January 9, 2008


A depressingly familiar story of silence

Martin Williamson

Nine days after the deadline for the approval of the USA Cricket Association deadline and the association’s website remains dead. Results, promised shortly after the original deadline of December 27, have not been posted. While a short delay is understandable, it defies logic that counting a relatively few votes can take so long. It makes Kenya’s presidential elections look the model of efficiency.

While the timing of the result is not crucial, what is does do is raise serious concerns that what should be a brave new world is , in fact, a continuation of the old, unaccountable, inefficient and flawed one.

Only by making the results public immediately and scheduling the board elections, which must be within 30 days of that announcement, will the USACA show that it is serious about change.


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Posted by Member on (January 14, 2008, 3:33 GMT)

Dear Mr. Williamson

You wrote a beautiful and to the point summary on USACA. Honestly, Dainty will be relelected and a Calamity will set in. There are no 2 ways about it. This is a fact not a myth.

He will be PRESIDENT for LIFE of USA,make no bones about it.

Posted by Construed info on USACA Website on (January 13, 2008, 15:19 GMT)

the following appears on USACA website:

The new USACA Constitution dated November 20, 2007 was ratified by a 74% to 26% majority vote by the eligible member clubs.

Where in the world did they get 74% when only 14% of the voters voted and that too fraudulent votes. The 97 that did vote yes, all came from the current Directors who are all Dainty's men in cohert all seeking positions in the new executive.

I say it is time to UNRECOGNIZE the current organization. ICC please note do not distribute funds, that is what they are after.

Posted by numbers are wrong on (January 12, 2008, 18:01 GMT)

Mr. News Leaker these are the correct numbers 97 Yes, 39 No and 49 not counted - spoilt equals total votes 180 14% of USA voted there you go

Posted by Democrat on (January 11, 2008, 21:42 GMT)

Mr. Dehring, if you are following this chat, is there any way for all the clubs to see which clubs voted, name of the club, location and which geographical structure do they belong to. Speaking to almost 50 personally that voted I know there has to be 50 clubs that says no....or you part of these corrupt management?

Posted by News leaker on (January 11, 2008, 20:54 GMT)

I was right and my source was right. Only 160+ clubs voted out of 670+. what a shame. Out of which 74% voted yes that means 133 clubs voted yes.

If you took all the illegal clubs that what it mounts to. Because of this the constitution is ratified. What a scary thought and what we all think about the existing organization.

Now people what this means is. Elections will happen in 30 days and Dainty will be President again for "LIFE". It took them 12 days to count 160+ votes. What a rigger.

Posted by Adam Scholem on (January 11, 2008, 19:37 GMT)

Isn't this why there was supposed to be an independent auditor to supervise the election? What has happened to him?

As this cloak and dagger nonsense continues, I'm left wondering if there's a viable alternative which the leagues could offer to the ICC as the governing body for cricket in the US? What prevents a new structure being set up and presented to the world as a fiat accompli?

Posted by Leaking "NEWS" on (January 11, 2008, 16:59 GMT)

Just found out out from a high ranking official that not enough ballots were received in Florida. Hence they did not want to publish the results, hence the delay. It would be a shame to publish the actual number of ballots.

That is the secretly revealed "OFFICIAL WORD".

This only proves that USA does not want the ratification and get rid of the old management.

Posted by njoylife on (January 11, 2008, 16:56 GMT)

Mr. Coach55, Forget ICC, is out own body functional, which of the following you think is right,

1) Not publishing result after 12 days of the elections, how many votes are there to count, some 200.

2) In any of the national championship since last four years there is timely communication.

3) Mr. President trying to be the big boss forever by manipulation some crappy executive.

4) Inappropriate use of funds from ICC and never submitting reports back for the funds received to develop cricket.

5) USA dropped to division 4.

I can go on and on, do you have explanation to these, There is no ethic issue, issue is the dysfunctional and unorganized president and executives. Issue is not having ability to run an association. Explain this, the results are still not out and we all know it takes a little time get the votes from unexisting clubs and leagues.

The only way cricket will grow in USA is get rid of this unorganized body that runs the association.

Posted by Texan101 on (January 10, 2008, 23:58 GMT)

Coach55 - You must have been coached by USACA President Mr. Dainty. You said do not harp on USACA President? Are you blind deaf or what? Can't you see what he hs done to USA cricketers? Yes they are smarter in manipulating and hanging on the power with their delaying status quo. They have destroyed all the hopes for young cricketers. A schoolboy can run USACA better then them. I know who you are and what is in it for you. You guys have no shame and just destroying our cricketers. Show us what they have done since they grabbed the power illegaly in USACA? you are saying they are not bowing to pressure by ICC? They are kicked out and suspended by ICC twice and still hanging on. Yes they have no scruples and USACA is dead. There is no hope under these guys. Ask Mr. dainty to coach you better Mr. Coach55.

Posted by coach55 on (January 10, 2008, 20:10 GMT)

We have to look beyond USACA, as ICC has been powerless and like one Australian said " toothless tiger". ICC has failed to be fair while performing their duties. All test playing nations have been trying to get what they want and ICC has given in more than it has stood by the rules it has made. In all fairness, current USACA representatives are probably smarter than we give them credit for. They are not bowing to ICC and are firm on their belief that Cricket in USA should be run by USA and not dictated by dysfunctional ICC. So do not harp on USACA president. Let us all join and make things work rather than making it a ethnic issues.

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