void,now foreseeing a tumble down the hills. Inzi should not have given those

  • Mustafa Khalid on March 18, 2007, 14:23 GMT

    I like millions of other Pakistanis had believed that this was going to be the World Cup for Pakistan. I had been waiting for March 13th since 4 years. But if i had known that i would be witnessing such an act from the spineless Pakistani team i would have stopped supporting them like my other friends. I had defended my team in every debate, but now i realized that i was doing nothing but making a fool out of myself.

    The performance by this team was the worst that i have ever seen in my 15 years. There was absolutely no spine in the team. The team played as if they were playing a charity match and were delighting the hundreds of Irish fans with throwing their wickets away.

    The batsmen failed yet again. The only positive, or should i say the only light was the performance of the bowlers.

    Watching the match till 4 in the morning, i had expected a fight from my team. But all i got was the brilliant Irish team kicking some Pakistani a**.

    The performance was a disgrace. The only way one can even think bout forgiving the Pakistani team is that if the Irish team goes on to beat everyone and win the world cup. And we all know how high the probablity of that happening is.

    The same thing happened in 2003. The authorities carried out a 're-building process'. But what happened in 4 years time? Nothing, other than the fact the team lost more self-respect. The team doesnt care for its fans, one wonders why we care bout them so much.

  • Rashid on March 18, 2007, 14:22 GMT

    They should fire the whole team except shoib malik and umar gul.

  • Abdul Waheed - USA on March 18, 2007, 14:22 GMT

    Kamran, after following the Pakistan Cricket for more or less as long as you have nothing surprises me anymore. In fact, among my friends, who have all been Cricket crazy we used to say the only team that can do something unthinkable is Pakistan cricket team. They have proved us right over and over and most of the time, in a disastrous way. From the beating at the hands of Roberts and Murray for the last wicket 60 odd runs to loosing against Bangladesh during 1999 world cup and now to this new but nothing really new depth of shame we, including you have witnessed all. I am sure there will be some among our cricket controlling body or the players who will come up with the excuse look, India also lost to Bangladesh. Yes, they did but, it has nothing to do with Pakistan team’s shameful surrenders in above mentioned and countless other incidents. Our beloved national heroes have surrendered and lost to bring DEFEAT from the jaws of VICTORY so many times ……. That….. That…….it is useless to mention and count. Alas…..either way this latest loss still hurts BIG TIME.

    Right after Pakistan’s World Cup Final loss to Australia in 1999, I was of the view that we need a High Class foreign coach. Why? For many reasons importantly, because the professionalism of foreign coaches and due to prejudice and baggage that a local coach brings to Pakistan team which in turn brings negative rivalry and jealousy among cricketers, coach and the fans. In this blog you have suggested among many other things that Inzamam and Woolmer must go. It was going to be an end for Inzamam one way or the other as he has had his cricket career and now he can concentrate on his Road To Raiwind with all his Bearded followers in the Team (though I wonder, how many will support beard once Inzamam leaves). It would be unfair and unjust not to praise Inzamam’s great contribution as a batsman to Pakistan Cricket.

    I was of the view and had mentioned to my cricket following friends many times that, Woolmer should leave Pakistan team after this World Cup as well but for the different reasons as put forth by you. Kamran and all the critics of Woolmer please go and look back when and under what circumstances Woolmer took over and also Pakistan’s ranking during his time in Test and ODI both. I have a lot of respect for Woolmer and could not believe when he accepted the offer to coach the so fragmented Pakistan team as he had once before rejected. For the respect of this man I wanted him to leave before every failure will be blamed on him. As I believe, no one can fix Pakistan team in a way that it becomes anywhere close to Australia or any other true professional outfit. I have motioned this to my friends many times and now I would tell this to all Woolmer’s critics. If Pakistan hired a local coach to replace Woolmer, compare his performance after same period (if he will be lucky to carry that long) the ranking of Pakistan team will be much lower in both format of the game provided if 20 – 20 does not become even bigger attraction. If it does, make it all three categories Pakistan will be among the bottom half most of the time. Why I say this, Because of the hate to Pakistan team? No! Because, I have followed our team days and nights passionately and have foolishly wished the best over and over only to be let down.

    In the end I would like to say only this, Leaders, Sportsmen, Politicians and the followers are a mere reflection to what the majority of the Nation stands for. Therefore, Woolmer could only do so much. And I think he has done remarkably well what was given to him. Pakistan needs a major shake up at every level that affects human life. Only than we will see true improvement in CRICKET or else there will be only patch works on display like it has been since the inception of Pakistan.

  • mohammed on March 18, 2007, 14:22 GMT

    i just dont know what to say. i think kamran has said it all. there is a hadith about this i want to share. dont tie ur camels and ask allah. u have to work hard and then ask allah. i think pakistani team did just that. they asked allah to give victory without working hard.

  • Ian Eldred on March 18, 2007, 14:22 GMT

    As an Irishman living in Pakistan I have grown to love and admire the Pakistani team, their brand of cricket is a uniquely dimensional, tenacious and multi-faceted one, but this loss was incomprehensible, shocking and bordered on morbidly appalling. The batsmen seemed to lack any focus at all, no one out there seemed to be working to any sort of cohesive or consistent game plan, and the batsmen lacked of any sort of professional application and concentration. The captaincy was lethargic and strategically unintelligible, when the Irish were 15/2; the nail should have been driven and hammered home, instead batsmen whose names we had never heard before played the bowling with winning determination and purposed tenacity. I dearly hope the PCB take stock of what has happened here and work diligently and thoroughly to restructure and reorganize themselves, and weed out the root issues that are preventing Pakistan from becoming a powerful tour-de force in the cricketing world arena.

  • Naeem Butt on March 18, 2007, 14:20 GMT

    The writing was on the wall all along. Being the worlds worst fielding side. Being the worlds worst side on running between the wickets.

    Almost all our wins in the past have been set up by the bowlers of the calibre of Sarfraz Nawaz, Imran Khan, Abdul Qadir, Waqar, Wasim, Shoaib, Asif and a few others.

    If anybody believed that we had any chance without our bowlers setting it up, he must be a lunatic.

    And Mr. Captain, please do not blame it on the will of God and kismet. Just blame it on everything else.

    The team demanded a pay rise before going on Englands tour. If they have 1% of dignity left in them they should donate all there salaries of recent past to some charity.

  • anand on March 18, 2007, 14:20 GMT

    im a indian cricket fan but still pakistan defeat has not sunk in.. i didnt want my neighbouring county to lose yesterday. I know this team was capable but still difficult to believe how they managed to lose. With india losing to bangladesh, a asian county winning the world cup is going to be distant dream.

  • We_are_Champions on March 18, 2007, 14:19 GMT

    There is a positive coming out of this.

    We are spared the torture of so many more days of the world cup.

    now we can focus on our studies, work, et al.

    thank you pakistan team, for letting me concentrate on my studies.

    I love pakistan.

  • ayaz rahman on March 18, 2007, 14:19 GMT

    Pakistan's loss to Ireland will cause the deepest and sharpest of pains in every pakistani cricket fan's heart. It was truly a sad event; reminiscent of the 1999 World Cup final where Pakistan's batting flopped but that was against Australia and in a finals match! The loss against an Associate side like Ireland was simply unbelievable! I really dont care who is fired or even hired in the aftermath of this world cup performance; the cricket team has let the nation down and will just have to rediscover their passion for the game or whatever they need to become the best in the world which they really should be given the abundance of natural talent. Finally, it is a sad end for Inzamam's glorious career which started off with winning the World Cup in 1992 and then rounding up with an extremely disappointing performance in 2007.

  • murugrra on March 18, 2007, 14:18 GMT

    Don't worry kamran. Indian team will give them company on their return trip.

  • Jahangir Nazar Hydri on March 18, 2007, 14:18 GMT

    Shoaib Malik is a good choice but Afridi can be better only and only if he can show some energy in the field. He must take responsibility with both hands and stop being arrogant. Razzaq could have been a choice too but he sleeps at job, so he's a definite no-no. As for Younis Khan, the guy is immature. Don't give him the captaincy, he's a disciple of Rashid Latif, turning back at the eleventh hour. Please don't appoint Younis as captain. Yousuf would start a sermon mandatory for the whole team before an innings or a match, he must be asked to bat, just bat mate.

    I don't think coaching is required at the top level. Jawed Miandad should coach at the regional/school level. Give him as much as he wants but keep him away from the top set up. People misunderstand him, so he's not a good communicator.

    Relieve the docs at the helm. Nasim Ashraf, Ahsan Malik and the doc-to-be Salim Altaf are no good. They are excellent at mincing money and filling their pockets with PCB's coins made of gold and diamond.

    I hope ad-hocism ends and there is an air of settlement and peace everywhere.

    We support you Pakistan Cricket Team (Still) No matter 16 crore awam kay dil toot gaye...Move on...

  • Saami on March 18, 2007, 14:17 GMT

    I 'was' a Pakistani Cricket fan. I am stunned, angry and unbelievably sad. "Pakistan" team made no progress, from 2003 World Cup to 2007 we have gotten worst. The unimaginable has happened - we have CRASHED out of the World Cup - YES it is official - Ireland has hammered Pakistan and we are officially out of the World Cup.

    Bob, I know some heads are going to roll now and probably you would leave as well. You did a fine job but I guess nobody can coach a bunch of 'Ordinarily Talented' not Highly talented - (Cricket has moved on and we do not have the talent that's needed to compete at the International level now) there has been a paradigm shift and we have missed the trick completely. But I guess we all can argue about what went wrong and what not, the first responsibility lies with the board and their money hungry bosses. Secondly, the players who are so slow to learn and absorb, some real life perspective and education might help in creating better cricketers. Lastly, Bob you were just not simply good or dynamic enough, I apologize but I guess when a cricket crazy nation hears from their own coach that he thinks someone else is among his favorites for the WC - that hurts I know feeling like this is not rational but it hurts Bob.

    If it was for me I would just sack everyone, meaning everyone only few can carry froward;

    1. Shoaib Malik (He is a fighter) 2. Shahid Afridi (I always wanted him as a Captain- We need someone who fights and stands for this cricket crazy nation - show some attitude which we once had under Imran Khan)

    4. Mohammaed Asif (After he is done with his injury/ban because he is just talented and must have learnt his lesson)

    Yousuf may be, Younis only for the subcontinent matches, NO Hafeez, NO Azhar Mahmood, NO Nazir's, NO Akmal, NO Inzi, NO Rao, Gul YES and where the hell is Salman Butt?

    A new team, a set of players who have actually felt the pain the whole nation has gone through yesterday - in our first ever WC in which we have been eliminated in just Four Days !!!

    I have nothing else to say or write as I guess that's how it is going be with Pakistan whether its cricket or something else - a sad Pakistani and a dead Cricket fan!

  • jay on March 18, 2007, 14:15 GMT


    This was the most abject surrender i have witnessed of Pakistan. If they did not fire Inzamam out of the team now, i donot know when.

    This team requires fighting qualities of Asim Kamal sort of. When will Pakistan realize successful teams have always had settled opening partners, like Anwar and Sohail before. Please bring back Salman Butt and get rid of Nazir. Its time Pakistan got people who can bat rather than someone who could do some bat or some bowling.

  • Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 14:15 GMT

    Pakistan SHAME

  • Noman Aziz on March 18, 2007, 14:14 GMT

    I bet Shoaib and Asif would be happy to see that they haven't missed out on much. Pakistani team out of the competition in less than 125 hr, should have made the coach and captain proud of their hasten to return to their respective home soils. Inzamam blames it on the luck....well I guess he’s talking about the luck of the supporters. Should us be supporting teams like Bangladesh we wouldn’t be so much disappointed..SIMPLE

    I suggest Pakistan to play Ireland on a regular basis. This will also help them to achieve the test status in double quick time, as Pakistan is pretty good at doing that.

    Lastly, I would suggest Pakistan to rest some of the main players for the next game. They must be really tired after their performances. On the other hand, I would like to wish Zimbabwe the very best of luck… Pakistan holds the key for them to qualify for the next round. I would advise them to bat fist and make at least 300 (not that even 350 would such a problem) and then get Pakistani out within 25 overs. This can be easily achieved by playing few “goray” players in the team, this way Pakistan will mistake them with SAs or Aussies and wont put up much fight….easy in’ it!!!

  • Azhar on March 18, 2007, 14:14 GMT

    A sad day indeed for Pakistan cricket. Cannot put the disappointment into words. Totally spineless performance - thoughtless, without any guts, no planning and no will to fight. There is just no excuse for what happened.

  • Shahid on March 18, 2007, 14:14 GMT

    So disappointing. I almost cried when Pakistan lost. I have been a staunch supporter of my team and i have always been proud of green shirts. Few years back that was the only reason i bought a green car and my car number tags read "PRD PAK", i hope you all know what this means. I forced my friend to have their tags as "TEAM PAK". They wouldnt stop laughing at me when i would do such silly things but today i cant even take their calls just because i know what they would say "we told you so". In a country like USA, which is quite hostile to Muslims these days i would wear a Pakistan team shirt in the gym and outside in mall. I drove 2 hours in the snow just to join my friends for the game. i am not telling this just for the people to feel pity on me but i want Inzi and Co know that there are people who were still backing you but you guys blew it. I have tears in my eyes and my hands tremble as i write this. Inzi and Co, you couldnt have disappointed us more. All this time when everyone on this blog would rate you underdogs i would laugh at their comments and would quietly tell myself "we will show you what our team can do". I really dont know where does Pakistan team go from here. I am disappointed and upset but i still back my country in all spheres of life including cricket and i hope i can contribute something to make this worst scenario any better. But sometimes i look back country's other problems i just tell myself after all cricket is no different. When our Chief justice can be dragged from the forelock by our police then why not our Cricket team. This is a disappointing fan but a proud Pakistani, signing off now.

    Thanks Shahid.

  • amjad on March 18, 2007, 14:13 GMT

    Shame on Pakistan team. I think they should stop playing cricket for another 6 months.

  • amjad on March 18, 2007, 14:13 GMT

    Shame on Pakistan team. I think they should stop playing cricket for another 6 months.

  • Adnan Kaleemi, Toronto, Canada on March 18, 2007, 14:13 GMT

    We would really want to see the 'spokesperson' for pakistan cricket now. Please explain this to us and we need a lot of explanation on how, why and what the control freak behavior of the president, chairman, captian and every new appointee have brought this psychological low and self esteem in these players. I really think there are two causes. One is the 'Do what I say' strategy of the whole Pakistan philosopy and the low self esteem of the players which they are trying to hide in the new religion phenomenon in the team. Two things need to be done and yes both of them are 'human development' 1. Psyhoanalysis and therapy for the 'control freaks' so that they deal with their personal real issues instead of controlling others. Please control your own heads. The prolem is inside you and not outside. Deal with it! 2. Players please cry if you have to. Get help for your problems instead of hiding yourselves in the newly formed paksitan cricket religious cult. For God's sake please understand that you are professional cricketers and well paid too. I don't know if we slack like this in our jobs, what will happen to us. The bottom line is that- God or no God,you have not done your job. The game looked like it was between Raidwand and Ireland becuase the Imran Khans , Wasim Akrams and Miandads were very balanced and knew their real jobs. One last thing, don't play Ireland on St.Patrick's day because God is on everyone's side who really believe in Him.

  • Kamran Khan on March 18, 2007, 14:12 GMT

    Dear All, I did early write in one of Mr Kamran's blogs that Pakistan where not as good as everybody had stated including Kamran himself. I also stated if we got to the semi final that would have been a great acheivement. I think yesterdays defeat says it all. I also said that there where to many external forces in pakistani cricket which stopped the coach and captain doing there job. They should have been left alone and backed up and I stick to that. What now well I think that pakistan cricket needs to take a deep breath and look internally.

    Personally I would first of all look at the board. It needs to be cleared out along with the chairman of selectors. They have to take the blame. Bob woolmer whether he is sacked or not was going anyway he tried but Pakistans stubborn players and officals never helped. Inzi's will retire.I personnally think he has a lot to offer and should stay on to help the new captian and the youngsters if he can perform or his heart is in it. Personally I do not think his heart is in the game any more. I think we need to look for a strong captain and not Younis Khan as he is childish and not a team player as shown recently when he resigned as captain. An honor any person would be proud of even if it was for a limited time. Do we have such a strong charcter. I am not sure but I would like to see maybe shaid Afridi given a chance.

    Ok so what of the team and players. I would look at telling Kamran Akmal to have a rest and look at the other keepers. I would try a new keeper and give him a few games to see if he has talent and also to see if he is dedicated to hard work. Hard work gets you there look at graham gooch great player worked very hard to improve his game every day also Imran Khan great work ethic. Look at the aussie players they work so hard and train hard. I think Imran Nazir should be given a chance along with salman bhatt. Give them a long run in the game and see how they get on . I would not change much in the bowling except for Rana Naved and Azhar Mahmood. Azhar being to old we need to build for the future. Bring in the talent and lets see how they get on.

    Now coming to the board. I would like to see Imran Khan take control of pakistan cricket. For many years he has had a lot to say on cricket. Like a lot of people but now I think he should put his money where his mouth is and take control of the board and change the structure of cricket in pakistan, he should get the groundsman to start to make the grounds more bowler friendly with lots of grass and movement. To help us cope with the seaming ball. What have we got to lose nothing but we have everything to gain. If players play on the hardest tracks when it comes to playing on easy tracks they will only get better. I do not think Imran khan is brave enough to do this job I hope he proves me wrong and takes up the challenge.

    The chief selector I think should be aqib javed a good cricketer in his time he has worked with the young and up and coming players. He knows imran khan and they can both work towards getting a great team together and look to the future.

    My choice for coach hmm... I would have to go for Amer Shoail a lot of you will say what but I think he is the right man for the job. When he was chief selector he was brave enough to make the hard choices drop the odd player here and there. But character wish he is strong and not scared of dropping somebody. He also has talent for seeing and bring up a cricketer.

    I am hoping that the people who have criticized pakistan cricket for so long, step up to the plate and in its time of need to offer a helping hand.

    The world cup with be a lesser place without pakistan but may be it was the wake up call pakistan cricket need so it can move forward and once again become a power house of cricket. We need people like the Imran's, zhaeer's and the Mindad's of this world who had skill but more then that a great work ethic but who where ready to take on the world and would give there life rather then lose a game of cricket. Lets see what the future holds.

  • Mubs on March 18, 2007, 14:12 GMT

    Today is the darkest day in the history of pakistani cricket , it was truly a shambolic perfomance and the worst nightmare of every pakistani cricket fan .

    But who should be held accountable for this embaressment , yes i can think of many , Inzimam , younus khan , hafeez ,imran nazir , or the big fishes Naseem Ashraf or the chairmain of selectors. The fact is they are materialized and selfcentered people who are driven by greed . I cannot believe once called CORNERED TIGERS felt like scared PUPPIES , there was no fire in their belly rather the ambition of winning , and much to my surprise Inzi saying in the post man presentation that kismat ne hamara saath diya , this statement explains the stature of inzamam as a leader .

    Any way it was very much on the cards , i said in my last coloum that i will be surprised if pakistan make into last eight , its been dilema of pakistani cricket for the last six months , they been the laughing stock of the world . this team should not have been allowed to compete in the world cup , above all these two defeats sum up the mindset of the whole cricketing stucture in pakistan . There is alot of explaintion to be made to the nation and they will not let it go of the hook easily .

  • Umer Farooq on March 18, 2007, 14:12 GMT

    Wonderful letter - I applaud you for writing such a disciplined, effective, yet decent composition.

    I've always been against Afridi, but that is exactly the thought I had for captaincy. Young, motivated, aggressive, and inspiring - responsibility will bring out the best in him, just like it did for Imran.

    I'm going to get back to my Guinness and gulaab jaaman now :-)

  • ahmed on March 18, 2007, 14:12 GMT

    I have been in a state of shock, ever sine the 6 by the irish captqin had been struck. HOW?? when rao took 2 in 2 balls, i was elated. Throughout the whole match i was like, how an we lose to a 1st timer like Ireland. Noq, I know, thst it is time to call for chanegs. Opwning, should be Nazir and Akmal. 3: Shoaib Malik. Throughout the S.Africa tour, Malik was performing when no one lese did. In the match agaisnt the W. Indies, he made 62. 4:M ohammed Yousuf 5: Inzi, when he reires, who knows? 6: Younis. He can serve as a bridge between the middle order and the tail. 7: Afrdidi. Boom-booom.enough said. 8: Razzaq 9: Shoaib Akhtar 10: Mo Asif 11:GUl I know there cant be more than this, but the team can switch around a bit...12: Sami showed fire against the Irish. 13: Gul 14: Kaneria(BIG MAYBE)

  • Mahmood Malik on March 18, 2007, 14:12 GMT

    I think this is what our cricket needs now. Except for Shoaib Malik, Younis Khan, Mohammad Yousuf, Umar Gul, Mohammad Asif (and may be Shahid Afridi) everyone in the present team and the PCB set-up should go. Younis should be appointed captain with Shoaib Malik as his deputy and both should be given the task to build a new team from scratch. Also, and very important, we need to have greats like Imran Khan, Javed Miandand, Rameez Raja, Waqar Younis, Rashid Latif (my favourite), Moin Khan and Aamer Sohail to run the PCB administration and team selection/coaching and help us start a new chapter in Pakistan Cricket on national and grass roots level. Only then we might have a chance to redeem ourselves from the shameful disgrace that our present set-up has landed us in.

  • Pathan !! on March 18, 2007, 14:12 GMT

    Sorry to say this is the Shi!test performance by Pakistan i have ever seen. I feel so upset and shamed and angered [and as a pathan that anger is multiplied]

    They lacked any disciplne while batting even mahmood and Akaml steady somewhat of a broken/steady boat they threw there wickets away.

    If they didnt they could have posted a 150+ score which would be defenble against IRL. There was only one IRL player that did the work and that was the wicket keeper.

    As for Pakistan's future i see no reason in sacking and key players [not the same of the chair board]. Because it would just be another re-iteration of 2003's failure.

    and i dont think i cant wait till 2011 at the moment as a pakistani fan i feel depleted to follow them anymore

    They really f*cked up

  • Saad on March 18, 2007, 14:10 GMT

    Congratulations to Ireland!!!

    Nobody can take this win away from them. They played like true professionals. Even though...all of them have a different day job. Irish team is a team of school teachers, postmen and bus drivers. However with their superb play and fitness they made Pak team look like a bunch of amateurs.

    Truth hurts but it says a lot about lack of professionalism in all the fields in Pakistan. No need to work hard buddy as long as you have an uncle or two who can help you get a job or get anything done in your life.

    Hats off to Ireland. ICC needs more teams like Ireland than lethargic Pakistan.

  • Shoaib on March 18, 2007, 14:10 GMT

    I am still numb enough to write anything about the future of Pakistan cricket but this much I should say President of Pakistan is directly responsible of this shamefull loss. His dictator ship has infected PCB chairman, coach and the captain. So all of them need to go. Who should replace them? Well I do not know at the president of Pakistan but chairman of PCB should be someone like Majid Khan or Imran Khan. Imran should realize now that he has no future as a politician so he should take on something that he knows best, cricket. Majid should be Imran's CEO. Rashid Latif and Miandad for the selectors and coach,Afridi for the captain and Shoaib Malik as his deputy. Yonus Khan is too unstable to lead the side and in past he has not shown the leadership qualities whenever given the chances. In fact Yonus is more involved in infighting than anyone else so he does not enjoy team support. Hafeez, Imzimam. Azhar Mahmood, Kamran Akmal and Shoaib Akthar should go home for good. Yasir, Asim Kamal, Fawad Alam should come in along with Asif. Give them a mandate that within a year they should win 75% of thier matches or they will make way for others.

  • astro on March 18, 2007, 14:10 GMT

    I totally agree. It is a pathetic performance from a talented bunch. I feel sorry.

  • Salman on March 18, 2007, 14:09 GMT

    Kamran, you are right in everyway...we lack leadership and players who mentally and physically fit, are technical and without attitude like Shoaib Akter...whole management needs to be chnaged for sure...need profeesional and committed people...I just hope we have some good captian in future...I am afraid in the end nothing much will happen..I hope Younus Khan is not selected...Salman

  • Pradeep on March 18, 2007, 14:09 GMT

    I think Pak's loss is a loss for the World Cup cricket. I can not think of next stage to be good without them. I was looking forward for April 15 (IND Vs PAK) and now it is most likely that it is BAN VS IRE

  • Vaqar Khan on March 18, 2007, 14:08 GMT

    If it wasn't so painful, I would say it was an Irish joke!

    I think it is time to say good bye to at least half a dozen players (if not all) and start all over again. After all, we could not be any worse off! Go Inzy, go Yunis, go Imran Nazir, (at least Hafeez gives you a bowling option, though not much of an opener), go Kamran, go Naveed, go Shoaib Akhtar (yes, I know he was not there, but is he there when needed??). I think the selection committee needs a revamp, and probably Woolmer won't be there much longer, though a coach is as good as the players he is given.

    It is time that this nation's history shows that someone did take responsibility and fired themselves - and yes that means the Doctor, too.

  • Afridi on March 18, 2007, 14:07 GMT

    Well I agree with you on some parts, Naseem Ashraf should be fired and I dont think bob woolmer will ever coach pakistan again, but i still want inzi to be da captain eventhough the recent results shows that his captaincy is poor but still hes the man for crisis but if hes not the captain then I will go for Shahid Afridi, we all saw what younis khan did in champions trophy and eventhough 3 matches are not enough to judge a captain, but after inzi the next captain should be Afridi and vice captain should be Younis. Eventhough its end of the world cup and we will have to wait for 4 more years, the pakistani cricket can still rist and compete the very best.

  • Naseer on March 18, 2007, 14:07 GMT

    Dear Mr. Abbasi,

    As per your comments above, we sure require a new captain with some fire & hunger to win all the games that our team play. I prefer Shahid Afridi or Imran Farhat for the above role as they have the ability to fight at any given situation.

    When Imran Nazir didn't click in the match against West Indies they should have asked him to warm the bench and played Imran Farhat.

    I personally don't think that Pakistan wanted to qualify for the Super Eight clashes as it was visible with there body language against Ireland.

    Not a single batsman applied themselves in the middle and if we compare the fielding of Ireland & our Pakistan then i will give 10 on 10 to Ireland & 2 on 10 to Pakistan.


  • karl on March 18, 2007, 14:06 GMT

    Eat the following: "Only Australia block the road to victory... Pakistan have nobody to fear in this tournament and might just have the mix of experience and hunger to lift the trophy."

  • zazz on March 18, 2007, 14:06 GMT

    Its a real big loss that has saddened pakistani supporters. I think Pakistan can never play on grassy pitches and pakistan team will always loose. Pakistani team needs changes. Younis khan would certainly get advantage of defeat by becoming next captain, which HE Does NOT DESERVE at all. Any young player like shoaib malik should be made new captain. Bob woolmer and chairman PCB should quit now. Not even Javed Miandad should coach as he always does nepotism by bringing his nephew Faisal Iqbal.

  • LOST INTEEST IN PAK CRICKET on March 18, 2007, 14:06 GMT

    Pakistan has always been and will remain a team that chokes and is unpredictible, whether we had Waqar as a bowling coach or not is not the issue but a lack of leadership at the PCB level( a shamble and a laughing stock) and whole waste of money. As a Pakistan cricket fan, I think I will take a break and watch other teams who have passion for the game, and whose coaches don't say that they want South Africa to win on ther blogs even though they are being paid by another country for their services!!! How ironic!!! Another pathetic event in the history of Pakistan cricket.

  • bill on March 18, 2007, 14:05 GMT

    1) we need investment in county cricket the young players quality is poor in ever department, bowling, batting and fielding 2) we need to make our pitches more greener so the ball moves around and make your batsman play on austrilian like pitches, only then can be become world beaters. 3) we need to get rid of all the selfish lazy 'showboaters'they just play for them selves: Afridi and Akhtar 4) also players who have no passion the oldies: Inzi, Razzaq(shadow of former self), Azar, 5) and players who have no technoque and talent: Imran nazir, Hafeez, Rana 6) we need to build for next world cup, we have to get politics outside cricket its destroying the players confidence and affecting captain and coach ability to manage 7) Bob woolmer reaali robbed Pak cricket, he has worsned the team in every department, his selection is appauling, man managment of young players is non existent, and he just spends all his time on the internet and not coaching. 8) FINALLY SEND ALL THESE PLAYERS TO HISTORY CLASSES, TELL TEM WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A PAKISTANI, TELL THEM ABOUT THE STRUGGLE WE HAD TO GO TROUGH TO MAKE PAKISTAN AND THE HONOUR OF REPRESENTING THE COUNTRY.

  • Sabika on March 18, 2007, 14:03 GMT

    thank you sir for this article voices all of our opinions towards what has happened

  • Tom on March 18, 2007, 14:02 GMT

    The oval test was a definite indication of the decline in pakistan cricket. The team seems to now concentrate more on religion that cricket and that is just a shame. As cricketers, the only religion should be the religion of cricket. Leaving it to the almighty will definitely not get you anywhere. It was a shame that DK was dropped, it was a shame that Afridi never played, it was shame to not see Asif in this cup. Drastic changes are needed.

  • A Kamran on March 18, 2007, 14:02 GMT


    Abysmal, abysmal, and abysmal. I am thinking about learning Gaelic so that at least over the phone I may be able to pose as a Gael, though my accent may give me away. I thought that I would never be the one to associate words such as shame, disgraceful, unprofessional, invertebrates, morons.....etc with Pakistan Cricket (should have use lower case letters). But here I am and I am standing by these words.

    First in and first out! To say that Pakistan team is the laughing stock of the cricketing world would be the understatament of the year. The Pontings, Haydens, Arthurs (Micky) of this world, would be breaking their ribs laughing in public while refering to the Pakistan cricket team and its "achievements". The likes of Vaughn, Fleming would be using tounge in cheek "poor luck lads" sort of comments and be "commiserating" ( a favorite word of a Pakistani commentator) with Pakistan cricket. The rest will be rolling with hysterical heaving simple laughter. Lara may be an exception as he is a true gentleman.

    No more words. I cannot sympathize enough with the Pakistani cricket followers including myself. If nothing is done that is short of exceptionally radical to turn things around for cricket in Pakistan, consider this comment as the obituary of Pakistan cricket. There is a laundry list of things even for starters such as, what you mentioned Mr. Abbasi, the three fathers of this defeat. From there on weed out nepotism, politics, corruption............

    Only if would happen. I have my doubts. Pakistan cricket is but one aspect of a corrupt and failed state. Why should it be an island of meritocracy, transparency and efficiency?

    Suffer you poor wretched millions of souls who call Pakistan your home. And as far as Pakistan cricket goes, RIP. Amen.

    A Kamran

  • Furqan on March 18, 2007, 14:02 GMT

    Finally some sense from you Mr. Kamran. You filled me with hope with your previous blogs, the one thing you just can't give to Pakistani supporters. We have always flattered to deceive in past WCs, and this is another black mark against us. Looks like we keep progressing (backwards) at every world cup, and now we have reached the all-time low one never expects. Ireland? Even if heads roll, Pakistan cricket will never recover. And if lots of supporters are like me, passion for the game will also dwindle.

  • Rajan on March 18, 2007, 14:01 GMT

    I guess now it does not matter in what language the Pakistan team and coach wish to address their media when they get back home....

  • Amjad on March 18, 2007, 14:01 GMT

    With all that is happening in Pakistan, I am sure most of Pakistanis were hoping they would at least get some good news from the World Cup but that wasn't meant to be. Are these signs that we are a nation of losers? There isn't a glimmer of good news anywhere, in any walk of life in Pakistan. I guess we shouldn't be then amazed at how our cricket team turned out to be since we are a nation in a constant state of utter chaos. Corruption and Nepotism are rampant, even in sports. Are we ever going to get a break?

  • NFP on March 18, 2007, 14:01 GMT

    Perhaps Raiwind has pitchs more suited to Inzi & the boys' devine strokeplay? Thus, I suggest the team lands there instead of Karachi or Lahore after its fast approaching exit from the World Cup. And who knows, had Pakistan won the cup, even Bob Woolmer might have grown a beard as well. Sigh. If only Inzi would have thought more about imparting cricket taleem than deeni taleem, we might have beaten ireland ... at least.

  • Hamid on March 18, 2007, 13:58 GMT

    Absolutely right on. This is a shameful display. Can I sue the PCB for having bought the Super 8 tickets?

  • Salman Baig on March 18, 2007, 13:58 GMT

    Well where do we begin? Since the 2003 world cup, you would have thought that we had abandoned all hope in the rejuvenation of the pak cricket team. By the end of 2005 a lot of hope had been restored; new coach, new captain, blend of youth and experience and the destruction of the England cricket team in Pakistan. Once again, we have proved to the world what a pile of crap we really are. There is no discipline, no organisation in the PCB. It all started with the so called forfeited Oval Test. Once again, Pakistan makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Shahriyar Khan resigns which is immediately followed by the handling of the doping scandal which was handled in a typically Pakistani way. Then we go on and get rid of Waqar. How can you mistreat a loyal servant like Waqar Younis who actually fixed up Pakistan’s bowling and made them feared again? Then what? We have change captain three times in the space of a few days! Before the world cup, so much shit went down. The preparation for the world cup in the past few months has been ridiculous. For a nation consistently in top 5 ODI and Test rankings, to lose to a team (no disrespect to Ireland) that competes in county competitions, is absolutely absurd, pathetic, ludicrous, weak, abysmal, sad, useless, wretched…the list goes on. Pakistan has shown the whole world that they have no heart, no soul and that they are weak, pathetic, spineless cowards. Pakistan who were once called the Cornered Tigers have shown the fighting spirit of an ant getting crushed by my arse. Now onto the batting. The batting was atrocious, the shots the players got out to were horrifying. Imran Nazir….why in hell is he there? Mohammad Hafeez is NOT an opener, he should b lower down the order. Want a solution to the opening pair? What did Yasir Hameed do wrong? Bring him in! South Africa was the perfect opportunity to play Salman Butt and get him match fit. He’s a batsman with potential. Younis Khan, Mohammad Yousuf and fat Inzi area bunch of spineless idiots. Kamran Akmal and Naved have completely lost the plot. Kaneria….I’m speechless to comment on why he is in the world cup squad. Azhar Mahmood??? What the hell??? Talk about going backwards!!! If you wanted an all-rounder, what about Yasir Arafat? Again, they should have used South Africa to get his rhythm. only people who still deserve to wear the green shirt are Rao iftikhar, Gul and Sami (alright Sami’s crap but he bowled his heart out and had fighting spirit). At the end of the day, the PCB members are just all out there to wear suits and make their money.

  • Anjum Altaf on March 18, 2007, 13:58 GMT

    Eternal optimism and illusions about the one-day game being suited to the temprament of Pakistanis (re Saad Shafqat's column on March 13) need to be replaced by a cold hard look at the problems of Pakistani cricket. The following is the link to an attempt I made in 2001.

  • Farooq Iqbal on March 18, 2007, 13:57 GMT

    Well! I feel that somebody has ripped my heart and i am watching it stop beating in front of me. I feel like some body took my pride, the same feeling, i had when there were fireworks in Gaddafi stadium, and india won. Can somebody please, please get my soul back from the underworld? Can somebody please show the way out to Inzi, Rana, Azhar, Kamran by kicking their asses, like million times. Inzi gave bad reputation to Bob's name as a coach. he will have a question mark on his abilities. Tell Younis khan he looked very sharp as a model, there you go a profession for him. i am so shocked i can't even find words. no wonder osman samiuddin and kamran abbasi took so long to respond Team Pakistan's Awfull performance. I really can't write anymore, i can't. my mind is still numb. Maybe, maybe it will come to life when somebody will kick some BUTTS. I hope. I hope.

  • pete on March 18, 2007, 13:57 GMT

    Ha ha ha ha, Abandon hope? Not yet!! I still cant stop laughing, Elsewhere Osman Samiuddin has talked about how the Pak team is a laughing stock of the world. you still seem to have hope. I still cant stop laughing after the comments made by your moronic capt. If gods will is your plan A not even god can save you. Wake up you bumbling idiots, Shave your faces, stop mumbling crap before interviews, move on from your stone age ideologies and stop depending on gods' will for everything. Only Australia, yeah right!! Cant even go past ireland!!!

  • UNS on March 18, 2007, 13:57 GMT

    Perfectly said...once more we the supporters are let down miserably, that little hope of a miracle, shattered so early.....

  • Nirendra Balu on March 18, 2007, 13:57 GMT

    "Even now, I say that the only team this bunch of players should have found to be unbeatable in this tournament is Australia." - I guess this might happen/is happening in a parallel universe, of which only Mr. Abbas seems to be a citizen of. "but it seems your team is handicapped by its habit of shrinking to the occasion" - what is this allusion to you/your all about, this much emotion, in the pen of a professional columnist? I would wish Pakistan all the best in the future, and not take the ravings and rantings of people like this to heart.

  • Asim Hasan on March 18, 2007, 13:56 GMT

    Well put Kamran Abbasi. But whatever you say I am convinced that Pakistan Cricket is dead - rather murdered - by people having limited brains and with no heart. And on the horizon I dont see any Imran Khan.. our systems were like this always but sometimes we had some inspirational captains who managed to pull something out. But now we are corrupted that much that not a single lion-hearted fellow will live -- we will not let them live. Only persons like Nasim Ashraf will remain to torment us.

  • ATIF MALIK, USA on March 18, 2007, 13:56 GMT

    few heads must go-

    1. Naseem-Altaf-Bari a MUST GO ASAP 2. Inzi and Bob Should resign by themselves 3. Akmal,Nazir,Azhar,Hafeez,Rana careers should not be given a second chance- 4. Make Younis Test captain and Malik one-day captain.

  • sohrab on March 18, 2007, 13:55 GMT

    another thing mr. osman that you must thing understood in developed systems is the importance of intelligence and education. no player is choosen in a high school team if he or she has a gpa below 2.5. cricket also requires smart players and leaders. this must be a criteria and must be implemented with full force immediately.

  • Sunnyt on March 18, 2007, 13:55 GMT

    That defeat against Ireland was i think, the worst thing i've ever seen in Pakistan's cricket history! And i'll never forget that!

  • Junaid Qureshi on March 18, 2007, 13:54 GMT

    It is okay Abbasi saab, we just need to get up and reorganize again. Life isn’t long enough to cry about these small things. Don’t lose hope and faith. InshAllah Pakistani cricket will rise again and will be better then.

  • Nightwatchman on March 18, 2007, 13:52 GMT

    It was coming... we could see it coming. I am not really shocked. The result is a reflection of the farcical manner in which cricket was being run in the country by headed by a man whose only qualification is being a military dictator's bosom buddy. May be there is a silver lining and cricket will be organised in a sensible manner, maybe Imran Khan will have his wish fulfilled of seeing Pak cricket getting a total revamp. To be honest though, I don't think it will happen, just look at the way the whole country is run. Single handely by a despot. Congratulations to Ireland, you played brilliantly, fielded like I have never seen Pakistan field, hats off to O'Brien brothers and Botha. You deserved it.

  • Gaurav on March 18, 2007, 13:52 GMT

    Hi Kamran

    The disappointment is both palpable and understandable. This can happen to any team. Pak did not have the full strength squad to bank upon and this definitely led to the depressed start which eventually culminated into a shock exit from the world cup. Without going into the debate over "doping" issues, Asif and Akhtar's presence would have surely boosted the morale of the whole team and in my view Pakistan team did not fancy much chance of lifting the trophy to begin with and hence such listless performance even against the minnows.

    Big battles are won not won by extolling the virtues of your opponents or by denigrating your fallen heroes;but by keeping frustrations at bay and assuming it to be one of those "lows" in one of those "cycles".

  • Usman on March 18, 2007, 13:51 GMT

    Yeah...we lost, well done guys!!!, don't know y u were expecting something kamran

  • sohrab on March 18, 2007, 13:51 GMT

    I paid $50 for the worldcup. Either the PCB should reimburse the amount to me with interest, or donate it on my behalf to Mr. Osman so he can do something for the system back home.

  • Mahmood Syed on March 18, 2007, 13:50 GMT

    On a day when Bangladesh made short work of much fancied Team India, my heart still bleeds for Pakistan cricket. I have followed Pak cricket since the days of the mighty Imran Khan, long before Bangladesh dreamt of test status. My chest swelled as the Bengal tiger roared, but my heart sank as Pakistan perished with a whimper. I feel betrayed, and I struggle to make sense of this massacre. But wasnt it always on the cards?

    The problem has many roots. Ive always thought of Inzamam as a timid leader, leading from the rear when boldness and imagination were needed. He never was a tactical genius and his lacklustre attitude semms to have rubbed off on his teammates. Bob Woolmer to my mind lacks vision and cohesion. The failure to find a reasonable opening partnership stands out like a sore thumb. The Pakistan team think tank took one step forward only to take two steps backward. The same failed experiments were tried over and over and over.

    I never thought I would say this of a Pakistan team, but the team has lacked grit and determination under Inzamam. Instead of happy go lucky characters, they need gritty and tenacious fighters. People like Asim Kamal dont get a game, even when the team is crying out for some steel.

    PCB is a shambles. If this suicidal management continues, cricket in Pakistan will go the way of hockey - even as countries like Bangladesh and Ireland climb towards the top.

    I would like to say to Pakistan supporters, we will still follow the team. But please put pressure on the govt to see reforms are made. And may they be sweeping and far reaching.

  • Raja Waheed on March 18, 2007, 13:50 GMT

    Kamran Sahib; You summed the pakistani team very well, but why only blame the team when this is happening in every walk of life in Pakistan,from president to everage men, no spine. we will only produce good crickter when we will produce proud pakistani, like Imran Khan. Lst i feel like putting my head in sand and feel that i naver saw the shame and disgust this team brought to all of us. I thank you for rasing the issues on behalf of all of us, i hope they don,t go deaf ears. Raja Waheed

  • zumran Hamid on March 18, 2007, 13:48 GMT

    I am simply ashamed of pakistan performance in this world cup, on the other hand may be it is a good time to get rid of mullahism from the team and bring back someone who plays cricket, and doesd not use islam as a criteria for inclusion, i am sick and tired of this religious fanatism which has seeped into this cricket. I am disgusted

  • Tommy P. on March 18, 2007, 13:48 GMT

    I'm still shocked about the result...

    How can the blame be shifted onto 3 people though, when only one was playing? The team must take responsibility and lift their game in future.

    This is only a sport, no matter what passions may be stirred up. Pakistan has the ability to beat any team, and the ability to lose to any team. Add consistency to talent, and they should better Australia.

    The biggest concern is that both India and Pakistan will be out of the Cup, and that this will leave Australia with an easier path to the trophy.

    Even though i'm aussie, I'm hoping the Australians dont win again! Come on India (AND BANGLADESH)!

  • Bull shit Kamran on March 18, 2007, 13:47 GMT

    Kamran you are not only the biggest fool but you tried making all the readers too by telling that this ruderless dull-headed team was capable of beating everyone bar Aus. Eat you words and stop writing rubbish hereafter. Blame the entire team and not Inzi and Bob alone.

  • kamran Tariq on March 18, 2007, 13:46 GMT

    you know what kamran, you have exactly the same name as myself and you took the words right out of my was as if i was saying what you so gutted, i feel like crying.PAKISTAN,PAKISTAN one time the old greats..ufff and NOW..the crap under the carpet.pakistan are nothing.rubbish..these 6months have been so shit its unbelivable..Inzy should never of recieved captaincy..he lacks everything..and his batting is rubbish too..had it of been somebody else batting the way he does..they would have been dropped instantly..and Muhammed Yousuf what the hells worng with him...ALL THEY HAD TO DOO WAS PLAY DAM know the one with the BALL AND BAT...they played shitit with a cucumber and a pile of crap...I FEEL SOO SORRY FOR AFRIDI never got any op to show his ability...mind you i think he would crumble underpressure too.

    the way forward..SACK EVERYONE...get rid of inzy, yousuf and BRING WASIM AKRAM out of that SPORTS SHOP of his and shove him in a role..bring back waqar younus bring back abdul qadir, bring back amir suhail...etc.

    i think bowling department was OKAY, TOOO MANY EXTRAS..perhaps our fast bowlers were bowling spin in disguise alot of off cuters..wonder if thats the Mushi influence...what advice as a bowling coach would he have to fast bowlers?i wonder. i think mushi can stay...WHY DIDNT STUPID PAKISTAN PLAY HIM.. i dunnow what im saying but im so gutted.

    I like the idea of afridi being captain...i think younus khan is a joke...what player plays hooks noing that he cant play them OR HOICKS EVEN and that that shot or most of the time gets him out??

    WHATS WITH OUR EDGES TO THE SLIP CORDEENT..PAKISTAN LOVE THAT AREA...IDIOTS..WHY DONT U JUST BRING IN SOME YOUTHFUL PAKSTANIS OFF THE bangladesh..i hope BANGLADESH WIN THE WORLD CUP..COME ON the way im pakistani quite shmed to be one now..all my flat mates taking the pee. from kamran in London.


  • Farhan on March 18, 2007, 13:43 GMT

    Kamran - you're a shmuck of a writer. Your articles are immature and lack any literary nuance, your knowledge of cricket is questionable and you are very fickle in who you support.

    As such you're the perfect incompetent quack to cover this bunch of rag-tag 'gulli danda' players.

    Please, for the love of God, stop writing about Pakistan cricket. The players shame us enough on the field, we dont need you carry on being a disgrace to Pakistan cricket off the feild.

  • NB on March 18, 2007, 13:42 GMT

    Disgust, embarassment, anger.. I am not sure what I feel right now. I just want everyone fired in the Pak team management along with Inzi. His retirement has been lond overdue. I would go with Shoaib Malik reining at the helm!

  • drsupernova on March 18, 2007, 13:42 GMT

    Blame should not only be put on those who were irresponsible ON the playing field yesterday, but also whose irresponsiblity OFF the field (SHOAIB, ASIF and AFRIDI) contributed to this mess.

    They have all brought shame to their nation.

  • Rehan Qureshi on March 18, 2007, 13:42 GMT

    I am still too shocked to say anything, but still Nasim Ashraf should leave IMMIDIATELY, followed by Wasim Bari, Woolmer and Inzimam. Mr. Ashraf, for you this is just another job where you go around the world and make money for presenting crazy ideas but for us cricket is one of the few things we are known for (in a good way) and anything that hurts our cricket hurts us, our pride and ego. PLEASE MOVE YOUR ROYAL SLEF TO SOMEPLACE FAR AWAY FROM CRICKET.

  • Nabeel Alvi on March 18, 2007, 13:42 GMT

    i don't think we should be wasting our words for these bunch of careless , irresponsible and unprofessional "cricketers". How can we believe that we are beaten by Ireland who have just appeared on the cricketing horizon. We lost to the bangladesh in 1999 and our captain said "we are beaten by our brothers" now what kind of compensating excuses can be made now?

  • Fouzan Mughal on March 18, 2007, 13:42 GMT

    Just change the Captain and Doc let bob be there alongwith Afridi as captain or someoen else cause i guess Inzi is culprit this time around We will survive Inshallah

  • Dr. Ahmad Arham on March 18, 2007, 13:41 GMT

    Kamran, you too alongwith all others associated with the Pakistani Cricket team were unable to add 1 + 1 till the axe fell on our necks... this wasn't rocket science; the forfeiture, the change of captains and Chairman of PCB within 24 hours, the positive dope tests... this all was pointing towards a massive failure but like ostriches, you TOO buried your head in the sand and kept imagining of things going according to plan... well, serves you and all the pakistani nation well. Quite frankly, it would have been shameful for the game of Cricket if a team like this had progressed to Super 8. I'm glad that the hardworking lot of Ireland have been successful, they truly deserved to win from this moronic lot of buffoons who have nothing better to do than test positive for Nandrolone and pose with soft drinks with mobiles in their hands. Well done Ireland, u truly deserve it! Plus another so-called world cup favourites wud be joining us on the sidelines too... they too should be ready to face the stick from their blue billion supporters!

  • Ahmad Zubairi on March 18, 2007, 13:40 GMT

    I dont have words to express my anger I always supported our team but was totally appalled by their performance and after a long time felt ashamed and had tears in my eyes yesterday.Every single player,coach and specially the idiot on top has to be blamed. But what was interesting to me was Inzi body language when he lost the toss and said " now we have to bat on this"it said a lot about his confidence.We need to get rid of his lethargy and slowness. One stupid decision made after other since last summer.We need to get rid of Inzi the openers,selectors,Bob,Nasim Assrough and some others.But it just wont be enough to make a new team we need to promote a new culture of constantly promoting new players I believe after a certain time most players in our team start to take their position for granted.This has to stop.Inzi dictatorial style in the end cost a lot too.We will get over this also hope we learn something at this time.

  • uzair on March 18, 2007, 13:40 GMT

    i was literally in tears after seeing pakistan s performance against the irish and all inzi cud come up with was BAD LUCK.atleast bob woolmer had the dignity to apologise to the nation.....inzi hasnt even dun that...shame on u pak cricket team ..and i wish u have hell to pay for this...

  • sid on March 18, 2007, 13:39 GMT

    Thanks for calling yourself a fool now. I don't know what made you write your previous blogs! Having said that, I understand your emotions. You are not alone and we are no different. We like all idiots believed that at least if our beloved team puts heart, we will win, at least against Ireland, we will. We will be there in super-8. But, that we will cry blood was not our imagination. We have been fooled by our optimism. We are representative of our nation as we never learn. Had we as supporters learned anything from last world cup, we would have carried no expectations.

  • Atif on March 18, 2007, 13:39 GMT

    Its that time again - We're back to where we were in 2004. Inzy has done alot for Pakistan cricket but last couple of months - what ever he tried didn't go his way - I salute his contribution to Pak cricket and now is the time for him to move on to bigger and better things. In 2004 we dropped more then half the players that represented PK in the last WC and now we're in the same boat. This time we need to get rid off Selection Committee & couple of chutia's from PCB. We don't need Coach from outside when we have so many Greats available in PK - getting rid of Waqar Younis as Bowling Coach was BIG MISTAKE and also Ignoring U-19 WC champions was also big mistakes - couple of those players should've been in the Team.

  • Muddasir Lakhani on March 18, 2007, 13:38 GMT

    Once again, the team has failed when it mattered. I had made up my mind that I would not follow the Pakistan team in the World Cup after the events that had unfolded over the last couple of months. I had given up hope. I knew there wasn't much that could have been achieved by this team.

    However, I followed your blog Mr.Abbasi; and your continuous optimism made me believe again. It made me believe that all was not lost; that this squad had the unity and that fighting spirit that could reincarnate the glories we had achieved over 15 years ago. It breaks my heart to see the team I love, play the game we all love, in such a manner. I guess, we have to wait for atleast 4 more years to be reminded how it felt, when WE WERE KINGS.

  • Atif on March 18, 2007, 13:38 GMT

    Its that time again - We're back to where we were in 2004. Inzy has done alot for Pakistan cricket but last couple of months - what ever he tried didn't go his way - I salute his contribution to Pak cricket and now is the time for him to move on to bigger and better things. In 2004 we dropped more then half the players that represented PK in the last WC and now we're in the same boat. This time we need to get rid off Selection Committee & couple of chutia's from PCB. We don't need Coach from outside when we have so many Greats available in PK - getting rid of Waqar Younis as Bowling Coach was BIG MISTAKE and also Ignoring U-19 WC champions was also big mistakes - couple of those players should've been in the Team.

  • Amin Khan on March 18, 2007, 13:37 GMT

    Kamran what happened against ireland was painful to take in and like you say the only team who should have beaten us in this world cup is australia.Pakistans exit is heart breaking i am not angry but dissapponited. I see Inzamam retiring now.But the whole of pakistans coaching panel must change it is not the players fault because the problems we have had on these green pitches have been from day one and the coaches seem to be doing nothing about it.

    Credit is due to ireland who played beautifully i hope they perform a miracle and win the world cup maybe this will avoid our players getting punished and maybe seriously hurt back home by emotional fans

  • Khan on March 18, 2007, 13:36 GMT

    Another day, another Pakistan team bash. What I think is even more shameful than yesterday's match is how every Pakistani is all of a sudden judging every player over one game. Nobody is recalling the valuable innings Inzamam played in 92'cup final; 99 Group B matches; etc. Nobody is recalling Mohammad Yousuf's record breaking 1700+ runfest of 2006. Nobody remembers how Kamran Akmal went and stole the series from India early last year. And so much more.

    Yes, I agree that Inzamam has reached his peak. The poor man isn't as nimble as he used to be and it is a valid time for him to depart from his momentous career.

    However, shafting every other player won't acheive anything. Just 2 matches ago the same team bested South Africa in a warmup game. Everyone is jumping the gun after just one stupid match. And this sort of overanger only happens with Pakistani's. I can almost guarantee that India even after losing to Bangladesh won't even make a 1/10 of the reaction as we are.

    Pakistani cricket isn't in such a debacle position it is in right now because of yesterday's match. It is like that because of how people like Kamran, Osman, and every other frantic Pakistani goes berserk at the slightest sight of imperfection. Go congratulate yourself because people like you are part of the problem.

  • Faisal Haq on March 18, 2007, 13:36 GMT

    Like most Pakistanis I am stunned. I didn't sleep well last night. This is an unmitigated disaster. I am not qualified to suggest a solution to our many problems but it is obvious that huge changes are necessary. This is a mind problem and not one of talent. We are the ultimate chokers. Inspiration comes from the top and Inzamam has been a horrendous leader. On a personal note, I have tickets to the Super 8's in Barbados along with hotel reservations at a 5 star resort. If any Irish fans are reading this and want to help me with atleast some of my pain then please buy them from me.

  • Amanullah on March 18, 2007, 13:35 GMT

    Well, well, well. This was inevitable. I strongly believe that if the merit is superseded it might give you a temporary success but the lasting end result will be a disaster. If an organization is run by non professional this is the end result. PCB needs complete overhaul. I don’t think Pakistan cricket will ever see a further lowest point than this. The two matches in the world cup shows lack of leadership, plan, techniques and in short lack everything. Anyway successful nations learn from their mistakes but our history shows we learned nothing. If we still try to find excuses and don’t own and address these mistakes we are bound to see many more days like this. I hope and pray for the better. My consolation is with every Pakistani.

  • akabana on March 18, 2007, 13:35 GMT

    These jokers have hurted the feelings of 20 crore citizens and there should be a public humiliation. Personally I think cricket has left us behind as a sport just like field hockey. And it didn't happen at once. It happened over the period of four years with a potato lover coach and captain.

  • vaseem khan on March 18, 2007, 13:33 GMT

    Road to Karachi No.1,Flight No.1,Exit No.1,Shame No.1,Kick to Bob woolmer No.1 & INzi and PCB sink the pakistan team, Allah Hafiz

  • Fahd on March 18, 2007, 13:33 GMT


  • Ahmed Reza on March 18, 2007, 13:32 GMT

    get politics out of our academies and first class structure .. our cricket board is no different from the zimbabwean cricket board .. how do u expect our team to perform when we have a goof like inzimam as our captain .. the bowlers have tried very hard .. the batsmen have failed .. they are paid millions of rupees for every game and the PCB cant get them to learn how to play swing bowling .. its pathetic really .. the mentality , the atitude of the players .. we need educated cricketers .. people like Imran Khan .. Rana Naved once came on tv and said most of the young guys try and perform in a game so they can get selected for the next .. u need players who dont only possess natural talent but players who know the importance of playing for Pakistan .. they must have that fighting spirit .. the selectors in australia do that .. they will not only look at ur talent but also ur fighting ability and family background .. i think the selectors in pakistan should adopt a similar approach .. so as he PCB wont ever change its policy and we'll have guys with the same attitude and cheap thinking in the team forever , i would suggest we should all stop watching pakistani cricket ..

  • Osmaan Alvi on March 18, 2007, 13:30 GMT

    Salaams, what can i say? like most other pakistanis i am still in a state of total shock and utter disbelief at yesterdays events. I cant believe how it all went wrong. I was remembering the glory days of not too long ago when we werebeating sri lanka, india, and england in test series and we were ranked second in both forms of the game. I thought pakistan had turned a corner and were actually gaining some consistency. How wrong i was. Since the champions trophy it's been a shambles to be honest. Why did it all go wrong? well first of all the biggest problem in my eyes is the corruption and scandal in pakistan cricket. I think politics runs cricket in pakistan and that is a real shame. I definately hope ashraf goes because since he's been in charge pakistan have been an embarassment. I actually thought bob woolmer is a fantastic coach with a great reputation. So what went wrong? my thoughts are that the politics of pakistan cricket meant he wasnt able to do his job the way he wanted, and pick the players he wanted to and unfortunately this has been the case with all pakistan coaches. In terms of inzamam, great player though he has been for us, the time has come for a enw, energetic captain, i think inzi is far too laid back in everything he does..i believe pakistan needs a major revamp, get rid of the corruption and politics to start with, and ensure the best players are being picked. I mean what happened to salman butt? ok so he had a patch of poor form, but the boy knew how to bat (test centuries against australia, england, india..) and he was a damn sight better than hafeez, nazir or farhat yet he's discarded and is a figure of the past at the ripe old age of 23. He actually had the potential to prosper and was worth sticking with, and the same with yasir hameed and asim kamal (who incidentally didn't even have poor form and eyt were dropped, hammed with a est average of 35 ad an odi average of 40, and kamal with a test average of 37). Other then the politics involved in selection of the team, i think pakistan still has a core group who obviously are brilliant players if they perform, namely yousuf, razzaq, younis, kaneria, asif, akmal, malik, afridi, gul, sami etc etc the list goes on..but what i think needs to hapen is that the team is revamped and frankly grow some balls, because they show a complete lack of guts and look like cowards when the ball is moving around. We need a vibrant and energetic mentality and i believe this will be achieved with new selectors, a new, young captain and a revamp of the whole structure of pakistan cricket if we are to ever succeed. However, for now the hurt and shock remains, and will loom large for the coming months, it will hit home mostly as i walk in to lectures at uni on monday morning and get the piss taken out of me by bengali and indian friends. I end with saying i just wish this mess could be transformed. We all live in hope

  • SHEEJE on March 18, 2007, 13:30 GMT

    Well Well, i cant forget this nightmare, I am proud of those who made us proud of this game of cricket but i have to say sorry abt Bob and Inzy. I agree with you Mr Kamran, its realy time for Bob, Inzy and Doc to leave this system and lets the young guns to regain that status which Pakistan had at some time back in the history. Mr Kamran you talked of 3 options but i would like to add one more young player in this list, Salman Butt. I'm sure most of you would agree with my choice. But my first choice would be Shoaib Malik. I would like to add one thing more, one thing more should me added in the selection criteria of cricket player, player should come at the age of 20 and must leave at the age of 30. Todays cricket never demand experience, todays cricket demand something like spirit and inovation and much more like it. This is time for Pakistan Cricket Gurus to sit and think about new strategies. I think we should start from scratch as we did in 50s. I dont want to repeat the words of Mr Kamran, i have alot in my heart to say but silence is enough for some one who have understanding of the situation.

  • Raheel on March 18, 2007, 13:30 GMT

    Sad, but true, Kamran. Pakistani cricket has been in decline for years now. The doping controversy involving their 2 bowling stalwarts - Akhtar and Asif betrays deception and insidious dealings of PCB. Inzamam has been the 'Rock' at the heart of a fragile Batting team that has 'collapse' as its middle name. Yousuf and Younis are the other mainstays and they have flopped in the World Cup so far. I must praise Sami, Iftikhar and Gul for their work ethic and accuracy in this new-look attack. Old habits die hard - Pakistani openers are the subject of global ridicule today, just as they have been since Anwar and Sohail retired. The faces change but the scores do not. On a green pitch, the Shamrock islanders tripped a sloppy Pakistani bunch to create the biggest upset of the tournament. Modern cricket is about passion, athleticism and skill, which Pakistan lacked conspicuously. There is room for improvement and the focus needs to be on building a team from scratch while retaining the young bowlers. Say in 2015, Pakistan could have a team worth competing for the title ? It is a hard road ahead when Pakistan play without Inzamam and other old hands but patience is needed to build a new team. Someday Pakistan will regain their rightful place among the elite of World Cricket. Till then, work and patience will be their formula.

  • Humair Khan on March 18, 2007, 13:29 GMT

    This to the ICC:

    Cricket teams represent their nations. Please do us a favor and ban Pakistan from all forms of cricket until and unless every current member is not removed. Given the current team, i would rather not be represented.

    Ireland deserved the win. It just goes to show how much a team realises its own skill and makes the best use out of it. Pakistan, on the other hand, have shown how to help the opposition bring out the best in themselves.

    Until the next world cup, i invite all my Pakistani citizens to shift their attention to Football- where we have an under-skilled team that requires motivation. Unlike the Pakistani cricket team, im sure they realise how important every game is.

  • Naeem Ur-rehman on March 18, 2007, 13:29 GMT

    Inzi has to go. Bob ha to go and so the rest of the cricket board including selectors. Younis has done nothing for us in ODIs.He does not deserve to be in the ODI team forget about him being a captain. Malik is a true fighter but is not strong enough to be a captain. Afridi is the guy to take us forward. He is aggressive and we have seen him captain Karachi Dolphins and he truely impressed me. Sack both openers and bring back the true genius of Little Saeed Anwar (Salman Butt) and Yasir Hameed and for God sake leave them alone for a while. Send them to play county to correct their off stump problem. Bring Asim Kamal and Fawad Alam. They deserve to be in the team. Bring Sarfraz into the team as a second choice Keeper to put some pressure on Akmal to perform. WE need Abdur Rehman as a specialist spinner. Kaneria is next to nothing when it comes to one day cricket. Do all the above and I might be tempted to support the team that I have madly supported from the day I remember the word cricket. The second option is just tell ICC that we dont deserve to be on the cricket field and just Bow out of the circketing world. An ashamed to be Pakistani cricket fan. Naeem

  • Aussie Cricket Lover on March 18, 2007, 13:28 GMT

    You have one thing correct. Your captain certainly needs to take a large share of blame for this. I believe it all started when he spat the dummy and denied his team the chance to continue play against England in the 3rd test last summer. And he basically got away with it. Imagine Australia pulling the same stunt. We would have been shredded to bits by the media for believing we were bigger than the game.

    This Pakistan team 2nd only to Australia? That's funny.

    The great Miandad and Imran must be wondering how Pakistan Cricket lost it's fighting spirit.

  • sharoz on March 18, 2007, 13:28 GMT

    hi i am a 16yr old pakistani . and i am a die-hard fan.i have been watching cricket keenly since i waz 11.And i dont thnk i have ever felt so low and depressed after the game against ireland.really speechles..4more loong yrs......for me i thnk inzamam needs to be fired and our fielding desperately needs to be improved.After the huge amounts of money tht is being made ,it should be spent to improve our game,pitches and the whole system.we do need an energetic leader just like u mentioned. however my greatest fear is tht cricket might be totally wiped out of pakistan just like hockey and squash have.only a miracle can help us now

  • Adeel Ali on March 18, 2007, 13:27 GMT

    Like all of my fellow Pakistani citizen, I have been in a state of shock since Pakistan's hasty exit from the world cup. In this deep emotional state, I started questioning why am I so passionate about this game? And at that moment it hit me, what else do we have as a nation to celebrate? We have no status left in the world, we dont have any leadership, we dont produce any world class scientists, our only hapiness as a nation lied in the fact that we were respected as a cricket playing nation. Unfortunately, that also has been taken away from us. It is very easy to blame one or two players for this. We shouldn't forget that these players have been great servants of the country for so long. We did the same in 2003 and it didnt work. In my opinion, the system has to change. Like all other institutions in Pakistan, cricket is also being ruled by "Darbari Maskharas" who are only worried about pleasing the "King". We need bring political change in our country from top to bottom so that deserving people who can bring constructive change, get a chance to run these institutions. The question is, what can we do for this? We need to be politically active in PakistanIts time for us to become agents of change.

  • shahnaz on March 18, 2007, 13:27 GMT

    It was devastating performance,this whole team should be gone except for few players.PCB should spend money not on these tired spineless greedy players. The best approach would be to get 13, 14 year old boys and send them to the cricket academy and teach them language, fighting spirit, and of course the basic technique how to play, cricket not do dope,and concentrate on fitness. Bangladesh is doing something like this and see the results. An acadmy like militry acadmy.That money will be worth spent.

  • Waliullah Shah on March 18, 2007, 13:27 GMT

    Well now that its over one can only look at the better aspects of it, atleast it was 'quick', wouldnt say painless. I agree with the option of Afridi as Captain, its now time for drastic measures. Pakistan's confidence and self beleif has hit rock bottom, we need someone to lead our team who has a whole lot of it even to the level of craziness and I beleive that Afridi can provide the team with that massive dosage of belief and fighting spirit. Coming back to the current side, one other good aspect that I can think of is that the coming month and half could now be better utilized, maybe.

  • shahnaz on March 18, 2007, 13:26 GMT

    It was devastating performance,this whole team should be gone except for few players.PCB should spend money not on these tired spineless greedy players. The best approach would be to get 13, 14 year old boys and send them to the cricket academy and teach them language, fighting spirit, and of course the basic technique how to play, cricket not do dope,and concentrate on fitness. Bangladesh is doing something like this and see the results. An acadmy like militry acadmy.That money will be worth spent.

  • Irish on March 18, 2007, 13:26 GMT

    People outside of pakistan, u dont understand. This is d biggest embarrasment for pakistan since i dont know when. None of us understand d reprucussions of this.. All the players will have to sneak bak into d country should stay in solitude for a few months. F**king hell.... I'm an irish pakistani and i'm ashamed to be a pakistani today..... At the moment i dont see anyway out of this. We played like cowards. This shows our whole mentality to the world. We saw ireland, presumed we would win. The saw d green wicket and instantly after losing the toss, heads were down. Wat the hell. These paki payers are getting payed millions (in dollars) and lts not forget we are a 3rd world country. They should atleast make an effort. Look at South africa, austrailia, srilanka... They got minnows, took them on professionaly and did their job. Us pakistanis. we're always leaving it for someone else to do. This is a terrible reflection onn the people of our country but this is how the world see us now. I dont know wat i'm writing here but i have never been so pissed off at a bunch of people in my life. I dont know how they are gonna get out of this

  • Mubashir Hanif on March 18, 2007, 13:25 GMT

    Assalamoalikum! You cant just say that it was another bad day, give me these 15 players and I show you how to handle your guys. The problem is a little bit deep rooted, you have to scratch the surface a bit. Think about it, did Bob or Inzamam think about the suggestions on these blogs? Why is it sum-mun, buk mun (bkind and deaf). What were they thinking that they will mange some how with out giving it a serious thought, no way. For me its not only the question of cricket but also the question of our poor nation. Until there is rule of law and justice in the tree (Pakistan), please do not expect the branches (all organizations including PCB) to be green and fruitful. No one,absolutely no one is above law/justice. Even though I strongly believe that this team was not selected totally on merit, still they should have done much better. The question is Are we willing to sit down, think and learn now? I doubt it, as the "maniana" (dung tapao) culture is running in our blood. I hope/wish/pray that things get better at all levels (amin).

  • Raffat on March 18, 2007, 13:25 GMT

    media, judiciary, executive, cricket every thing is in shambles .. i've lost hope/interest in cricket.. i'm better off with the premier leages and the UEFA .. adios cricket..

  • bhatti on March 18, 2007, 13:25 GMT

    U said very right that PCB requires to be run by people appointed on the basis of merit not friendship or relationship.People of Pakistan want the recogsnations of Sir Doc Naseem Ashraf, Maullana Caption INZI BIG BHAI,(Aap k liye 1 mashwara hai k kisi sarkas main hathion ko training ki job dhoond len)and our LEP TOP Coach(Please go & try somewhere in IT company for job). I have some more good options 4 U.U may contect me at 0800 20032007. Now the question is what to do with Pak team.First of all look 4 somebody very fit & diciplened caption in Pak team.Sorry 4 that Osman here i will not agree with ur suggetion about Younis.To be very honest this man has no place in Pak Odi team.Second one is shoaib Malik. He is a very good fighting crickter,but on him iwe can't trust now because of some reasons.everybody knows that.Third is Afridi,let him try and give him the full authority of team selection.And ask him we need only very very good results.And gihe him some time limits.We want to be NO 1. we want to beat Australia & South Africa in every field of game.I think U and a lot of people will agree with that.ALLAH HAFIZ:

  • haepreet bhinder on March 18, 2007, 13:22 GMT

    why you wrote only australia? shame on me too with you go to hell pakistani captain he is a lazy person i saw ever in my life he don't know how to use bowler spec. he never used malik and haffez for atleast 10/10 overs 3 i pay 200 box to watch the whole tournament spec when i wanna watch afridi to play but i have to pay the price nothing to watch 4.why younis khan playing in this one day team 5. remove inzy he is lazy dull 6.never trust on this team again this is not a team player just everyone fighting for rights(WHO KEHTE HAI NA NAWABI KARNE KA SHOCK NAHI GAYA NAWAB TO RAHE NAHI) they all fit for this 6. KITNE DIL TOTE AJJJ AAI PATHER DIL TUJHE MALOOM NAHI KASH TERE SINE MEIN BHI EK DIL HOTA I PERSONALY LIKE SAHIOB MALIK AND AFRIDI FUTURE CAPTAIN AND VICE CAPTAIN I WANTED SOME GOOD PLAYER LIKE ANWER ALI SARFRAZ AHMED JASMED AHMED AND SOME LIKE MORE AND MAY BE SARFRAZ BE THE CAPTAIN INZI SAHME ON YOU they broke my heart

  • atiff on March 18, 2007, 13:22 GMT

    i agree with some of the above especially the doc.

    but to flout inzamam like that is not the right way. he has brought a lot to pakistan cricket and if you look back some of his teams performances in 2005 against india where we drew in losing situations and even won.

    shoaib should be given life ban.. muhammed asif should also be peanalised heavily for his drugs taking. for if these two were in squad wee would have a team its these two players who have tarnished and rubbed the name of pakistan and pakistan cricket in the mud.

    Bob and inzamam u brought a lot to pakistan cricket but now its a time for change..

    younis for captain

  • Ehsan Ur-Rehman Khan Chattar on March 18, 2007, 13:21 GMT

    Pakistan's world cup campaign is finally over. Every Pak fan is disappointed and most of them may not even want to talk about cricket for a long time. I think before we open another flood gate of traditional emotional outbreak of ours, we should take a moment and honestly look at the fundamental problems in a more constructive way. Future outlook of the team does not look bright if we just scrap our defeated team. No player wants to perform the way our team did today and I am sure that the most dishearten Pakistanis are the Pak team itself. Its time to move on as world cup is just another big tournament. I would like to see Pak fans showing character in the times of a defeat. Throwing dirty eggs or stones on the team is not going to improve our future in cricket and it is certainly not the sign of a civilized nation.

  • Mushhood on March 18, 2007, 13:20 GMT

    Pakistan cricket won't go anywhere unless it is reformed from the ground up, we should look to the "Academy of Excellence" in Australia to figure out how exactly to go about to recruit and groom; technically correct players who have a temperment of keeping the bigger picture in mind and going about their jobs as cricketers in a professional manner.

    Unless we reform everything from the PCB, cricket academy and local leagues we really are just wasting our time going around in circles putting a team of unruly and indisciplined players together thinking they could win the World Cup and be the team to beat for other nations.

    Wake up Pakistan!

  • omer on March 18, 2007, 13:18 GMT

    interesting sms i juz recieved:

    "pak cricket died at 3 am tonight.inna lillahe wa inna elaehay rajeoon.funeral will be held on March 21 after the match against zimbabwe.maulana Inzi will lead namaz-e-janaza."

  • Bilal on March 18, 2007, 13:17 GMT

    i had never expected pakistan to loose so badly in the world cup.....not only me but the whole nation expected then to atleast qualify for the super would be har to overcome this trauma...but theres nothing one can do...moreovver its time for inzi to retire....nd the team which i would like to see after the world cup is 1.shahid afridi(captain)2.yasir hameed 3.mohammed yousuf 4.shoaib malik 5.mohammed hafeez 6.bazid khan 7.kamran akmal 8.abdul razzaq 9.rao ifthikhar 10.mohammed sami 11.umar gul ........shoaib and asif should replace sami nd rao if the return

  • Anand Srinivasan on March 18, 2007, 13:17 GMT

    I totally understand your frustration Mr Abbasi. As an Indian supporter I feel the same way albeit that Bangladesh is a minutely better team than Ireland. I believe this has been a rude awakening for these grossly overpaid and idolized cricketers who take their huge fan base for granted. Pak should take a hard stand and treat their players like Ganguly was dealt with.

  • Ayaz on March 18, 2007, 13:17 GMT

    Hope is what we had... and you took that away from us! May Pakistan Cricket Rest In Peace!

  • Saqib on March 18, 2007, 13:15 GMT

    Wonderfully summed up Kamran..! I've been watchin cricket intriguingly ever since 1998, I seriously don't think i've missed more than 10 games ever since. The amount of talent these guys possess is unbelievable but amount of times they click togethor is once in a blue moon.

    1)Inzy should retire, He has been a truely wonderful batsman ever since he came on the seen 1992 but now his times up, sorry.

    2)Shoaib Malik should be made captain, Ive seen him captain at domestic level and he has done a good job.

    3) Shahid afridi should be made vice-captain instead of Younis Khan after his comments in the champions trophy last year. Even though Afridi is a free spirit, maybe this might give him some responsibility.

  • M. Imran on March 18, 2007, 13:13 GMT

    Our team deserve that it should be handed over to Punjab Police in black courts and should be given the same treatment which is now a days given to lawyers.

  • Asad (Dubai) on March 18, 2007, 13:12 GMT

    Well, Kamran, i think you have spoken for the entire nation, and covered up most of the parts pretty well.If only we were allowed to swear in this blog, than this website would have crashed due to the endless amount of swearing that this entire side deserves!A leader like Inzi makes the entire team look like a bunch of unfocused amateurs, whose main target is to spread islam more than anything else.

    My recommendation for captaincy would be a young guy like Mohd Hafeez. We have to learn from what South Africa did with Smith and NewZealand did with Fleming. They were both ordinary and inexperienced players who seemed to have that little extra to be a leader, and that extra bit brought out the best. Shoaib Malik seems to be too lethargic (in line of Inzi) to be fit for the job. We must find young energectic players, who would actually put the picture of Pakistani cricket in front of the world: EXCITING AND ENERGECTIC. Inzi, your 11000 runs are no good for us if they dont come when required. Bob and Mr. Ashraf, please look for a job where your decisions will not directly effect any individual, as you both are born to fail.

  • aagbagoola on March 18, 2007, 13:11 GMT

    Well it's the same old story...a spicy pitch and presto! Pak batting collapses...doesn't really matter who the opposing team is...before we were a bit luckier and the tail used to bail us out...getting us to a 'respectable' score of around 180...and then ofcourse we had some fine bowlers like Waqar, Wasim who would even win some games for us...or at least make it tough for the opposition...

    The only thing that is different nowadays is that the tail is much weaker and the bowling is not even a shadow of what it was before, and theres no where for us to hide our pathetic top order's failings anymore... I guess the only solution is for PCB to try to get some pitch experts and make more bowler friendly pitchse in domestic cricket...but thats been said so many times by so many people, and it's still not been acheived, it seems that it's impossible to do...

    The aftermath here will be like WC 2003 all over agian...a few heads rolled, a few fresh faces came in the team-just to appease the public's thirst for 'justice', but nothing really done to fix the underlying problems with Pak cricket...

    In 4 years time we will be in the same situation...but don't be alaramed!...the next WC will be in the we may actually make it to the second round!!

    PS. well played by the Irish...when Pak were batting it seemed like Pak were the underdogs and not the other way around! Also to Pak fans...cheer up it's just a game :)

  • Rizwan Zuberi on March 18, 2007, 13:11 GMT

    In my opinion, shoaib malik shud be made captain and afridi should be his deputy in ODI but since afridi is not a permenant member of the test team, we need some 1 else to take the responsibility of VC in test.

    i know this sound odd, but this odd is not necessarily wrong.

    inzi will surely step down as captain, and should retire from ODI's but should play test for a while.

    younis need to be dropped from ODI's, he is useless. but he is an integral part of the test team......... may be he should only play test like langer.

  • S Ahmad on March 18, 2007, 13:10 GMT

    I think Pakistan never could get a reasonable opening pair. Imran Nazir started his career in mar 1999 against Srilanka and every since he has the same batting style. M Hafeez not technicaly strong enough to absorbe the pressure. Younis Khan always tries to open his inning by hitting big shots. Pakistan has more than 20 first class playing teams with more than 100 specialist batsmen. How on earth we couldn't find a single reasonable opener in more than 10 years? Shame...

  • Taenpatas on March 18, 2007, 13:10 GMT

    Where do we start from?...this is so shambolc it defies belief. Lets try and pick up some pieces. Firstly, let me make it clear that I am not a cricketing expert and these observations come from the common sensical observation of an average Pakistan cricket fan.

    The events on the cricket ground seem to be a reflection of the wider political and social circumstances prevailing in our homeland.

    For way too long now, Pakistan has lacked inspirational leadership. Inzi will go down in the books as one of the greatest Batsmen of this era and a very nice and humble bloke he is , but he has failed umpteen times as a leader. The fact that when he saw his batting side wobbling ( on numerous occasions now) he never moved up the order to take the bull by the horns , instead went down the order disgusts me. If your team leader is going to protect himself from the "Swing", who is going to play , wrong signals throughout.

    Bob Woolmer....great coach, really admire him but i feel over the last few months/years he has hit a plateau with the team and seems to be struggling to take them forward . I am indeed very critical of one of his approaches , the approach to fill the team with allrounders, he did this when he was with South Africa and he has done this with us now , the decision to recall Azhar was never going to work , it was obvious , the guy is a spent force, and him replacing Danish kaneria , a specialist leg spinner seemed diabolical and bore it self out. When bad times come for teams they go running , recalling the players of the past instead of ensuring the young ones stand up to be counted, India ( SOurav Ganguly) and Paksian and examples of such and Australia is an example to the contrary. they will make the newcomers fight to the end , they have expectations to reach , one way or the other , they MUST do the job , because no one else will.

    I suspect, with a heavy heart, Bob will be asked to leave following this debacle , and I am sorry to say , he must bear part of the responsibility, alongwith Inzi....we must move on.

    Completely agree with Kamran , the shit must move on right to the top. The cronies MUST pay a price. Inzi and Bob are responsible at the ground level, the administration at top are the eventual responsble people.

    Our team must start afresh. We must be prepared to lose a few , the young ones must be made to work bloody hard to earn what they get , nothing should be taken for granted , the bowlers must continue their good work , the batsman have to pick up their game many notches, it is eventually the batting which got us, the bowlers did a reasonable job.

    Can somebody PLEASE get rid of Mohammad Hafeez???...the guy has been given an unbelievable number of chances and has not come through ONCE. you can fool some people some of the times but this guy seems to be hell bent on fooling the whole nation at all given times. What happened to Yasir hameed, Salman butt, Taufiq Umar. why was Danish nt playing , why is Niazi just a member of the squad and not plaing any matches if he is alleged to be very good. The era of the "bits and pieces player" is over, it is the era of responsibility of the specialist.

    Captaincy must be given to an unbriddled spirit, somebody with pride and passion, energy which is contagious , not an introvert like inzi, but somebody who is a bit of a gambler in his nature whilst leading from the front. unfortunately, I cannot come up with a single name at the minute, but maybe Shoaib malik, he seems to manage responsibility reasonably well , Younis is going to be a bad choice , mark my words. He is arrogant , which is good, but does not possess the substance to sustain that arrogance and more often than not will end up making a fool of himself and us.

    We have hit rock bottom, it certainly cannot get any worse , can it ??....second thoughts , yes it can , the PCB can make Hafeez the new captain!!!! (Joke...PCB please ignore this suggestion!!!)

    Let them play , no politics , just hard work , push them to their limits and persevere with the ones who show promise and commitment and this will not repeat it self.

    I hope for the best for our beloved country.

  • Hassan on March 18, 2007, 13:09 GMT

    Well done Ireland.

    Go to hell Pakistan.

  • cricket fan on March 18, 2007, 13:07 GMT

    Inzy, Bob..and all the paki players...U bunch of losers..u disappointed us...we hate ya all...we hate ya.....

  • Sarmad on March 18, 2007, 13:06 GMT

    It is bad and unfortunate ? Now its happened. Now the question is, how many people will leave the set up? Will the dummy Captain, Yunis Khan leave as he is also responsible ?

    When will all team come back to Pakistan after performing Umra - Thanks to Allah ?

    Will the Dcoc stay there at PCB expense till the worldcup final ?

    Sarmad London

  • ahsan Tarique on March 18, 2007, 13:05 GMT

    Yes i agree with Kamran Abbasi that the best thing Inzi & Dr. Ashraf can do for Pakistan cricket is to leave. Look at our young tigers Tamim , Musfiq, Saqib all three are 18-19 years old. Look their committment & patriotim. How the brought down Mighty Indian to earth. We have second love to Pakistan Cricket Team because Great Wasim replied the question when we beat Pak in 1999 world cup-"We lost to our brother". So we fill hart when PAk lost to a team Like Ireland. Last 4/5 one day matches Pakistan did not cross 200 runs. In a country where country is running by military leadership in that country it is natural that PCB is also running by One man leadership. There is no democracy either in team selection or in team management.So we request to Pak team not to participate in major tournament involving teams like AUS,IND,WI,SA or BAN.

  • doctor on March 18, 2007, 13:04 GMT

    !!!. Totally agree with you man. Why not Mhd.Yousuf a gud choice for next captain??

  • Sanjay Sunder on March 18, 2007, 13:04 GMT

    Kamran - One of my friends accurately pointed out that while South Africa and Australia have been hammering the minnows, India and Pakistan have struggled against them. Its a sad day for both former world champs as they were both humbled by much much lower ranked teams. Cricket is a great leveller and the teams from the "big teams" from the subcontinent are always the ones quoted when referring to this adage. The truth is that we always play to save a game when in trouble while all the other teams do not compromise on aggression. This sense of inevitability often leads us to keep tripping on our own feet and sink further into a self constructed quagmire. The other thing we need to learn from the better teams is that superstars are superstars as long as they perform, otherwise they should be no better than bench-warmers. !! Sanjay !!

  • sohail on March 18, 2007, 13:04 GMT

    what a fantastic letter... could not have put in better myself... although somehow i have some sympathy for inzi when i saw how demorilised he was... he has always said his players have to up their game and they all failed him... but the basics were just not there... 5 wickets down and nazir, akmal, mahmoud all still going for sixes... truly pathetic... most of all i blame the pak management for being such a bunch of corrupt cunts... from the whole asif/shoaib saga which they well and truly fucked up to the waqar sacking... we need to replace this team with our u19 team except keep gul, younis, yousaf, afridi, and malik... where the fuck was anwar ali is this world cup?!? we decided to continue to toll with the most useless bowlers in international cricket who have proven in the last 6 months how shit they have become... rana naveed go back to sheikhupura back to your shop please

  • Sataar Parker on March 18, 2007, 13:04 GMT

    I agree.Bring fresh blood.What about Shoab Malik for captain and involve Imran Khan in management

  • Khalsa on March 18, 2007, 13:04 GMT

    It is quite shameful, this defeat. But I think this write up is typical of the sub-continent's mentality which is as quick to lionize the pretenders as it is to bring down the just loosers.

    Another case in point is India's defeat. Pakistan did much better than India all in all, they fought tooth and nail, atleast the bowlers did, while the Indians just whiled away. If Inzamam is a bad captain then Dravid is simply the dregs. If Woolmer is bad, Chappel is a criminal offender. I see India on a flight back home soon as well. Maybe we can book them on the same flight back, India and Pakistan. Inzy would also get time to finish his shopping by then.

  • Manan Shah on March 18, 2007, 13:03 GMT

    I cannot believe what happened yesterday. But the problems you mention are at the root of India too, and they are the reason, despite all the fans and all the support, that India & Pakistan will never produce a dominating side.

    Australia produced one not necessarily because the players born there have more talent, but because the talent they do have has been harnessed and the system is such that the true potential of the player is realized. How many players under 21 make the debut in Australia, compared to India and Pakistan? In Australia, you are required to prove yourself, mentally and physically at all levels of the game, including several years in what is the most competitive first class cricket structure before you are even considered. We get fond of these 18 year old kids, and just throw them to the wolves without knowing anything about how they can handle pressure and the rigours of cricket.

  • Zishan Iqbal, England on March 18, 2007, 13:02 GMT

    On 17th March 2007 Pakistan cricket died. RIP.

    On 18th March 2007, every Pak cricket fan will wake up and eventually, after everybody has had their say and people are sacked or forced to retire....Pakistan cricket will be re-born sometime later in 2007.

    In short, no matter how much we hate the team right now, come the next tournament everybody will be backing them again, because that is what Pakistani fans do. No matter how much we try, we can never give up on our team and will always follow them with hope in over hearts. WE ARE THE ETERNAL OPTOMISTS.

    That is why, even with no decent openers, no Razzaq, Shoaib or Asif and most of all no strategy, we still believed that we would go far and even win this world cup.

    Well the reality has come home. Kamran bhai is right, since the England tour Pak cricket has been on a downward slide and this, after all the other controversies, is the end result.

    I dont agree that this team has no fight, look back at the India tours the last couple of years, there is most definately fight in this team.

    But since that ill-fated tour of England the fight has gone, along with any application and strategy too.

    We waited 4 years since the last World Cup to put right the rubbish that went on then. Everything we did, all the new players we found, everything new we learnt mean that ULIMATELY WE ACHIEVED NOTHING. And that is what hurts the most.

    In 2003 we had opener problems (ie who to bat with Anwar) and the middle order had no application and fight. The bowlers could not finish off the other team, there was no killer instinct.

    And that is exactly what has happened now.

    I feel very sad for Inzi. His legend is now reduced to this. All the hard work he has done, is forgotten. His laid back appearance to captaining is coming back to haunt him.

    But its not all his fault. Younis Khan has batted so poorly in both innings, playing without responsibility. Future captain...I hope not. His ODI record is poor anyway. And then theres Yousuf, Azhar, Akmal and Sami. All set, all doing well. All we needed was single to get to around 200 which would have been enough, but no...they stupidly played their shots and got out. NO APPLICATION. Its all well to cry after getting out Akmal and Yousuf, but then why do it? Idiots.

    You cant blame the bowlers for their efforts. The batting has been poor for years, especially on green pitches and still there has been no improvement. Not one bit. For this, Bob Woolmer must take responsibility. In his 3 years, he hasnt unearthed a batsmen and the only 2 that have gotten batter are Yousuf and Malik. This is very disappointing in his part. The lack of strategy from him is amazing too.

    But going on just yesterdays game, although Pakistan didnt help themselves, and I dont want to take away anything from Ireland, I just feel that it was Pak's destiny to lose/Irelands to win. They dropped many catches against Zim. Yesterday, they dropped nothing. 240 balls out of 243 were pitched on middle and off. 163 were on a good length. And when they batted, how they didnt manage to give even a single edge until the very end is unbelievable. The luck of the Irish was in.

    Good luck to them now, they will need it more so in the super 8. But if Pak can learn anything, Akmal, Yousuf, Younis, Sami, Hafeez, Nazir, Malik should alll watch the Irish batting again and then they will see how to bat on a green pitch, and they will see what application, strategy and fight are.

    To end, I know the instinct is to abuse and blame Inzi. But dont be too harsh. He is a proud man and he will be hurting like no other right now. Just remember his legend.

  • Shams on March 18, 2007, 13:02 GMT

    That was embarassing, humilating, and stupid

    I dont have any words to describe how im feelin now

    I supported the team through tough times, dopin, oval fiasco, homes series drubbing by india in ODI, England series, the damn South Africa series, and really im reachin to the end of the rope How long am i gonna be humilated, disappointed, there's a limit, to what a person actually feels Despite this,i still support team Pakistan I still dream of glory, dunno maybe i should have my head examined Our bowling was great, Sami, Rao , Hafeez, Gul our downfall was batting, imagine a team of 11 players, 7 batters need to perform, and out of seven not even 1 got to 30, blame lies with Nazir, Hafeez, younis, yousuf (sorry yousuf, but i still love u), Inzamam (his fault is the big one), Kamran and shoaib malik, not 1 perfomed, its understandable that the wicket was green, but hello a team like ireland should not have been a problem, we should have gotten use to it by now, a green wicket Inzi's time is finished, he's to damn old, he cant bat anymore, its best for everybody that he retires, Woolmer is a good coach, its not his fault that the players cant perform, Waseem barie the selector should be given a kick, he cant select, nasim Ashraf should be sacked, no experience its time we bring Imran Khan as PCB chairman, but it will never happen as Musharaf is against him Maybe its up to us all Pakistanis, maybe we should build and construct a team, if we are good in cricket it wouldnt hurt to try out for the team, im gonna try out this summer inshallah, if any1 is pretty good in cricket u guyz should try out for the team, its our responibilty to restore glory to cricket, that is Pakistan's cricket Love u Team Pakistan

  • Alf on March 18, 2007, 13:01 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi,

    There's no point berating the cricket system in the sub-continet, especially Pakistan and India. In fact the way these two countries run the cricket makes my belief that they are more alike than different even stronger. For example, both the countries have a passion for the game like no other - you just have to wander around in any city in either country and you will see cricket being played in streets, gullies, grounds, maidans, roads etc. In fact talent wise I don't think any country comes close to Pakistan or India.

    Another instance is that in both the countries cricket is being run by politicians - by Mr. Musharraf in Pak, and by Mr. Sharad Pawar in India. After all in subcontinenet you can't really keep politicians away from fame, fortune and power, and cricket in the sub-continent has all three attributes. And I won't blame the politicians and other factors as well for our failings - after all take away India's world cup win in 1983 and Pakistan's triumph in 1992, what have we really achieved? Precious little! We still are tigers at home and lamb for slaughter away and still have yet to win away from home against decent opposition such as Aus or SA.

    We, as in cricket fans and general public in these two nations, should take the blame as well. After all one are ruled by the system/people one deserves. But we are, as you rightly said, emotional people, and generally with short memory. After every failure we make a big hue and cry but forget all about it after winning a few inconsequential matches. In fact I can guarantee you that people will forget about our failings as soon as our teams start hammering a feeble opposition at home on flat-as-a-glass surface. Nobody will remember the hard truths and bad memories of seeing our team fail whenever there's a bit of pressure or in case they are presented with alien conditions (green-tops).

    We should not let our cricket administrators get away free to make even more money from the game and give precious little to the game that fuels the passion of the entire sub-continent like no other. We should ask for, and deserve, a system similar to Australia's that has cricket administrators who know their job (similar to management team in any fortune 500 company) and selectors are actually people who have played the game and know something about it. After all who else would make Mushtaq Ahmed a bowling coach instead of Waqar Younis when Pak bowling depends on fast bowlers?

    We have to make sure that we force the system to change by not being satisfied by a few inconsequential wins at home. Maybe we should even think about boycotting the game for a while to force the administrator's hand - I am sure with no money coming in for a few months would be enough for the administrators in both the countries to get an idea that we can't be treated like fools forever.

    Blaming the cricketers and baying for their blood is the easier option but not the root cause of the failure. If we replace these players with a new ones we will have the same failings the next time, albeit with different faces. Performance of the players is a symptom, and not a cause and unless we change the way we run our cricket, I am sorry to say we will continue to be mediocre.

    And back to cricket. Even though it pains me to see the sub-continent teams (Pak & Ind) bow out of the rournament, as a cricket fan I am thrilled. The game we all love needs more countries to be competitive and it is absolutely essential for the well-being of the game that the game spreads to newer horizons. I think Ireland's performance is the shot-in-the arm that is needed to promote the game in Europe - Ireland, Scotland and Europe.

    For Bangladesh the win against India marks a new chapter - they have turned the corner and can no longer be termed as minnows. Sure, they will still lose more than they will win for the next few years but I can see them win a world cup in the next 12-16 years a la SL in 1996. This can only be good for the game.

    But ICC needs to make sure that they don't make the same mistake they committed with Kenya post 2003 - after reaching the semis of the last world cup they hardly played any other team and simply stagnated. This time ICC has to ensure that teams like Ireland, Scotland, Holland and Kenya are encouraged and given games against the elite nations on a regular basis. In fact the European teams should be encouraged to be part of the county cricket by ECB.

    And maybe ICC can opt for a two tier test cricket whereby top 8 countries form the elite of the game and other 8 nations compete with each other and two top nations of the 2nd tier are promoted to the elite level every two years, replacing the bottom placed teams in the elite level.

    Anyways, this world cup would no longer be the same without Pakistan and India's presence in the super 8's as I was really looking forward to April 15 - the day Ind & Pak were supposed to meet as per the ICC world cup website :)

    Maybe everything happens for the better and who knows this was the shock we were waiting for in order to get our house in order.

  • Hassan Abbas on March 18, 2007, 13:01 GMT

    Well, it had to happen, many people had already predicted it. This Pakistan side looked spiritless for the last 6 months and it has paid the price by loosing to Ireland. Irishmen played brilliantly and I wont take anything away form them but its so humiliating that Pakistan has failed to qualify for the second round for second consecutive time. It is a shame, it really is a shame. Wasim Akram's team lost in the final of 1999 World Cup and everyone said he fixed the match. I think now people would know ho big a deal it is to reach the final of a World Cup and that no one and i say again no one can fix a final of the World Cup. This is surely the end of Inzamam's career, but I dont think we nee haphazard changes in our side. Inzi must be sidelined and a new captain should be chosen. Please dont go for that laughing hypocrat Younis Khan, he is not a gud oneday player anyway, so it leaves Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi, one of them should be given the responsibility. About openers problem, I hav been saying this for the last one year that we need to try a totally new pair. No more chances should be given to Salman Butt, Yasir Hameed, Mohd. Hafeez, Imran Farhat, Imran Nazir or Taufiq Umar. They have all been tred and tested and its time to give chance to some new faces. Its been a long time since we got our last quality under-19 batsman. I hope we have someplayers in the under-19 ranks who could come to the rescue. I think, it is also the end of Rana Naved and Kamran Akmal, atleast for some time. We need 3 or 4 changes in the team not more and we certainly need a new captain to give us a fresh start.

    P.S. Plz kock Salim Altaf he is a real nuisance.

  • Hussain on March 18, 2007, 12:59 GMT

    Hmmm. Plenty to think about for Pakistan but do they deserve this? Is Inzimam captincy is that bad? Does Pak current team have ability to beat teams like Ireland and Westindies. Is Bob Wolmer that bad as a coach or is it our domestic level cricket.

    Plenty of questions came to my mind.

    1 thing Inzi should do retire before even going to Pak.


    What will happen to the rest of Pak team. ALLAH KNOWS

    However oen think i do think is that We lost and we are out of the World Cup at a such an early stage but I dont think out team, captain or the coach are that bad to loose like this. Cricket is by chance and what ever happen had to happen as comes ALLAH even if Imran Khan was playing it had to happen so we should not cry our it but go home and learn from our errors and do the neccessary ammendments needed to the team and the administration.

  • Danish Kalim on March 18, 2007, 12:58 GMT

    It is really shameful the way we exited the worldcup 2007.

    The solution for this dilemma is just the merit selection in every department. We need the leader someone like Imran Khan who can absorb the pressure, can show agression, can have the control of his team mates and lead from the front as he did in the semis and final of WC 1992.

    We have to make a professional first class infrastructure. The country can not produce openers and the batsman of Jacques Kallis and Ricky Ponting class unless we have green, bouncy pitches.

    I think we have the talent in bowling but our batting is the main problem. No proper opener, no strategy what so ever. Just the hit and trial.

    From my point of view, we need 3 proper openers and 1 specialist 1 down player. Inzamam should now retire and give chance to the youngsters.

    Something has to be done immediately. I pray from Almighty Allah that He saves our Cricket and our Country.

    Allah bless Pakistan (ameen)

  • Asian cricket loser on March 18, 2007, 12:58 GMT

    Nothing can compare this back day for the so called Asian cricket gods... Thoroughly outplayed and thoroughly demolished. Two neighbours, both capable of reaching the finals are betraying millions and billions back home.

    Shame to all those 'greats' whom we should no longer revere.

  • imran on March 18, 2007, 12:57 GMT

    Well said Kamran sahib. Words fail me. The only solace I had yesterday was trying to convince myself that I will be more productive at work since I wont be watchig the game on my computer while at my job! The PAKI teams lack of performance was a disgrace to the nation. In-zalaleel-ul-haq reminded me of a cow walking in his lazy stupor chewing 'cud' with apathy on his face- no fire, no passion, no zeal. Even if the team was focused on using Islam to drive success (and nothing wrong with that) they should have looked at leaders such as Saladin, Tariq bin Ziayaad, Hazrat Omar, Hazrat Ali and the learnt from the victories of the prophet (okay, maybe I'm getting a bit carried away but I'm a bit peeved so please allow me). Rather they looked like a bunch of school boys lost without in a professional sports world. If these idiots have self respect that all of PCB needs to resign along with Bob and Inzaleel. I bet you that while losing these idiots were just comforting each other like a bunch of 'sahelees (girlfriends)' in the dressing room rather than screeming and cursing like real men.

  • swamy on March 18, 2007, 12:57 GMT

    My heart felt commiseration to all Pakistan fans

    You deserved better

    Also sorry to see Woolmer and Inzamam careers end on such a sad note

    I think the entire sub continent should come together to develop a premier first class league and academy program that will ensure the best players rise to the top and are taken care off. India may follow suit soon and elimination is round the corner. This is a shock wake up call, and must result is puposeful re-building particularly as the sub continent hosts the next WC in 2011

  • LP on March 18, 2007, 12:54 GMT

    Disgraceful to both Pak & Indian teams. The fans of both these teams are despondent and shell-shocked. Pakistani fans deserve much better. The PCB, if it exists, has never been transparent with it's fans about the selection process, the whole asif-shoaib saga...must roll indeed none one but many heads...start with the aloo Inzy, since Woolmer's is a given, Shoaib since self-promotion comes before team interest to him...we should also make sure that there is no knee jerk reaction, but I believe some wholesale changes are in the offing for the betterment of the team's future...

  • tauseef on March 18, 2007, 12:54 GMT

    Very well said. Agreed 100% shahid afridi or shoaib malik for captain!!

  • asim malik on March 18, 2007, 12:54 GMT

    well said Mr kamran

    But who the hell listens in our society? its an utter shame that a 150 million nation which is palying cricket since its birth, which takes pride in its natural talent for the game, which has crowned the coveted title once in 1992 and reached finals once again laler,loses to "Street cricketers " of Ireland. ....They only had two county players amongst them. But what they had and our paper kings did not was "A Plan" and a will to go out and fight it out. A will that we have been known to possess for decades in our cricket. Thanx to the so called leadership that we have in our team management, we have proved last night that we have lost it. We have had seriously stupid defeats earlier on also but as You rightly pointed out Mr kamran , that these romantic followers of game thought that we would not drop so low.........lowest may be.

    The only signs of life in this otherwise lifeless leadership of inzimam . Woolmer and the PCB chairman could be visible in shape of their resignations from their respective posts. Go and do what you can do best.....definitely its not cricket

  • Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 12:49 GMT

    People might say that they expected Pakistan to loose the way they did, they might say they knew Pakistan had no chances to win anything, but I am sure that no one wanted to go out of world cup like this. On a day when everyone in my home kept saying that Pakistan cannot possibly loose to Ireland, we did. The remefications will be dire, ofcourse, that is again expected. Coaches, management and probably the senior players will be sacked but what good will that do, same thing happened last time around and we do not see any differences in this campaign.

    Fans of Liverpool Football Club has an anthem that most probably know, they remind their players that "You'll Never Walk Alone", they remind themselves that no matter what happens, they will stick together, they will stick with the team, no matter what happens, no one will walk alone. Yet today, each one of us feel that the team has abondoned the fans, the fans have abandoned the team, the management is quiet, it feels like a storm is coming. Hopefully, some good will happen this time around, but knowing the people, the place we live in, it is just a hope, and probably same thing will happen again and again and again .....

    I should not be that depressed my folks say ... I am sure I am not the only one walking alone in despair

  • Giovanni Torre on March 18, 2007, 12:49 GMT

    As a long time admirer of the Pakistani side I am deeply saddened by this result. I have always had high praise for Inzamam and this is not the way he should say goodbye. I believe Afridi as captain is a brilliant, innovative idea. It would bring out the best in him and I think it would inject some daring and hunger into the team. Afridi bowls, bats and fields with urgency and ambition - perhaps he will lead in the same way.

  • tilmy on March 18, 2007, 12:48 GMT

    Pakistan deserve to be out of the world cup at the first hurdle for the lack of respect they showed to the rest of the cricketing world in dealing with the shoaib/asif drugs issue. It's time they abide by international sporting rules, leave religion out of sports(start of Inzi interviews?), be honest with themsleves(Afridi?) and just play cricket like the rest of the world do!

  • Rizwan Shah on March 18, 2007, 12:48 GMT

    I'm sick. On medication. Advised to go out. Trying my best to type. Trying to avoid any more news. No Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik (Vice Captain) and Shahid Afridi (captain). Sorry Inzi, you and your team 1 - 9 apart from Sami & Rao (both in batting and bowling) let us down.

  • Muhammad A. Naeem on March 18, 2007, 12:47 GMT

    I have finally pressed the off button on Pakistan cricket. After years of watching our players flounder their way through game after miserable game, I have finally accepted the fact that they can never rise above mediocrity. After years of cringing at each run up and praying that the batsman will at least attempt to defend, I have finally decided to turn the TV off. No more watching them with one hand on my eyes and the other on the channel changer, hoping against hope that the embarrassment will be a little less this time. No more wishful thinking that one day I’ll wake up from this nightmare and find myself watching a game where Pakistan lives up to its hype.

    As a red-blooded Pakistani living in Southern Africa, I have finally exceeded my capacity for shame brought about by this new low in performance. Pakistan is considered most unpredictable team in world cricket; yet, I have found our team to be very predictable in disappointing us at every chance we give it.

    While other teams are breaking records of all kind in this World Cup, our team is busy digging itself deeper still. Where inexperienced players and teams are standing their ground over after over, our players are going out for zero and one against the very same inexperienced players and teams. I have stopped trying to make sense out of the nonsense we call Pakistan cricket and I will no longer attempt to find reasons for the consistent failure of our players that are supposed to be world-class.

    I am tired of the heartaches and heartbreaks that come from being emotionally involved with such unstable individuals. I am sick to my stomach of being the laughing stock of sports fans everywhere that are lucky enough to have no genetic affiliation to our team. South Africans are called “chokers” by Australians. Our players are “jokers” by contrast. This ignominious defeat at the hands of Ireland—Ireland, for God’s sake—is just the straw that this camel needed to have its back broken. When the so-called minnows can crush Pakistan so convincingly, it is time for Pakistan to hang its bat and retire to a life of anonymity.

    There is more respect in not playing at all than in playing so badly. There is more honor in not being a cricket fan at all than being a cricket fan of Pakistan. Our team can actually take the honor out of even being a Pakistani. Well, this Pakistani has decided to cut this infected part off completely and voila, I can actually lift my head up and look people in the eyes. There is still shame, but this shame is not repeatedly rubbed on my face every time a TV channel shows highlights of the latest fiasco choreographed by my brethren in the green.

  • Yassar on March 18, 2007, 12:47 GMT

    The worst day in Pakistan’s cricketing history no doubt will bring out a range of emotions from those directly involved and those who support them passionately. I am of no exception and being upset, angry, shocked and embarrassed just being a few that I am experiencing.

    Cast your minds back to Pakistan’s first round exit in the 2003 world cup and one has to ask themselves what did Pakistan learn from that disastrous tournament and it has now become evidently clear that they learnt f*?k all.

    Heads will no doubt roll after this defeat and in my opinion rightly so. Lets start from the top;

    Nasim Ashraf: What has he done for Pakistan cricket other than creating a number unnecessary off field distractions?! He quite clearly has no credentials of running a national sporting association and is in urgent need of being replaced by a able body to help Pakistan recover from this catastrophe. I also think most of the selection committee needs to be shown the door as their lack of vision and planning was a major factor in Pakistan’s downfall.

    Bob Woolmer: He came with a reputation of being one of the best coaches in world cricket and arguably will leave with that reputation being much damaged. What exactly has he done to improve the national team during his stint and without sounding too harsh I can not think of too many achievements. He failed to display any planning or strategy in the three most recent tours of England, South Africa and now the World Cup. As a coach of a national side his main focus should be on strategy and planning as he can only fine tune player skills at this level but he has time and time again showed to be a failure with Pakistan in that department.

    Captaincy of Inzamam-ul-Haq: Pakistan NEED Inzamam the batsman as I feel he still has a lot to offer but more importantly there does not seem to be anyone good enough to replace him. One thing he should relinquish is his captaincy in the ODI format of the game. In my opinion Pakistan need to make either Younis Khan or Shoaib Malik captain in the ODI format with my vote going to Shoaib Malik. The question is will Inzamam play under another skipper especially if he lacks the seniority Inzamam has. At the same time I don’t think at this moment in time we can lose Inzamam the batsman.

    Imran Nazir: He does not have the mentality, discipline or the application to be a international batsman and especially an opener. He is a walking wicket which the opposition are guaranteed in order to get off to a good start and a way into which to exert pressure immediately on to the rest of the Pakistan line up. There are plenty of players in Pakistan who can do a better job and need to be given the chance.

  • Hassan on March 18, 2007, 12:45 GMT

    I think it was important loss. It highlights following things, that many fans were already saying:

    1. Pakistani cricket is like any other institution in Pakistan, and been corrupted by lack of democratic nature and involvment of Musharraf. He has screwed everything in country. 2. Nepotism in PCB and in team. Examples are Dr. Nasim Ashraf who was just worrying on wrong things , and getting rid of Waqar Younis and bringing in Mushtaq Ahmad for no good reason. 3. Poor selection of team, and no guts to take some new players. 4. Lack of proper cricket infrastructure in country. 5. Lack of vision from top down, in any sort or form.

    Solution: 1. Groom young emerging batsman, in sort of all pitches. I said before, take 40-50 batsman who performed well domestically to places like New Zealand, England, Australia and South Africa. Make them play with some club (even if PCB has to pay it). 2. A captain who is spirited and technically correct. And also who would have stable position in team on his performance. Shahid Afridi can not guarantee his batting performance. 3. Take Musharraf out of picture, re-structur PCB in professional manner. 4. Write a comprehensive software that takes into account all sort of possibilities (recent form, form against an opposition, strategic requirement, skills on all departments etc) to generate a squad of 20 players, and then coach and captain can select 15 from it. Just a suggestion, may be the software should select the final 15 as well. 5.Coach, who does not get caught yawning in match, more involved in team at all level. 6. Rotation policy should be adapted. Also, there should be some specialist test players and specialist one day players, and groom them in their speciality. Lets see what furture for Pakistani cricket is..

  • Masaood Yunus on March 18, 2007, 12:44 GMT

    Anger, rage and depression is what is haunting the Pakistani fans at this moment. The last 6 months we have seen our team come trembling down from heroes to zeros. Who is responsible ???? ultimately the PCB management and the board patron ! What is the role of higher PCB officials hanging out in the player's gallery ? Let eh players do their job and you do yours. Gosh, we are so diasppointed. I will come to Inzi and Bob later but Mr. Nasim Ashraf since you took over as the chairman, we have seen our cricket being down graded, controversies, bad management and at the end you found nothing else so you banned english ? Please give us all a break, pack up your bags and head back to Texas where you have been more successful and give us a sigh of relief. You have been a disappointment and a BIG ONE. Now to Inzi and Bob. You guys have helped transform our tigers to paper tigers. You guys were doing just fine until 6 months ago and then everything fell apart. What happened ? Please we want to know the reality and facts. Yes, an open letter will do the much needed explaination. In the last 4 years you guys haven't been able to overcome the basic problems .. the openers, green top pitches, swinging balls ... the list is endless. We, the Pakistani fans have supported you and your team like no one else did. We ignored all the criticisms from all around the world, backed our captain and his team because you, yourself assured us success. At the end, on the day when it was time to prove yourself, you failed. You failed yourself and failed us all. Inzamam, you don't deserve this farewell but unfortunately, you wrote this script yourself and I am really sad to see such a great player leave cricket on such a low note. I have been a big fan of you as a player, as a human being and will always be but you have been a failure as a captain and its time to admit it. Please, before you leave, kindly explain us the reason you didn't wanted Waqar as coach but Mushtaq. Who was Mushtaq suppose to coach ? We saw huge difference in bowling when Waqar came on board but YOUR favoritism gave us all this mess.

    There is nothing much to say anymore. Today we saw the failure of the most prestigious organisation in Pakistan and its very obvious who is responsible. We will never learn from our mistakes ad we will see the same pattern as after every worldcup. NO ONE has paid attention to developing cricket from grass root level and we will fail again. We have failed so many times that we dont even have hope anymore because PCB, you really suck ! March 17, 2007 is the darkest day of Pakistan cricket history and should be officially declared a Black Day. This is the day when our most prestigious unit failed the whole nation and we might not recover from this for a long time now.

  • omer on March 18, 2007, 12:44 GMT

    kamran i said it before n i'll say it again...

    people please get over cricket this game has given nothing exept SHAME and PAIN to its fans

    its time now to get over it

  • MAK on March 18, 2007, 12:43 GMT

    Why no comments ??? this was truly the most shocking defeat ....

  • bhatti on March 18, 2007, 12:42 GMT

    salaam!I don't know where i begin frm.Whatever U have written is totally true.But it is not enougf.They deserve a lot more.I have no words to express my emotions.But next time i will write more if i continued.I am a big fan of sports & specially CRICKET. But i watch no more cricket since 2003 World cup.There are a lot of people in Pcb & Pakistan cricket team who don't know even the abc of cricket.

  • jsjazz on March 18, 2007, 12:42 GMT

    All too predictable I'm afraid. The writing has been on the wall for the last 12 months but a few streaky wins (usually based on MoYo getting a big score or one of our flashy "superstars" riding his luck) have papered over the cracks. We still don't have an opener who can consistently see off the new ball or survive 5 or 6 six overs. Yes occasionally they will ride their luck but there is a basic lack of technique, knowing which balls to leave, dealing with a moving ball etc. Whoever is responsible for coaching them needs to go. In a country as populous as Pakistan with the number of playing cricket, there must be 2 players capable of being coached to international standard. Of our "golden triad" in the middle order, only MoYo has played consistently well, and cannot be expected to carry the team every time.Younis Khan has been distinctly average and living off his reputation. Inzi has been great in the past, but looks a shadow of the player he was, and it seems time may have caught up with him. Allrounders? Afridi- one big score out of ten innings, as evidenced by his ODI average over the last year. Razzaq- looks lethargic, slow, out of touch. Azhar- doing as well as can be expected, but he is not a worldbeater. Shoaib Malik- has at least shown some guts and desire and deserves to stay because of this, but in all honesty would he get into any of the top 6 teams? Wicketkeeper- dear oh dear. Akmal has been desperate for at least 9 months- missed catches, missed stumpings, and comes from the eyes-closed-have-a-thrash school of batting. He's young and can recover, but really should have been dropped to go away and learn the basics again. Bowlers- credit to Umar Gul and Rao who at least tried, and can be competent, but at the moment at least are not world class. Even Asif, although he has the potential to be a McGrath, is not there yet. Shoaib I'm afraid is bad for the team, bad for morale and too disruptive. Kaneria is overhyped but seems to be the closest we have to a decent spinner. Overall, people are deluded if they think we have the talent- we don't. We have lots of players who throw the bat around and occasionally it comes off. MoYo is the only world class performer in that team, possibly Asif. I'm sure there is raw talent, but it needs to be coached properly- at club, district and national level. The first teamers need to have hungry players fighting for their place to get rid of the complacency. And until we develop more world class players, we need to rely on doing the basics right- technically correct batting, decent fielding, tight bowling, be competitive. I agree that heads must roll at the PCB. If the infrastructure does change and the cronyism and nepotism stop, this defeat will have been worthwhile- but I'm not holding my breath.

  • rizwan nazir-oldham-uk on March 18, 2007, 12:42 GMT

    2011 inshallah pakistan's year....inshallah

  • Zaheer Sheraz. on March 18, 2007, 12:41 GMT

    dun know where to start frum huh ... U R RITE WAT A BLOODY SHAME! only coz my comment wudan be posted if i use any swear word otherwise i wud have done n done it big tym coz i can feel lot of anger inside which gotta cum out...huh i reckon if our woman team had played dere cud ve ben a much better result,i wud lyk pak managment to do wat hitler did a long tym back.. INZI NO WORD FOR U MAN ..huh, y dun u jus do tablegh n stay away frum cricket really feel lyk knockin u out beard guy... u n u crappy team have played with our feeling n da way i ve asked my lil bro to be on airport wiv eggs n tomatoes on airport coz i cant .. GET RID OF ALL. ZAHEER,LONDON

  • Rayhan on March 18, 2007, 12:41 GMT

    It's shocker, shameful, disgraceful and painful. Even though I am a pessimist, I too, was of the belief that we will qualify for the second round atleast, though I gave our team no chance for the trophy. To lose to Ireland is like me loosing to my three year old and then lay blame on the pitch and batters and what nots. We were dismissed in 45.2 overs. I don't blame Gul or Iftikhar for not scoring, but I blame them for lack of mental application. If they had stayed at the crease maybe another 10 would have been scored. (India lost 8 wkts at 150 odd, but Munaf and Zaheer showed what true professionals should do and atleast made the target respectful). In international cricket as in other sports, its not over till its over; teams that have character fight till the death (Aussies in 99 semi final and supersixes). For Lords sake you are paid to play, DO YOUR JOB. In all honesty, I couldn't sleep last night thinking that our cricket is heading the path of our hockey (and does someone know we were unbeatable at squash as well?) There will be letters published calling for Woolmers and Inzi's head. My train of thoughts is derailed, I can't even say what should be done. My only postmortem was on the team selection, why didn't we pick the most capable players, Yasir Hameed, Butt. Dreams along with application may result in victories, but only dreams? When will we as a nation stop dreaming, start doing. As a nation we are going down by the day, many won't agree, but that is what it is. It won't long before we get routinely beaten by teams like Ireland (no discredit here please to the wonderful Irish team and performance--but my feeling is just like that of an Irish soccer fan's if Ireland loses to Pakistan in soccer). Maybe later in the day, on finding some energy and sheeding off the depression, I will comment on the overall performance, but for now I will leave our fans to think what long term strategy should be applied. There will be targeted comments, frustration will be vented, all understandably, but dear friends, please for the sake of our team, country, for once lets analyse this rationally and post our comments accordingly. P.S. I hope and wish India qualify for the second round and more, or else it will give our team management more reasons for being stupid, and our fans (including myself maybe) to believe it can happen to anyone, and hence it happened to Pakistan. May Allah help us.

  • Adil Hamid on March 18, 2007, 12:40 GMT

    I would really Critisized the way matches have been played by the ICC like if we see that there is no reason that Pakistan and England had to suffer the first defeat and get into the pressure while other teams playing the Club level cricket and enjoying defeating minos in their first matches if ICC have made this kind of table they can make that one in which every team should have to start with the other Minos teams. Like i said we took a lot of pressure from the first match, we were down and out with the westindies so much that we didnt recovered from there, I think that thing was same happend in 2002 ICC Champions Trophy, when we lost with Srilanka in the first match and then it was nothing left for the second match , in this world cup its look like it was only for Austraia and South Africa that currently they are enjoying their first two matches and then they played each other for the carry on points as compare to us we played first match and got a lot of pressure, ICC can arranged these matches like they did only for Group "A", why did we suffered, I can say it wasnt the balanced way of schedule of the First round Even Though the India and Srilanka are also playing the Minos First but we didnt, AND IT WASNT THE RIGHT THING HAPPEND. I DONT KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL AGREE WITH ME BUT I CAN TELL YOU THAT WASNT THE RIGHT WAY ... THE WAY PAKISAN SCHEDULE TO PLAY ITS LEAGUE MATCH

  • Adil Hamid on March 18, 2007, 12:40 GMT

    I would really Critisized the way matches have been played by the ICC like if we see that there is no reason that Pakistan and England had to suffer the first defeat and get into the pressure while other teams playing the Club level cricket and enjoying defeating minos in their first matches if ICC have made this kind of table they can make that one in which every team should have to start with the other Minos teams. Like i said we took a lot of pressure from the first match, we were down and out with the westindies so much that we didnt recovered from there, I think that thing was same happend in 2002 ICC Champions Trophy, when we lost with Srilanka in the first match and then it was nothing left for the second match , in this world cup its look like it was only for Austraia and South Africa that currently they are enjoying their first two matches and then they played each other for the carry on points as compare to us we played first match and got a lot of pressure, ICC can arranged these matches like they did only for Group "A", why did we suffered, I can say it wasnt the balanced way of schedule of the First round Even Though the India and Srilanka are also playing the Minos First but we didnt, AND IT WASNT THE RIGHT THING HAPPEND. I DONT KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL AGREE WITH ME BUT I CAN TELL YOU THAT WASNT THE RIGHT WAY ... THE WAY PAKISAN SCHEDULE TO PLAY ITS LEAGUE MATCH

  • Abdul Baseer on March 18, 2007, 12:39 GMT

    ha ha ha, u silly old chap! what made u believe in this volatile pakistani team? and now u r hurt...just like many other pakistani fans. i wud hav luved a pakistani win also, but i had no hopes considering the captain and coach and their hi-fi mind blowing strategies. u need to learn as much as pakistani cricket board needs to do.

  • Zakeer Khan on March 18, 2007, 12:38 GMT

    Kamran, that was a very emotional letter with some valid points, but really if you have been a longstanding Pakistini fan this result is not a complete surprise, we have always blown hot and cold, even under the great Imran Khan; that is part of the enticement and excitation that makes being a Pakistini Cricket fan so special. Sure, Pakistan need to be more professional and change their domestic structure etc...But don't kid yourself that Pakistan cricket has been anything other than unpredictable in the past and give Inzi a break- the greatest day of my life would not have been possible without Inzi. It's just a game, that is a fact, we played badly and deserved to lose, we need to look at our game and structure and improve for the future. What we don't need to do is start getting too upset and we certainly do NOT need Shahid Afridi as captain! Relax; at the moment we are all low but it will make the next high feel so much better, and it will come because that is the way Pakistini cricket works.

  • Aamir Rizvi on March 18, 2007, 12:38 GMT

    Bissmailaah ...., Assalamoalikum, thanks to ALLAH that saddam husain is not leader of pakistan and his son is not in charge of sports affairs, probably this inzi was going to say at the end of match. one can imagine what would have been the treatement of our team and management if they were. (once iraq lost against kuwait his captain was arrested and beaten up on intruction of saddam's son, to cut story short, he got managed to leave country and claimed asylum in UK)

    I hope PCB may have learned lesson now if domestic infrastructure is not of standard level required this what happens if team happens to play on a seaming and bouncing tracks. Not a single batsman had an ability to apply himself and could prove himself to be professional cricketer (batsman). At the start of worldcup our worries were that we dont have front line bowlers and batsman would have to win us games but it turned out to be opposite, only difference is it happened when our front line batsman were around.

  • Babar Shameem on March 18, 2007, 12:38 GMT

    Absolutely agree with the sentiments you expressed in your open letter. Let's start with the last match of the 2007 WC against Zimbabwe: Inzamam, Younis, Yousuf, and Afridi should sit out - our senior-most stalwarts. Afridi was missed the last two matches but who's to blame for that if not Afridi? Let Malik shoulder the captaincy for the match against Zimbabwe.

    The creeping of our mullah-mentality into all matters is manifesting itself on the cricket ground. These Tableeghis have got to go; they're merely retardation agents.

    Clean the stables and do it now!

    - An irate follower from DC

  • Saad Ikhlas Aziz on March 18, 2007, 12:37 GMT

    With all that has been going on since the ill fated England tour of last year, what else was to expected. Still, being thrown out of the wcup by Ireland is pretty much the icing on the cake. There is a strange yet totally familar feeling about what went wrong yesterday with cricket team and what has being going wrong with this country over the past, whats to compain about!!

  • TK on March 18, 2007, 12:37 GMT

    You start with “Dear Inzy, Bob and Doc,” what about the top guy, the patron-in-chief of the PCB who appointed the most mediocre people to head PCB.

    Woolmer should have been fired after England’s tour. It appears that Mr. Woolmer has accomplished his mission of transforming Pakistan’s talent into a docile side. Job well done!

    And “the doc” turned out to be a “domicile doctor.” He is a total disgrace. These idiots have docked Pakistan of an opportunity to perform well at the cup.

    It is not a matter of just “a” defeat at a sports event. It has to do with institutions and the accountability. No institution! No accountability. It is a wake-up call for all who are trying to damage institutions in Pakistan.

  • Shahrukh Mirza on March 18, 2007, 12:35 GMT

    well peoples anger is justified ..... but i guess we all should remember ..... ireland played well ..... every dog has his day ..... y do we always get green tops to bat on ..... SA got a perfect batting strip ..... even the defending world cup champions france were eliminated in the first round of world cup n got defeated by debutants senegal ..... india lost to bangladesh ..... n the blame for the defeat is more coz of the PCB administration n the selectors rather then the players ..... i am sure out team will be able to regroup ..... n i agree with u mr abbasi ..... on paper only austrailia was a better team ..... n i think shoaib malik should be the number one option for the captaincy now ..... inzy's days r over ..... we should all back out cricket team to do well in future !!!

  • Syed Younus Shah- From Dubai on March 18, 2007, 12:35 GMT

    Dear Kamran, thank you for this open letter. You have almost communicated what most of the die hard fans would have wanted. I still can’t believe that we are out of the WC 2007. I will also never forget the face expressions of Shoib Malik, Kamran Akmal, Rao Iftikhar & Mohammed Hafeez during the dieing moments of the game against Ireland when they were 7 down and required 12 runs to win. You could tell from their faces that they desperately wanted this win and then there will be no looking back but I think it was too late by then.

    Now we need to answer some questions here and keep in mind these are not new questions these should have been answered long before. Now is the time to find answers for these before it is too late;

    1. Who is responsible for this debacle? 2. Who should be accountable? Will Dr. Nasim Ashraf do the accountability who himself has been sent by Mr. President to take charge of the PCB affairs or will it be the selectors who are part timers and don’t have any authority what so ever over the selection process? 3. Will history repeat itself (WC 2003)? 4. This time it was the worse performance so again some heads (Captain, coach, top players) will roll? 5. Will the rebuilding start again and end in the same fashion? 6. Will someone (please) take some bold decisions?

    We also need the following NOW;

    1. A young, thinking, bold and aggressive Captain who can lead from the front with out any fear of loss. It’s not difficult it’s just a matter of finding the right person. 2. A young coach, who can communicate with the players 3. Inject some youth in the side and prepare them for the international games. It’s better loosing with a young team than with the older guys. 4. Select a pool of the best 25 players (2 playing 11 teams) and give them international games over a period of 2-3 years. You need to coach and groom them at the same time. Amongst these there should be 3/4 ‘specialist openers’ and 3/4 ‘specialist pace’ bowlers 5. Need to do drop the following players permanently from the ODI squad; Inzamam, Shoib Akhtar, Yousuf (Inzi and Yousuf can carry on with the test game but Shoib should be dropped permanently). The young guns after analyzing their performance should be dropped and should be asked to prove their form and make a come back. 6. We need a system where at least someone is held responsible/accountable. 7. We need a system from where you can pick players and convert them to into match winners.

    The last two (6&7) are going to take long and may never be done but the rest can be done (1-5). I think this is the last opportunity for us to go back to the drawing board and start from the scratch. Otherwise I don’t see any future for Pakistan cricket and it will become like our Hockey team. There was a time when I used to know all the 11 players in our hockey team and now I even don’t know who the Captain of our Hockey 11 is. We still have the talent and the players who can compete at the international level; it’s just that we need to find the right players and put them in the right channel.

  • Aamir Iqbal on March 18, 2007, 12:32 GMT

    I think you summed up every die-hard pakistani cricket fan's thought. Now like many other pakistani fans, we go to the West Indies to watch another team play rather than our own.

  • Raheel Hashmi, Riyadh on March 18, 2007, 12:31 GMT

    Shame on Pakistan team. I am so shocked that it is getting difficult to put my thoughts in words. PCB chairman Naseem Ashraf, Bob, and Inzi should immediately resign from their positions but I doubt that they have any courage and grace to do so. Instead thay should be fired.

    Nothing has changed since last world cup, they were thrown out in the first round then as well.

    I still can't believe that they lost to Ireland.

    It is high time to get rid of Inzi, Imran Nazeer, Hafeez, Rana, Sami, etc.

    I think we should now put some under 19 guys in our team. Take the example of young tigers of Bangladesh.

    Kamran you could not guage the ability of this team and wrongly kept your faith in them.

    I think Yousuf and Younus should continue to be in the team as they still have some years left in them.

    The bowling department is OK.

    Pakistan should look for some good new openers. Enough chances have been given to Nazeer, Hafeez, Farhat and Salman Butt.


  • Haroon on March 18, 2007, 12:31 GMT

    wow that was a bad day! In my limited knowledge here's what I think should happen. Inzi should call it a day, Woolmer should take up the offer to coach England, and 'the doc' should pack his bags and go back to the states!! Of course we need a complete overhaul of first class cricket, but I think the reason our batsmen capitulate so spectacularly so often is the pitches in Pakistan. All the pitches should be turned into good sporting wickets, which will expose batsmen's weaknesses, and then they can work on fixing these issues. This I think is the single reason we have not had a real opener in so long. None of our current crop have the technique to negotiate the new ball on a bouncy seaming track. Kamran...Afridi as captain...seriously? Is this the same afridi who is currently banned for threatening a spectator, who pirouetted on the pitch agaist England, who threatened to resign from test cricket due to his exclusion based on his poor form?? I'd much rather see Shoaib Malik given vice captaincy and Younis Khan made captain as a short term option till Malik can stand on his own two feet as captain. I think Malik is the single most intelligent cricketer in our team, and this is mirrored in his versatility. He is able to shift through his gears superbly depending on the situation. He is being wasted at number 6, by the time he comes in, the match is all but over (one way or the other). I know i just said make Khan captain in the short term, but as a player I just don't see him as a match winner...he just seems to play well against India, maybe I'm wrong on this one though. I absolutely love Inzi, and have nothing but immense respect of this immense man (in more ways that one :p), but I think he is past his sell by date. I really don't want to see him axed, so I hope he resigns, and leaves with some dignity intact. Imran Nazir needs to back to playing galli cricket, and I really want to see Asim Kamal reinstated in the middle of the innings. But who cares, its all gone to pot!! What a bad day!!

  • Haider S on March 18, 2007, 12:30 GMT

    No comments... No words can explain 17th March....

    Bob, Inzi, if you are reading this please answer with your thoughts....we have yet to hear your views on where our players get their lack of energy

  • Mohsin on March 18, 2007, 12:29 GMT

    A fair summary Kamran as always. The current administration-captain, coach et al, have brought shame on our team and our nation. We are proud, for all our faults, and this degree of humiliation we cannot stomach.

    Perhaps Inzi should stay on as a batsman, I hope he does. We are not flushed with quality players to be able to lose him.

    Pakistan cricket died yesterday. We need to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. A new skipper, and to do away with techniqueless clowns like Hafeez, Nazir and most of the rest. We have 80 million males to choose from, one of us must be able to play the swinging ball. Not that it counts for much, but I've knocked the ball around in friendly club matches, and is taking one for the team is the need of the hour, I am ready and willing to serve. Jinnah once uttered "failure is a word unknown to me"-what has come of the great man's dream?

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Mohammad Ali Raza on March 18, 2007, 12:28 GMT

    I cannot agree with you more on this Kamran except for the fact that Pakistan simply does not have enough talent or professionalism to compete consistently at the international level. This debacle once again shows the mediocracity of our nation which is enshrined in every single one of our cricketers minds. Secondly, we are generally very optimistic people. The way that we had been playing one day cricket for the last year or so, was enough evidence to suggest that we will certainly not be able to qualify for the world cup. Losing to Ireland! was even beyond my imagination (i proclaim to be the biggest pessimist about Pakistan cricket). Thirdly, in a country where every important post is held by a buddy of the President, what should we expect? I think we are fools ourselves to expect anything from our Board anyways. Finally, I cannot believe the audacity of Mr.Haq, Mr. Woolmer, and Mr. Ashraf who , after taking Pakistan cricket to its darkest day (we thought nothing wud be darker than the Oval fiasco), have still NOT RESIGNED?!?!?! Nauseating...just nauseating

  • Naim Khan on March 18, 2007, 12:27 GMT

    Well said Kamran. Last night my wife was trying to console me by saying it is only a game. I can only quote Bill Shankly (for those who don't follow football, he was one of the greatest managers who coached Liverpool Football Club). He is reported to have said -- "Some people say football is a matter of life and death. I can assure them, it is much more than that." In this case substitute 'Pakistan cricket' for football. So what should I say to my wife? I am a middle aged man now with grown up children and should know better but this is the worst day of my life (as far as sport is concerned). I hope heads will roll. Not only that but I think the PCB should put a stop this tablighee influence, which seems to be all pervasive in the team. I have nothing against tabligh -- in fact I was once part of it but now the players seem to blame everything on destiny -- ala Inzi who felt it was in the 'Kismet'. Time is a big healer and this pain will also ease but I hope PCB and our players learn something from the debacle that WAS World Cup 2007 (note the past tense because for me the World Cup is over).

  • irfan Shariff on March 18, 2007, 12:26 GMT

    It is a shameful day in the history of Pakistan Cricket, it is so unbeliveable that it boggles my mind, however reality is such, what we need is a complete overhual of our system. I propose making Imran Khan head of the board so that he can reform the way cricket is organized and played in the country. In the immediate future the heads of Inzaman, Woolmer should resign, and if they have any shame they will apolgize to the 150 million fans or so.

  • Mas on March 18, 2007, 12:26 GMT

    Quite right Kamran, I have followed you since you were writing for the now ceased publication Inside Edge. And, like you I felt that this bunch of players could some how rise to the occasion.

    The underlying tradegy is that in terms of natural talent there probably is not a nation in the world on par with the pool available in Pakistan. How we hone that is another question.

    The simple fact is as you, the team is run like the county, people who know nothing about what they are doing, all power hungry wanted to be heard, and no one wanting to listen.

    Until a full time board is appointed, and a solid first class structure, nothing will happen. We ahve been saying this for 15 years!

    The likes of Wasim,Waqar, Javed need to be put into various roles to develop our side.

    But for any who saw the Waqar interview on Geo with Saleem Altaf will know that whilst we have the likes of him and Doctor Who? running our team, we are going no where.

    The solution, another Imran. In the mean time, I think Afridi would be a great choice, no fear, and perhaps he would grow as a player too?

    Knowing Pakistan though, Javed will soon be coach and Younis will be skipper, boring boring pakistan. This is the equivalent of Gerrard Houlier ruining Liverpool. If there is a Pakistan Rafa out there, please come and save us, for Pakistan Cricket died, on St. Paki's day.

  • PakFan on March 18, 2007, 12:26 GMT

    Gutted, just absolutely gutted.

    Even at my most pessimistic I never envisaged this. A defeat to Ireland? Not only a defeat, but an almighty failure of batting - 132 all out to Ireland? Who? Ironic that that's exactly the same score that Pakistan were bowled out for against Australia in the 1999 final. I thought then that things could not get any worse, but being bowled out for the same score by (and with all respect to the Irish side, who were fantastic) a bunch of postmen and teachers. Absolutely unimaginable.

    I just feel empty. After looking forward to the world cup for years, and given that it's a 6 week tournament, it's hard to believe that we've been knocked out within 5 days.

    The Pakistan management can now take their Urdu only directive back home with them and see if it helps there. It's just so indicative of what was wrong with the team - focussing on completely unneccessary issues while the team was falling apart, turning up with an arrogance which demanded a Super Eight and semi final spot with no application whatsoever.

    We were all expecting to be disappointed in the Super Eights, not devastated after two games.

    Clearly the management, Woolmer and Inzi are to blame. The management were nothing more than inept, and Bob Woolmer, who was supposed to have brought 'discipline and professionalism' in the end managed in his few years into an even bigger shambles than it had been after the last world cup. As for Inzamam, this was just one tournament too many. Inzi is a poor captain, he looks lethargic in the field and the only inspiration he provides is to instill an ill-diciplined ethos into the team, resulting in a team of overly qualified unprofessionals lacking in graft. It's easy to forget what Inzamam has achieved over his decade and a half long career, and once the dust settles and he has moved on, we will miss his unbelievable batting abilities. But right now it is his poor captaincy and poor recent batting that only comes to mind.

    If Pakistan continue as they have done over the last 10 years, they will be in danger of becoming a completely spent force in world cricket. It feels like that's what they are now, but this could spark an absolute failure of cricket in the country. After seeing Bangladesh's unbelievably disciplined and professional performance against India yesterday, and watching two teenagers scoring fantastic half-centuries under such pressure, I would not be surprised if the Tigers replace Pakistan in the trio of world class teams in the Sub-Continent.

    And what now, who for captain? After the all-round debacle yesterday it's hard to single anyone out for glowing praise. Mohammad Yousuf would be a captain in the Inzamam ilk, and that's not acceptable. The openers are hopeless, and need to be completely removed, in favour of a new batch of youngsters. Younis Khan is obviously the favourite, but how many times has he failed with the bat? His reputation for steel and determination is in tatters after his recent poor performances and dreadful shot selections. Having said that, he is certainly more professional than a lot of the team, and could help improve discipline.

    Shoaib Malik scored a few runs (not many, but a few) and applied himself well. He just doesn't seem to have the authority and it's hard to imagine him presiding over the team.

    The bowlers have been interchangeable and also bring with them a lack of authority and discipline. The wicket keeper cannot keep wicket and does not have the head for a calm batting innings.

    And then, aside from the obvious Younis Khan, that leaves Shahid Afridi. A man who didn't play in these two debacles, who watched with agony from the sides just like we all did. Will he be feeling the same despair that we're feeling? From the television pictures yesterday it would appear so. But then one only needs to recall why he wasn't on the field to realise that he has had his fair share of controversy, not to mention his yo-yo-like relationship with the bat. But perhaps, and exactly because of the fire and passion that is in him, this could be a stroke of genius. Perhaps he could be the man to mould the team into a team of determined professional individuals with the will and dedication that we, the long-sufferring Pakistan fans deserve. It would be a big ask though, and he would have to work on adapting his cavalier 6-and-out attitude that has failed the team so many times. It would be a great risk, but it may be the spark we need, and after all, what could be worse than what has just happened?

    These are decisions that the selectors need to make. But first of all the decision on the selectors is even more important. We need people who know Pakistan cricket, people who have the experience and acumen to realise exactly what is wrong with the team, what needs to be done and exactly how it is to be done. And we need someone who has the vision to create a new team, someone who can provide inspiration to the team. We need Imran Khan. He is surely the man to drag Pakistan out of the quagmire and through to the other side. And if we can't get Imran Khan, and other luminaries of Pakistan cricket? Well, then we need to prepare ourselves for our beloved team to disappear completely from the world of cricket.

  • Syed Naumanuddin Hassan on March 18, 2007, 12:25 GMT

    What a fiasco, consecutive exits from the first round of the world cup. The weaknesses of our players have been exposed; just prepare green decks and make us wobble in bewilderment. I don’t blame Bob Woolmer for this debacle, but it is the Pakistan Cricket Board who should be accountable for the mess. The quality of the domestic circuit is pathetic. There is a consensus that our players are not technically or mentally equipped to handle the grassy bowling supportive pitches; it’s such a pity that even then the board is in a state of bliss. The chairman of selectors Wasim Bari had already proved his ignorance in terms of players’ performances and this spineless performance against Ireland is an open demand of his resignation. People like Saleem Altaf and Nasim Ashraf must be ashamed of themselves. The chaos and confusion they created over the Waqar Younis resignation or the doping issue directly affected the team. It’s high time that ad hocism must come to an end. We need hard hitting people like Imran Khan to brush the talent and harden the feeble structure of our cricket. I fear that cricket in Pakistan is following the similar down fall pattern of hockey. I think the team must look beyond Shoaib Akhtar and Inzamam ul Haq now. We need an aggressive captain and I agree with Kamran Abbasi that Shahid Afridi must be given the opportunity to show his worth as a leader. As a die hard fan of cricket, I am disappointed and mourning the death of quality cricket in Pakistan!

  • Adnan Saleem, London, England on March 18, 2007, 12:25 GMT

    This has to be the darkest hour for Pakistan cricket. They have brought shame to the entire nation and all its supporters. The proud history of producing champion sportsmen has been tarnished by these bunch of jokers. Every member of the squad and the managment committee need to apologise publically to the nation for this shambolic display. This should then be followed by the resignation of the captain and the management committee. We need to start with a clean slate now. No baggage should be carried. The side should be full of energetic individuals who have no mental scars and have some mental toughness. I mean look at the way people got themselves out. After they saw there was some grass on the wicket they should have re-thought their strategy and should have set their stall to bat the full 50 overs. They probably would have won the game even if they scored 150 odd. But they took the Irish bowling lightly and didnt adapt to the match situation. Full credit goes to the Irish team who deserved to win. This is the worst day in Pakistan cricket's history and we are out of a 7 week tournament in 5 days. Way to go chaps, you have done us all proud!!

  • Afzaal Khan on March 18, 2007, 12:24 GMT

    Thank you woolmer n Inzi for giving us many victories. Failure is not urs failure is of critics who never siupporte du from day one. Failure is of players like Younis Khan who being a rubbish still is in team and failure belongs to the team who didn't stand up and delivered. As for me Younis Khan as captain will be a joke, he should be thrown out together with the rest of team batsman with exception of yousuf n shoaib malik. Abbassi sahib u never supported Inzi, woolmer n u can sure as hell say I told u so but u cant say u n ppl like you supported this team at all. I guess it is Inzi's n woolmer's fault that the pathetic n unreliable Akhtar tested positive and also dragged down our other bowler Asif with him, I guess it is also Inzi n Woolmer's fault when afridi decided to show his antics that got him banned this close to WC, thier fault I would say when Razzaq got injured and Azhar the luckluster was brought back? I love my team which is team Pakistan, no matter who is playing, n i will always suuport my team Pakistan. U never suported this team and they lived without it. Inzi has done more for this team then any one cricketer with the exception of Javed Miandad. Your beloved Waqar was the captain when we lost in 2003. Your beloved Sohail cost us another WC and a class batsman like Saeed Anwar when he become selector. Both W & W's have been involved in petty infightings and delibertaley throwing away the matches just to get one up. OCB Naseem Ashraf should be sacked, no doubt, team policy should be changed, cricket structure should be changed and domestic cricket should gain some respect all agree but dun just blame coach n captain blame the whole team. 11 players play the game and with exceptuon of rao, gul sami all failed. Sami who bowled good today should still be sacked, we all know he is here cuz of ur hero Imran Khan who dun have the courage to get at the helm and fix the cricket only thing he is good at, except to sit at the boundry and work behind the scene. When Miandad was coach n Pak lost to India in Pak cuz of new team, you all cried for Miandad head. Now at this loss Woolmer;s head. An embarrssing loss it was on the ground to Pakistani team its further loss to decimate ur heroes.

  • khan on March 18, 2007, 12:24 GMT

    I have been saying for so long, we should fire wolmer and get rid of all this crap. If you dont believe me read my earlier posts.

  • Tariq Ashfaq Dubai on March 18, 2007, 12:23 GMT

    Dear Kamran Bhai:

    Completely agreed with your opinion. As a true Pakistani fan, i stayed till the last moment and hoping against hope that something will happen! but it didnt. Escapegoats will be their now and i hope that rather than making stupid decisons, we should make wise decsions. Imran Khan has been insisting on making our domestic system strong for some time now but since he is on opposition no one listens to him. We have not produced any good batsman for quiet some time now and our bowling is going down the hill as well. To me discipline is the key , not the super stars. Bangladesh and Kiwis are just two exaples, they won the games just by playing as a team.

    In the end i would like to mention that no one expected us to do good in the world cup and we just did what was expected. It is far more better than teams like India who claimed to be listing the world cup this year and got bashed by a spirited bangladeshside or you can say that new Lanakns on horizon of cricket.

  • Sameer Malik on March 18, 2007, 12:23 GMT

    The Worst Day Of Pakistan Cricket ! Rightly pointed out kamran bhai ! just unbearable , un thinkable , unimaginable and above all it's unforgivable !! are these bunch of players over confident or lacking confidence ? they are just ill ! i'd rather pick my college team to play against ireland , these players have 1000 odi's experience against a team which has less then 100 odi's experience ! PATHETIC IS THE WORD TO DESCRIBE INZY'S AND BOB'S STRATEGIES !! we performed a bit better in the 2003 world cup atleast win(s) against the weaker oppositions , but this time around we're just piece of bulls**T !

    the person who is majorly rensponsible for all this is General Pervez Musharraf . he can't run a PCB , just imagine how he manages a country ? Nasim Ashraf should be kicked out along with bob woolmer ! and the players need to be addressed aswell ! whatever now happens , will happen for the good ! but no supporter would ever think of pakistan winning a world cup ( as i did after 2003 disappointement )

    inzy !! u let us down !

  • murtaza hussain on March 18, 2007, 12:23 GMT

    i think this team needs to practise with the kids, on the streets of pakistan. .......i wonder if they could even beat them.. ahahaha

    hu ha pakistan gu kha pakistan

  • Fair Guy on March 18, 2007, 12:22 GMT

    Mr Abbasi, I thought you would have learnt a lesson or two on humility and being a fair analyst after the defeat to Ireland, but I am sorry that it is not the case.

    This has reference to your article last week where you arrogantly belittled all other cricketing nations by writing that Pakistan has to fear only Australia.

    I am surprised at your steadfastness on still hanging on to this statement while you have made huge hue and cry on the Pakistan Team, Management, Coach and everyone you can blame on.

    My humble remark would be that people like you also should not escape the blame and act holy. You build expectations at the cost of overating team, belitling other deserving teams and can't hold onto your poise when you face defeat. I wonder what earth shattering things have changed in the last one week from your last article to this one today. Have your 'hungry' openers, 'strong' middle order, 'bowling at death' specialists have lost appetite and strength overnite.

    No. The thing is Pakistan just had a bad day out there which can happen to any cricket team.

    I guess game of cricket can do away with all these emotional articles (i would rather call them 'outbursts') that you 'cricket journalists' churn out. This would help pakistan cricket better than all the changes you have suggested in your article.

  • m athar on March 18, 2007, 12:22 GMT

    Dear Kamran

    The state of our cricket is simply a reflection of the mess our country is in. Talent alone doesn't create champions. You have to have discipline, professionalism, sense of responsibility and above all a strong commitment to teamwork to be the best.

    Give us one example of any Pakistani institution where you would find the above attributes.

  • Naunidh on March 18, 2007, 12:21 GMT

    Too harsh Saahab. Giant killers have always been a part of the Cricket history. Its part of the great game and should be accepted. Do you think the 11 players dont know everything that you spoke of. They carry the expectations of millions on their shoulders and try to do their best. But after all its just a game and while their performance was disappointing, they never gave up the will to win. I say give the guys a break.

  • Zulfi on March 18, 2007, 12:21 GMT

    You nicely summerised and opened up the heart. During Imran's and minandad times you had the hope even against odds of odds and more often than not there would be a feloow who will perform beyond his abilities. The examples are too many to count , but now... ah! Your recommendation of Afridi seems surprising, but looking at the way he commanded his karachi side and his hunger to succeed against all odds....(least you go by the shot he plays ....he has sharp cricketing brain) he may probably the right antidote of the sleepiness that creeped recently.

  • afzal on March 18, 2007, 12:20 GMT

    There is need for new blood in the pakistan outfit and i think this is the right time for that...there is some time before pakistan play in an international fixture....get the young ones in and groom them so that they can make the pakistan a world beater again!!!get them to bat on grassy /bouncy pitches so that when they face a green top they won't hope to be watching the game rather than playing!!

  • irfan safdar on March 18, 2007, 12:20 GMT

    Pakistan crashed out of the world cup with two straight losses to West Indies and Ireland. The worst performance by any Pakistani team in a world cup, far worse then in 2003 when we at least managed to beat the minnows, this time we have been humiliated by Ireland. Somehow I do not feel that bad about all this, I am surprised my self but I expected it. I never expected this Pakistani team to win the world cup and in a way this humiliation is a good thing so we can reflect on what went wrong. 1. There is no doubt in my mind that we lost because of the poor handling of the affairs in general by the PCB. The PCB is fully responsible for these horrible results. I do not blame the players or the coach, it is the same players and coach who have been winning for the last 2 years, but ever since this new PCB has taken over, things have gone from good to bad and from bad to worse in a matter of few months. 2. The so called chairman of PCB should resign immediately. It is clear to every one that the only reason Naseem Ashraf is the chairman is because of his close ties to Pervaiz Musharraf. The manner in which Asif and Shoaibs case was dealt affected the team’s moral and preparation to a great degree. An inquiry should be done on the whole drama and the nation should be told the truth. We have become a laughing stock because of this affair and it should not be taken lightly. 3. The decision to sack Waqar Younis and to sack Musthtaq first and then bring him back was as stupid as it can get. The PCB chairman was reported to be present in the team’s dressing room more often than the players would like. Im sure that did not go well with the team too. His concern about the team getting too religious was another stupid thing. At least before him the team was winning on a regular basis even if they were religious, ever since his administration came to power everything has gone wrong. 4. People like Saleem Altaf need to be shown the door too. One brother screwed up the judicial system by writing an open letter against the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the other screwed up the national passion and only national pride we have, that is cricket. What else is left for Mr. Altaf to destroy in our cricketing system, if he would not leave now I wonder when he would go then? 5. The selection of the team was as appalling as is the personality of Waseem Bari. Again what would it take to get rid of this guy? Isn’t he the same person who was the chief selector in 2003? And now it seems he has improved his pathetic record. The guy can not even speak properly, Im sure his IQ is not even 50 (saying that he is a moron is a huge understatement). Ask him why is Yasir Hamid not in the team and what is Imran Nazir doing there, why is Salmn Butt not there and what is Azhar Mehmood doing in the team when he was not the past of original 30? What else would it take for Bari to go, how far down would we have to go before we realize people like Bari are no good. 6. Stupid restriction on speaking in Urdu for the players did not help either. PJ Mir has never been a likeable person and his presence with the team did not please any one. 7. I do not have complains from the players themselves. These are the same players who have been winning for the last two years. I have no problem with the coach. The problem is with the system as whole, with PCB, with politics in PCB, how the chairman PCB position is a reward for being the dictator’s spoon. The issues are not just cricket but the whole system in our country. Its not just cricket which is on the decline but the whole society is going down. Who is responsible, US OFCOURSE, we allow people with no competence and capacity to rule us and our institutions. I do not know what is going to happened now but one thin is for sure, Ashraf, Altaf and Bari atleast have to go if there is any hope or revival of Pakistan cricket. If even one of these guys stay, I have then no hope what so ever and it would be most unfair on the whole Pakistani nation.

  • Rambali on March 18, 2007, 12:19 GMT

    Somehow you had to wonder the warning bells were loud and clear even before the Ireland game that Pakistan were going to lose. Pakistan's chances of doing well in the World cup rested on only two players - M. Asif and S. Afridi. As we all know the shambolic (& ridiculously funny) episodes in Asif & Akhtar scandal. Afridi's discipline and commitmnet to cricket always come second to his hot head and he was banned from the start - so it was clear to me Pakistan were going to exit the WC early and in the worst way. Of the current crop or the 11 that were picked none of the them are match winners unless the tracks are flat for M. Yousuf to post his record scores or dry and dusty for Kaneria to spin a few out. There is a need to drastically change the backbone of the squad and bring young and talented players in, otherwis this will keep continuing. For the right attitude Pakistan should watch Bangladesh's victory over India - now that looks a potent one day team.

  • jon on March 18, 2007, 12:18 GMT

    there is more to life then just cricket, so what if pakistan got knocked out... it is just a sport, life will go on. it could have happened to any team, there is no betrayal as you make it sound, it was just a very unlucky day...

  • Kasim Ahmed Newcastle on March 18, 2007, 12:17 GMT

    Hi Kamran

    I like many are waking up confused to this disgrace! What the bloody hell happened at Sabina Park yesterday I don’t know!

    Before this all started, like you I shared your idealism ‘I, like many other romantic fools, believed that the World Cup would bring the best out of you, that your players would fight to the death, and would prosper on West Indian tracks’. Like you I thought that only one team could stop the mercurial talented individuals known as the Pakistan team! How wrong we are! I feel cheated, embarrassed, humiliated but deep down every fan can admit resignation- we all knew the unthinkable would happen but being optimists we never admitted these feelings.

    In my last post I questioned Inzy’s physical/mental toughness & also his hunger but it was all here to see. Slowly the skippers’ lack of communication, passion, interest has engulfed the whole team from the England tour onwards. Without magicians with the ball (Asif, Shoaib, pre 2K6 Rana, Razzaq) the team has struggled for the inspiration with the ball that has characterized Pakistani cricket for 3 decades. With these aforementioned cricketers inzy gave them the ball, 9/10 times they produced the goods, no Q’s asked! Michael Atherton always states that Pakistan play best when attacking, again for a time yesterday 3 wickets in 6 balls displayed this evidence! I have to admit I’m beginning to question the point of my own post, but I feel it’s the only way to vent frustration!

    The retirement/resignation of Inzamam due to the points outlined above. Please pack up yourself, to be sacked is a disgrace to the effort you have invested into Pakistan cricket. Thank you, we will cherish the memories of Pakistan’s finest. How will we cope? I don’t think anybody knows but I think any replacement batsman needs to know they have some time to cement a place in the team, i.e Asim Kamal

    Anyway Shahid Afridi for captain, I think! Even though I would love to see Shoaib Malik in the role, his time will come in the future.

    The end of Shoaib Akhtar- How he would of destroyed the Irish & many others when mentally/physically fit. We have to draw the line on Shoaib & I think this is the best time! Again we have the memories, I’m sure that will divide fans, but everybody has to admit he bullied opposition and was smarter cricketer than people give credit for.

    Bring back Yasir Hameed, Salman Butt invest in Shahid Yousuf. These players need time, confidence I’m sure they will yield results. Anyway it’s all we have!

    As ever the plus point was the bowling, I’m confident about the abilities of Gul, Asif, Rao Ifitkhar & Sami yes Sami! To win matches. However there has to be a bowler in Pakistan who can bowl 95mph or for my foreign brothers who know the domestic scene 155 KMH. I remember on a blog of yours Kamran, someone mentioning about a fast bowler from Wazirstan who hit them speeds!!

    This leads me on to my penultimate point, if I were to ask Bob Woolmer a question, it would be: Where is all the talent in Pakistan you have been banging on about? He will leave us with a broken team, devoid of fresh ideas, players, and mentality. What the bloody hell have you been doing to improve us since the India series in Pakistan???

    As for Coach, I haven’t got a clue- Wild card picks such as Wasim Akram/Waqar Younis

    Khuda Hafiz, InshaAllah we can be world beaters in the not to distant future, we have to dust ourselves down for 3 important series’- South Africa, Austalia & India!

    Lets pray for victory, Allah knows best.

  • Imran Shah on March 18, 2007, 12:17 GMT

    Nothing to say....Just recite fatiha on the coffin of Pakistani Cricket. The England ans burnt the bails and 'Ashes' was created. Let us burn our bats and balls and look to other horizons and sports. Our Cricket team has shamed us. We neglected Hockey for this disgrace? Perhaps team sports is not for Pakistan. With all the rivalries and lack of patriotism, only individual sport where personal gain is in sync with winning titles would fare better here. The coffin of our cricket is lying unattended. Let us bury it with full honours on team's return from Jamaica, and celebrate just once each day (on March 17) the day cricket died in the hearts of Pak fans

  • Roshan on March 18, 2007, 12:16 GMT

    Dear all fans of pakistan n India, Please keep it in mind that without doing basic things you can't win the match,that is proper preparation and plans.But its very difficult to tell that when India and Pakistan are going to improve !!! Anyway Good luck for India !!!

  • S. Ahmed on March 18, 2007, 12:16 GMT

    A Sad day for Pakstani cricket

    All credit to Ireland - they stuck to their task well and took some crackin catches!

    Pakistan: PCB were and are a mess

    The ONLY thing they did right was to NOT send Asif and Akhtar - They need to be held accountable because they papered over LARGE cracks - They're Shambolic

    Musharraf saab - Sort it! - Get rid of your "best mate" and out in the BEST MAN for the job!

    Well, the WHOLE system is messed up And they thought a hlf-decent world-cup run would blind us.

    But a DRASTIC overhaul is NOT required - just attitudes ned to change a nd a few people need to b sacked.


    Look at this in context, at least NOW something will be done

    Get Rid of the politics that say the team HAS to be made up of certain number pf players from a certain province.

    REWARD and select on MERIT, NOT on POLITICS, or LOCATION!

    New Coach - Would you bring back Miandad? Or should it be someone completely new... New Captain - Younis or Afridi New Openers - Where were Hameed and Butt? Batting Coach - Bring in Miandad! New Bowling Coach: AKram or Younis and keep Mushy for the spinners - USE THE LEGENDS! Add: Asim Kamal and BLOOD a few YOUNGSTERS (Arafat etc)

    Keep This squad - We know theres talent - Many players are YOUNG.

    And Ramiz Raja said it best: Stop POLITICISING - Improve First-class cricket!

    Every cloud has a silver lining.....

  • rps on March 18, 2007, 12:15 GMT

    Where ever you go out network follows.... We love you so much that we are following you in worldcup... India is the next casualty from Worldcup...Woh worldcup hi kya jisme Pak vs. Ind ka match na ho... We are with you in hard time...........

  • Manzar on March 18, 2007, 12:14 GMT

    I am Speachless.......Inzi should take the blame and retire... we dont need him anymore he was a great batsman but he hasn't scored a century since 2 years. He still can play test matched but the problem will be he will do politics to push himself inB ODI sqaud. So its better for Pakistan Bye Bye Inzamam and let give some young blood a chance to lead....

  • salim on March 18, 2007, 12:11 GMT

    If Inzi, Bob or the Doc had an ounce of decency they would have retired from international Cricket with immediate effect. Any man with any amount of dignity will would have retired when Tony Cozier asked him how he felt about loosing to Ireland. The only man I can think of leading Pakistani Cricket is Shoaib Malik and even his doesn’t have the technique to play fast bowling on green tops, The entire fault is with Pakistani Cricket Board for preparing flat track’s and crap first class structure until we get that sorted I am sorry to tell all my Pakistani Cricket Supporters that these days like the 17th of MARCH 2007 will be common occurrence. I am off to celebrate India’s loss…pathetic I know.

  • Adam on March 18, 2007, 12:11 GMT

    Dear Kamaran Bhai,

    I agree with you, Bob has turned this team into spineless team; they look like stooges on the field.

    There is no word that could describe my disappointment. The way Pakistan has approached this game was ridiculous, there body language was so laid-back and lazy. Although there were not much expected from Pakistan team in this world cup but at the same time, nowhere in my thoughts, I would have imagined that they will loose to Ireland and will be kicked out of the World Cup in just two games.

    Dr. Ashraf, Mr. Bob should resign immediately along with Inzi. I don’t think they should wait for anyone to request them for their resignation; they should do it by themselves.

    The damages has been done and instead of crying over spilt milk Pakistan Cricket Board should move ahead with new energy and engage new leaders to put the team in the right direction for the next World Cup. I would say engage someone who could talk to them in Urdu because I doubt they understand English. Even the Bangladeshi Captain speaks better English than Inzi.


  • Jedi on March 18, 2007, 12:11 GMT

    What a disgrace!!!

  • Stuart on March 18, 2007, 12:10 GMT

    Goodbye, Pakistan. And good riddance. Darrel Hair is laughing his guts out.

  • Ozzy G on March 18, 2007, 12:10 GMT

    Thank god inzy is retiring, he looked like he couldnt care less when he was out on the field and about to lose to Ireland.

    Heads at the PCB should roll too, beacuse no other board in the world would crucfiy their own players like the PCB did Asif and Akhtar.

    Sami, Rao and Gul bowled well yesterday, considering the total they had to defend.

    Players like Malik and Hafeez showed why they have no place in the team. They are bit part players, Malik only makes a half century when they dont matter, as in the match against the windies. Hafeez dropped O'Brien early on, batted poorly as he has always done, and cant get the ball to turn either.

    Bring in some fresh blood, from the youth teams and carry on from there.

  • Bosco Martyres on March 18, 2007, 12:09 GMT

    World cricket has evolved by leaps and bounds, but it is obvious that the thinking in the PCB has lagged far behind. The debacle in Ireland could have been predicted by any keen observer of the game. Nothing was more illustrative of this than Inzamam's inarticulate ramblings to the interviewer after the game.How on earth anyone in the PCB could detect leadership qualities in this man is beyond belief. Hopefully this is the wake-up call that the PCB needed.Still it must be said that even this team has given us much to be proud of in the past, and I hope the people of Pakistan do not go overboard in their condemnation of them.

  • Swami on March 18, 2007, 12:08 GMT

    I think your columns are symptomatic of the thinking that goes on in Pakisfan. 3 days back, there was nothing other than Australia that could hold back Pakistan from winning the cup. Today, they are arthritic and the pits. Get objective and real in analysis rather than swinging the emotional extremes.

  • M S on March 18, 2007, 12:07 GMT

    Well, like all losers say, there are positives to be had from this humiliating defeat: 1. No more doping tests for Pak players 2. No more Urdu at press conferences 3. No more watching Inzi's infuriatingly slow way of running. 4. No more Mushtaq Ahmed...bring back Waqar (even to bowl 5. No more Bob Woolmer...bring back Miandad Please do not look forward and "plan" for the next WC as you did in 2003 after your first round exit.Now we see the fruits of your "plan." Just look forward to the next match with some enthusiasm. Looking too far forward is not for you (PCB). Did you guys look at Bangladesh. The YOUNG 17-year old opener (fearless as they come). The 18-year old #3 who played with guts. But I guess you will have your own awards to give away to guys like Akmal (dropping so many catches that it cost Pak dearly and gifted with more matches just to prove that his dropping catches and mis-stumpings were not flukes). Rana should never have been brought to the WC after his disastrous tour to SA. But an award have to be given as he helped the opposition with lots of runs. But it's no use going on about other failings as it's time to sit back and watch the "amusements" that will take place.

  • Khadim Ali on March 18, 2007, 12:07 GMT

    I strongly agree with you Kamran. This does not get any worse.There can't be a bigger shame and disgrace for Pakistan cricket than this. I agree with you that the every PCB chairman exploits PCB to get his favorites appointed in key positions, the positions they are the least qualified to hold. Inzimam, many people call him "laid-back", I would say he isn't "laid-back", he is listless. Like many other Pakistani cricketers in the past, he is cemented his position in team because of one-off performances. Bob Woolmer, what difference has he made to Pakistan cricket. He is has not brought any consistency, any discipline to Pakistan team. I now strongly believe he is not the right man to do the job for Pakistan. In the end, I would like to say that I can see Inzimam and Bob going but the Doc as long as he says the right things about "the General", he sadly would keep his job and will do more harm to Pakistan cricket.

  • Hyder on March 18, 2007, 12:06 GMT

    With all due respect, Shahid Afridi does not have a proven track record as a reliable batsman, bowler. Plus his body language on the field lately, and his attitude off the field is terrible. He will be a disaster off a captain. He will never lead by example. His good innings will come after every 10 games or so, and we will be stuck with him because he is the captain. A terrible choice In my humble opinion I would have definately gone for Younis, but his shock attitude before the ICC trophy and poor result during it, has changed my mind about him. Regarding Pakistan, it is going through a complete crisis, starting from political, media, and now sports.

  • Ai on March 18, 2007, 12:06 GMT

    We the Pakistani nation want players who are committed and have a passion for the game...players who love the game and realize how fortunate they are to be living every Pakistani child's dream of someday wearing the national colors....

    We the Pakistani nation do not want lethargic unfit and unmotivated individuals who consider themselves to be rock stars or aspire to be models (check out The News online website to see how Younis Khan utilized his time to prepare for the world cup -- by modelling for casual wears..)...

    Word of advice to the Pakistani team -- learn from Bangladesh and aspire to emulate those who we called our own till every ball like it is your last you'll ever play...and value the passion with which the entire nation and those around the world support you...

  • spurs on March 18, 2007, 12:06 GMT

    shame on the whole team for the spineless and loser performance.. inzi you have shown the best of your brainless head and cowardly approach to the game.. batting at the 11th position suits you much better now.. you have no place in pak cricket anymore nor is younis khan who is the worst of all.. why nobody took responsibility of seeing the team through the match.. ok i agree that inzi is useless but why not a single individual rose up to the occasion themselves.. beggars belief actually.. you all have brought shame to the nation and pakistan cricket and you should all be stripped off the honour and benefits you receive from board and us people cause clearly you guys dont deserve any..

  • zahir qayume on March 18, 2007, 12:05 GMT

    Wot can i say? I had a feeling this would happen and it has. This last yr has been a sham and after much undying support i feel truly ashamed to be a pakistani supporter..

    This team has been pathetic, a joke. They look liked a bunch of pakistani club cricketers, who play on the weekends in between their taxi jobs. Unfit, with no zest and passion. The selections have been mind blowingly stupid, the leadership- none existent. The captain strolls around the field like he aint remotely interested. He doesnt look or behave like a player or captain-instead a zombie, sorry even they move faster than him.

    This is a terible day for pakistan cricket and inzy and bob should do the right thing for once and leave and leave right now. Spare us losing to zimbabwe 2 and go home and take this bunch of circus troops with u.

    The duties should be given to some1 that has the fight for a battle- who that is is another million dollar question. Am just gonna go and bury myself in a deep pit and if the players have any shame, which i very much doubt, they should follow suit..But i wouldnt hold my breath...This after all is the pakistan team.

  • Shafiq on March 18, 2007, 12:04 GMT

    Bob & Inzi should be fired and and rebuild of the whole team is required after this shamefull loss

  • Bila A. Bhutta on March 18, 2007, 12:04 GMT

    Four hours and no comments! Tells you a a whole lot more about how shell shocked each one of us are. For a few years now, the hardest thing has been to be a Pakistan team fan, but yesterday was rock bottom! I think, we the fans spend more time, effort and heart on this team than the team spends on their game. Over the last few years, every good player in the world has continued to work on his game and improve it, but not for these superstar Pakistani players. Somehow, for the Pakistani player, their education as well as learning of the game stops the day they enter the team. The desire to do better is gone, and they learn very quickly how to live on few patchy performances of the past. So much talent has been turned into rubbish. They don’t know when to hit and when not to. They don’t know where their off stump is, and what is wide and what is not. The arts of reverse swing and yorkers at the death are gone, and so is their will to stay at the wicket. If someone has to ask how do you get to be a mediocre fielder? You start with a very good one, put him in the Pakistan team and give him about a year! (A la Malik, Nazir, Afridi, and a whole bunch of others).

  • Bilal on March 18, 2007, 12:03 GMT

    Actually, i think i am the only pakistani who was praying for their defeat. dont get me wrong. becoz if the basics are wrong, teams did not selected on merit then it should not succeed otherwise these things will continue for another decade. we make our strategy on the basis of players we selected. players should be selected on the basis of strategy. those bits and pieces cricketers are not answerable becoz their job was neither batting nor bowling. just contribute some thing to remain in the team. What could Razaq or Afridi do if they were in the team nothing...... they all come in same category.

  • Riz on March 18, 2007, 12:03 GMT

    What else can I say that has not been said in the past year. One has to ask will anything really change. Will Mushraf give up his position as patron of the PCB to someone who is held accountable? Will the PCB be run on a constitution? Will first class cricket be revamped so it makes cricketers ready for international cricket? Nothing will change unless we, the supporters, turn our back on Pakistan. Since 1996 I have watched Pakistan on every tour they have been to the UK. The next time Pakistan tour I will not be so eager to part with my money to watch a butch of highly paid, spinless, flat-track bullies who refuse to perform out of their comfort zones. Unless we make a stand and show our anger by not supporting Pakistan nothing will change.

  • Shahbaz Khan on March 18, 2007, 12:03 GMT

    This is it guys.....doesn't get any worst then this.....death of cricket.....A miracle is let's all pray to the Almighty.

  • Mahmood on March 18, 2007, 12:00 GMT

    Well done Kamran, I hope these headless people will heed it !!!!!!! shamed to be a paki

  • Awais Javed on March 18, 2007, 12:00 GMT

    Yesterday was definitely the worst day in Pakistan's cricket history...Pakistan are out of world cup in just two games is unbelievable...Yes!The Pakistani team lost some of players due to injuries but what the others were doing...They r paid so heaviy...and at the end of day they produce this result..Its a shame....and an insult to our country....I can't just pinpoint one problem with the team...bcause they r many in number...After this performance i have learnt not to waste your useful time watching Pakistani team play....I think President should do something...and penalize all players and even put them to jail.....bcause they have broken hearts of 16 crore people....Pakistan should quit from international cricket...seriously....Should quit voluntarily....And plzzzzzzzz dont waste so much money on these cricketers...There r many things in this country that deserve more of this money like education and poverty....

  • Cricketeer1 on March 18, 2007, 11:59 GMT

    Truly, yesterday was the worst day in Pakistan cricket. If March 25th is etched in my mind as one of the best day of my life then March 17th will become a day of shame.

    Time has come for Pakistan cricket to take a real hard look at itself. Having natural talent is one thing but not harnessing it with hard work will make even the most talented look mediocre. If you want to understand the problem with Pakistan cricket on the field (I do not have words to explain the problem off it) then consider this: How could people like Miandad and Asif Iqbal become the best fielders and runners between the wickets in the world. These two skills only need one thing and that is desire, which if you saw the game yesterday was clearly lacking in the Pakistani team. When I saw the Irish "amateurs" diving around and stopping every possible run, my mind was filled with the impending embarrassment that Pakistan was going to put on later and call it fielding.