Champions Trophy July 25, 2008

A tournament of the willing

I'll keep this short, the general arguments have been rehearsed many times.

I'll keep this short, the general arguments have been rehearsed many times.

1 The ICC was right to support Pakistan's hosting of the Champions Trophy. Cricket should not be held hostage to unrelated incidents. As Haroon Lorgat pointed out, the reality is different to the perception.

2 It is also right that players concerned about their own security should be able to decline any tour or tournament without penalty other than the risk that their place might be taken by somebody else.

3 Three detailed arguments against the tour have emerged from the ECB. These are either inaccurate or they can be dealt with easily. The PCB and ICC need to tackle them head on and fast.

4 Argument one: Level of vehicular access to grounds. The PCB and Pakistan Government could easily offer to implement a car-free zone. It's hard to know why they wouldn't?

5 Argument two: No road clearance for player transport. Again, the PCB and Pakistan Government could make this happen.

6 Argument three: Females not subject to the same search as males. There is no issue with female security staff conducting a thorough search of female spectators.

7 This year's Champions Trophy has become a critical test of the unity of international cricket and the wisdom of administrators. Above all, the PCB and the Pakistan Government must do everything in their power to address the concerns of the international community and make the tournament a security success.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here