USA January 24, 2008

Same old wall of silence blights US elections

Any lingering hopes that the approval of a new constitution would herald the dawn of a new era for US cricket have been ended by the conduct of the USACA executive over the last three weeks

Any lingering hopes that the approval of a new constitution would herald the dawn of a new era for US cricket have been ended by the conduct of the USACA executive over the last three weeks. Rather than a fresh approach, US stakeholders continue to be treated with disdain with elections being conducted once more in the complete secrecy which has been a hallmark of the association of late.

The USACA website carried the brief news that the constitution had been updated but nothing more has materialised since. Under that constitution elections have to be held within 30 days – ie by February 10 – and yet it is unclear what is happening.

Cricinfo has learned that many of the people who have been running the USACA during the last few chaotic years are offering themselves for re-election, including Gladstone Dainty, the reclusive president.

The wall of silence put up by the USACA ensures that however fair the process is, the elections are almost certain to be mired in controversy with various factions claiming to be the real representatives. That is only likely to lead to a return to exact situation which led to the ICC suspending the US in the first place.

Martin Williamson is executive editor of ESPNcricinfo and managing editor of ESPN Digital Media in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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  • testli5504537 on February 4, 2008, 20:47 GMT

    Shawn, You are correct with your thought, however it has been a long time ongoing effort from the protester to this issue but to really willing to stand and raise their voice, all cricket lover, its time to start this march and get the right people in, lets go, support the game, get rid of Dainty.

  • testli5504537 on February 1, 2008, 1:21 GMT

    It sure seems like we (the US) need a management that is in it for the most important people, the players, and the non-players alike. The secretive elections do nothing to help public image, and that, I feel, is hampering the development of a needed close-knit relationship between the cricket clubs in this country, and the people that say they represent them. It's sad enough that a large percentage of the population in the U.S. don't give cricket a fair chance as a sport, too often I've heard it be called "the game that looks like baseball", but the biggest injustice to the game is the actions that a regulatory board such as this will commit against the people who are truly involved for the love of the game.

  • testli5504537 on January 29, 2008, 14:07 GMT

    My bad I meant Syed Chic. Got confused on CW & CE.

    I agree CW is a strong organization. Rumour is, it is the best organization in the whole country. Good top quality players etc. Question how does the new West Region work now since it is one zonal now. How do they pick players. They have 6 or 7 associations in it. Any ideas.

  • testli5504537 on January 28, 2008, 21:01 GMT

    Open your eyes before you write a post. Syed Shahanawaz from CW region is among the most able administrators of the game in his region and enjoys whole-hearted support of a majority of his region's cricketers. Also, he is NOT a Dainty supporter! Do your research. Cricinfo reported that Shahanawaz was removed as USACA's webmaster by Dainty and his men in 2005. And you know how well that website was managed after 2005. You probably are talking about Akhtar Masood Syed, who runs the CE region. You got the wrong Syed mate.

  • testli5504537 on January 26, 2008, 23:32 GMT

    VOTER-You clearly have no knowledge of Syed from your comments. Dainty supporter he is not and has never been. I think you are confusing the CW with CE. Chic is a supporter and will remain. Syed is following the system (even though it is flawed) as it presently stands to find individuals who will seek to promote and strenghten the game in the region and ultimatley the national level. On a organizational level the CW is the strongest and most independent region and Dainty etal know this and would be wise to envy the CW's level of organiztion. Our respect and support for Syed Shahanawaz remains firm and without doubt.

  • testli5504537 on January 26, 2008, 2:58 GMT

    I disagree that the leadership needs to be people who have played the game. The leadership must have leadership skills. Having played the game doesn't make one fit to lead -- this is part of the problem with U.S. cricket. Someone who can organize the regions, who can manage the egos, and who can raise funds to support the structure that will surely need to totally re-built at least at the national level.

  • testli5504537 on January 25, 2008, 8:44 GMT

    The cat is out of the bag. CW Zone director (illegal) an avid Dainty follower will surely form an administration. It is in his best interests to form one so that he can retain control and put Dainty back in office.

    We have burnt our fingers not once but thrice and we continue to follow blindly. Aren't we smart enough. Enough of this, DO NOT SUPPORT this stupidity. Dainty cannot be president again along with his cronies including CW director. Open your eyes, ears & hearts.

  • testli5504537 on January 25, 2008, 0:58 GMT

    i don't know what seems to be the problem.

    the objective for USA cricket is as clear as day,raise the standard and interest of cricket in the USA. All people involved in USA cricket should have this objective in mind at all times, otherwise your wasting time and money. They should be capitalizing on gday USA and showing cricket off while they have the opportunity The ICC should step in and get the house in order or get a ex international player or coach to see what needs to be done and do it,the problem with officials in cricket is very few have ever played the game,get some one who knows what they are talking about.

    Otherwise your wasting time getting ready for the next world cup.

  • testli5504537 on January 24, 2008, 18:53 GMT

    I am not sure what is happening at national level but at Central West Zone our current director has taken initiative to form the CW Regional Administration by inviting league president in conference call and started the ball rolling. Shahanawaz,(current CW Director) has suggested some names and will be short listed soon for the League Presidents to elect 4 new Regional Board members. They in turn will elct a regional representative to USACA board. But there is no news on national front. Like to hear from other zones regarding the activities in their region in formation of Regional Administrators. Also like to see some names for the USACA Executive nominations which can be done by any member league. It has to be done in writing and I am not sure what is the deadline for that. May be USACA can publish that and provide more information on their website or to cricinfo. Hoping for the best.

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